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Wednesday, July 11th

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South Carolina Gamecocks don't have to worry about it. Even though Clemson and ACC would it is they don't have as good of a television deal now is the SEC does with everything will see what he had been in the ACC network doesn't create new closing the gap between. The ACC schools in the SEC schools. But constant have to worry about anything. But it. But the clintons that do a near as well as the SEC schools are in there waiting on that ACC network come along to get another 81012 million on top but that it be more competitive the only region this conference USA entered into new multi media rights deal earlier early this year with CBS sports. Another deal with the ESPN for digital content on ESPN plus was also recently and else. The Indian media contracts are expected to our television pay outs per school. From 200000. Dollars to 400000. Dollars. Let's go to a stumbling it's something but. Yeah you're making a million dollars two years ago they're making a million dollars per school two years ago. And once the renegotiation happened after that mass exodus of conference USA. Two the American athletic conference there's no value left in conference USA all the good teams left. But the point being I mean we're talking about you at this Poehler this ranking this list came out the last couple weeks where. Texas and Texas seen them where the only schools that are over 200 Meehan and you look at schools like Michigan and I'd statement 180 bite me. 400000 dollars for TV contract pay out for conference USA yet they're supposed to be competing. It the you know at that level division one football having diesel what's the answer to this because. UAV had literally one of the sickest story studio here in the last 48 hours. You're talking about they had hired a guy that I had met multiple types act Shriver who is the sports information director at Sanford. Bayern Birmingham Alabama same efforts in the southern comfort with Furman and Wofford matter about your immediate days it Bennett's team effort for awhile so. Fourteen years actually Ian that Sampras if he gets hired on by UAP. Come levers men's basketball outside the couple other things they race everything else. Well. Friday June 15. Ten days before that you start if his job age you may be university. Human resource department in Alabama Birmingham. Informed him that position was no longer available well. He said the cult came minutes for 29 PMC. Efforts human resource department closed at 430. Went on to say had they called for hours earlier I would've likely been able to keep my job seam for but. DT budget in downsizing in television revenue for the conference USA schools. The athletic department you baby was forced to eliminate twelve positions. Saving. 400000. Dollars. That's very nice story pestered TV pay out right there. Yeah which begs the question surged. Yes it was it was it was a hack job the way that you AB administration decided to shut their program down. In the middle of the night. Don't they didn't they didn't go through the proper channels they didn't they they desire all right we're shut it out but closed it up close shot no more football here you may be. And and I feel for the athletes I feel for the student athletes that. Then invested that decided they wanted to come there they're just that said you know what yeah I'm gonna give you four years of my life. It's your college football program. It's stone for those guys. But is this not proof. That they should not have brought the football program back. I mean a lot of people raised a lot of Cain. And and yelled and screamed oh my god we gotta give football back how dare you how dare you and then boom. They got to cut twelve people's jobs because they can't afford them. They shut down for the reality. Yet in what first of all they were shut down by the wrong person at the wrong time back the first night in age you wanna talk about contentious emotional meeting. If you ever saw the videos of the the football team being told by the athletic I mean I think pretty ugly there. Real quickly and that's why the Bill Clark the head coaches UAB. It primates. Lower level power five. Eighty right now he's definitely on my top idolized the easy that he just that it navigated. One of the worst things it will seem college football history. But again and one of the things is they had to get the facilities racing eighty stadium that you might be it trust me they need it collegiate built should've been born on the last night I exited there. In nineteen got. Never say never house like you never come back this crap hole in my life and I sat there on the sheet yet South Carolina UConn Birmingham bowl like nine years in the cold. Like that's I never say never when it comes to this business that. I mean my god how many black guys can once school particularly taken. I hit the fact you gotta cut positions in state might be called one minute before the business office put. That is the ultimate screw job when it comes to one person in mag stripe. It's really disappointing to see it's disappointing that it's. UAB was cutting it so close I guess you would think with all the they went through. And all the budgeting they had to do to figure out that it wouldn't be a situation where they get caught off guard you have to cut a lot of people. Or that they could have found a way to maybe we bridged them all for three months let him go out and find another job in this kind of leave them out gradually ease that it is Lou making the cut. Siegel all the details around about very surprised that they Canada call their. Answer on the way here yet till it. I can't fathom it because it doesn't affect my score the one that I'm covering here in the upstate or went back cover in the Oakland's South Carolina but. Here is what the athletic director said we aren't stable financial shape in have been. But what has occurred it's just a buildup of black in conference revenues. The conference revenues that we had anticipated having win week reinstated football. Had diminished significantly. It says that really is the issue in this scene with the other schools so what are you didn't diesel. Yet you say you don't want to compete for a group of five playoff because there's not enough eyeballs in the long run the schools like. So at North Dakota State James Madison took a look at the event opposite no we do that is there's so that at times to be at a bigger fish in its. Or are or column up at the last minute literally the last minute its legacy and office space where the bobs are explaining to Peter that's why they always call people and fire them on Friday because there's less chance of an incident. You know call on a Monday column on a Friday because they're not gonna make a scene and I feel like that's probably. What happened. With that situation. Is you know what the real answer surges and you know I don't like it. The real answer is they forced redistribution of wealth and the power five schools arkan a that they're not gonna agree to that they won't. They would rather say all right you other 75 or so schools I don't know how many schools are in the group five level but somewhere in the range of 75 was. You guys go kick rocks for all we care. We don't need you we don't want you we don't wanna be if we ought to be associated with the if we don't wanna play EO we don't want to see you want our schedule we don't wanna prop you up financially. That's the best that's how power five schools believable believe. Alabama. Doesn't care about UA beat Auburn doesn't care about UAB. They say they can. Making you know they can go away and then we got more fans and got more money that's that's that's the answer it's just that it'll never happen. Probably our best bet is to create. A singular. Group of five network. Something that's cool that's looking out for and negotiating for all of the group of five as a whole. Rather than these individual at least five individual conference's all trying to negotiate. For their smaller and smaller and smaller pieces of the pie if they can collectively bargain they'd probably be in a better position. All right so that you saved it then pay Amazon Auburn's in the clubs and snow Nino but what about every time they struck a check for 800000 to a million bucks now when it comes to one of these out of conference games or. The holdout for more. You know is that the way that you can increase in revenue because quite frankly. The the power five conference's key hit incestuous. In just schedule each other. Why not why couldn't Alabama instead of playing Sanford. Why couldn't they schedule Iowa State. There's there's no difference he colitis and they would. You like you've been ill never happened I had people number one. Here in the state of South Carolina people felt that it really Smart that it was a decade ago that the state of South Carolina went. They were bad and some budget issues literally came in the courts and in South Carolina go. Schedule it in state FCS uploaded every year you don't know how much that would be LP now. Here's a little bit of redistribution. Of the wealth right here if you will but it helps those budgets in each year. They're two FCS teams here in this state that are paychecks. From consonants out allies that acts like I didn't mean to my point is who is they do it the state didn't tell Clemson and South Carolina that he had to schedule. Wofford and Furman and the citadel do you think they'd schedule and just out of the kindness of their own hard snow. And caught it all right there's a lot of it's illegal at all you know once every five or do you honestly they're branded. Is it also. You know they'll take this the overall weight easily you you need to have that there's a re easy. It is it is easy there's a reason to schedule what are your weakest whom opponents for homecoming every year why Childress. So that everybody goes home happy Anke what are they are more likely to do when they have us. Now they're donate money our anyone I come back broker checked athletic department irked at that university. It's all. It's all of moneymaking scheme to all that matter it's all comes down so. Diesel what about a nine power five playoffs I'm looking at TV ratings from last year. The championship game between North Dakota State in James Madison that pulled one point five million viewers. And that's brassy yes. And our couple all gains poll almost two billion involving teams that are not in the power five that are in the bowl games. Why not put eight teams. And run those game. And you could potentially move the meteoric hit 345 million people watching those games it seems like a lot but it's not that long a walk to you know from. What these lower division championship games are already getting and maybe that would dry some more money. Childress when I was in and you don't like it when I was in college they showed it every single FCS playoff game. On ESPN or ESPN two you know how many SES playoff games are on TV now. One. The championship game everything else is on streaming or it's buried on some other network that's what ESPN ESPN has done this they have diminished. The investment that they place. In two. SES is a hole. And coming from an app state perspective probably at Georgia southern perspective Detroit a lot of good teams that have just recently made the jump up. They don't want to be they they did took them a decade. Or fifteen years to get where they are they don't want to suddenly be relegated right back to the same place they just war. Yeah I mean I'd get both sides of the issue but when you watch yet. When this is when you realize how few conference there out schools actually turn a profit. When it comes to their athletic department you most schools subsidize. Because it's not about football it's like yeah I think about West Virginia being in the freaking big twelve. It's not about the mountaineers football program on Saturday that's one thing. Spent a cross country team trying to get to Manhattan Kansas for our conference meet tickets to its state. That's where read that word travel expenses time the class rate in everything else got out of whack we pigeon hole everything in the football on Saturdays but it's really. She will live from whoever permit yet only so many of its non revenue sports that. He got the money in travel expenses and that's why I think upstate. Is there athletic director this past Friday diesel was so excited about their new. For what they Atlantic Saunders. Added to their news conference but it's. 300 miles was the longest dry herbs from them so one of they're fellow institutions. So that that'll save them a lot of money saved them a lot of overnights. I guess I look at it I'm like why not try something different it doesn't look like that not power five schools. Are gaining momentum getting the you know closure to breaking even every year all those type things why not think out of the box why not do something. Crazy in different one year it's eat that does generate more revenue that helps the school's out a little that I mean even if you could move the needle a couple of million fans. That could be a 100000 dollars more for each one of these. Conference ST all right when we come back. What about. What Ian Fitzsimmons told us just twenty minutes ago what about just expanding it out Eitan incorporating some more teams in the and yeah I agree with him I never got bored with the bulls run. You know what. Now got it just it kitty by knock off Golden State but. Again couple other idea is is that you we're October Brad Edwards of ESPN. It's 537. Will solve all the ills in college football that. That's the dumbest comment that I've heard during a break on that show in for you gotta bring Mac garbage that they're lethal. Well Bob what I was saying to her as if it's the goober halves. Like Alabama Michigan Clemson Florida State. Southern cal Ohio State if they don't break off about five million dollars up in the north what's the what's the SEC payout purse for a non media writes twenty million a year. Not suits they get around forty. All right let's say it's her out for if each one of those who break off five million dollars up their media rights budget boom re distribute that to the the G five programs that are struggling they can make budget. And then guess what you get to blame for homecoming. You've taken my cue to. Darwin outlets that don't really tell he was very Erica you're the ones who got the money. I can take you know how I want my cake I want it to you got the money list U don't want these programs to die. Are they gonna die though I mean. Art some of them have to be making money can't be where everyone at the schools is losing money it's not in the know what went to isolate wasted it by running subsidies then they're not making money there's. There's some truth in that here's the deal also think the schools look at football. Which is the money killer if you will the expenditure. As an advertising basis for this institution fails that if you're a little bit in the hole when it comes you know in the year. Connecticut's that would that's what it took to advertise this to get this out there because. Eight and that you'd think we we've got a problem off. Yet they're seven needs schools that are bring it on teams this year thirteen war. Set for next year we're not talking division won their start out the three NF CS and the point being. It stated that it was relevant to the ID at the university the small schools with starting football programs. Twenty in the next two years on him. That's not saying they're they're doing well enough I mean I bet that State's football team is making money at the end of the day. You guys are packet out that stadium every year you go to the championship games in the conference you go to ball games. I bet you at the end of the day app states in you know do it well. So I've forever UAE there is a great stories well and on our five look how great each CF did this year US athlete these teams are doing great and growing. To some of the teams are making money some other. You literally just get an eighteen using a screw it yeah and how you get to whichever representative from the group of by and say. Let him play and often decide. Like. Kelly for a case can. College kids out here it's FC yes the duke. Division what should not play eating more than fifteen games and season. NFL it's sixteen games all kidding players' union league by indigo and eighteen games now because. It's a physical although it's pro players after their. It show up with the F football facility they don't have to deal with everything else a fifteen in my opinion is Mac well when it comes for college football. Mark Childress you're asking about financials I just so happened to have the USA today group of five financial report. And the largest budget within the group of five. Is University of Connecticut they brought in last year 83 million dollars or 83 million and change they spent. 83 million and change. Ford and that's why that's prodded it 41 million dollars. Of that money is self generated. And he'd what is unique about UConn athletics. Lose nobody else has in the group of five. And limits that that a dynasty I mean now we've watched to see not that wind to see them get the Ali they did against Notre Dame this year ago. Holy crap I mean that's how big they'd gotten so. They're sort of the aberration when it writes that because it. Because of that women's basket. Oh the drop off is significant from there the second biggest budget in the group F five is Cincinnati had sixty. Million dollars so there's a 23 million dollar drop off an athletic budget. From first to second or you're asking about a school like Appalachian State our. Our our budget last year was 35 million dollars thirteen million of that. Was self generated that means ticket sales and concessions and all that stuff. That means 16%. Of the athletic budget is subsidized. 60% has to be subsidized by students and by the state whoever else subsidizes. These football pro. And again. It again please understand it it's not just we'll all of the site and that money away it's got to be comply. Yeah football really hear the whole deal by god have X amount. The women's programs to offset football based on scholarships it's always been skewed because I'd scholarships. At the brings up but that's they don't listen. The swimming team cross country team that he got to get their money their travel expenses where they're staying. When they go to the conference now that comes out of the total athletic department red hats today. But it's like it's like in the United States. That's like Childress that that's like me asking you paid at least some off that this big time money from the other job and what are Mike you're get. You're number one editing go be with the status finger right yes that's America unfortunately. But. There's no fair and equitable life was. That in any way that schools who are 75%. Subsidized. By student fees they should cup football. I mean that that will be I think Melanie got a financially responsible thing to do. Would be cut things what they are making money. Here's the deal. Go back and look at the studies in these on streak to pull one out during the break because we'll have Brad Edwards from ESPN. Talk in college football and some University of Alabama shenanigans if you will. Here a little bit but. Again it's just. The you have that view it as these presidents these administrators it look that the studies that show. Campuses to have football typically have happier standards for whatever reason it that you can go Google it right now. There's eight studies out there when it come sure they say that it went all the school dorm room front porch of the university him. Me talk about SEE. When they were kicked out of football for ten years that you celebrate homecoming with the soccer game you ever watch any cracked us up. So at that's a big deal. But all these schools were in such dire financial straights like here saying they wouldn't be playing football EU would be seeing. Chunks of conferences making a group decision to say. We're not play in twelve games this year we're only got to play five or we're cutting the football program our seat we're gonna cut onto our extra sports to try to make up the gap but no one you can't context is important content on title nine. That is straight but again I just come back in the case when he football programs here in the out years. Scott it's got some two image. Consider marking consider advertising. I don't know what you do it he got a subsidize it. Trust me in the state funding issues that were going through if there wasn't our life return on investment for the folk opera. I think states would make the decision foursome schools yeah they probably would sell. Again I suggest try something different why not a fourteen not a power player off why not. Try to do some things to. Grow the attention. That the smaller schools are not getting to why why not try something different if you're not happy with where things are now. Wind we come back will get into you. Yeah listen. He was the BC as scary back in the day Brad do you ice and hate the advent of the college football playoff that's what's is anybody because gap he was literally diet is that BCS period of course. You can hear of mine that college football Saturdays on ESPN radio a course on that television. Throughout the week after the rankings come up its Brad Edwards of ESPN. He's gonna join us on the other side it will talk about. Some of the issues will Watson SEC media days next weekend. Asking some questions about his time. In this sigma pi house at the University of Alabama is straight starts relied here 860. Woodruff wrote it but being pizza. Start to get in here for dinner come get a slice come get up I can't get a sandwich whatever it is yet to go wrong about having pizza. All right did part two of bio that I is it which I university Alabama is not teaching mark Childress some of the finer things about going to school in the Southeastern Conference vs Furman University is. Brad Edwards you can follow him on Twitter Jay Brad Edwards ESPN college football insider. Also an analyst for dean today. A lot of other things with the ESPN that Brad did you have some kind of offensive coordinator position on the pledge football team in 99. I absolutely exe two years or so. I was pretty op coordinator on eighteen bit Ian played I'm assuming he's a quality. Dropped pass that information yeah. On and come back with a vested regain. Very well play we get a late score or won the game. Are brilliant play calling. You know that there's an unbiased opinion. But listen next year. The next year I would off the coordinator and he would be at the coordinator and it was an absolute rout. I will. But but I'm not sure the statute of limitations expired so I don't want to talk about some of the things that he would encourage our players to do genetic. The other team look at it again the other I got hospitalized. I'm not sure got to the hospital yet but anyway. When they make sure you remember that right did you did you play. Billy Elliot we. 4500 and by tags against dealt with Todd delta at 1986. Is very. Easy Brett. There's nothing like do not like a budget eighteen year old playing out full contact and no perhaps football. I'll let our peers that is valid they have report no doubt about it we're joined by Brad Edwards that. Brad those are some fun dead ties back in the day but your big numbers guy it week. Here's the deal mark Childress Micah as to year's affirming grabbed with some quality beta clumps of woman. Diesel by producer he's an app state program all right so. Is there any way to ever fight the money achieves this story that readies its daddy you AP about Matt Schreiber. A literally losing his job because they had to get rid. Positions there certain way to make this Bayard equitable and college football. I don't think it way to make it equitable now bear is a completely different question. Because it says you know this colder the better making the money are keeping it now. I think you're here if your end that the boat they have not the question you're out you'd. Is it fair or go to the Vanderbilt. Of the world. To be able to ride the coattails of others to make all the money they're making. You know win when others are not as fortunate and look I mean. Some of these schools. We're just in the right place at the right time when these copper is formed many decades ago when they're reaping the benefit debit now. I don't see. That finance is ever being close to meet certainly if you look at what happened. First with the BP yes and now what the playoff. It's translated. Into more money for everybody I mean bits be the I guess. What we come group of five. Mid majors and basketball at deep water or part there's this goal is such. They're making more money now than they did. Years ago the problem is is that the the other teens debt better in a major conferences are making exponentially more. Into the gap which is why. Brad mark Childress here I'm curious what you like and don't like about the way the college football playoff committee is. Selecting and ranking their team so I know you used to do it so well back in the BCS stays. What do you think they're getting right in what you think they're getting wrong. You know I don't really have a problem with their selections. I have an issue where they are written protocol. And. There to at least an. I'm I I think you're gonna say you want the four best teams then you shouldn't put conditions on. When you start listing criteria and saying this is how we're going to define best. I think he kind of feed this to beat deaths and it ends and it becomes something else you know what. With all these conditions placed upon it and I think this. Where they've really at the most trouble in my opinion is this claw at the narrator then. Debt for a non champion to get no play in and we've seen happen to your peers on road Alabama last year I was state you're before that. For not champion again nineteen have to be unequivocally better. Than the conference champions to go went ahead of those teams. And I don't personally believe that. Alabama would unequivocally better than Ohio State last year at the time that the election took like. Look or I'll damage beaten Kuerten in Georgia I don't think you could say unequivocally which is without any doubt that they were better than Ohio State. I'm I think the year before you couldn't say. Then Ohio State would unequivocally better than attend eighteen pitted beaten down and won the copper debate vote again. And outlook could use the eight. The other team was probably better. I think you could itself firmly that's the issue. I don't have a problem with putting teams and it didn't win their cup I'm fine with I don't I don't think there's any issue. Would be. With that that the concept that two of the best fourteen in the country could beat from the same conference. I just I think if you're going to put that in there and say that this is the way it works to the FB unequivocally better. You need to at least acknowledge that you know what unequivocally Maine and you're not gonna acknowledges. Take it out of the rules. As we continue to Brad Edwards ESPN college spoke on cider you can hear all day here on ESPN upstate during the football season is they break it dale campuses across the countries to Brad one more before we have a little bit a five week at the argument today. Had James Madison have North Dakota State at month and a if they figured it out for that size institution that screw it we've whether it be bigger fish in a smaller pond. In they have resisted the urge to move up. Yeah I don't know the finances the ball that I've I've never looked into it so whether you're talking mad apps Stater Georgia's southern. You know some of the team down a lot of success at that level that recently did know about. I don't know I don't know they had to do over again now would they go back at Fiat or are they perfectly fine being. They are they sit mostly irrelevant at the FBS level but it probably making more money. That that's not the yet to act belt. You know. 11 of the issues that always comes up with bowl games. Is that a lot of these games especially don't want to those cops and go to. They don't pay that much money and what they do they usually doesn't cover the cost of not only sending that team but that cheerleaders and the band at all that. And so a lot on it'll end up losing money on a bowl trip and yet if you're gonna be an EST yes that's what you do is to be able to play in Europe and a bowl game. And it's no wonder it's worked it to weather the financial payoff is gonna work. I get out there at the moment those schools because I'm not sure they to me to me it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of different I don't I don't think they are. Any. Better off at least in terms of publicity for their program they were when they're playing the FC. Right so do I that you're getting ready at media day start next week but let's take a little trip to of that relay because you laid it out for you earlier you've got away and he took but at the question number three. He said guess what you're gonna have to do it as well so you know the first one. Children Childress was blown away date back east may have played in the big party group sigma guy out. Was the best base and you heard in the big party you know yields iodide notice that McKnight house. RI I I I was going to ask you that question whether wed third Dave mat viewed it played Erica they were they were flying on the strip when I was in school. And so yeah I'd I knew that they were just sick college band at that time solid sure they've ever played out. That spanned not that not best known they had that the best they had I would goat cheese broker. I'm. Like yes. It's huge brokers who were Ed as you're aware. And an eighty top copper make it. I'm until a lot of you know like character rendering and Rick Springfield Trent blocker eagle that type of stuff. That's what they'd play into of course big guys and they played a lot in addition to being on the strip all the talk and by the way they still. All will play every reunion show in Birmingham every now and then and they act out they did. Yet especially around Halloween two but Lodz and Hartford and those guys ask me and absolutely fantastic. Five was wings and things what we're sure go to place when it came to a delivery order back at the university. Do they reorder com. Hollowed sneaky Pete I hate to say that but I. You know I like most college people I would go to a small budget and out. In their boot cheap but it don't want that his body could like I could outweigh a lot now. And I'm I've kind of marvel that Al subway today like 85 dollar foot long is like a great deal. Arab there's the lay on the strap on Tuesday might not like freshman and sophomore years. Two foot long virtual dollars on Tuesday. And I would go and I would order cute blond I would sit there and I would. For one meal that that it by the way is why I gained forty pounds my first semester I'll. Yea you look I didn't appear to our rights yeah what's your it would or those that know what any out. Right what this one probably has to do with the with the beard did you ever make out on the steps out Weiler. You know are we gotta say I. Drop out won this award pledges it I never got a little this this that and. I've I've I'm trying to think I can only remember like Jim I'm than ever picked anybody up act now while they're very big. Com. Yeah not on. I I got that out I guess that there's. It's that that was that was about it I think it. Are right we heard five minutes it eons glory days hopeless just seems to me like yeah you can hey literally beneath the course girl critics kids are not violent. It didn't put this would argue ever pass out or peeved that the pajama party mace. No. No I did I I I'm kind of ashamed to admit this. But I'm one night walking home from the strip intoxicated. To walk from the stripped back to the sigma kind house. Naturally I walked a quiet and I had to go really bad I knew that make it sound like you know what. This might be my only chance ever to urinate underneath giants so. It is like the campus landmark and yeah it's kind of embarrassing to admit that now that night I did that. Well that's they'd listen Brad at like us that weird you were get in the immediate days next week you we decide what will want to do to have a little fun and I appreciate you and Ian. Of course play in a log and always appreciate you carted out some type reports tell us what you got coming up this ball. Well right now I'm I've been working on a metric whipped our analytics team. Debt. Is it going to help but for picked who's gonna make the playoffs you know we better at PI and a lot of other thing that we. Spent a lot of time with in recent seasons but that's starting this year I even before the first games are played. We're going to have a nurture it and give you know any given day. Each team's chance to make the playoffs on top of that their chance to win the national championship or granted an inexact science but it's all based on FBI. And a number of other things they're already calculating and that'll be fun and I can't tell you that right now the clear favorite is Clemson. Because. According to pew RF PRI Clemson is more than twelve points better than every team on their regular season schedule. And so a lot of we give Clinton a way better chance to be in the playoff than anybody else. Well let's sit hopefully you have maybe you get to make it eclipse it will get together with Boyd Anderson and a bunch of people and I have some fun but again enjoy these final few weeks Brad appreciate everything but. All right dirge always I always enjoy it and not you and enjoy your last. What month an album org is really great. Yeah that that are right they explain there's Brad Edwards from ESPN and trust me he is. It's the Emory junior when it comes to that kind of gap Alia loves it he buying it he lives breezes in debt that's what he is literally. Car this niche out in the media got to give some might like that a lot of credit all right we gotta get up a break. Quick couple of that. It's opened clones from this point forward. We got questions about SEC media days and got some college basketball is a Major League Baseball well. All right welcome back and we're light here bottom being pizza or have some fun here over the final couple. Other final hour Childress is again it's open funds from this point on you'll talk college football you get you know what we've been talking about we got some more things that I liked him Moline. Did quit put that they have the pay better this quickly into your dinner that year they're in Gainesville but. Yeah we're talking about fights and pledge football gates with Ian Fitzsimmons and Brad Edwards and values. I mean Andy just so much fun to remember those east that you. Bottle. Here this inept. Speak to what she's heard about it god yes this is this a quick outs and elevate first of all we have. It's neat scene and that's did you get a penny a picture during half million dollars when the nicest returning houses in the country now in any spot things. But it ain't what we went three unit we had to make great go to pledged that male dude everything that's happened in the return he would I wouldn't trade theater for thirty treatment. In let me tell you who suffers invasion. In Tuscaloosa. A real clumps in South Carolina. Our charities that depend on this fraternities for Halloween. Parties and stuff like that. Every Halloween we would have local kids come trick or treat through the the fraternity house he has a lot of good we hear about the bad things in there are. There's also a lot of good when it comes to the screen systems as well Kenneth wants to get it on some college football at that PM at Wednesday. Every great where's that. Yeah we're here which got a great. I didn't think he'd say yeah I get up Barbara method is our our USC upstate without a football. And would you go about what period are scholarship. RI. It will it will Kenneth this two. I can't speak for that we had the need USC upstate and I let. On Friday in that right now. I hit. Because. You are do you have one FCS program and whopper but here's the pink in those two co exist because they kind of go after a different type of it's either if you know what I mean. Spartanburg Methodist is a junior college I'm not sure I've been who are they got to play. I mean he would literally have to get over and Mississippi and Texas to really take me added to the junior college programs. I think I've got a good read Berkeley keying Rogers outdoor equipment that played football presbyterian and of course they're dropping manager Mitch needed the three non non scholarship. In this former players they're angry they're heard about it but again it becomes a money issue at that level. Okay. Our budget. I appreciate Janet because again. Yeah here's ability breaks out shoppers say they just decided you know what wills who will continue the football being. Listen there's ways to subsidize those players what they get IKEA. What got the University of Miami and so much trouble back in the day. L green yup so. They're so wasted maneuver around this stuff but it's not like going out there in assigning somebody to a national letter and yet. There's no perfect answer I mean what do you do with your PC you go back. Yet division to back in the day because I've maintained activity back there and whether they wanted to admit it or not was the old Turkey day rivalry rival regain. With debate I mean I was actually a big deal when I was growing. Yeah. Again maybe that's another athletic director to talk to me and try to start deciphering how these decisions are being made at these different schools. Clearly PC did not see the investment in the football program mean to continue going forward. In the way that it had been before so let it hit her bottom line a little hopper it's kind of evaporated underneath them when it came to say it again. Yeah West Virginia can get away with that with their football program that kind of travel on the fact it was a thousand miles as the closest since graduation. Seeking to take back yet you know what I mean when it comes to traveling. In those types of situations that when we come back again opened balance we're talking college football but. He Pacman Jones got by big surprise. Guess what not the outcome that you expect it will get into that as well.