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Wednesday, July 11th

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How are right. Childress you get adults fit here alone I it is clear that way out of being so what are broad didn't we can let you know. It is 11 in the World Cup final or semifinal right male between living crew a ship and it's going to be fast and furious thirty minute eyes are extra time odds that this thing ends up in the case. So Croatia is the first team since 1992. Win two consecutive games on the case they won their last two games. In a shoot out so we could be happen a third one today which would be. You talk about pressures dirt and all the people watching your whole country behind you hundreds and hundreds of millions of people are watching this game right now. And the pressures so it so I think about it. I mean is where hear about it being him by the great heart feel like spam you know go take a little built there there's some great in that background okay you know as well as some Italian. There's not enough alcohol or skis and there's an upbeat here in London. Do I get the English audience through the night they actually pull off this way and then move on it faced the practice yes I haven't found it back here in the next segment. Is well I mean can you imagine England vs experience in the finals of the World Cup. Or. Ten. Years ago John across the water there but. It's gonna be interstate will keep you updated on this scheme but again we're here it bottoming Pete's 1860 Woodruff road. We're gonna give you the specials and things as we go through yet date listened. It is authentic New York style pizza there's no other way to say we're here once a month. We love art he likes me it is authentic New York style pizza that means it's that it is yeah break prosper topping. Prices toppings Yeltsin cheese steaks chicken parmesan C which is a wide variety of salads go ahead. Get on out here we yo well what's a month were out here on this out of tail mark we made it easier on you day before Ankiel before you roll in the vacation tomorrow there could you start and Delhi tech out because. I've heard this nasty rumor I did sports how sports these parties are wrong a couple of hours ago. I heard this nasty rumor went knows the league in physical there for you this morning which by the way Justin if you're listening to you right now. Let's. There might be a golf game with diesel evolved in Childress DeMarre that this thing debt and up on FaceBook live it's on point we're all. Yeah I have Obama Childress has had to bow wow. Yeah she's not scared that's for tomorrow soldiers got scared us out. But I can't tell us there is so beauty part is really it's gonna happen soon it's gonna happen CDC you know I I tell you sesno that I did my driver out. I did go to bottom being for lunch today because I knew that you rub it in my face. That you were a bottom being so I went ahead and jump the gun and I got bottoming for lunch today. And it was fantastic and a place was packed. At lunch yeah they they do some they do some major business at lunchtime. Yet he's got great specials like at the New York slices a victory for six bucks a New York slice and in your drink for just 399 it was indeed these silly. Really we're we're literally look at it in your poll across the you know what I mean yeah that's how it could thin crust pizza should be truly a New York style pizza if that's what you're getting here in less. EE 24 hits. I hear that shut your whole family up for the rest that I. This city and slices sixth night. Let's and his diesel is sitting in a great place to get in here and get a yeah about it being bang for the buck when it comes to your dining dollar. Atlas night's. Are right we'll NA in of course comes I hated the bright. We doors started he likes to over your new name we're just government. Birds and articles are not exactly. So. Something's where get a get into today Ukraine have a little fun absolutely right bush. She you know next week's media days we get it through it last night I had the opportunity. It happened very often had dinner with my wife. Just two of us very nice talking about some stuff they they were they finish it up the the oh crap not the drywall the deciding on the a speech and today because yet cheap skate Sturgis like nobody's giving natives. Ticket outlets are so yeah those tees and OK let's finish this off this and that the other debt. I don't that we got the pocket about Tuscaloosa Alabama we're gonna try to get him there in October for the Missouri game it's the only weekend the schedules between clubs and in the match. That's the only weekend off but you know what you can do which got it will talk about support employees yet. So that Prada what can we do today here on the show you know look at that. We're I have sigma Ky University of Alabama day here on straight Alter what does this mean. That means the it's 437. Ian Fitzsimmons from ESPN rape Freddie and that's it not yes he's great he had that 76 sigma tied for the university Alabama five years behind me. A cup are right it 537. Brad Edwards remember he made his. He made his. Name is the obese yes here before right it that it does the as Saturday college football show and a lot of other things of course as soon as the rankings are out with a college football playoff these on the SP and doing the TV stuff and all. He's also a cyclical high from the unit Alabama. Was he with you there are but I'm more about 45 years behind a nanny and they are we were pledge class that live in infamy for all the wrong reasons as much to say probably plenty of stories can't talk about with the highest GPA protests and senator everywhere we're. They're we heard stories about dog made daylight started to try to get a higher after Kate third Grasso give me some questions when it comes to Tuscaloosa. For them as well as things going on at SEC media days next week. It's going to be a little bit SEC Eddie today okay that's just great date and balanced pop put off making ego really. He just left SEC west sarge he can't let your new wife that but this past all right other things were gonna get into you some questions that I kind of look at adding and SEC immediate dates in a way and it that's that big key. With this staying next week. Also in the final hour to talk a little bit of college basketball is. It looks like there's trouble again Kansas and mail when it comes to the FBI investigations in years. Global players in 2012 does that the middle finger at the NCAA they're taken in the court. Try to get their TP chip back. In the end. You know what's the biggest issue in football whether it's. Really high school college or the NFL what is hot button topic now. Pertaining to our nationals let's say kneeling or concussions it's got to be encouraged touched us. So everybody's wondering what we're gonna do moving forward to limit this and I'm sorry I've always maintain mark Childress. The guys that did it became a full on back in 1892. In the first game played between Rutgers and Princeton. Nice. Never envisioned 66340. Pound offensive lineman playing the game of football in. Diesel smarter than me. You're smarter than can she graduated army units by a process of elimination will figure out worked intimately but at stayed above Alabama or below that's the question. You know what we go far away when it comes to. You academia Matt Hackett alphabetical order we go to number one have. Women's soccer. Actually a bigger issue when it comes to concussions than the game of football can even think about right now I was stunned to read this story. And what are they gonna do had a we eliminated so the looser those are hot button topic. That your negative here moving forward and of course in the final hour a little a bit of Major League Baseball accurately and breaks. They're getting tiger. They need this all star break you know I'm not sure they meet for their players out there playing in the all star break they meet some grass that is tired looking baseball team right. Mail the pitching has been getting him we had some bad starting pitching on the road trip. A terrible night in the bullpen again last night the rays have had. You know I think for their last six games it had an inning where they've given up at least four runs to the opposition you're not gonna win many games that way. Rasul they have ample game slip before the all star break in he'd turn it around there at home need a big win tonight against the legions. All right so. He hears the dill. Will we come back will open up by the allies have a little bit of fun in the next segment not pertaining. To my return exasperation there's only. Few opportunities. When it comes to sports talk radio to delve into something that we will literally delve into. When we come back by it let's give me an update your 306. Minute marks that means say here. Who we Ellis had a gold their diesel. That means we're halfway through extra time. It remains tied one to one England in Croatia and like I said you early he said earlier Croatia it amazing the last two games on penalty Texas has got the case written Oliver. It's starting to feel that way at Croatia you just can't shake them they would be the second smallest country ever to advance to the finals where it wins it this would be. Distant and stick around for this team that just can't they won't go away you can't shake them they went away again and again. Do you like it when diesel brings a topic that the ship is that these judge he's usually come and things are like diesel because he comes at things from a very different. Angle or perspective and I do most of the time so he challenges me a lot. With the topics he breaks and yes I like which means he's right you're wrong Indo us what the right. I think the other way around but maybe maybe we're talking past it and he actually did so yesterday toward it and it's it's just going to check this out it's a really interesting situation I thought you AB. They can't answer by next he wrote it they had had to navigate I think Bill Clark is one up and coming coaches. On the fact that he state they'd show some loyalty to an institution. The showed none to him whatsoever. In. If I think it's until bowl game last year and his first year back in. Yet some people may have be picking them my effort division. When it comes to conference USA this year. Just goes to show you were talking yesterday Texas and Texas Dana. The only two programs in college athletics more than 200 million dollars in revenue. Well there is they have verses have nots when it comes to college athletics and will get into that because I had my question to you view into diesel and to our listeners would be. Had James Madison in New Mexico State and Montana actually figured it now. It's a great slot at the end you're playing for the national championship. Just about every season you're waiting on your finishing in the top two top four you get this extra home games are packing up their stadiums that are smaller stadiums. I think it's a great sweet spot to be Aniston spending all that extra money to get up to division one. The bottom of that. Part of the FB yes is not a great place to be right now it seems like especially when it's still facilities race even has that level that's one of the things that you a piece by only getting yet it is their own home football stadium because Mike got leaked in filled. So stars never say never the lot go ahead let me ask you listed Idaho get it right by dropping back down to FC yes. Yes I mean but here's the deal I don't think they had any other option. They were living NBA obviously they've been hit in Palestine they're right produces and it was like will crap big sky here nothing for us and it picks guys NF CS division. Or every day really their only other option was to somehow. Talked their way into the mountain west and that was gonna happen as bad as their football program was they were not talk on their way out in the mountain west and and I know a lot of it because I read the message boards in the Sunbelt side and I know how. Upset Idaho's fans were for the longest time as soon as this announcement came out but. I'll tell you what man a big sky conference and SES is a really good football conference and he now won I think once once again. Three to five years into it there's their pride stop staying in a little bit they're gonna realize there in a really good spot. There's but then again you wake up the next morning in you have to come to the reality that you're still look at. The bad part about it through seven miles from Pullman Washington where Mike Leach's right well. If he's gonna get all the pomp all right take years to build spot BP to come and listen we got spaghetti and meatballs with this tallied just nine dollars and 99 cents again when he points by a twenty it's I want specials. I love the fact they have their operas are roles prodded straight from Philadelphia you can have a Philly cheese steak unless you put it on a true Philly I'm Marisa role those the little details. They did it comes to. With bottom being pizza you were 1860 Woodruff road if you're grooves in downstate from the interstate toward your neck of the woods out toward the pipe sports area. On the right Mercer sites green you'll see it where we'll shut strip shopping center. All right they're behind it succumb might see is that the price will those guys are here to listen. If nothing else combined see these guys it's hot out there that we're inside I'm so glad when I walked up that we were endorse absolutely all right well we come back but my answer open date for four GS PE SP a little fine. With the possibility of a free it's in England matchup Sunday in the World Cup final. So jokers we have a goal not the goal that we want. Richmond Weaver picked Croatia it is to get a one Croatia by. There's still twelve minutes left in extra time as they continue on. Because imagine the possibilities. On Sunday. If it's France vs England the rest of the week of what it could entail. When I did but I don't think it eight hour Tina I he's not already got my knee hit it. Watch. It at that already. It's unusual it's got a lot of my aunt and an accent. I told the newly built ones. Well I'm. The guy we don't I'm not look I'm not you are paying these type today. Do you that Bob French what do you think I have it's out there aren't just accent you'd think eighteen net. My your own business. If you don't show us a good I hope we don't they don't talk about polls you Don Franken has seen these big gotten. And the are bought them some debate today president Bob hello I'm not IPOs Tug collided. At thirteen if he I don't FC east tricky. What this strange person who PO might go to mad don't wanna talk human Nomar you. Did he headed out a lot of food to rob watch that. If scratching your head in the direction and your mom I want that comes Derek and yeah Paris made all I get married but. And it's every ID pit bull or triple what else could you pull money tight wholly grill. He's a wise they go comet when it comes to sports to ship. That was perfect with England and France but right now it's like it's gonna be Croatian up taking on France. Under ten minutes left now in extra time with Croatia on top of England to beautiful. Beautiful that he wore to get that goal few minutes ago ninety header away they finished it off in. Like viewers they need to we're pretty fortunate we've been up close and personal when it comes to sporting events. I agree with either Croatia got this court there was having a hard time processing what just happened when yes that intensity at that moment. Just put your whole country watching again Croatia would be the second smallest country ever to advance to the finals. If they were to make it and done and they've been scrappy in two penalty kick advancements in a row. I ticket here in English gonna have to poll a miracle out here in the last ten minutes they want to advance France of course been a finals twice they won it 1998 they were runners up in 2000. In six win as a dean's and his infamous ahead but was probably the peak moment from that in everybody Herman here. People fail to realize more world and is it like you were a heavy college football with Ian Fitzsimmons here in the next segment you. You can follow him on Twitter course that it's the ESP it will video of that stuff from ready at that show but it. Think about Yugoslavia was still one country. How dominant they can have been a basketball soccer because what was Yugoslavia when we remember the 1984 Olympics remember. It like that wait for the USA to go over and play in this area of low Olympics come about eight years Pat LaFontaine. Of course they lost their first game is why now what happened. We think that's really three different countries Yugoslavia is now more than two including Croatia Bryant. So they would they would be even better I mean Napa Croatia that this is the story the World Cup at this point that the run Russian made. Was unbelievable of course they would host country of Croatia eliminated them in the last round this which are passed that for sure. I am with Croatia being so small and unexpected to make it this far so. Well you either way there during an in London tonight yes Adrian I noted some us or is ID and the bad part is it's the guys wavered and I yell at them hooligans that are attached with that date it might be who is it's been what's that 66 it's the English wine. It's only tiger at the finals this season tied up at the they've made the semifinals. On those lines and here's the deal. This is it. After this week you go on vacation we'd beat up ACC media days on Wednesday no more this soccer stuff all right I don't have to talk about it I get the eight year bond. You enjoy that you've that you've been a day today even watch it to be quite honest with use it it was a gift for us all right and I mean imagine how closely we followed it that the Americans were actually competing in this thing. So I yeah I agree it was a gift. And so you have favorites are out surged if USA would have made it this would have been the type of year where the USA could've made that run made it to the semifinals even. All the big names went out early a lot of the teams and Rodney Francis a great team they were probably two of the five teams expected to. Which had so many upsets in so many teams making it around her to further. That you thought this is one will look back on twenty years from now it's a conditional what do for the US well. I tell you this much unit at once so proceeded to hear of this World Cup otherwise. You've held a got themselves and a bad situation when it came to pains and people too much MET noticed we had competitive corn hole. All the weak yen when it comes to some of the ESPN programming have you watched any of I don't that. I met this fish is quite my body just thought that far it's like I thought they were still achieve its second compete in the Olympics the first time with a curling touted the that pay it took about two minutes to realize. There's not a snowballs T seen you know wave at them ever gonna compete in the Olympics in car so easy it's it's on TV once four year on. It's not in the. So who. It could. Headed to court I mean it's one of those guys are amazing that there are believable you know these on he had the you remember though Phil Hartman skit on Saturday Night Live the all drug Olympics and the guy Ali our Jeff. Do you have the draw Utley in the soberly advocates for people like diesel they get better the more clear that they get their system you know utterly that's a great question I've seen that guy interview we ought to try to get them on here I'm gonna try to get a monitors dirge for you so you can make fun of the corn hole guy and it's he's he's interest he's a really interesting guy it's a very competitively now it's on ESP and I got caught watching it one afternoon and that's pretty fascinating those guys are amazing. Are they athletes though they're not athletes are they escort all sports. Are a team. So that yeah people ask you are golfers are athletes and now they are thank Tiger Woods is it the Fuzzy Zeller days so evident bearded cigarette editors are being interviewed after the round. Yeah I mean I guess hand eye coordination Jeremy asked that begs the question. Are race car drivers athletes. It seems like today they are they seem like they take much better here their bodies today hands. That is a part of why they're successful I think they're athletes. I wouldn't do that what they do is on if nothing else I'd have a lot of respect for what date you I wouldn't get a car. Our crime rates are it's sports votes missed these parties are crossed that athletes actually. Rivals say yes better yet you better how many more dubious up both those at the same time. All right what the English or wanting a penalty kick but it doesn't look like it's gonna go there ways that we are now down to roughly. 34 minutes in again they're bleeding heart with that official. To get some kind of called down there. But again it right now looks like it just maybe Croatia in France and get. I was kind of looking for do you talking about even though the European counterparts there there the English and French don't like each other now stay. The threats will not acknowledge that if it were for the English and especially the Americans come in and they would adjustments beaten Germany at this point. Whether I've backpack through Europe all the history two hours and all that stop. If you're talking about two countries that have the co exist nearly twelve miles apart at one point. Quite frankly really don't like each other. It would be it's the finals I think that everyone wanted out of DC games would be the most uninteresting match up. Croatia France would be very unexpected final for sure and died early shall be huge underdogs if they were to hold on when today. Our rights to my game coming up on the show next Ian Fitzsimmons from ESPN radio. ESPN when it comes to his Twitter account listen we're gonna talk some upcoming SEC football maybe we lived a couple of glory days when it comes to. Our college careers who knows well so again. That's coming up we're light body pizza here 1860 Woodruff wrote lots of specials going on. It was neat to go wrong which is good on the next brock's New York style pizza that means then. Fold in half. And get busy with the courts were located right here 1860 Woodruff road the phone numbers 2341515. I spent the price will. As we close the football lists a lot of cool stuff about their tickets and a whole lot more will come back here to bottom being. With Ian Fitzsimmons from ESP Andrea. Such shelters I had no idea that seven. ESPN radio is watching the end of this soccer match crazy years wages what would get it to the biggest kick it straight your head you're gonna put your hands up. In defense of it didn't if we can watch it here at the end together. I'm really upset with the potential to not run Monty Python puts the rest of the week but not yet new England and France how you do a muddy. Until well yelled kind of looking forward to the LTT birds a yank look at war our colonel. Brought back you know due to mainstream. They fight net basis of 12100 my outlook or back up again but. Which LeCroy to you know. Prevail here irons you can paternity suit yachts and score appear. Voted and gone so they don't know how this war and threw them on our. Co Q public is. All right Melissa. He had new kitten our civil here's the deal every step you and another fraternity brother but I years at the time and Brad Edwards were have a little fun today with some SEC stuff but that. What's it like working with that let you know the radio business. Ready panel but the Kaka to get it bears. It is a time slot for good gosh now what fifteen year home. So we operatives all the work work especially basketball knowledge is it'll all. You know the NBA is it's on May stand above astute about team. Immediately enhanced the game so when when it comes to proceed this time the year. NBA free agency welcome lute and all it needs to be to bust or equipment should he. Is not a great team and there is an income because he said he could you know a lot more than I do so comes the NBA. Our specialist can be yours was or what. Hey Ian mark Childress here I think to join us today. Your area of expertise is college football so while what do you think it in the ACC and in the SEC here we gonna sequence in. Alabama apart for. This year it it seems like that's where we're headed is that where we're headed your mind. Well I think it's personal on an Alabama. Throw those who has at least Gloucester Alabama he's not a household name yet. But he was going to be a household name he was their best edge perhaps structure. But by far in my opinion. You you know 24 or just an absolute. Beads and no reported last year but when you've on the field because if you missed most Lucy who had elbow injury. Each goal and in the Georgia game there's that exec on Jake probably became the only people dispute should start to get quite back and there's an elderly a date. And talking to coaches other players out of graduating you know well I actually shot Evans. You know what Sean Evans was very proud about Dylan Moses suited pat down that number thirty you to Dylan goes with don't ask are you aware of that now. One of the guys that was worthy of wearing it it was going to be the retro look the and endless. Respond told me just an absolutely Columbia studio became. He was going to be how cold and by November after massive matzo balls. On it with an Alabama you parents only had to restart commute back when it comes to constant. Goddess you know they're close or local or Waldo in my opinion burst to Ralph. And look at it man I mean nobody talks about opera Bryant and wearing seven is eight per re a talk about L. The Christian and didn't end in Lawrence in an open that entire front is there's a distinct possibility. And all core goal in the first two rounds at the watched. Legally. While it going to be a quarterback here on to write not mean zero if you'll give Clark some guys. It is here. Yeah he alluded I mean absolutely loaded Clemson is an eighty easily favorite the ACC. So let me ask you this before we get into a little different questions with you is we're actually about Ian Fitzsimmons follow him on Twitter into bits ESPN app partners with Freddie Coleman. On ESPN radio in a whole lot more. But our buddy bill Bender with a sporting news a Ludlum hung out with them the last few years you know when it comes to the semifinals in GP chip each he's got. Oklahoma clumps and Alabama and I was steady you know Rolen out Georgia this year. Is this get boring for other college football fans if that's the same fiber sixteen skit in year in year out with that lead to expansion to the college football playoff. What part about being should be eight abolish city should be and I wish you we didn't yea rom. But that's neither here nor there I don't target to get four or some other. They're better at seeing topic has come up recently you. When it comes to that aforementioned topic du MBA with the articles they Reuters Illinois each Golden State's dominance that the NBA. How lot. Mean what was in his. The Chicago bulls' dominance in the nineties that the PA. Whether Italy the lakers dominating the west you know the eighties so he's back at the MPAA no hell no but being so when it comes to we'll. Now I character character there have been a common denominator of the college football playoff you don't like it at the plant or big dome. You'd better. Eric the ark temple so you don't like it take care of business. It is a couple teams. Beckett that could owls you know a team like Alabama has been keep them out of the playoff which. The Big Ten judgment Ohio State you know they're. There's no doubt in my mind land that the first pre season polls come out any keyword here is Greece he's right but again salt on the talk now. It went in Auckland park creaky tripled to about USA today right you know coaches polls the AP poll. I'd go on double sporting news you know all of they're going to be not wanted LeBron James here I collect and did not two not a or. Five Big Ten teams and it appreciated top fifteen. The big man that is a little did it and I mean a little bit. And what is sleepers in the country to meet each state. It may go 119. Starters back include their quarterback rattled rookie who can make play each. You know they've got depth at running back yeah a little lines intact the line intact up and win team last year no one's talking about them. Nobody's talking about Texas in the big twelve. Nobody's talking about Florida. And the FCC go to great teams to me guys. That would also done on December. Lookup on how mentally it can win. And those with pre teens and you're wondering how what what it they are going to bite you heal hell freezes over. They're gonna bite yummy ice and Texas today is the intent of the big twelve. Big Ten. And I intelligent. RE IU mean deep deceit and. Yeah I like whiskey now they've got a quarterback that can actually throw the ball as well but I see here. The osteoporosis up we're right there. I would not to the college football playoff contender no load up our mind. All right so here's the deal Childers that was set this up real quick you know in when Ian Fitzsimmons was sick and tired out Baylor back in the day we were at we at fraternity house the into the what they called Nero. At that time it's stupid argument that went on on campus all the time so. Now the I that I had to how's it Alabama it's ridiculous it's like three million dollars is not and it's a grind in the house therefore can't be a fraternity house. In my opinion set Ian Fitzsimmons. I've got three questions pertaining to the University of Alabama. In this segment idea house do you rate eco. Noted by away disclaimer I didn't get thrown out with multiple multiple multiple outlets collapse in 1990 go to that by the New York. I got divide ebitda and Edwards still in that situation. Really but it harder. Yep. Yep all right so let best band that you ever heard in the big party remain quite frankly how late was it when you were leaving. It would use the deep Matthews band after old initiated yes the team map and that one. And played in the big party room and man but excited but it you'll train station world bartender. Those my second soft more a year ago Obama. And that much. Outdated newspaper showed up now going to that brought on the doorstep right out and I'll finally back at my eyelids. So yeah Dave Matthews Band easily the best then they used spam and not saw in the party or automobiles or Madonna. Our right by river leave it took a cult you potato caboose that was 680 of the so it was covered up and are quiet the tree at the guy the Beatrice that it was still awed state. Dale steers are right let's go back they look what's your go to a place in Tuscaloosa when it came to a delivery order. Our popcorn man those putts. With that Turkey not so what was that like the Italian dressing and yet it is dressing on the side are all so what you're. Argue because. Although drivers were were you boy you very heads all islets in the widespread than we. Have a bite here or there. And hearings opportunity. So yeah delivered from not a halfway decent Chinese to or not sure whether it's true or not but. Pan Arab about going down to Dominic your three point stance and dominate Chang has done. I had a roommate that worked their wings and the ease in a way that way too much. I always Wear out our guys about wearing very at a couple older. That is. All right final question here steep you get that choice do you want the eighth questioners it being questioned the other one will be left to Brad Edwards in the next hour. What's one more incriminating. They question. Argument you and what's not clear where I come up with people without ever make out with the pledge on the steps it Weiler. Yeah. Yes. Absolutely this was a a sixty floors of sorority pledges mark all of us. Yeah. He started on it you're the zealot follicles and the I. Will say it looked that I way up the big question is it like it up next. Yep all right that because it was passed out or do you get the pajama party base. Most. Yes this is my hero born children. Right. RT medalists are people who don't know it may apply to had to build the fact that they party or thought they are you. You're nothing but cardboard. And duct tape that you had the bill and it hired me that I would. Good god what like 20 X 20 mile after you. You over serve back it would allow this is a play a halt all contact you know had they don't about peace collegiate jock strap. And it won't he went to the hospital to went to party afterward but what you would team. One EB up altitude that you could never happen again. What football what a battle are dollar carry on the line. We beat his toes he'll call seven and then not and export out of the hospital including myself. And now Vietnamese party route in around you to one shot. Yet I enlisted man have club with Freddy and I dates for all you do it lets it will hit series about college football next summer help thanks for playing analogue in. Really appreciate you. There. I see Ian Fitzsimmons from ESPN radio duo chip aren't real quick and my pledge class we talents they'll put out though that. 2500. Bucks and buy two bags in the pledged delegate. There's a fight over fifty people between specific kind of puts us at the delta without doubt the pledge classic hit field. If the third quarter are absolutely outrageous open vote tape work or. This year is the year. I'd welcome back yet we're light bottom being pizza here on what her for a good. Really had fun with Ian Fitzsimmons. You know you can imagine yet you're here at some of the stories you're actually asking these questions here after the break we've got a short segment to the top of the hour we'll have Brad Edwards 8537. The former BCS theory yeah a lot of that with the ESPN also. Sit back from the university how to get where we went last I. So yes I. So what was the best band you saw in the big party room at that yet at the name of the party in house explain Alabama does take McKnight yeah we had Tea Party groups we had the main memory and how about 300 and we had a small party written at a bar a curator at the hell week easily three kegs and there any given time. He need to do you watch the football games up like that they've for the dead nation's small party and they are today have a color TV when you were in school are yes they did it you know way it was still he had a good it was the -- pitching you know remote. It's like 9068. Best and that ever saw on the big party I'm sick to my house at the university Alabama police travel. Nice now that we're gonna McChrystal the other. You're making fun about the whole new potatoes can be saved their guests break into diskette school I think well I'm not a big grateful that I saw I didn't know that that was a Grateful Dead song and and where we were. We will search engine and see and all their greatest hits much like what we try to do on the show probably came from where I grew up from and was five and half years there in Tuscaloosa with these guys. War she shapes you for the rest of your life if any you wanna look at our right. But. We were we had a little bit everything we had. That guy's that deadheads it a bit of movement of boulder when I get out of school week we had guys like diesel that want to rock and roll that we had a little bit everything. There are a lot of for thirty standing there were the only thing we're playing in the years widespread that you know and I mean it out yet that at least it. Social cheer and had the worst job when he went to vote for instance he's scary bit stout up 15% of als but I think you'd you'd. The old saying applies you can't please everybody all the time so rightly Evelyn McCain we used to get them to come down and play in but it did try to cry and ever played down there before heated so you knew drive and cry it's more yeah it sounds for that I met driving crime in there to or Earl. And that I worked with in Tuscaloosa. When I'm new to Atlanta and mean we all need he'd drive and cry was in yeah that was Athens Georgia yet in the thing is is. We help pasted on where they were fraud yet they've met these Charlottesville Virginia DP data can be it's a state happens. You know. So whites well let's Athens Georgia yet. It sucked back in 1988 in the Athens Georgia attached to your period and it's like he got some credibility because our yen in the bracket it is in all that stuff. That was commentary you realize this is like going in diesels one here now the other is we're talking music problem is that. Ari are you to my Yahoo! did miss all of that. It was a big fancy app state when you were out there diesel and do what you guys have been up there was a span. Lasts only until now bottom similar kind artists we would book. See George Clinton. We get a venue on K university owned venue on campus that was a thousand standing room. And it was they had the school's policy because as university on the couldn't sell beer. But they had a BYUBYOB. Six pack policies he'd roll and you get a little punch card his glove to the barn that you bear. Nice thick about things they do in 2008. Yeah whatever and that's the now diesel you know app state did not at least when I was in school it afterwards I was given hope and think. There what a good or in there to try to look at it and entities state twice he age wise what not because. A lot of our Montrose it is what date Nazis in driving crime in in this means this. They come in look at fraternity house on Friday night for team green 2500. Get the fraternity house completely messed up having a blast until 3 AM. Relying on those guys to come into the ivory us the next night pops out and about stale on. EE you know on an interest you out cover chart says there's always that was it. A routine I tried to follow when I got the these business later on dale wines are right so when we come back listened. This was brought to the table but diesel there's a case of the haves and the have nots when it comes to college football we thought you wait he hit navigated the scene. In pain and we're shut and your football program that we're not here come back well guess what. Twelve of fourteen people on their jobs it's been. Take it away he here in the last couple days including sports information director that I know. Pocket literally won the worst things I've heard a while but. This is why. Yeah we're asking the question do James Madison view didn't view a month and a the says North Dakota State. Did they all right try to be a bigger fish in a small pond when it comes at CS football well. Wait until you hear this story from UAB it's open phones don't forget. Brad airports from ESPN. 37 his were lied about it BP so Woodruff road.