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Tuesday, July 10th

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All right welcome back and is the roundtable fine college football you yep I've read TC server. Follow on Twitter links up well as work right there simply yet to see each server minutes S. SH ER BE or ETD's. Server. Yet we we just conceded we have you know of the expert with JC how Alabama. He's aware that state mark Childress graduated from apartments that we get just conceded he is he Smart the offices great appearance problem we weren't around eight US knows late ninety's nose to 2003. Thank you you're here on your pride JC it was a labor date night. It was September Ed out asset after that they got seated this Clinton had CJ Spiller at this point it's smaller class of six hour in the number one player in the state of floor that much to the chagrin. Of Florida state board of fans. You know 6000 rivals dot com that he was expressed their clubs one point 418 guarding at Spiller that was Labor Day night September 3. 2000 and these escort all their points in the first happened in Florida State came back now what we had rob Smith on the ways that are spread that was actually coming out and that was the last album well I was the last day. People that's me. Three consecutive years developing human corpse. Get together how much fun this has been are right. The first year do you the big smile on in and out space which she had a half Florida State after Watson. Sweatshirt get up on because of the uniqueness about people one. Do you remember about the third time it happened there was no board this is fun anymore between it she does matter Florida State stuff on. That's pretty similar to what I've been through the last three years Sony cut it was fun out there at Phoenix the first year. The second year JC you've probably eagle putts out there in the there in the break year. I'm literally. I don't hear apple about breast that color press box outlets in Tampa. Apple for clubs that it's a warm 82 year old that to have that one last moment as a military brat from clubs. And it last year no fun whatsoever actually visible spree psychotic in and out around the it was fun for years and that it does what funny that you ready for one more year is its probably happen in this yours yours. There's no doubt about it here's the thing about club that people ask me all the I mean you're on the big Spurrier gave cut by the way at this ad on our listeners that they get a graduate from college that rhetoric yes the F states there. Made the legal by the way they're new athletic director not yet made the golden dome living your heart forever. It's. But but now not all sounds like edit I went to Carolina for two years kind of came back graduated appear whatever but com. Yeah the last known that would they brought Clemson went next to well. I'm I'm from the conference board Burke's self Carol. On college football lives in my court. I love college football. And and what I thought about when that happened was you know my girlfriend's family who grew up. Pulled for Clinton her bachelor's seventies yup on you know he had seen one for 35 years yeah I thought about all my friends that live and breathe. You know origin why go to Death Valley and have a ton of them out there you know I hope. My boys Nate and Phil from burns that it would burns what they're listening to is that apple about them. It into me and it was a happy for people I know love and care about that I have no room while life. Because it means so much wheel when that happens now. Look like Alabama today. Like both Alabama and Alford and you know I have a lot of Alabama friends that I was it is doubtful but they've won in Europe and they want one. Sure I was up at the game you know for. And they that they'll meet did that temper yet Jesus as well yeah because Joseph that 11 today temperate Alec this is strictly about my dad not mainly in everybody but to do with JC. I had to look at Nick Saban like he was Darth Vader in my players like that the storm troopers. And I've never felt so dirty in my life it was a happy moment that he may have it would never happen again. I think outlook and pulling for either team not Adam and actually their goal for that he went up when clubs of wind howls like. Congratulations due to all conference because it's. It's a rivalry. Yeah you know it is the growth once out of the other mistake but. You know as a professional and as a human being. You know that why am I gonna be upset because a lot of people that I grew up with love no care about respect have a lot of joy I mean you know life's too short. Amen the DC part for this year is it is Alabama Clemson sports poll before the season even starts. As the senate can't credibly. Pick anybody at Georgia in the east. I can't credibly say that Alabama clubs what the in my top four army clubs and returns everybody significant. There's going to be an interesting thing that happens the quarterback if let's say they go to a Vietnam which has a good defense of quarters expect that he federal defense this year if they're not. That's. Okay and less likely to get out of there with a twenty to ten win air rides and more reverend Lawrence at that point so that's going to be some of the watch but it. I asked the defense. On Cleveland for Christian book that are more monster. Alston Earl. Back. I mean you do have some depth on the defensive line and that's that's a great equalizer here are married to Alabama. When they played Miami in the sugar. Was the fifth. Gina Torres actually have the answer to yet to read at his bit at the George Rogers golf tournament probably four times as the Fella Heisman Trophy winner but now I guess easing coaching each night doing it. Anymore. I actually had a beer with him one night and we in the press box that we use rights the night before the turn it in we talked about it now sit. He does diet cola so what was a city just had a look that you as more. Alabama line eleven guys up across the line of scrimmage I need to were blitzing we never figured out all night along with Stewart let's see that you go back and you look at the tape. In all eleven Alabama players are within yards of the line of scrimmage. There was no safety back here he knew it was cut we got gun shy after awhile he mid eighty's like I did. I knew was coming and we couldn't figure out the trends for what they were set up its and they beat our brains at all night long. They think about clubs that you that we have a defensive line like that like Alabama didn't get a couple innings or tea. I mean when you have that kind of talent applied. We know Brent venables Wolfson is linebackers and he rules and has linebackers more than any other coach in golf but it passes and got to kind of pick your poison. Clubs got a lot of athletes and speed on defense I think he Higgins as potentially from store. I'm just gonna say it cannot potentially epic is the future starting out Marty Rogers has the potential to be even better than the guy he replaced vacant. On another plane I'm friends with the martyr Rogers. It Timor in you know Mori is broke a lot of hearts that they're not well suited the Higgins. Back up in the clubs and let down their skill Travis ET and I said before last season if you're looking for or course for ACC freshman of the year. That's the guy tennis I'm clumps of late but that state Louisiana LSU wanna know little bit about what they do in Louisiana recruiting lines. Big Tom that you still got the Easter. I just don't. You know I don't look at their schedule it's like man. What a year to have do consider Virginia Tech to. You know this is an aggregate and roads and they've solved Georgia Tech you know I mean idol victory that can be moved the ball against them and accounts knew what the animals there. So we got it it's looking good for clubs and and I think honestly. You know NC state. Has been problematic the last two years they got him to Death Valley. South Carolina asked him to Death Valley that A in game as a pit road game may be Boston College in the Denver but I. Play clubs and physical you just named to team ansari and or what's going on with the NC state I saw yesterday. They're getting another four star defense of lying commit and it's it. Is it facilities is that the fact that they've had some success because. I'm sorry NC state wolfpack fan if you're listening I have been around date to order enough to know it's not his personality. Winds ever mom and dad when he hits in the living room I think he's one of the worst coaches in college football to be on there. Does he have to do I think he's fair. And in no offense the wolf Packers out there because. They were not not a poor last year that a religious job I mean let down. I think they're they're offensive coordinator. Has been going on offense for a instantly quarterback. Here here's what I like about Dave Gordon is because I give him heck law which it was about a car last year has like. I feel bad for bubble for a but the it's a matter higher. The eighth street bridge it's as if am can't say people should give me give me cheer me through nine point five times that it over paperwork. But you know look at how they record it was more. Few years back. North Carolina was eight deep state as far as talent goes. The state that CTU did show a political hours ago when your target a book that alcohol it was a deep state it terms. They had you know. About 45 FBS power problem but there were eight or like at odds are tight there at the top. Arms of what state it was signed fifteen to up and they developers get. They got Bradley to about a Georgia nobody more that they developed. You know they took some guys you know make yourself here on coaching staff at the town didn't recruit hard enough haven't kept them from leaving the state. So they've done that and more with North Carolina. And I think it says something about the town in the state north Carroll every year when you look at recruiting. They're guys jagr Alexander. Who was a pick first or second round draft it got a little as a quarter. This past year. On is a perfect example of a three star kids out of the state of north Caroline ovals on the regional mayor. That's what you can be accomplished in North Carolina if you dig in. They've got our guy that played Furman and his name escapes me right now this kitchen. This pitching is one of the great best recruiters in the ACC probably in the country helped them in state and right on North Carolina struggle. North Carolina it was a football team yes so they're hitting the kids North Carolina may have otherwise. And there are also beaten back schools like. South Carolina and Georgia also those top it is well I'm not about what else. You know but. 750. And I think they're circling right now seven draft picks yeah I would learn that yet say though. You almost Alabama's local traffic laws. And you were not a poor lost weight forced. Yet and he threw a lot of truth in that are right when we come back rule continued with JC server you can get it with that's it's a football just. We don't see where the direction goes today now we've got appetizers now sit in front of us who got spoken jackets which. It's make diesel man percent rating of these these look glory these are the hated skins stuff with pulled pork with melted cheese with sour cream and eight in barbecue sauce and we also have the only solid chicken wing that you can get here spoke to hold the if this this whole wing at the bird it's not just. This little things that. I won't come back in the next segment which isn't her guidance about how to eat a bag as CEO. Two I hit on the yeah I give him with a huge hit JC's server up on Twitter me certain sports. Pat Childress market of course sports talks. But these parties are diesel on rating. Omaha robot. Omaha wrote but our right to siege Herbert Bart Childress they have disposed of a play of smoking jackets diesel. We got to bring JC entry gets some. The man you never mind through what it just me down here but we bring in the big talent. And the appetizers come role players IC IC notice I did you got that right never the Idaho you're here. River I hate me and let's two Bruce crisper than it divert see somebody had that some might pay cash sport some might get nine and they had some gift card here okay that's I had staircase and off that dinner Ruth's Chris it's either way. Absolutely next level that we yeah it's and that probably a mayor here but without a lot of what we love and seek. We found out that leaders celebre let's celebrate 21 years of anniversary that were buried on the same day the scene. In the same city why that we always now week we took our lovely lights out two routes crisp or anniversary there. At a body that. Lovers trustees kind of guide it. Policy is simple guy that he communicated countless ways he's exploited restrictive. One back well let me tell you want like retail branch I like. Bullet architect of the the strike in a row eight million degrees and butter and became a daughter on the sign the Bonner outlets like Al flight. Eight million. At the employee count if. You definitely are as good Europe I handle the truth get the way story the right so we were pockets of full apology he did it with the city for four TSB ESPN. Yeah who yes it's one game at a time when it comes Alabama but Casey here we are eaten bad not in the immediate days in the same problem that they like about it. Oh boy you it goes to their way through last year. It's risen its head it's linebacker Baylor had one it's out with a knee entry. Any other former force our current. They keep up the team that you can tell what's going to class of what do and some of the things according to. You which now that had a read the statement between the light comments. Yeah outlook I don't I don't know that we should. The plane tiny violins for Alabama I'm back. Classy guys that look we're here right now just a little bit so it feels better when we get up to speed and number three defense in the country. And pure luck that they did have kind of you know a tough year atlas Christian Millar got her the first gain human. You know I think what you're talking about losing like right you know before practice even starts. You know that that's a concern because you know inevitably. There maybe some more injuries but apparently mullah. Got a gal like that dates. You know you've got Chris Brown get Therese horror Susan Jack linebacker. And a row Lewis her Mac Wilson. Dylan Moses. And 32 innings I mean you know the list in his own home and then Christian Millar. Luther burger Kyl let's Corey Miller S son he's from three Valle Colombia he's finally healthy and I think he's gonna get terror. You know so I just I don't know I mean yes that hurts depth that you never want to lose gas in your 34 defense that you you always have. Numbers at linebacker. But it in and out when. The kid they kicked off is still yet for assets 14137. Pound orca or start it. That just that have anything in between the message has not the goatee and fix what doesn't wanna be held on him. It JC what do you think about the new richer rules this year where you can play up to four games and then maintain your red shirt. How do you see the local teams and a pit hitting off of that and do you like the rule or not I actually love. And I think that. It gets really tricky when you're talking about three games of the season Ohno now we can't play anybody anymore. This just kind of opens at and in and avoids you having ago it petition for god played two games to get a medical richer stuff like that. Again it it makes transparency. Out there for people. You know because I'm not saying that it nobody. Made up injuries or any minute maid of injuries or maybe you they'd see Dan pro and play calls that guy's ankles hurt. And for the rest of the year announcers oil a medical announced. So I think it's good I think. Particularly helps to positions that they can help quarterback. Viacom. If you think about from Clinton's standpoint play Trevor Lawrence I doubt you're gonna Richards and anyway it. Play and get ready hey Kelly Bryant often run and he didn't get hurt. Is you don't have my place with that it yet you don't want to play Trevor effort the fifth gamer in the more than five games than. Richard at the best quarterback in the country. South Carolina different kind of story with the carry into order. You know he meets emirates is that maybe if you give him man and I also think on the offensive line this is very important because offensive lineman in general you substitute a whole lot they're let's get an injury. Com. But there are some guys that are like. You know there was ready to play about November in the ballgame they're ready right they're better than you got in there which is like I don't wanna burn the richer. In there is unique to richer your office supply this way and they even get into the game spears get ready. Did you hear a little Spurrier in him of yeah thirty seconds ago after I interview and it took about a droughts very simply. Yet this kind of out it was just like. Be they were Pittsburgh are a few weeks ago we've made national bodies. You know that site there won't work while it dusted Georgia as of so what you insert one of these one liners delivered to lights. Start talking went on to. It's peanuts that seventy Spain's upset that label while gates George would beat this or what where Florida. Nixie it's not invested dot com office. All over the place but let me ask you what's the hear much more dialed in on the ins and outs of college football. Do your job. I know one thing that. The powers that be work like in college football was the let's call it what it was it time to free agency the quarterback position. If I'm not playing on transferring out at left a lot of football teams with a big gap between senior and freshman. Is this a way that maybe we can quell some of the just trillions for. When it comes to the quarterback position because these guys are getting a little bit of planes. I think it's gonna delay it it summons. I don't think that your ever because quarterback is unique I think I think you have to pop star remembers it like Georgia that are Alabama you know either clips and has two great running backs either every year you keep those guys you can you can balance scares them. Tech college football league that you need to. To you you don't need to unique beauty to agree yes America but it does sound great. You know so so I think that's that's my quarterback you're only going to be able to play one. And I think for that reason to what we saw a close in this offseason under Johnson. Here comes Trevor Lawrence what are your really your quarterback it is. You are gonna play. So he's at northwestern now and I think you you're always going to see that it quarterback. What I do think giving a guy early playing talent he's kind of behind the act. It's just the way it keeps you engaged just what with anybody in the plea game that we richer people on understand. You know. You may travel one road game we hear me but don't know what your teammates were there. Play NN Knoxville quarterback for an Hoosier or puts guys go to Tallahassee whatever minutes. This way. Get gas at the camera that takes them but its course equal branch. Now and I don't think that the SEC rule they passed regret transfers. Are not going to believe blocked for other schools I think it's gonna be really interesting. Watch a guy like Jay what hurts. If to a in the. Either it's harder this year in a really like this third street quarterback it really well in the spring game what will we see you see what they want her. Her solver but my question as well as you ever started another quarterback to beat in his career Eddie and other SEC school if we allow that rolled out of its. I leave my god how many ya guys who transferred it from Big Ten country right now athletic abilities that you two years ago as per the worst year for quarterbacks in the SEC. There's another but you could transfer of grad transferred. Guys that just terrible that at one point guys we had it thwart. University for now. And LSU Louisiana State University. We had two quarterbacks who couldn't put it. Historically you price. Talk to true freshman everybody it would hurt to Jake Bentley starting is true freshman. Tennessee had Josh dobbs the that you sell what. They rolled out this accurate accurate and I've got up. I think he's I think he's got a long way to beat these. They don't start the kid from Stanford beyond its. You know Jacob recent started at Georgia refreshed I mean it was a bad year it. I do you think I'll say this about Ellis use transfer they got this year. I do think that kids do it and I think people order under estimate LHU this year. Because they went with the old school receive particular try to blissfully yours will offer it. Wolf there ordered at the same thing it'll list. He was that pro style guy at Miami or war in the first time out or draw at all list. They went out there under freeze ran split with the illegal fires public caution people against counting LA issue out now. They haven't. Acoustic are right so when we come back. Let me ask you witnessed the SEC. When it. Other schools in the Southeastern Conference got to reinvest in their boat while programs are bringing in money left and right. But don't get me. All that's the bit underwhelmed by some of the hires these schools all right they may in any out but. To see I don't wanna give they have a team but credit market annoy him is it's just wait and they say it's here out of school loses this why we're seeing in this update you what we mean it will take your phone calls at eight port port he adds the eat and it's yet. May go in Vail -- easily with that are comments above are Halloween parties need to go live during the commercials on social be answered now though to the best stories we're we're talking about see these newer members this outlook cut here comes Jaycee and the into the party. He's got full depth. And I've talked to other. The whole nine yards Alec I heard about laughed at easily stressed out like Freddie burger. I'm not I am the the bus taken him three days to get all that makeup office body there's no caddie he literally pentagon with three straight days of Halloween parties with all that stuff. Keep dressed like pretty burger that night. Labs and help applying but it did it take to be every bit of two or three days to get all of it album is it sticks and try to put. You try to put gasoline everywhere do you think you might stick like on the edges of your hair and stuff but it just. You always miss a spot you every symptom response of the for days it was picking their stuff up. It was absolutely next level they were people. That's so many questions about there was good mostly been in the front yard. David it was always a lot of fun which I. That's what we get out of football actually realize it's on for us JC Ali that in these here that person BES reserve they answer. At a base Southeastern Conference Atlantic Coast Conference or some kind of stood at. Maybe we're back in football season. Guys need it's times like this where you misty spurred a little bit you know you as always good quote although what do you think Will Muschamp has held his home I think. I think. Will those who read replaced and that he's you know not necessarily gonna shake the tree like Spurrier bit but he gets a good one liners especially two years here. But. Yeah its it's a lot of canned answers it's it's really. You know I think that with the SEC and I have had been the ACC. And then I've heard it's great but I haven't been full disclosure with the SEC media days I've been to. The people that are there to cover it. By and large including the ones that really have no business being credential. Local football right and they love breaking down the conference and they love talking about the conference it's that you read these pieces that there are alive. They want a break down SEC media decades you know like it's again what are we don't hear what are we don't talk about what. Absolutely. Not they. But not a good actor. That's your. Thing that Obama won't circles. Or lines. Now one ear and makes it all out on bond before it went on the air meant that was cute. The all time greatest SEC you're so wrong on that when Robbie may have Robbie Paul wells one year and I don't know what. Robbie Caldwell your rather IE you can add your Frontline I'm Charlotte and it it. It upon where the clout which Apple's ridiculous yet all to do we yet. Erotic ball great guy he was just excited about it now you're out of his element out. Below is nothing wrong with it. Ever built Derrick Mason two years later compared himself with these burger next experts are. Her. Battle it out that follows right. That that what you're he was pretty down about. His first job was working it is yet it's not intimidate the Kirk gives them are hurt. Hello now I'd rather not be as easy as well yankees were classic for about eight it's that even Twitter sites to it. Conversations you'll ever hear he would have been an easy. I'll live in Nashville that I've. Instruments. That's now are all down there itself Jack. But very evident I felt bad for him too because that was it was just kind of for us to that position and yeah it was kind of they're talking like the gap from pebble that he is that he still talks that way and has done a great job clubs and by the way ethnic and articles well I don't. Mark let me ask you you you went affirm that your constant means server covers the Southeastern Conference but. It's felt like some of the previous hires. When it comes to tear me through it never benefit coached importantly Cindy go to Tennessee. They they're reaching for saint and hurt their running a weight problem and by that I mean. They felt like hey let's. What sellers he blamed out onto him by a pitcher that what that back up plants and let's eat at -- to run here for years see if we can't navigate it in way Nick Saban now Tuscaloosa. I love I love. What wars has the opportunity to do and they built let's be honest about that art. That was to get Arkansas back into the Texas recruiting scene which they have been blocked out. Verse though so maybe law. Did it feel like that and some of these tires for you all that if this works it looks like comic genius but it it doesn't. We're also wait now Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa. Are you really get a politic well I mean not talked about this before on here are you really got to take three or four years off the calendar in play it safe. While you're waiting on Saban is he's still the program it's equally Smart building program right now at Georgia. And that's going north yell originally had a Greek experts say even in that aspect of air you let go there. Saint think Tennessee I lived in Knoxville for a decade. Paul nation have had some great you know conversations forget that even Clinton calls off the year. I was so lower. Win they hired a unproven head coach this time around now the one point Gundy was almost in the mix and write stuff like that they Doran. Patches could not believe for the light yet takes its neighbors and I just couldn't believe for the light to meet this hiring cycle the conceding that some might. The knows exactly what to do it I think. I think Jeremy Pruitt his made improper after once boring practice but I still think there's some question marks on. How he leads a team coaching ability wise solid ask you this search to if not for who they hire who should they hire who else is out there. It's a proven commodity that would come into the SEC. Is when you look at the higher level coaches in college football there's a handful of their four guys that won a title. Nobody else is even won a title well so who is the proven commodity. That LA she should go get it working around bleeds out this year well yeah. I sitting out there that you Condit yes great question I mean. It is it's a deal run by right now admired it happens we'll be out in that. And the one that Monica under the SEC I. So I don't count so I don't think they shot link to get that wind is not a priority it actually showed rocket take a bunch of malcontents last year. It is at least put together in ten win season it. I I don't also told Bob immigrants do you think that that was when he get it's just. Ultimately clubs and witness statement that he had it. That was held a lot smarter than to go replace Nick Saban at Alabama because they're such good friends are always out going to be compared tickets each other but. I mean maybe that's meet the yet taken a shot that Jim Fisher that was the first time I went well. Texas in what it did have bite somebody got yeah I mean in that I like that higher yet but I mean it. This Tennessee ethnic outside the box states now because. Simply the fact that you go back and look at the glory years if they're few and their players were actually from the state Tennessee itself. Well I think they think first of Boris your first you're second what about Tennessee the state agencies actually what I call an emerging talent pocket if you look at the population numbers outside of not counting Missouri is that's above the Mason Dixon it's an SEC statements. Population wants Tennessee is just aren't Texas woman Georgia as far as number. The six point five million people of that state high school football school like this atom I'm moving up. In this that there's nothing at stake now that he's not be enough is that talent there to get that there is now. So as a lot of that that middle Tennessee ever net the levees and that's not even in the stated Tennessee US people you gotta spill data that's out of Saddam's power draw. Everybody else it's about point B east Tennessee football not being that great historically. Now Clinton's got some players may like catch John Bohannon in this kid's mechanically provoked great but you go back and look at the glory years of Tennessee football. Mailings from Louisiana even Erik gained here the quarterback for mayors that Kevin Burnett was from Los Angeles they were doing now what clumps and his new. You have to go to yet to really draw a circle around Knoxville four hours every direction you go and a Virginia or maybe every six or seven. All in Tennessee that there's enough talent there to get it then there's not a these tennis even think that but you poured about hires. All. I have a little bit different theory about price hot bring me out when we get back partly on another marine out does have a different like I said. It's easy for me because right now your sit on top it's not easy to look the other guy. But guess what you better pay attention to what's going on because one of its deeds by end up knocking you off all right. Last segment we come back it is a hop it's smoke on the water in here. Other tees the afternoon and happy hours going on. Our I listened you wanna go see it ugly photo it JC server mark Childress on. The Internet. Good check out off the grid green globe dot com they're sit over here and join us via our. With my lovely wife Teresa. It that says they took the photo apparently it's that it what bad that you can jacket on and off the grid green apple dot com says about his music it's for us that voters not bad. Does that. I turned fifty I gave up all hope for looking good one more time in my life I'm sorry I'm not going to steroids to do it to. Right JC we've had a lot of fun that the far we're gonna be out on Woodruff road hit bottom being pizza. Cut by its. Next week well. You know your rich in the coaching hires and and I think you know at a restaurant and Ellis you've certainly was one. The ultimate question but I also think it's that as Sweeney in this here with that mostly was a receivers coach that never gonna coordinator. And that's paid off well for them and I think that's the thinking was some of these guys but here's the bottom line which is quite easy. In June 08 India is that he is now why. And that's why Cilic he's got or Jerod could they wanted Jim it wasn't and they wanted Tom Herman right he was when the texts or whatever. But they 2015. For the latest round coaching things gets. Art Mississippi State. Former job or off of supporting them with Dan Mullen Ole miss and Auburn are Arkansas State senators. LSU less miles Oklahoma State that kept. Texas say they have someone Houston and it kept mammoths they've been Arkansas dramatic coup would believe I'd get that was dropped. They got that he'd like her courage and terrible that Florida. Colorado State head coach Jim my Kuwait. Georgia former border state of Seymour were never gonna hit it worked towards job Tennessee Cincinnati's head coach Butch Jones. Marks to the Florida State BC aired mesa was the Stamford DC and scaring people with the kits they hit it. The you know the truth of the matter is that there is a very small neighborhood of great college football this is right now and you better mortgage everything you got on the keep its if you're gonna try to pick one of those guys. Why do not news either it is fundamentally difficult I don't care to your remembers these firm resolve for Miami Alabama. And all over. I didn't think. At last miles left open the nationalism and I'm excited injury he may have been injury demand gold elation and remember what apple but last miles. You can't tell me Kirk herb street giving it on game day a lot. And and have inaccurate information he had that they confirmed and be willing to bet he confirmed with Lance. That it gets out all hell breaks loose I got to stay at LEQ okay do it if and that's isn't a lot of he's a Michigan man and his life would probably hurt apple butter. They people just don't leap and that's to your point about that goes when it can be very generous to give Alabama comes called because even the great mighty Alabama. Is who would have a hard time idiot coach to lead to power five job becomes that ethical to grow lights come back difference but yet. Now I do see is closest they have I would Knick guard people don't know who they dined together with you with their houses on the West Coast of Florida. Even nick is looking to have that code the the the let some by committee guilt before you make the news down here don't followed the guy you know even they don't have a is the guy here I just think that's the way. It plays out so to so again likely say what four coaches that are sitting right now with the national title so it's not like he's got a lot. To pick third big spurred dot com of course you guys including Helmut grant handed everyone else you won't have. SEC media days and covered the hill next week dale and Atlanta have it is that they him in Atlanta. There and hot Atlanta and I also wanna are you Clinton people out there won't put plugin for at a Hickey. Yeah my friend that runs clips that point or seven dot com. Get things happened on that side as well the top tier in our networking group for about six weeks now who to welcome our U tigers beat George 24 sevenths sports you also get. Access. Two other teams message boards are hands that you'll keep up with the game not to do that night. All right so tomorrow. It bottom being we will get back into some of this other stuff that's going on its board because that. Yeah we never gate diesel T Stu break dale the bronze lifting technique when it comes to that lit the 800 in 54 million dollar. Four year contract. Sorry. Intercourse. You know let's and one team that haven't achieved we've been chipping and as a linebacker throw quick. But man crush is not just that point play Virginia Tech let me tell you. There's that he had deep but it backfield that is now of this. Decimated in Blacksburg. They lost eight and other members they're starting the pitch yesterday. The school and nails it starting defense to back Luke rentals it's been dismissed from the program. Effective immediately in accordance with Virginia Tech athletic department policy. I know it not to read into that statement boy screwed up rowly it's gonna have to go somewhere else you know Virginia Tech opens with Florida State on Labor Day. It is not easy start for them so they got people squad ready out of the gate it's Florida State will be height. Bernanke and horses get a throw it all over the yard pitcher Willie Taggart has seven plays his playbook he does all that extremely. Fast though not have a secondary there that's not going to be yet but policies that. And as a defense regard play in the in the back field. All right a partly out for anybody giving their due in court. Iain I know we got it we're back into politics back guided by opinion yesterday the court system so that right. Steve's RT youths in southern cal. For thirty million dollars for wrongful termination claiming they fired him because at that this ability. That disability do you alcoholism. Think you'd think you'd court for not opening up but in a word to him which were not giving it back from umps aren't. I get the fact that those are illnesses have to be dealt with that all but it's also a voice thing it's well to start going down that path. I get the facts are such sentences and and disappoint the decision that we will respect the new bod. Just that's not a road that operate go to jail right. Alcoholism is definitely disease I did line. I think it's also question do you want to get help but in and help the thirty personal responsibility. There AA tells nothing to calm. It's not that that's that's a good president is that not get political I would have been on top of that happened because that opens up. Pandora's box oh god that may well. Look at for thirteen. I mean that's the next ones come and satellite sorry for the person that's the year knives support. We got to have some personal responsibility. It is that that's one lights were list of what is it. And I love. South Carolina's basketball Coach Frank Martin get them they'd just seen that has yet by yesterday image Alley and a in the U. Boy he laid out some adults it is Twitter account earlier today. In May we need more frank Martin's in this country and lessen the you know there are willing to do at the bit to see have a great trip to Atlanta. Childress side about the elements of really good New York style rock style ads aren't I heard great things I'm very excited are right we'll listen Beasley did another great job back there to date we will be at bottom pizza that sixty Woodruff wrote them by grab a slice it grab a high with us. Navarro in that. Listen that we'll talk a whole lot more. When it comes to the World Cup but a few other things but it's college football season of artwork and all of those topics as well.