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Tuesday, July 10th

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And that's why I miss being away yesterday at march field is already being yelled at by there world as sports votes it's these parties are diesel. On the radio right there report you know clear you know I was Philip diesel and I sent a tweet it was sports related sweet this morning what 1030. Haven't heard back from him yet what he's he's big time in Vietnam so do with listening at LeBron her there was supposedly my kid is now hurting when you talking about I work until midnight every night. Sailing that's hold that's his story he'd stick and threw it right these. LeBron posted C. What and it's a Graham poster whatever today of him doing some squats and I was questioning the war on those squads diesel so I went to the expert which was view. And I've been waiting now for six hours to hear your answer so maybe to break you can build yet yet you get that out weigh it's of other things because I don't know what it is he decides it at about generosity. Of his heart well they're Payer. I guess if you wait long enough for the World Cup you'll see that they're actually waving a red white and blue flags there in Russia at the World Cup and it has nothing to do with the stars and stripes know France pulling in my mind somewhat of an upset over Belgium today ultimate panic on the media darling. That area and was sinking was gonna find a way to get through to on the finals and maybe even when it so while France with a 10 victory. They advance to Sunday's final and we got England in Croatia tomorrow should be another good. Chippy so Lou again we're getting closer after the march 3 place teams shall take take place on Saturday year the third place game which that probably gained you're gonna see about tobacco smuggling unit in new. Might be a little bit of pride involved in third place but some of these guys that are worn out my incorporate. In that third place game on Saturday the finals will take place on Sunday. Do you like the idea of a third place game all we saw at the final four why not play and they don't usually name I know they did I wonder why they got rid of it to me that's. It's interesting little bit more bang for the buck when it comes a year it mean it is. I did it it's kinds. You can beat your out of it you mentally check out but like I say this. You can also views this view that third place team it's team it's the it has some years you. On that I don't level and see how they respond to it so candy outcome still had ended. Yeah have a bit overly crazy about it mr. Childress but I have paid attention to it has provided us some good story lines. It's and get filler time that you added to vacation next week. I had in the vacation the following week and and by the time we get back it's the catcher can't it's football season it's official we will be. Pretty deceitful while kick off on wins Wednesday and Thursday morning. And then also at samarra out years a little bit further out or use our wants a month the parents. At bottoming Pete so Woodruff for a all right I know it it's my first time with you a lot of things aren't aboard that tomorrow I will. Yeah you live out that way it's having your neighbors out there and haven't join us in that. We will have a nice meal and we get off the part of Felix namely can it be the first time I've seen her since she put that wedding ring on. Nice cash made three weeks ago I think it was two. Again always look forward. To be out there about it being guess what we're here smoke on the water today so looks like some sunshine out there stellar it was run an arm out the few minutes ago. Like rain and lightning ten minutes away game. Just that's why bartenders can get away with bloody war. Exactly but we did have that sun shower last week it search where it was sunny outside in pouring down rain. So maybe she's got to buy Bernie's hurt or something whatever she's using to detect the weather I'm not gonna down it. For now. Well again we're here combines he has because taste in my stop them by about five the open at 537 segment. JC servers can combine that tells him gamecocks in the SEC. Headed into immediate days city new facility if you will for the Southeastern Conference the college football all payment. I really really interested in yeah. SEC media days is that we have a guy. It's not because. That we begin. It's just gotten out of hand over the last decade their goal coasted to a bigger credential numbered in the year before their four setting records in. Gonna be adjusted to hear feedback from my buddy who were like I really don't have any use for this anymore you know. If it's handled differently this year and Wayne if this is awaited. Get back control of it you know and I mean that's what I'm looking forward to as much at anything. Because it that's the case that I would look for going back but. The lights after going there are three or four times in just walk away going. What do you get added that the sites and photos that you put up on FaceBook why now. You know that's one of the main story lines for me and I think a lot of other people. When it comes to the media next week with the SEC case. Yemen it weigh in and of course will media seem to ace out airline clubs and will will be there Wednesday and Thursday morning in in Charlotte but he sees. What is the size difference and SEC media days and ACC media days he got the history with this I do not 321 Boca I've felt about right at about 12100. They. They've been around him. Analysts and we're no better than anybody else we try to scratch out but just like anybody else and I admired but. No that's when years they fight for get a quote for me you're dealing with some high school kid that's a blogger and he got credential just because. They were look in the making other a record. That's what ended up heard a bunch of people off now lesson that site the east and all that stuff. Childress you know as well as ID they love. Love not have to deal with these media days anymore rank it's not what it was fifteen years ago I heard Yuri and when I came on. Yet now it's out of a hassle because. You know aids we get further and further along and there's more money involved. They wanted to control the message you know it means that you get race to watch. Wind at that sits there with the assault Wednesday. We will have the guy's sports information director sit right there Whitney says you'll notice lately and fortunately we have a great relationship with them but. It is not the re willing. When I first article an immediate dates a decade ago the night before it started officially. Coaches with RA BS degree endeavor resort order at Pinehurst in they were hanging out in the EU. Party wearing the night before the Indian the open Barbara. Just hang about you look at over there there's Dave Gordon there's. None of that goes on anymore they just don't allow. They cut the amount of time of no golf part of it no doubt that. You can just see it's sort of like the media itself is shrinking entry unions or the this availability. It's interesting I know you're much more of an old school TV newspaper guy is it the is that the Internet is is it drawing the line where. I mean how many how many Clemson. Web sites are there now probably somewhere between ten and it. So I guess if you take that he take it each school and you're adding to it and you go to somewhere like Alabama gets in I can't even imagine a couple of fan sites from Alabama. And all the newspaper every local newspaper in Alabama is gonna wanna be there to get their exclusive so. I'm looking for two and I went to a couple ACC media days way back in the day and an SEC media day. We're talking twenty years ago. And you could literally walk right up to the table and talk to the coaches I remember talking to Jim Donnan. When night he was the coach at Georgia and it was me and Hammond and the radio guy that I was up there with. For ten minutes this in the middle of the median age is hanging out in an interview I forget I can't imagine a city where. Most of it was Tony Barbie the former Auburn yeah you. Six years ago winner ever was his second year Auburn we will they had SEC basketball media days in Charlotte the echo this with the SEC network in every day. It I'll look over it it's at six coaches ran yet without them you mean here rounded. You look at what comes now so therefore everybody's around this table any part at no light literally. Of one. Sit at the table with them. Pills so that I hate it lipped about Auburn basketball yeah I felt so bad that whenever they set up it started interview with but digital voice recorder. Just he's he would sit there by himself than Paul now it looks like yet since this whole thing is definitely needs to atlas it's some of the main things. Is to get together with you'd set up interviews and actually reports and stuff with other members of the media. It's wells will have a lot of different things that's how we back year. On Thursday you'll go back on vacation you're yes human Stevie governor from the beach and it backed diesel that's what fruit group member. The straight that was urged does when mr. dale. It I've got to bus the bus doubt we're having eight he still a Carolina golf and tennis but he woods' next Thursday. Celebrate the third championship for the years the British Open it's here beats like South Carolina golf tournament. And the lists and it's a really cool place of wanna take you more about because mate I have six or use Richmond and playing golf on Saturday ya. You probably yeah I'll probably have six hours. To get through around during the week that he absolutely what you can get through that yeah it's an executive part three by that I mean it's you cut through the neighborhood they're but he would. He sets the boxes he can play eighteen holes of the kit cool part Hillary. Be done in less than three hours on lockdown as a Ford played out their achievement tell me about this place I'm really excited. Won't get it next Thursday I'm hoping not before the summer's get out there a couple of time yet to so again it will be busy. Again tomorrow about it being back here smoke on the water Thursday smoke on the water next week ACC football kickoff gala got. Lot of stuff going out it and I clear out next Friday four errors 703 suckers are here for me. Bill by the beginning of August as we we are going on our vacation now acuity by access. It's Weller is I gotta tell you thank you gotta tell you a diesel thank you guys. And have a great weekend he indicated at that dot yesterday in my just go beyond my blood pressure was but not that outnumber the bottom number and they get did that today. And literally apple Google still try to making committing turnovers and everything. Some of the new medicine out late dale and got the loan is amount of sleep that diet and it's it's a war. I waited for the operational force that was in he just got to be a little bit careful what you. Yup well that's a good outside search and we're always here for UH you know these slime etiquette time yesterday. Actually we had a top yesterday I wanted to ask you about all we talked about expectations around your team and I haven't seen a lot. Fans online mainly on the on these you know web sites. For Clemson and for South Carolina if Clinton doesn't win the national title our season's failure. And for South Carolina if we don't win ten games again. Our season's failure which I think is a ridiculous set of expectations so for you and Alabama. And you could live in this world for a long time. It is your expectation next year we win the national title or our season is a failure. Now because eight. Atlas and I wish my buddy reed my neighbor was listen no he's not in his car right now with his drives him nuts he sat collapsing guy. We don't go undefeated the local law. I'm worried about global network land we have been conditioned whether you want it may editor not when it comes to Nick Saban in this success that he said. Don't think pass that opener. You don't think past that opener and then handle the second game and that's all I mean the that you know is far ahead it's up in the may have misspoke while schedule is. There's one weekend the second weekend in October. In which I've week we can get nailed for the Missouri. Nice because it constant schedule and everything in well I've got going on says. That's as much as I know about the mid in the back in I know what's coming LSU Auburn that stopped right or wrong. It even mob buddies out that the where we hang out making eight we have big condition. Deal with that first games are right at its global. If you're one of those that you could take it here's Bill Clinton fans are gonna find this in at some point it's gonna bite them in the bud. You are now at a rail where your everybody's big gain. You can take a step back he you can take a deep breath or. You don't make all the right calls what happened to see your keys last year it happens you are now. You are the big gains you're at the gains that circle. And guess what you better not think him and he steps on the road that are you know you're in it works for the players and I guess it started work for the audiences well. We Yury measured stance so what percentage of the Alabama fan base is. In the our expectations are busts. You know category how many of the art. Will we come back we'll open up with the mine's 844 GSP yeah SP and grace raiders get a top clubs and we give her. Hurt or just do it for 37 but. And dig in this those key parlor with a key basket because again. You know I. I try to beat this person you know I mean just focused on global. You know there in Portland all right 844 GSP ESP Edward like smoke on the water. Where is welcome back industry to mr. mark Childress here mark Sturgis. Mark to market expectations. In what Ali what all we yet I'm getting it through this we got all nation and we got Galvin the go ahead because you patiently waited that the brake job and at the bit rate make fun of me and that's what's gonna make fun of you I was gonna say that argue argued the typical mamet fans of the I'll hear from all nation it is typical wall it. Or do you most gamma and have the we have to win the national title or it's a failure of a season and I'm miserable I would like that the conference that I hung out with that Alabama that make a few trips down there a year. Are much like me. Also think the further you get him into the message board crowd to find the guy with the crimson red pickup truck with thirteen different. Yeah bumper stickers and national TV chip this in that they're never going to be satisfied unless it's a national titles. I I think. Depends on if you got money invested in the game or your emotions are invested about money I mean. He paid because the schools they're you're right in donations is an alumni. But if your pride that you bars based off of reading message boards about how great you or near the best days that now think anybody can do anything but winning a national title is wrong don't agreed. In all right let's get all makes him because guess what they go hard debate and the defense that coordinated it could save their program and not spill you do about nation. I'm doing great pinnacle of the number two well program. Yeah I. But that doesn't represent their brand minute tendency richter went where you are are. Well like. Looking at dinner he probably not the net of people out you know put to stick it there our goal. We go can't be that bad RB SP two equity sponsor the first year. But when you are not all that overall as it was to be Bayer. We all believe that we should be eight grand tier of our program we've C a RO where. Our culture as we look at Alabama are right governor rubric is expected to compete. But he had to eat every year you were reported to repeat our editorial every year. Or you look at Clinton Clinton got mark Gingrich network here. Are about to make what that you plug you know where it is you know enjoyed the talks in Jordan dispute commit oil lamps or Iraq. He put big epic wouldn't develop ARAMARK and look at the successor to X treatment and it picked you go to Europe Rebecca rugby there. All the time you just don't put to work together and you have to your tour of Europe. And this is just so it's a coat to you that excellent today's. Our program it in our culture Oregon and the third the level of competition in these is that recovering now. And probably not really a little earlier a whenever it. You know it out to. Typical two units at the work of a life term RP the picnic table and that it witnessed over I don't think there are skewed in all we see certain team that probably will be years yeah. But like spears or like we are all out there went are there might suggest it is to recruit nuclear dispute Jordan blow it toward the prior. You know don't take it Atlantic you're darker picture in Europe to be a change it. Bet that you are the best part B eight that we see there are you are dirtier it just as our inner circle the bigger our general our group. We particularly around they want to you rancher where you rule would deplete your seat expo. Pretend you have bad program Mexico and so. Kabila would then there's your record of deliberate under certain east overall. There's got to get better you know whether Georgia Turkey or to return to repair your seat Florida and doc library the conflict yet it would be better. So happy that he's terrific welcome to the big advocate of a leader of the cholera there. Are right here they're less and they had no this much Tennessee's already tougher but stop and think about this you know being before knicks' David. Yeah oh one bad hire Mike Price it never hurts to gain didn't reach out a lot clips in the Mike Shuler. Who was eight come save our Mike Shula come Mike Shuler here's McConnell yeah I shall act. Come you can't save our program after this and payers and architecture being caught. In a strip club you know that would be strippers afterwards. That to me was the same higher when clips in pain it. In wing and got Tommy west from UTC. After one for seven year because we needed that. Yeah the thought process we needed that he and a bridge back in sports it you lose that bad either in one bad hire can set you back a decade. A lot University of Florida hiring bronze note when he was the Texas got. Tennessee's was there Billy I actually think the entirely affinity stayed here. My did that work it out for Tennessee but it was what we can't go from. You know have a repeated that so they went the most boring individual. With SEC ties with they're Billy says the point evidence. You're one bad hire away from not being what you work let's go to the happens to open real quick Delmon had we have a good afternoon. I'm Rick Roberts. Signs out where's buckle water. It's strategies are not that we can but they would took a press conference on digital interest but it repeats it. The united tiller will do the right so what they need and you know what woke up or so when the greatest social. They eat some Minnesota election approaches saying what do I need you want so it's fitted to carpet and in opposite but stay unity on this and you don't be. But we do respect and can use it to nick UT and so it might be competitive out that it. But it stated we are talking want to domestic release him but his promise it will but in a critical and. Are right. Grade that you governor if you ever get afternoon. First I thought he won the press conference he was theory you meet if you will. Out. You the unfortunate part it's kind of been dragged the real me yes me mark Childress it's about Agee Richardson statute miles contractually. Obligated to keep it. I did get beat Johnson can't turn your back completely on your past either there is Nokia line the stadium or franchise if that worked for Jerry Richardson says maybe got to take the good with the bad. When it comes to that but. There could be EU's big east and stay on him streets that there be any cheap you've been out there for Nancy erase CT I have memorable game. There could be some more stuff around that stadium to make it a longer day spent if you will. I like that of course nobody in the south have. Indoor practice facility of bubbles just a short term solution to a long term problem. Also for what my contacts addicts we try to get a couple of people. From painters dot com. The subject of Major League soccer team up multiple times as well so I guess they may partner with something. To do with the possible Major League soccer expansion team in store. Yeah I was impressed with what I heard today as well search thought it was sent pit stop there. Jerry Richardson and his contract when he departed he wanted to have the statue up I mean that was clearly important to him so. I don't know if that's permanent thing or does pepper at the ability and a few years to quietly make it go away. I think this is a prisoner the moment tightening a little bit and it's. A few years from now won't be as big deal because of the way East Lansing disgrace just took it easy to feel right I am that topic right it is you know it and edit it while that it's here but wait for somebody's. The first volume make your bed you sleep and I'm not trying to excuse anything Jay Richardson did did or does or what not. Also think there's a little bit of a good ol' boy element to it back in the day in which practice act the differently. It's not justifying it but I don't think he felt that himself as a predator you know and I mean I thought. In Smart ass rich man you know like 2008. Team comes back on Cuba. Was there's a lot of things that did in my twenty's I'm glad that actually be brought up on charges with the right now you know and I mean that I'm here to talk about it says. It's it's it's a hotbed topic I get it on the file service and to be seventeen year old daughter that take all this may very seriously play. You have no pain there's franchise with that. 82 point two billion dollars to walk away packed yet I get it it's still. Nothing ever takes place without the retreat. Yes so I think this will slowly go way overtime might not temper handled it well in the press conference today. Hey guys I can't do anything about it it's in the contract which is drop this in new bond. He really likes his head coach Ron Rivera and that was the biggest thing that resonated with me today is he feels like he's got the right coaching staff in place. It feels like he's got a good product on the field kept saying it's very happy with the football side of things. So it looks like it hasn't got a bit known varies very measured in recent but he looks vary. Invested in making this notched a good team and a competitive team but a great team for the city of Charlotte. It for the Carolinas going enemy that you wanna hear with new ownership in this state in ages and who we are combing here that are not we're gonna taking good do it somewhere else because I've got some secret slush fund. That's gonna pay me off the budget by you know and yeah so. Yes it's gonna remain the care a lot of painters that's the biggest win. Well not there was any doubt that there's always that slam that somebody might have a you know. So we shall see all right well we come back we're gonna talk a little bit of a simple law at next week's ACC media day. With a the South Carolina sports writer sports writers the year grace Rainer. Of the Charleston post and courier. In an after that it's opened and we'll have a JC's server citing here in the fight PM hour smoke on the water. It's ironic here that enter their diesel because we're going to the gas line for the first time today it's grace Rainer she covers the Clemson Tigers for the Charleston post and courier. It mark Childress is art Lou. South Carolina sports writer the year by the national sports media association with their buddies got deeper agreeable needs congratulations. Grace how was it Winston-Salem for the awards their money. I don't think he's so my it was awesome it was really cool day. I'm Heatley chairman god and are familiar fate and I'm whereas you felt when you when there's so many people that you either. Listen to other radio are you admire every network they never get to meet them and though a bit of face to named them their favorite this really cool and went and I think great host so we can't really cool. Cool it and like I said you look or NBC Rick Reilly over here and all these guys it. You know you grew up with that it's a stop gap momentary congratulations. It's because you're great work it covered in the pumps and tigers and you gotta fill like you pretty close. To the tigers' defensive lineman right now grace she got articles out on both Christian Wilkens. It's well as Dexter lower set a course that loser that the tigers expect it delete that defense in this constant football program. He had somewhere in the middle of you know the the dog days this summer so we're getting ready to attendance at our theories or counting down. Be who we think are the top ten most important content football players this season and now. I put it Christian and Dexter back to back I think it. Obviously anyone and this time around Christian knows that he is sort of the life of the party on the I'm major leadership he just an amazing got to be around in the mile get to experience a little more quiet little more reserved. But he played an entire even last year that are meaningful is never a 100% healthy and you look at. The prospect of having an infection and organ. Playing it well and he did last year with opposed flash but situation that was. Never fully right and you look at the damage he can you this year when he is a 100%. It's scary if Garrett can be aligned on the again because. They grace mark Childress here you also got Isiah Simmons on the list making it the making the transition from safety to linebacker. I think he's a better athlete than Torre and oh Daniel if he can get the mental side down and play open like DOT dead. I think he could do big things on the defense this year do you do you agree with that assessment. Orderly I think that and I think is a guy that we haven't spent a ton a time around but he is the guy that. I remember instantly gaining a really strong first impression from him that in terms without cerebral he is that the duty hill and the that is. Really athletic he definitely has the build the linebacker. But he actually went to Brent venables before venables came to him and that hey I feel like maybe to climb back up there would be a good fit for me the before amenable ever even approached as they had they were already on the same page there's sort of clicking. He's very aware that the position is very different and he has this huge learning curve this. The Americans on the tip that a little time that we Theron and I think he's gonna pick it up pretty quick and I think that he is very self aware which is obviously what you need when you're going through something like that. As we continue a great raider the Charleston post and courier give her a follow on Twitter Jean but trainers that are AYE you know art. It you know one position battle if you will are one thing we don't look better think about is the place kicking. Because you know it started off drop after the he go injury last year that's been started on by the end of the year. What are the expectations. There were Greg Hugo make in the return from injury. Yeah this admonition about I'm really excited he'd play out because I remember vividly that burning. I was Sweeney told other reporters he was like don't keep asking about the quarterbacks that you need to be asked me up kicking out. Apparently. And has brought it this spring and I think that he just got to much more confident last year which Google obviously we saw him and bring gains income of those I went to kick by himself he wasn't still fully healthy at that point but he was progressing nicely he's seen the right on track. I would think that that by August September you know you're looking at almost the full year coming off the vendors now they think he would be ready to go. I'm excited to see how this plays out because. Obviously thank you believe that two time Maliki kicker he's kind of the guy we think about it but and turned it on toward the end of the year out of that game against Alabama. And apparently has had an incredible rinks so I'm excited Steve Allen partly out. Bakeries were contractually. Obligated to ask about the quarterback situation Alex and Eric Cantor and you saw this cannot go ahead and assets question now. I don't want to tip off the rest your top ten obviously 89 year old and out soon but. To be seen any shift or even picking up but he fives this summer that my collar that race we go into August. He nice girl. It was interesting all bring lying and I'm sure you and talk and functionality that was me was very clear about you know tell you the guy carrying the bag carrying the guy. He's still that after the spring game that you know of credit that would get a carry grant would would run out there but I sort of entity to deploy to back a little bit given how much we thought Carol aren't part of explode onto the scene. But the spring game obviously that was the big question that with him and in the hype can invalidate unit you know I get on the get a lick in from college guys. I'm so I'm really into the vehicle's completed because I think it's a very delicate balance between. You want the best got to go out there but it. You all the need Kelly right to be as confident as possible especially when you look at that. Reality of going to Texas banned them in week two you know I'm not sure that Carolina for the freshman at any any threat environment and we yeah I'm super it would be. How they split it how they if they split it. That would entitle it my gut says the eight bit Kelly is going to be the guy has started maybe toward the middle. Of these really nice feature ever started and up on him but it is obviously a major story in college bar now. So great somewhat your opinion you know most people that know me knows that I went to Alabama is not catch my act grief about it without gives them as well I don't want to share your alma mater without your permission but. It's a stalwart when it comes to college basketball. It we could talk about expectations. Were actually watching the clips and eclipse and variants expectation shipped under our feet the last years. How was it handled that your school was it one game at a guy and let's see it through or national championship or bust. And so I went North Carolina leaking revealed that a hard. That's not my place us at weekends or was it North Carolina are two errors and not Tea Party is in. That. So. Yeah got to look at a guy having cleared the air did go to North Carolina you know I think it. Football and basketball is so hard to. Compare because when you look at this Clinton football team it's like if you lose one game is even hangs in the balance whereas. North Carolina lost to Wofford in the and it wasn't the end of the world but it Clinton loses to permanent. And put on the climate sort of will be the end of the world and so I think that they're obviously two different things they're they're way more game at all obviously in keeping Lancelot is a little bit you hear about the law. On but I think the market but it collection Roy Williams says that without the need to hear his nature to keep what's what's president and what's now. The important things obviously it's natural for all human beings to three players and coaches to want to look ahead. But I very much at this and when I was North Carolina that by the end of that and now kind of guy and when the big picture comes. We'll get penalty if there. A listen grace congratulations. On your award here back in gene and I mean this with all sincere Seattle had a daughter turned seventy. Seventeen on August 2 Nass said. Go follow her on Twitter because you know here you are you're right there with the guys you know what I mean in your what's right about the industry and your wife hates. Purse by her is spire in seventeen year old should look up these just wanted to call that weight on your shoulders as well. So my record amount of grip. Let's see Brooke I have no I don't wanna know what are Twitter hand Diller it's great aunt Gloria. I just want the phone call deal with if she ever gets out of line but I really did. Yeah she's in Taekwondo and it performing it on it's like. Here are some might look up the week it's you know listen it's been we thought about it with Taylor birds have their. You know sometimes expectations are twice as much on you know. What. Thank you so much that it made my day obviously we get into this ended through. Make people happy and I bet that the ultimate compliment so thank you. I lesson that we will see you at Charlotte next week will mixer we say Ella. You. Aren't yet. All right Greg straighter for the Charleston post and courier and listen I mean that with all sincere you know to. We get it out in the bird's eye opener about you know there was some women have been treated differently in the business it. I absolutely love scene grace right here in the middle yet talked about on the web. Ice and everything else he's the writer for the tells him as to liquor. It ceases right there in the middle of to stop Ingraham you know beyond the advocates you've got us on. Don't fail me it don't look at the daughter just a little differently in the news. You do and that's the first time I've had a chance at met Grayson person she's very nice. Percent of had a chance talk to her on air that she's awesome she knows her stuff so I was on our list and it's opened and when we come back. Yes we have it will keep the updates on the World Cup game is now over witness listen says that without this list earlier today we just completely veer off topic to figure out where we're gonna go one talk about. 88 east and at the PGA tour earlier today said 8414. ESP ESP what are your expectations number it. Our site at your school. Outside of your school. Favorite stadium environments that you never been in in why 84 sports ESP ESP Ian. So mark Childress I. I had much much rather talk real Southern College football with the lights grace raiders they worry about this team these ball. Over hot rod that you Reagan did have one of the semifinal. Semifinals ever win at. A little bit against the French come away with a one out there whenever Belgium enablement on the what intersected finals in about it three World Cup. Run yup ultimately what I drank beer a year whatever his name was. 08 years ago something like that so they move on to the finals on Sunday. Where they will wait the England Croatia match up. It I don't is there any way that we here in the US that lets you have ice to Croatia poll for England in this because. Do you realize them out of of liquor and beer that's going to be floating a United Kingdom between tomorrow and tomorrow night if they win. In the finals on Sunday IV. Ayers at the time to be over in the UK if you're ever gonna beat. Some of their celebrations have been crazy and celebrating goals of these huge. Maybe like 2000 people out there and then throwing beer in the air going crazy. I think England France is the the sexier matchup for sure but this Croatian team. Continues to find a way advance couples two games around now on penalties. As a percent that's happened in a long time for the World Cup then that they're gonna be a top out tomorrow listen if it turns out its experience in England here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna give light diesel an entire segment of binding for its pots on YouTube yet this year remember all eager eye and if you'd exist. Hunting brits people because that's what they like you do and quite frankly they forget grow quickly it was the bullets that were about first in the air save their butts of world war he says story bird different day let's the lights. Let's get Mikey that he wants best Ewing college football now by a lot of fire. Is Europe has to be somewhere else and hope you have to get day. I am and thanks to a great job our local cute says car might send it to him there and oh wow let's go. We love that neatly over there have said you criticized. Our sister broke up anyway on I'm a state where they're the best. Are entered into it then you. Very good ten year I had so law. I have not been to Notre Dame but I take you what might for people that don't remember. When I was in school Alabama we play Penn State every single year we had about it measures their ten year run. In which we put our best state every single year in that was. That was what was fun about that rivalry in college football we had a group that would come dale every year from state college. In wheat set them up in Tuscaloosa they returned the favor. For people making their way at the state college which it was the first time we ever failed photos easier to get the Tuscaloosa in this are also in the world. Terrible place to get it to but I doubt very genuine there. Are they sent him tourniquet never picked a pair. That's what determines. Articles and never to air but that's another story but I thought Notre Dame good items. Arrest occurred. I'm is that my freshman year I sat through eight at three in the legion field on our rivers that says can I remember all of Arabia. That's our armor. Now no doubt that I remember that and not one other quick thing about their debt and the movie. That kind stage and all member. Actual game winners are torque attack. But the team that was playing better than that it was Penn State. And that should. To get their site saw tent stakes fight Sonnen backed local children's reduction should have done a great show tonight. Brit. I appreciate you get them with this we're gonna do it now also they may be there when Nebraska. Could there was one game with bread in the air. There was so a little bit mixed in it that was back when I mean we went out and Saturday when I say we Alabama to cyclops and did in 79 he got the win. Did we went out and get drilled like 37 to six my sophomore year you know what I mean yeah everybody. Yeah wants to go to south bandits when this hallowed halls of college football. It maybe more so when you saw what 45000. Tortured me it's up there for that game last year I mean they were seen. Multiple thousands of dollars on the open market for this ticket so I had a number of or to friends of course have been down in Atlanta the last couple decades for moving up here. That would do that game and just said it was one of the best ones it never meant to their echoing how good they knew was right let's get as it before the top of the hour he wants to talk about that's been used it's not here aren't as well command. I'm alleged you know I went to Auburn Alabama in the early eighty Al Auburn death toll number. I could go back Israel retirement arm ball never a question. Eight that now we're who're you pull for before I get mad here now has. He's god said listen we went beyond. We did not start playing in. He McCain hits his witty rain on the view all the way on the field we'd lose that game at Auburn our first trip over. We're talking about one guy's been in matter trouble however since it's answered Alabama's yup McKee it. Sells about last years I knew I always put my freshman year upset my mom. We actually played Auburn in the Italy and filled the day after Thanksgiving severing of one of my pledge Brothers and and they were couple girls were agreeable and god forbid they would take corporate Spaniard Alabama. We came home had things give you we were light. You know things given night 8 o'clock on our way back Alabama State and at different outs in Birmingham for the Alabama Auburn game the next year. Did I get them. And the middle finger from my mom my freshman year they've because that was my first trip you know Abby was that effort dates given you want her baby home for the holidays and broker partners beyoncé says it football is. That's the way you roles all right Soo. Again that you can get it with us whats the best bid UA college but we have shared ours in U I'd be surprised which year mine and again. You're going to be surprised when you hear mine as well so we'll do this after the break yet as time I think you'll be surprised where I'm going 844. G as CE SPN we're light years smoke on the water. You give mark a follow on Twitter at Childress mark me start to sports of course at ESPN dot state. Eight at diesel on radio will be back for Howard number ten.