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Tuesday, June 19th

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I welcome back. And where light it smoke on the water you can get back I was Smart Childress Apollo on Twitter at Childress bore me at Sturgis sports and of course. Sports talks most decent producer. Diesel on radio and we're gonna have a college football power. So you can nagged at him what does your questions your thoughts at 844 GS beat ESP yen by. Before we get started in that we had a scared moment right before we got on the year you were detected and with our. Our Greg bartenders Dallas County at the one of the big ol' horse pills she two all item item ups. And she choke on it a little bit now of course you know to. Our manager was right here guys host Florida State helping. Clubs it will. Give our local musicians some credit here are right. Jeff Chandler's playing here smoke on the water. Jeff has been playing here as long as smoke on the water it's been the sponsor a much shows and that seven years total wow. All right now and then Jeff. From lapping the entertainment way back in the day when I was cooling used to work in the music business but people don't remember back in late February early march. You perceive the the bumper sticker being people saw. Yes. And they do they did Jeff Chandler payment from a gate in the errors that blunted people like in his neighbor's York knicks the war. This is 11. O'clock at night this what 3:30 in the morning. You know who. After a while but not with that he nicely went out there and said hey guys I don't mind jumping in now but would you just knock it ailment yeah you know. In these rednecks beat the crap that album trot curriculum. Literally who have lower were dead in his front yard. Over his finance. You know I mean which job does not give him enough yeah. So first of all today urged Jack wives scrutiny. You'd literally tried to kill this mean that could catch the guy yesterday did a pay cut varied their butts under the jail. But look at yet six. Eight he would. A little bit smaller than me you know I'm a small guy right diesel says lets it. You know we do not have the most vibrant light music scene here in green bullets changing always maintain one of the reasons diesel Liz. It's hard to maintain a really vibrant like music scene when you don't have a big university here. Straight all right. They did it go find me tickets several benefit shows and honored Jeff Chandler and well exceeded that goal so those were local musicians coming together to help another musician I just when I saw ONEOK. Walked over there. And so good to see you. In just brought back fine in that Al and ya Alice story that it Jack why it's really now. In his front yard you know what that's when police say calm yet for a look at the that's when he deals like these it's got the gun tattooed on his support from the court segment 69. When I mean so so great seat jet dealer here that's reason enough. The come on down to smoke on the water and celebrate tonight but if you wanna find out about this incident in their interest that. Jeff Chandler agreeable just Google it JEF one out in jets handlers so again that was great. The seat yet they originally put it 101000 dollar goal on the go on the page in just completely obliterated that sauce that gold's lucky got a funny stuff gets great all right so. College football wise. Is Ed or Jerod needing a scope on me pace do you. Two keep him from appearing up right now. His pace up first the ball when he was hired as seek full time football coach LSU. Outwit. Yes. Because I thought it was a joke of high here are right OK I have a great but if you're a fan a fan LSU Saudi arrival LSU did not. Make the right guy Ellis easy one team and disrespect in my Auburn difference. LSU is the one place. It scares the crap out of me if they ever put things together why they are any state Louisiana has pretty good talent. I guess what. They had no competition when it comes to that state I'm sorry they're not battling two lane. They're not battling. Louisiana lots there in those guys when it comes to. Recruits also just look over in the east Texas area they can go right across into or they can actually reach in the Mississippi and even Alabama. NASA once school in the SEC west that the ever put it together in this felt like a higher. Hey man this did feel like that we're gonna wait out nick Satan why because LSU knows what Nick Saban is all about they used to have them so. This is this felt like a higher with Georgia on hey maybe there's a chance of catching lightning in a bottle. What we don't have to commit a crap load of money while Nick Saban still on the sidelines in Tuscaloosa. You think that that way to factor into it. At that many years out been I could still see more years and here's a gym work coaches purports Egypt both Fisher. That's who they identified when they gave in for whatever reason he would not take that job that he did decide to take Texas a and M but there were also a lot of extenuating circumstances that he knows these back story on yet by mr. his wife which. With her trainer and they have a special needs line so he tried to stick it out there in Tallahassee and then finally I guess. Yeah eight got a little older and all and he just said you know what in the again you don't earned him in years I mean dollar cut round exits seem to like like to lifetime health care for his son I Yangtze they've got all kinds of stupid so. Torch arrived. It's not ping the other day the IE. That I was absolutely blown away with when it comes to LA she's a coach lets it. I get I dated a girl in college and we via. Then my roommate my last two years in colleges from Metairie. Haaretz IKEA. Yo man back you mean I know that remains the last two years and I had to put him on probation every year for weeks. The week before the LSU Alabama game in the week after that we beat them by protective effect here's the problem. Lot of us mere 88 the gulf aid from elegy. You know what I'm talking yes. He now wears her pulling golden pulls Perella she now wow that back up first about her name is being. You'd better get hot with the name bean bag but a I kidding it's your wife. Turn your back on that you grew up that battery but he literally now pulls for LSU ever Alabama estimates sacrilegious thing I've ever hurt. I don't care how good look at your white this would be okay. Yeah especially you graduate. Is Alec you grew up Alabama fan he went spam. You can't change like that yeah Boca right. Slight. The one time I had a secretary of my career was my first job. And a she was not a secretary she is an office assistant if you will joke about it that cute things were four of us. She she worked at a C yards of volunteer stuff their football season at Kentucky wildcat balloons up there basketball season like acting a series. I was kind of out bill about battles right soda or two runs on the radio. Last week your idea of a New Orleans and this is what he had to say he was pleading for patience from the LA achievements. Not a good luck he said I guess about saying is that I never accepted. Hold on. Let me picture this is what this is what Ed or to run. Had to say he does it lessen it just give us a little patience back off a little bit and these are gonna work out. Outlet in LA she means you would call agents. Rage at. Agent that databases okay are into an eight hour they probably except that label yes OK all right. He sees the that they can aging coach in the in the water boy. You have cause that's how intense agents are it doesn't matter if they're a party and mark Mardi Gras Nazis data or they're in LA she gave you everything to the most and its level yup a pet do not. Tell them to beat a they ship when it comes to LSU football yes number two that you did at this job for a couple of years now why ask for patience now. Maybe US port your number one. Yeah now. Less miles hooked. Hooked an awards are on for task to task. For asking for patience for now I should be sure it. He's ahead quite certain people need to have a safety net. If you need a safety net he got beat the convicted for the tigers and the tigers art this eight the net. Your the winningest top Christmas emitting group the men I've ever been uttering. He said he goes on the city. Well here's the trick they have some really good players profits have been the pits of linemen some linebackers that can flat out run. Yeah they're secondary did take it hit it graduation. Some really good players they're. The guys that I that were recruited about this that before this that recruited some really. Com. Does not to talk about middle linebacker that Devon White says such statements like the boy. There was some recruiting that was being done says he is more class on time. Sports seven idea at a rate in just an aunt or Enron under the bus yeah basically I did not leave the cupboard bare. Why are you seeing that you need nations you've got the horses. Wish I did actually get this whole body is on the second sort of saying is that never accepted that feeling of eight. Didn't need to have patience with you saying you need to have eight RT it's really saying that your team is good enough. Because I want to know it's not the I'd never took the field with the tigers were I didn't think I was absolutely going to somebody else. If he were the best team. Here yet. I don't give in the U build one. The one hand he's. Yeah he's not just thrown a little casual remark out there he's the one and a big time. He's right but he is still not cool but he's right. But recently he's always what he always speaks his mind. He comes out of nowhere sometimes says craziest things you catalyst miles is no team and after a who and to start the beat in the 2006. Season. It which takes over his inner auctioning gets the job out you know it didn't start skipper patients. I can't understand why the last miles in his own right felt like he was it the middle finger proposed. When he does go through the recruiting rankings miles never really trailed all that is were counting elegy. It could go back and think about one point out on on the planes in game number 141060. If not. It's just valves on that was likely to be fired after that game yeah. So still a questionable decision mileage you. I don't think he feels like you're not a torture I mean I like it or drawn out battle against a bright light on why this earlier this week at the comparable he's LSU. Because that we should take it mean when IC week I mean Alabama we should take it into Tibet why but it's even give them a week became plain. Give that award to run a weak game playing cats what. I'm able to make statements to the bank nine times that it might be one of the few ways that could actually make money when it comes to game. Paddle like us that Clinton pins were celebrating recently went alt Johnson got an extant right this club that has owned Georgia Tech for a number of years now. That doubles has cracked the code I think now that op events you want Paul Johnson the state there. Absolutely right it final comment systems that bored yet just. We're not talking ports salt the way we're talking the sea salt crystals that at that. Project the grinder report you put out there because by the state. It took me at the time in the week to get myself in a position where I was like yeah okay we got it. We got the plane the plane is in we're ready to play. That took some time but I'd never asked for give me a break here listen. LSU tigers are good the tigers have good players in the tigers can play the. So he's actually say in the if you're gonna get right now the over under a wins you know as we go through a list over. Is seven hamper elegy. And I guess more or less saying this is on view in your new year since taking over for me purses went this shake that I let the program and after four games in 2006 being mandated or Toronto went seminary gains this year. He's on the hot see. In my opinion. Albeit at a pitch well and pricey sport. Yeah UP and you cannot convince me with a little bit of a job search outside of Tallahassee Florida. The duke mitnick got the better boats and torture. This seem like let's put the finger in the dike for a little bit. In a scene that truck comes around the corner until this thing yeah yeah this data Celek each stop gap measure. It like I said when he got hired there was a little bit of my personal may have a blood that went. It weakened deal with that are right. When we come back. Second bowl game that I ever went to within 1979. Most people remember this game very particular parts it took place however. Call me up tell me. What was the name of the presidents starting quarterback that state but nice indicator bull with its lesson. You're gonna wanna go on television this week Ian watt a particular ship will pay you about this tragedy if you will. I would even college graduate now it's not that. The the absolute spiral out of control that somebody that won't accept responsibility. Does 84 port TSB. ESP and we also got priced at odds and of course west arm built in earlier. That was a huge sigh of relief that you heard at the football office in Charlotte earlier today. Win Virginia each quarter from Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson it was a nails he still part of the team. Supports elders don't tell me you are. Hello hungry after that yeah I story there you know an illegal at the blue you're talking to be about I was already Hungary. This has been an abundance of bacon being cut down here's smoke on the water today because that's allotments Alex it's evident here. And you tell me about this this the idea. That you saw on TV last not really country and I gotta love a a food item on a mini comic he grenade. And don't kid RI TF always stirred up I'd just given the name aware of that could be anything back audio and it is okay that. Are right decade college book less miles absolutely trolling at or deride it to me that was the funny part is that you know what I mean pitch. And less. Miles is not happy. About being replaced now after four game if you're competitive in the though you'd go away it's one thing when Tommy Bowden goes. All right anyway I'll leave after six gains if you get the data Sweeney in her head coaching position Brett. Is otherwise he would he would put out the rest of the season the Inca how much that one decision takes a state football history. Well a lot of people paid on Tommy bout but if that was that perhaps there wouldn't be download and read oh yeah how does that add absolutely soaked. So again. Very interesting stuff that some might just hit the upstate what was that Josh Jackson needs now Virginia Tech keep you remembered their school that placed. Josh Jackson on indefinite suspension while they were looking into some academic charges this was not the football team this is actually coming dale from the school itself. Well a apparently that situation has been resolved because. Jackson has been cleared in he will be you'll be ready to go with August via. So no issues there in that to me means we Abby to keep rates in the coastal division. In less weeks he has surprised it will be Miami Virginia Tech you're underestimating the coastal division to bring chaos and insanity once the season it's going had to say it's nice to have. A returning quarterback in remember he started all thirteen games last year nine and four cores you who. You talk about returning quarterbacks in the in the ACC they are you the only one that had a higher passer efficiency raising their rating is probably. I'm not trying to upset Clemson fans probably the best quarterback in the ACC and Brian in Raleigh NC state. And just talk and that we Earl yet here right quarterback Kelly Brian it's not NFL bottle NFL as a quarterback. More than likely unless we see seven Ryan's Mary is right in Bentley will make it now. I would say hey look Kelly bright dual threat quarterback a lot of people said the same thing about. This John Watson but they're different types of dual threat yes it's signs. Pass first run second. Kelly's run first pass it's a little bit different when it comes to you know Virginia Tech and Florida State play on Labor Day. That's opening weekend this year. That game right there could almost decide you know either one of the divisions at Virginia Tech loses that opener. They're one down to Miami now they really can't Puerto misstep the rest of the season and expect to win the coastal. If Florida State lose that opener now apparent picture they can't afford a misstep during the season is they could make it still take Clinton off. And had two losses in the ACC and not with the topic so that's almost a season decider but right out of the box which he liked to see. I think that early in the years are really excited that game especially now Josh Jack there there's a lot of games I'm looking port that opening week it only includes one that I kind of forgot about Charlotte and that's Tennessee and West Virginia. I'll let it be a fun I mean you're talking about Jeremy Pruitt we noted where he was at number eight on that list the best seats he pitches that we but it can go that but. I mean this a trend setter because you look at West Virginia it's a big year for date or person. Plus they have will Greer coming back. And that wide receivers it was a seven great committee quarterback is southern cal back in the day. I mean it's this is a chance for both those guys to step into the Heisman Trophy race. Great games a whole week at Auburn Washington. Puts it fervent apps can Wear it with that'll be a great game of the via different kind of wanted right at postal South Carolina player albeit different kind. A good game. Again you mentioned there's a budget junk games on that Thursday night it will be watching. You've got to bust out why we always welcome she's on the twenty minutes now watching Colorado State that age you know in August when he Mikhail. All right so here's the deal. I was sitting there last night flipping channels in have you ever seen. It's channel 42 on art in order. MSN in the have a show called greed which they'd be too sure how people had. Taking advantage of other people stolen money problem pulled. You know it's a lot of it's the up here bit tight scheming that eventually catches up with the set. I don't know they want a whole bunch off last night the you know they had REE mails that the North Carolina Mississippi State game was being emitted to 11 AM this morning. If for some reason. There. I missed one a while back it featured guy Albers side always what I see that economic click on the information and deceit its network yeah. It was just the way our suites that are. Now if you're old enough that your clips and means you'll remember that are actually Easter was the freshman starting quarterback broke state. Which puts him played Ohio State the Gator Bowl in 79. And of course those people remember that game is being witty case's final game for punching Charlie Bauman the clips and nose guard at the end of the gate yes. So are actually Easter a couple of more years at a high state that the key was drafted by the it was Baltimore. Or colts at the time the colts but he got in trouble for gambling a and then and that beamed in from the NFL. That sort of the last thing I ever members about short sleeves and cut. Did nick prices come back. Absolutely Scott Parse my appeared the here at the thing guess what you're on the lows in the things that you can be. I will. I'll go back before I steal from somebody. So so arts the Diana show us get the entire career at the show it is how people could be taken aback over and over again. It was a high stake means. He get out of jail. He come up with this do you listen I know all these people acting picture our hands on great tickets if you'll let me the money. To get this started the next thing he got another 100000 dollars from eight to ten different people and the Percy was doing was gambling it away he is the illicit set out one a couple of million dollars gambling problem was a loss between ports. Ouch why now now again it's an addiction just like drugs or anything else but. The thing is he's he never tried to help it would come back in it would get worse and worse and worse and the Ohio State fans would open up their arms and it was short sleeves and sometimes we are blinded. Why are in them in real icing people are good people. I tried your memory. Yet not knock it out South Carolina but there was a guy here agreeable growing up that played at tabernacle Christian that played Sheehan and parts. It played it way to hit it high school by the name Jimmy posture. Who at one time could not come back in the state because he like taken up with two Mercedes. Okay the only other guy that I remember she pre thirds under handed it one point at a college basketball career clubs and as Attica analysts and people open up people in your gonna have some bad people. But this is how bad guy he took David to this woman. All right but set up the story real quick wit and art was in college largely through as a quarterback there was CES ball. Airplane that would dale that the only person survived on the airplane was the tell it to his credit like a lot of college it's you know athletes do. They went and saw this kid in the hospital in his mom never forgot about it the that dad was killed. So the mom ended up re Mary dale on the line in. She either the CEO Wendy's and I'm not talking today yet or. A company owned about to win geno and I mean yeah we're socket major money. What he passes away it leaves are with a couple million dollars in and heard here. Are actually Easter meets this lady is she says I felt compelled to help him because of what he did. Wore my signed when he was in the hospital in the plane crash when he was in college. Larry except take hurt him million dollars it out of pocket physically threatening her. People are gonna kill you ain't got so bad you almost couldn't believe this woman's story. It till the police in Columbus. Gave her a digital voice recorder to put on her mind. You can hear this the threatening her. Some wiggle its sale now yes yes he's in jail and other people see the light of day because day the he was still saying don't be afraid to make a mistake does not make the same mistake twice because that means to learn from. He was already spending money before he the united chill values will still from the experts including his family. And everybody else and it's just amazing. How sometimes people that talented as he was a talented talented quarterback. Just get it right just get it right in literally stole this woman's did you mean mean but. Actually what's he had been to her money he made her start going after her prints money. And she got senate still like three years probation if she was happy about it. Because she saw I deserve some blame in this I was just do it it it you know right yeah he was literally controlling her. Go watch this episode out rebound them I don't mess and because I can't remember. Now every warmer happily that you meet at your beloved university might be the best person now there's so. If the airs each situation credit somebody his stolen over and over and over and over again. Chances are there at the that you keep do anything for. But that's crazy what that was literally the second bowl game I ever went to an eleven years old so bad about having to go to that. But this clumps of it ten and one that your should not have been going back to the Gator Bowl right if plane a 731. State team that the the Orange Bowl wanted them to wait another week on a bit native said no we don't wanna get straight in this bill and they set that he back about this big the Gator Bowl. In the game but of course we know that game McCain elected. Yeah for the wrong reasons. Root well some clips and it was a bit bright spots against a I remember is my uncle Kevin back to the car that night they'd stop by the concessions ticket on the way back or the souvenir stated. It bought I've stake cowboy hat. It actually the wrote it were holiday they were charged eclipse it pays to kick Woody Hayes that they had. They look like a bit at the strip club calls like god of war period that was my uncle and my brother. God bless a month and their souls being the one album. Our are with this anymore all right 84 port GS PE SPN. News or some of the Heisman favorites will take a look at. Because a lot analysts don't have clips and on it. Our right worked at a stretch here on this disease day it gets you real quickly before we go to the open lines don't forget tomorrow about. We lost Joseph okay you get any was want to talk about that clips at a high state Gator Bowl I think you is that years that we're pretty good on. A pocket it was that next year when Michigan in North Carolina played down there in Jacksonville that it Euro light. The twelfth row we're above in the game you can see the vote while I'll allow yet who's won one it's one of those listed. Yeah it's Jackson though is it actually. Does it resides in the state of Florida or the stated George Lucas but speak with Nate Jackson bills actually south Georgia and not north Florida the damn well obviously yes I would agree with that. An accident. Into each year each year depending on whether it's Georgia or Florida you know in the two are part of its unique and I tell them at their home game not at it state it. Well will run you can rotate that went all right so you know lesson Heisman list are all over the all over the place right now but. It's one of those things what caught my attention when it comes to the ice 28 Heisman list. Let's not all of Bloomberg's acting complete is heading at least in the year 2018. You could make the case you can eat in or could make the case. That the three neighbors are running backs him win when's the last time you could say that now you agree with me it's likely. Get a PH quarterback off the team that wins eleven or twelve gains but what I'm saying is. Right now today. You and make the case that three favorites are price club. Is everybody remembers he finished runner up last year up whenever yep when he 2118. Rushing yards nineteen touchdowns. Most people thought price club was gonna enter the NFL draft and he comes back so if he remains healthy in the cardinal have a good year. Price while you could make the case or ease the paper for the Heisman Trophy right now being in the runner up last year. Also on this list I would put Jonathan Taylor the running back from Wisconsin. Is eighteen but just short. A 30000 yards last year when he was a sophomore so a lot of these guys when it Alice's senior. You can make the case with more than 2000 yards rushing and everything else that. Yet he can't be in the be in the mix and then finally with BV sophomore. Running back get a state that took over. That would be to AK dobbs nail. We obviously these things are that it means you do but I've just seen. 1990. If he wanted to view that you look that good ground game you could make the case. And get away with that that the three papers for the 28 team. Heisman Trophy Euro running backs. Right side got a question or what what is the last year. That the Heisman Trophy was awarded to. Someone other than a quarterback or a running back from Alabama dads than. Michigan Charles Woodson. Nineteen. While 2005 Reggie Bush and vacated with that yet that I was ever awarded 1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin well. So when you say three favorites are running backs. And not one of them from Alabama. That's something it hasn't happened I you know in nineteen years he's been technically nineteen years since a Heisman was awarded in Tibet to someone other. That quarterback or running back from Allah will look at some of these quarterbacks all right. At least a list of looking at the number one quarterback they have on here to prompt from Georgia but help me with doubts and Michelle. And she and losing yet to rob you can't do anything to hurt Georgia last year. Says is he gonna be able to beat the guy when it comes to being quarterback and seen it he knew it is seen those are things and have a hard time you know we still have to be answered. Yeah when you only on the ball 6070. Times a game last year and really effective passing situations. Yeah but now he's gonna have to step bought the second quarterback listed on this list is to a to a the viola it Alabama. Who's to say he's gonna end up being in the starter Alabama yeah. And whoever search Clinton could be on that listed in the next so. That leaves eight list of three quarterbacks. In my opinion. They believe that we know right now Trace McSorley and state. Now we know they're going to be able that I think about it last year he had 3570. Yards but when the ball with 28 that stance. An as yet he'd have to share the spotlight this year was one Barkley. Yeah he should be on that list all right. What about two Ayers did it all yes all right. But it's the SEC well I mean what what's Auburn get it did you know to. In the it will Greer from West Virginia the aforementioned West Virginia quarterback they can't think about it they get a chance to. At else their presence on the national scene against Tennessee right that opening weekend now this at your daddy's Tennessee this is the company but still. You're talking about their for 3500 yards and 34 putts Dale's last year so I would make the case that. Clubs and not on the air you're sitting there looking analysts as Kelly Price and on up. But I would say what you said to go to Lebanon water twelve and whoever's starting quarterback clubs and likely did in the top ten. I think there's a very good chance. Especially this Trevor Lawrence. Kelly Brian it's a double at the numbers to deal put up there but are you sold on to race McSorley now apostle on. You have not name one player yet that I sold on coming into the season there's a lot of the air now I really like here it's him and offer. At a gigantic arm. Probably got a really good chance to win a lot of games this year. And he sees kind of fit the mold of somebody's coming out of the SEC which has been huge advantage for the Heisman. In a lot of the recent years. I I could see him be in the next for sure what unit the one that we had talked about at quarterback in my opinion is the best dual threat quarterback in the country that's a little eight here's another guess what they're marketed do enough. It seven inch pipe to really get him in the conversation when it comes to the Heisman in my opinion but yeah he right away he threw for well ever. Like 3000 yards last year rushed for 14100 says. Yeah that is legally it didn't play the whole season that is correct it is start out of the box all right so when we come back well close up shop here. At smoke on the water if you wanna get it with a throw quick a port sports ESP ESP and remember. Happy hour going until 7 PM but that custom built Smucker. It's a star here smoke on the water. It's operate now mind. Out no one hop Florida bounces back from that surprise. Easing laws that you will the Texas Tech the defending national champions does that is up 86 to one win over the Texas Longhorns in. The SEC now to do it though on the day with Mississippi State's twelve to two win in a winner's bracket game against North Carolina earlier. So now you've got Arkansas and Texas Tech and a winner's bracket match up. That night in your final game in Omaha but by Casey Clemens. Yeah I'd you're gonna say yep I got to you couldn't resist it. Yeah and they'll be back on track right they've been playing catch up with the whether they get this game and tonight it's not looking like it's super sunny in Omaha right now so hopefully that ought to have any more problem yes. But that'll get him back on the right track point while they. At its one game the next few days and elimination games to hopefully we're gonna catch up with our buddy Sam kind junior from ESPN Korea who is out there Iraq covering Texas Tech in the Texas schools. Or So is like this get it's that they were we only have one game uncle in April the door and says. Great get our rights as you guys have updated odds with hot Heisman Trophy you got some updated odds when it comes. To the national title. Yet Las Vegas and promote surge on his. Have announced their current. Play off odd Caesar not to win the national championship. This is to make the playoffs Alabama is five to eleven. That means you have the bad bite but Steve make eleven at about eleven bucks to make me buy a box art so that's a pretty good idea that a largely Easter that yes exactly I. Clinton Ohio State five to four Georgia three to two. And everybody's still on Georgia now I did talk about this yesterday it got that. Terrible out of conference schedule but. Can't they recreate what they did last year again who knows Michigan and Washington at three to one odds we got Auburn in their portable line. Wisconsin five dewine and state Oklahoma six the line and a couple ACC schools in the 71 match Florida State Miami. Michigan State Notre Dame and Texas are all right and. It seems dubious stretch it to ward stated 71 in the first year assists totally out reputation right now I can't imagine. The other half for them so we'll see that cast the usual suspects when it comes to. You know the college football playoff next year that's why you listen. Whether it's Washington. Yeah a couple years ago making that run into the peach bowl where they faced Alabama. At Portland sea one team that kind of run every year you know we heard west arms said. Earlier when it comes the cloud city as you make the case idiot the next more by years that they can make a run to the national team peaked at that they won three big guys in Kansas football. Ace right that's. That's Alabama State Clemson right now now you know Oklahoma right there on the edge but. Wait clubs and it's drilled Oklahoma in the two previous bowl matchups you say Oklahoma listening mode. I think Hudson's. This is the best chance clintons ever had in my opinion this year. The win the national sideline they decide they want a couple. But I think they've got a better chance this year than they did even two years ago that Sean. And then you start thinking about Trevor Lawrence a few years to three years on the road play well those seem to be two years where I. You know a buyer but a hundred bucks down I'd be put it on the tigers say I'm not a 100% positive. If club since the bits of line is what they are more or what they're supposed to be yup. Which brings back the famous Keith Jackson comment. And like as much fun it is to clot history. Yeah that's. That's about right this season but it that if they yard is in. If they could not detect a say in and it went 313. You better strap that at the end it is the real Indian they back it up with some more gains later on which they give up but they'll. Don't. Yeah okay and it's all based on numbers but. LB Chris Wilkens personality could not find him in the mix in the hi I'm saying when it but I'm saying. You do. His personality. Could find him in a position where he's at least in the top ten now a lot of things that would have to go correct. That I'm saying your hard pressed up by somebody. With eight better personality in college football that you are Christian Wilkins with some new numbers I would agree and I'd like to see Clinton get out a campaign for him or. Any of the players that are getting out there this year and SE they can get him in the mix just yet at a Power Rangers shot back up that's all you need to date me yeah I mean so Connecticut man I wish college football we're starting tomorrow. Like I can't believe we've got to wait as long as we deal now what Saturday for days or something like that's my now wish. ACC football kickoff then diocese he immediately started to bar but yeah not ready for the actual beginning of the seat belt that's not the case. I hit it before any of our listeners it will start you just had poured a half weeks off no I did that was not a vacation in anyway shape report. I need a week with my whiteman well in those who sell. They gal. Let's cells Gloria I'm ready to get it down yes that a it will have some fun but ACC the Arctic and and you'll be able to put. Some of these people that you penalty. Over the year as well I don't agree all right so. A couple or other search just it just for. And make sure we tackle boxes here you I know how high you are on this team. You can get LSU it's well to one odds right now what the national title this year that lets joke or it's just say mad beer coworker I mean that's the only thing that is held Ellis you back. It's about it. There is one national program has not been able to piety decent quarterback I'm talking yeah back and look at Matt on conservatives get those of the once it. Actually been successful yet agreed that Texas CNN appears at the very bottom of the list at fifteen to one so. I know your what your money on Jim in your put your money on bad. That they go. That's where your bets are going for the college football live national championship this year yet to you this is all this list over potter because guess what we'll start it figured out though now that. About six games into. Into the season yet it. Our rights. So anyway here's what we got sports twice tonight you've got the ad rates were at Toronto and again. Mike's a rocket Richard Knight and he's from Canada so this is like lace from Alberta let's not gain you at Calgary all right we're talking it's still down one side of the country that it be like. They've stayed for Colorado as a player I ever hear at Atlanta at their next door they I get what you're talking and the only chance anyone the odd outright that he he's up in the majors. He's in rotation. The Braves are playing two games in Canada there no other Canadian baseball teams that its tentacles Adori well tonight they're going against Garcia who they doubted because you give us rights while robbed by terrible this year to do wouldn't bite is tiny Garcia and they backed that up tomorrow night. It's Annabel saint Chad's. Vs side JA hop for the but for the blue jays so they get series blue jays when it's evident that are brought covenant and the other is good after the raise I mean obviously you want to win both games did you get up there and split you went on you always want your off Thursday. And he got six games against really bad baseball teams in a row back at suntrust mark are right yet and I tell you but that's about vexing public import it. Getting nailed to Atlanta at some point. Just viewing everything that goes science but it's about more than just that ballpark. Out there on the north side of Atlanta. So maybe we can make that happen at some point all right Childers here's the deal. You don't be up on the golf tour here for the next couple days not know it I know what you're up to the I wish I wish I wish it was that easy guy you'll CB Thursday night they'll be back on air with young women yet yet will see see each other on Thursday night Friday you'll be back with this tough borrowed. I'll go ahead Latinos in the volley for the bleacher report's got to join us. Will be talking a little bit about the NBA draft on Thursday in a couple of other local gas that I'm working on. As well but he's a great job today Childress. Spoke all the water bill and op meant here and I totally does. In less than I hope I'll let you have a blessed evening will do it at 4 PM the bar for more straight up with search.