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Tuesday, June 19th

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Welcome back and our number two we're light smoke on the water mark Childress to my left sturtze diesel back it ESP you know sixty is we're headed back out I eighty by eight. It we're gonna speak quick hit Covington from brains wired dot com. Yeah I hope you don't well quick is I would love to know where you believe on G ninety. Before the season began the Braves would have beaten out only the best record in the National League east but also in the entire national leak. But totally predicted that I don't need no need to go back and take a look at my tweets just take my word for it yet totally totally predict. I didn't he had it's it's great if they were there at its. Definitely not anything anybody really you know at anyways seeing you to see this coming I thought the brace that are really good chance. To be over 500 now will say this but I thought coming into the season. They were just so much talent here that I you know I said I think the floor is somewhere near 500 a little under 500 but the feeling. Is it done definable you know coming in with that much young talent he just can't they were the ceiling yet he can't bank on things going to waited they've gone you can't predict that. But when you have the talent you have the potential which obviously they did not have the last several years this year they'd they did have the talent. Or anything to be possible and so far we you know see what happens so hopefully this hopefully this ride continues. They can't mark Childress here to talk to you but the starting pitching has been nothing short of spectacular the last couple weeks. Very unexpected I think from a couple of guys that man's fault she's really stepping up receive nukem come into his own. What are your thoughts on not the staff and where they're headed right now. Looks great I mean it you know the obviously that the big thing about this is something as I think coming and to this season that one of the keys for the Braves being able to be more than just simply eclipse 500. But to be able to compete for at a potential post season birth. Was for at least two young starters to step up and become Frontline guys W go back to the early nineties you look at when the brace turn things around. And you had Tom Glavine step but he adds is Steve Avery comment and stuff Bob. And figure out a couple of young guys establish themselves in the rotation smoltz was already pretty good. Although and anyone he wasn't great but they've got a couple guys step up and president that was really the key element into the here as well. Was to have at least a couple of all those talented young arms establish themselves as front and guys this year. And it would appear from what we've seen so far that Newcomb and all they've done. Just that and now you have somebody in my answer Roca who also looks really sharp you know just these pitches and just have a baseball. Have on the shoulders that's it well beyond his years and so he seems to be another guy. As a potential to have an immediate impact going forward disabled sides as a smaller and nobody looks great. So those three guys I mean you start with that that trio of young arms. And that's that's a terrific starting points so they have to be thrilled with where things are app with their pitching. Yes some encouraging signs they're from Tehran hopefully he can hopefully can keep the velocity GAAP and continue to pitch effectively so. I think this you know this staff is isn't it really good shape and obviously did that there's been a run of dominance here late that. At the tail off to some extent but I I think they've got the arms and they've got talent they'll they'll keep the talent. As we continue to hit coming to him breaks wired dot com Baikal web site that also has the southern pride baseball. Podcast and tickets to braves gains and everything else on it ain't at. Yahoo!. Ten game road trip up to Toronto tonight you just mentioned mites are Rocca. We know he did in the last start since coming up the disabled list but. Yet the brakes are looking at a blue case team that are playing well they just swept the Washington Nationals they won seven of an overall but they're still double digits behind the Red Sox in the Yankees. Yeah audio blue jays are good payment it's going to be a challenge any you know certainly are all braced fans are very thankful to have her craft perceived in the nab and given the phrase a little bit aggression hopefully the Braves can now I can pull a mop a little bit will be told a keystroke on the mound obviously Canadian kids so. Is getting a chance to make this start up there and in Toronto's get a via. A really nice story but yeah I'm I'm going to be I'm going to be anxious to see what happens here as we as we look forward to appealing his return. Did the offense has spent a little pitching has been fantastic we talked about if we get the job done. Pretty a little bit help the middle relief department. Offense has been a little lives it's blossoms seems so hopefully we'll see the bats wake up in Toronto. Looking forward to getting a junior back hopefully you know little bit of time often. Yes still some time even though he's been hurt he's still had more time here in the big leagues this sort of absorb everything. To continue alarming to continue adjusting mentally to this game. So hopefully when he comes back to give me shot in the arm that are going to be in Toronto but that hopefully we'll get the stakes on. They can't is is excited Zion about the Braves right now I'm also excited to see. The fans are coming out in two rows and supporting them they are stopping the all star ballot boxes we've got three that we got marquis kiss is the leading vote getter. In a nationally in the outfield which is something I never thought I'd see it's great times. To be a fan I guess of the race man everybody stepping up right now. Yes that's pretty remarkable fit in on the Braves obviously have a half dozen good candidates you know for the all star game. And yep braves fans are excited you're you're seeing and I think brace as excited Natalie in Atlanta but you have that national following that was established throughout those years and he Diaz and operates and throughout the country and always draw well on the road I think you're seeing some of that reflected in the all star balloting obviously Freddie Freeman and nick are cages or are very deserving. Being where they are on the all star balloting. I'll be busy tailed off a little bit he's not did not bases and and a bit of a swamp overall. He has so probably there's a dire Q that a little more deserving it at this point but. I'm one of the things with the Braves having several pitchers who were all star worthy boldly as we talked about you've come and it also probably wink there is deserving of they. You know consideration. So one of the one of the things to watch will be if if several braves are in the starting lineup. You may not see any braves pitchers selected for the austerity because of that rule that you have to have one player from each team. So you know at W 11 cannot you know what they kind of watched there with with all these it'll be sort of a bittersweet. Thing there you know depending on whether or not he makes the this starting lineup you know from fan voting. If all these does not betting that increases the odds of the bridge are gonna have a pitcher or two on the all star. Roster but the other not you know Agassi 56 braves on the all star rosters which is the matter who the Braves are gonna. We're gonna send to Washington and yeah I think it looks like. Marc Jacobs and Freeman rightly. Are locks and now we'll see whether all these may consider whether perhaps that you know he doesn't that'll give new government and all the a shot at perhaps being placed on the game. As we continue it can't covenant braves wired dot com check out the web site and I can't that you look at the east division the Braves have both three and a half game lead on both the Phillies in the national sees this say three team race in the Mets even though they've won three in a road scratched back in and will this be a situation where these clubs watch what the other ones do and to decide if they're gonna make a move after the all star break. Yeah I think. I mean I'm. I'm more I'm more worried about the nationals in the Phillies but I I would write off the Phillies. You know they've they've fallen back a few games there but they've they've got talent and you know certainly they could opt to go out makes some news here. To further proof thirteen self. Mean yeah right now at this it's a three team race that I would I would say I am a little bit more scared than adds that the Phillies but it is a three team race obviously those are those three are still let it that the Mets I thinker. Are are hooked I would I would be shocked if say if they pull back in the into the thick of this race just you know the money. Different things going on there you're there kind of but. Despite you know to some recent wins but. Yeah I've for now we have to look at it as a as a three team race and he you know Woolsey as we approach the deadline would each team chooses to do they be nationals. Went out and got is named escaping me at the moment but the that Kansas City closer went out at a into the bullpen that they. They got a job but everyone else we have always in terms of making a significant addition to bolster that roster to make their pitching staff better so. It will be interesting to see what what Alex since the obelisk chooses to do for the team I think I think clearly the greater our buyers clearly either unite the obelisk. Is on the phony looking for ways to improve this team and make this roster better. But you know there are a spot where it and it was stuck with. With a guy Twitter today about you know trading for much auto and and I understand a lot of fans wanna see that kind of a move but. I just seems unlikely to meet at the Braves are gonna go out in and give up they and surrender big package of talent for a rental. Like that I think whatever the Braves do I would expect that they are going to bolster the bullpen in some way. If they do go out and get a significant batter or something of that nature it would have to be. There are gonna give up a huge back to caliber program the once again it is the bottom line that they give up a huge package of talent. Likely to be for a controllable player is going to be a member of this roster beyond this season so will be uninteresting to see what they do. Obviously he's got all the trade ships in the world maybe not a lot of financial flexibility are a lot of cash to spend this season. But the brace or certainly the position to make the move I think the Phillies general managers on the phone book looking for rock for ways to improve that seems so. It's getter is going to be fun to see with these teams do you hear between now and then and betrayed them. It Kelvin a rare is a guy that the and that's picked up yesterday. So can't. We're talking about making a move right there's still a lot of talent in the minor leagues. Is there anybody you expect to see coming up the next few weeks in Austin Riley got injured we Savannah stockpile of arms. Down and quit that right now do you see any of those guys on making the roster in the upcoming weeks. Now we can you know I think we could see you know we could certainly via a reliever you know called up from from the Myers. I'm not sure who also mean obviously often Riley was the guy we are keeping a big ion that he. You know first pulled off for an extended period of time and got her out for you know several weeks so that really is gonna change the that's gonna change the equation there were you at one point I mean you know we talked about this. You know 45 weeks ago I'm you know I'm thinking man Riley could be up here you know deal like June but you know that all changed and it cooled off. Which despite obviously the you know you you've got to be patient with kids and allow them to develop their own pace. And that's gonna happen with some guy you know when a guy moves up to a new level there's going to be some ups and downs and then again her self. More than likely I mean you know because it makes you get a good he could get a couple cop in September that more than likely we're talking about 2019 now. With Boston Riley in terms of an impact these I mean. You know maybe somebody like Allard. But at the same time you know the rotation we we don't have an opening in the rotation so you could see. I'm and it's something that's been talked about that out of the obelisk is mentioned as a possibility could see some of those young starters being brought up and use the bullpen. We've seen go are used some of the then obviously we've seen free use some of the band. How are could be the next guy up so we can also see that there there are a couple of I think double triple a relievers to a worthy of a shot. But we can also see a couple of those young starting arms being brought up to bolster the bullpen. But I do think I do you think they are gonna try to address. Improve the depth to the bullpen via trade between now and then I'd be shocked if they did. We'll listen can't tell our listeners about race wired dot com because like you habits that tagline everything braves in one place also. There's a link to click on the southern pride baseball podcasts right here at the top of the page. Yeah that's a little still haven't done one of the while but I need to get back on it. Thanks for the plug. All right we'll listen now let's enjoy this and we will talk to you soon and let you know this is the one place Iowa actually let Childress getaway on here with saying we because everybody yes yet agreeable area a cal is eight all time great Meehan they can appreciate everything yeah. But he elderly care now right. Kit coming to embrace wired dot com Baikal. Baikal site like some information like this Childress you'll talk about having a bad day last week. One of the braves' minor leaguers. Is a pitcher Josh Raymond a reliever was hit by a line drive in the face. Had let's the I fractures in a concussion blew it could read. Yeah that's not good that's a bad day. That is about we talked about this because it matters that that's a bad day I thought all right there are right so here's the deal guys it's open phone line today for Ford GS PE SPN. We've got. If BA draft a little bit to get into including. Sturgis get off my lawn moment for the day and I don't really care that we got some NFL these were grown husky and a whole budget college football talk. In our number theory. It. AA the best part of diesel being back it ESPN upstate while we're here smoke on the water he gets his get off my lawn moments that are that are you know out of leads. You may be right at Allentown so. We've that up for debate later sit here and I've got the the months and or Carty. Website up and outlook they're tag line we Kurds beating. And it's great that is so opposite of what I government deal with with us in the B seventeen year old daughter that answer and are waiting. We don't Kurtz beating because you get a speeding ticket guess what your paying for in the difference in churn it's way it is what it is now. With what it used to be I'm still -- getting out there haven't been out there yet it looks like a blast I know bunch of people have been out there and a lot that's so that looks like one place it is how to go about it my wife who literally said that back before my surgery that's probably the last time she's only really really. Unsolicited. Techniques now. When you're LaMont carting awesome yeah it's a back out there we will we will. The Thursday night. The NBA draft coming up. Over under on number Tynes we will hear possible landing spots for LeBron jeans in the upcoming. It in the broadcast because exit when he here's the deal. Vol. That football draft I'll sit there watch why package no. You know it scouting department seeks to use it done their homework now I get the fact baker mayfield. Is right now. You know number two quarterback for the rails behind Tyrod Taylor. But they drafted baker may build number one to take over at some point this year in if not this year definitely probably next year. The NBA draft is the total opposite. That your your drafting line upside potential of what may happen three years dale the road. If I don't kid I wanna see an immediate return on my investment night yet that's not always the case and light. I guess might get off the long moment comes from also watch and a bunch eighteen in nineteen Euro it's become multi millionaires and quite frankly they're not ready in the. In many cases you're right on the the second piece of that now. A lot of the guys strapped to the top of the draster gonna make immediate impacts I mean they're gonna go right down on the floor Eitan is going to be plain and mart in that he's going to be plan. Look at topics going to be playing. All these guys make make an impact is like Lamar ball came right in Jason Tatum last year's been playing and had a great season this year. So it's quite as much as you think yep which are writing and a lot of times it's on size and you know the NBA's moving closer and closer to having. Five guys on it or at all times between 67 and 610 that are athletic he can move and shoot threes that's where the game is going. So if you fit the bill from a size perspective. And you got any kind of jump shot you're probably gonna get drafted even if there's a super Smart card. Super Smart big guy. I had in my hasn't talent they can help you and a short term you're gonna ban on the guiding your hope in 34 years down the road turns into a defensive stopper. Or a you know 34 they can go. Under or out and guard people on the parameter I get it I I see where severe frustrations are and I agree is just icy or even very good in college that go on the first round tonight. Just solely based on the right now it's 2001. All right. Michael Jordan had just completed his run of the greatest basketball player in NBA history with six. Cheap Egypt's without Chicago Bulls. But he admitted Don is more or less. LeBron James with the Washington Wizards a little bit a player coach a little bit personnel. The GM. In. Mine in my opinion it's Michael Jordan. Completely missing on the number one pick in the draft that was his personal selection Kwame Brown well yeah disaster. How can you miss on something like that he figured that's. Once a quarter century you have that kind of book plus is the number one overall draft pick that's what it's all again. Back in 2000. What 2000 nine with their 2011 with me then it. Being chosen number one overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers tell me where they need than it is today. He may still be taken around in the NBA but he is definitely not a number one talent so what what a big miss that now how do you view Greg Oden. Because I think he's a plus but it it was due to ensure that he and it totally different yes I wouldn't get Saturday at. He would go on to do great things but again those knees autism put to senator like that they stayed out and Greg Oden. Never to be heard from again so that's kind of where I'm getting in my point when it comes to. It's it. In the way my personal opinion I don't sit here and added the five hours of homework last night if back at but it just seems like. It's him more than an exact science when it comes to drafting in the first round as compared to QB and a fell in on top in this. Bob selections. I think you could be right on that I mean you don't see as many spots in the NFL. It feels like I've but I think they're magnified in the NBA the pitch there's only two browns easily going to be sixty players strapped it on Thursday night and if you miss some wind it's much work layer you know you can't hide from it and it could be a real setback here franchise. If your you know. Number three. Atlanta Hawks tonight are on Thursday night if they don't get the right guy three Beckett really answering them for a couple years I mean if you do an audit. Then they can take their complete you know 34 year rebuild in making that without even a year to you so I love the NBA draft. I love all the drama that goes with it I think there's gonna be some movement at exits to teams trying to unload some contracts this year. Where's LeBron going. Where's collide going I think that's gonna factor and all of that. The teams of course but. Some others it's I was streaks at an earlier today that the lakers made just try to completely get rid of their number one or their first round draft day. Because it puts a cap lock almost two million down and back to prevent that from signing one of the big guys later so they make basically give the traffic away. So they don't eat that money while they try to see things get LeBron in Georgia. All this guy's greatest thing that happened to that potential draft pick it not go out there and get into the low power ball Alonso ball. This rap situation going on with the LA lakers are only give you one more day. I'd like this at this is the one time I'm going to be honest with the Kwame Brown I think everybody was infatuated when he was adamant as the Orlando area back in the 2001 it was awkward gaffe or a threat. Win. A couple of years ago machine that beat was taken number two overall in the 2009. Draft. After averaging five blocks per game that basically no points for the University of Connecticut that's what I went. Yeah out their weak weak weak losses they tell me how many people remember the mean machine that beat. Literally the number two overall pick in the 2009 draft that you've gone. Well that's why it's adjusting this year as well you've got Mohammed bomb and you've got to Andre eight and these are two big guys that habitually over the last number of years. It not been coming through in the drafts the eighties getting away. Rom teams that are centered around that guy. But to the top 3456. On Thursday probably gonna be the giants haven't let us guys now. There are a lot more athletic yet and such as a team. That means that seem to be packet murderous first name. I've seen that he I've seen seven foot three and I'll look at for the next Chris stops ports. They're not they are. They are not looking for the next 73 space eater because guess what games away from. We've seen with seen through book to a certain extent wouldn't stay up you could it be able to keep the lower city state aid in the NBA. And that's why. You're not gonna see he's been excellent space sneakers date in op board they are they're going somewhere that's not competing for the right. The quality players at an eagle and early tomorrow there's a lot of great story lines to watch it again I really really pulling for Donte' green at the from Clemson here course and it is season with an injury. Sheila now on some mock drafts in the 45 to 55 range in in it. I've seen him attach the Oklahoma City Thunder a couple of times how great would it be all the hard work he's done. You know throughout his college career but I'm back from that injury and then to hear his name called on Thursday night. That's why when it's on and when he. The second round a lot of people off that's a lot even closer to see you can land someplace greatly multiple position yet which you've got to be able to do in the NBA cities the age now at its in my draft it is. Absolutely hit the nail on the advocates. Four years ago at the Golden State in the warriors were great sport. NC so. Ever really going to a year they won there what the 1974. Semi I'd NBA titles and we're back in the so they became really good story was that Currie Davidson College in all that stuff. But like Alabama football much like Clemson football. State and Oklahoma. And the other teams in college they're sick you see in the its teams in Dallas while playoff. How I think a lot of people are variances in their second Golden State I think. They're they're popularity is going down I'm not going opposite winning more which is unique the draft pick at the end of the first round it's Lou they in this draft was so cool is it witches. It would be the one person make it draft that at this year's a lot that would actually make their popularity goes even further nailed. Do not only in its bakeries and I saw grace and Allen. Yeah. The golden state highway which is speaks. Bird team whose. Who has gone from. And that's pretty cool. Policy in the NBA finals for the consecutive year I think grace Allen can beat up on April it's worth I don't like her I know like your busted activities. He's very yeah he can lately that would be give grant. Sentences role. Yeah sites in the NBA that's what it takes to be successful. Know your roles now here's what to do well I'm not gonna ask for more playing time. I'm gonna get the mid level contract I'm not gonna get the time contract and keep my mouth shut. There's a huge value for that in the NBA is not a lot at the east more options going four years under UNC Jimmer Fredette did coming out of Brigham young back in the day in what was his role she she. But it is important that look at a Morse and it can be taken number four. Yeah yeah I forgot about him agrees that it's about point that's not you know. There's certain male. There's certain details that in nineteen year old is it lights on I will never see him out like despite went to work every day. Forty years. It was about seven I mean what's the difference between. In nineteen year old the country Eitan and you know 21 year old guy going into the I wasn't. Was somewhat when he won a tractor in the NFL it does a body was much has it been in college a three year as part of three years the competition more about it's here's the deal. Hate the one and done because that's written a player for years and you'll look at it through airport it is that have been able to do this honestly. It's the case it is that fell apart in so but and you little one Ian. Who has really taken advantage of the one and done like you see bill you and listen I get old buddy you're now the body. Yeah. Where to audio on the in Guatemala and on its epicenter at and certain about it jealousy involved or. That we were so buddy buddy we decided to a pool our money to take our wipes out at dinner for. Anniversaries on Thursday it's it's Boca all right it's violent yeah it has now it is waiting for pizza bottoming out. On a little like it and that's my opinion about. Actually think cicada forget the type literally for vice exploit. We're celebrate the same number year anniversary yes. We were blow we're celebrating on the same day it made it the same time. And we are both married in Greenbelt they were a grade history and miles apart yeah between a city you Baptist Church where we're tells reception hours was in the fellowship on city. Are we had to out there are loses the points at all but. I told you points that I had to radicalism arts with a wedding receptions last retirement as celebrated his home the points that club until the day today Mary and I had like a lot of our. Nice guy. Our house livid in Knoxville they color it would take this strike is not about what you Wharton and says. Are the art the points. Eight Portland at the line literally to write the points that club out of vodka that night at the break into the private stash. Why now. And I'm gonna hear more about this during the commercial break eggs get reports ESP ESP yet your thoughts on the NBA draft on Thursday argue like me a little bit jealous and I don't likeness is on the way the NBA he's gone as a whole or port yes be yes. All right welcome back to share Wear light smoke on the water we got an update for the college World Series Childress. It was one out in Florida over taxes in the in the gators get eighty sort of make it to do not in the make clear the bases. With a three run homer in the gators are. Did not that is that bottom of the sixth inning I believe that's where that bottom six Florida five Texas he rose to the longhorns and at a rally here they're going home get about that there. JC Clemons. Ride that train back Austin. Is actually teach him to mess on I don't edit the quarter anybody. You're Grateful Dead at the dot com via Tony I don't know what I'm talking about because I have actually been to actually went to a grateful that ship back in the day. But doesn't surprise to hear that music acts as price what was so funny I mean. We've got just a couple of minutes it's like the idea physical players Justin never ATI who have been at 11 o'clock in the morning. He went to the University of Colorado from Charleston. That's it you know and I'll sleep in Tuscaloosa does get as school going to Florida yeah everybody that was really cool one bit about the boulder. Air right now and it widespread pain he and Blues Traveler in abeyance like that and that you know of from a colleague up back in the day. Salute you at least know girls which show up in Tuscaloosa as an eighteen year old freshman I'm talking I'm 23 year 22 at this point yet rated at Florida. If you see of one month and they'd have them you know in Jamaica with big blows in the back if they're here. In six weeks later see him with the Perkins oxy handles with the you ruined Jamaica Bay Yakima dead at six weeks in your light. Really am he showed he did none being shut up you're not at dad and I. You're wannabe. Richard I got it dead and not actually and a couple of shows where did you see or hear it here local I saw him in Atlanta. At the omni in the analysis all. Open rfk stadium in Washington DC with ice as Bruce hornsby play with the that's an interesting combination so who so again. Yeah a great time enjoyed it now I'm not at that epic that's why. You showed up six weeks remote from high school going from my sorority pledge to our horror widespread Natick bullies traveler. New data to boost Grateful Dead head. Sorry welcome to want to be part of something instead of I git off my lawn guy who had a couple days today meant to you. Because you know that's what we did do this time of the year get off part Juan because. We're gonna get in to some college football talk. And you know what did. In the final hour last miles that we get off my blonde moment when it comes to. Do the head coaching it's it's an LA achieved by listed. When we come back a watcher opinion Childress is this years we seen the the England patriot discounted dissipate according to its to Graham. Tom Brady let it be known earlier today that he is going to be playing at least 45 years old however. Did you see his his interview with Oprah. I didn't see it but I heard actually on the huddle earlier this week they're playing some cuts for that is where I heard what you know when asked you do your relationship with Belichick is his first response was. Yeah. There's a fracturing going on their numbers that it gronkowski finished runner up. In the preakness but at and let's talk about the other gronkowski and what he would have been treated like with the New England Patriots and will this friction end up causing. A great debt braid ties to kind of come to an end when it comes to this run 844 GSP. ESPN. In the final hour aid budget college football including the case that barks Easter. Heisman Trophy contenders in the last miles as well. So according to the Monday Morning Quarterback. Monday morning quarterbacks Albert Albert career Rob Gronkowski in the New England Patriots were really close. The parting ways before this NFL draft now while this is what they go on to say yeah in this article it says considering gronkowski offseason and it's conducting business. With the fourteenth that they did would make sits for Belichick. Belichick has spoken to gronkowski about the situation recently this is what Greer had to say. This kind of came to a point where gronkowski exhorted dissing gates from the program and asked for a race. There was this bizarre press conference this before that monster truck rally that croc had. That sort of served as the all right we need to get him in here now instead of him and talk with them but does this keep keep going this way now. They only had talks with fourteen to guess what. Tell me what the connection is with thee Troy. That Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans beat Houston Texans in the San Francisco 49ers. I don't know page is a part of the Belichick coaching tree you've got OK so he's calling some friendlies to say 81 Graco ticket. Exactly yeah Mike Vrabel. The former pats linebacker. OK in Euro. With muted for people the colts right there yes yes jail that's right now and colts. Anyway you. Anyway all of those guys in the front office had a relationship with bill Belichick's. They were shopping him leak why. The point being you got. You've got a little bit. Facial expressions to meet him means so much when you see yeah. See how Tom Brady his first reaction. When you asked about it is she's with Belichick. Hold me a lot but it he goes on to say I love the guy. You know it's like any other relationship in this world you don't get along all the time blah blah blah suits us sounded like. They weren't even on the saint agency work across the European trade listen we know it loves the party. Yeah so is this week in other dynasty that we are seen because I'm not answered this can continue under anybody else other than Bill Belichick. Well what's gonna blow up a dynasty most of the time it's injury and it's ego yeah oh yeah and I think he got some gigantic. Epic sized egos with Tom Brady and bill ballot check. I think you put rock in the middle of that to Brady. Clearly struggling for some type of control. You know and his documentary came out last year in a couple comments that he left in the air where he said he would really feel appreciated. On and things like that that there's clearly some kinda rift going on when I hear about things that are going on that are that big. You're gonna have a hard time winning a super ball that going on whether they have to all be on the same page if you're not good luck. Yeah that one person that could probably sit crop ailment look at denying that it. You either changer. Yet we're shipping you out is Bill Belichick. Yeah and whatever they said they sat on the had a meeting in gronkowski apparently looked Belichick in the I instead he wants to be a patriot. And that's when they decided at cable were missing out together and of course Gradkowski attended many camp. It seems to be devoted to the New England Patriots this year but. I just first though all we know this team continue forever all right. Number they're just some marriages end in divorce no matter how much that people love each other. You wanna go out on top maker to operate so to me. You know I feel like Tom Brady might retire it wants this year maybe I missed reading this. But he seems super frustrated. You know he's not making the NFL Max and Ian is like make so much money outside of the NFL he's probably losing money by playing the rate that he's playing. I'm playing out right now I think Tom wants a lot chops it to me he can find a way to win the next year to you when he goes off into the sunset as the notes. With the most Super Bowl titles all time and it goes in makes his millions of dollars every year for the rest of his life that to me is where this thing it's added. And if it starts going in the other direction they certainly some some more games and they start having some more fractures may drive some bottled quicker than 45. As you wolf he's one thing but the New England Patriots in the NFL are a business. Yeah. Can't be I can't imagine. You know listen Robert Kraft make his money just opening the New England Patriots he and what multiple. I don't let everything else before that. I. Just you know at some point you are keeping one maybe 2 more years I am not looking for new. Haven't watched that New England Patriots with the 4344. Year old quarterback back there. Because once a stay sober with Tom Brady it's gonna take over exponentially quicker. I would agree on that now which against urging moderate member. They're not paying him Matt Ryan money on a right they are paying him less than so they have the wiggle room I think to. Not have to worry that much about it and Tom Brady is so good I agree he's gonna hit a wall at some point even with his diet and exercise program and all that stuff. He's not make it a ton of money so that helps a lot in it helps the cause a lot right it's not the eighteen to. In BA star he signs the six year deal and you know you're gonna get two years out of it and when you're in your body can't be good up and down for more. It's not like that so it's not the worst possible contract in Brady seems to be defying the odds of everyone before him so far so why not now. Another thing I would maintain its just look at the division that there I mean who is really. Gotten their act together that they built like that they can give the New England Patriots a run for their money Miami Heat is key stumbling over themselves what are we gonna see. At a rally in any help. Just don't even ought to be about the new the New York Jets so she that you're really looking at a buffalo team that it's somewhat disarray. It's probably the only competition for the New England Patriots in 2008 team. Let's take anything away for the patriots an amazing team. But we heard westar armor earlier say the NFC south with the falcons and Buccaneers. The saint to the theaters is the toughest division in football. Tom Brady of the patriots have been playing pretty much in the weakest division in NFL football for the last decade. Never hear this talked about at all they have a cakewalk they must have 65 or six here and he wins this season within their own division as the teams are just mediocre. They're usually back and sometimes their horrific. So. They benefit from not having to expend all that energy during the season and I think definitely some kind of factor in their overall success across the board. Well it's going to be interesting no doubt no like I said I'm kind of look at it this year is maybe the year. That you see it start do you yeah apart a little bit because again you said egos you know what jealousy egos whatever. Regardless your human. And and those things can creep into things after awhile but this much I do that. A lap and it gronkowski about about a horse why because it thinks that sect the preakness with a triple JP says good for him yet it disease so. Anyway going to be interesting all right here's the deal we're gonna switch gears when we come back to college football we'll take a look it the Heisman contenders this year. Also wanted to state something I watched on television last night if you're old enough clips and band. I would tell you don't watch I was absolutely astonished Bly. Less miles the pack. You know what he won a national title allergies that maybe he knows what he's talking about but it got to love it when the former coach strolls the current coach will tell you about that. Will we come back in or number theory.