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Tuesday, June 19th

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And I welcome it up stated it's eighteen Tuesday edition of straight up was third to rely on the ground it smoke on the water at Mort Childress to my left diesel back India's Vienna seek studios he'll take your phone calls. Is we've got a lot of different things to get into heated David and we would first of all. We hit ground we hit rock bottom about Bob Bennett senior and he's a guy strain every outing is on its way up from here okay. Hell has officially frozen over here smoking all the water get a Florida State 70. Comes to the rescue of eclipse and tiger. It by that I mean our date I bartenders deli here that played at women's soccer clubs and I. Just took a bagel vitamin a which choking on it Carter manager Brett came up then. That is just kind of bizarre right before you get on the yeah mark sue here's the deal everything it's just gonna be better from this point maybe board will she is okay yeah. The Heimlich was not performed it was about to get to that point I think when everything kind of shook loose but. Yes at a very strange tone for the show today sturtze has that would collect Alec two minutes regularly here. And this one from ABC 33 slash forty knees. Beers silly reach waited. The weak but it just had to stop and look at the stupid it is me and it eight police. Vote with a gun tattooed on his sport. And and not a little when either and it's taken up at this for yet. In the tweets as me it would gun tattooed over warhead arrested crow law pool area bar. I don't really want to click on this that bite out of the police just arrested him speak a bit deeper. Having that hour was he actually here real buyer but it. What do you say this guy you know walking in your establishment with a within a within application built. You don't you do this you're done you've chosen a way of life that you cannot get away for a teaches but it the bottom of the list going. If this is your decision making and I'm sorry you Q work Burmese do. So again outside of that that's kind of the and for the all right well have a job and analysts seriously that was that was getting a little scary for before it got going all right but still as a cancer is speaks the day here on the show you ready for the X eighty what does that capital city I guess it's what they called in the states as a Alia. A winner which we're going to Atlantic twice today and I stood. 437 we're gonna talk. Falcons football in a little bit of ACC football with our buddy Wes Durham the voice of the problem and I let him I'll west also play by play with that. ACC football on pot sports now. It at the top of the 5 PM hour we're gonna talk braves baseball can't Covington. A braves wired dot com so Lula. He speaks city's day yet still waiting to hear back from one person. Covers the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer. May add your non in the 6 PM hour back in to pay this much he got no shortage of things that talk about just college football related in that final hours. You know it's that time of the year have a little fun with it you know the World Cup's going on. I've got to give you some credit here when it comes to the World Cup that. Number I hate it worked it into it you're right I was wrong I'm sorry I'll never do it again I'm not a they were you tape of that diesel police led. Let's have that per roll back later I had failed to heed as successful layered with a husband is at one point they're so beaten and battered that they just say I was wrong you were right across our. I'll never do it again. Well you work correct is I was a little fascinated earlier today when you see a couple. That they've run a big upset yet to hand over Columbia yeah huge jump pond where institutional whatever Columbia remember they were a member of the was savings or quarters in the last World Cup. Image to the quarters last World Cup so they go to undo the Colombians to do to ones that watch out that means somebody on that team probably that Livan more than about a bus is Hugo. Whatever purring to and that ended up I'm guessing Senegal with a 21 win over Poland. That's an upset it is well not another big one I have both of those are they are monumental they are Mexico over Germany level upsets. But that whole group is upside down now so it'll be interesting to see how all that plays. Our rights to Russia and Egypt rushes that it Vegas they're gonna have who wins in what six points after. This final I think that bought some and I think that makes it official into the round of sixteen exit good for them did he think people work pollen on the sort but the Russians nobody wants to give it in front of Vladimir Putin's anti USA I'm sorry. So so you're saying Russia is gonna win so everyone's gonna clear out of Russia anyway for the rest of the World Cup at least to the groups it at least to the at least eight states to the quarterfinal rail attack it would mean no one more went up. What more wing get him through my idea is the rail on the sixteenth. If they make it to the act quarters thing guess what I three days you know if they win big I want every single one of those suckers drug tested again but you know whatever he wants to. Eighty way he says some breaking news we name our rate that he was injured in practice today that is a very big story for Brazil yet he literally lit that at the Brazil here today with eight right foot injury in listen viewers in this is like Tom Brady Ackerman ups a war. Before you know and a run to the super absolutely right shoulders to one of the three year for best players in the world right there that we also mentioned the guy with the at 24. Gun tattooed on his support had earlier. It's not quite as bad but they marched at some of the worst year I've ever seen on the pace of my on the basis or he said it's like he does and our purpose I don't I don't know what the decision making is behind that haircut but it's not a good alright. So let's go ahead that is out our World Cup here before we move on it's it's you know sometimes you just have to wrap it in the news because again west Durham. The voice at the Atlanta Falcons coming up at 437. The idea PM hour. It Covington with race wire. Dot com but. One of these of the stories love you know we got to work harder this time the years to come up with things like you we're say yeah earlier today. Shrieking what we can talk about right now you know. Well thank goodness for the World Cup. Because these are the stories I love the only thing that I can come here. Southern College football institute are the Iranians that the World Cup countries. Competing that's there yeah that's and that's a fair comparison. All right. It's not always the best name win in. Ukrainians are rival southern schools get together you know I've for the big gain like drinking involved up. I'm better than you and it gets worse and everything else the only place. I haven't seen that go on between major rivals was that the army navy. All right but then again now that's now in the snow who would yeah it's just don't think it every right that wanna be. You know it ranked. Check this one now earlier this is what to love about sports each game against your glide. The other day this was on Friday. Six. One particular motive has gone viral all over this world. In it was a group of Mexico. And Colombia. Soccer millions they hear in Russia aha they pull this off this. Voted ago viral. In this stadium watching on Friday in the Eastern Europe or idea match was eight Egypt and in a wheelchair. I cut. Not always the best you know did I you know it people are standing up and everything not necessarily. The best thing the pianist stadium and as they will cheer. I'm gonna guess a handicap access and Russia is a little different than it is in the US guest at a technical August it may be or the fact it could have been builders he wanted to go get in the crowd who yes so let's not ruling that went on who just yet but that's likely likely that everything else but not. A group of Mexico Columbia and seen this each Meehan struggling. In they all get together in taking him out in that will tear it lit him up so he can watch he can watch the match in the pains that's awesome. That is awesome I'll up that. Adage is coming together you know that's what this stuff it's about. Each it was playing in their first World Cup matches 1990s it will ever quarter cent century. Even a one up that loss for the budget since does that equate that way. Sportsmanship. That's what. That's what's awesome about sport when it's right absolutely open together the numbers that. Like senior warming up to the World Cup so everybody's played now that yet everybody's got that first and then they started the the second gains in the in the pool play. With Russia's went today therein and they've got six points so there is I don't think a mathematical way at this point. That they could not advance. On. We to the round of sixteen so Russia is gonna be the first ones to go through you keep your eyes on the teens at a party wind up Portugal and Spain will be playing tomorrow they both wore. They both it got one point each a rants got three point that it all kinds of its upcoming match. Well what you're watching. Little bit. Like I said number two it's on their way intimate physical they're beat up that gives me something mechanic you know on this wells to listen right now I'd say some of the most nervous are probably the Germans after that one at the loss to Mexico went. Argentina's okayed you know they got a tight but. Still Lee you know messy yeah missing yet penalty kick which actually solve this note on Twitter. Whether beeper his country or his club team. And that's Real Madrid writers he morsels look at whichever one in Spain he is this horse he is missed by that this last ten. While relief yet. MS is a make a whole lot of mistakes so that's. That was a big miss for them but I think they'll be fine and I think Germany you'll find a way to do while I got to do is advance right -- Germany when's the next few games or even goes when an outside the united got a great chance to all right so here's the deal like that says we don't be a little bit all over the place today will top Major League Baseball is there's a particular teams out the bus as the best record. We'll get in the that would go a little bit in FL needs of course it's big city gate with west termed the voice of the Atlanta Falcons as well as it company. Covington from rates wired dot com and a lot of different things to get into deep in the final hour when it comes to college football but when we come back 32 years ago today might be one of those days that you the where were you staining her weight eat them that the information in there also one little last look back at Sturgis spinal bought. From the US open in I will put it at the UN diesel. In the can be if I would be missing a cut in the lord and anti west term with the falcons at 437 by its open opens in the next segment. 844 GSP yeah as yet. 32 years ago today you know we have this stopgap moments in life where you remember your old enough where you were when Reagan was shot what 1980. Yeah our. You where you were on 9/11. Yeah who is America was attacked in. Yet things of that nature some people would maybe even stop and say could be big enough in the entertainment field. With people like regrets passing or Michael Jackson or things of that nature. But I definitely remember 32 years ago today and I still have the Sports Illustrated death of a dream is 32 years ago today. Limbaugh is passed away. While I I don't remember the exact moment but I remember I was assault expand back then you're like the Celtics the lakers back in the eighties and I was step weasel expand was very disappointed. And saddened to hear his passing man what an athlete he was. Victory university of Maryland's star or from right here in the area of course you remember and common in the little with let teachers cells team as a freshman went. It's is. His spot he was a little bit more than skills. In his court nation and quite cop whose body in the NICU where he was spies junior year. When he led Maryland with like thirty by points in the moment what was north Carolina's first loss after and to the Carmichael auditorium and Ellen yeah. That is one question now will go to bed and dream in the 800%. Positive. That he looted that we wouldn't be discussing it is the greatness with Michael Jordan LeBron change you know what I mean by. Of course it have been a little different team playing with Lee Burton Kevin now the other calls hours yeah. A transcendent talent I mean you could see that there was so much outside and huge loss 32 years and it alters. Seems like yesterday. Yeah so to again you know just one of those things like that's that it still one of the the years that he looked all right that. One final thought it true when it comes to the US open because about these you know. Your back into the golf. Yes diesels actually that across that the only heated. It cost gains and things of that nature says it. It might be eight years old and I guess I'm speaking a little bit for you we're gonna treat diesel as the professional happily here ours is that there. Yeah I'll allow you grow under our about it not enroll my eyes I thought about a. Like I could argue that maybe it's it's still BB but I'm given that up. It's diesel you just had a Phil Mickelson moment there yes ice just rolled up in the back yeah it looks like hit the ball was really overdo it it's all so yeah I'll give it to he had a good aptly week week to week. How he sports Stults was these parties are but are what you also accept the role of professional happily here on our staff as well. I guess I'll take it away with better I'll take it and you don't Saturday afternoon. Look at somebody who went. You are what he'd do I start thinking about it is our age. Maybe I would do the same thing but he viewer member. Jim you're some face time with race when it came to number seventeen and eighteen on Saturday because he was hole and now for plus six which obviously. Was gonna keep him in contention when it came to this US open. It. You're talking about a guy that's working there were fifty years old in the senior tour it actually does have a US open title he wanted to Libya built outside Chicago. Back in the day. When I looked at him Urich and a way to know. What what is overkill because he. Didn't John Daly territory with me. And it's not the Izzy as weird swing yet Daley yes there for that yeah. Tim you're how many more sponsors it's a bit on your black culture on Saturday. It got pocket yet let's if I'm 23. Why don't honestly put it overseas any act could possibly yet but it. I'm guessing to appear worse several me and multiple times. Yeah I'm gonna guess he's made at least fifteen million onto me here was Jim your shirt again these I want you to picture this with your cross. Gains are. He had. Different appetizer on its both sleeves one was Web.Com. There was Callaway. Are right he at eight and other. Spots are going across the eight but that is in knows he's the Web.Com. Eight ace hardware Coca went into. This leaked. Across the with a neck he had act how away believe it was. All of the color. He also had RBC royal lake on insured as wells and that was quite different logos sponsors. I'm Jim purest golf shirt that I mentioned that dipper. Add on as well. Wow. The social that I haven't really thought about so he I know easily top one and are a lot of times it might have wanted to he places I'd seen five or six your talk and it was Corey. It was like a holy. It was John Daly was got to do in the scene where actor he would males thought or pearl little bit which included decrease it in the line it's. It's the first time let's. Wait three month you know. Come in here with all kind of stuff Sonoma officer right now back for yet. I'll say it all happened in jail as seven or eight zeros on the back end of it in. Do you like the back players that it is walking billboard because let's make all that that. Watched it growing up it mattered it was the miss you adamant this opener of the greater Greensboro open I was watching it on Sunday. I literally it's the giggled and that's all of your sculpture of my guys. You know. Go get you worse if you can get it I mean maybe he's got to really get agent. I can't imagine it's Jim himself you know trying to run everybody down at seat they can find out all the answers and it every single thing that they needed and I'd do it that way but I see agent here. No pitcher is my friend. Keep adding them. I think he can make it so big I mean why not just go even further with a there's got to be some kind of rules on the PGA tour I guess. Now sitting here mentally going through all the golfers and I was watching this week in trying to think by saw. Multiple logos. And a lot of times it even see that you to see you wind that might be on the shirt and the sleep and I haven't seen that. That's raised about our seat during the break apart. Get a picture gap by and that and social media but these he's here are professional actually. Eight AD by it would pay you know you would Wear that logo on your shirt that he would. I Yad tried to do that before. Okay. It. I don't try to do it before when you're competing across the yeah. A cut very cool Michael's abbey listen I get it seemed boxers. If you please tell me that's two on their back in the Italy melt away in the area today today. Yeah hooker dot com or something like that Lynette poker dot com at what point does the PG toward. You're screwed this where miss it now on so much money. Where in the middle of the fairway. They just let them sponsor's logo I mean listen. You can campaign Indians whatever color you want to acknowledge the assets are really good idea stairs which includes I guess Michigan oh my god are they committing a Pope this year they've been in that instance blew early the first time ever now. But he could name the bunkers and things like that you know well he's gone into the MasterCard bunkers just short of the green. You can really take this to the intuit and that it leveled on the PGA tour is not hurting. Her money so maybe one day if they are after tiger's long gone. On May ability something like that actually like IdeaPad meaning step on the fairways now. We hit it it is the body in the gallery gets a review now right the medal that now. Some days in the galleries get the hundred dollar debit card from MasterCard ass that I like that's like this is good. Ali who's the commissioner on tour right now Auburn group was with him mention the view we may need to make this a proposal to saint relate to all these charity golf tournaments on all summer why not do something like that and get a sponsor a little hubble's eyes out there. So what to think about. But the one thing I will I hope we don't get this week when it comes though the Canadian. Multiples sponsors on jerseys in the world. It's a matter of time and I mean the NBA had the logos added this year they had the one logo. It was right there on I believe the left side of the the chance to the Jersey and did it wasn't super intrusive. By all the NBA teams at the pictures are just a matter of time or to start some movement over into the other sports. All right well listen. We got Sunnis but it. When it comes to the falcons you knew. Orlando Ledbetter article earlier today stated that the concern for area comparable. With Julio Jones and about it I'd be spending with TO it. Wait a seat on Twitter last night he ran like a war war. Allegedly ran a four or forty there is video. Bite it was forty yards or was 34 I mean it's not official right there there's not like. A piece of tape and and it's timer in anything officials coupled pizza there with a stopwatch but he looked quick he's a great shape he's such great shape. Well we're gonna get him to the big city it's our buddy Wes Durham he is the voice of the Atlanta Falcons he's also. Play by play with fox sports south in the ACC is well. In a course. Will talk to him about the Atlanta Falcons and a little bit of EC CDs as well as the coastal division we were worried. About one of the team's quarterback. We got some knees for Virginia Tech is welding he would meet with Wes Durham coming up next in the at a course after that we're gonna get into. In bell we're gonna get into the NBA and we got to keep you a college World Series update listen that somebody went off earlier today. Tying eight Omaha record when it comes to RBIs in eight games all that company ahead but next is going to be Wes Durham. The voice of the Atlanta Falcons in a course. Play by play in a course you have people forget also the son of woody Durham the legendary. University of North Carolina broadcasters. Well. And they won't have open and zapper one segment if they will talk braves baseball. At the top of the hour is some little team that nobody thought. Listen they may have the best record when it comes not only the that there and division. But something else as well so again now west term voice of the Atlanta Falcons when we come back it's were light smoke all the water. In Darren Cahill and green bill. All right welcome back and and if you walked news. Witness when I was describing when it comes to Jim your you can now go to our ESP in upstate FaceBook page. But could you saw it there and we wish that this is as close as we can get because what Sturm is that will be with him and few minutes. If you click on this picture you can see ace on ace hardware logo are now and sleet are seep into Europe on one breast. The other breast as the Web.Com logo. The other sleep as it looks like Colombia or some than on I don't it in the Callaway Golf hats. Right there you can see by different logos which you see the one across the back at the next to that would make number six a like I said we are literate he's literally rocking in this picture five different logos says he had to do one question pacing back. So that the logo on lies in contractually obligated at least the World Cup gets it right and they got a piece Plexiglas behind every interview on every logo like. Multiple types yes when it gave like I said I'd I'd grab every dollar I can get away with this agent is but it college upon or whatever else aka her retirement monitor. But it's free money like you said York you articulate a little bit too far in this instance at a CU I that's that got you for sure. I was like what's next the yeah it's nice that the audience because you seek hope to see where audience with tiger calls and what not out of back in the day so. You know it's some point at some point the business manager has to stop you ago in the opposite now. It'll be coming in the NFL at some point again we sought mediators east this year and is sick it's a matter time masters there's so much money. And this at the eighteenth herself on it for a couple of million dollars a year. Or somebody little logo on it jurors. It it's free money like you said earlier that at that come through the the league itself but not their individual teams because I'd make the argument that Dallas Cowboys can go get crap load more Borough logo on their uniforms in the Buffalo Bills. I'm sure the league get some kind of Qaeda I don't know how to do it but I think each team could negotiate on its own I think that's what they did in the NBA. As the warriors value is going to be a lot more than the hawks value through a title in I'd rather be done in the league in ye yes this is like what the ACC does we're sharing bold red. You know what I mean in that way. You can act and it hampered this thing 8888. Otherwise this is going to be that bigger of a gap between the haves and now it's yeah. I guess what it's like that angle where were live when it comes to athletics. In the first place in college I mean is that a matter of time in college before you end up with logos or Dallas where it. You know smoke on the water at after his post game interview or something like that. It's untapped revenue. And they're just gonna keep growing. Now we'll see what happens well the U here's which it is the person of the year cells come into a college in this college stadiums in the south. And I'm not really looking boarded that one but let's get out ID by the target for at west Durham. The voice at Atlanta Falcons also you'll be watching in this ball with ACC. A play by play with fox sports south west we're just talking about Jim you're rocking six different logos this past weekend on his golf shirt in the US open. How many would you have on your what you're broadcasting Atlanta Falcons games this ball. Yet illicit I guess I'd do it not be put in the back how responders of that light that they did it almost like. Two budgets to do but when it comes to Jim pure but let's that you're enjoying. A little bit of time because you're just a month from yet the falcons reporting to training camp as well as ACC football media days and yeah listen right now one of the biggest stories in the and a bill is between Julio Jones in the falcons in. You know Orlando Ledbetter had an article today say in this you know falcons management not real crazy about him hanging out with TERRELL OWENS. Wait does this become a problem heading into training yeah. Auto LaMarcus I think there's there's a lot of things are common in Europe but first of all in this the first real. Please those you know resistance I guess between Julio Joseph rocket and it it will development mrs. You've been here seven years and he's but it obviously an elite receiver in the lead but it. Now also a new talking about a guy that got three years left on his deal. Unfortunately did not have a great 2070. Was one of the league leaders and drops. Two most notable ones obviously the warning had to get Pampers Charlotte or what but it touched down. And the one at the end of the divisional playoff game in total though there's essentially in the C slow. Those are all being Donald being said he also hit three touchdown likes to slow you know this is the first time released sense. Julio that a Fokker and there we have this issue now about. You don't wanna be at many apparently Melamine also purpose bustling does what what below right. Paper so all radio Charlotte and you know you got to take that for that to perspective that he has taught by a sex or talk into. Believe those people and and you know it is inside sources organization I don't know how strong lore but all that being said. I think it Julio will get something done but the the issue marked the falcons are facing here. There's a little complex because. Julio Jones has been outlined it was so surprised by what secretly. Whose side appealed to you'd go to make him the number wonders. Four years left on the deal but in those three years Atlanta also has to think about how they're going to silence on the young defensive stars but it. And truth be told last year was the first time in Merrill and. The falcons have had opted eclipsed. Slowed you gotta be careful here you'd may not understanding what grade. I also understand it Spurrier left on the contract. Although they come and apply a Mike yes your QB camp my guess is to build a little more money. But it's you're talking about a contract being torn up and re done an article that have given not aware of the climate is the falcon the so. The US some mark Childress here on this that the contract that Matt Ryan to sign the does that have an impact on Julio I mean Mac got big time money obviously I think highest paid player in the NFL still has its stance today does that have an impact on on who Lee is decision making right now do you think. Although mark that certain that the good question I would cut you don't think the market and deal in Tampa has more apart though Julio Jones. That in the black bit. Not only not a big news brands. But he's a runner now with a guy who wants to sit ups and it drought order rather it go to turn. A guy. Our main his social media now features TERRELL OWENS as much as it reaches any thing helped. And I'm not gonna not a picker is brands nobody should tell these guys are apart they're aren't there ought to be able to make their own decisions. But it there's an influence from that. Then this is a whole different dynamic about that. Now with these we continue at west Durham boys in the Atlanta Falcons also play about play with the ACC. As well and you know Wes one last question because this much we know when it comes the NFC south. Whoever survives that win that division. They're gonna have earned it so you're gonna need everybody. Solved and because it's just look at the success of the falcons the theaters in the saints and who knows what's gonna happen in Tampa debate this ball as well. Start loving it's still the boat builders and Indiana well I'll do it. There are a couple different shows here they all Betty yeah I like that it. And Compagnie Gephardt the aren't the retains that a division that everybody compliant. You mentioned rockets at this site that the great players spark. You know New Orleans has done some things obviously don't insult my borrows all the great young stars Emily. And you're right about it while I may one year camp but it got a clinic at what did it's going to be exciting the most. But I think there's divisional bit apps look battle and you're one of the more interesting scheduling courses that the falcons and Panthers play it week to and then go play in orbit we had any. Bomb or somewhere along and there are so. There's going to be a long time between socket impair their games and back a bit. But can be a very interesting situation in the NFL a lot of things can happen good and at any of those conference. But yet yet up fellas found they are on the real chemistry with the back loaded division games you know made. We get down to the last three to four weeks there's no there's no kind of around usually it would be NFC south when they were inaudible why would this deal now for three straight years to determine. Detainment gonna represent the division all the teams that could potentially be in the playoffs they were probably it that way yet. A US are sure yours is as excited about college football season coming up as we are. What are your thoughts on the ACC coastal we keep on landing on congress on both sides are there. Is it Miami that's the best team is this the year that Paul Johnson rises up like he does every 45 years. It shocks everybody in Winston division I'm curious what your thoughts are on it. Well I think bicoastal going to be chaos again I mean obviously Miami scoring a lot of personal part that dream that the death match our clubs in the title game western Charlotte. And I'm excited got to see out plays out to be out. I think it'll be very interesting to see just how Miami handled well it only will recruit here was okay. But guys you can't get around outside that they lost to Pittsburgh the air I mean it is slow those. Thank you to just keep coming back to more you'd think about where Miami is so. I think it's going to be adjusting to be also DiMarco I think the one thing to pot. You know Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech corps. You know do because Lou because they're pretty good team got up early and I'm trying to diminish by schedule this critical nearly is. There's taxing as say George attackers got a good too little blue and here to Virginia to act and art Portland and then all of a sudden that put Georgia the candidate George Tenet wrote the little more. Got a few more bumps that are well I think video postings are capable are they fit. You know at some point Carol I was gonna get it back together they can't be an injured and they were like there's no possible way they could but in admitting injuries and if they can get the quarterback situations all think you better defensively. They might be a factor but remember it very open at Caroline and play east Carolina. Yeah and we all know what happened and let North Carolina when he Carolina well as anybody ACC nuclear Super Bowl. They're they're playing the game in green also North Carolina have to be careful about the way they start and then. You know the Atlantic that I think is going to be fascinating because Clinton global really think golf well all that they can win this state. The hole putting any year now on the next borrowers but it just by the way they've built their program meant. I give a beard and see who fall in behind them because. I think Boston College has a chance to be a real door course I mean you're talking about maybe the best running back in the ACC a while the most devastating running backs in the country. And they still bring back a couple of guys from that defense that made wire gradient background older reporters on that the but it took part Lucas Dennis what the country interception. And you talk about a team that might be able to create some early ball out of these people want but. You bring up an interesting point about Virginia Tech hula coastal belt it just doctrine is with the dream about the sport. Or not a now officially but being reported. If they can figure out who's gonna play linebacker. Include. All right let's listen got to piazza thought about it Saturday you know we've mentioned would the in dad does yup bother stayed everything else stakes for the positive messages with me in coming back from this surgery and broke quickly got to stop trip before you like get ACC football kickoff. Non. I'll probably dead I went the third we can marched up. Rubble in search well to. And what deplorable and Spanish very. Backward to win the problem pretty unity in. Try to play the try to put prevalent Spanish but in the way and so it was like Gordon Europe the input. I'm I didn't and complicated and their ground as much as possible I'll promise you that but obviously needs Charlotte. Well I haven't been pretty decent rhythm operatic going a little bit but I got a gold on. Doing this irrespective basically mortar some more apparent to her remark and didn't like that so. I'm not buying it at his regular satellite to boot hopefully he'll uploaded a few more reps and forum for a critical Barca were Oprah. Well listen I know we'll see you next month when you're in Greenville we gotta get you hooked up here smoke on the water thanks Wes we're really appreciate everything you did. It downs third distributed got a great to have you back here at the. Or are all right here's the great Wes Durham and of course Disco follow him on Twitter at west Durham voices there Atlanta Falcons. In many ways Boyce is ACC you know waiting but sports south and you mentioned you know mark packer in the morning but. Also you know was so many years his voice of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets so brilliantly that is is now did when it comes to ACC sports. As anyone else all right here's the deal when we come back we'll give you an update from the college World Series and Omaha remember where pivoting to brace baseball at the top of the hour. And of course you know some information to go over with it Covington. From breaks wired dot com. Maybe it's a busy day out of mark Childress is they've already got one game and of course mother nature's been a consistent problem out there TD Ameritrade park by. The one the low and ACC team. That's all earlier today miss the state lawyers they are role in his momentum everything. Mississippi State with a twelve to two win over the are bill earlier today. It peaked about this gain Jordan Weisberg at upper Mississippi State. A Grand Slam in seven RBIs total which actually. I have a lead the college world sees one years single and that today for RBIs and gain and listen. Yeah TD Ameritrade V it's not Rosenblatt permit the years ago where they would hit it over the outfield stage you've really got to get a hold of one it tedium air trick. He'd bomb that yeah he got all of it says. Yeah again I guess they're not you don't don't break the momentum there's something. To do with Mississippi baseball and at Mississippi State baseball that the man and not real sure where to go with that he'd look it up OK yeah especially if this little wider especially with sports and really knows what I'm talking about when it comes that what happened UNC Wilmington with their pitching coach last we have we're that your Dallara touching that with a ten foot pole but. Yes I interim head coach that took over for Mississippi State after four games this season. Pass the beat their next head coach I mean this is big these days off. It here's what happens you've got samarra North Carolina and Oregon State played an elimination game. The winner moves on and they had to beat Mississippi State in two consecutive games to move on while the winner's bracket now you've got Texas and Florida going right now it's the top of the fifth inning. Florida has a one nothing lead on Texas this is an elimination game. In the winner's bracket on this site tonight you've got Arkansas in taxes that. Agree lot of southern schools laps there they're representing well. Not a man Mississippi State and business and the winner of that game tonight and business that really the Q&A power position. To make that final on this 23 series of some good stuff there. Yet so again. Police Florida win this game so have they hear anymore from. Clemens the second base Texas. Literally unit out of my least favorite players. And all of College Baseball set speaking of baseball when we come back we'll head back and I'd be like that's a big city day here. On straight out Sturges we're gonna talk braves baseball. Hit Covington for braves wire. Dot com and after that guess what it's open phones we've got. Some different things to get into remembered the NBA draft is Thursday night I can go and yet by 37 tomorrow. We will talk with our. RN BA experts in the volley from the Bleacher Report covers the NBA. We can is I don't get this one I mean I don't even know how much at this hour watch on Thursday because you can come meet buddy or daddy. I don't get the NBA draft is they're basing on what somebody may be three years from now as much as next year by. It does take grant that has a chance to get drafted in the second round man. It planets align cape devote to go the second round as well son deathly Ecstasy and that I I'm a soccer pavilion BA draft I look to see where these these teams get don't think it's gonna be a lot of movement with six entries this year. On you've got the LeBron and coli situation is hanging out there as well. And you can see teams make him to power moves to to position better for them well nobody could stop after we talk quickly it Covington from braves wired dot com maybe I'll have my get off my lawn moment when it comes that there tonight's NBA draft. It will be right back here to smoke on the water.