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Monday, June 18th

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What command stated is a Monday and that is literally would need to how edition of straight up with stars mark Childress mark surges in studio with target for an diesel. And just to listen here's the deal next three. Three days to ten days depending on how high he'll like it just just be patient is warm out there mark Childress no rain coming at all. May have to be a nice change of pace lately nice every other dating a little bit arraigned later in the week you know some lead Thursday. Is the official beginning of summer it's also is the longest day of the year it's also my anniversary. That's mine to your team to any person here Tony first as well how many years will be what 21. Minus 21 also well this. Very interesting here would you like to join him there. The virus that same day yeah yeah our our part and we married here in in Greeneville yes first fruits of Nevada first Presbyterian Church stay until we can't order a second presbyterian city knew that this sure Hillary graduation and Wayne's world two or you're getting married at the same exact charges on opposite sides of the road. I said message really random okay did not know this about we have a wedding. We had a full scale production they go yeah I tried to explain to my daughter last night that. Our wedding was not our wedding it was our players waiting in her wedding will be our wedding and that's just the way it is you know I area. Now my dad we literally. My dad just retired from crime backs we kind of flip things that we used the receptionists or Albania wedding and reception were slash slash retirement ceremonial pairing nice Smart. Good so right so I can its trees are as I'm taking her to dinner Thursday night if he'd like to join this we're going into the strip club diesel. Literally the strip club Ingrid is I've heard about I've heard it's really really got in downtown Greer for people against the. Urged. A network that talk in that lesson now we have some fun today. Of course we're gonna give you our US open thoughts after the weekend Brooks kept 'cause become seeks second golfer in the modern Europe. Two win back about US opens behind Curtis Strange and other ACC golf former ACC to offer in then at 437. Ish will talk with our buddy TJ reads he is he sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but he also to. I think completed about ten different radio issues with the US open and the golf tournament. So we'll get his thoughts about both the golf tournament in James Winston and the Buccaneers and and in the middle hour at 5 PM hour. Got a lot of college football things that we're gonna get into which includes this today we did Friday the ACC coaches in that. How do bill Bender listed them we will go to the SEC today as well some other things. In college football look forward to including. I love it when a former coach tweaks the current coach Eddie at a certain school. India and India in the final hour we'll get into us some NFL as well as maybe Major League Baseball because you or Atlanta Braves are our Atlanta Braves are three and a half games up. Intercourse the college World Series going on as well including some information clumps in baseball fans. May find interest and says outside of that nature shoot 844 GS PE SPN. But. You know one thing that. I remember going back to the baseball draft why was it two weeks ago or last week. This in the super regional swimming at address. Yeah yeah most people said oh cent beer former Clemson tiger outfielder you know and not the greatest builder that's ahead mr. you know that's a home run or strike out type about first round draft pick. TC this weekend that he has Friday night his first at bat as a professional up in New York. Gone. Gone gold and beer me in my first at bat in the professional. Professional baseball. The lesson the guy will make an adjustment and if nothing else he's with the Houston Astros who've now won what eleven consecutive games. To prove that they are the best in the American League again this year they have this think on the DH. As well yeah it took us set the real long time to adjust to this wooden bats right. What 11 at bat in any city one out if I let us operatives and I'll opposite field drive all he could absolutely crested I lie he was super excited about it in the post game which I thought was really cool Andyaat. Again you can't judge it all from one the man's talk about come in and out hot a couple people were questioning like you said. So appears Qaeda without a position because they don't know where the plane from a fielding perspective but that bat he's got so much outside you'd just see him in the major leagues in a couple years. I do not on the regular all right. Sue we had Father's Day this week in Yi play golf with Richmond on Saturday I heard you left a few did it's out there before Furman University golf course but. Did you watch any of this proclaimed World Cup that you wide that you going to be watching so much here over the next month of course got some some mortgage games today it's on every morning so why not turn the TV on surgeon enjoying it. And you saw although the Mexican fans in and their reaction. To the win over over Germany the other day and I think it registered on the richter scale or something down in Mexico if that's not that did an area that serves me to al-Qaeda you Damascus city has suffered from several major earthquakes over the last what 5200 years and they are. Seismic graphs Oliver and when they took the lead one to nothing with what thirty minutes into the game and they made that hold up which was as shocking as any thing. Literally the size rugrats around Mexico City registered the Mexican soccer fans jumping up and down in celebration of that goal and listen. You know a lot of people said about Germany both their. Eight yet but they're starters in their back up skewed they split the teams that they both be in the final sixteen it now the final eight. You know that's not a really good place she wanna start with with the loss. In the World Cup I'm sure they'll come back where it. You know there were some shocking. Outcomes you know France got by on what a penalty kick I believe I was but that. Hope my god Lionel Messi in the Argentines I mean he misses a penalty kick in the second half and yo Iceland gets a tie what Chris says listen you know it's over reaction just like we did on Friday to a certain extent when we went wow. That round kind of one DJ Dustin Johnson the US open and guess what didn't do that. And I'd Dustin played to. Everyone can be excused a bad round on Saturday with the conditions but he did not play all that well yesterday. And just down the stretch couldn't make the big pots and there were a number of times on the backside yesterday I believe three different times. Were kept out in DJ both had par putts in the six to twelve foot range capped a putted first all three times made all three. Dustin putted after that so he was closer missed all three that raked. I mean the league you say comes down to a shot or two. Putting on the backside and scrambling on the backside and kept it just looks like a dad gum assassin out there now at these US opens. So cool so calm and collected will be its rule it's the strength in his game. And he is rising up the charts there's so many great American golfers right now you forget about capped a lot he needs to be closer to the top he is good. I don't necessarily disagree with that bit I'm sorry DJ captor bad for the game of golf. In its not that they brought in a work out routine when Fuzzy Zeller used to drink Beers and smoke cigarettes after the down. And golf courses were not meant to be played the way these guys can now pay on the golf ball and here's what I mean. This one it just turned my stomach the other day. This was actually yesterday he had a 179. Yards did get over the bunker. He hit nine are death. That's ridiculous I mean these courses were not meant to be played that way that's why I say the only thing golf can do is dead in the golf ball. I'm not saying that I need to be from when sending you need to be like me up for. Possibly you are trying to smuggle five but come on a nine iron eight lofted club. For more or less almost 200 yards like that that's not the way these courses were meant to be played back in the day and it's no fun for me to watch these guys play golf because. It's boom and then hit a wedge in that's not the way now you can dead in the golf ball on bringing that back in but I don't know if that would ever happen but. I can't have them. Yeah go back and watch Hale Irwin when he shot plus seven back in the seventies to win a US open. These guys are still had four and five irons and on the second shot I'm sorry the game was not meant to be hit played like the way DJ and kept to play it. But to their credit. You can do it do. So when John Daly broken the scenes in the early ninety's he was hit the ball like these guys are today that the difference is now the equipment's gotten better in these guys are. We Brooks kept is built like a dad gun safety in the enact now he he and Dennehy and DJ were in the jam. Like they said captain was like Lipton 285 on the bench that morning and and going out and play in that way in the afternoon. These guys are putting in the work it's not just like hey we woke up and now we can kill the ball and that's saying there is fine tuned athletes are but that's not the way the game of golf was meant to be played panel Dayton and had a chip in and I mean the lead takes that he doubted the course that's why the US GA now has to go out and do the silly stuff that they did on Saturday. Putting pins there on the edge and catching hell for ending coming back yesterday. Knowing well we better put these pins in the middle of the green or we're going to be really catching some crap in that's why it played a lot easier yesterday in the end. It would Tommy Fleetwood once he got in 63 to me that changed the entire story line of the tournament in the fact that they were now playing against. Plus two they weren't really playing against each other they were playing against sat score that have been posted on talent yet. That six and a half footer Fleetwood missed on eighteen for a record 62 in the US open. I mean did it that's still one of the rounds of major history in my opinion especially the way that course was playing in this weekend yeah he was. Unbelievable yesterday and Alice Poland's foreign to get sixty to write it always like to see history. And when he made that putt I mean I was Texan with my out Brothers in law. I feel like Fleetwood was gonna win the tournament when when that thing when and if you figure hey a wins to start blowing again this afternoon and and only one player BM kappa was the only one that beat them. Or he would have I hung on to win yesterday I'm gonna disagree with you a little bit stirs I like to see. How I mean it's hard to hit the golf ball that far. And I know a lot of its equipment related I don't wanna see him dead and that the golf ball but they do need to find ways to to stretch out I mean the masters is added what like eight or 900 yards. Over the last ten to fifteen years but now they're kind of keeping up with the joneses as far is. You know the scoring and things like that can go but now a lot of courses had bill. Need to do so I mean broadcasters and solve that you key aide Europe against you know TO homes and things of that nature you just he would do it again. I. Tip my cap to mom and say in that don't just got tired here and driver nine iron. Driver wedge driver that that's not the way synagogue kills whispers to be played. Mean the US GA can completely screw up a golf course with their decision making. Then make them play a wider golf ball. When it comes to the situation that's the only answer for that I see because eventually we will have guy he's driving it 410 yard green. Eight in the in the game and office. He's just gotten use is we like it's that you can't put this toothpaste back in the T even hit the ball that far stirs the winner was plus one I mean to see it that they lighten the golf ball and put them out there yesterday the winner would have been apostle of with the and that's why they act I say the US GA doesn't have to come back and be the ass hole that they have been so many in the fight like Sergio Garcia saying. Let's and not knocking them but this is supposed to be wanted the two premier three premier tournament. In this is multiple times in the last five years the USDA he's gotten it wrong yeah I would agree with you on that I think you could. You know if they paid less and actually hit a six iron and over that bunker instead of a nine iron then maybe I don't have to have topped eighty on Saturday once a year. They would in the country club they would go poet. Every pin placement in the toughest hole location on the course and call it tough day that's essentially what they did on Saturday. Action a cock feels all right we'll open up the phone lines when we come back we'll continue to talk in the US open do you light. How this course play do you like them be enabled abetting it and some other thoughts because I ten yet. Tiger you're a little bit in denial no doubt about it. Said Burris kept pulls off the bat. The back US opens. That's only the second time in modern history did that ever happened act Curtis Strange did it last back in 19881989. But that's not gonna be the lasting story line from this US open mark Childress it's going to be what took place on Saturday and I'm not talking about. Everybody get on the US TA about you know the course set up where they sat there and said whoa we didn't expect the wind to blow that much in the afternoon. If you go back and look at the weather reports and did exactly what it was supposed to do so wasn't buying that argument. They were hoping that that course in the greens are gonna hold up and it didn't in. Yeah in that became the story line on Saturday instead of the gone up but outside of that. It was so what Phil Mickelson did gain what people do on Twitter. In what people do all all the time in daily life happened on Saturday and Sunday. In the eight I overreacted to what Phil Mickelson did know it was not this damaging thing for the game of professional golf. Filled. With bill did what a lot of us would it done at some point in just got frustrated in reacted to it now he could've handled oppose rain on comments a little bit better. But come on people quit over reacting that way Phil Mickelson did on Saturday. Was just. Would do it was immature but quit over reacting to it so you're upset that DJ and Capcom are hitting the ball too far but you're not upset. At what Phil did and upset with and I just don't think it's one of the biggest travesty so it's ever happened I mean. I think the US GA the property would have probably eliminated him from playing in the fourth round disqualified him. You know I think there was a moment in Phil Mickelson mine there on Saturday when it came to you after number one it's aged. As you said earlier number two I think there's a realization crap I'm never gonna completed the career slam on the east IP US open golf courses. Yeah I think part of that. Feel somewhat and another major more than likely and he's older than Jack Nicklaus was when he won and 86 and I know the game's different today. In Phil's game is different and he's in better shape and all those kind of things I don't think he's ever winning another major it bothered me to speak lies. It was unusual for Phil I mean he's he's been in the spotlight for so long you've never really seen him lose his cool like that. And then to lose it on a Saturday when you're what fourteen shots back in the US open. I was disappointed from that perspective and there were some sportswriters. Wagon their fingers at Phil Mickelson now did you know withdraw for the good of the game and all this stuff on Saturday night and Sunday morning I thought was read Dick. I thought the I thought the actions were childish I thought some of the reactions were more childish are right because I've made this comment do you. This is what I equated it to number one I'm not buying that oh I know what the rules of the game were in the had this much in by. I think he. I leaders a certain accurate connotation to the furries fake pill and we saw it after the when he said Wu if you think that your tough get over Obama by nuts media had added been John Daly they would've. They would have about withdrawn and they would indeed Kunin from the tournament that much I am pretty much Europe. But. Timmy it's like all right. In its not as big of a penalty college football in the NFL but. The office has the right play called you get fake data your jock is a defense of backing your Gatorade Bieber for a sixty yard touchdown pass. All you have to do your only re course of action is to reach out and grabbed the wide receiver and pull one down to the ground and take a penalty call. Did that's cheating. You want to go up against while apparel NC Smart play. Because you didn't cost your team a touch stay on you only cost them a fifteen yard Tony or in the NFL a spot back now. But the reality is you just got burned you know what the ruling is that you reached out and you use the rules to your advantage. To your point I don't think Billy thought through with that that much I think you down there and slap that out of frustration and a like I like your termed childish I like that aspect of and I think that's a good way to put on it a fills a politician right I mean he he knows how to play to the crowd. I didn't have as big a problem I guess with what he said afterwards on Saturday that you did but I was just as I was coming back to disappointed I mean Philly you're better than that. EUR. One of the top two or three personalities in the game it's still probably even with a all the stuff going on today it's what's tiger doing what's Phil doing what's everybody else doing. And know when you're in the spot like that and it like that in doing it. I think he says something before the show get a chance to humanize himself right. Everybody's been there when your on the course you like I just three putted for the fourth straight hole you wanna get up there and slap the ball sometimes you do you'll hit three feet by and you like I'm giving myself that. And you knock the ball off to the side he can you just said hey man I screwed up and dies happens everybody right high you know little elbow nudge and everybody. Was on again whether he knew the rules are not I don't know I'm not buying that argument but like I said yeah we've heard this tagline for so many years they filled fake bill would this would have been a two years ago. Did my eyes rolled up the back of my head blind rage because we've all been there have. Happy Gilmore took the rate it broke it happened put it back in the woods so it could be potentially back with his mother and father you know what I mean so it's Happy Gilmore can go a rake in the woods and I got we can't lose it for a minute. But and that. It gives me more Frank Nobilo on the Golf Channel in less Brandel Chamblee. All right Ed just wanna punch Brandel chant yes some of these guys making this out to be agency worst thing they've ever seen there this was. All of this will follow Phil Mickelson for the rest of his life and career this wide key knowingly. Cheated on his scorecard he knew he made it never dull glow person I want people weren't looking. Org like my buddy used to be we'd always go back and look at these shots from the rough and find AT. In the you know every so was it the same kind of cheating except. These little guys like baton in the media quite frankly need to back off again it was childish. He could handle it better in to his credit he texted one of the bigger golf writers on Saturday night and said listen I get it this was not my best moment. But it's now in the past after you said a tee in the rough I I blacked out after that how I never thought this before. You so we sneak it he in the rough. Wow its nest and raise the ball is set up just a little. You sit on the tee it just minnows actually set up a little wet tires brilliant I've never thought about Addison angle for. For at least so was the same Amanda cheating is going on but my question is. Can we having another one of these US opens it she in a cocktails because. The US GA is twice now gotten it wrong to what extent is that you be individual but. This story line on Saturday became about the course the story line fourteen years ago in the final round but came about the course. So they didn't have the chance to correct it fourteen years later it still happen now to their credit. It happened on Saturday so they realize we gonna be extremely careful on Sunday and they must a watered the hell out that courts. In there were a lot of senator you know senator pin placements. I didn't have a problem with that because that meant you're gonna go out there in somebody's gonna shoot this thing in Tommy Fleetwood poll proved it. You could go low with that 63 but. I'm not sure you can have another one cent a cock kills at least for the same amount of time if not longer. In do something about this fronts on the green because that's where it becomes unfair. Yeah so they're four golf majors. Three of the golf majors know what they aren't you got the masters. It is in the slot right that's a that's the best tournament of the year they always do it right. The British Open is based on tradition they go to the same rotation courses for the most part. The last what eighty a hundred years in the PGA is what it is. They pick new courses they try to showcase new venues you're gonna go low at the PGA the courses are tricked out. The US open does not have an identity anymore it's gone way under par a couple of times over the last five years. Now I try to put it back in the other direction the leadership we can be questioned almost every year you know. DJ got. Mean you know disqualified essentially you're a two shot penalty that kept him out of a play off the Puget there's all kinds of issues that are going on the US GA every year there's no leadership. And there's no identity they got to figure out what they are. And they've got to get it fixed quick and they've got to get committed to usually do that it's not gonna get any better listen if you screw up Pebble Beach next year. Then it's on you the US GA because that is like America's course there's no reason to go trick acting up and and I got Tiger Woods or. Not tiger but somebody else gets fifteen under because they just dominated the course. Didn't live with the I've got to pull up on the ESPN of state Twitter page right now what do you prefer doing now we're seeing these scores going down and down and down do you prefer deadening the golf balls lengthening the courses are doing nothing and also if you wanna get him out Paul. Could add ESPN upstate on Twitter. It's going to be interesting no side was Sturgis not dead and a golf ball you can't do that I had. Why would you why are about they took square that are inside the club so two years ago because the paint clubs were I mean my god GQ he shouldn't be able to spend a golf ball out of the rough flight that. So Daytona square grooves away why not take some of the velocity of the golf ball away. Or would you rather them. And empower listen I'm on the right word is. Because they've turned up these clubs so much to the point over the years with lighter materials and different grooves and always everything that you did these clubs and maybe clubs better better better better. So lengthen all these courses I mean Shana cock hills is I'm guessing I'll go and look at the break. It's playing 7800 yards longer now all. That it did when Hale Irwin won it thirty years are IE I guarantee you they've linked in that course significantly slide and to counteract that. However I don't the ET do the math Donald the only that they been able to only finish his kept up with. Ball. You know golf balls golf clubs and things of that badgers wells set. Again I I think you can find a happier medium. In not let the US GA try to treat things up the way they have done all right real quickly we have a famous family here in the upstate of South Carolina. Will let you know that what the Haas family is up to as well but when we come back it's our buddy TJ reached number one he is totally in touch with the US open mission a cocktails after covering it plus season taiba bay Buccaneers sideline reporter. In the Ayers a report out today the NFL is not letting this team is Wentz and incidents from last year. Go away so we'll talk with our buddy TJ Reeves of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when we return. All right welcome back here where live in the studio mark Childress. He sit there here. Two mile left and of course diesel is getting connected with our buddy in diesel. Peak. Anyway TJ Reeves is going to be with this year in just a second he is he had Taylor bay Buccaneers sideline reporter also does a lot of pod casting. Mean. I take what I get to take my daughter to. In. The publicity sometimes I've got real quick connect to correct this problem Mariana problem it's we're trying to get TJ Reeves up by he sidelined for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he was also with the US open senate cock kills this past week. We'll see if he sides with night either myself or scourge. In this debate we're having about senate cocktails with I'm excited to start talk and some NFL and die I'm curious. I love the NFL and I love football but for these OTA's third can you. What can you tell and not tell kicking you watch these early season. You know scrimmage practices. In CD's new players come in and is sure I sharpen up to deal to determine hey that guy looks like he's gonna fit in fine. All man they made a mistake you I'm curious to teach it you don't. Only theme that I caught out of Panthers. Training camp was simply the fact Christian McCaffrey a little bit more comparable a little bit more. Knowing what his role is headed into year number two and that's a lot of success Wright Ayers is simply. Knowing what your roll lists and outside of that listened to the veterans know how to. Get through without. No showing too much or doing too much says this is a chance for some of the rookies and all but. You know if you got some installation to do if you're a new coaching staff or. Quite frankly try to figure out your Cleveland brown why you had been successful for the last two years at one in 35 then. These OTAs are a heck of a lot more important for them than they are New England or Atlanta or some of those teams. Yeah and I like. You know take a look at the rookies who wanna see amend your team colors and and what it looks like any fresh faces a came over BA's trade. Obviously alexion players like Shawn Watson that have been out for injury. Trying to head back in the right direction you see him out there without the need racing you breathe a sigh of relief if you're a Clemson or a Texans fan so lots to watch but I I'm not sharpen up and I feel like I know football really well in a watch so much NFL over the years. On there are people out there that are good enough to be able to look at it and these are routier's. And to be able to now right hey that guy's a half step slow he's never gonna make it on the team. That guys a lot quicker a lot bigger than we thought man we're seeing things out of hand that we didn't think he had. I mentioned to see what how how sharp TJ's eye is on those Buccaneers. It years until you look at it from the NFC south I mean you know say the paint and in the Panthers have been successful the falcons have been successful man you've got. You've got the ads. The same things where they're doing Drew Brees and Palestine may answer out when it comes to Janus Winston and the Buccaneers but first thing we're gonna do is get our buddy TJ reasons opinion of the US open because. TJ what's gonna be the lasting story line in this open Phil Mickelson. The US GA or Brooks kept up becoming the second golfer in the modern history to go back to back in the US open. First of all good to be would you as far as the delay I sort of feeling better and vote. I don't know what you're curious stirred by anybody really better because didn't they tell us that fourteen years ago would not gonna happen again with the course being burned up. And being unable old ball on the green and look at. I real undoubtedly the golfing and what it would be equivalent or a war are still good record you'll get like the you'll be blunt label in the second half of the Super Bowl. Write more if you're somehow. Playing some other big ticket and they exclude up something within their control this that the US GA bigger parent. How in the world. And for the second time at that same course. You look you're not you're straight on how fast the greens are going to be. And the best players in the world are not just challenge to shoot seventy or 72 or 740. My god Rickie Fowler Phil Mickelson shooting in the eighties when they're in contention with a chance to maybe do something on Saturday because the course. And it's obviously that it's obvious that the course. I had more to do would it be just valid shoots it at sixty. All on Sunday in nineteen shot better. On the same course in the different conditions so. I think USC did you deserve some blame the future part of this is Phil Mickelson and and heard what what I I don't understand that this moment. But it's it's one of those things that did the I guess you you realized. At the moment I got to come up with a really good reason. I had to come up with a good reason as to why just did bits and so now he's gonna act like. All I use their I do go to chuck Italy where I was doing that I don't think so I would. So I think it's your question won't remember that the more the course is always what you thought about it over the film war. All right two pronged question I need I thought Phil got it wrong in the post real inner read that was his years ago listen you know all others have had that happen on the course were our eyes rolled out in the back of our head in I lost it in all of us casual golfers would identify with that side Dickey was wrong bare second part of the question. He and they go back to Chicago kills one of the country's greatest golf courses. Well on the on the first part the US GA has all these that it get approval to accept the rules call put the ball. Seeing any body fat on that if he or any other golfer hit a prominent golfer had pulled something like that at the upcoming British Open the open championship. But you are an eight there will eventually whether it was created. Would not have disqualifying themselves. And maybe it's just because he's such a big name the US GA it was sincere. All we can't tell trickle Phil Mickelson is disqualified. From. In the tournament and we don't have a specific rule or distant. The sister too cute and the pedal and at punishment put. I I would have. You don't need at that point in the into the world golf hall where he's arguably the second greatest golfer of the last 25 years behind. A Tiger Woods you probably is the second greatest golf it would have been an aide paid magnanimous moment for him to say exactly what you said I screwed up. I've now had time to think about it. I should never get that ball when it was moving to gain advantage and I'm just gonna withdraw I have no chance to win this tomorrow anyway on Sunday. I'm fifteen shots behind you're not gonna happen. And equity otter of the game the integrity of the game I'm going to withdraw adding Coker got away with that. Ultimately unfortunately here's very kind of let him happy excuse. And in the US GA didn't. Force the issue on net so it kettle black kind of effort silicon they wanna come back and of course they wanted to have. This rotation. Where they come back applicable like Oakmont smaller courses. Tricked them out and see what happens it would not surprise you could get back in the rotation to eight years from now we're gonna be old men. Let happen to maybe we will get back in the rotation church. ATJ mark Childress here is well on what does this mean for Brooks kept there's so many great young American golfers. I don't think he's been really viewed in that top tier but after back to back at the US open especially help call he's been. In doing it the last two years this has put him right up there with speed that Thomas in and and Dustin. It has to. When you start talking about Jack Nicklaus never did this at all Palmer never did this and Tiger Woods separate that business. Where Curtis Strange is the last one to do it. Ben Hogan name is also clear that there's only three guys since World War II. There have done this it's it's an amazing. Accomplishment even if it did is he going to go down at an all party name. I don't know that he used to go down a little time dignity he wins a few more times than maybe you went the other major championship pursue. That might happen but certainly when you start talking about something that those other names on the list have not done. You gotta get up go up a lot of credited his link your strength and look let's not forget he comes back from a wrist injury that cutting sideline at the beginning of the season. So give give him extra credit because you look and I accept this several times during the broadcast and I don't know what you guys and what success that I I law of the scene and dirt are always bigger problem lies and who's won about Florida guys here you can relive the terrible Bay Area was actually ourself in this Sarasota Bradenton area south of Tampa. But you can tell it like it is and he had some great theater a couple different times of man you know kept those born after ball that are indeed the eighteen inch well with a fully injured wrist. Yeah obviously has no fear and and play it that way and so they'll give him a lot of credit for being able to have to call her. The US GA's toughest challenge to utero wind's in so many others have not been able put together. Home. Over the course of their careers and wouldn't think twice. All right TJ is again we continue to TJ Reeves follow him on Twitter at Bucs sideline guy he's the S sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers broadcast with our good friend. From the Florida State Seminoles Jeanne Decker hop and also pose to the college the Alley op podcasts so listen interest thing he's I guess if you will at least appearing Carolina Panthers territory. Janus Winston remains under investigation from the NFL from a 2017. Incidents. I mean can this be a cloud that hangs over the Buccaneers just simply in the fact this is a big year for Dirk cutter crew. Well look be specific about what we're talking about there was accusation. Made against him last November that accusation became public that actually goes all the way back to march of 116 right after his rookie year. And if it is great female neighbor driver in Arizona who alleges. Legitimate in can inappropriately touched her. And our DSL has been looking into this now works and months. This is ten months later we're still trying to determine. Whose side are they believing other believing what you're registration lodged a formal complaint was super -- actually banned him from being able to ride with them she didn't press criminal charges and what I don't have a unique didn't. Site here people people were asking me about this today earlier today. Well without running around Arafat talked to several different people over the course the last couple weeks in the media you're to big subject. There and league wide and you are looking into it is he going to basis. Suspension we don't know Burke and what we don't we don't know what the status is that the NFL doesn't ever talk about these things along the way that you would have to believe. Now as we secure on. On June the eighteenth and you're about a month away from training camp beginning between the NFL has got to come forward and say. This stuff is unsubstantiated it unfounded. And we're gonna clear him or whatever they believe happened the discipline is there. And they owed that everybody in ball because they've taken him months. To this point. To investigate your agent you big franchise. Changing quarterback for the Buccaneers. And you need to know he's he's going to be available at the beginning. All of this season. Of an intern Lawrence. And it's not like who wants it. It's not like this just in ministers candlelight last November everybody wanted to know I think a lot of it's understood it's going to take awhile for them to investigate it's the NFL they've got some of these long. By rushing to investigate and so. All of Letzing is in the next. Few weeks before training camp ever brilliant and the people at this week or next week if there's finally something definitive on what happened here but there's a lot of uncertainty around limits what. All right final question real quickly for people who don't know TJ Saturday morning ritual is to go have doughnuts witnessed twin daughters Dunkin' Donuts. I've tried and dale what you hit in yesterday in I notice it we see new cake batter donuts Dunkin' Donuts how good how would journalists. I have to say that march wins or the doughnut aficionados. And I am not aware we were in the Dunkin' Donuts last Friday and when that we really did not album he battered donuts. So you're breaking news to me but I have to break the damage to my ten year old daughter we look ago we developed and don't condone that report from there on the they are big fans of the ladies with Lendl lost thing but failed bailout take batter ice cream cake batter flavored yogurt. So we might have to go down that road. And and fear about the kick battered boat and not you know on the big. Take doled out and give myself blueberry doughnut chart particularly don't know about your marker used dirt on on your preference on the kicked over a now we don't look at that they're looking inevitable results opened the door Dutch are big staple. Awful lot of arson. A suffered under this is that the mayor is big on all of social media elderly people including you. And others they're almost like something is wrong if we're not theoretical but after about two retreat Saturday. That is correct will listen TJ you've been huge for and for all of us here ESB and upstate. Will be in touch here so our eyes shortly I will go almighty. Teacher Matt pillows here taking a picture of that of that sighing. Here in front I don't condone. Hate hate battered don't know how well that I'm glad you're doing much better back on the airwaves it's great to have stirred back on the audio tuneup stated thank you for having me on the here to talk a little golf and it'll be it football season before long you guys have a great summer. All right will be in touch see and there's TJ Reeves again Disco follow him on Twitter. At but sideline guy all right we'll have a real short couple of minutes is open plans for the rest of the show. But in this short couple of minutes and see people. They might have been the biggest story of the weekend. Welcome back to you and me it is opened balloons for the rest of the showed till 7 PM and of course this weekend. Snowball is there any pity they don't hate the US open backed senate cocktails I won't have a problem with it because. Daniel Orton golf fans. You know they that people up north may make fun of us in the South Korean rednecks that but then the biggest Jack quads when it comes to a professional golf tournament. I've ever seen in my life. I don't want ever alert oh lead bottle bullied until Delhi and times yeah. Or did just the fact it last night it way it's one thing at their twelve year old back behind the set for the Golf Channel you know afterward. But Jesse fifty year olds making Jack in jerks themselves back there behind the other way men and on the in my. Listen I will say this much what a great golf course. Blood. You can keep those golf fans for all I care that's about the most obnoxious four days of golf fans I've dealt with the until after New York surge nobody expects her to an end of their golf. Yeah that that is so gone past its prime back in the day when people yelled you demand and then it's gotten a lot mesa drank paint one time I don't know what was going on. But that was that was almost. A game in itself just trying to figure out what his guys are gonna talk about or yell or scream out -- the best was when multiple people or yelling different things to the same time he could even figure that has an agreement with you on that makes a difference but give me more adolescent. ET cheese to run out on the field during tag team action being guess what I mean they should through every EU from trespassing to whatever. I mean everything that you posed just a moment I'd had too much street where they guess what. You don't need to go out and have that much to drink in that situation but twice this weekend. Twice this weekend in a CFL game which I watch some of the other night to see a man's L we get an Eaton. Never saw the field here comes a do. Running out toward midfield into his credit. One of the one at the security guy or nice keys who won the defensive backs absolutely late this dude out I'm talking textbook tackle. Whole nine yards of course you know did at MD pads on he's probably gonna go to soup of football team for hurting me for that you know. In this happen again yesterday at the college World Series a dumb little young Arkansas opened and runs down Maine he gets drilled textbook tackle by one of the security guy says. To meet that was one of the best parts of the sports weekend seen these drop oh these jerks in this week. Square on his shoulders all have say drive straight through yet there was no targeting on the on the play aren't Arafat had no head was up kids you can't hit what you can't see I me it was a textbook tackle no threats I hope that guy is so war. I hope this can't resist to undo the one at the college World Series about 20/20 one years old. He had all his buddies were ready to all his buddies had their phones and they were cheered him on as he ran out where do you own that was just staying Leon moment and it's not me and it's not a young moment for you to run out in the middle of of a game now one among my guests happened yesterday in a whether delight now I can be a little bit not so funny daddy there are no way but. While game actions going on I'm sorry he hit him. What was the old ship hit him again hit them again harder harder every I was one of languages problem. Stay in a much straight the other guy would just come around but you know you didn't get sued for doing just that are. All right when we come back one of the more disgusting situations and I've heard in the NFL when it comes to Kellen Winslow the second. And why they NFL's probably paying attention to Janus Winston.