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Tuesday, June 12th

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All right welcome back in buy oil. Our world talks a US open golf here in the next segment with our buddy Tommy beer shape but it definitely some college football. You know they always tell you mark Childress always valued these coaches are hired to beat by. But if you're doing well in you that he has to move on to that greener pastures if that's what you consider. Greener pastures well I think here's the airport coaches to really pay attention to eat this year. When it comes to it they have another good season or they have a good seats and they're gone. Now number one on the list is linked at Florida Atlantic at last they use the site though but that money at a Y. He thought that he was above the ire about Florida Atlantic. It probably was he showed in the year number one. What a good job he continuously at a state. But that's just because he's he we know he wants bigger and better things who worked a couple of others that I would put out there number one is. And newly not alone think about the last few offseason all right. He really dais with that BYU job years ago indeed he was with. Some people with UC actually except it. Did the years and jobs report hurting in this past year. In at just hear from people out here ease the net it's to do. What is by the year his counterpart Paul Johnson's done it Georgia Tech. Which is eight botnets NC which he could be at the power by. You gotta find the right school I mean a lot of schools are better this rejects him outright because they don't want Iran that that system that Paul Johnston runs that. Either love or hate it personally I hated. On my it's got to find the right school to be we'll take a chance that he is a great coach really seems to let his kids like his energy is well. You know I always wondered if they Claussen does a really good job at weight bars that that would be good enough that he's had to wait varsity program is run that solemn Muppets in the pats. It could recruit to it but Alla the Naval Academy. But that it was it would that be a big enough that set to private school you know Ayers and again made ailments pull the trigger. This past year the other one I've got a couple more eight of course. It's hard to dictate it the power by level to maybe move and and up and along. But Neal brown it destroyed. Watch out for him because that's the last two seasons. They go on 21 in pride and of course. They got everybody's attention this past year with that knock off the ballot she did on the air in Baton Rouge 24 to 21. It's that that would directly back probably Scott Satterfield app state because. I mean those are the best coaches in that lake in these ought not trying to pick at yet. But it to 2015. Scott Sadr they'll win eleven in two. 71 conference they won the committee of bowl in 2016. He gets hit in 37 at one in the conference again tied for parts a and other bowl win they're in the committee of ball in in the eight back that up last year. Which they yet neither of four record against evident what interleague play. With they went in the Dollar General ball and quite frankly diesel I think that's gonna make Scots that are built. A drag it to a bigger job year sometime sooner rather than later. But certainly not kneeling to say your coach wins football games. That is it is what it is. We all know it's inevitable Scott Satterfield will be hired away is only so much money group of five schools can afford to offer. Their coach CED is just and possibly even the lowest. Power five schools can pay more money. Then some of the best group of five schools is just the way that it is special when you get. When you get TV contracts involved I mean the money is just astronomical what they have available on hand so. Yes Neil brown Detroit Scott Satterfield and actually I mean surprise Blake Anderson in Arkansas State. Hasn't been looked at seriously in Arkansas State was a breeding ground for good coaches I mean you know Hugh freeze ended up having is. Having his improprieties. Down at Ole miss but Dave that's the school that puts out really good coaches. Yet of course Auburn coach got smiles on. It's been a year Ayers well that this is what I like about Satterfield all right. Number one at its worst year of subordinate in the eighties never seen south of 500 since then its overall record as supporting what it when he too. But it means more impressively it would be judged. Scots that are built on 31 in nine in league play against other competition it's equal to at stake stance. He gets key because that losses the bigger schools. That if they like about him is is still go and play really good schools he is not afraid of any body. You know some some day and end the the lower part of divisional line militants diesel but not power five. They they do not want to schedule the really tough team to work order for them to get the wins. That is for them to go out and play Penn State or chore at app what's deeply Georgia and Tennessee. I think that's great and hope that state continues to do that for years to come in that's like it. That's the thing I look diesel last year Artie years ago it was buying meat came up the open last year as Wake Forest we as south Carolina's on the schedule. To head up the mood here in the next what pork by year's. I love that aspect that some of those programs not all yet that's what app state needs to date. Did that and for one if you keep it all right I'll go to the times a year place but. You're kind of back here at one time. And that's how you can build those whom gates there and then but the one good thing diesel is. It will have to be a comparable move because Scott setter bill did play quarterback there that state so he's always but. Is we know you. What it once is enough money involved UK Italy. So nice trip has those two for one deals can get really interest in the way that schools make money a lot of fans will look at it like. All it's a slight you know we'd we shouldn't have to go two for one to play any east Carolina or I as a matter at east Carolina is. One in Boone won in Greenville one in Charlotte. But to be the South Carolina deal is a true 241 however it. They're being really Smart with the way that they are splitting up the money I mean. App state is not losing a dime. By giving up that second home game you know they they've. They'll say all right wall you'd you'd get the gate we give the concessions but we're getting concessions and another team's another school's stadium. But Hopkins because that's what words that's what's worked out in the deal. Yeah so again I like kitten that's why they will continue to be important just like you are these are your talk about the breeding ground Arkansas State to become. I would say keep an eye on my doorbell at that this and think about what that programs would come in the last five years every. Yet Childers. I had the man crush on Justin point eight long before it is naked about. Oh Childress show you should hear the story I don't remember where was was immediate days Serbs it. How guys and we are randomly had we we had an athletic directors phone number. And sturgeon was just god ya over Justin Fuente and and we have an athletic directors phone number and I was texting him behind the scenes like hey. Sturges has a big old man crush on Justin particularly pleased. Get them on the air we really want even if it's just five minutes let's get just and twenty on the suggested he has adjusting call. The the studio line and I passion and a sturgeon SA storage we had just appointed and he believe it starts I was pulled his leg he's right that god does. Yes he does because Justin plays and they had coached at. Don't. Let it happen on. Look backwards like that to get a flight the second the last slot it ACC football kickoff that much like what that would Sweeney does. That's at night they had there all the cookout soda. They went ahead and said sorry but we're headed back to Blacksburg in yet weeding get the most out of bombed out and you had SI the the sports that makes it directors number. In diesel hit a month later that by super in that your range did so called him from the car all the way back to work. So they really think it was I was all those. In the eight odd argument indicted believe it was him that might doorbell eight in eight years since taking over for just that Wednesday that this it. You know why they've they were in the mayor and athletic team chip. Two digit gain. This year you remember they were double overtime with easy yet we should've won the national team. So. Larry Fedora has been on a downhill slide at North Carolina. Scott Satterfield that seems like a perfect slot for him or maybe even Lane Kiffin. Mentally I mean if you're North Carolina why would you going get laying hip then who. I think would be much better suited in the ACC that trying to get in the madness at the SEC. In all the pressure and I craziness going on over there are so. Why not one at North Carolina switch it out for one of those guys eagle one of those would be a home run hire for that. Yeah at the door continue to struggle. Stir the real scary thing and a group of five level is your one bad coaching hire away. From putting yourself behind the eight ball for a decade. Yeah at Georgia southern did exactly at Georgia southern was churning out really good coaches for a long time led three I think three really good coaches in a row. And then they made one bad hire was Tyson summer Carl Tyson Summers. And man Georgia southern is behind the eight ball that is a proud. University I hate them but they are proud university in those those fans love their college football. And and they they're on a tough climb back. Well it's one of the athletic directors puppets calls went to keep it in the immediately when not to. You we saw that. Because historically bad Clinton after Kim Hatfield you know they went higher kit at Villa weight from Arkansas. If he was an Arkansas lobby of 1111 games in the previous year. Of course nobody won the eighty port gone. But when it didn't work out with pat the older you that was never gonna work out. They went reached out the Tommy west because he was the most legitimate prospect puppet AB ports that. 147. Season UT Chattanooga. Does it make you qualified to be eclectic clips it and I actually talked to Tommy west about that case Tennessee grad because it's. What ready for the job which you know turn dale clubs when they operate. Exactly so that they excellent athletic director's office calls this. At some point it eat you happy by qualified enough to takeover that's what you gotta look outside the program it diesel does. All the move that complement its callers on where. You sound like you're complementing your rival right at a test run their nose and had a Blackberry could very well played diesel but it's just jam on Georgia southern ticket while they're down. That work. Yeah so very pleasant sound. So again you know those are some guys to look up why because they what you're hide in the that's when you can sign that's content like they say. Coaches are hired to be fired or there are to be signed on to bigger jobs if they win game. I don't get that wants a bigger job. What's that mean he's in the perfect scenario now he's outside of the hour five. He hit lob his grenades. And it's crazy Twitter madness that you'll be why. All that he wants he can probably went and eleven games this season down there and asleep for the next decade he wants to. And make pretty good money at a great part of the country means be careful what you wish for repealing Pippen. I think where he's at right now is really great. And he's gonna have to find the perfect match I'm racking my brain to try to figure out where the right place for him to let me ask you and the power five would be but he took acquired taste for many. If you're Lane Kiffin and UN you're establishing yourself as a winning coach in the state of Florida. You sit back and just wait for one of those three big Florida jobs come open. Oh might be a while to one of them but yeah problem Rick seems pretty entrenched there Dan Mullen it's gonna do a good job at Florida. I would say the biggest question mark I have as Willie Taggart at Florida State at this point but. His track record suggests he's a good. I know I quit your hit. You can go out there in dill it amp may you wit that I give you some other people win that were happy at the power buy programs spots you can always cite some guys that don't make it academically. At the power might schools yeah. That you could really hurt yourself then CU a a force to be reckoned with down there and again. I know we can probably double the salary I'm guessing or are more Michael and it's taken a big power five job. When we start thinking about it I don't think he wants to be in the SEC. There's only going to be a couple of jobs that might work for in the ACC I guess you could go back out to the West Coast but I cannot be like he's had enough of that out there I don't now it'll be fun to watch. Surgery did have a caller who just said he would love to see Lane Kiffin at Auburn going to head to head with. We'll make he. Yeah I have no issue with that it Gus valves on with might not like that at all and we'll see how that would that he cited huge extent that not happen any time right there with you I think somewhere and win I would consider eight state. School it's basketball. A lot North Carolina yeah. Or Ole miss which has some you go to schools in the air. Yet so where the heat some kind of personality the head coach to get submit it to its long as it's done well right you know and I mean. That he treats everybody the he was faked. As hell to be years before he ever got caught all right will workaday. Here a few minutes talk with our buddy hopped Amir Sheikh. The US open begins on Thursday at a cock Gilles remember that's what the five original United States Golf Association clubs. Our buddy hoppy Beers when we come back. They what Childress one of my goals in life right now is due about three months or now by myself that either legacy pines on the course of the rocket you can see that beats up playing golf again after next surgery. In the last time we taught our print copy bigger shake. He and his brother Robbie world the series shot makers on the that got to Hanoi and Tommy had utility gave up bread. I'm doing good sir. I'm gonna buddy. I take you like getting better every day you know I don't know I told you this my sheet with that. With my dot air Pryor's surgery we had a goal listed that was the play eighteen holes and either way I can probably see that it might be sure maybe that the immediate future with the three month stay on the road. Techie community yeah yeah you can and the greens are in great shape we made it to the winner with a purpose when we've had enough. Twenty years lot of golf courses struggled Lotto winner he'll let you know there were current oil and other great shape. And now we're getting went darker clears you to play golf. He. We're where we get it deep that it ought to meet this week it's US open week he played at a major before. What is happy we all know there's a lot of golfers there. Their careers the buying on how many majors they win it. What is it like to camp he won at the burn and it's what is so different that the deal in any other week on tour. Okay you'll but he hid in a major blow you get the best players. Oh come together at Citi but. You know playing in the leader under difficult not foreseen in the 2012. The Olympic float. And don't think got that was love them all and only greater outplayed in and it's almost typical. You have to have some serious patient. For eight straight days armed and use teaching the winner on the golf course. An and the rough is the greens here are almost like pool table. Remember the last hole hit pitching wedge into a and I did miss cut. Away but unfortunately put him on the front though and advocates equate to about a foot from the hole and it's so hard agreement so far. All else all the way over to back fringe. In and out of distress strictly. The sort while you know the typical style partner Arnold who now is that do. Each year a plane and four majors throughout Europe that's that requires well patience. It Tommy mark Childress here on any golfers that you got your eye on not that we should look out for with a good chance to win this weekend. EU loan is seen in eighteen years it is good to know that digestive juices and you don't dust don't some quality it. The other day I'm and he brought you used. The full. Speed all. Rickie Fowler. The Houdini. Jason dating a grandpa to pretty. You know he's tell you what we've got a lot of earth. 88. Vietnam. Older guy so that your school in the eighth when the good guys that are strictly left well but played across. 2004. It you lose so keep. Yancey did net that's that's gonna ask you because Tommy. This is one of the original Biden clubs that are members in the United States Golf Association Jenna got killed last time is opened with a chin a cot. The storyline was the course and that's why. They'll Mickelson would probably have the career Grand Slam it it worked for that course. Fourteen years ago I'd say that's the one thing I watched on the Gupta in alliance night. Number one mother nature's been nice duo in the course is soft it is wet so we're back at a C. The course itself has the ability at this burn them. Right not tell you Linden certainly enough or they spent creams don't rusty Paul. And here I am talking about the young guy at the bulk up easy on all the king cam out these older. Com you know what like how they'll look no number number out there with him I'll tell. Perseverance patience in your way working your way around back out towards. You can't count anybody out want to you know these are the best players in the world. That certainly don't be fun to watch and what do they say in about cynical and now oriented that publicly. Is a rough. I actually. It either way I look that lack I watched a little bit the Golf Channel last night the they they had done some different things like where there was rub it between the greens in the in the bunker. Now the ball's just gonna head into the bunker but the one thing is six shapes of the brought those greens dale did you remember back in 2004. Every group that was coming through what they were off the green era there watering it like you were trying to person may leaders here in South Carolina and Augustine. Canada that had a little a little older fleets eat Clemens threw the water and green and end it and changing the plaintiff's business as each group comes through. Well otherwise they were trying to grasp of yet otherwise say they would at the grass the putt on the legal loss control at the seventh green back in 2004. It. You know again yet why why does the USDA. Why did they not like people shooting under par I mean there's nothing wrong with going out there. In playing a good rail to be rewarded on the scoreboard. I'm not sure what he now I have the same question you know why did you initiate structure but he's got horses and make it as difficult as possible. Com you know it confuses me copy golf courses are difficult as it and you grow the rough but the only spoke about that whatever it is. Greens are like pool tables and art as a brick bats are not. You know that shape not on the green and then. Shape and agree during the real fat and get a little power to make it extremely difficult. And that if they think that the that the novel that's what we'll see. Yeah the best player in the world struggled. But the opposite Tommy. Though it. Now you got. Now I'll save about believed that the people who want to got look CE es best players in the world you know in the majors and yet it's double digits under our. As opposed to struggle and believe them right Paula. Tommy went off for you didn't mention when you're running down people that might be able to win is Tiger Woods wondered what your thoughts on teicher. This doesn't seem to be the kind of week that he would be able to rebounded when but you never know it can never count that guy out. How a name yet say local look at those model. That does not sure if she's got the game he's capable of winning a major. Com I don't think that he has the ball until the apple and on top of this thing. And to grow. Win a major U Charlotte Reynolds air and I'm not sure if tiger and the place spot opens you'll stories about where the golf course. I'm but he meant used with them and hold on but it wouldn't surprise me. You know I'm looking back Eddie eagle that he was black and they'll give people a week. And although you remember novel it's been trying to cut off a sixteen he's our father Leahy. Any double crossed it at a bail that's on their characteristic of Tiger Woods. You never sleep and stuff like that. He thought his weight back and get close to later with a chip the when he and at this. Make a double bogey at bats when he's not be there but dumb. We wouldn't surprise me. That the darker the myth that the top. You know but I just don't see it happen at this. Not the player that used to do. You have any opt out when you lose you complements the little bit like he has done it it's hard to get back. Especially pudding on US open courses that's what's bothered him in the last a couple of tournaments Tommy it. I can sports talk sentenced Childers we do a little bit of social media you actually played the game of golf at the highest level on tour. These Tiger Woods need to do anything else in his career. He solidified himself as one of the game's greatest because you know there's there's junior golfers the power play in the game that don't remember. The last time Tiger Woods won a major. Right now updated your question I won't let you know Michael was doing anything else and my opinion tiger is probably best players certainly are. And you can put the truck laden looked at tiger accomplished a lot of stuff. And what eat it further any anyways the ball and eateries and lobbies at the young account along the gulf war that now that they're. Bomb on the ball and their guilt conscience intent and they're not skier. So we can't you know tiger pretty much call them how to raise born. And take and take it up in the local. You know when you write your member of your ears but he took out of town have been sympathetic to but I and there are other not. Right you know they're not here Tucker were with the tigers done so much for the game and he brought more money. To the tour you know the person's. That he came out and you know in 1997. Whatever the lawyers come in just look back at the money their poignant or and tiger is the reason. While these guys are plain for two million dollars each week first place. All right before I let you go that you just talked about the big bombers I mean my god you look at some of the drivers out there Tommy pierce. That thing but. Let me see you I would I sell right here if I was named PGA tour commissioner per day. Though one day you they're these courses really care at the portly dual. What you know that commissioner it did make it dead in the golf ball a little bit it bring that some of those courses back in the light I think that's by issue now. It's every byte hit driver sand wedge driver it's way too. That golf ball less decent shot making come back into the game well. Ride the rough is yet the M four inches that's not a big deal we got religion not learning it. But on you shorten that you changed the golf ball and at stake and make it a little bit shorter. Now you've got 67 earned in your hand trying to whack and out of that grow up that make things feared that call. And I agree with you know that the golf ball down that they need doctors bomb and then 7000 are stopped forces here. Seen that Americans think about come ashore. Near the longest players in the world. Why it is not that you agree that things up. Yeah about like Corey Payton hit a three wood in port beat away at 6 o'clock guilt about 25 years ago who would ever thought. They guys that will be hit eight iron in this weekend that that US open it was one with 83 woods. It today tunnel and yeah them that we're familiar remember not a whole. That was Barak he will work. Right hey hey I deeply they'll make fun of a short irons are right I got all of its. Played Berkeley City University. If we're out there on the PGA maturity and over in Europe and everything else but top he broke quickly for people that don't. You've traded in the golf clubs more well basically golf clubs you know what I mean. You guys at legacy pines for people that don't know this fantastic course it started off back in the days each ads it gala ticketed over eight take it to another level. It is not Branson to plate the rock artists like wow what that job yelled that it is bringing back our asses well. NASA also yell out August at this year will be three years horse here legacy. Yeah we've all the golf course from around the heat jazzed up with that had access sparking certainly eight and then we acquired the rock about fourteen months ago. Wouldn't bring you typical green Islam unfortunately that struggle low that you took its winner. But we're in the process of loan repairing the greens and and really pushing fertilizer to get them back up and they'll be let down young staying busy the boat got horses and fortunately. You know. Business is good. Lou let's have to come out and let. That we're gonna do it's it is that nano got video call eight is. Last time I saw Tommy beer state swing a golf club we were out there at legacy priced diesel. If you reverie steps up but like the sixty teapot seeking detect Odyssey at at a seasonally teams on. But what about three to twenty right on the right side of the fairway house like. Make meets stomach. I think that you're gradually gnome 320 mud into. How long art. I still wouldn't know it that's it looks like with the body piercing they keeper you check out a couple of nights here in the last month that certainly appreciate that like that's set. But gold she set the play eighteen holes off the bike got. I'm gonna get that done opera and. Bring him and I look forward to pull off the Q give that person to forward like. Oh yeah we what will plug those on the way back Ian thanks copy it to the US open this week and yet but you're talking they'll click here. Right how you fair shake it diesel how we'll let you comment on the burger at it legacy pines that day. There's not a whole lot of things I'd rather have a lot in my mouth and that. Stared back at tell it eat. This was you guys including me on this big ground it now on are chocolate a lot of fun at talent does he each day if he was telling us why they did that they nature that they went with. Top quality meat with good who may potato buds a quality site. So you'll coming here you know enjoy the boot you'll stay here and you'll realize it's a day at the courts and on Ellen yeah. That it is burgers it legacy they're in the same thing at the rock. Absolutely next level that's off all right we'll come back open the lines a couple of story lines what it comes to the US open. But you can get it with us. Will have air can't win the fourth consecutive year. Always love a good major weak when it comes to golf you can buy it because there is probably was Tommy piercing was talking in the last segment. It's mostly the best the best built target as the all year. And of course there's that little bit of pressure because when you win a major even admits to stay 19 winner. You change yourself with the caliber program is I'm sorry. And Murray won a major back in the day it's probably not done anything since that win. But he still has that tag major winner when it comes that ETH. You're right and this is I don't say this is well I will this is the toughest one to win in my opinion this is a mental grind. The courses are really really choppy got to be great ball striker got to be great around the greens and I realize that supported in all these tournaments. But this is the one that or mentally just you used to death if you're not ready for it so it takes a really strong fortitude. To win a tournament like the US. Advocates US GA is sick twisted group that they wanna see anybody wonder park the only thing that they can major golf that comes close to it. Is that at the championship where the third rail like. 28 degrees in twelve inches of rain you know it means we now CNET. That might be a bigger grind but it's that you don't know which you're giving from the US GA so many people. You know year to year. What the masters it's Saturday ego because it was here every year rang all right the EG eighteen chip has so any. Not poor grows split eighteen approach you know it means says you have to earn your way in media. In the US open and again it's always been held on. I'm glad it's back it likes likes him cock deals are right. I hit trying to go out west and add some stuff into the rotation but wherever they had it out organ a couple of years ago at chambers bay where. Where. Jordan's beat one happily. That was a rock quarry all right it would take all that breaking ground that they ate up all ports adamant. Wanna go back its 10 o'clock pills I wanna go back to those who were in traditional courses. Over the course maybe one set of fifteen years makes one and but chambers bay. That was not a US open courts. US open that you might. I agree if you. Now the last four tournaments sturtze the last four US opens. Under par and a couple of way under par remember Brooks cap it just destroyed every one last year US open was sixteen under last year. Your report that with Dustin Johnson he wanted to at four under. Jordan wanted at five under chambers bay in market timer at Pinehurst was nine under. So the last four years have been very anti US open if you will it's Farsi in the lower scores and when Retief Goosen won here. What we talk about back in 2004 he wanted at four under. Even with all the crazy conditions on that Sunday so. I think the reputation is still there on the US open it up the interstate they're gonna course correct at some point. I don't think it's gonna be this year where they just had a bloody everybody adapted for over got to win one I think with the weather conditions this week you're probably gonna be looking at. He never ever led on the golf course everybody back up he'll meet due November and that's how lead that what winning a US open that was a certain IP. Eight US open but here's the here's that they. When is the last time you think Americans have won four consecutive US opens. They have won three Ayers eighteens that match. Four consecutive. It's been a long time it's got to be at least 2530 does from 1982 did in 1993 when they actually went to while consecutive US open and Erica a solid club estate at. Done since the last time that they've actually won three in a row with 1998000. And correct me if I'm wrong Curtis Strange who it is theory. Now that was an eighty's and 98 would have been Payne Stewart would on that in 99 at Pinehurst is through that and tiger had his. Ethnic here in 2000. Well today here's some other. Repeal things that pay attention to it is a Ryder Cup year so course C. More points awarded when it comes to the majors it. You remember this year should be pretty but Ryder Cup because we saw some tit weakness. Back in 2060. I can't this is my that's my favorite golf event is the Ryder Cup do you miss it. Always on the play so many young Americans. The US will be probably favored more heavily in this Ryder Cup that they meant it when he 25 years I would think. But man it's always going to be a challenge when you played it suits Europeans who always eat if the rates well we come back guys' part that late and years ago hate LeBron. You know you're talking about playing with a broke it. And were pleased hander. What ever went on in the news. Whatever went on in the NBA finals do you realize ten years it Tiger Woods. One basically on a broken leg and had the like Dexter eighteen holes in which to do it. Will will ask about that it will also you Ayers stuff that attention to in this US open. It's the upper eighty year paths will close up shop for four GE SP. Yes it. So again you know did hear the eighty got right his hand on the white board idea distinctly remember in years ago. Tiger Woods' final major first of all it's that it decades we see it. You remember when her dad said man it this way I'm sorry I don't really relate Matt's older you get what is a perfect example in years ago. Was the last time tiger what they're youngsters that are out there. Lee Jeter golf that don't even remember tiger racing one of those turns. It's incredible you know fourteen majors. You've figured he was not a slam dunked it to when he. A comeback for that knee injury and it went one or two year for the next decade right and guy. Man it's I'd like to see him get back to the winner's circle IMAX. I even when it was all going on. On dead of course his his dramatic fall but he's humbled himself he's come back I like the new tiger I like what he's been due in the you know the president's top then and the Ryder Cup got to be in a co captain and really get into it and help it from that perspective he's gonna do that again at the Ryder Cup this year. Unless he qualifies for ice got a decent that amazing to be able to do that. But John galaxy tiger back in the winner's circle I don't think it's gonna be this weekend I do now. Out with Eva has no what's hurting him right now is putting he and shot making absolutely he was now in just a few weeks ago we just could make a putt. To say this light by you that he thinks that I'm really looking forward to. When it comes does the US open beginning on Thursday. Which I will be watching like you're watching some crappy game called soccer. They won't overlap soccer in the morning golf for the Japanese hurt nobody got our latest sports. Number why and how they set up this course because again fourteen years ago that was the story line and I maintain. We would have a number another member of the career slam. It Phil Mickelson at the course not been tricked up so late afternoon and in that losing but that's my opinion in my opinion only. The other big thing to pay attention to it this week. How has its US opens in settled for ever. If we end up and I after 72 holes it's the worst possible scenario it's an eighteen hole playoff the next. Is it. Because no watched the what ESPN I guess is running or CBS sports. Would Rocco Mediate is talking about being in that Monday playoff with tiger. In years ago they could ninety holes this. They opened up the course the eight civilians were killed in Wi at even teed off on number one. But if Tiger Woods effect if they had to sit in what might grips come and threw their weight. That Margaret to come there that would not have been eighteen hole playoff anymore adds up this year we will go to a two hole aggregate score set pizza I like that goals whoever has the lowest total in those two holes that is your US open I. You could say it's the truest way to determine the champion to play eighteen more holes will remain a fan friendly. Perspective on television. I mean your watch it on the weekend right and yet things wrap it up at 77 pitino on the Sunday night there with a comeback got to play on Monday. A lot of times earlier in the day right so that part of it's gonna end at five for 530. If you got a day job you're not watching. It is you've invested all that time that weekend that he can't see that the finale so I'm glad they got the the two hole aggregate at Bayless had a playoff may be fun. I wanna see I wanna see they'll Mickelson in contention I wanna see I beat him jobs and I wanna see Tiger Woods. I wanna see employee McIlroy I wanna see Justin Thomas I wanna see Jason Day our heavy that's out the we aren't golf right now. However there's a burstein wetter easily beat that I wanna see either Ricky now target as burst or wait too long. That future is ours does that the two that might see the first time winner takes place with. I just like this year crowded leaderboard with some of those names that we dissident. Come Sunday because that's what I miss the age is one of those. Just all out races day on the back nine we have had eight shootout would work by guys in it and it major. In quite some night that's what we've gotten to a lot more back to play in some of the majors where you were just worried about defeating way. I wanna see that scoreboard going nuts on Sunday tickets. I personally believe we're in one at the heat this years of golf that we peppers. I completely agree with you and your right to meet that Iran randomly went last year I'd Dustin Johnson won by a couple of strokes the year before that. Speak 13 years ago but that was the one jot army Johnson what had that three while the last eight completely unexpected. And bad and all the sudden it's over and elect how it it's done you're you're planning on that dreaded Monday playoff. I'm right there with yeah I don't know who live I'm going for I don't think Phil's got enough left in the tank to be able to do it. And a crime like the US open nobody's really talking about Jordan's beat which really surprises me house have been playing that great but many peaks at the right time. You saw what he did Sunday at Augusta I'd hate to give to give them some more competent to get back again you know maybe speed or. Are or Justice Thomas. If my mind uniquely golfers were we're update any atomic takes beaten ideal way to make first just under DOS which I'd Justin Thomas Jordan speak mechanic. Yeah it's in yes I'm gonna go. Aggregate Jason Day Rickie Fowler and we'll see who gets the lowest aggregate the middle between our two golfers I like I like what. Either your wife's body that are my wife's mind that are about that that's just re there one of us are sorely aggregate or whoever comes in the Lois that. The lowest finish etc. aside with a with Jason Day that it's it's yeah at four under in. Rickie Fowler wins eight under that means a minus twelve provides golfers OK so it is that it Europe wide ms. buying. The three of us that are okay lower an eyewitness says it's finally this yeah we we do want the net paid off right diesel. Now it's taken a big night shot myself right here anyway we're in Florida that's where they cannot mistook Dustin Johnson which isn't just. It's so tough to win him back to back weeks. Yeah it is is actually different types of courses that you get it that the EC in that this is compared becoming into one of the US open courses. And again I wanna see you all. Yet Dustin Johnson and Roy Mack is talking about raw right now that's why I say. The pundits he that those sevens all worked all it's about number and bumps on that that would be great and it's not but the better than that a major Sunday involved in my opinion my paper. They are supporting this ought to be creative suite package it's my days ago Coca dale detailed it's Father's Day out watch in the US open they don't. In we will go about it that way all right you'll be gone to our. I don't winter break the easel. The pit out Ayers really really good but it come by NC is because we're gonna happen America into war here the operative in other competitor what this will talk with that. Tickets. Heisman who has won Indian male serves I don't ever written one that. When the guys it's on television and nails it's got to join us at. If you'd like to come by in that meet our local Americans it toward your competitors. 6 PM they will be. And it ought to be. So what are predictable hour per straight was sturgeon. We'll have some fun with them in the final hour. No doubt about it diesel absolutely fantastic job to date that burst open lower lane exit though its target right here shake up the US open. I have a blast the will do that at 4 PM to mark reports straight up was there.