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Tuesday, June 12th

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The World Cup begins on Thursday. I hit the fact that soccer is the most popular sport or football at my name actually. Insulting anyone why it's supposed to portable sport to play all right. Yet aside at nine players all you need to eight football worry soccer ball. It's more sticks the bit up its goals spaces in some tried Spacek bit. You have soccer match right yeah that's why soccer is the most plea sport in the world it is the most state portable support. It doesn't matter the third you can make a ball Lotta things is they do in Africa so I hit it soccer is the votes. Popular sport the world in every bodies but to come to us stop beginning on Thursday with this World Cup. What I don't get is how a country with our resources. I understand that some of our best athletes going to the ball go in the basketball going to baseball go and other sports due to help me with the resources that we have in this country. With all those soccer but we have armed sport soccer mom. That we should be in the World Cup every four years. I can understand how Italy might this this year because why. This cricket teams over in Europe burqa. What you have to do is beat Trinidad Tobago. They are likely the guys grew up playing soccer which we were talking about a baseball at four sticks up for gold bugs. And they wipe it you say everything went wrong I say they should never been in that place in the first place but. Will you pay attention to this World Cup with out the United States by. Yeah absolutely and I'll do it for number reason so number one search and this is why you're gonna watch more than you think you are. The games are on in the mornings. Usually got a lot of 8 AM 11 AM 2 PM kickoffs has all this is going on over in Russia. She gonna be up in the morning is going to be doing your thing it's that haven't sports in Iran in the background or Stephen A Smith. You gonna have a lot soccer game. And that's number one number two it's the beautiful game it is the world's most popular sport a match and if they played. The Super Bowl once every four years and we had eight football team that represented the United States and how big that would be for this entire country the entire world shuts down. Wore this events at your sports fan I think you're gonna get sucked into it especially when you see all the pageantry. How crazy the fans keep going. You have some upsets you'll have a an ice slander Costa Rica all wholesome upsets early. You have an underdog to pull for just like. It's just like the NCAA tournament or are really it's more fairly compare to. The you know some of the way to the College Baseball playoffs are. Our format it re got a little round Robin and then you get into the elimination of the mural right up. I think you're gonna enjoy its search I think you will now. Inexcusable on the USA I'm not even gonna begin to try defendant. I was his heart broken after they missed out on the World Cup as I think I've been. About a sporting thing in many many years I still OK to give my head around that this is happening in the USA it's not and it's. Mean I can remember watching every one of the World Cup's for last. 20/20 four years my son was born. Right before the World Cup sixteen years ago and I would take the middle of the night beating. So that I could watch the games at 4 o'clock in the morning that your they're playing over in Korea I can watch USA wait for the morning and beat my you know one month old son. So it's a huge event for me with the without the US and I'll be watchable. I went after my sophomore year college guys yet backpack through Europe with the written mine it would wait yours truly Eddie you think about what our Ayers did that you would drop it he will lecture to I'll do today. This to. 88. In. We had the dollar eight budget traveler's checks. Wow man I'd expect press travelers check out. In we had you grow switch it up on and off the train anywhere he would treat systems uterine Europe. And Collins in the week. With our. No Mort do that with my daughter the day here a couple of years that blighted the made. But will we were in Germany we were like what the heck is going on there it's all this excitement they were happened Europe. He is weak it's the international. Action up close and personal of course not the World Cup witnesses for the past year well. That we saw back then go back in 1990. It was the worst US qualified in the wallet of course it was plate right here in the good old US today. I'll never forget when they took with the US. It did either. Michael sixteen and the final eight remember updated at a group like they made it to the round of may they be Colombian it to around it now one of my. Remain about what the school with that couples though who grew up in Nebraska who's the biggest Nebraska Huskers be it I've ever seen. Remember him at a bar recliner with the US scored when it's back to single it. At eight via this guy Ellis soccer ball from Whipple ball. That EC EO we have that here in this country Wu will watch ourselves but. Many NC kids across this country played soccer on a daily basis forget this weekend's like. It the YMCA when I grew up where. You went to play with you Brentson that you got your two spots afterwards you know what I mean or are baseless hold on. CP diesel remembers this. She asked did during since you mama go by like six or seven different flavors of Shas victory back at apple shekel would definitely jury split. But we're talking and they traveled at least part of it and everything else and you used to help me that we don't have enough players in this country. It's the fact that they need to go play in Europe woke best case start bringing more European coaches every year and they are more. Yeah there's a hundred different direction to go and all of that I actually went to couple those World Cup games in unforced errors down and Orlando with a friend of mine. And I got to see Mexico in the Netherlands play it's still one of the most exciting stadiums and I've ever been and I went and saw the guy. It was Argentina Nigeria I think in 1996. Olympic. Finals are denied Apatow watched that game up there as well. Which was another does not idol like me you know they had to read the original hedges that it see protesting what they did you that that it soccer built in the air. That's its last updated the ball taking overeat but while stating that it. Eight year river where they also plagued Olympic soccer in Birmingham Alabama leads all that's right that's right. So I always love soccer rapidly growing up as well and again I'll watch a lot of and it's on you know I'll be working there in the days at the TV on in the background. Close match late in the game pitcher attention. You'll see some of the most amazing athletic feats ever seen in your life with some of these goal scorers. And it would be doing somewhat excited about it you'll see some of the biggest garbage. That you've seen as well win yet this guy will all day on the and trying to get a penalty or this or that or. I don't technicality Arkansas South Carolina game last night but I'd flip it and receive South Carolina was cut into it about them any Ursa. In Arkansas batter takes its just who it is inside there it's it's inside. Does the disease that they go out nobody knew he sought the right Melba against dale of wired that ball war what's that. He. Your goal at first base beauty make it get away. Says yeah we'll see you will see if you guys roll around on the ground you if that's what a lot about soccer match if you will. Oh my god that guy towards ACL up pills and sorry for a minute or minutes later this spray male way on the right side. I wish that it find you know they do call pals now for plots and that is an option for the referees to be view. Hopefully we don't see a lot of that hopefully we to see the clean soccer. And dies in great matches but I you'll get sucked in search promise you. We're gonna it's going to be about two weeks from now the get a start getting to the elimination teams in the couple Cinderella teams in there it's gonna fall in love with alt though. Or mess he or name mar or one of these fantastic players from around the world you'll start watch but diesel this would have been awesome that the US was in here on -- think about it would appeal this last month. Before we get in the immediate days and what's were there in the back practice you have. And it would have been so tonight it's at the US audience. That group play the blue plate is more or less in two weeks long says that would appeal that cycle was was. All of this we can't even get Americans in the Canadian football and it's barely different from American football that's going to. We're starved for it we can't wait for football and Americans now watch what makes you think they're gonna watch soccer. Searchers say that he's not gonna watch until and that I think he's going to watch is this going to be as popular is the NBA finals now lots. There's a lot of people living in the United States now that are not from the United States that this is the biggest sporting event. All of their life idiots and there are a lot of Americans. That will be watching this and I'll be watching it illicit things will adopt football a lot pixel Canadian football vs the World Cup come. On May I mean most of those guys are up and coming NFL players and most they'll Mosul play half a season in the CFL and get picked up by a roster. You know so this is now really this is the NFL's developmental league and people won't watch it what makes you think they're gonna wash is we're doing and understand. I think you'd be surprised well of course for diesels purposes when it comes out this much China. It is the biggest sporting event in the world there's more money bet on the World Cup than any other bit out there it is not even close no right number two there's a lot of Middle Eastern gambling going on with that. A slap back at some of those guys can report that is a billion dollars twenty. It's you know it it is on what you watch you see the watch parties back in Brazil where the entire. Countries shut up sit there arson story lines I will it be that much but. When I look at the World Cup these I had to try to look at this in terms it. I thought you week yet. All I see is a power buy setup vs a non power five or. You don't it's on some teams show up they know that they're not competing. Very ATP it says there are some of the favorites will keep you a couple of those who are a couple of the funny like. Go ahead and signed me up I'm I pull apart Iceland. All right guest Jerry and I with the Baltimore did via Iceland Jersey or heck just because they qualified out of our region it week. It they've done it's a big pay out more prepared bonds went public as you know that kanell it'd make it huge difference. It our anniversary and I thought because of the an ally on. How many hours where happy days were cut off that ship the will we have built that in about an outside your indicators soccer team based on the Hannah mocking that you guys will go up there and spit it will but actually have. I'd be there. There he hoped for by the level. So I'll let you know which team toppling port based on the new players who are the stars of the World Cup I've never heard it's almost like. The lakers and the Celtics you like one of the other you never heard anyone go. I really liked but the problem set out to be my pick who have paid attention thwart the will let mark it via a couple of the favorites because it is they loaded field. When it comes the depth in the World Cup that begins on Thursday quite rightly your best soccer story. Got that one more segment we gave him to Orlando Florida. It's about without but he met her shell up thirty. The biggest sporting event the world. It takes place starting on Thursday you know we're not talking about it speed week at the Daytona 500 mark Childress were talking about. The World Cup. And what sucks about dope and they call the World Cup it. The Stanley Cup he can take around injury. Washington Capitals that study really really tight job. In the last six outlets it may not make it the next season but the pace he's keeping an agency that's what's awesome see him celebrate after put all of that tonight with the Washington Capitals vs going in joining somebody else in the other day. The World Cup it's like a I don't you holding the birthers they did three other World Cup. It's a litter role. Earth sitting atop the OK so my point being you're mad about it if you can't drink out. You'd take it's an interesting angles to to hate on the world company that's the weirdest one the British Open in tree Canada to be the Ryder Cup yeah you can putt. He should have more than one purpose all right. So the ability to drink out of a trophy raises it higher on your list absolutely after that it's I can't argue with especially there's just decades. But there's Libya bought all the world our constitution and there'd be a cup I agree with you so the way I can break this dale for these. This World Cup is like opening up everything that the one point oh yeah. You advocate diesel and back in the day. You hate FC it's. That's still the one it's different level at the ones that the World Cup kind of race you know the power by vs non power by. In your power pipe teams are Brazil. Part Germany they hear that the paper it's more money it's comment on both the anyone else but there's other teams that pay attention to. Number one Belgium's loaded with talent yet in on top of the match against them the best news on the base that this or that twilight belt but. I'm pulling for Portugal. They haven't yet number two. Where I was earlier you either have a Renaldo guy here Europe messy guide it to every year anybody really I like let them. While Massey has done more with these smaller flurry that anybody I've ever seen in athletics. Some that about now the I just love the way it handles themselves with confidence without being that guy. You know the US. I Portugal and the opening game that the Tuesday few teams played in the World Cup last year remember at all escorted under a minute left or the US won that game out right amnesty team to dance out of their group. Last year you mix of good teams like you know Spain's always. Always really good and or keep an and I on its target to bet against Germany and Brazil. There's always a surprise team or two it'll be interesting to see what Russia does Russia is not have a very good soccer team. Apply the host countries for the World Cup. Always way way above their heads and they're it's an incredible runs by some pretty or. Host country teams over the years in the World Cup such a key guy on what Russia does early on as well. Here's here's what I got the bill and about Russia we've already seen a couple of sister read briefs in the last two weeks plus it. For bribery wanna that was just 600 bucks. Don't let it past Wladimir the net app a couple of it would had robberies in his back pocket as wells what they invest all this money and it happened the Olympics in the in the World Cup comment. Not it may it's out of the current state so I'm with you watch him really closely rants. I want holds form I would pull format anything but yeah especially. With the you know what was it two worlds of music. So Reyes patent them they'll have a team it's well the smallest country with patriots to me it's if you will. It's your quite. Now. It is a country at just three point by Meehan. In they actually have won a World Cup but it was sixty years ago but they are. They made it deep run just in the last World Cup don't be surprised if that smaller country that's it again country just three I mean people. Search we need and edit you know out there 844. GS PE SPN Paulus there's got to be some bars down here in downtown Greenville. That are going to be the hot spots to watch the World Cup games we should go there on a remote. Let's watch the to a plot game one afternoon stir to soak in all the atmosphere will be it'll be finished and up about the time we come on the air. And I think you might little bit better flavor. How important this is right now. The the week the take in the whole World Cup neighbor's name by leaving it right in the middle of all the action because I think you have to you I got obligatory. You heard it raid deep South Park the it event. It gets beat up that every sporting event or rally that. Hot months ago which jacket at that kind of passion toward you know it's actually morning in. Now yet I realize they're no longer an ally the United States right now apparently yet you know according to buy prints on the left that I guess yeah right on yet sure you realize that we're going on acres with Canadian may at least a year. That smut that evolved on. You realize percent of our population lives within fifty miles that the mayor and borders the you can and it sucks that we BO OK with that. Real concern about what year were whenever. In this bill about it right now with this much I would eat that's the only country that's sports soccer in North American. Well you're right on that this Mexico with our rival against but none of us. None of us are gonna pulled from Mexico advocate you all for your rival it they are traditionally and historically our rival when it comes to us. And Mexico. Traditionally and historically played very poorly in the World Cup they're looking to change that and and finally get it together. And make a nice ride out what's won the best story lines that I'm going to be painted it in. Is how bad the English hooligans the beat up by the Russian mafia there because that's all wait one at the story lines when it comes the World Cup per Euro cup birdie at this stuff. It's how many hooligans gated legally in countless state odds well. That's why that site up moral paper view. Russian Russian. Organized crime vs English hooligans. Does but it that the arc light in the middle of the stadium let him go about it. That is an element you know with all of the interesting things have been going on in Russia lately. And they are known for having their Republicans as well that that's been there's a political element to this that we need to watch there's a safety element of this. That we need to watch and then Mikey said it's it's a hooligans and and how the crowd's gonna mix it up the house not going to be handled. You say you're not interested stirred we're talking about this for Easter segments. You man it tell you it's LeBron James was worth a crap we have another NBA finals game that we can be talking about today. Nurses talking about the World Cup they can about all the yeah we had the in the Stanley Cup on in dollars the night we get the in the NBA season on Friday night. We had some other TP ground on Saturday as well like. There were running that is our IE the the port obviously there are justified in the Triple Crown that was just a and we are college football Europe next there is absolutely. New doubt about it that you can check out that World Cup coverage. I can tell you this much in the rest of the show we come back we're gonna talk with Matt herself. From the Orlando sentinel about some college football like it the rocket and all's well. Actually reached out to David Hill may have on the air mark. That's don't remember the quit the diesel late wars last week about last week about. Canterbury cabinet talked with the media Agilent. To which we do this starts to action as a football team okay to open in Albany if they keep that to a completely different totally. Different level. So it. Well yeah about that loss and keep your college football coaches on the rise unfortunately our world's but these sports producer may be happy. When it comes to that Amber's age it is well bush US open nets again. Ayers Jake. It if Theres a better name or more apropos name in golf these New Year's Day we will talk with our corporate RB Beers make it six point oh my goodness let's go to the plan might throw away. The next brown was going on by. For the love of god can you please talk about a real. I think al-Qaeda right now. Hey let's sit at that point you're not about soccer. If you're Miami Hurricanes would be worth a crap what all maybe we can be talking about the coastal division. When it comes to this radio show and South Carolina than just the Atlantic Division when it comes the clips. Nobody wants to want to bounce on doing blocked them around chase through little all of I would. But once it delicate. I'm like that part but that's. That's our chance right it and now it's. That went. I. Ridiculously. Terrible I don't. Care. Airport to watch him or hate her baby yeah. It. You guys bought this as Zach brown it is look rods that's my story I'm sticking to it if he had it and aren't. We would be talking about game six at the NBA finals right now. Yet we you have been successfully accomplished that went in there and personal thing that nobody else. Or oral that they're all to bring us open. Well guess what we're doing that just breeds that we're gonna talk college football will weaken them back with our good buddy Matt herself from the morally. Those that know. Yet maybe he. He might have something good to say about the Miami Hurricanes because yeah it looked at Virginia Tech quarterback in this of academic trouble. They give Mark Richt and the two Miami Hurricanes. AT it's repeating its coastal division chief will go to jail to Orlando our buddy Matt or shell. All right let's not some college but both our buddy Matt herself up the Orlando sentinel you can give candidate follow on Twitter OS Matt or shell and Matt is there any truth to the river that you have now put in your resume. But the South Florida bulls beat writer position now to be so undone basketball arena is officially changed to the Yi Ling and her. I doubt that those military at all because not to be up to come out of that you wouldn't stand so OK now they changed it's just something you know. A lot harder than maybe I might actually make that move but not that. I'm with you the Crown Royal sinners like my ultimate place to go cover a basketball game at the dollar up the number 77. Dollar. When it comes to your pre season rankings that day it's maybe but let. Childress and I got aunts. Did that more gators may ends in Central Florida get a little upset with Steve Spurrier announced last week it was actually on a year. What does it Steve Spurrier delivered that glowed about it talking one book while gains what part of what did you one more. But you know I think they're probably some Florida Santa Paula made her a little bit you know kind of hobbled by that but you know not actually as many as as you would think I think right now there's so much excitement surrounding this team. Going into this year with Dan Mullen I think they wanna see this program get back to where they can actually contend with teams like Georgia. But they did in the past. And then after the fallout on on what mauling can you with the offense to what they're able to do this is this is an exciting time for Gator fans and that is what bounced back after a disappointing season last year. Hey Matt mark Childress here to do it well today looks like we're gonna add three additional bowl games in the year 22 when he. Are you an advocate for more bowl games are do you think there's enough aren't. Well I thought I think they're fair enough right now I think this year is actually a perfect number but I understand you know if you're a group of five. You know conference and you're looking to get more teams in the bowl games that you got a team that was maybe six's six that was eligible but didn't get an. You might be a little bit more you know looking for opportunities. They know if you ask anybody in college if you laugh coaches and players and and administrators to always say they want. The bowl games are great experience. It gives the players the chance to travel and and they give coaches an opportunity for fifteen more practices which can be viable for the upcoming season but again. I think Dolly concern about it looked at one is enough enough I mean what Wendy you start seeing that the sagging attendance when he starts seeing. You don't drop in viewership numbers you can ESPN you don't care because this contest in December when you know we don't have anything going on. But to be honest with you I just don't golf fans are gonna travel as much with some of these games are locations that may yarder detracted that some people. Chicago for instance and in in late December is that going to be a place that people wanna try almost achieved from the golf. Not during the wintertime at Chicago believe me up rough than that so. It's going to be interesting is if this actually goes through it and how many of these games are still around them. No kidneys we continue with the national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel membership makes you check out their killer podcast the grid iron 360 by men. You know that disputes is through closer to a football season and Matt you know most people think that club civil win that waning dimension here. This upcoming ball but yeah I thought it's been a two team race when it comes to the coastal division. Why did this really learn in Miami's favor with Virginia tech's quarterback looked like maybe at some academic trouble not just with the football program. But with the university itself. Oh yeah I mean it's that it's definitely you know I'm they obviously you don't wanna see anyone go through problems like that but if you're Miami you're looking for your chances to to repeat in the coastal you know having you know pretty attack possibly be without star quarterback is going to be huge deal Amin this was a Virginia Tech team that was already had some holes that they had a really kind of still you're looking at wide receiver position you're looking a little -- the running back position you know value talk about maybe quarterback I mean I can set this program back our look at just the but what that couple months ago when he was here in Orlando and he was so excited and you know and an eager to get. To this season but could you see this kind of thing happen and I'm sure there's coaches will tell you that's one of the things that. You know can really kind of you know make or break your season. And if this would have been true what happened he goes up suspension then I think for renew its second presents a huge challenge especially when you look at the roster that doesn't have a lot of experience behind the. Continue to talk to Matt herself from the Orlando sentinel Matt what are your thoughts on the SEC east you've got a Georgia team that's lost a ton of talent. You got to South Carolina team with what I feel like it's a real beautiful schedule than a lot of new coaches. What we're sure has kind of fallen out on not I think that might play out the season. I still think Georgia the team to beat in the east I mean I think that you look at that offense obviously they've done a tremendous job I know the defense is Lawson talent there but again this is Kirby Smart this is this is the guy who recruited really well you know Mark Richt even before him did it up a pretty good job recruiting so there's talent there and I think they'll they'll find ways to to win games I think South Carolina to be the number two team in the east if you wanna be honest. Just based on what. Come back for a four Will Muschamp is the offense could start clicking if you feel like they can get things going. They've got to schedule I think they can finish you know second of that division and I think maybe Florida I think you know stand Maliki trying to get things. On track a little bit at the offense looks good it's really different is the starter. You know it does he kind of eventually it will elevate himself to that elite SEC's status that we're used to seeing you know out of Al mullah mullah quarterbacks. And then maybe Tennessee ball that range they Kentucky and Vanderbilt so. I think the first two at the top spot it probably George are more likely but I think she's spot going to be a distinguished art Keller of Florida are battling it out. It's weird continue a Matt herself national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel you know what we are with Pittsburgh last week Matt. We had diesel played bit where he came out it meet with the South Carolina mediums that. Do you wish he had to come out and do this to the gate while negative rupees in August camp but. Did rock band and all of the Virginia Cavaliers take it to another level last week when he was speaking at a University of Virginia board of visitors meeting. Any poll that crowd I believe we have to set an AC seek out broke football players on our roster today. Yeah I think a little bit I mean you know I've looked at it if I don't view one for bronco you could see that you could say maybe you know I'm just pointing out the fact that we've you know we've got a lot of of room to make up but when he's not moving into year two years three. That's concerning point you know I think I think it also fall battle on him for saying that you're not doing a better job recruiting some of these guys you know I mean I mean it is Virginia I know you're competing with Virginia Tech when you look at recruiting trail but again the other opportunities there to it took to get these kind of players in Obama player on that team just can't warm motivation but you don't want to be taken yourself off number 2829. On that look at you know you wanna believe that you're one of the top you know ACC players there. But it'll be interesting to see how that resonates you know with the with the the players themselves. If they use that as motivation or whether backfires and may end up kind of in a separate themselves in the cookies that. Hey Matt water what's an underrated or. A team or two that is it getting a whole lot of publicity that you could you think you jump up and surprise to people this season. Why you don't want when you're looking around. I mean I think you have to until look at. You know Texas CNN you know I mean I know that general Fisher guilt lobbying made him. Coming in without big contract I think they're possibly they could be a top 25 team boarded this year either I mean he's got. He obviously had experience coaching. Champions he's going into a program that's got some money at the facilities. I think at the office and starts playing well there's opportunity for taxes they've got to make it a big push as well. So to me that older couple teams that don't they're kind of the blue bloods but I deficiencies that may surprise some people. Well you just got some Clinton instituted since that they go out there that night game in week number do you at bat real quickly are you that the US cannot qualified for this World Cup. How much you watch enough of it begins Thursday you are the national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel not the football writer. But yeah I our soccer and look forward to me why I don't watch a lot of it I don't like to look at soccer couple Socrates you're in Orlando I've been to one soccer match in my life. Covering it and more than likely I'll probably turn my attention towards vacation the next week Robbie. Be out out of the loop so soccer probably about all my watch list this week. Well listen it's a well earned vacation enjoy it a listen when we get back what you get back where it that much closer and you know media days just around the corner man they keep everything you always do and again our listeners can Maggie on Twitter OS Matt personnel and I challenge him. Check out your gridiron 360 by podcast that she can get on iTunes as well as in toward. It pretty daycare. They got that personality did it nothing else is one of the sharpest dressed men in all of that you know back when. Our company likes for people and those that. Which they're representing 933 the planet or ESP you know state with a golf sure. Ten years ago with twelve years ago when it started it was aware how it's likely. It's like eight matching contest up in the you know press boxes around the country. What you see guys like Matt Purcell in there and let me take is some of the guys with the local web site groups like it will mean report and all they upped their game when it comes to showed up in the press box as well all right 84 ports ESP ESP yet what exactly did bronco minted all say. We'll get into that will we come back. So mark Childress. Went back. And mails came out a couple of years ago that Bronco Mendenhall had been lured away from. Brigham Young University to the University of Virginia. I thought as when the sneaky good hires I'd seen in awhile because we didn't know we didn't know. BYU what they have achieved. They also somewhat set their own rules that he will you know when it comes to things I thought that was the sneaky good hire but. You can't wait we're going into year number three of your program which means that's the re recruiting classes the first the second the third. It still be telling the board of visitors it meeting. We got 27. ACC. A ball ACC caliber football players. On our roster because that means you recruited nine capable players per year three. Each year birchard. It's an interesting way to go on you know these were said in kind of a close store small meeting. We're bronco was super blot right he said a number even set about his out of conference scheduling. And easy as well yeah cause I want to play the worst team in the power five every year right. That's that's the direction he wants to head and so I think there's some contextual element of it but. Yup that's problematic and it's he says that each of the next couple years that'll grow weary yet sixty plus ACC caliber teams. Sergey says he keeps a list that he of the coaches keep lists of who falls you know by certain metrics into. ACC equality and not ACC quality. Susan strains on goings but son Rocco is always produced before. Maybe this is to stay a step back in in a long journey for him to get Virginia back to relevant again now we're not always used to hearing the blah honest truth when it comes from what. While coach but. Now he says that's this moment right mail with the 2018. Class company in this ball. He bills or this summer. He feels like that's gonna get them somewhere along the lineup forty to forty by players say quote we have 85 scholarships to give. That means with our 2008 class arriving that we think that number at ACC caliber players will jump to the mid forties this year. By the tightness with the nineteen class comes in he's got it sixty by pitch. Eighty set by the time the 2020. Class comes in. They'll have eighty by ace top caliber players on his roster now the reality is it's recruiting it's fitness it. There's not a eating clubs and that probably adds eighty vitality. You know but. The point being that it's a so I get the fact that pertain is that Alabama LSU. Ohio State you'd Georgia. Evens out here alive you know and I mean but. You lied about that big type better Virginia IP watch in this season pay very closely because. That was a heck of hires that we thought to state couple years ago. Well they we're bowl eligible last year so he's he's got the team headed in the right direction and he was doing that with. That that it and about a half hour to players around that then that who knows what he could do with a fully loaded roster man that ACC coastal. And it got some great coaches over there with richt went tea pulled Johnson where the eleven or hate him. And David cut close up there at Bronco Mendenhall that is a loaded division that is just right. It looks like Miami's in the process of doing it but it's right for one of these seems to rise up and start dominating the way to close it is dominated over the land at. The Atlantic Division for one well so I want to see what happens with all. The best recruiting in the state of Virginia she knows that it in roads area. I mean you can name the quarterbacks that have come out at they're from Michael Vick and our ports. But this is where I think Mendenhall is just trying to be truthful with the people. Of course your purse recruiting class when you come in late that's always yeah I don't think he can be judged on that went by. That was thirteen in the ACC back in 2006 feet. His 2070. Classless too well in this past year 2018 that's coming in was eleven sizzle. Heavily here I mean everyday items only but surely isn't privy. But again you I guess the back east and lucky. Virginia is going to be may be patient with it may not but it that you what. Let's start little un opened up pressure on them by eight hits back it's 66 this year. I've seen people taken them to go winless again in the coastal who's their quarterback. Was one of the guys that people thought many drafted toward the end of the NFL trap this. Last month. Seems likely to be taken a step back you know what is successful football Virginia's also is opening needed time of course in the nineties that's a really good football teams that think they got the number one of the country and at some point. That was mores years younger Mac yes. On it and had some great teams I don't know if Virginia ever gets back to back final level just with the amount of money in growth that's been going on a college football recently but. It seems like they're a team that should be able to go 789 wins this season and and really start to be competitive again so I pulled for Rocco meant it look like him. I like the bluntness. It's a lot more refreshing then you know. Reeker to take cliches which is what everybody else is talking about right now so. He made Indies made for the wrong reasons but I like the fact he's speaking out and be a little blind well what they did back in the day they went made a great hire with George welts give him from the Naval Academy program so what does that have to do with the 88. A couple of coaches which includes. A Naval Academy head coach at it's it's into the they may be movement on to bigger and better things will get into that real quickly don't forget or switch in the US open golf that sixth when he. We'll talk with our buddy Darby beer shake the former PGA golfer. Now rented a couple of courses here in the upstate. We'll talk they have about what they expect from ship a cock guild says. People may not remember that one at that by original United States the opposite cheats in golf clubs. Up makeshift cot bills we will talk with Tommy beer shake it six point eight but the worst and coaches that may be on the boot one guy here on our staff. May have a little bit to be nervous about what you about 844. GSP yes the year.