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Tuesday, June 12th

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What commit up stated is eighteen day in addition straight up with stirred to mark Childress mark Sturgis were lied here smoke on the water diesel back idiots be in upstate studios in. Looks like we may have a little rain in the area this afternoon but we're gonna keep you busy till 7 o'clock because that. Would have start looking person story lines mr. Childers or will supports continue and always give as quick as. I'm gonna take you to task over soccer today. Bring it on RI I'll defend. You're all excited about this whole World Cup thing that start on Thursday and I'm telling me out might watch the finals of the semifinals or but that's about it let's that. It is absolutely insulting and they're seeing that the Americans cannot qualify for the World Cup will get into that. In a little bit also. The college world Ceres is set war giving the match ups for those gains South Carolina. Listen I came to an end last night market. Eerily similar into the season final game for both the game cuts in the tigers'. Just at different levels of the tournament but fourteen to four per South Carolina yesterday. Lot of young pitchers got some experience and a super regional. Listen. Both the that's one thing that's gonna pay off for the gamecocks coach mark instant. Next year and a couple years that it comments the number of youngsters even though they took it on the chin for Singapore yesterday. The number of youngsters in that program that got experience in the super regional including one left handed pitcher. Really it should have been pitching high school ball this past year Nate. Gave up three runs and a couple of but still borrow stadium. Yeah third biggest crowd in Arkansas history come off the loss. That experience and nothing else will pay operatives to Easton game cots in years ago. You know it's a real shame that's probably the worst gain in the south Carolina's played and at least two months. Same thing with Clemson both teams go out literally with their their forest outing maybe you could even argue this season. It's a really tough pill to swallow at the very end but man that Arkansas team is top. They got those big bats I think theory legit contender to win at all yet absolutely. You'd AG said it we were talking yesterday boy would all the pressure move on Arkansas in the air and basic Kiki get up early. In that make them start thinking about it that was a complete and total opposite. With a five run first inning which some self inflicted Ayers before the Big Three run home run. But again. Listen nobody expected to be talking about South Carolina baseball and a super regional. This year when they were twenty and seventeen coming out that EC loss that. I saw people like he bought Knight on Twitter saint. I think I'm more proud of the effort in getting through an elimination game in the super regional that I am in some other years past and my guess that just goes to show good days ahead for the former South Florida head coach at Carolina coach mark Kingston. And it shows you how important the post season is right I mean Clemson won a significant. Amount of games more Italy nine more games of the gamecocks won overall for the course of the season they won their division. Played very well that the ACC turn a little bit better than South Carolina did over the SEC tournament but because they washed out early in South Carolina almost made it all the way to Omaha. There's seasons look look that is a big win and Clemson is look that as a big loss for them. When you look back on it it's it's a strange way to look at it and how how much things can change over two weeks. Absolutely you know course again college World Series will be in this week it will he be those matchups here. In eight it also its US open week we're gonna talk US open golf the story lines and of course you know one of the story lights you have to talk to. Talk about this particular year is the course itself should cock bills which. You know fourteen years ago it's an absolute disasters you mentioned Phil Mickelson won a more likely. When that department but they let the greens get out and fortunately mother nature reports only the US GA is not stupid enough. To ever let that happen again in the change some things on that course the other thing it's a mother nature it doesn't look like he's gonna allow that happen it's going to be wet. How much rain we see over the rest of the week the point being. The night in the USA to enter US GA can try to screen out at this point because. All of us on the East Coast they've added tremendous the battery here in the last two months and it's not going to be that hot either it was still it was. The worst case scenario in 2004. Because they got no rain and also much higher temperatures than it expected at that time a year to be lower temperatures. Has to rein in that seventh green at par three number seven are -- like it was yesterday China cock in 2004. It was like putting on a side way you know later kitchen table sideways and trying to make a ball stop on it. And they were they were pouring water into that green between every group it slow the entire day down film rated double on that hole was really lucky to make a double. With some of the shenanigans going on in Goosen made a par that was difference if if that would have been a fairly set up hole. You know that was one of six runner up finishes for Phil Mickelson and it was after that right just kind of started say Al these guys ever gonna win what it just seems like that that the world is against him with. USO ethnic as the tees to be eight fascinating at the heart of it in the bag you go back it's a state for US opens I don't permit the person was so long ago. I don't remember that winner but went out as a child it was rate Woolley who don't always know it's one of the better shot makers on tour. That the next time inspection cock kills its core pain in the shortest hitter on two or. It that a course. Fourteen years ago is Retief Goosen. When he was in his heyday waiting what two US opens in about a three or four year period says it has been different I put TN TE Stein if you will. I just maintain. Just that we Corey Avian and that mix with. Yeah forever on eighteen was three wood up by I was gonna say it was I think there's a three wood yeah. And that puts it right wire by sales hit like six iron apparently so so I think that's what will be fascinating we will talk US open in the final hour which includes our buddy Tommy beer Sheikh first about. Super Saturday that support her call or better name in golf than beer shape because now in many Beers. You get the shakes you don't have any course that Tommy and rob. And everything that they've done and of course you know I get a low. Just why why a major week it's different than any other week on tour while also told some college football with our buddy Matt or show Orlando sentinel. About 536 this afternoon which includes some. You know what two we played that clip last week of Spurrier going and what you like it here coach come out tomorrow when the media. They that we can't get anything done but we almost had one of those in reality this past week when it came to Bronco Mendenhall. At the University of Virginia also I guess our question of the day when it comes to college football if you will are. The course of coaches to pay attention to this year it likely due to success may be on the move after this year. And those that will be our college football question today outside of that will take your uncles and 844. GS PE SPN bit. Listen that key US. US under eighteen basketball team last night for making me bill I'll coach USA yeah that we got me. We we are in this World Cup begins on her statement your capacity to us that we might as well go ahead and taken out somebody else. Do you look at diesel in their planes that are for this team they would steal what did you see in the it would be good US people under eighteen world department. The US as a team a indebtedness existed. That was up on Panama 43 to nothing at the end of the first quarter in 78. At halftime. Unbelievable I saw the 43 nothing and I figured I'd miss something rate that. That's it's up to the fallen through a man and it was don't city I mean they were putting on a show they were taken its they were legitimately Madeleine they gave up their first basket. The USA team won so while I was in or out for blood executives don't city so you're telling me it was like the second half of game number aboard the NBA finals Albright added we are key Cleveland Cavaliers decided not to play any more heat that's exactly let's let the Golden State Warriors go on to a massive win it. How I was so I got about two would have liked it that's gotta be desperate 43 inducted into the first court. No it's not that it was 78. At the candidate be it light one to win the 128 to 26 or so that along those lines that overall and about rallied late. In this thing isn't it that you we have a mercy rule in baseball video and a lot of games and runs. What's the mercy rule that we should have a basketball you know what I mean. Eighty points. Halftime favor yeah age fifty if you get to a fifty point margin or you could even say forty point margin. There's never been a college basketball game where someone has come back for more than forty. And I wanna say a team in college tie that record this year was like 35 or 36 point come back a total it up during the commercial. But yet he hit a forty point margins or does beat that ought to be yet. I like that that Clinton Auburn game in the round of 32 in the NCAA tournament. When they got to the forty point margin. I was legitimately saying to you know my wife and son I don't know I've seen a college ask a competitive college basketball game with a forty point margin you'll see that very often beetle and the fascinating that you wondered you know what were the what was gonna happen with Bruce Pearl the FBI being. I guess seal at the ID story when it comes to college basketball it's going to be just status the worry because it's. Aldridge assigned Bruce Pearl to a contract extension. So the air you know their powers that be in this administration as well as the athletic department must think there's not a whole lot of legs to this situation because. Bruce pearl's name came up often in early in this situation. Seen dad makes probably make you wonder where it is now the key mania bowed out too soon. Will. He got a hit him and hit Ryan Bowen and of course CAD it will willful and not a whole lot of other people meet Sergio were articles coming out once a week back then. Saying eight to ten top college basketball coaches are gonna get fired immediately when all this information comes out. That they drop all this money on an all these benefits have been given not given in and got along those lines and it was a difficult time and now you don't hear anything about it at all. It's not coming up one time in the media anymore. The only way got reeker dictated a little bit was with with Bowen. Obviously really petitioning the NBA or the NCAA deceit he can get that eligibility tactically for South Carolina this year. And was told no so meant so much arm waving absolutely nothing's come of the last three months. We just have taken on this yet at forty it was he was celebrated a lot of gas stories and we ought to be reaching out to him was seen as we can get some kind of opt. I haven't heard of it you we saw on the Twitter which saw the tweets yesterday. And last night about Brian Bowen taken its main matter at the draft but. Maybe in that go in the G leak route will want to stay in the dress the insight as a pre. I don't understand the ins and outs of that because the only thing I would take my name out of the draft boards of market be eligible college next year. Not necessarily. Admitting I'm not gonna get drafted so what maybe give it its choice of which she league team he wants to sign with the work does he wanna go overseas that's going to be fascinating. The worry in it sent right TC which you would just rather I was so I was what assay. I'm sitting here talking and all the sudden this glorious plea what was it ribs with a spare guests are right. It is it's looked amazing he's gonna give us an about to go to yet. That your race Saint Louis style ribs. 86 in twenty. Urban barbecue sauce. Served reversed it and ground grits with this mayor's that is your special tonight at some wow yeah it looks fantastic apps it really fantastic so again that captivity swap. The suit with a base Ayman vegetable and don't forget ads always on Tuesday. Half price bottles of wine to beat the bucks yet not often the owner comes out here in Chelsea. Plate India. It goes it. That's when you about your Mikey EQ school group quick on what it was that it will absolutely we'll start and I'm really disappointed by its. He had the plate here you know and he walked away with a plate. So I don't know why that was it was allowed to happen with you kind of in charge and supervising where we really solid all week like you we we know before I've made cover up mom Mike did here what Shuler has to say you'll just eat right here on the year is. So anyway can be a leak it there's rips all right but it lights are open for the entire first hour. When we come back. Let's take a look it. Does this legitimize that Ian injury the punching at the white board at all will get into that when we come back plus. College World Series matchups as well but it's open and the entire first hour ahead of Matt Kirsch Al college football writer for the Orlando sentinel about thirty bout. So apparently mark Childress cars out there LeBron teams entered right in May not have been that big of a seeker after all. According to Stephen mace met new. Love or hate him he is probably war one of the more doubt in people when it comes to the NBA. He said on or stake yesterday. It it was not breaking needs a lot of us it hurt what happened after game one. So we need that you heard it in and I'm telling you the Golden State Warriors beat the in whispered as well. Steven Hayes one of the biggest will be knew what at least anything that would be the biggest story in the world. Now Steve Bates objected to that age in eight with Twitter. If everybody else look whether it's a blogger wondered the NBA guys. Yeah this hurt that that's out on Twitter in that knees out the eat and that was. Hey I may yet hurt that look Ryan's bad. That would ended up on Twitter now. Catcher which is the case that the buy right male witness. He adds either blue eyes are absolutely. LeBron jeans in the Cleveland Cavaliers. That acts. Four there a lack of effort in their lack of desired in game number were specifically the second act. So to. On one hand. Yes your 100% correct on the other hand I'm not buying it in the Golden State Warriors beat this. It if you heard it because statement I submit that art it. Somebody else at in number to Steve basement you gain the Meehan or followers on Twitter if you're the one to break that needs in the first place. Yeah exactly I don't. You're catching me off guard here I don't believe this for a minute that he would be able to sit on that story and he found out that somebody else did. Why would she protect him does that mean you're protecting LeBron what is someone else got hurt which you not break that story is just all kinds of weird. Madness here whenever Stephen A Smith as a ball that also. Did the warriors change anything that they were doing I mean they didn't defense. LeBron any differently they didn't. Make any fundamental changes across the war to try to what would you try to make LeBron do you shoot more and drive last. We know why provincial Ron from getting to the basket it doesn't matter where the year factoring that are not so. I don't know man Stephen A Smith is an acquired taste for me and him saying he knew about it before hand a lot of us knew about it there is no way Easter do. We have no way. Diesel I mean. You aren't the U bark you did here first job your a lot more social media savvy than I am but these operates in around yes with 9330 the planet and everything that you do. These what do you for it to you for a moment think that that that have been sat on for not just game number two could also game number three game number four. The real question is why would Stephen A Smith protect while the entire sports media protect LeBron James in the situation you're right. They break that news that is the largest and that's the biggest story in news in sports news. For the entire week for their for the rest of the series that is massive news you tell me that they're sitting back on that no way. Ivy Steve Smith design. His show going yet I'm the one that broke it about LeBron and in this is why you're good trust me on that he use that for leverage he set for credibility. An eight he did not easy. Diesel hit the nail on the head what was the purpose was it to. Could you pull for the Cleveland Cavaliers it where you argued. Like I said. I don't believe this when I was impressed when he called out LeBron in the Cleveland avidly it would cavaliers for lack efforts if you remember that old. Q&A backed commercial where you're younger beats two in the back at. Late into the left and it lane at the right they got Amy it's not that I'm tired traveler that's the way I feel about approximate both sides of the storm surge. The only thing that would make any sense at all for massive for them to sit on the media further in the settlement story. Is it didn't want people to punch out because I'll camel bronze hers series is over that's the only thing I can think of it was okay wasn't concerted effort. To protect the ratings. Salute Stephen bass that was play in the company line with the ESPN witches and by ABC which of course is. Who broadcast all four games of that sweet and it BA finals that again. You get to that in the world you lose all your credibility is a sports journalist if you keep that. In today's day and age that you're protecting the company line see you're not gonna report on news here's the deal did. It's I was breaking into the media decade twelve years ago whatever it wants. I did in in interview proceed tigers dot com when we built by and see right. It it was the heyday yeah yeah all the web sites blow it up and it acted thirty questions with timber. A come aid him somebody that I'm trying to here's smoke on the water in the next couple weeks because. Yeah well yeah what July 1 last days clubs sports information director. In this was twelve years ago it decade. Italy. It has yet he was just talked about without an Internet one of the biggest things that he did the back in the day. Would sit on saute them on Friday and then release it on Monday or. Of course is a lot of times east to release up by twenty out Friday afternoon when they were bites off that it's going coat that you can handle either direction. Duke Team that city's aids because somebody else breaks the story they get all the credit that's why I'm not buying. That there were people knew about this and it did not in depth out there under shop in the senate to Stephen bass miss. On the air 13 hours a day where he's got to have hot speaks in the opinions on everything. And maybe just got ahead of himself for didn't word it the right away because that would be an even bigger story is if that what he say handful of people news. About how I was going on with other auto bus heads it's an every shot out of it not one person tells a girlfriend Earl YE. Or husband and or your best friend at the bar. Who then text it to somebody else impossible today say it's not just under percent of costs not Jackie and they sit here in the Kremlin. In Sydney wrote talking news yeah it's basketball team this this would this would look like that maybe. Oh god. Were Robert De Niro was the bookie a casino yet. Ever he would go ahead and tell the help the big guys bets for the week to see all the guys routed out the the but it bit ago. All their guys a letter nose or not. That's how fast it would have been to Twitter on your development you know it means that. Again. Did you buy the story give us your opinion. 844 GS PE SP and the beauty of it is. We're still talking about it now auto Wednesday after this thing was over five days ago this week. In yeah some other hot dates have been awesome because. It seems like a lot of people were lining up with yet the greatest of all time does it sway in the finals no I saw on Twitter today he was doing pushups in the hall for team to. They had video of that he didn't look like he had any problems with his hands all kinds of craziness here. You're gonna get sucked and stirred yesterday you said that the soap opera drama associated with the NBA this offseason you had no interest in it and I told you you're gonna you're gonna get sucked then. Where's LeBron go one. What's Katie in a re sign for what's. All of that stuff man this is almost as fun as much fun as the season but all that it it's potent season right now and it's Dawkins season for the players that you can have no contact between a club and a player until June 30 but that doesn't mean. These guys burned Airways out in between delta wants to talk about LeBron dealt with what's your take. They are and yours well. There are a group westerners when it you know it was Michael Cromartie does it say there was a what you all wanted to mention sort that we turn to achieve welcome now. Apart and all other Tressel. Interrupted Obama won't be nation and I want Lisa mr. pollution at many people sit in order a Smart Oklahoma all right by trying to get. But he didn't say it walker regional my. And yeah Kindle fire. Yet great point Delmon thank you very much for the bone called which is again that's how. Steve this deep basement built credibility or lose credibility based on this story because it if you break it. You're the war. You were out means you broke the story. He protected or whatever the story of an NBA season you'd be breaking ride the biggest story of the year that why I don't buy this is a lot of us it hurt what happened after game number one all it takes is one Twitter break the story that's why I just don't buy this. And in you know. Yeah it's been a flag waver for LeBron during his career but it was credit. He laid them out for their lack of effort. In that just how big of a disappeared the years between east and the west which is think about this grow quickly as we goat close out the NBA. We're eight Chris Paul injury away from not having in this story line to begin well it's hers always felt the game number seven. Of the Western Conference finals on nicer Easton. It's stirs old let me ask you think Stephen A Smith thinks. That blasting the cavaliers and blasting LeBron for rail for the lack of effort the way he did. Somehow buys him. The credibility with the audience to say OK yes maybe he may be. You know maybe he is telling the truth. Is it a little this CYA is is blasting the cavs a little bit a CYA. On not releasing the story. I don't think Q would act credibility quite frankly diesel EP and it blasts the cavaliers because it was a nine point lead at halftime in game number report. In Europe home eat that you got the greatest of all mine. Take your shot try to get back in the game Cleveland did was come out in not play anymore defense and like we said. It looked like the USA ever Panama 43 enough and it into the first quarter with us. So what one of the ugly is endings to a series you'll ever see way when one team just punch and out. And LeBron much and out and not you got me questioning the injury kid here's your family back I know. Could LeBron has disclosed the injury and gotten himself more credibility almost by saying hey I'm top political play through this anyway. It's a built in excuse for him which makes its decision to disclose it. Afterwards even more mad idea why astronomy not a walk in the podium crutches to hate us this gate number there this much right now and diesel. They're guys in Vegas that are upset with a lot of people right now because if they had at its pervasive. It would affect it point spreads between that has nothing to do when it comes to professional athletics all right here's bill 844 GS PE SP it will take your opinion if you believe this situation does it matter to the quickest guess what the college World Series they're gonna play it out beginning on Saturday sepia Willett those matchups and how the conference's Greek male. Welcome back can't Wear light smoke on the water here in downtown grateful to start new get a get a nice crowd in camp are all our arsenal. And that's because they have great to us you know and I mean it. I've got to get that picture of the rips up on our FaceBook page. Here so point because they look absolutely. Outstanding stuff last night. One 1:15 in the morning roughly. The final bit to the college World Series the final slot was vacated by your defending national team in the Florida Gators. Did what a heartbreaking way her Auburn to lose in the thing is schtick about it they're number their pictures taken number one in the Major League Baseball draft last week. Had his worst outing in college in game number one at this super regional ain't got a lasted. And then the way they'd lose last night three to two. On a walk off on a walk off what. I think it would have been a home run if you haven't seen the the video yet unique track it down or find a way to get it up on Twitter here at the break. It was a line shot to right sturtze it was going back to the wall in the right fielder Roberts Stephen Williams kind of awkwardly jumps up. The ball hits all put his claw and Arabs over the wall for a home run it's hard to tell them what we got now on its own. But it got out after it hit his glove and then his reaction after it was heartbreaking. When you realize that he didn't have the ball and the game was over. Just news wants shoulders and head and and Florida goes and celebrate. Yet to make a play he did not happen but my question is it's the basement in the Geist. That it wasn't going to be up front or at eight horses did that they heard about this on Monday decided that LE eighty body at the that's two out of three. They decided institute dramatic matches non. On Tuesday morning if you will Gainesville Florida doubtless. That guy and fortunately he's gonna remember that plate for a long long night weathered this and are now I don't. But he did when it actually does he went out to make. Yeah at Auburn it played a fantastic baseball game continuing to get out crazy chance. Great pitching great defense thinking should have been over multiple times before this. Auburn kept on hanging on and it for them to go out like that was it was really artsy. All right here's out we have our list of eight teams now that was that super regional was decided that you have on Saturday when we've seen this back to before Oregon State the Tar Heels in game number one of the college world sees the Guinea campers it's. Out there in a TD Ameritrade park. These two teams are quite familiar that they buys will start scheduling themselves during the season they they see each other every year. They don't make mistakes the best teams don't beat themselves or state. Like them or hate them because the pitcher in that situation. Will they always that you hit the ball by the that you really seen that at Oregon State they play based debates baseball. If you will. But they just don't defeat themselves are pretty equally and in the way they go out guess what a lot of people would say. That's exactly what North Carolina is on the East Coast as well. Out of vehicle what a great way to get it going. I mean that's a fantastic matchup that happened a couple of times just in the last few years out and Omaha and Tar Heels like get off to a hot start with that first one. That first match at the you have in Omaha is so important. All the seem to be focused on right on the other half of that bracket 7 PM on Saturday night this window and watched as our buddy any pastor can will be Colin the Washington Huskies. Making their first ever appearance at Oakmont they take it on. May be the hottest team in the bill when it comes the Mississippi state courts go and promote their head coach. Excuse me in her coach that coach would get about anybody else like you said wait and do it after the season but once again. They go on the road to the bulldogs and they knock off undergo the super regional and this state they they are just playing you can see they're just. The losing enthusiasm. Incompetent strike me as cal wells will be going out of Omaha they split do you law in the middle of smoke on the water or making that comment now wells. Had to do something wrong though Buick at Teresa says oh like Mitch as a standard is now holds. What each bowl in the the Georgia Dome what was that fifteen years ago and it was side Mississippi State vs Watson and my head is still ringing. From that while things are not on the other side of the brackets on day 1 PM first pit we seen this matchup wars talking. Arkansas and Texas in Natick and hampers its Texas Tech and Florida. Listen Florida under cabinet Sullivan's right ticket in the college World Series by. Texas Tech. There's state be here atlas and not making but a lot when I say this just eight years removed from the Bayern waits in College Baseball at Lubbock Texas. Coaches I think it's like the college World Series and about my year year you protect that they've been playing great man those are some big matchups in the first round every one of those has got us a great story with there's not instantly broke. This year there's not a coastal Carolina this year there's not even an eight state. It stated it to the college world sees this is. Powered by athletics it is by it is not trying to say that needle the easel. The re SEC teams the pact well represented by these teams in Washington. In a course origins date the big twelve was represented by Texas and Texas that. At least one ACC. In a lot of our bills that it's eight or ACC only has one national team typically lasted for years but. Even this is the bad representation. For Utley when it comes to the college world sees. If your kid be out by the pac twelve and any major sport right now is conference you are not doing well. They've not been chilling out very well and basketball. Have been showing up very well in football to a big win for them to have two teams out there Lou it'll be fun to keep our album see what happens sorry. Eight pork board GS PE SPN don't forget you can see and listen to that college World Series action right here on ESPN upstate all right when we come back we'll start changing gears to blame Casey was not out of work maybe long. Mark my words. The Toronto Raptors will rue the day when you get rid of a coach it's one that much. I welcome back in we're light smuggle the water you can get it that he has to be in upstate FaceBook page here in just the sec in you can actually see tonight's special year. The Saint Louis style ribs in the six and twenty. Mervyn barbecue sauce with stone and grit the stone ground grits and all that so it's we get it right against the top of the hour break Jimmy. Your thoughts on the cal bills at Mississippi State. Ideally yeah you are talking about you the college football tradition. Decal they'll dispute this tradition back and think golf and you know despite the Atlanta Falcons in the and a drill they fired the Atlanta Falcons organization. Or using artificial noise. So I think they should enforce. It is BA agent or some kind of rule our Arctic here at Mississippi State if they do that. I'm right they're great point to be in Cuba I'm right there with you that it's. Did knee. Outlaw those a couple of years ago in them two people brought him up anyway and they get. Okay. You can do it is on its you don't do it too much to me that's like race and it teenagers and you set a boundary. Ending it behind you losing control of it right there off the back you know and I mean. It's like the milk jugs full rocks at the high school football games at casinos of those things are just as loud but not quite as annoying. It's a start Nobel's will to hear him a little more accepting. The and I've got friends of mine that are Mississippi State grads don't take our bills the gains. Today you allowed in if you don't have a elbow I don't know but the hate the guy next year he has won at its third set this up in that your accustomed to. Eventually your ears are ringing in not for the right reasons. I'll talk and I don't mind my ears ringing in Death Valley night in either wants or elegy. When that stadiums rocket but not because it's beat the by 60000 people have. And you know account Eleanor by. Beauty is in the eye of the oh well like like he said it's tradition David doing that for really long time. It's super important to them and their school outlook be here live with speaker of the origin of the cal bell was at Mississippi State there's probably some jokes that we can tell here. And and go from there but it's tradition built for what it is I don't think it's the worst tradition and a college football like like he was they are tightening. Yeah irritating for sure OK yeah lords there. Let me tell you who is just about vested it's theater built baseball. Whatever they're doing with the whistling yes zine Al asked the stock accuse you can't watch the game on television do you that the west. It's as knowing it is if it's beyond ignoring the enemy is a bigger screw her. A more aid. Like I said that's like you guys write it in match at the whole stadium we're doing it like when you got the cal 210s of thousands of people doing all right so you very wet rotted said he. Rates nice record that the nine wins this year. Actually earned them the top seed in the Eastern Conference. Jeanne they had the NBA coach of the year spineless when it comes to Dwane Casey. It what did that is done Canadians do. It's an honor now trumpet all the yes it's act it's a house point in point Canada. What they went down Canadians do need to update that was a dominant they fired their coach because he didn't do it or its warranty the post season it's they had hoped for. He was three when he was Duane Casey. 320 win tickets to 238. Losses in seventh season robbed its winningest coach. Rock does not winning it in the eight title it's hard for this to be able to sign. Quality pre eight players to be dramatic difference in taxes between its some states that no state income tax. Plus you guys the US actually got the Canadian that they'll never compete for the top level players dispute that's taking no win when it comes to. Paying taxes in the living up they still signed up for parts world problems with but my point being you know your role. It helped dump was that we're ready to case lets it. Detroit did halo reach out eight B limit. At Michigan but when they startling case sit anyway it did this. The toys get in that means much happier in the future Whitley Casey is there at that while Iran is struggling to get the fight. Front is not a great fan base of course the rapper Drake is is the leader of that creative Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan. Two great players. On. Search they built this is their year right I mean they had constructed the team they've been making news. And they kind of pitch it to their fan base that this is the year where we're gonna break 32. So for them deny. Only not make the finals the conference right. Has much do I think it would with the draw the cats and anything else. But to go out in such spectacular flaming fashions they did not just getting swept with getting blown off the floor for a couple those games. Somebody had to go so. You either had to get rid of the GM or you had to get rid of the coach. We had to watch out some players and I think just decided to get rid of the coach Ivan agreement with you I'm not excusing it. But something had to change but his I don't think there was anything coming back from something like that you've got to change the dynamic in May be getting new coach there will help them long term. But I agree Casey's great coach now it's gonna go down to Detroit. It's Blake Griffin in Detroit got some nice draft picks down there he can make something happen. Casey's a look at this situation like that key guys because number one you gotta pay me for pardon me when it comes to the buyout but number two. I I. I landed on upbeat pretty well in the motor city with. Like I said DO Blake Griff we will see how that they'll place out when it comes to that big trade this past season but the again he's gonna have some work to do but it. You can get free agents a heck of a lot easier to Detroit in the team to Toronto again. People don't realize that those guys have to pay taxes in both countries when they're playing in the NB eight for the Toronto Raptors. Yup. That's a challenge for the up there but it yet they had a great season I mean it goes back to. I don't wanna apparent Clemson that's an unfair comparison but they had a fantastic regular season and a complete disaster in the playoffs. Whereas there were some teams it barely made it into the playoffs and then. You know had a had a peek at the right time may seek your fueled a lot better about the Indiana Pacers for instance. After they took Cleveland Cavaliers to bull wall the first round of the playoffs. Then you felt about them at the end of the regular season to two shows how much imported and how much focus we put on those post season games and all sport. So my question is that Stephen A Smith and but Templeton that the Detroit Pistons were gonna hire to Casey for but days ago you exactly. I'm just sorry that he is which way you make a decision and stick with it. Either get it give my heart types the pace that the you can have backed him. Which means that's its elite the yeah if that's what we call which you watch the in this business who again. We here's what we're unity you gotta go on you're the pits here we're talking college football by 36 with our by the members though the portly and use it who is he saw dad in the middle of his psychologist Gail bale. Also. I grew up plays soccer are right me today well. Say jobs soccer club here green will it out goat drag out that cited uneasy disease that built it. How many people are tale Burress. A soccer tournament yes he friends of mine that live in the Atlanta area here grateful but at some point during the year. They're coming up here for soccer tournament this bill all right. Number of hits under eight under sixteen years old in soccer clubs in the greater Atlantic area like a 100000. It's a lot and he knows my my son played in the soccer programs there for a good 45 years I mean he and I are everywhere these aren't necessarily YCE 8 Saturday morning they're not here on these travel squad with. They coaching. How in the helped anybody out they're justified the United States can not qualified for World Cup. Especially. With all you had to do with the Trinidad in the dog in the last game actually I correctly. Yes it was just the worst case. If it played out fifty times the US doesn't go one time it was just one of those things were everything. Ten things had to go wrong. For you to not make web World Cup and all ten of them went wrong they should have never been in that position in the parts of the race I'm not arguing the argument I'm in the World Cup that begins Thursday it is the biggest sporting event this world or money is wagered on the World Cup. In any other. This out there that includes Super Bowl. Are you watch in the world club cup. Mark tilt there's gonna acted to pin some of the garbage to the ball in this country.