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Thursday, May 31st

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Mark Childress and for march Sturgis had an Al blasts today. The talk in NBA College Baseball. College football to what heavy college football this hour. Heavy. I'm introducing you to moody bit hairy. If 520 today those seat cute dot com he has a algorithm. Now I can't say algorithm without you saying we're having algorithm on the show today diesel thank you for playing in a joke in my head. I guess up thinking about it and I'll say algorithm like fifty times a sour. He's got a college football ranking algorithm. Computer based it's kind of cracked the code a little bad. This is not you were BCS. Computer ranking anymore. It's cool he's gonna talk to about it he is going to win you over at 520. And you're gonna say hey I want to get a hold. Of this cut of this computer algorithm and guess what. This is the best part on both of the guest so I'm bringing you this hour this is it by twenty. Guess what. You can participate in it he can give you the keys to the algorithm and you can go and change it to make it look however you want. How much should coaches poll count how much of the eight people count. He's got four different metrics of the tracks teams by what percentage should she put on each one of those it's fascinating stuff. He said it by twenty than 537. He's Gregory from fanned you sir dot com. Go check out pages are dot com he's website. It's awesome. And he did college football rankings all last year he sent a couple of greats. Articles recently the most recent one is about NFL logos so he takes proven. Marketing survey. Techniques that no one else it does fan pulling for sports is using discount. He brings in thousands of people. To do this poll and Andy he gives up the results and guess what. If you wanna participate in this 2018. College football rankings week to week polls you can do that's. And to me that's really really cool. So if you're the guy that's sitting around at home. On the rankings again Wisconsin six nation before how did Alabama get in over Ohio State you can play apart and both of peace. Engagement. You can get involved with both of these and I'm cooking up something in the fall and I think you guys like involving both of these guys. It's cool stuff. For me it moves the needle. How can you help how can you raise your voice and be apart of the college football playoff rankings this is a start. A DB two engines to help you get their faster. And I think you'll like it. Hey just stuck picking up some news of the day type stuff. On for Clemson Lucas Glover six under through sixteen holes. At the Memorial Tournament Jack's tournament today. He's tied for third place right now still has couple holes supply Kyle Stanley shot five under 67 today. This is a good news for Clemson golfers. The bad news. Had to scroll really long way. Defined dot Redmond. So as you know doc Redmond. Officially turned pro earlier this week after Clinton finished thirteenth in the NCAA golf tournament. And yet an exemption into memorial. Which is right now. Doc shot a 77 today five over I know he's disappointed he's got to be worn out too he's played a lot of golf in the last week and a lot of competitive golf. But it's a start you gotta start somewhere. Sadat's gonna have to go real low tomorrow. And get their sponsors exemptions for future tournaments. So keep our eye on dock of things improve for him. Two College Baseball regionals starting tomorrow. We hope. We're hopeful that the weather. Is going to steer away from Clemson and steer away from Greeneville North Carolina. In whatever is going on right outside her studio right now I hope it's out of your quick. This dark and it's windy it looks bad. So I think we're gonna have all kinds of weather delays and bowed to the regionals this weekend however. South Carolina his name their starter for their opening game against Ohio State tomorrow. And it's their ace junior right hander Adam hill. Think that's gonna be the right move for their for the gamecocks Ohio State will counter with its own pace. Junior lefty Connor correlates. He was seven and for the season three point 81 ERA. Hillis seven and five with a four point zero ADR. Adam hill he just got to keep dry on one thing without a hell. Does he get the ball over the plate. He struggles this control all of them. When he is on he has electric. I think he had a couple of 1213 fourteen strikeout games in the beginning of the season for the gamecocks he came out hot. So he has his stuff and he can throw the ball over the plate he is a walk and anybody. He's gonna be tough to beat this entire post season. So the gamecocks are going for it they're coming out of the gate saying hey we want to win game one. So we're Panetta mill on the mount. I think that probably lies Logan Chapman up for game two for them. Woolsey. Regional host east Carolina will go with its case for game one throwing junior right hander Chris hole blocked out there he's nine and won the season. So regain custody glad you're avoiding him early on. UNC Wilmington Seahawks have not yet announced their starter. So it's South Carolina vs Ohio State tomorrow afternoon 2 PM first pitch. I ESP ensue and the east Carolina in UNC Wilmington play tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. The game is streaming only. Brooks Crawford. We starting for Clemson. Against Morehead State. So we had David hood from tiger and add on earlier. He said more hands Morehead State. Lineup would be full of right handed batters. So console for a right hander. Be adjusting keep our eyes are not what happens there now Davis said he would not be surprised. If it was a wide open game. Morehead State had to win their conference tournament to get to the college World Series to get to the regionals all they would not have made it. They won their conference tournament and made an and they did that by hitting the ball all over the park. This team is all offense and not much else. So I think David hoods exact quote was they we were. You know it can be tomorrow night 9 o'clock. I look around it's eleven to nine. In the game. Hitting second happen. Vanderbilt saint John's a the other two teams in the Clinton region. They take on each other tomorrow afternoon. Close in game tomorrow is scheduled to start at 6 o'clock. Weather permitting. Pregame starting at 530. You can hear that right here on ESPN upstate. So will be on tomorrow from four to 530. And there's no weather problems sedate College Baseball from there. And the best news of all about show tomorrow. Mark Sturgis is in back. Miss pretty much see entire month of may cervical fusion surgery. The taxing a lot was stirred haven't talked to him all that much seems to be doing good and I can tell you this. He's ready to be back. So I expect surge coming back. Full fire. Like always. I can't imagine. What all he has pent up inside that he wants to talk about we may you may Just Diesel press the button. At what would we start about 403 tomorrow and then you and I might just walk out let's surges rant for an hour and a half to see yet. You know he he would like a week or ten days where he could even talk he was not even allowed to talk after the surgery so he's got a ton of stuff to say. And I think is a lot of the most of us haven't talked to yet. And I don't know if you remember talking mr. before the surgery and is somebody was very concerned about. And as it is a legitimate side effect of the surgery can affect your voice. If anybody can affect your speaking voice is what they had to do is add to go in through the front of your neck and he sent me a picture yet seen how that scar the scars about two inches wide. And crosses netcom on his left side and and they have to go in and sort of sometimes. Push your vocal box out of the way. To get to your spine behind you would think Wally just come from the backside I guess they can't I don't know. Well this is the second time he's had and I think he can go in from the back once in the second time had to hop on the way. So at that site yet again that's a concern week none of us have talked to yeah. It's going to be and she's finally it's stirred jury it's not surgery how that's surgery he has a way of just. Inserting himself into a lot of things doesn't know what that I'd say I don't buy our way Charles yeah I going surgery. Yeah but I'm sure he's come up to certainly not a Smart man I'm glad. I'm black can be good to have him back fun to talk to them. So he'll be back tomorrow hasten more breaking news for either tigers today. And it's good news. Seth beer Riley Gilliam and loading Davidson were all named all Americans by baseball America today beer was first team all American. Gilliam was a second team all American and Davidson was a third team all American. Beer was also named first team all American by collegiate baseball. Many clubs gonna mess appear next year can can hit. There was also an all American in 2016 and 2017 he joins rusty at Kansas he only three time all Americans and Clinton history. Rusty plea for 1965. To 1967. Beer joint Shane Monahan Jeff Baker increase Oki. As only two time first team all Americans in tiger history congratulations to you set beer. Unbelievable. But all right he Gilliam would end up first team but he got second team. Killings tied the ACC lead in saves and eleven has an ERA below one. 53 strikeouts in 36 point one innings pitched. And Logan Davison back in 298 was fifteen homers. 45 RBIs. Ten steals. And a point 972 fielding percentage shortstop that's good to really couldn't. So congratulations man what a huge honor. All American I don't care what your Dylan in an honor like that. They should be very very pleased to be aggressive there's three tigers. So regional start tomorrow. We got I really feel like the tigers are gonna come out of the regional this year. Last two years concert hosted a regional. And they lost. Question they lost to Vanderbilt. Who's right back here this year. This she feels different this year. It feels like the tigers are gonna move on and as far as the gamecocks go I could absolutely see a pass. For the gamecocks making an out of that regional. East Carolina fans are crazy and they are loud it's South Carolina will be bringing a ton of people out there. The key for me is tomorrow South Carolina can win that game against Ohio State tomorrow. McCain's 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. They are very very well positioned I think. To find a way to be east Carolina couple times they can get out there. That's probably what's gonna happen it's gonna come down to basically it's a double elimination tournament but in South Carolina beat east Carolina twice. Is more than likely what is gonna come down to for them. Let's see we can do. It for the game Cox. Meant for five weeks ago you didn't even think you'd be here right now. Now you're here. Greeneville North Carolina Clemson, South Carolina. Whether stay away please. So we can see what's going on. Meant talking about this all show. College football rankings. Is there a better way to do it. I say there is. I'm gonna bring you two guys in the next two segments they're gonna tell you their way it's gonna blow your mind. Mark Childress and four mark Sturgis and I've been looking forward to have in disguise on all week I've gotten Maleeva hairy. From CQ we are thus CQ dot com yet what does he say week it should have been months. I don't know about inaudible don't look so all the way to battle fluttered thank you he had no movie I I'm excited to have you here I've got diesels here with these well lie. Openness would show today so you've got this fancy algorithm. That helps to college football playoff rankings so that's immediately can be met with skepticism when he your computer algorithms but you're still right so why is yours different. Much different because it introduced as the human element as far as opinion and but I human tractor twofold one a lot of introduce to beat a peep hole and the coaches poll that they fit into the formula because it. Every week we get a quantifiable number from those two polls. So it's easy to do and incorporate that into a mathematical formula but it did in fact she's an opinion. Opinion numbers are people who. Know whose work most better than most of us. And total all of that factor to be brought in so not just straight numbers based on performance the other factor there's this formula the part of an application and also developed that allows a person to say I just you know say that. This part of the formula or this part of the Plano is more important to me and I can put more weight to it so we all three could each have our own version of this. And the factor in the way we wanted to and we can make an argument as to our own personal ranking I think this seemed to be right because there or. People come to know I feel like this is more important to my ranking is different you have these human element. That take away just the straight math and at that point. OK it is a bunch on packer are fascinated by this so. Where where you come up with this idea how did you did you start down this past then and create all this. It's great question in the first day that. College football playoff committee came out with their first ranking in the first thing I noticed there was no number next to the team. The book or they if you look at the eight people at the coast is open to quantifiable number. But it was just a simple ranking and a there everybody from day one that won't. Well how are you coming up that the rank how are you. Determining that and there was never an answer given so I don't really sort of real journey for me and I started characters were played around different ideas on how we can make this happen and come home with a ranking system. 212130. Based on both the likeness of that human polls as well how the peaceful one. So as not just top 25 it's all the way wind it's it's beginning to end you can rank everybody. Everybody is excellent so why. So. And did the BCS had a lot of disk computer rankings that did not involve the human factor like you're so you Marty shown how your sizzled a different and I think that's great. But a lot of folks are immediately gonna say hey do we want computers back in on how we decide all of this so why should we bring a computer algorithm back in the play for deciding the playoff rankings. All because of the one thing that people also need to have that consistency in what the definition compiled consistently a formula would we wanna have something worth not completely subjective because of that happens you're gonna root on the question people's judgment will be biased start becoming a factor wolf this team has been a pot. Five people twenty years we should have them ranked even though they stink this year it is absolutely they might get more credit than they're really do simply all based on the inertia of the reputation from prior performances. And so. A formula kind of go pick out a little bit of a human element to allow that consistency allow. How a team is performing in that year. But it still allow open a people would come to Poland and all the other elements to two factors as well. As Iran was moody vary from CQ moody. A lot of people look to this formula and say it won't prove that it's better than what we've had a by comparing it to the past couple of seasons. How accurate or how close is. The formula have you gone back have you retroactively apply this to past seasons and how has compared to past seasons. Have past seasons the people gotten a right was it better under the old BCS system based on this formula. So long road but definitely better than you'll be yes with them and it was very clear. Close to how the committee was collecting and track if you recall a couple of years ago everybody who's complaining about Ohio State making it into the final four even though they didn't win their own conference well when I ran the numbers from C cute isn't it. Ohio State. Are in the top four. To order the pecking order also topple looked slightly different but there was no difference in who was gonna play so it was not a pun against Ohio State I think they're rankings were slipped based on my calculations. And and also so had Alabama against Washington and so at the end of the day it's still showed everything you rapidly but I'll just a slight tilt now this year alone when I ran the numbers it was interest week. This scenario of the secure came up where would have avoided in all SEC final because it will depend on them up number one. All of them untoward toward it was number cheap panelist number three. And Oklahoma limited number or human and Clinton Oklahoma and then Georgia Alabama and actually my final. And then you have an intra conference championship which I think a lot of people would have appreciated more now thankfully we saw a great national championship games are worked out which one doesn't actually have another all conference championship and in another Alabama LSU here which is what prompted. If you guys remember it's what prompted the college football playoff series. To avoid that very scenario to besiege you actually combative that and I was very surprised to see that the college football playoff system did not. Sore pain that wouldn't even Harry from the CQ dot com. So moody you're not trying to necessarily replace the college football playoff system and you've actually sat down with Dan radical bitch and had him kinda kinda get a little tour of what you have in got some great feedback for him so talk about that a little bit. So. They have that opportunity at 1 o'clock in the city again medical should be job. Either murdered or really Smart man and even brought up a very good point that we have to think of the college football committee is almost like a jury. And if we bring in other human element into the jury trial with a mistrial because we painted the jury they look good at the same way excellent. Fortunately. My human element in this case with the antithesis of the opposite of what they wanted. On and there are scenarios so this suggestion was to go to more of a network broadcasting company. Introduced his concept look then use the system. In order to law and ESPN which I'm thankful to be on this prediction for what their purpose and I do appreciate that. That are now so it was a very educational our conversations very eye opening. And dom. But he also some really great ones from. And that would really be hairy from the CQ dot com so moody got the coaches' poll so I wanna I wanna unpack the formula old bad. So sure you have the coaches' poll and the eight people has two parts summit and you've got some statistical stuff on as part of it so talk about the stats that you plug into it. And then I wanna pivot after that it toppled about how the people listening to actually get involved and start playing with this themselves. OK if you agree that firing great question and I appreciate it a problem break we're gonna break this up into two sections the coaches all the people. But the human element than me on the performance side. And your beautiful work saints win loss record. Your opponent aggregate win loss record so add that this season is progressing if they're doing better at helps your. Ranking overall if you beat them even if you walk through the close game. It could help you are the other one is luckily point percentage now that little tricky but you got her team a and I MTB and we play. And you guys went thirty depend. Your point percentage was 75%. Minus 1% to 25% that single number represented how strong. Or how weak both offense and defense just like it's the death that I get factored into not only that this show your win loss how well. Are you actually beating your opponents. And then and also look at this is my favorite part of this one will be out of conference. Win loss record so the cool thing about this. Is one teams win or loss out of the conference will be their health. Or hurt all the other teams inside the conference because we're in the conference play each other typical want you're gonna have just does not win that you can help losses. How do you guys do outside of our. That's the main question so a peak into women are are the content we heard a strong conference so when you're beating heroes those guys can part of it that showed your true strength of schedules. So these or actors. Are part of the the performance aspect of now switch gears of the human side we have eight people in the coaches poll not the beginning of the year the way this formula works. Most of the weeks. It on the human element because we don't have any data to build yet you know maybe that first game he's had a lot to gain that demeanor that he's abruptly. Do you you clean house and and and the back evidently she's so. You look at the human element first and that that season progressed as the week. Of the human. The actor get smaller but doesn't go away is always still part of the formula but at the beginning there is no performance data and we just pretty much zero that out. Gonna open the eighteenth hole in the coaches poll that's. 100%. Of this calculation. By the end. Of this season may be at twenty or 35% the core part of the application that perhaps you can check how important. The human element is. That's also. A calendar turned to earlier. Why this is different than the easiest because that human element allows you to determine. What actually is important. So wrapping things up wouldn't we be hearing from the CQ dot com so moody. If I wanted to take a test drive it as saying. There's an ability for me to do that right so as if I wanted to go much heavier on the human element and the island statistical side. The use I can go any create I guess my own the CQ formula and run rankings that way corrects. That's correct and that hormones or that person getting. Finalized and it's gonna be at the GQ dot com probably within the next week. The blood type up there are. And our. So this configuration capability we'll will be there and a lot you'll be able to play with good maybe even go back and look at previous she's been all about going to be in play. And and the other gonna be doing you can count for the viewers out there I'm thinking about. Incorporating and wait for the viewers heard that the beyond insulting. To say hey these are the factors. I think should be that was my vote on how much the weight of each variable should be and then we'll have bringing home. He issued blanket. Not the people the people's choice. Think that's fantastic so again the CQ dot com we be hearing this is your creation. What am fascinated by this I'm really glad you could come on with me. And die as a little bit earlier you and I and a couple of other folks are trying to cook on some ideas for the fall together. So hopefully we can land on something and not make this a regular thing for you on here once the ranking start coming out. Yes power I would love to be part of that only be based on the front. Awesome that was moody bit hairy this CQ dot com I told you you're gonna get smarter to sedate you gonna get smarter. In Moody's about fifty times smarter than me I tell you that. No no surprise there at all so you're at least two and a half times smarter than me well so what does that say I would say more like three times but hey you know what whatever you said. So that's kind of phase one right that's a computer algorithm piece of this there is a better way. Two ranked college football teams and I think moody is on to something there. Coming up after the break under an energy issue to keep Gregory from three and use her. He has deed. Perfect scientific method for polling people about sports and he applies at the college football rankings as well that's coming up. Is there a better way terrain college football teams. I say absolutely mark Childress and for mark surges. We went the computer algorithm rout last segment with new eBay Harry from the CQ dot com fascinating stuff. This is equally as fascinating I wanna will command he Gregory from three and Schuster dot com. Go check out his website. Because this is sand poll lane. For sports. At its finest he meant thanks for joining us you know there's there's different sand polling sites out there what makes fans user dot com different from the other once. Hey Ed thanks for having me on Myanmar though. The main thing that's different about what I'm doing compared to all the other. People that are out there is really an analyst Don and so the vast majority of the temple to you're gonna see out there on the Internet are gonna have. Wolf what we call market research a traditional ranking exercise where facilitated team's number one dispute over to the teams and three the problem with that were research standpoint is that you know and most people just can't handle the attack. On the up I would ask you right now Eric your your top twenty movies at all time to do it. Probably not. I give you 56 maybe. Yeah I mean you could probably give me your top to bottom. The point it's 120 but it still gets hot that the pure middle I don't you know we can do fifteen actually do reflect your initial preferences. Army knew it and on top of that take a lot of time and effort to get a ranking like that so what we do market research is instead we tried to catch they'll provoke so we give them sets up for. With you know fourteen and it needs that they say okay this is the best team in the -- is the worst human that they do that enough time on the back into were able to you do fancy map to compute the rankings and three responded and that the major benefit of this problem is a it's a lot easier on people. To get better participation. Beef producers more rich data you'd see these hearings. Teams that you know well like the top. For instance like you know people may disagree about the order of the top three teams but. That there might be a situation where they'll say yes we may not agree on the ordered doctors can we do know that the top three teams on a different level in the next you know following seventeen to get CNET hearing inaction are in at a different layer of within sight and then lastly just bought more accurate because what it says the at the ready to test Goodyear folks there more engaged. It's more enjoyable. Armed and so. Overall it's more on. I thought it could just follow best resource practices. And it it to better way than the the Kallis ranking colder out there you know in addition. You know I personally think that the vast majority opinion polls are just really really biased by. You know the AT and yet he depending on what tremendous unit. On this so mostly stands holes when people are noticing noticing is one that seems to. They're more or less distorting at the gate he and is moving its teachings around an early critically considering. Whether you know which he never actually seen it could potentially be able to beat the team they've got ranked nineteen mind that it actually makes him make this critical consideration. And overall I think it it's mind I think you would truly reflect. How can actually feel. Yes some great step here from heat Gregory go check out this website stand Schuster dot com you can see some of the ranking city did during the season last year. He's also done a couple of NFL. I related articles recently and been asking about those and minutes he's might how I don't worry your rankings tracking during the season last year. Against the CFP and against CAP polls were that were there any out liars what was there anything different or anything that jumped out at you did you have teams ranked properly earlier. By doing a fan poll. On anything that jumped out at you when you were doing a last season. Yet after absolutely there was still. We think about it yet so not attracted the 82 beginning of the that the he's not switchover to CFP after it's released after a week we can eat but found that there's a lot more than a lot more on a different that in my poll vs the eight key code Yankee generally follows these unwritten rule that writer's own. Jewish here to whether or not they actually think certain teams could be. Other teams had a good example of that would be armed and simply eager listeners are going to be familiar with the Patrick Clinton you know drop that lost to Syracuse last year armed heavily to go through week seven on in the eight. Clinton dropped him to get on a number seven where it's Wisconsin. Would notify the ATF to that after the game you know I know anecdotally though if you ask most fans. They're gonna they would have told you got that game that Clinton is in much you know better team that would consequence that would probably be Wisconsin are neutral field. Yeah and if you didn't reflect that because riders have to follow these rules might poll actually revealed. The truth about how fans still on the because you know. People actually even though we lost the game to to Syracuse. You know. We would travel were still a better team overall in Wisconsin and most things in general public topic Clinton would have beat Wisconsin. Head to head after that until. You know. More or less I'm getting at is great to have a follow those traditional rules with the eight he. And here's to hit it in in that weight actually more like that he had people so when this yet people comes out Michael actually had a lot more overlap let's get people NBA in the eighties because again you're the gift he doesn't have to follow those ruled either it could mean the day it's just subjective opinion over the very knowledgeable people. Talking with Keith Gregory from the end user dot com so a couple of additional things he's you're pulling in thousands of people weak to do these balls right I mean this is and pay them a poll and fifty in my buddy's. And coming back. You literally do thousands each week correct. There. And you can grow it from there are so. I wanna talk timid I wanna let everybody know how they can be involved I guess in doing this coming into this season because this is definitely something that I've already signed up for and I wanna be a part of but before we do that you did an interesting poll almost 15100 NFL fans about NFL logo news. And what are the best one of the worse so what were some of the biggest takeaways you had from that's that article you recently wrote. You have a former talk about the result I mean one of the big things that really shocked me was that you don't matter via the army that we didn't the militants also. I have people on the you're Rivera. What is conciliation is the second understand you know the bias it's coming into the pole on the lobbyists and the public polling India and the call for college you know of course are some bias you know you ten basis can arrange. They're a team of little higher than all the other hand on but yeah I DNA day field. Most candidates as well except you know people off the key games it probably shouldn't be ranked in the top five you know whatever it wasn't the case salute these logos almost every single fan base rank. Their teams well there was in game one you know top five and in the NFL and I really shocked that out the fact that you know. Again when you're talking dog teams ranked ranking vs other teams and seen that. The performance metric on the field if you have because have to look yourself and your little thing except that you know hey maybe it shouldn't be aren't looking at the top where you're looking at something that's very very subjective like leather designs it is sort of emotional cachet attached to those logos the 868. I think it is hard for folks overall separate themselves how they rate you know something subjective like Logan's to visit her but there's a term buy at but there was you know there are across the board regardless of the fan base that each candidate as far as he's kind of cancel each other out that was really one of them than the big takeaways. Our overall. Now look at it and look at the poll here is it had saints and lions at the top followed by the falcons in the rams. I was gonna ask you about the Panthers logo made it looks like it's about the top third. Any specific feedback from the fans on the Allen. Yes absolutely says the the Pappas came in at number eleven. The inaction did score of 128. And to understand the interpretation of 128 means it was great it was rank 20% higher than the average NFL logo pumped moment almanac this quarter indexed at 100 so coming at number eleven that the Panthers in the top third. All the fellow that so we're on analyzing this data I found there's too. Groups of respondents that had a somewhat different preferences so. There's a small pocket of people very small pocket that. Were more into these classic. Are more old school in a fellow that I'm talking about the Packers look the your giants. The colts. Kansas City Chiefs those types of old school logos were on you know they were preferred by the small pocket of people putting you had to even bigger pocket of people that were more duties more on modern. Sleek little doctrine and but I'm talking about Texans. On the that the Eagles new logo at the Panthers. Kind of fall into that group more so in the classic group and so in that regard. In other lit up the papers are are classified. Again it is is that the group took in these new sleeker logos is much bigger than the group that's into these some classical of those and that's why you see the Panthers kind of broadened the top of the top. Thirty year. He had great stuff across abortion he Gregory C entries are dot com he performed what you go. If folks are listening and again ivory signed up for this tell the folks at home that are listening how they can get involved and participate in future polls that you're doing especially as we get closer to the fall and you start doing this week in week out. Seeking parity against the AP and coach's poll and the sea of people. Yeah absolutely if you just didn't even participating goatee Diddy Diddy Diddy got fans used to dot com. What and users online panel disagreed signed up to your email address will. Let you know when you pulled her out when you study results throughout. And it gets pretty simply you know you can email and every single Monday turned up our football season. Will have a new poll out and then we'll have more on. On Tuesday for the NFL as well as this is going to be new. You feature to be doing this year and if you're interested more in you know the company I work for that we're caught in DRG. We do a lot of cool consumer research and help businesses small problems that you're just being in the cool what we do check out www. In DRG. I NC dot com. Awesome stuff from Heath Gregory and again work cooking up something for the fall. Moody piece myself. That there's different ways he can rank college football teams I think you just heard that we all got a lot smarter. Moody Heath I think they're on to something we'll talk more college football coming up. Talking college football. Rankings is there a better way feel good to talk cultural body dies man doesn't it down. And if you listen the last two segments we had an even Harry from the CQ dot com and he Gregory for producer dot com. Diesel I told you for like a week I was bring in these guys then. I think that this is. Future thinking and football right you can go on the CQ dot com and you can see his algorithm and you can change it yourself and you can create your own. Football rankings 13132. There's scientifically base he can do that and like two minutes. Or he can go over participate in these fans used to polls and you get heavy voice out there. To drive a different set of rankings from college football playoffs what say EU the new one of these guys when you over. I'm still skeptical about both a little more skeptical about heats fan polling okay model. Because. You can't put together a mathematical formula that will predict how good team is you know how many rushing yards and yards are they giving up many points and is wearing how many points and having scored against them yeah ya ya ya on down the line more factors you add to it. In theory to close she gets that your. And I know that we're in an age where fans demand to be part of the experience fans demanded to be able to. Have their voices heard and if if a fan poll is the way they do it then that's fine. My only question is. And this is no disrespect to any armchair quarterbacking any armchair analyst okay. I mean that's what we are we armchair analysts that's what we all do for a living. Why is John Smith. Sit on the couch and Pickens South Carolina. Why does his opinion matter. Well this of this Max did research study it's scientifically proven. That it's not gonna allow John Smith for Pickens to say Wake Forest is a number one team in the country and try to skew the poll. The way that asked the questions and in bunches these teams to gather. It's going to. Help all of the people taking the poll make better decisions Dan like he said. What are your top fifteen favorite heavy metal songs of all time diesel you might get five deep end of that and then everything kind of ball plans to gather. By the way they asked the questions they can help you arrive any ranking a lot easier this going to be a lot more accurate and reflect your true feelings. In senator bias. Plus we've got a case if we've got an algorithm that's determining who the best teams are. Why do we need a fan poll is it just something fans do for fun is just you little exercise I mean is it actually. Valid data. Why should anyone care what the data what the fan data sets. So for me it checks a lot of boxes because it is seizing the scientifically proven and research studying methods to generate the data. And I think it's a nice snapshot into one of the fans think. Is there are fans out there for every what did you say Johnson at the pickets on the council doesn't know what he's talking about. There's a super Smart college football fan but it probably walk into the studio and talk laps around us it's watching all these games every week like maybe watching more games than these people voting in the AP and coach's poll. And that's not to say that the fan data once you pull that many people that's not to say that it's some that's incorrect. For the rest far off of what the actual truth is yes. But bad that's when you get into opinion verses. Math. But opinions what everything's about today price true blood let's take movies algorithm and go and play within. Let's go to participate in cease fans he's your weekly polls I'm all over both of these in the fall I can't wait to participate in both of these guys machines. And see what it spits out on the other end and and are the fans and are the computers. Lining up with what I'm thinking so. We cannot we can carry this over some more to 6 o'clock hour the same and talk a college football you can't beat him but before that's. And so volley. Smartest dude I know on the NBA. And the cavs find a way to win tonight can they win the series against Golden State. Dance coming up right after the break and held telling.