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Friday, May 25th

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What is going on in the NBA. Mark Childress and for mark's surge is today the world's most decent sports producer diesel right here with me obelisk into this first here's your chance of some free money. It's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate keyword for this hour is pets PET. Text that keyword a seven to 881 that's seven to 81. Good luck to you know 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESP in upstate now to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 7 AM you know a lot of people. You know that they may put it down gear on Friday. Hey it's comment undertake you'll easy were actually going the other direction we're going up and here we got some great guest today on the show. We got David Hill from ESPN joining us in the next segment. Gonna talk all things ACC with him. David is one of my top five favorite Twitter followers. To follow I guess I should say. Out their hilarious can't wait to have on the always entertaining Ryan think he's going to be joining us at 520 he's got an Indianapolis for the Indy 500. Kevin McGuire from NBC sports. One of the smartest guys around about college would Bob attorney Kevin on for weeks we haven't had a scheduled work out until today you'll be on at 537. And then if you wanna catch up on all things Clinton it's 605 Lawton Swann from Clemson sports talk. The default showed that. Really excited about that so diesel I have a question for you sir. Where was I sixteen years ago today. Why is that significant for you were thumbing through the big book of baby names alliance that's what you're doing you're corrects. My son Faxon turn sixteen years old today. Happy birthday Faxon. And there is one thing that is somewhat inching diesels so my wife went through a ridiculously long and difficult labor thank you carry math. And our goal the whole day was spur Faxon reborn on May 24. We literally get to the birth of the baby. Pentium bill local court all that I look up to it that I clock with a doctor or Mike doc we made it S it's may 24 dislike. Never seen this before stroke of midnight mates recess literally born at may 25 and zero seconds. So that's coming into sync so every year at midnight. Like last night going down happy birthday facts and sell special day for me man excited. NBA segment with me. I'm so I watched the games with him in the evenings he knows more about the NBA than some of the pundits I think it's I hear on ESPN. And fox sports so far is turn me down to change your mind Faxon come on and man and a some time in 6 o'clock hour. We'll talk some NBA. So speaking of the NBA. Diesels sell like you watch a game less like silk. Some of it. No I caught a little bit and on and on sports center. The replace are the highlights right yeah idea. It was so for me it is pretty rare that I will all turn off a game. In the middle or walk away. I actually had to for a couple minutes last night. Probably about three minutes into the fourth quarter I just I couldn't I don't know why. And maybe the rockets are affecting my brain like their infecting the policy warriors sprained. I counted seven consecutive possessions to start the fourth quarter it was the exact same thing. For Houston. James Harden was sitting on the bench. Chris Paul would dribble slowly up the court and I'm in the upper right hand corner. And the rockets would run a couple of screens until they got the switch. The Chris Paul wanted. And the Chris Paul actually backed up almost to the mid court line slowly dribble to the three point line. And he would make his decision right people up to shoot a three he drives by and try for a lay up. I think they went seven straight possessions where he was literally the only person that touched the ball just pure isolation basketball which to me. Couldn't possibly been more boring now. This is you know. This is not I'm not being negative about Chris ball PGA player. To charge a great player but for my money. Iso iso iso again and again and again is maddening and I had like walk away from the TV for Ludwick is just driving me crazy and the thing that worries me the most. You're gonna say something yeah what do what do they tell you to do in football do it until I stop it. If it's successful real until they stop at American stopping pay more and more powered rockets it's working. And if fact it's working in more ways than one. Golden State Warriors are now becoming an iso teams so that the warriors. That's a stats today averaged about seven isolation plays a game. Coming into the series that includes during the season and the first two rounds of the playoffs very consistently its seventh they're 21 isolation plays insults. So the rockets are getting in there were getting into the warriors brain and they're turning them into an isolation team. And also did some some digging on how many isolation plays that the rockets ran last night and it was eleven B billion. And and I might be underestimating. For my money it's crazy and this is a problem for a couple of reasons so hey if you're rockets fan and you like the iso basketball gimme a call. 844 GS PE SP NS 8444773776. It's crazy to me and I'm worried for a couple reasons one. The NBA and the NFL. They're both copycat leaks. What is a flavor of the month who did something new in the NFL this year. That works who did something new in the NBA this year that worked now we're going to change our team to do more of that. What's the flavor of the month right now in the NFL it's a run pass option. You can even hear RP you know. Probably until this season in the NFL I hurting college. Shouldn't see much in the NFL. This somebody name's Carson whence comes along followed by Paul I don't know someone named Shawn Watson. Jesse's coming this year baker mayfield. You can hear it more you're gonna see more and it's working and other NFL teams are going to put some of that and their offense is it's a copycat leak. Always seen the NFL's change. In a big way. And how how often have we heard over the last five years at least going bag it goes back farther than that but over the last five years. We've heard you know we hear about the prototypical body we want that big body quarterback the statue in the pocket. It's changing me and I think sets him edit you know you you you see. Great college players devalued because they're not that they're not this big statue ask kind of quarterback. Hey watch it was devalued right anyway so those kind of those kinds of quarterbacks it's true. Those big guys will have more longevity in this league because they can take the punishment. The little guys. They may be in and out Little League and for five years yup you know they're not gonna have these twenty year careers. That some of these some of these. Big players hat. I I think is here to stated in that instance. But here's what I hope is not here to say. Iso basketball in the NBA if so the rockets had the number one isolation player in the NBA coming into this season meaning he ran more isolation plays and anyone else in the NBA James Harden. So who did the rockets choir. In the off season. One of the top five players running isolation plays Chris Paul. And now it's literally hardened or Paul every single possession doing the same thing over and over so what they slay the beast. If they take down the warriors. Is that's gonna be looked at is the new blueprint well. 11 advanced further were we need to run more isolation place. For the NBA I think that would be a terrible thing and for mine honey I literally had to walk away. And again I guess what you're saying diesel it's effective hats off to the rockets. I mean after they got blown out in game one at home everyone was like hey this isolation play this stuff doesn't work the rockets are like he had does recent have a very good night. And they doubled down and last night it feels like they quintupled down again and again the same thing over and over and over. The only other thing makes me think god is George tech football. And Paul Johnson. Man. It's ugly to watch. But if you do it right it works. But can you imagine being a Georgia Tech football fan weekend a week gets sick about the Georgia Tech's spring game. You've got. A formulaic offense. Running on both sides of the ball. Which is not very much fun to watch. And to meet the rockets are not very much fun to watch and this is it for my entertainment. This is an entertainment venue the NBA as commander do and so many things right right now. I compliment out and so Rhonda Thomas stopped NBA ratings. Haven't seen a ratings have for this round of the games have been terrible but until now the ratings have been up. One other sports ratings are going down right now NBA's trending in the right direction. But man. The rockets find a way to do this. And iso ball comes a new. Flavor of the month. Asking the drive me crazy. One piece of news. And it's bad news. Rockets are Chris Paul status for game six of the Western Conference finals. Is not in question he is out. He is out for game six. Due to an injured hamstring. And there being not very specific specific about it at all now look. The rockets are I believe the last I saw. Twelve point underdogs. On the road against the warriors and that's without Chris Paul they probably be 63 point. Underdogs to the warriors on the road even with them. So I think what the rockets are saying is it's one of two things one. Chris Paul is out and you're not Tennessean in DC seven either and that's the case the rockets are in big big trouble. Or. Hey we don't wanna push it we know we've got two more chances at these guys while we rest up Chris Paul for game six. The street tomorrow. And have a ready for game seven at home in Houston. If the warriors are to win tomorrow night. So really bad knees and I hated. And sports period. Mean warriors are down Andre would dollar right now they the Celtics are down their two best players. That play of the cavs. At two all stars Gordon Hayward carry Irving outs and injured. This is now three of the fourteen laughs. Have a major player outs. Andre Iguodala is not a star for the warriors by any means. But he's a starter and he's been an all star multiple times in his career. He doesn't have the impact of a Chris Paul would be devastating for the rockets. So now I guess in game six. Pardons gonna doubled down on the ice so I guess. I mean Chris ball probably ran 25 bubble last night. So hard may run a hundred album. Tomorrow night. So be adjusting to see how the rockets payment it really feels like that's headed to game seven in what a game seven that would be. Warriors just don't seem like they can get out of their own way right now. Rockets doing just enough to squeak out too ugly wins in a row. We'll figure it out. We'll talk a little more NBA. Later on in the show. But first things first. We got David Hale cumin and for ESPN. And talk whether Clinton depth chart he's all over the ACC Atlantic and coastal coming into the new season. And I got a question form as well and I think you'll like. The beat goes on for Clemson baseball's. Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis here on a Friday the world's nastiest of sports producer diesel right here with me as well. Hoping to get David Hale from ESPN on when this here in just a minute or two but not another great day for Clinton yesterday. What's the score six runs in the sixth inning to defeat a red hot Miami team seven a wine. That puts Clinton and to the semifinals. Of the ACC baseball term it was shall take place tomorrow. Miami won eleven games in a row for the tiger sitting down it was another beginning then was to get those that's going right now. Makes a big difference for the tigers. Once and improves to 45 and thirteen in the season I think that this that that would end. It's constant locked in as the national poppy seed was to give them what they regional. Anti super regional hosting opportunity if they can advance in the and the tournament. So we'll see what happens there. It's like it's money we had to say we played a very very complete baseball game tonight it was a pitcher's duel for a good portion of the game for five innings I thought. The the pitchers went Toto and executed pitches both defense making plays you know we just found a way to do the little things early and then in the sixth inning. That momentum once a woman and starts and our offense is so contagious. It's very very difficult to stop it so Clemson will play the winner and NC state and Florida State's. Thank you will happen tomorrow. And at Pitt and low evil will armor. Will be the other game it's a little earlier in the afternoon tomorrow in the ACC tournament right now we've got David Hale from ESPN David thanks so much for joining us. You've been on a statistical Ryan. On Twitter this week is that offseason board women and waiting for football or are you on a specific assignment right now. Or. Bureau or a back. Well you that's a real good stuff there on. Just take a look at the Clinton depth chart this week that when he came out I didn't know if anything it jumped out match you of course even talking all week about Kelly Bryant. Named over time Trevor Lawrence is starting QB. I travesty TN a got my intentional bit in the running back spots anything jump body you win when you were taken a peak data earlier this week for Clemson. Did you know I don't think there's anything on littered this. Untrue but I think a little bit two is a little look at that are designed to get guys attention. In. Yet you know to your point that was certainly a little bit surprised to see that try to teach you lose lose the clear to wait starter that was certainly not there. Case release for most of last year. You know there's the first is that the secondary I think was a question mark or a lot of people in and it still is based on. You know how that depth chart looks there. Pick the Kelly Bryant stopped is not a huge surprise it's pretty much what that would set at the end of spring practice but for me to take away quarterback. Is not so much loot the way it shapes up on the depth chart today as it is. Reading between the lines of how people have talked about it and know it at the beginning of spring. There was a pretty clear delineation between one and two and that you started talking it down a little more and more throughout spring practice. It's certainly seemed like that trajectory was there at several Lawrence was was certainly. On his way up and have proven. That he belonged in that conversation and then Kelly Bryant of course did not have great leader great. And certainly spring game anyway. Beat the other thing that I started. Have trouble shaking his sit last year after the spring game but can always say in the Kelly Bryant was going to be clearly the guy either but when he came back for salt can't. He really seemed like a different guy with a new amount of confidence what to do about the vote. Determination to kind of win insecure that jobs in and so you know I hesitate to put too much into what one spring mean but. What do they conversation around several large it is. Such that if we don't see him atop the depth chart we want it's still hard to believe he's not going to be. Out there and playing routinely at some point during the season. Turning to David Hale from ESPN. David I think who was still to slot in the shuffle around here Elise and we get a lot of calls and it's all about the offensive side of the football. Clinton's defensive line and defense in general. It's going to be one of the better ones we've seen and the ACC in the last few years and there's been some good defense is in the ACC but there are fronts can be a nightmare for teams to share. Yeah I mean look it's it's as good as. Any team in the country I think it's it's certainly ranks up there with some of those. The lead Alabama. Because a friend that we've seen over the years. It's been more than that it is a veteran group that mean you guys terms are not only will play at all played together and certainly Q what do you. Kind of take a step back and so look at the line backing. Core that those guys it's the same way so. Look reduce the believe that it is going to be. Insanely good I think the expectations certainly are that's the case and those are reasonable expectations. You know I think the only question is. Problem do they meet expectations. And it's hard for me just seeing the Cleveland Terrell and Christian Wilkens decided to come back. For his senior season. When they're not going to follow through on that I just to me the motivation there'll. All I am so look at this time. Any other offense in the ACC I am pretty much terrified they'll what I ought to go up against in that group this year. David Hale from ESP ND you just talked about any other offense in the ACC and we talk about the ACC at the top you know it's hard to not talk about Clemson but. If not Clemson then who who is set up to be the best team this year who has a real legitimate shot you know it takes. It takes results and it takes a whole lot of luck and it takes a whole lot of good scheduling that you know these guys are putting together 5610 years in advance. Who has the right mixture if things go well. It's not Clemson to make it into the playoff. Let me do the people are gonna talk about Miami because they're on the coastal last year but to me I don't used Miami team. Certainly has drastically better than last year's team and you know watching Celtic could you last year we saw in the ACC championship game that it was. Not eighteen that was ready to compete with Clinton. The rest of the coastal commute a little bit of a crapshoot or see a lot cyber urgent tech Pittsburg. But does he said there's. Tons of things to worry about. Two to have to come together whether they go to Pittsburgh essay that team that that might do to children because there are scheduled. That mean that it does not so. Setup particularly well for them to make a big Virginia Tech. Maybe has just get a particularly they can pull off an upset against Florida State week one but it just got so many deaths across the border particularly on the opposite side of the ball has to question marks that. They're gonna need a lot to go right. You know Georgia Tech a team that you certainly see some upside he watched the mustard to the outside the open at our whim so. I don't know console will have by any stretch of the imagination. Art if if you're forced to choose the dealer wouldn't say is a team that I think. Sort of always as the default as large state and I realized that the team that. And it it really disappoint at last year but there are a lot of reasons that the at this point last year so they're brutal schedule to the quarterback situation to the coaching situation. But I also think the more you begin the Florida State. There was a lot mortal like that they do it showed up in the final standings last year. They're gonna have some quarterback depth this year meaning that they go to choose black and again so that will be decision that was made because he will on the job and has the best double steal. And I think that that's certainly a reasonable thing to have happened there they're gonna have as good a combination of running backs as there are in the league they've got a defense that. I think was drastically underrated last year and a lot of respect now they've lost a couple of guys that we are currently. Certainly during games but they've got a lot of really good guys that act that. Built for whatever you wanna say about kimbo Fisher. He he didn't leave the cupboard empty there was a lot of good recruiting classes came through there. So. I think you know there's a lot of question theirs how quickly does everyone. But just to Willie Taggart. Scheme both offensively and on defense I. I think that it certainly don't I don't think Florida State was in any way at 616 last year. It was just sort of a confluence of events that led to that. So I don't think the lead Florida State to get back in the core territory is as big as a lot of people think. Now that's that. And submit to me it is. Still market we have the Florida State but I could see that gap closing that you're saying all right content not released who's a canopy. My money would still be important state. Tundra David Hale from ESPN David Ellis ten ACC baseball Mitt before you came mind are you a fan of this this pool play. Eyes that they're using in the ACC which is different than doing a lot of other places around the country what I'm hearing is his fans of the ACC hated. But I talked to some folks from the SEC as some other conferences this week and they waste their conferences will adopt itself curious where you fall on the way they structure that tournament. Yes you know I mean it's you don't have to spend went about five minutes of Twitter during. This tournament to know that that ACC fans hated. I think it's certainly a question note like. European today's successive failures based on bond. You know how many actual seat you're gonna get how many teams you still have playing we get to regionals and the super regionals and then what did you do. It is hope your conference to do that hurt your conference I think that's still up in the air. But you know look news is always a little bit of a transition her fans particularly when it comes to college sports Lleyton to beat traditionalists are. I'm open to it I don't necessarily think it's as oracle is. And a lot of the the Twitter reaction has been but you know get a game of the day at the success or failure is going to be judged by. Whether or not I EC team like Clemson missed out of the national theater whether you see some of these other sort of fringe teams they end up not playing into the regionals at all. The enemy and say you know today it's set up like this North Carolina and Georgia Tech playing right now. Becky means nothing both of those teams are done at least with their ACC tournament. While we wait on the Florida State NC state game later today and the winner that gets to advance to play Clemson so it's it's kind of a strange situation each day. Wondering Qaeda we can figure it out while revenue would David Hale from ESPN at David Hale ESPN on Twitter they'll follow on the air. Dave and our question of the day today is an asset what is the worst game that you have ever attended. And it can be that you were a fan of a team that just got blown out can be just had a personal trauma idea matter whatever. I'm just curious we've been asking the folks out there we've been talking tea today where does that land trio. Martin pretty easily into that side and got a stock answer I think about it as a sailor I'm sure there are some games that. From orbit gut punch forward but you worst experience. I've ever had a big game. Was the ACC championship game in Jacksonville Wake Forest nine Georgia Tech's sixth in the Iranian. I I. Hadn't gotten my parking pass for the event in advance I had like double our. And literally all pretty much in the rain around the stadium which gets in the city Jacksonville anyway but hopefully you'll have to reject and those are eternal debate. And then of course. 96 final in the Iranian woman the post publicly. Performances by two teams that you're going to see the I remember. Afterward those I was working for a paper door to the times so but of course covering it would Georgia Tech angle and Reggie ball Q talk to the media is. The whole thing is just an absolute nightmare in the worst part of at all. This is sportswriter problems for you to give you a little gift when you would you check in first these big games like principal Gibson what have you. And and so I checked in to get my credentials they give you a little box. And it has to get inside I was running late but I never opened the box and when I came back up. During interviews in the locker. Somebody had stolen my box. Here I don't need gift. I have no clue what was in the box to this day I have no idea. What was inside the box. If you know anybody who covered that he sees teacher Richard you remembers what he. The media did was I would certainly be all ears because it's one of those nagging questions that I will have progressed bought. Q Brad Pitt movie seven points. I was yeah what is the opposite enough so that's Kendall Davis started it started end on a bad no bullets Blair or scheming ever attended I think that's a good story to get us started here today thank you for that. My regret it so. Awesome that's all that matters now is David Hale for ESPN always fun to talk to him at David Hale ESPN. One of the most favorite people that I follow on Twitter so hey we're gonna open the phone lines coming up after this break 8444773776. What's the worst game you've ever attended can you stopped David Hale's story. What's the worst game you ever attended in person mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. Here at the world's most decent sports producer diesel as well. Diesel offered up TU Miami and what is the worst game that you have ever attended it doesn't have to be result Torino we just heard David Gilford ESPN. Lamenting a horrible experience in the press box and ACC championship game for football what is viewers. I was. At that Clemson Notre Dame game in the tsunami. Yes came to the hurricane game three was two years ago three years ago whatever that was yeah. Phenomenal game I mean as as a football game it was an incredible game it was back and forth Clemson had a big lead Notre Dame came back in a big way late in the fourth quarter. You know. Incredible stand there at the end of preserve the game it was a great game yes. But it was miserable to sit out there and watch that game because it was raining. The entire time and never stopped. It doesn't matter how good your reindeer is it's getting in that rain is getting in unless you're wearing. You know a big giant condom ads get news you know there's there's no way your stay in dry at a game like that yeah. And I would tell you some gross okay. So my only. My only requirement to get into that game it was Sturges family had tickets and there was a couple people who weren't able to get out and he said I'll give you one of these tickets. If after the game you'll. Walked back to the media a lot to get the car and meet us at the student center where they were doing their post game show Brett and I remember just being completely waterlogged. Down of the bones completely soaked in what. Made it over there I had done the Smart thing a broader change of clothes and as I was taking my socks off. You know that. Big chunky callous and always grows on the corner tells Omaha to the whole thing just slid right off like it was a hot knife through butter. And it was I mean at it's it's disgusting and now gasoline or some like. That's a fresh clean tomorrow. Arraignment if there's there's no cal thought whatsoever Cecil the bright side yes that day yet to those two bright side to great game. You know people play a lot of money for that kind of treatment on their feeds yeah. No ads that you know that what. Worst story and you're turning it into AM happy ending yeah I was at that game and I we are fortunate enough to have a spot that is very close to the stadium. Unless you are a lot is closed because it's under a foot of mind in the new park a mile and a half away. I have to walk there in the arena Torrey that's why you get a Jeep that can go to that kind of stuff was it a close slot though you must always lie like no one can get and or couple right by the stadium because remember that I think that was either the second or third time worried he just monsoon during games. That whole season appeals like every game was rained so they they had a couple lots which is your your not getting in here. Doesn't matter now you could've gotten out of there that she probably would it still might have been Dicey because because it would you know it was so bad but. Mine is definitely 2003. And if you wanna get on this 8444773776. What's the worst game you ever attended. Like to hear about it mine was an I but the B few other people listening Georgia and Clinton in 2003. Beginning of the season hot is the surface of the sun I think it was unlike in August 129. It was a very early start of the season. Clemson was hoping to come out of the box strong play in a Georgia team I believe that is ranked number nine final score was Georgia thirty Clemson zero. That one hurts. And hurts even more when you've lived in Atlanta and talk smack about how good Clinton was gonna be all summer. And get to hear from all your Georgia fans about how poorly that one went. And that was probably my worst experience of the game as well but hey if you wanna talk about it 844. 477. 3776. Has also done on Twitter about this earlier today I just saw that was a funny. Funny thing to tee up out there is everybody's got their experience is right. But your team just getting smashed. Maybe you had all kinds issues like diesel all the diesel turned as say tennis isn't too happy story. Literally following the rights. The right way down the line there but so what is your worst game ever attended as 8444773776. Gonna bring Wesson here. Wes what you got man what's your worst. I can't remember the year maybe you can help me out a live. All but it was the old Atlanta right stadium and Atlanta it was the peach bowl. Between NC state. And Iowa. Running the whole time simply repair and it blows a hole. Anyway and and it actually is to stay on the one that game. In the fourth quarter. With. Not like on the last play was like at 3331. Game. Police she saw a decent game but so yes sounds like the weather was terrible I now when Wes thanks a lot for the comment. What is he worst game you've ever attended 8444773776. Really got to Connor. Connor wishers man was the worst one you've been out. Men who I think it was the first time we played tech that they and then in Columbia. And my buddies and I went to the midnight yell that they did or state house that night your talk and so much McEnroe a lot of fun. And we went to the game OK you're upper deck tickets all the student tickets were out so we got to protect ticket. To look a 140 degrees and you're sitting in the upper level is getting blown out. And I just remember we just at halftime we like you know my power to do you wanna go and it was awful loose so hot so bad. But it's like Connor and I'm kid I'm getting a theme here. It's that weather has a lot to do with your experience. And at a ball game so hate. What Steve worst game you've ever attended 8444773776. We had some good was here they Griffin now what she got mail a source when you've been simple. Worked in my Bentley on the Celtics fan living in South Carolina and much can't go see the victory look in Charlotte back when they were out popped out. And we sent an upper back. And the whole victory was still the team and it's that the whole victory only to banks or KG made the trip. Without big disappointment. The worst game I've ever spent. All manner of a two page do those for those tickets do Griffin thanks a lot. What's the worst game we've ever attended 8444773776. That's the first non weather related when. For any album but yeah man in the NBA you can get hose I went to I had cats hawks game. A few years ago it's tickets in my company had a really good it was over the Christmas holidays it was one of those things like three days before Christmas. Where the admin comes out and says hey we've got tickets to the hawks in the cavs over Christmas so Mikey I'll take those all excited to go go down there with my son. No LeBron James last minute scratch. Rumors are he was out partying the night before his it was his birthday. But I feel your pain there deathly self. Say what is the worst game we've ever attended 8444773776. Kevin what you got man was source when you've been up. The worst game I've ever been to when I was in high school I date a girl. These little brother played in the Little League basketball game in the final score of the game but not before. It was excruciatingly. Didn't hear what you disks. There was more rebounds and points or. The senate now did to girlfriends later become your wife is there a happy ending to the story aired that break up to. Know that people are mad you might be our clubhouse leader man Kevin thanks a lot what's the worst game that you have ever attended. What's gonna ban on the line then what you got man. I got to real quick on the first one was the cavs game in the ninety. Now let me tell you that starting lineup I believe include Brett a right shot and Bobby sura. And a lot of weird though that nobody had ever heard of ever again. And in the other one the other one this one might take the cake. Brown's bill 2007. The blizzard I believe the final score was 95. I think maybe six complete passes that entire game. Omar are bowl the all all that would may take became so far again we got the weather going again there have been. What is the worst game you've ever attended this is a fun when the segment I'm glad we're talking about this 8444773776. Let's go to Chris on the phones Chris what you got man a source when you've been so. Man. Tom wood took place in Carolina getting that. Williams Brock. And lawyers. Pressure out of the military. Doesn't work. A big church and HL they should say is up. I do want to get Oakland airline Yang and stand on shuttle on vocal and they'll. I mean of course and plan out at all. Lou I've decided did. Everything was sketchy I mean it was just gave you promote the gig Garrett. We eat we are down near. There entrance. And Odyssey 2000 warn charred body and then and we Walt stand them. Everything was going great X and oh by the way you're armed. A future kick her South Carolina. They gave me in ninth. And did they may war should the united. Do something that have gone so you are like why trees. I mean absolutely. And here I am I'm 44 years old and I'm like sweating bullets somewhat. Lot of guys you know are I'd been direct outlaw all. The united bits are more stressed about this one isn't going to Dallas and everybody here and also. They may you can't dig that yes you can't just asked me to be up like it hurt her in. But so that was my worst game in any Chinese cigarettes in do any thing. The related exports. Absolutely did not. Oh yeah I did not pass on now that's great Chris and other gray went. What's up last chance again then if you want a 444773776. Or we're gonna close it out what is the worst game we've ever attended we've had some painful once. On here some really strange ones as well. And a lot of stuff that's out whether orient and also which is no surprise man stressing when you get when you get surprised right manned their minutes of football games have been so hot. And constant over the years has had some extremely. Rainy games. And so have them as well. So hey let's do this really out to break he could stay on the phones or carry this over until the next segment. What is the worst team that you had ever attended or keep talking about it coming up. What is the worst game you've ever attended or even having some fun with this one today 8444773776. Is the number. Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis diesels here with me is well. Where to go back to the phones. Got Ryan on board Brian what's the worst game you never meant to bud. I used to umpire baseball once one season. They gain in March the game time temperature was 34 degree start in the second inning started bleeding. And gateway at thirteen days personally. Yeah I quit going to drag the final score again and whatnot and by. How you look dumb injured patient with a win at thirty degrees or not but. No not at all man Ryan Parent and a trooper to go through that one as an umpire again I didn't surprise a couple times today. We've got people coming and results we had David Hale talking about his bad experience in the press box. And diet all kinds of different angles on this again if you wanna get an 8444773776. Let's go to GMC. When his story is Jim what's gotten it was so we're asking you never mentioned. Mark an old friend calling in here is. Fuhrman's Stephen F Austin playoff game back around 1990. Other games started off with some snow flurries and ended up with four inches of smoke. Berman at a bare footed kicker. Misses the so the extra point during the snowstorm and had to go for two stories seconds ago. They had three other quarterbacks injured and so therefore streamed was you cornerback. And the news of the and and also the supplemental financial line and the game was over. How good grief and another weather related when Jim thanks so much for the call and and snow we we've had I think every type of precipitation now it had a puncher rain once had a couple of suites. And its announcement a great topic what's the worst game we've ever attend and we got time probably for two more callers. 8444773776. Let's go to Cornell. Right Cornell what you got man we've had some good stories today to bring a good one here. Out of Beirut bureau America how to move. And choose a little brother will brag about it's obvious you are a Little League team don't fire but there were proud of it. Our little girl look to run American nightmare you looked at quarterback. Are livid saying. Oh brother here and he goes now those aren't there's color. Let them play the game in America you do he would. Not able Obama aren't crying they're really got to hit lower and Mulder Latin. And you tell me how dinner then there's eleven there were withdrawn. Laura let's agree to so again did it end well with the girl a sec or your wife today happy ending of the story or Disco in the wrong direction as well. Adios governor Willard and they're doing afternoon tomorrow. Com and Cornell that's another good and you haven't got time for one last caller here let's go to the phones at that I know who this is is McCain McCain what sure worst game story. Land I would that I'm brother did they'd logging in and they hit eight and I got an ankle with a base all of. So it was a pop fly like a foul ball and hit you right in the ankle. Unbelievable he should had a good dad to protect you a little bit better. This plant marchers is not a plant she decided to call me honor bound so this is my daughter McCain and I remember it well is foul ball in the stands by sweet. It's a foul ball into the stands and die. I I think I made an F for Ford as one of the sings I guess it is wasn't doing a good job of thinking about too well. I still hear about this all the time. So the ball the foul ball comes right down to hitch a ride on the ankle of course like swells up at least as big market got a terrible that takes McCain off the bat as funny Jim calling into talk about playoff games you know we'd love to go on a playoff games in the snow and seriously that was a competitive advantage. Of an upstate yep no doubt no doubt but in that day when you've got to bare footed kicker having a lot of snow is not a very helpful thing to mail the fudge topping us a lot of fun the last half hour so. But the worst game you've ever attended. They still plenty of more great stuff to talk about gonna catch up on College Baseball. And we got some great guests coming up in the next hour.