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Tuesday, May 22nd

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Welcome back into the show it's time to talk about the South Carolina Gamecocks mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. The good CC sure were from the big spur dot com joining us. JC the SEC baseball tournament are already under way gamecocks scheduled to play tonight. You like their chances side and the upcoming days. While in a bit easy Germans always. One of those things were asking you know you don't. It it's not the most important thing. Especially when you have wrapped up in the NCAA tournament that I think it can help. A team and say you need to win some arm. But. It's always interesting and it it took place after a lot of baseball historically. Has not done well. On just the opposite through with the NCA term and obviously with the history of the program by. You know I think tonight is. It is an interesting match up first smaller than that someone other rumored to them and how do you start sort of 10 eastern. On. Game Jackson in the Carmen let Hinske took the mound freshmen understand other midweek starter. On you know Missouri protest when the term that given little playing yet and that's around a single elimination. On. So I you know if they win tonight South Carolina will play Arkansas than the getting to boot you know who have the bracket the problem I'm. At least two more gains down there so we'll see what happens but. You know Missouri won the opener in Columbia late in the season in cart came back and won the last two. You know let it go out like their chances they are playing hot based all right yeah out on my piece saying that. There's something to beset with remaining hot. But I also that baseball game of ups and downs sometimes you know you make go to the SEC tournament on which you not think the championship on Sunday. I hear their pearl week's your arms are tired than you gotta go to a regional South Carolina probably. Even if they win that turner will still be on the road for a regional. I'm probably somewhere here in the Carolinas so it's it's one of those things where you know you. It sort of look at written hope. That play well if you watched yeah it's always better to win the delay is but it's not a big deal here he talked a little short. And you can rest your pitching in and get ready for the the important to part of the currencies in which is that NCAA. Anti as JC sure from the Vicksburg dot com yeah we had Derek Scott on yesterday I talked a lot of Clinton folks everybody kind of echoing the same thing right. It would be great if they want it I guess by it really everybody's already thinking about next week which. Put us in this weird limbo I guess with with tournaments and basketball tournament Sally say hey we all hear in the ACC and SEC basketball turn this is a big moneymakers. I don't know if these are big money makers so again this is strange situation that's that we find ourselves in every year. Yeah I and you know just like in basketball Lamar minute if you win that turner met. Get an automatic bit yup you know so I think for those teams that are considered a lock and look South Carolina. You know who had. Very little margin for error. To make it to where they didn't have to win. You know indie games and tumor in May be NCAA tournaments so you know for those teams that think it's good I think that. You know when you look at it no for that South Carolina the only time they've won the SEC tournament and the college World Series and that's saying. Finish third. They're. To Fullerton state. Trust Texas super include that the two teams in the final like here so it was. You know there there there have been teams that have won the copper sermons letters. In our home dull moment and then give saying you know. But then you look at clips and a couple years you know won the ACC tournament and I hate the ACC term Breck out there that asks a little bit ridiculous what they do and pull play an elaborate on some want it. And closing national seed and then I hot Oklahoma State team comes to talent and eleven. Arms. So you know look I've seen it kind of works both ways in terms it seemed that there Winn meat copper term that some things on each that you can do away when it just turns. You know you want your body parts the smaller leagues you know obviously they're quite an automatic bid. Armed and you know there are some things that have you know gotten on congress servants and all the way through. Make some big things happening in CA that that maybe warning we're gonna make it occurred to beat you went so. I think it's far they kind of meet you get everybody together you know. Believe has been insistent on keeping it in Hoover and that's a that's a fantastic stadium and in Europe. A general statement around a little bit beyond the habit. That's a word that in. You know certainly I think you know we look solid based on the state we can all remember when we Greeneville. Well on the east player that is it that. Near Donald that are where the brave brave brave she politely we are remember when the ACC term. Played out here another source guitar so you know I don't. I have mixed feelings as to how important it is to individual teams. A year by year. On them but I do think they're good events go to College Baseball and I don't expect. Talking with JC sure from the big spurt dot com so why he got basketball that's a good news yesterday with Chris Silva announcing that he's coming back. Brian Bowen still living I guess in this weird I limbo in no man's land but a step in the right direction for Frank Martin for next season for sure. Yeah you are in the born goal and really kind of the key here South Carolina if you remember they're. You know they want me or 4151 games over two years it would Alpharma for. Both teams are very good. It perimeter. And if you bring about a yet oil sick there are six and one of the best all the ball defender in the league in doing noticed that the other guard. And then at saint last year in addition to having get out there just weren't very good at guarding on the perimeter that they did have a so to many in embargo and that is 66 we need to shoot score in August. When you take candidate you say we also got just in the irons six 66 coming back or sophomore year when another wing on an Indian I got to do something about a point guard spot me yes starts overtook or below. You know I I think that the Garrett at the missing link now the American they get a guy late here in recruiting that's a big tall wing certainly but. You know last thing I mean he's a key you know he did not have the best in BA draft combine. Arm and I think that's a result of him not playing. Basketball game per year are Maurice at Merrill. Our I think when you look at some of the other players that were in the ball. Quota quoted BI saying you know they didn't you know get his. Get. We let myself for. You know on and a lot of those guys have been eligible until. I think given the circumstances. You know the initiation you Metrocall. Com and I think it's hypocritical. You know considering some of the other guys. There were involved if they you know declare him ineligible. For lice. I think of that so I'm. That was an unfortunate situation. I think there's you know when you look at some things that happened. In other sports what parents taking money in the plane back or whatever. In that kind of insulated the sooner or actually a little bit and you know unless they wanna make a statement our policy while it would also wouldn't see last chapter on I would take him. It's been more given some assurances that their security can be eligible but it's. Coming up to it I think we're you know eight days away from the battle and you know I think it that situation. Should get resolved. Before the thirtieth and are there any sense. It is not a arm but it's the NCAA and nothing they do surprise me these days especially when it comes to say. You know program it's not. To curb North Carolina or Kentucky year. You know one of their money makers of course does say that made. They drag out the UNC case for so long on the go but I think that more case you'd see lawyer doesn't make really. Pierre. Yeah on an agreement with the F hopefully they don't do many things right these days man work hard come on here any espionage scene outside of that. Giving melon head's up on where he stands with them before the thirtieth the super important so will be pulled for that. On should talk with JC sure reported expert dot com JC a really good article. On the heavily be posted at today about the culture of Carolina football tell tell the folks a little about that really itself. Hear you there is that you can look at it in hair and that. Nowadays you know our Carolina's undergoing a bill under over or under will must ship are rebuilt beyond the cute. It's obvious their roster. Took a turn took a nosedive in in 2014 LB sent them fully cook you don't post. On the sixteenth had played a bunch of freshmen. On the but it but it hasn't baca. In and I think bit. You know if you look at the big picture in South Carolina part of the year 2000. I think we all remember nineteen Manning Lou let alone eleven of their 21 you're losing streak current work program in the SE they force the Vanderbilt. And down. I think at that point. You know things started to turn and Barrett Lou Holtz. Economic gap. That I think he got the people to believe. Byrd got the people to believe that they can win and now we're Muster is getting people to believe they can go program. On in about this Spurrier did not build a program is their content years and actually. It was until it more than two years six where he really have a breakthrough. Com but I think with the facilities they have now. There opening at fifty million dollar. Ops center. Are on the have a large indoor practice facility if you look at Williams Brice stadium now verses 1990 I'm actually look like mausoleum. On you know you could tell the gamecocks play there and he's not be able to do that I mean the fans and so it up but that little little. Different than maybe pointless and a concern Knoxville or Gainesville really want to. Army at times Spain and I think that. Just be improvements that they've made the world must Semitic comment the other day that you know it's gonna maybe for the first arms fully invested in the shall all program and I believe that's true. For the I think it's been a process. You know for the past few decades in the and and programs don't. Always. You know. Take this long to get you know toward to get consistently good and that's certainly there have been years of the game guard had a bit but if you think about it. That there's a program that went to nine bowl games and won one before 2011. Hour plus thirteen years. You know they've been doable but I want they want trot out OK you know and that's that's not something in. Today's day and age you know working on the play and offer big bowl compete for championships you know you're not think. You are not you know you don't have a higher recruiting rankings younger people can look you guys that are agreed half forms garbage. Rankings this year and have Florida and South Carolina South Carolina I haven't three against the gators this decade. That two years they lost. Worth in Ramiro under John Elliott and then must hear her cure the squabble that basically had their chance. Other than that must have seen beat the 2012 team and that it up on a week or every other car. And yet because Dan Mullen did OK at Mississippi State. All of a sudden there in the top warnings ridiculous. The same narrative that says you know much it could win it forestry and went South Carolina blocked off fault blocks so it takes time. And the top point sometimes she got to crawl before you walk on the yeah crawl or walk. And not that that was my point is if you look at the last seventeen years. You know South Carolina is that a higher level. You know wherever that may be that it wants war and and I think that. You know as we move forward and and watch this program that ball under Will Muschamp I think that they are that somebody who can hang your hat on record yourself you're a warm person. Great stuff that's always in JC sure you could find that article he was just telling you about at the big expert dot com. Thanks so much Jaycee for joining us always good to catch up and hear all things gamecocks. We'll get Dan for valley. National NBA writer from the Bleacher Report coming up at 637. And catch up on the news of the day coming up. Doctor peppers making a change for college football this season mark Childress and for mark Sturges here with. Had a birthday diesel 34 years old today. Opens a great day for you my man yet Larry Culpepper in the face of doctor pepper and all the college football commercials the last a couple of seasons. Is no more all I want for my birthday is Larry Culpepper back. Yes. Two on Twitter man got to go to doctor pepper how many read tweets on my birthday. To get Larry Culpepper back NEC iced cold doctor pepper hair. He man if you follow college football and have a pulse and could fog a mirror. Then you know Larry Culpepper is I'd doctor pepper says her one and a different direction this year. Speculation maybe they're doing this to see what it is I really like the guy. If you go on Twitter and see some of the reactions. On not everyone is as big a fan of Larry Culpepper is I am. He'll be missed. He'll be missed. A couple of tweets are read earlier today there's two great wins this is one of them hopefully doctor pepper will get a less creepy character like penny wise. He of course the clown from Steven king hit our long national nightmare has ended. But does pretty funny tale America is screening can pick. A that's really good. So we'll miss oh we will miss. Mr. Culpepper. As doctor pepper does in a different direction the season had some other us sports news from the world of football today vacation instead. David tepper. Has been approved by the NFL owners as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers should be won't become official sometime in July. Made some public facing comments earlier today. About how important a team is to the Carolinas. News mr. rumors. It's Amber's gonna come run and then and try to move on my that's not good for Carolina socket for the city of Charlotte socket for the NFL don't think that's gonna happen. The Charlie needs a new stadium. They do. I think they'll get it the next three to five years. Or keep our eye on that. Houston Texans. To Shawn Watson. Return to the field today for the first time since his ACL surgery back in November. Says he feels good and comfortable. Participated in individual and seven on seven drills today. He's getting there. Another milestone along the journey of him getting healthy. Getting back under center for game one but it's a New England Patriots man what a week one that'll be to Sean is return. Sunnis okay from the injury. Verses a guy New England Patriots team but the Sean lit up last season lost the game. Stats were all the charts in know what to do them. That'll also be testing to see how old Watson. Is going to adjusts. To the adjustments at the NFL teams make on him they had all offseason to look at that film and try to Salter to Sean. They'll be thrilling new things Saddam. Making him have to find new ways to be successful. Sophomore seasons for quarterbacks. Are often their worst ones. Is the NFL comes back and a hundred miles an hour making these adjustments. And you've got to adjust to their adjustments and the dig yourself out of that hole and go from there. So expect really big things from the show on the season I expect Houston to be a playoff team just good to have him back also Big Ben. Roethlisberger. Masonry off. Our friends now. They made amends or at least they're acting like they made amends. Roethlisberger of course. On a radio show up in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago basically came out and said that he thought the Steelers should have gone a different direction and drafted a player. That could have an impact immediately on the team rather than a backup quarterback. And appointed Rudolph to the playbook. When he said what are you gonna do defy Rudolph comes a panache or question big men basically said a whole lot point into the playbook peaking too answers on questions. Well Roethlisberger. Was even proactive. And talking to Rudolph. Today a practice. He told radar country through a short pass to the fullback and not every throw needs to be a bullet sometimes a touch passel do. Realty and ask weenie thing but I and put it my two cents Roethlisberger said I hope he was OK with that. He did say that Rudolph has a big arm. It seems to understand the offense. Let's shoe box is checked for masonry properly three. He got a big arm we knew that. You're grasping the offense very quickly we figured that. And now at least publicly. You've got to respect and support. Of the most popular player and the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise and a leader of the team. Ben Roethlisberger. Super important. And good for him. Page one again talk football on this segment. 844 GS PE SPN 8444773776. You have dampen Valley National NBA writer for Bleacher Report coming up next segment dance awesome. He's also the deputy editor of NBA math. Which is a great follow on Twitter if you want the advanced analytics. And the deep dive into the numbers I love that nerd stuff. I deal. It's good for me. They'll bring it tonight. Pass today and hate our are we ever gonna see a competitive. Game and these conference finals. The nine point when. By the cavs last night. Over the Celtics was the closest game. Of the seven games have been played in a conference finals so far. Two blowouts in Boston by the Celtics. Two blowouts in Cleveland on count nine is blowout folks there wasn't even necklace. Cleveland was out Boston two times in their house. Game five of that series will be tomorrow. Meanwhile. Golden State blows out Houston in game one Houston blows up oldest dating game to call the state. Maybe Houston by 41 points in game three. Step curry woke up. That's not a good thing for the rockets. Or the cavs or Celtics. Rockets are played their season tonight. Down two games the wind. Playing in ORACLE Arena in Oakland. Against the warriors. Who seem to be clicking. But a win a blow out and meet they went by one point it's fine but another blowout win tonight that series is over a set all along. I'm not a big fan of CP three and James Harden. And their body language. And their reactions. And it's how they handle themselves under adversity. It's going to be adversity tonight. Specially when the warriors hit. Couple of threes to start the game go on one of their big patented runs in the second quarter third quarter. Does Houston have what it takes to dig out from under that and find a way to even that series and get home court advantage back I don't think they do. Well I stand for valley in the next segment. CP agrees would make. The NBA did announced today. And Simmons and Donovan Mitchell. Are unanimous selections to the NBA's all rookie team. Jason Tatum. Was also selected to the first team one vote short of unanimous. Their hundred. Voters. A hundred front panel sportswriters. One of those guys look at Jason Tatum and did not put him on the all rookie team. How was that even possible. My twelve year old daughter who doesn't even watch basketball very often would look at Jason Tait and no he should be on that all rookie team. Unanimously. He was left off. Simmons Michelin Tate are the three finalists for the NBA's rookie of the year award who rounded out the roster. Lakers forward Kyle charisma. It Chicago's Lori Markkanen. Rounded out for seem Kazan 931 team votes market and had 76. Since Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. They are sixteen you know when the playoffs. At home at Rourke at ORACLE Arena ruhr coal that's what they call when he gets loud it would be loud night. Kevin Durant never lost a home playoff game at Golden State. The rockets have never won. In the playoffs and Golden State their only seven. He can do all the math eco data anyway you want. It's gonna be pushing to see how it all breaks out tonight. Mike and Tony. Comes out today says all the pressure is on Golden State no it's not. All the pressures on the rockets. Lot of their players have publicly run their mouth this season as said that the rockets can beat the warriors in the post season when it matters and Tony said it. Data back down from any of it they call the now almost. Meanwhile the warriors injury after injury during the season. Ball their way to the number two seed. I think tonight is a ninety said the message eliminate them. Metaphorically. It would just be a 31 lead but it BO for at that point. 41 points in the last game. That is a wanting it'll be interesting how do you come back for performance that good. There's no way the warriors are behind and again there's no way the rockets will be that bad again so hopefully that'll even up a little bit they'll close the gap. I just wanna see it in game. I want to be a fourth quarter tonight to boss a little bit after nine support quarters probably get going 10301045. I wanted to still be a game that I wanna watch. I want to be close. I want to be drama. I wanna feel like that. That relates. It hasn't been one time. And the conference finals in the western or Eastern Conference. They've all been blowouts. Seven and Arroyo tonight may very well be eights. Game five tomorrow night should be interesting between the cats and the Celtics in Boston. The winner that's going to be in the driver seat to win that series that when feels like it's finally going to be a close one. I don't think tonight will be I think the worries and take care of business big time. We'll see if I'm wrong. Also asked Dan finale. National NBA writer for Bleacher Report and deputy editor at NBA Max. Coming up. Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis and it's time to talk in BA. The national NBA writer for Bleacher Report Dan finale. Dan are we ever going to see a conference finals game. That we wanna watch in the fourth quarter man has been brutal the last week. Kia. On our I mean hopefully we do our thing. It cavaliers the period of probably about that just because of all the reporters that he didn't shoot that allowed a lot of areas the Knick games worries. So Dan Ellis talk about the ball game tonight first then we'll shift over to that side Maurice of course up to no one in the series. Feels like with sidestepped curry finally waking up and returning to form that this could be another battle when the night for the rockets are you an agreement with that. It's possible. We saw. A patent Terry got going in the third quarter in game three. And we've kind of seen it intermittently here he's on the warriors go on those two or three year Foreman occurred. Taxis and eat and kind of struggled to stay intact and make the right switches and you can kind of Peter body language. Well just a little bit if you see that they force the lawyers who take some tough shots or work shot pocket yet. They still scored out of the warriors are getting the groove. I'm playing at home again and you and Perry. Ostensibly rounding into form that could be one of those gut punches that you can deliver what potentially shut up for just a (%expletive) years. It and you mentioned the body language it's something that I mean jumping on on both Harden and CP three I feel like when they get under adversity. And when things are going well for them especially if they pick up a few thousand they're not happy west. I feel like did they go really negative really quick. On in my off base there. Rather they are entirely out made it. You can read all evening kind of vocal. Or you could tell when he's unhappy. He doesn't normally let it impact in too much for it. Are hardly a different story that you can kind of see it on defense yet let the offense going to beat gauge. On the defense and enact a problem because he's not I'm a great defender to begin lit and the keeper and I really computing better if you're gonna need to get their allies more and just a lot of the you can't force free throw them do you get input on the at thirteen. We are on it in game three that's not a game that he's been is going to win especially if it's going to get outshot by the warriors from three point. Talking with Dan for valley from Bleacher Report Dan gimme a pass for the rockets seeing in this game to have any chance to win late. That is in just judge James Harden and CP three lighting it up from the outside what do one of the things the rockets need to do to lied to make this one competitive tonight. So. I think whining is. You'd need to tuchman trying to figure out a way to close cappella on the floor as much possible peace so important cheered defense. And your offensive rebounding and your screen setting. It can be tough for the warriors goes duke the small but at eighty dollars and go work he really limited. In game four that should provide you with the opportunity to quake could compel a few more minutes. The biggest thing for the rocket though is they need to shoot. More reasonable warriors need to make more street and the warriors you can't be minus a minus six point from beyond the arc in. Game three that seem like a small margin for terrible when you're dealing with the warriors up and and a big part of your attack is that happened upon volume three point shooting. You need to make sure that your car turning the tables you wanna be apart sick or well I hurried up plus well. On average from behind the arc per game get the not necessarily putting words in the deficit. Apache ensure that you remain within striking distance if you're not old each of those are good attitude and I'm really looking forward leading into game four. In his step their dad yeah I just one and I were both teams are playing well it seems like it one team playing well and each one of these games. You wanna see what we've been hyped up about all season right did it was gonna come down this is the pseudo NBA finals now. And the rockets at full strength and Maurice at full strength was it's going to be a war. Yes that's definitely what we had hoped for. Especially based opt out well he said that during the regular season. But I I always kind of thought there there's potential for this eerie to turn in to run away in the warriors newspaper is because they were very clearly going it. Only 5% the during the regular season and just looking at the way trade agreement depended. How they defend their overall on the diagnosed second curry kind of getting back into form. This is that he met a lot better than what we saw during the regular eat it and if they do wind. Game for almost a series that you had done it affected. Ended five because wild that they did well at 321 lead one that is what you can and others is that just the different team and don't be. But that could put added they've Kevin Durant who just. And especially to accessory you hit one of the great and it ought I'm. They don't necessarily need and he elevated. They're healing well he made their war higher he really OB there's healing yet. He's the one lit a match up problems really hurt this that yes button curry didn't step back and working his yellow yellow handle to moving well off the ball it can get demoralizing. Extremely quickly of that rocket he. He had good stuff Dan Tucker would dampen valley from Bleacher Report let's just shift over to the cavs and Celtics game five at least on paper seems like it matches up to be the first competitive game of that series as well. What are you looking for when they I get to the garden tomorrow night. I've bought and I think there is whether LeBron James is supporting pet is going to continue to shell are acting kind of seem to be part up there weren't there promote the paid your theory. And then they struggled. They were there promote the raptors here he's gonna captors did John Kirk part of Boston Kyrie and Cleveland. Bought those first few games it's been interesting to see how well Thompson and I this year done against Al Horford over the past two games George Hill finally realizing he's not shoot more importantly game. The bay Lecavalier. I'm in terms of the pressure they can put a block in deep and won the bronze in the early on pour on the ball he's gonna give them that extra ball handler. Corrigan and tactic that you guys have been hot and cold all protein and include. Kevin Love who wasn't necessarily great offensively himself. In game four and kind of the other thing to look for it ought to have been dominant home has yet to lose they're all quality. But it doesn't seem like a little left to gain it took me that the whole not having carrier air Gordon Hayward. It is really started it. It can be realized you need that extra from scratch proven shot creator and while to work outward year JR brown gate continue to market Mort I did you buy. In the committee style offense. That you really saw how much resulted in struggle without corporate take it out of the equation. Over those last two games because none of those other guys they're really it's carrying the burden. How that all. So Deborah read between the lines sounds like you sink whether in six or seven games that the cavs are gonna advance out of the Eastern Conference yes. Yeah absolutely not something I feel good about bill. But I still think Eastern Conference comes down to whether you have LeBron James on your team or not that I think I could make clear I'm again and it just you. Kind of foolish to bet against him at this point and just I can't get at how well the opposite they're without. Irving. Game three important I would expect cavaliers Kabila take care of business objectives that. When will we fully appreciate what LeBron James is doing this post season. Full disclosure not a huge fan of LeBron James but man he continues to raise the bar. And go higher and higher with the individual performances. It you're probably recognizing all that now and I'm definitely impressed with what I'm seeing but 510 years down the road I think we're gonna still be looking back and shake our heads yes. Yeah I would agree and they might just be something that can't be fully appreciated all of it for some reason because all he's doing it. Are you looking in for eagle at the 44 point on when he shot and you not know what talking about it but it is just another night. Bird and it seems like the people are talking about how he had seven turnovers or how he went one report from Korean deputy dean you kind of talking about. I'm how important it was to have. George Hill going on the index gamers or accounts in the Barnett junior Kyle Korver. No it all just seems so routine and violent horse wrote about the three update well. That this might not be something we let it. We do about step back a few years now maybe what he packed it. As climate that ever happened there oh when he officially retired and and that wasn't exactly what he's done what he's feeling why is it. Revenue would dampen valley from Bleacher Report an NBA Matt hey Dan just shifting gears so we had the NBA draft lottery I guess last week. Any initial thoughts on we've got your eyes on coming into the rafter or what team should feel like have the most focus on them going into the draft. I am really it should it be good buddy appreciate overlook and that number or. I think DDR dragging it a neat being that content is kicked out for awhile that you these were the top cop in Phoenix. The coach who could docket before major wonder whether the sun would consider. I'm dropping more or what they consider maybe try to trade down and beating McCain won't be giving up an extra crap that if they inked. The king lining really badly on very cute she would happen there and there's also the unique situation. Kind of looking at they greatly in the mavericks being hip what five. And then having the salary. And do the mavericks want to accelerate Gary building window would they be willing you. Trade the of their ticket to get the minute that was talent quality crazy people ought to move. Their own pick that helped them get rid of Chandler Parsons the deal I got kind of says no but those are Eugene but it just seems like. And possibly even ion moving actually the draft because maybe depending on whose luck on the border how they view their chances in creating here just neck. He then that there could be a movement there. Awesome stuff as always says stands for Valley National NBA writer for bleacher report's. Deputy editor and NBA match you can stand find him on Twitter at Dan finale a soldier. You're smarter now. It's Smart I gotta get Smart never gonna get Smart but I get smarter every time we talked to Dan. Be back into second will wrap things up today front straight of the search. Wrap up the show mark Childress and for mark Sturgis diesel and with me. Had a birthday diesels 34 years old today. Enjoy your evening tonight celebrating. And enjoy my last. Year views. I think thirty flat 35 year old. Are you I'm over 35 samples I'll fuels. That's what they only saw a deal here Wally say that I don't feel. Well yeah and it's fun it's all relative you know to to a seven year old fifty is young the F to a fifty year old thirty as young. 34 Cindy 24 Eleanor diesel now 34 is 34 stopped making up lies to make yourself feel better. They go chase some breaking news out of the owners' meeting today we talked about our earlier in the show the different topics that side they would be touching on the anthem is one of them. Illness NFL owners continue to discuss how to handle player protests during the National Anthem according to Albert career of Sports Illustrated. Owners are discussing whether to leave it up to the home team whether teams come up for the anthem. But with the caveat. Teams could be assessed a fifteen yard penalties for players kneeling. The reaction this idea on social media was both brisk. And negative is everything ever anything a social media where the reaction is not brisk in negative. Is it ever up with people and positive Eddie. Never owners have been talking about this issue since the end of the season. So now they're thinking hey let each home team decide. Will the teams have to come up for the anthem or not and if you come out and you Neil. Fifteen yard penalty. Is that per player but ten players Neil. So 150 yards of penalties. Are like you said earlier during the break diesel of one player kneels on one team in a one player is on the other team they cancel each other offsetting. Into deviant and again has offsetting penalties and it's due to play again to do it again toll stands. Again it's a mess. I don't know what the right answer is. But as usual with the NFL recently this seems like the wrong answer. That's her surprise when I read this fifteen yard penalties for kneeling. And got to find a way to get out of this I guess is they well. So the ACC and SEC baseball tournaments are under way. Two games just wrapped up two extra inning games early. And the tournament's. Over on the ACC side Florida State outlasted Virginia three to two and eleven innings. This and just went final in ten innings Auburn holds off Kentucky four to three. So a couple of walk offs. And the conference baseball tournaments. Missouri scheduled to take on South Carolina. There's been a little bit of fire rained today in Hoover Alabama. That game was supposed to start at nine. And got pushed back to 930. Now they're saying heard from JC sure heard from the bee expert I calmer earlier today there hoping. They're hoping the first pitch is around 10 o'clock ten athletes. As can be a long evening. Gamecocks have to win that one. Single elimination in the SEC today so Kentucky loss they're gone. South Carolina loses tonight their outs. They win. We'll take on Arkansas and the fourth game of the day again tomorrow. And asserts a double elimination portion of the bracket. So keep grinding game Cox tonight. Clint sent retaking on Notre Dame tomorrow afternoon first pitch scheduled to be right around 3 o'clock. So if we don't have any weather issues no straight up the search tomorrow I'll be back with you understanding. Notre Dame and Miami. Should be starting here in about a half hour is that Virginia Florida State game just wrapped up. It Notre Dame wins that game. And Clinton beats Notre Dame tomorrow. May advance. They would assure themselves that best no one would be better than one and one in the bracket in the tiebreaker in the bracket is highest seed advances. It's not run differential or run score Gurney thing like that highest seeded dances. So if you're watching the ballgame so night Miami and Notre Dame. Notre Dame wins again tonight Clemson can advance in the semifinals with a win tomorrow. If Miami wins. Then the game basically tomorrow for Clinton. When Notre Dame is meaningless. See where I'm gonna this. As Clinton could afford to lose to Notre Dame if Notre Dame loses to Miami. And then turn around and beat Miami. On Thursday night. And they advance at one and one. So the pool play in the ACC it's madness and it's confusing. We keep our eye on the tigers. To see how they do and whether they advance or not. Also today in case you missed it David tepper approved by NFL owners is a new owner of the Carolina Panthers. Paperwork. Should be complete sometime in July. Analyst he'll be official at that point but he basically is today. It's now just so much a legalese in contract signings and things like that he'll be the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. Did mention today. The current home continue to be Charlotte's. For the Carolina Panthers. Indecent vague wording around the language. Around the Carolinas so going forward. The Carolina Panthers so no intentions at least for now to move that team. Which is good in I was on everybody's mind one final piece of business. Brace taking on the Phillies tonight Phillies shut them out last night brace or have a half game lead over Philadelphia. Brandon McCarthy. Went for the Braves. This evening. Race the Phillies beat the eleventh time they played this season are ready so outrageous. Landis won six out of ten events the last dance. To brazen been a couple times our rate seasonally going for the Phillies. Will be keeping our and that. Lot of fun today thanks for joining us happy birthday to you diesel. You tho Saturday night.