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Tuesday, May 22nd

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Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. Man I'm excited about this and any jail since for ESPN on the line with those Andrea thanks so much for joining us today. Men some of the articles are written recently I was three and again last night you really had some great stuff. You got to sit Dow Lane Kiffin a couple of weeks back I believe it was now and spent some time with him cells like you guys had a blast together. I appreciate that thank some say he would promote candidate. That I see him at least our conversation I was mayor Beatty because it was right after spring practice Almaty at that time wearing caddie can get connected to open up a little bit by. You really think that. Listening to look at it I have a lot ease in terms of outlook they would hate reviewed it. Bond to. Another job with the people it in courting him that pat not even been thinking a lot learned that Steve Spurrier typical model hit I didn't realize. Oh I'll let. Connection to the parallel to make a lot better so at that they're. I early interest that he. What implicating the next season whether or not want to last year at eight year bigger jobs that come college dorm. Yeah that will be interest staying and I we were talking about the betting lines came out on week one games this year at. The Lane Kiffin Scott all summer. To prepare that offense to play against what isn't the best defense in college football by any means it feels like that's some game if nothing else and he will be a lot of fun. Well and yet part about it is you get a transfer quarterback. Oklahoma and competing for the starting out so maybe he'd get a little better it was health care app from that time with so we can Riley pitch out of I don't really know how. Eat I can't. Level is that it that you compared to what Oklahoma has now sure I think they'll be areas for the app and maybe trying to export a little bit into it while I eat as much. Certainly not recruiting. At bait you with the same level as Oklahoma turned the pork act are actually expect. Anytime he got out at coach and is aggravated its link to an. Each who will most likely be calling the plays that game. He may be do that you need to keep Oklahoma on their it may be trying to game currently urged recorder. They were talking with a entry Adelson from ESPN. AJ we had some big news down here Clemson knighted earlier this week hundred Johnson deciding he's gonna transfer out. That might clarify the quarterback race a little bit between Trevor Lawrence in Kelly Bryant. Where's your head out on how that thing's gonna shake out over the course the next couple months. You know what the great question I think that's what everybody is trying to figure out right now what is dappled sweetie that you would he obviously had a situation years ago where he had a better in coming back and ultra. Count it's true freshman waiting in the wings and I really wonder how much. The way to pull out a shot blocked and situation. Would handle. Will play into what Clinton does here now this upcoming season Kelly Bryant think better and pull out obviously what he did last journal thanks. Get enough credit for that job that he did in getting Clinton back into the playoffs the team that. People they even picked 28 TT let alone. Get a slap in the preteen then suddenly goes on Iran and air back. And a lot of that had to let Kelly Bryant did. When he that healthy so I can think that Kelly Brian turner awards are gonna play this season how much each of them play. I think is a question the coaching that probably doesn't have an answer Q right now it com I do think that Kelly Brian has earned the right. Clay again and I think triple or based on. Progress made in the spring is gonna have an opportunity to make complete give me the thing is they bring so many different thinks it's able. Each one of those players and and have an opportunity to. Do something different. I wonder how bad at all going to work itself out on an on heavy team with Kelly Brian and equipped. Our galore we'll have the opportunity to open up the passing game much more that I. Let either probably all depend on. How does he want lately stern on offense. How much we'll see Kelly Brian terrible warrants. Taco Andrea Adelson for ESPN. NJ I look over the coastal division with the college football season looming just a couple of months away. And I'm trying to find it seem to get super excited about. Everyone seems to be latching on to Miami a much drama big believer in them how do you see the top of the division know over on the coastal side shaken out to share. I'm right there with Q I don't really have a paper right now that actually talking to Ali last week I'll bet that. I can make an argument for every team except Virginia probably when the coastal division I'm not super high on. Miami quite honestly the way that they and I think. Let lead a lot to be desired especially because that if you're is that more clear here is going to be starting corps are very similar situation at. Each continent or overturning starter at that maybe didn't play up at the end of the year. With a freshman waiting in the wings that Kate redshirt freshman Kirk or Miami. No he's really been able to unseat the league grows here he's not experienced player in Leon and but lacked consistency and that in. What Mark Richt continues to say about him I had a story about it yesterday. There are a lot of things that they originally grow year would you better. Problem that nobody speaking and I am practice he's a gamer you showed up when when it on a line. And that's what happened that spring or Miami eat sensibly act they shoot. BO OK the question is on op at the Apatow client had question marks. As I mentioned question marks a record year in media developer application that running back deeper than any and yet there are so. Miami will be a Avery. Maybe I eat all I don't think there's another human code that they are right now. You look at and say oh yet at one headed soldiers that are around I think Virginia Tech might be down a little bit this year. At Georgia Tech might be eighteen Beck drive that maybe it. Right now. North Carolina I don't really envision that I agree that protecting. As I mentioned I think Virginia and Eckert and struggles once again though. The stated probably going to be some of the usual suspects I would not right at all yet just announced he network. Eight or nine Korean coastal division it I don't really think there's anybody who early on that hot there right now. Yeah you mentioned Georgia Tech are starting to warn the idea that this is Paul Johnson's once every four years puts it all together and scrapped his way to end ugly coastal championship gets it it feels like that I wouldn't bet against that this year we it would the messages over there. Yeah no you're absolutely right. I was having a particularly David Hale the other day. We gripping yet you interpersonal meeting that we were shot on ten. Go over the coastal division deal that we go to saint thought on. We're attacking each change either at or near I think that going to help. Or to check out at bay and they were you completely under that group that the team that really didn't get after the quarterback with a record a number that changed. Eight you've had some question marks. In the secondary especially they want a really talented players like you'd think. On the whole. The defense going to be better and then they bring back or really. Want to punch it quarterback in and and back without Benson in our whole. We're turning. When he would not turning the ball over last year there were actually very this year earning all their issue would. Over and bubbles wait too many of them and so they can cut back on knack. I like what they have coming back it at back at quarterback I think they'll be better aren't they better be better on me out a client so much that the team nobody really looking at are paying attention to I think at weight are not like it at. Two weeks he wants it. Could beat a team that sneak back into the EC championship game the question. Talk and Andrea Adelson from Andrea they had dead they ACC spring meetings last week a lot of really Smart people get together. And in my opinion come up with one of the worst possible ideas on expanding the basketball field from 68 he needs to 72 teams. I know you got a chance to talk to some of the people involved with that. This is just about money right. I read about my ideas about how security her head church's right it looked a lot better or you're certainly he had like you know number seven on. Your number 71 to get help right. And and they need at shouted their it was for the good eighteen. We want to believe all the geographic issues lectured you haven't played verse four they let but you don't want on the flat at like you you're a bad. And literally wrote the nap eat a football team got nearly a maker bat are keen I'll look at her look at Eckstein being a lovely girl and why we ask for more heat and and yet last year. All I Cuban typical trying to light. Okay hurry and it differentiate at at war at that like her book twenty action at the end it was like it is. Every single year. Obviously at eclectic look occurred about IP eagle on court this weekend job secure each. And I'll delete hopeful or thirteen that are not in a power. Conference saying oh am I don't know what that the two and a half legs that are felt like that. That is interpret what it at a local or into double A wanna be voted on but it's really good. I thought people are hardly any talk about you expand the eel and a litany. Clamoring after collection Sunday that a with the outrage and we need more. Something that the ATP MacBook which is inside it basically an immediate release of the island. A ticket on locker like apple won't political boat or. The world it would happen that. Revenue over the entry Eagles sent from And you before Alicia go what are you working on in the upcoming days and weeks what we expect to see from you on Well I'm actually headed up to. Our country both their regional so I'll teach and I do a little bit that I am working on. On Charley white junior who lives the son of Charlie White order encroached. You now ain't cute and thought that the corps air show. I had a chance to do it in a little bit ally with in Boca. Apple featured on you Miami player so it definitely keeping me busy year and still. 8 seeking the apples around in July. Yeah we'll look forward to seeing out there and that was and real sand for Thanks so much Andrea for joining us. Lug your stuff flood catch and up with few on air as well well plenty to talk about. Breaking news in the world of football today. NFL owners' meetings got going today. Down in Atlanta as well. It's tons of football breaking news today mark Childress and for mark Sturgis and man entry Adelson I can literally talked to her. An entire show so Smart racer Covers a lot of the ACC. Lot of southeastern sports really excited to have her on board and Dutch appeal to join us today so that was that was a treat for me so hey here's your chance of free money it's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate. The key word is amuse. Text the keyword to seven to 81 that's 72881. Good luck. The 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate now to twelve times per week day beginning at 7 AM. Am looking down at the three cash stash words for today. Some. Somebody sits around has to come up with all of these and in their always unique amuse. Us greats. Battle now maybe something actually only to meet somebody invested a lot of time in coming up with they just random list of keywords to tweet I heart attacks twelve times today. You know it is useful to a random page in the dictionary and pick a short word yeah I'd say stick something under 66 or seven letters. It's not that easy I'm Isaac goes on for weeks I mean I I see the big charts have come out with a whole week laid out twelve hours a day. It's interesting or maybe just interest and to me and knows hey I wanted to hit some of the big news of the day today I'd David tepper approved this new owner of the Carolina Panthers. He gave some brief remarks earlier today. And I'm reading between. Line cinema and I'll talk about that again in the second but. Is this is his first public comments what's the name of the team it's a Carolina Panthers sent tapper there's a logical place for this team. And right now what Charlotte it's the Carolina Panthers. But they said this. This team has got to have some sort of presence in the Carolina's. Charlotte is a logical place for stadium right now. As far as a new stadium you're asking me too much. The only thing I have a market on right now is lack of knowledge and stupidity I've got all that I'll learn a lot more in the future. He didn't say as far as a new stadium it'll be in Charlotte. And I think that's opens it up for interpretation. And a guy like me on the radio I'll just run right through that door to million miles an hour and saying let's bring to Carolina Panthers to upstate South Carolina. Why not. Businessmen never loved to deal in absolutes they love having options they love. Especially when you've got. A very good NFL franchise. And this got great leadership there aren't. Four cities at least for cities all over the ouster of state of South Carolina. And North Carolina that would love to put in a bid. For this. A bigger better. With the hurricanes Riley could start to senator itself as the hub of Major League sports. Yeah in the Carolinas. It's they wanted him. And it's just not Charlotte Panthers and I Carolina Panthers right and he's he's appealing as he should. All of Carolina north and south. I guess as to say that south and north probably being in South Carolina. But I don't think it's set far fetched. And to be interesting to watch watch how the money flows. See what happens there. Another great piece of news today. Houston Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson return to the field for the first time since his ACL surgery back in November. Here's a quote from Watson my knee feels good and comfortable it was great to be able to go out there and throw. And do some things out there and get timing down what the receivers. Just actually get back out here with a group. Get back to the basics of football and build that chemistry and build that leadership and that trust within each other so good to see him out on the field smiling. Moving around a little bed still a long way to go. He's not a 100% healthy yet. But he's back. Last season wants entry for 16199. Yards and nineteen touchdowns in seven games unbelievable. He was tied for the NFL lead in touchdowns or anyone else. It was just six starts from a really played happen that first game. Future's bright for Shawn Watson he's got to say LT. Hopefully he will. Also. Looks like Big Ben has either listen to his marketing and PR team or Reese had a change of heart. Ben Roethlisberger did not need to playbook to guide Mason Rudolph during Tuesday's offseason workout and said the Steelers quarterback was pro active and helping the rookie. Even giving him advice on an overthrown ball. I think people took some things I said into a context that was going to be mean or rude or whatever that's not it at all Roethlisberger said. If you listen to the whole conversation it was said in jest and laughing. I've never been the type to be rude or mean to other quarterbacks have had a lot come through here there younger than me. I tried to help any way that I can so I'll continue to do that. He didn't ask me any saying but I included my two cents Roethlisberger said a hoping is okay whether that coming after. Mason Rudolph put a little bit extra heat on a very short pass. So I'm glad to DC you are. If nothing else putting on a friendly face for the media that things are working. And it was impressed and Mason Rudolph said he had a big arm seems to understand the offense already. That's a great first step and second step for Mason Rudolph. And so right kind of leadership do you want from your quarterback man I was hard on big bend the last couple weeks with a new started to break that. He hadn't contacted Mason read off he pops soften this interview a little bit he's backpedaling on it now. But it basically seem to be for Big Ben why we jets quarterback in the third round when I could've gotten a player to help me right now. And I don't really need help to Skype I don't want to. That's not. Great leadership. From a guy he's been doing it for really long time. So I hit him hard then a given the credit now. He's backing down. Doing the right things saying the right things that's good for Big Ben as confirmation Rudolph and it's really good for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Realistically one of only two teams I think they can advance from the AFC to the Super Bowl this year. Rookie prion that. If you wanna get on the phones 844 GS PE SP and that's 8444773776. Once I've let Shawn Watson. Quarterback situation with the Steelers. What do you think of the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. Emea shot if you want a 444773776. While there's owners' meetings going on the NFL down in Atlanta today. To do this every year. Let's get a number of topics they wanna go in and attack. Some good an anti staying some quite boring. First on their agenda. Was voting on David tepper again that happened today he passed. Sometime in July he will sign the paperwork. And he'll be the proud new owner. But a shiny. NFL franchise for just 2.2 75 billion dollars. Largest ever paid. For professional franchise in the US. So that was number one. Got a couple other things that are going to be adjusting as well one knows a kick off. Remember a group of nine special teams coaches. Put a proposal to gather we talked about this a couple of weeks ago. That would change blocking an alignment rules on the kickoff and it basically almost makes it look a lot like a punt formation. This or kicking it instead of punting at the goals to make that the place safer. And a lot of data they came back from Tony seventeen. The concussions occurred on kickoffs five times more frequently than other plays five times. So the and is gonna talk about this. And what it means for the future of kick offs in the NFL. And implement these changes I think 12018. And they're already gonna discuss the elimination of kick off since when he nineteen. It doesn't happen then I think by 22 when he very soon thereafter it's gone. Once it happens in the NFL. I think you probably see college football followed suit. Lot of players being injured on the east could costs. So I hope the realignment works like to pick up play to stay in place. Let's hope the realignment works and 3-D C injuries. And a fellow owners also going to be talking about expanded replay. Remember back in March the owners approved a rule. It's fifteen yards now if you lower your helmet to initiate contact with a an opponent. So a one off version of the always controversial targeting call it college football that they never seem to get right. Ever even after reviewing yet. And let's take a look at it may also wanna include if they're gonna roll it out which they are they've already voted on that. There ought to be able to do an automatic replay review just to make sure that ejection is merited. And it gets. Its complicated right. Replay officials will have to judge and confirm whether the contact was flagrant. But they're really focused on safety in the NFL right now so coming to the NFL this year. Essentially. Targeting. You'll love exists is much on Sundays is eleven on Saturdays now again I get and I'm not making light of it. Player security should absolutely be at the top of the list at all times. They've got to find a waiter better way to do it in both college and the pros. So the NFL owners' meetings will be talking about the kick off. Expanded replay. And the National Anthem. They met back in March. They're very much divided. On how to handle late the anthem protests. That have gone on. According to the current role player should stand during the anthem but they're not required to. Then all the madness between Colin cabernet Carrick who read. Filing some collusion grievances Donald Trump getting involved. It's unclear whether this gonna be I consensus. They may not have a resolution on this but they need one this is something that's really hurting the league. I've from a publicity perspective and nothing else. It in rumors say each team will be allowed to have their own individual income policies which seems just right for more. Even more madness and confusion. So we'll see the owners can get Smart and determine the right path for I'm not sure what got us. I'm not sure what the proper way to handle this sense do you make everyone stand that seems. To be a logical path forward. It's not let's is optional anymore. And maybe if they don't want to speed and the anthem their lives say in the locker room maybe something as simple as that we're not doing a protests on the field. In at least high sea issue. Rather than being out there today. Only get involved in the politics of it attribution to see what happens. Others say also expected to approve Nashville is the site of the 2019 NFL draft this is becoming a thing now. It was in New York for ever. They just had it I believe is in Dallas this year. Chicago maybe the year before that. Go back and look. The NFL draft moving the site from location location I think's a great thing. National expected to get in between nineteen. And also they're expected to prove to future Super Bowls Glendale Arizona and 20/20 three. And New Orleans and 20/20 four does that sound like it's a really long time away it's not. Five years from now. As six years from now. So be super busy and we others one other thing. Yeah gambling. Of course the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling states can now act a legalized betting. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is called on congress to enact uniform standards for all states to take that step. Paragraph fifteen of course of the standard NFL player contract prohibits players from betting on the NFL. Other league personnel are prohibited from betting on any professional college international paralympic competitions. According to the NFL policy this prohibitions are in place regardless of whether such activities are legal are not. So there is some language there. Within player contracts. And staff contracts. That addresses affecting gambling might be legal. So a lot of typical questions. During a land rather in a hotel in Buckhead today. And tomorrow. Hopefully they come out with that so we should expect some more breaking news from the NFL. Probably deceiving. Deathly some tomorrow and the going on at the end of the week and we'll figure out how we wanna go from there and how we wanna handle it. What about happily and today haven't even dug deep. And the College Baseball yet we'll do that coming up. ACC and SEC baseball tournaments already under way mark Childress and for mark Sturgis diesel here with me today happy birthday diesel he's 34 years old today. Midlife midlife crisis us up to the forties or not there yeah anywhere close not. He had me it was funny I woke up this morning to a bevy of course of of messages from numbers they. My favorite came from. Surety from B 93 point seven he says I bought myself a car for your birthday. He was how selfless how how brutal as this. Yeah Honda Pilot whatever the SUV is. Two payments away from had in this thing paid off in the engine blew up and had to be totaled all look a little ways from having this thing. Completely paid off. But he did it for you at least yeah your birthday well I hope we muscles and cool knowing him he did it drive on Prius. Creases are cool though CNET news article left ankle on that nothing cool about per. And there were happy birthday to you diesels have been nice having a good show today they the 6 o'clock sat 6 o'clock hour. Two really great gas we've got JC sure heard from the big spur dot com. Is sort of fantastic article kind of Trace seeing the rise. If you will. A South Carolina football from Lou Holtz to Steve Spurrier. Now on to Will Muschamp. Talking about the culture down at South Carolina really good stuff and we'll catch up on the game cut baseball team as well. And then one of my favorite people to have on the show dance for Valley. National NBA writer for Bleacher Report. And if you wanna know what's gonna happen any NBA games dancer guy. Accident a great stats. Really enjoy haven't hence why Jaycee sure heard it 605. Different values 6:37 so 6 o'clock hour to be sleeping on us. We got a lot of good stuff going on so the ACC and SEC baseball tournaments already under way today two games in progress right now. Virginia. And Florida State. Tied at two. In the bottom of the eight somewhat of an upset. Florida State is ninth nationally. Like try to win a couple more games to improve their standing in the post season Virginia hang in right with a now on the bottom of the eighth. Over on the Southeastern Conference side Auburn three Kentucky two in the top of the eighth in a couple of games earlier today. Texas CNN upset Vanderbilt three to one. It's afternoon the SEC. In the ACC Pittsburgh taking down Georgia Tech two to one. Also an upset. So some craziness already going on of course Missouri and South Carolina are playing this evening. And they got first pitch on that game at 930. As even a later start than the NBA game tonight. So that'll be away one. South Carolina hassle when that game to advance into the double elimination portion of the tournament. You lose today in the SEC later. You're gone. Such a lot of courses number five seed. Is that two out of three from Texas CNN. Over the weekend they won their last five. SEC. Series. So after out pretty rough start of the season are really bad middle part of the season. Saving grace and sent. Absolutely agree. SF Carol it looked correct in South Carolina wins tonight they'll face number four seed Arkansas tomorrow. That'll also be the fourth game the day. So their reward. For winning tonight in game where first pitch will probably be right around 930. We playing again tomorrow. The first pitch probably right around 930 again. The SEC tournament has not been super kind of two gamecocks. They did when three games last year went 32 overall but it wasn't enough to make it to the NCAA tournament lest anyone it was 2004. Man I'm getting old seems like yesterday. They would for knows that year slip through the tournament to earn a national seed. As we talked about yesterday. Red dirt skyline. We survive South Carolina baseball. He made a good point. Yeah Missouri's playing for their season right now Missouri right now. And determine where to start. Deal with 64 Missouri sock it to be and it. So they're desperate. They've got to get some wins. And they'll be throwing their Friday night Frontline starter this evening against South Carolina. South Carolina I'll be using their mid weeks are. South Carolina's and that the post season. They've made it. They're probably gonna be a two seed in one of the regionals whether they lose tomorrow to Missouri are when the whole darn thing. As I can make a big difference to them. She got teams playing. In very different ways in different styles Missouri's laying it all out there to try to keep their season going south Carolina's kind of played both sides of the coin. Cannot throw my best starter out there. And how much you wanna use your starters going to the SEC tournament. You wanna burn Immelt. Is a regional the next weekend is do or die you'll dance at your regional your season's done. So we'll keep our eye on that. College Baseball conference tournaments they're here. They're here. So we want to that this evening good luck to the gamecocks and again we'll have GC sure heard from the big spurt dot com. On the show it's 605 later today. Once and it's going tomorrow afternoon. They'll be taking on Notre Dame 3 o'clock. Becky will be right here on ESPN upstate. So no straight up the search tomorrow and be Clemson baseball instead. Weather permitting. Let's put that caveat on everything that I believe we went. Either six or seven series in a row during the the year. During the season. For Clemson baseball. Where there was a weather issues that impacted the street at the stir show in some capacity. Giant in the event of weather often times. They will send back to us yeah she may be on and off throughout the afternoon. This kind of depends on what happens and what the net what the Clemson side wants to do right. And they always give us so much advance notice to what I wanna do you rate usually prides usually about three minutes and advance George coming back tier right now right now coming up. So will keep our eye on that and I don't think it's gonna be any bad weather tomorrow. Knock on wood right now shuts us be rein in Durham tomorrow. So we'll see what happens there. Shall go a little bit deeper. Some incredible stats about the Clinton season so far. What lies ahead for him. The ACC baseball tournament is underway. Mark Childress inform our Sturgis. And here we diesels a day celebrating his 34 birthday in style. As always. Have birthday diesel. So on updates on the scoreboards for the ACC SEC tournaments two games underway right now one of the ACC Florida State's. Who's an NC State's pool so this could have an impact on clients and down the road our state and Virginia. Currently tied it two. Florida State that the two seed in pool C. Virginia the three seed. And then any single elimination portion of the SEC tournament Auburn three Kentucky two in the bottom of the eighth. So keep our eyes on both of those and of course South Carolina taking on Missouri tonight. First pitch right around 930 on the SEC network. To doing some digging on Clinton today. There ACC tourney gets under way tomorrow. First pitch is supposed to be 3 o'clock right here on ESPN upstate they'll be taking on Notre Dame than Thursday night it's seven. Miami Clinton play one another. And here's how close it advances out of their three team pool. Either when both games and their outs or if they can beat the winner of Notre Dame and Miami which the to a they're playing later today. They beat the winner of that game they advance automatically. As the best any of the teams in the division at that point would be as one and one in line even if they lost the second game. So if Notre Dame were to beat Miami tonight and then Clinton beat Notre Dame tomorrow to close in Miami game on Thursday doesn't mean anything Clinton's already advanced set in the pool. That's why this is such madness. This format is so crazy. You can be looking at multiple games. Happening tomorrow and Thursday that are completely irrelevant and the tournament. How is that right. Think Clinton's way out thinking the rim here. Not once in the ACC excuse me. Way out thinking the rim and getting super complicated although I have talked to some people that like this better. Because it's not like the SEC tournament there's eight teams playing in the SEC tournament today for those teams loose they turn around and go home. One and done. Instead a double elimination across the board. The gains of course up in Durham bulls athletic park. Against Notre Dame Clinton ten and six all time never played a neutral field against Notre Dame never played in the ACC tournament against Notre Dame. For the Miami series. Miami EC overall series with Clemson 4029. And wine. At a neutral field Miami leads nine to seven. And the ACC tournament. Clinton leads three detail. Here's the most important thing you'll hear. About the games tomorrow right now starting pitchers. TB day. Neither team has decided who they're throwing yet. And it goes back to what I was saying last segment going on a South Carolina. You cannot play in both sides of the fence here after Clinton. Now Clemson I think needs to win a couple more games. Because it could help their standing as from a national seating perspective and it could be the difference in them getting to host a super regional. I had an eagle on the road for super regional. Meant to be important. We'll talk whether what that mourn 6 o'clock hour we've got some brackets policy prognostications. For baseball America and close is won seventeen of their last nineteen games they won twelve of fourteen week in series this year. They're averaging six point three runs a game pitching staff. 3.3 five ERA. Notre Dame closest opponent tomorrow was swept global last week. Whistle on Thursday are Wednesday note thirst excuse me in my days all messed up to one on Thursday against Miami and I got my ion. Why he's won ten games in a row. I don't care who you're playing against. When general and baseball that's impressive so Miami is why eight hots. Coming into the tournament right now. And Miami beats Notre Dame later today. Clinton will have to beat Miami. On Thursday evening if they wanna advances semifinal round this weekend. The last nineteen games Clinton is out hit their opponents seventeen times they have reached the forty win mark in a regular season since 2006. Clinton has 43 wins this season. It's the eleventh time the ACC baseball tournament is being held in Durham first time just when he sixteen. This 22016. Clemson Tigers. Says the 45 overall ACC tournament Clint suspend the finals in 22 of the previous 44 tournaments. Half of the ACC tournaments played. Clinton's been in the finals. That's nine more than any other school. Clinton's won ten ACC tournament titles. Ten. There 110 and seventy and ACC tourney games over the years. Only Florida State has a better winning percentage in the ACC tournament and Clemson. This is 110 ACC turn that Wentz 25 more than any other team. So amazing statistics here. Clinton at 22 ACC regular season wins this year that's the most since 2006. They won eight of their ten ACC series putts and had six tigers. Named the all ACC teams Seth beer and Riley Gilliam. Earned first team all ACC. It was the third time in three years beer was named Dolly CC. Not a surprise there. Gilliam became the first tiger relief pitcher earned first team all ACC honors since 1998. Loading Davidson was a second team all ACC selection. Grayson bird. How will keep Chris Williams were all thirteen ACC packs. And we look at them at the prognostications. Of the field of 64 there's two album out. You want baseball right now as Clinton right on that bubble they've got Clinton is a number nine national seed. The top eight get to host super regionals as well providing the advance. So the tournament started today according to. Sam Houston State in Grand Canyon. South Carolina would be the two seeded. And that a regional up in Raleigh hosted by NC state and also include Illinois eighth and Campbell. The humor to baseball America once assembled a better spot. Because they have that eight number eight national seed. We'll give baseball America baseball America has such Clemson in a region with Tennessee tech is the two seed Kentucky. And Campbell. They have South Carolina. Going up to Chapel Hill. Playing North Carolina. Including Illinois and North Carolina ANC. So again one of the takeaways here South Carolina is in. The post season they'll be in number two seed. In any scenario. It appears after the SEC tournament. They'll be there. When the SEC tournament they're probably still a two seed in a regional they're not gonna get to host more than likely. Lose tonight against Missouri. Probably still at TC to go on the road for the regional. Keep your Ryan Clemson. If they can it be asset their pool and make it to the semifinals or even the finals or win that. That's probably in my opinion. Going to get Clemson. Into that number one seed for a regional deathly hosting a regional regardless of what happens. But they could get the super regional top eight national seed as well. So anyone morality go on the show we got GE C sure Bert from the big spur. He's going to be joining us in the next segment. Denton Valley National NBA writer from Bleacher Report joining us is 637. Lots more to talk about.