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Tuesday, May 22nd

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It's additionally Carolina it's official the Carolina Panthers have a brand new owner mark Childress and for mark Sturgis today also the world's most decent sports producer diesel here with me. Yeah let's started off like this here's your chance of some free money is a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate the key word is thought. Text keyword seven to 81 that seven to 81 good luck to you in the 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate now up to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 7 AM. Can I suggest a cast. That if if and ESPN upstate Lesnar wins cash today can you give me half. Does my birthday Oscar I was I was you're you'd taken the lead story I did is diesel hybrid escapes you happy birthday meant thank you. So you have been just out even take a hundred OK and you can not tenth saint Jean and I don't think a hundred bucks a man. I'd I can't participate in tech's game does account for employees yeah so anyway he's put about so they were gonna open the phone lines for four GS PE SPN. If you wanna chat football at this wanna wish diesel happy birthday man. Give McCall he deserves it so it has been a regular day for you though right nothing special not yet as mom call first thing in the morning on your brow. How does that work my mom is now millennial because she sent me a FaceBook message ul wow. Upgrade but she's still have a doesn't have a photo of herself on her FaceBook. And it's been like two years and she got a FaceBook. I don't know she knows how. They teacher. Talked somewhere huh Carlisle worked the FaceBook. At a so besides a FaceBook message for mom regular day. I'm sure even look at for the show all day today and then you got plans tonight right. Yeah oh yeah I was I was really looking forward to seeing you. Of course and I mean I did in the gym this morning got got to thank you get up get him on time and I'm going up to Asheville later to see ghost you were introducing me to go is okay interesting he had brain I want and I'm converting. People day by day to this band. They got good that's that's a fun thing to do if your birthday so happy birthday soon diesel is 34 years old today. So it got me thinking about some famous thirty force. That played in the world of sports. And die guts of self on this later on in the show so we'll look forward to talking about that and speak them and we got a great show today. About drew Lewis my buddy come in studio for a couple segments starting about 435 today we've got. Andrea Adelson for ESPN at 505. Always a treat talked to her. Mean she's written some great articles lately if you don't follow her on ESPN are on Twitter or wherever you consume. Your content today. She's a great follow had a great article on Lane Kiffin I can't wait to talk to her about we've got JC sure birds from the big spurt dot com at 605 today. And then we're gonna talk NBA it's 637 would stand for valley he's a national NBA writer for Bleacher Report I love I love having Dan on. He's got great opinions he's almost always right he's got stats to back it up so if you wanna know what's gonna happen in the ball game tonight we talking about that is 6:37 this evening. And go from there so. Happy birthday diesel 34 years old will be cover off on that all day today but the big news broke it just recently. David tepper approved as a new owner of the Carolina Panthers. In his first public comments is new owner of the Panthers he made it clear that the NFL team is staying put. I'll let caveat kind of what's the name of the team it's a Carolina cantor said temper. There's a logical place for this team right now it's in Charlotte it's a Carolina Panthers. The papers are angling for a new stadium issue no tepper he hit a little bit to that might not necessarily be Charlotte. So if you wanna read between the lines here which under the blatantly do and then come up with a ridiculous idea behind it. Eight it is subject to interpretation. This is what he said when asked about a new stadium this team has got to have some sort of presence in the Carolinas. He said. Charlotte right now is a logical place for a stadium as far as a new stadium you're asking me too much. The only thing I have a market on right now is lack of knowledge and stupidity I've got a lot of that I'll learn a lot more in the future did you hear that. Right now proud we had a dumb dumb and who's bought the team finished. He's humble. Right he he's got to learn his highly touted as a humble brag is that gonna come out and everything now but. This team this has to have some sort of presence in the Carolinas. Charlotte is a currently the logical place for a stadium as far as a new stadium you're asking me too much. So does that mean he's considering. Now surely do cerberus is the suburbs. Or somewhere in the Carolinas is all the sudden they get super interesting to me he just said. Riley who. Columbia. Greeneville yes Charlotte. Get your bids in because this thing is wide open. First thing I thought when I read it is why not us why not right here Carolina Panthers stadium. Believe it or not is aging. And within the next five years more than likely Carolina Panthers are gonna have a new stadium. Atlanta just did this going from the Georgia Dome to Mercedes-Benz. You talk about an upgrade. That's a stadium by which all others will be judged going forward. So why not us. How far are we from the panther stadium. Sit here in the studio but three in July of 85 at the most not even 292 hours. Not even two hours. Why not. One up a bit on the road put it between Greenville Spartanburg. Something we're talking about. I mean it on paper it's insane. On why not the problem what that is Charlotte is the most logical place it's right there in the middle. I mean anybody and everybody. In the Carolinas. Has more or less if you're coming from the corners. You got more or less the same drive to I agree you know if you're coming from if you're coming from balloon if you're coming from you know. Right there on the Virginia State line up and on the coast if you're coming from Charleston if you're coming from Greenwood you got. More or less the same drive. From anywhere. But where so it the end of the day where are the British fans coming from so Atlanta just did this with the Braves stadium. They were Turner Field for years they moved to suntrust park so I bit down you know full disclosure Ramadan and alana for twenty years. Before relocating back to Greeneville but 68 months ago. We watched Atlanta moved from Turner Field. Abouts a wanna say it's eleven miles north. Just barely outside the perimeter and Atlanta to suntrust parking Cobb County. You know when he did that. For some I got a much better deal than being in downtown Atlanta and dealing with the city of Atlanta government. That it promised them all this side it extra effort to go around Turner Field for years and never really did much of anything that's part of it. But the other part is Atlanta did the research and all of the majority of their fans were coming from north of the city. They were coming from the suburbs of Atlanta. So prevention moved closer to the suburbs. Would may have to move closer to their fans to d.s elect is back to what you were saying. Where are the Carolina Panthers fans coming from are they coming from Raleigh Durham are they coming from the northern part of North Carolina. Or the eastern part of west of North Carolina. Or are people flocking up from Greeneville and Columbia. There's a there's a larger percentage of fans coming from this side of Charlotte. Stands to reason that maybe you can move does move the stadium closer to these fans. Just plant a seed that would sounds crazy on paper. But they're gonna go where the money yes the get go we're makes the most sense where they get them the best deal right. Greenville one of the fastest growing places in the United States today. Why not. So does think about it. But for the good news. He's approves so we don't have to worry about it anymore or Jerry Richardson error is over the David tepper aero is starting now they expect the on. The the pen to paper I guess aspect to this to be done sometime in July. And then it'll be official. Said the Panthers can turn the page so at the next chapter. We'll see where it goes from their for them. In other piece of football news so as it seems to always be on the show I'll do all kinds of prep the night before and during the day. And then in the let's say one hour or so before the show starts. We'll have all kinds of breaking news that to me is much more important than all the stuff that Larry prepared. The temper news was part of it. This is equally supported. If you're a Clinton fan. After fan of the NFL. He's in Texas quarterback Shawn Watson return to the field for the first time since his November ACL surgery says his knee feels quotes. Comfortable. Today was the Texas first day of organized team activities open to the media Watson took part in individual and seven on seven drills here's his quote my knee feels good and comfortable. It was great to be able to go out there and throw in decent things out there and get the timing down what the receivers. Just actually get back out here with a group with the team. But the whole offense. And being able would just get back to the basics of football and build that chemistry and just build that leadership and that trust within each other. He's back. Some video of him. Looking good. Great to have Shawn Watson back still has some steps to take. But he's on the field he says he's feeling good. That's Great Dane the NFL. And for Clinton. Tiger fans. I think a lot of there's a lot of fans of the Shawn Watson out there he makes the NFL better I really do think that Sean will be one of the faces of the NFL. In the next three to five years. Person wins may very well be another one. And if one of these quarterbacks can come out of this class. Issue in the NFL. You could see the next wave of great superstar quarterbacks. Working their way through the NFL. Whence Watson. Fill in the blank. Who's going to be next. The BSE to watch. So. More football news talk about there's a lot of College Baseball being played this week. On each updated on all that we got all kinds of new rankings out the ACC and SEC tournaments have already started. Tons of talk about here today. Even more. War breaking news from the world football coming up mark Childress. And for march Sturgis today. Diesel. On the board for us happy birthday 34 years old today get your birthday greetings and on Twitter give us call 8444773776. It's her birthday Beers and Tony five garlands and road they numbered sealed models only because I don't trust some of these people. You heard it right there evil or location I guess that's a good thing. And so we talk about today probably helps in my public knowledge yeah OK now also legged buddy I drew Lewis. Is joining us a segment early I was expecting a little bit later so drew must cut out of work quick. He got over here trees and thanks for join us traffic is not about right now get this thing yet tree just going to believe him in his community thirty minutes in the whole different kettle of fish when that happens. Today you wanna get on the phones with a sort going to be talking not football again this segment 844477. 3776. It was go to the phone lines now. Tell them which are thoughts on that. Hey what's up man what you on the new Panthers owner. You know part slot or indeed a man armed. Group authority he's you don't want start a blog all about boot into. Not now Kmart trouble at a rock era your money brought to you wouldn't stay in new rent it would appear when an external part of a child arm all the more. Despite built a martyr of the world war all all all they looked in our state look. Mario anecdotal for a governor where important. Yet Delmon and thanks for the call but that's exactly what we're talking about with the Braves moving closer to their fans why not write down their to the rock kill border but you're gonna go there. Go a little bit further down the road. In a different direction and put it somewhere between Greenville Spartanburg same concept in my opinion but yeah I think Carol play it that Carol wins location makes a lot of sense. It dies. Did the only question I have and it's been awhile since I've been up to care wins. Is there or is there access to major interstates from all directions coming in that area. That's when I don't know. You have to look at it because mind in my recollection the last time I went to care when you had to go 85 basically this charter Charlotte outer loop. And come back south yes and less she wanted to take. You know. Smaller the smaller roads. To get there. When they relocated to suntrust part the Braves. They probable so from an access perspective and highways it was great. But from a parking perspective and traffic perspective. Unmitigated disaster now and ended up working out great. Everybody made their adjustments but it wasn't the marquee place are the most logical place to put it so amusing to see through your thoughts. Oil and seems to be the the new thing to do the 49ers stadium on San Francisco depth Dallas Cowboys it's Kabul. Wedge that Dallas Fort Worth area. It's kind of net net new thing is we can be the Dallas Cowboys or don't have to be there to. It you've looked when he your whole life so I got my braves information from you and I directly to that is they're not even in Atlanta really like they just. In May in my mind their middle of the city Atlanta and it's not monopoly anew embrace but they're not there. See somewhere always be that downed the Dallas Cowboys they just five minutes of her with five minutes of for a. Yeah that I going to be Roswell breeze now I think is where there actually located in the center in Atlanta but there's some city councilman. There's elections coming up there's someone listening right now it's like I can run on this I could run on painters to Greenville. This can get meal like there's someone I'm moving the needle somewhere so we've just in my mind. We talked a lot about bad decisions that. NFL and NASCAR brass have made over the last couple of years it's causing fan declined. This is not exactly what that is is this not is this not ripe for another bad decision. By moving them out of Charlotte by moving them out of Charlotte by moving them out of downtown stadium in their historical home where they've been from day one. Didn't we see it here last year that the the attendants to San Francisco 49ers games plummeted. But they'll adjust back I mean that the Braves attendance last year was not great but attendance is way you know only there but that's because they're good if they have the Braves were struggling this year. Of it be abysmal now but it's a we'll see that's only eleven miles away for a move in Charlotte down to Iraq kill how far is that. I don't know so does that thirty or forty miles yet. A European just and 8444773776. Shia I mean Ivan odd that a painters came a number of years I've been to a couple of ACC championship games. And it's not great. It's eight he parked along way from the stadium at least I had to and you overpay. On they only had limited. Gates open when you came into the stadium so if you didn't get their super early I mean a lot of folks I know missed kick off. A couple times in the last few years. By getting in now maybe it's a little different for Panthers gained and that but my experience. Around panther stadium hasn't been fantastic by any means. And you compare to Atlanta where was easily accessible. Was a lot more parking options a lease and around Charlotte and they cleaned up that area a lot as well. I would have created Atlanta above Charlotte even before they moved the Mercedes-Benz stadium. So I just pulled up a map here of of rock kill I was looking at a major interstate core doors what goes in and out of there there was only thing is I 77. Between Columbia and Charlotte goes right by rock kill ya that's about it you know if you're coming from the green malaria as of right now. And I don't see them building a whole new six lane interstate just for a football stadium in Rock Hill there's no easy way to get to. If you're coming from the Myrtle Beach side there'll Wilmington Rockingham that area there's no easy way to get there. Yeah so they're gonna add add to undertake some major. Infrastructure. They are. If that's where the fans are coming if that's and as I don't know. And we have even talked about. Is that they do their pre season practicing. Right in Spartanburg already and so you are you're halfway there you're practicing before the season there why not you might be on the something where if there's a politician out there sitting there saying. We can get this done. Might we talked about it earlier agree that may have the tick bite out of the apple for it to happen by. He's a mention that began a program. Pitcher bid in now death there's nothing wrong open wheel legislation on the table right now five years down the road they say you know what we just it's worth the move. One day a week with crappy traffic and has Greeneville is not that bad now as a bypassed Iraq he'll. Yeah or they'll put it they'll put on Woodruff road to come over right here majesty yeah. What terrific Darlington center of the universe is pretty easily so the leader Eric there. Jeffrey he's fun parks through your place by new stadium that's got hasten more NFL related news stats dot com I ain't broke right before the show again. And rob this burger didn't need to playbook to guide masonry off during Tuesday's offseason work out. Instead the Steelers quarterback said he was pro active in helping the rookie. Even giving him advice on an overthrown ball to fullback. Roosevelt knicks. He didn't ask me any thing by input my two cents Roethlisberger said I hope he was okay when it actually he said I included. I'm not sure that's proper grammar maybe maybe it is and maybe I'm doing it wrong but he did ask anything but I included my two cents Roethlisberger said I hope he was okay with a as far as first impressions go. Roethlisberger. He says he plans to play three to five more years has Rudolph has a big arm and seems to understand the offense. So lied that was great also called for Rudolph. But I can't remember too is just a big guy sometimes when things are going this is what Big Ben said about him I'm gonna enjoy telling him that this is an even as fast as it gets yet pad sonic goes even faster. I think that's one of the biggest things I see your hand and I had to sell. Big Ben is playing the PR game properly now it sounds like he's mended fences with when masonry and off. He may he can't really have a BK goto the bad attitude you know bad attitude and next step is bad emotions. Bad emotions bad ploy. And before you know the guy behind you is working on little bit harder practice. Stanton did your stay in practice when you're young and big man and he's taken his state is almost by you lost thirteen fourteen years. But he's right Rudolph's got a big arm lot of coaches and soccer columnist on them. That would like to have him back Steve spurs want them. Yup but you know you just you gotta go until with with you in your mind open you can't just turn your back and dancing down on them play with you at all because testament here what did you. Because back to leadership for me it's bad leadership and so we're seeing some of the same from Joseph Flacco who didn't really engage with the large Jackson and all we'll see if that changes a little bit and improves. But I'm looking at teams in the AFC there's only a couple of teams that probably even have a chance to go to the Super Bowl the AFC which is very top heavy. With the patriots. And the Steelers. Anne's who do you plug and after that I mean there's not a lot of really good teams left. That it did she could even look at so. When you see a leader in one of those top teams in the ASE acting like we was before. I think that's a bad thing so why Wilson we'll see what happens there I'm glad Big Ben in Mason or get along. And hope that means better things for masonry adopt on the road and then I was shocked by this story. Larry Culpepper. You know him from the doctor pepper college football campaign iced cold doctor pepper hair. No war. According to reports. The moon. He's been canceled in poll the doctor pepper revealing a new direction and their new campaign I agree this is a terrible boo our news sergeant pepper. You said that you actually tried you know a little story. Yes so I mean I was. And seen this guy's commercials a bunch of times body was hysterical. Follow him on Twitter he was funny on Twitter is that we need to get this guy on the show. And you know being that price and surge both are much much older than I am. Mean and I'm now 34. I'm catching up front they they keep I think I said I says we need to have this guy on the show me he's got to be hysterical I've seen him and other things over the years. We gotta have this sounds show us a price reaches out however is he reached out to them got a hold of them any came on the show. But a week and a half later a package arrives with price's name on it. That is a full Larry Culpepper Halloween costume. Pol and I as I wasn't my idea that this guy on the show you reap all the benefits price come on man. They they said they found is that the visor the doctor pepper about polo shirt hideous. Any assured. A pair of khaki shorts and I think a Fannie practicing doctor Barbara that's great public isn't flip up sunglasses to. I think solaris. I think it's great we are decision but not everyone on Twitter agrees these are just some of the highlights. Hopefully they won't get a less creepy character like penny wise. And that was funny villages minor victory fool you Larry Cole clapper has killed and will kill again. Just told my office about this a sports staff celebrated everyone else was legitimately sad about it our long national nightmare has ended. So not everybody's in love with would Larry Culpepper and again. If you watch a ton of college football. It's like the songs and ESPN has every year ridiculous college football playoffs that you literally here until they're drilled into your brain Larry Culpepper never crossed that threshold with me I love the guy. Mark you're a business guy sort I want for you how do we know this juices and poise. For this football season could beat. Maybe this is their way of starting their own like new mascot playoff for doctor pepper since Larry Culpepper was the creator of the football playoff. According to doctor pepper yep so this could be like of a business employee. Maybe they unveil something each couple weeks during the football season and build it up to that playoff it's changing days this year it's before New Year's. So we'll have the attention of everybody. But I am the mascot. That's a great idea and you know what occurred to me also. There's a national food franchise. That has. Changed personas. On colonel Sanders. They have all these different actors coming answer maybe Larry Culpepper. Changes in some way and it's a new person but I I think they've got something here are really like it I was really disappointed to see it go come on doctor pepper. You got to fix this. And we got to talk to price diesel about seeing if we can get him back on although he may be as some type of you know can't talk or. Non disclosure at this point about what he can do and what he can't do that was stunned when I read this news last night. And die and super disappointed. So we'll see what happens when that. He is no more Larry Culpepper seal later. Come on doctor pat I still I can't believe it. It's gonna be strange. Doctor pepper gonna spend zillions of dollars again for the college football playoff in college football so was going to be. We didn't get to say about it I know can you think of another doctor pepper mask on your lifetime. You know I had this is age I'm 34 to. I don't know of any and can you think of a single doctor pepper closest site and it was forced companies say I had about sixteen dot peppers and I was like 1994. I'm a little bit older than you guys not by much. And you know doctor pepper had a really catchy song. Back in the seventies and eighties. About being a tapper you know or don't want to be a pepper to now my grandfather was also named pepper. So. I Holler for that reason it's kind of like Neil MacDonald song. About the big Mac. Is up for both of your time pills hold the lettuce special orders don't sentence that's burger king and yeah that's Burger King not McDonald's all at a special sauce lettuce cheese now does that ring a bell with the guys and is now what does a guy pickles yes same concept but for doctor pepper it was like a spin off of like to teach the world to sing about Coke so doctor pepper came up with her on. So it's be it pepper Forrest Gump Larry Culpepper what are they gonna do next Obama. We're talking about it which is what they want I guess but may be taken aback Doris in the gonna bring him back in some way. This year are right the beat goes on. The talk. NB a another game last night in the fourth quarter was not close. And I did not watch did you. We'll talk about it. Mark Childress and for march surges street Louis here with us for a couple of segments my good friend drop in by today. But the big news of the day. As our producer diesel is turning 34 years old today happy birthday diesel and it got me to think and I even surgery loose on this last night week we did homework. On your accounts this is target CEO if you will. We did homework about the number 34 in the world sport's. Great. You sound very excited. Move the rule for you know and it. Do know of any of the famous thirty force into the most famous athletes that wore the number 34 to any of those are you a numbers guy. So people a total of this stuff out you know aren't at all I know and here but I thought American okay from a football perspective Earl Campbell. From the Houston Oilers a little before your time Herschel Walker a problem with Dallas Cowboys. And baseball Kerry Wood with Chicago Cubs. Nolan Ryan. Worth 34 Walter Payton for the Chicago Bears probably the most famous civil. Hakim Olajuwon from the rockets known and unknown. And if you guys want again if you got a famous 34 who were 34 for your team. 8444773776. And not pull one out Charles Barkley also number 34. Then from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders age is free AFL since we talk CFL yesterday everyone remembers George Reid. Pursue a sketch of one we're number 34 okay. So I was I was looking at the numbers and also elation every. Time I do not I do not know the answer to that could question. So I started thinking about super balls. Worth 34 was the winning score just two years ago New England Patriots. Beat the Atlanta Falcons 3428. The ravens. Pete Sampras Cisco 49ers 3431. That was cap for next year and Harbaugh and all that stuff. And Dodd the ravens also be to New York Giants 3047. Back in 2001 in the Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons. 34 to nineteen so for. Times 34 was the winning score in the Super Bowl. Who wants Super Bowl 34 did you look that up Super Bowl 34 was won by the St. Louis Rams. I was played in Atlanta they won 23 to sixteenth. Thank you for asking. It's like you're looking over my shoulder and I researched so drew little bit deeper he got more creative I did a simple stuff right. And I are farmed out the more complicated stuff to tree so you've got some interest in 34 stuff as well trees when the. I gotta admit it's tough looking stuff up because. If you Google that you get back famous sports jerseys that's like the top that's yellow the only thing so I had to really dive into Bo Jackson was one and I thought you'd go for yeah good good at all do I can't I was every 34 gas just and Charles Barkley took them from you but I got another one much to shift he turned thirty for the year you start it can do right now on another image of good or bad. You know here you have accomplished a lot more by 34 that I did I'm 342 and enough that if on May tenth Raphael Nadal broke John McEnroe 34 year old record of consecutive winds on one surface with his fiftieth consecutive win. Your rights trio. January 4 2000 six's my birthday agent report. Texas ended USC's 34 game winning streak by winning the Rose Bowl national championship and interstate that's a good as 135 hours account that some market map and I thought I count at 33 ails this is too good tonight and third quarter report. Just went with four minutes and eight seconds left in the third quarter Josh Rosen and you seal they overcame me 34 point deficit to defeat Texas and them. It's great last year's college football opener yeah that's great make it true you've got some good stuff here. Got a couple more on February 22 of this year Drexel men's basketball team overcame a 34 point deficit to beat Delaware. In the largest comeback in division one I remember that yeah nice. The year he turned thirty forces he was 33 but he turned 34 that year. And the subsequent year after Celtics head Coach Brad Stevens then coach of Butler. Became the sinking and it's a coach to make an NCAA national championship all of these people have just made me feel for Cindy Miley I. What's going to happen on this publicity inspirational I thought not a downer that it does it we've actually gets folks call and talk about this as well aligned Christian what's on your mind meant 34. I think he had number thirty or as the Boston fan. Two sports in general there were two real popular 34 players at the same time. And Big Papi David Ortiz. And the truth Paul Pierce's. Very nice. All right Robert or. Yeah but I called evidence possibly good and hate you want to share your favorite 34 in honor of the birthday boy correctly the birthday boy that sounds weird that's fine birthday boy diesel you can call as long as you are handing me something what alcohol and then we don't know. We're glad that right now and be give me another segment I'll I'll hook up of that. 84446737. Senate seats in right and around the building guiding some Buddha yeah. Like it's not probably within two offices of Lawrence and I do enough digging around I'm pretty sure we can find some. So diesel seriously and happy birthday you. I aid have been feeling for stirs now for almost a month for the most part prices been us Dylan as well could've done it without you man you mean the world to me so happy birthday. Glad you have a good day. Glad you're going to see ghosts tonight telling you get better yeah it's good so far it is gonna keep getting better yes it is it will press very early on an uphill I'm staying in a haunted bed and breakfast tonight. Really yet. So there's going to be it's going to be even weirder and seeing so you're seeing the band goes yes and I'm having a supernatural experience and then a more supernatural experience. Okay we're gonna have please talk about next time around there about tomorrow because of clemson's baseball the Thursday. Some tolls are gonna have some good stories. I was I am looking at this there's photo over your shoulder it's it's. The busts the face of brandy you sustain any chest pain and it's just it's off putting. Yes it really is a callous I Eli gold in the way again young Eli gold it's I don't even know you've got to put out a couple. He's black tonight we got out as he defines it any thought even close now why did they give her short hair and make her look a seventy when she's currently only. Probably 45 yeah that was lighting social media early today civil gotten between that and show it to you it's. It's funny stuff so that's our. You know. Tipping our caps to you decently it's it's the age of 34 wanna do some homework for you dream and you went deep on your research and I had I had more but I guess sodium break gavel will seize a price lament throughout the show again stick around longer you know we're gonna keep around for one more segment but. Let's go ahead and do that will get on out to break here. Was gonna talk NBA. Drew and I every night man when these games going on word texting back and forth. But then by the middle of the third quarter we stopped is the games are over so we'll talk about it. Another strange NBA game last night's mark Childress and for mark Sturgis you're diesel on his birthday he's 34 years old today. We got one more segment when my good friend drew Lewis. Let's not think the scoreboards real quick the ACC baseball and SEC baseball tournament started today. Currently Virginia and Florida State tied at two. Auburn three Kentucky wine in those two games sex scene and did upset Vanderbilt earlier today. And party SEC tournament and Pitt beat Georgia Tech two to one earlier today as well so the beat goes on south Carolina's close play at nine tonight. I clumsily playing tomorrow afternoon at three you can hear that game right here on ESPN a State's. What plenty of baseball talk in the second hour we've also got at Andrea Adelson. Coming up 505. She's had some really good articles recently however stuff man she's such a good writer. She took on the ACC proposal to go from 68 teams to 72 teams in the NCAA tournament and I think every one not in the ACC hates the justice I don't Lane Kiffin had a great article written about him so can't we catch up on her that'll be 505. Today. So in case you missed it last night. And I guess is a lot of be dead another. Died it. In the NBA conference finals that seven straight games. Both final score did end up 111102. Nine point game. But it really never even felt that close at any point during the game that's the closest game and neither the Eastern Conference or Western Conference finals so far in the post season. And these games are virtually un watchable and Q4. When are we gonna have. That game. That gets us back on track in the NBA playoffs will it be tonight between the warriors and rockets game four rockets playing for their season tonight you go down 31. To the warriors. You're in big trouble if he Houston I think they're in big trouble regardless and it's gonna happen but Jerry Lewis in here with recent true how do you explain. And you I'd been talking about it July. Text all the time a lot of times on the games going on. And we stopped the car is to gain circuit anymore you know what what's the point not sixteen points to one of the fourth quarter I guess I'll flip it over somewhere else. And and watch so that on TV is there any rhyme or reason to why these series are. So bad it's not like one team sweeping through and winning all the games are going back and forth a lot of times. Yet this is Chavez can give real background I have almost a two year old so you know how that goes when you're trying to sleep yet. It's it was so bad that I went to bed at 930 and didn't watch anything past performance. That's about it. What was what a sixteen point game with a the first quarter last night first quarter. I want some of the highlights this morning and I did see that the Celtics rolled outscored the cavaliers the final recorders which that's what they've done a series. But they bury themselves in that first quarter and that point against LeBron on the road. The Celtics have only won one road game this playoffs. It's kind of hard to justify giving it another two hours worth of watch at that point it really is. I agree com. I agree erode the NBA got it right in the first round and multiple games going on every night. Lot of these games were close buzzer beaters overtime upset she were seen at all. Second round not quite as good games. Couple of beer sweeps or five game series to get things done pretty quickly. LeBron had a couple of big games in big moments but if you're not a big fan of LeBron. You don't really care about that. And in this round has just been a disaster. Some of the worst games themselves that I can remember I hope that changes tonight. I'm hoping the rockets make some adjustments. And can find a way to stop stepped curry because of staff Scott adult back in again. The Western Conference series is gonna get two more games and that's said. And I believe. It's sixteen you know now for the warriors they have not lost a home playoff game with Kevin Durant. And Houston has never won a playoff game. And Oakland their own seven so a lot of things going against a rockets tonight but can they at least keep it close enough that all wanna watch. Well not only have they gone six you know Kevin Durant they've never gone to a game six with Kevin Durant in the playoffs. Wow so maybe there sweats gentlemen sweep for one never game six and there's there's a dire there. They're not worried that it can mail they can mail in game three and then went to an era. I mean. The way that the league is structured now with the way teams shoot the ball and this is a great stat the way teams shoot the ball you can really. Throw in two games in 92 games a week that you just don't know what we're tired. Let's start the second third guy he still went 80% of your games you know that equates to 80% of your games invite. That's a 6566. When team 65 and sixteen and you can Mellon two games every everything and yeah. Guess what the record was. For the rockets. Last or this year yeah right as 6570. Yet what was it four. The warriors Lester 6750. Yeah they can mail to games in everything games and still win 80% of against pizza maker mislead. There were there and with those caliber shooters. I mean they have eight people on their team shooting over 30% and that in the worst in history mongering and he's a walking triple double of those 85 shoot 40% from the three. If they're making shots it's over I don't care if there's three LeBron James on that thing is he's not gonna shoot 40% from three. He's doing better than he has been but he's not shooting 40% from three so it's make or miss him when gold states Macon and it's over. And that's side for league gets so much right I mean I talked about Adam silver a lot the last couple weeks he's thinking ahead. He's out in front of all the other professional les on this big pivot that we've gotten in sports gambling. And the NBA is miles ahead of the NFL and Major League Baseball and hockey. On positioning their league to be ready to reap the benefits of that he's he's looking into. You know how my gonna adjust to my aid. Advertising breaks and what am I gonna do we have time to keep more viewers can someone losing viewers so what do I need to deal. He's on top of things. But in the poly play is a great there's not a whole lot you can do and all season long. The you know I'm doing their quotes here in the finals in the NBA was supposed to be warriors rockets and it's been three almost un watchable blowout games the last it was a forty point. Went 41. 41 point win for the warriors so we've been talking all season the NBA's talking all season that the warriors in the rockets are the two best teams three massive blow outs. And will be close tonight I don't know in game five in Houston could be interesting I guess. Analyst Jason just lays down which I think Harden and CP cereal do I've been saying that for weeks. On with a going to stop I think they'll just say our when I can win the series were done so BBC two more blowouts that's not a good thing for the NBA. No it's not an and you said it is context he said maybe you hope the game is better this tonight is when he. Point when ever I think could afford it that's a better. But not for the consumer it's better for. The die hard fan. You know I know your son's a big warriors fan he's gonna watch every second of it but you wanna watch your team when the women by thirty he's kind of relax you can enjoy it. But you don't have to you know on the edge your seat but they're gonna they're deprived probably closer temple points but. If that's a twenty point game 14 quarter and it's only tempo because the doesn't know the wars Collie down a little bit and come play fast and loose distill the same. Stills and result. Yeah and you look at the NFL playoffs so many of those games coming down the last play yeah one score games almost throughout the entire playoffs agree Super Bowl that was in doubt until very late in the game. And you've got the opposite with the NBA so why it'll be a signal possibly watch and you'll be watching you know be texting tonight let's go to bed early again. On the name we'll see what happens but it's got to be get we'll true man thanks for coming by. I love having you for a couple segments thanks for the information you dug up about the number 34 for diesels. Always good to have you mammal afford having his studio again sometime soon but aren't enjoy things again also we've got Andrea able send right after the break.