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Monday, May 21st

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What's the latest news on the hunter Johnson announcement today Marshall percent for march Sturgis and I am. Very excited. To have David hood senior writer from tiger net joining us today. David I was too and all kinds crap last night I had all these great baseball related questions askew I was all excited about it and then we had some breaking news earlier today so a lot. What's the latest in what's your take on hundred Johnson's announcement today. You are not supplied whom he anybody. The new thinking about you want to do it or not but I'm looking to believe McCullough vote the criminal law tests that can help keep that common. General and he is immensely talented. He's going to come go to where you could miss all of you know you look here's. Kid coming in and he's just didn't correctly and you don't you don't want don't wanna say here. Don't want a battle hymn of the next two years. Of playing time or maybe go somewhere in the year and had a little bit easier and. You not think that. May be kind of an easy decision I think people are. Reading way too much into it eighty units pocono bringing the second or third. On the depth chart I think if you just a diamond. Sat down and thought about it and you know neither did the numbers somewhere where you know maybe it's a little bit easier to get playing time. On when David heard from tiger net so that's just singularly free sanity and their people reading too much into it now I feel like I can read into it. The Trevor largely passed under Johnson on the depth chart are you saying that's even one step too far. Yet you know it's never didn't release that are active spring like usually does. And I kind of delight that it was because of the quarterback situation like he didn't want. Everybody is looking at a home you know Kelly Bryant starter. And he's going to it is curable. Toward dabbled there were needed with a shot on pain aren't Trevor second wind Trevor third. Why is harder here think that there is. You know amount of people walking on the long time slot even though you know. Are at. War that has nothing that. I have heard indicate that anybody's been home where they are. Other than Abu you know one point here in the spring Singh told Bryant. Is the guy until somebody unseat him I think it's a situation where. OK okay until he got them to school in what how and Isa download is apparently did all right let's look at my next move here and I can either you know could through the next. You know two or three years Bob LaMont in terms weren't at all. I don't think the world until a year and an end maybe not have Trevor Morgan Stanley in the safe and I think that's gotten any decision. They that would David hood from tiger net so I know the the tigers have wine. Odd quarterback who's verbally committed I for next year are any diesel were talking about this and an easy in an earlier segment. How does the I mean I guess clips is gonna have to. Pick up two quarterbacks in this class. What is a recruiting pitch Isp is specially if Trevor Lawrence ends up. Either starting are getting significant playing time this year and you see that the talent that everyone expects to be there is gonna be there. How do you recruits. A quarterback knowing that they're probably not gonna see the light of day for the the first two years of their act Clemson. Yeah it is kind of one of those things where you say we will bring you man and you redshirt year. And I'm trying to keep playing time and the next year I think that's what it would have to be able to get tight in pop icon. On eBay for next year when he nonpayment that's not a kid but is it gonna take a look at. One other Mozilla's elected incurred by the name of Davis doubled his right out of Greenville high school. I talked to him Saturday and he thought about it. All well. Well guess what scholarship has now opened up it'll be it can't next market you know that might be in an Indy yourself cricket like like bubble who. Small purse he's got democracy really good schools. He grew up with a constant sense of that that might take care of in the other spot on the recruiting class. Great tuck into led David heard from tiger and had they were won more football related question David Hill anonymity ACC baseball tournament so that is eight. I transfers are ready in 2018 by my count that's three defensive lineman. On and now three quarterbacks as well then left Clint send. I don't wanna say they're undermanned on the roster this year but. It's a coach has had it to do over again what would they have over crew did a little better over signed a little bit to make sure to take a lot of holes now on the roster and it really big class are ready to sign for next year. Yeah you know it's it's. He the eight scholarship players out of eighty. You know maybe now and everybody get here over the summer they got one transferred need immediate anyone can probably pick up scholarship ball. Our mother got a kick them of scholarship that you should not done that in the inflated Norman last year he can be safety. Slash quarterback he might be an option this year to be in and look at that chart I think they feel like they got. Option they're kind of give them that 82 neatly arranged they're not really all that worried that an absolutely you know you take a look at it. Yeah Lawrence and honestly comment clowns need to condemn them. 72829. Somewhere in there. Egged we acted out about it EED one on the line and he walked popped out. I won't not all looking scholarship or take one until that is actually open it's just what he got to. Well I believe until I and it's a good problem to have my guess at least in the situation so we'll continue to keep our eye on that. They were channeling David heard from tiger net so David ACC baseball championship. Starting up a little bit later this week for Clemson are you a fan of this these this pool. Model I guess where they break it up between the twelve teams and the four different pools are you play your two teams it's it seems way over complicated to me are you a fan of it. I hate it when it was everything in my column. At a meeting in those two. Timmy competition needs to be excited out on the field in the all play. It really isn't decided on the field simply because what you know look play that Notre Dame. Beat Miami. And then. Club can be committed any and that minor you know than than Miami beat once. So they're all one on one Clemson and advanced because they are the hired me. What would be great records and then you know Miami in the north hey we have the same records on an American and that's ahead and we don't that the let that end you know concern was a victim of that perhaps none of it in the you know a couple of times and are are no good they they don't got to go. Double elimination turn Americans and democratic pitching him. You guys help me in the NCAA turn the bend and you know at some point you gotta figure out unharmed formula. The maker or an acre program you can landed on the field elaborate on our board occurs. And and seems like brought out model the later innings like well. You know I'm not too Smart which he is he downplayed that on them but I got to not think he's got a handle that. That he enrichment and to mark the integrated into and out of her battle of going to a billion. And Dana we talked a lot about so I guess the ACC basketball tournament this year and all the conferences. It feels like it's becoming less meaningful every single year especially is there's more more focus on the into the season tournaments. He had teams playing in the ACC basketball deterrent to know they're going in the NCAA is. And sometimes do you wanna play four games in four days in an effort to win the turn meant. A would you rather when he gamer too and hey if we keep on win that's great but if not we get the extra rest. I feel like got almost applies double to the baseball turn meant and makes this even less meaningful. But I you know money could earlier or you've got to be real careful look at clumps and oh lead over the weekend and had begun to create Thursday Friday Saturday while the guy who could comply unless they got to pick and try. They're not going to be available meg the first game and they may not be available for the second game of the tournament than doubled with their quality. We were. That open condone what Paramount which would go on when you enter you have to declare people that that. I think for a lot of teams don't internal looking at it as. And add an opportunity to let me into the blue collection but he Clark and you know the tournament though and don't try and tell you couldn't hook up and they're serving the number of eight national leader of the company actually they. They walk on her abduction and post. And the like are now or are they wanna make in order to seek some other than a little earlier or they can get to tournament on the that the on the carpet at Politico to look at it another opportunity to make our situation better and couple. So David and I know this is pure speculation by its talk with David heard from tiger nets. It's close and who where you drawing the line as far as getting that that elusive top eight national seeds is close enough to make it all the way to the finals to they have to win the ACC tournament. And your mind how Ford they need to advance. I to ensure the fact that they'll get one of those seats. I am a little bit there aren't done a lot by the parents are from one point all the army post a little while ago that. And has been replaced at Texas Tech is as one of the top eight seeds in. I don't agree with that constant at 143 games they won 22 games in the ATP. And I can get longer and all of them over elected is going to be mentioned this week that's. My opinion you don't and only one iguanas. The war to win one and what he you know play apple well maybe you're Saturday I think international team is intact people like you. The schedule. And RPI. Omar and I think Clinton and look at that 43 wound. He's known since he Atlantic all our division. Being able to particular 431 on. I just think they're cases already donated. They got it out earlier this week I see and he's just posted in a minute ago on news we look at for that later in the week but we'll have to. Poppy got a little Mets a wrapping up with David heard from tiger net so I'm I am gonna fitted back to football for one last thing. Lots of stuff on especially on message boards around another five star from Clemson leading last week. And I and Josh Bell on any updates on where he might be headed or ride. Is there anything he might wanna say your information you might have become a clarify his reasons behind leaving tennis is strange situation here. It is strange situation in Manhattan true I don't know where he's gonna Smart guy wanna come to hunt come since the global economic would. There are rumors maybe there was a six same remember him Michael Gerson yeah that's what. He understands them Lisa really want to make you be cultured and what could mean South Carolina and then also here really could be taken visit. You know they're seeing in other places that aren't exactly close to home he got all the and that doesn't add up in the fact that he got a lawyer to do it I think it's. A strange. Situation. You know but I had somebody sent me a message. Our last week right after they have long been and they would know alone and but this is the kid that. Would probably you know rather be playing video games and waking up to go to work out to eat in what other people sleep in oblivion and and he didn't mesh really well all the all the dog's problems and beat him in line and and it's just gonna be better Ito then get out so you know confident might be one of those situations works addition not subtraction even though leave them alone. A little short scholarship wide open and an acute again after recruit. Or decency cattle cycle rather than during. Great stuff as always David good thanks so much for joining Michigan Bynum on Twitter at and David hood and of course she can find him on tiger net any time. Man I I could help him over for a couple more segments on those some great information especially about Josh Belk. And assaults on the ACC baseball tournament speaking of ACC baseball term at the new brackets algae from 81 baseball just came out. We'll talk about it coming up. NASCAR in the CF well. Exactly what you probably didn't think we'd be talking about today here mark Childress and for mark Sturgis diesel like catching up over the break a first things first it's always great damage David and on. For tiger dad knows his stuff really well. It's very racing information about Josh Bell tonight not hurting his transfer. And dies and his take on the ACC baseball tournaments like minus pool play John has got to go. But so nothing that we got to get to the the main topics of the day the the chief thinks diesels engages beyond I would either before the show or during the show today. One among CFL let's start when NASCAR she went to the all star race on Saturday night it seemed like the format got really good response at least from what I was seeing on Twitter and watching the race a little bit. You repairman what was it like. It was good I buy tickets have been the in that she sees open turned two which by the way and still really good seats here from where you are you can see straight down the front stretch. You conceive your high up enough you can see the entire track. Not a whole lot of action going into turn two. You know most of the wrecks happen coming out of the turns and especially little tunnel turn turn four. Which is always does a strange little turn you know they they can't sit in a funny way they used to have the tunnel that was that created an actual home. Yup right there coming out of turn four I appreciative smooth that out over the years but. Is it was a good experience. I'd say the crowd was. 70%. Full. 65%. Full so I mean it's certainly tighter around the start finish line. You know you pretty much had your free rein to go anywhere. In in the stands you could have we we can have certainly found much better seats that we had but where we were was pretty good. And we were protected just in case it did rain so we could've gotten up under the but I think a problem I have what it and we talked about this on the show before is NASCAR keeps changing the format. Constantly. And it makes it harder for the fans who like to have some consistency in the way they do things to follow along. Because they're constantly change the rules. As somebody like me who may be spay or maybe spike my interest every. Every other season every third season. Every year's down like what what they don't. Wait we got he got finished in the top 21 to get in those into the chase you gotta finish in the top three to get into the chase. What the hell's Obama the sport I have no idea what's happened with the sport. So it's allay fan like me and granted there are lobes many people out there were really really into it that's fine. But so layperson like me which is what NASCAR needs. This is coming up a person who used to be a fan. And they lost me and they've turned into a late fan by. I'd change things up every year. I I think they're lacking and I'll say what we're especially with Charlotte motor speedway the in stadium experience is. It's kind of weak in other broadcasting on 25 year old speakers. How much free money does that place. You know rake in every single year the fact that they're still run and on twenty year old loudspeakers. On top of the fence you can't understand them so if there was a if there was an in stadium are in track announcer. Explaining the format I can hear I had no idea what was found on. It debated took Google search what's the format this year what they do when I had no clue. Interest and so he had fun have fun we still old the experience and we did talk about this a lot you and I the last couple weeks engagement by these different sports. I gonna get people there. You gotta spend the money where the different things you gonna do so. After seeing. It was wild though because I hadn't been in that track since they tore down the turn three US as he did turn to. Grandstands which are massive. And they were stating yard and beautiful. And I had been there since they completely ripped up all the concrete backstretch. I stance so it was it was weird it was like being in a completely different venue. From what I was ever used to. And they still couldn't tell. If you wanna get on if you watch a race Saturday nine wanna jump on talk about an 8444773776. We love to hear from you on it. Yeah I'm not a NASCAR fan at all I flipped it over what's a little bit of the race but tie it. Not something I got involved with and even I was confused because it didn't understand what the format was is it good to finish here is a bad. So I'm right fairway yet it's and it should be easier to follow horror mean. On for the late fan like how your putting acted to be able to have pulled me and he act casual fan and that's what I would be a NASCAR I don't watch a lot of it. If it's on an outlook and over there and check it out but it it's confusing when I'm watching I'm not gonna watch a whole lot longer sure Italy's me pretty quick. Yes and I don't him I don't know if they flip the field. Which you know they they used to be the rules says he knew you race X number of laps. The fans got to choose and decide whether or not you're gonna flip the field are not in a Beasley just depended depended on whether and where Dale Earnhardt was. Riding in the race if he was up front what nearly a flip if he was in the back it was going to be a list. I don't know if they did that this year and maybe. I don't know to me NASCAR suffering from lack of big personalities and they don't have the personalities that they used to have. You don't have the you don't have a Dale Earnhardt style person's personality. You don't have a Darrell Waltrip personality you don't have a Dale Jarrett. About a lot Bonnie you don't have these guys anymore. These guys used to beat and bang into each other because every time he touched fenders or somebody it's a 100000 dollar fine and NASCAR slaps on the wrist intelligent guy has stopped fighting. Yeah as lame. As boring. The so much money and it now. That Symbian out liar how's it gonna help you I mean these guys this is a business. Be making millions tens of millions of dollars. Ten not have a personality really and to not be an hour right here. Right and it's this whole manufactured drama all my god did you seek. Did you see that they had words of each other in the pits. Not give it a mile when one of thumb sucker punch is the other and that's what I cats I wanna say. I wanna see and find true X junior. Punch what ever Suarez in the face. I forget his first name is Danny swore as an usher anyway colosseum its punch in the face. Because that's what they used to do that's the main when these guys got mad at each other they'd come out of their car and this fight or smash and I share the worse it up as stuff was great. Our C Cole trickle come out of moves come out of the pits. After the race and T bone. That jerk and hardee's car that's what I wanna say. Here's here's the all star race any race the first half everybody flights. And then based on our platform and that's why I depends on how you go back out for the second half brother also an exciting anyways. As diesel stream fights okay and and also eat you brought them twice Cecil something that we don't ever talk about here Canadian football. You don't ask Celso. First things first time as Ellis signed a contract to play for the Hamilton tiger cats in the CFL they just had their first practice yesterday. Johnny didn't do a whole lot disease brandy to the team Stiller in the playbook and things like that the tiger cats head coach is a name that is familiar to you June Jones. Formerly of the University of Hawaii former Atlanta Falcons coach. Speak of the devil we got ESPN TV on in the studio in their show and right now. Are warming up today on the first game isn't for a couple of weeks pre season and then about middle of June is when they get started I really. Lights. Johnny did some type of announcement that I was able to see on Twitter it was just him talk in his phone and going through that. And I don't really good for him you know he's like I'm getting back to what I love to do I love to play football. It's a first step for me I wanna give back to the NFL. I've got my life together and I can't wait to go out and do this and I believed him. So maybe he's suffering me and maybe he's doing all the right things but in that very casual environment was a press conference it was him hanging out this phone. Just talk history to me. I believed anomaly may and I feel really good for this guy yet. And he's our guys that are already for a lot by a bee were informed here elegy diesel. Look at week one this of the season on June 14 you've got the Edmonton eskimos verses the Winnipeg blue bombers that's going to be your first game of the season on the fifteen. He got the army knots and the rough front. They're their mascots are so much cooler in the CFL are knots and the Rough Riders. I've been on June 16 he got tiger cats in the stand Peters. And on the sixteenth the outlets and the alliance. Canada battery lions have you ever seen wandering the wilderness of Canada yet exact our see them. But the bush column a bull moose I mean that's that's going that's a dangerous. You're watched Animal Planet but a lot and align with silk gentlemen's. Game I don't know Bowman he's seen how big blur it fill this whole studio hello. A slow had an alliance would get on them. Angel saw an asset on the field between the news and alliance. Johnny talked a little bit about spacing being different on. And he's gonna have to make some adjustments because. The Canadian Football League the games are a little bit different right what do wide receivers cannot believe still get a running start on an island all of them can okay. And die at making a lot of pressure out at three us get a first down so. I hope Johnny is not going to go up there and sit hopefully he'll find a way I've no idea what to depth chart. If you do you're welcome to call. With the depth chart of the Hamilton tiger cats looks like from quarterback perspective but I'm guessing they wouldn't be spending the money. To bring a guy up like Johnny football who's not gonna get a chance to play this season so. Will lie will keep our eye on that we need to see Appel guy on here to to tell us an economic and a challenge between now on the into the week I got to find CFL guy. To bring in and talk to us so we can here with the latest is for Johnny man's Alba can be Gordon Hamilton tiger cats we'll keep our eye on. And you don't have I've noticed watching the CFL broadcast they're very good at explaining. The differences. To American fans. Agreed because that you know the three downs every player can be in motion. And then Qassam forgetting the name of the play now but there is there's a another scoring play. It's called life bruise or some are rouge. So the where you can kick it. Yeah I would see it right so it's like a drop kick yeah and you can return and beat the incidents a lot bigger yeah gavel would add your homework on this right beyond ESPN. At night all the time when I was growing up that way that we're just stealing programming back right and and I would watch back and and be totally confuse and not know what was going on was that an Australian rules football that's why Australia and I'd already done. Rugby I can never follow the rules of the game now but Australian rules football. If nothing else he announcers were always go and gasoline sane. On in big hits and everything like that so that was interesting and fun to watch so again that was a NASCAR in Seattle segment. Abbott should think you're gonna hear that today would go Johnny football coach Johnny man's cell. I believe them. Go and find that video I'll go find it here I can't during the break and I'll line outs weeded out confining at Childress mark we'll try to get it out on ESPN a state. Maybe he's turned a corner. Maybe this is exactly what he needs maybe he needed to hit that rock bottom fall adds Little League and find a way to scrapped his way back into it. I for one where people in four. Mean instinct to watch. ACC football win totals. Came out last week. What does Las Vegas and the many experts think each team where they got to land for a win loss perspective this season. We'll talk about it coming up. How was your favorite college football team to the do this season. I'll tell you what Las Vegas thinks. Mark Childress and for mark surges about a fun time today get that V8 444773776. If anything's on your mind game god baseball fans we will have Derek Scots. The voice of the game cut baseball team on with us at 605. As they are making their way over to Hoover. The SEC baseball tournament which will be get going tomorrow. So why Derek said he could squeeze a sand as he makes his way over there will Ford talking ham top of the next hour but first things first. Here's your chance of some free money it's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate. Keyword for this hour is do you. The IEW. Tex a keyword to seven to 81 that's seven to 81 good lock. The 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESP NFC now to twelve times per week day. And this is a national contest so these are now Sinai Entercom stations. All over the United States have been a couple of winners from Greenbelt just in the last week. One off for the station right here. One offer of one of our sister stations as well so you can win that money to a jet. We've had some listeners win I think that's also the 2000 box right now. Absolutely let's keep your eye on that. Sorry I had this last week it was so busy really get a chance to get to it by its on. Now especially that this sports wagering your sports betting. Can be legalized in all fifty states. I think you're gonna start hearing more and more about things like this. So online sports blog bet DS side. Has come about this team by team win projections. For the upcoming season in the ACC. I thought there was some interesting ones here so when it comes down to it I'll give a number. Which is the number that they think will be total wins. For the ACC team going into this year. And you'll see what you think about it being under over so that the bottom of the ACC they've got Syracuse over under for wins. For next season at four and a half. They got Virginia at five. Pit in five and a half. I got Boston college at six. Wounds. As a bold prediction cotton. Are going to be I thought to be higher than that I would absolutely take the over on Boston College when he more than six ball games this year. AJ Dylan last year was phenomenal. They played well last year. They got Georgia Tech. It's six. On the net I would never you couldn't pay need to bet on Georgia Tech win loss totals. Or game results. A team is all open down all the time right when you think they got us all to get blown out by somebody shouldn't get blown out by. And the other way around a lose three games and rolled like daily what know what football is not come to take down a top ten team. Stay away from Georgia Tech that's my advice to you there also that do cried in their XX. So let diesel I'll ask you a few here won't won't go to the top part of the ACC at least. What do you think the under over four wins according to Las Vegas is for the Clemson Tigers. The upcoming season at a twelve games 1010. And a half. They draw right in its ten and a half so basically Clinton's got to win eleven games. Man. I would bet on that I would bet for Clinton to win eleven games this year out of twelfth and the regular season. Another when the job got to meet Florida State diesel where would you put. So you would bet the under on Clinton I guess is what I should dissent at ten and a half. Yeah that the hundred he would you know I could see them. I could see him losing two games this year up Texas CNN and maybe dropping one conference game I agree but I'd go I'd go over on that I I can I can feel good about betting either way really. Just depends on what the payout is. They don't but let's Florida State's solid out Alec DB numbers tell meander over Florida State under over eight and a half on taking over on that. Artist he won I believe four games last year and a brand new coach. So everything's up in the air. That's why this is a challenging one to me. I don't know fidelity over or not you've got I think they would because every Florida State team ever to write like wins and another ten games with there's so much change. One of their quarterbacks to be potentially is in legal trouble. There's a lot of open ended questions for the seminoles a dragon and this year it's a blind bat though because you know without knowing their schedule. Now division and it's so top heavy yes Clemson Florida State and then a bunch of bottom dwellers. I think so another I thought that was interesting they've they've got Virginia Tech and it eight and a half. This sounds sounds about right I agree and it got global aids. And in this one. This wannabes the most perplexing. Of all 'cause I have not got my head around what I expect from these guys next year. They've got the Miami Hurricanes at nine and a half wolf. Every single year. And I hope Zach brown is listening. Seem to Miami fan if he's here I don't know what is that premise but he is a Miami fan but we don't know where he's from. He's from parts on their own. Does that brown as those obnoxious Miami fan I personally now I ask him in my defense as a Texan Zach brown right there on the outside it was listen and I can get up. Every year. Always hear that Miami's back is still exist a year on out of this the year. And they're all and they always. Do kind of what Georgia Tech does they lose to teams they ought to be. And then you know. As many times as Miami is done thus. It's you gotta show me first. I'm right. I'm exacts welcome to call us or you're gonna jump in with a saw don't own portfolios those floodgates session seven says don't open those floodgates. Not gonna happen I would take the under I'm not a believer in Miami this upcoming year either but they are loaded with talent. I think they got themselves a great football coach could mark Rick's. The 19 games two seasons ago. It went ten games last year. So it's right there. I certainly think Miami can do it. BE you talk about top heavy conference. Where the challengers coming from a over the coastal next year is gonna be Virginia Tech. North Carolina I mean if you look at the projected when totals of the coastal division next year. Let's look at this. Virginia with five. Hit with five and a half. Georgia Tech a six duke was six. North Carolina was six Virginia Tech eight to happen in Miami. That whole side of that conference is just the physical embodiment. Of that price is right you just lost sound but unconfirmed governor. It's mediocrity. It is so another semester she wants here so. If you like this sort of saying I think there's a matching ones out there I would go over on Clinton a ten and a half. I don't under on Miami at nine and a half. I go over on Boston college at sixes are really wants it jumped out to me the most. Got like farce in their six and a half but they're gonna win more games than that this year have a good team this year. Wait wait for a blossomed that would coach. Yeah but they can legitimately be a Florida State still continues to struggle with forestry is second best team in the Atlantic this year. That's a good thing or not. We'll keep our eye on the. And for a couple of other segments later they have got the SEC over runners. An alliance came out today. They did. On week one in college football. There's some good games we won. And actually for college football to be here. We're just talking about this earlier what what's gonna happen after Clinton baseball and South Carolina baseball in this season we're gonna be solely talking about football. You want right to it. So we've got so symbolize and come out on some of those weak one games I think there's some interesting ones as well and I don't know if it was diesels taunting. What would you did or mine I just I want you know mark Childress that you did this. I don't you are invited to call ahead on the new guy here you invited this guy can I might end up being agreed buddies you don't know you don't. God we're not going to be great buddies could you go beyond the for price tag Jason could elude you well. They sell me on its Zach can meet you feel like they're gonna continue to take the steps in the right direction especially. Done some of the struggles against a stretch for you guys last year. Absolutely. Were a couple of childish mistakes in the EC championship game. Always put our foot right under group and let's talk to you maybe we looked over Pittsburgh is just a little bit about they do that. Star quarterback back there running bank. That the offensive line and Easter. Or we don't turn it over to a goal rode around in their opponents say the stuff we all that. We got our kind of stuff going on its grip but that would be her case. Like really that heavy looking at that whole coastal cited a division and I mean. Virginia tech's gonna pass a struggles this year they lost a lot of talent again it'll be pushing to watch in and figure it out so I'm now the second like me either. T like you guys he doesn't he's not gonna like you unless you proclaim Miami the pre season national champions. OK well let's suck it happened he's he's mr. the Miami Hurricanes could go beat half the NFL right now. Well they do that delusional when we talk about week one games and some of the lines on it we'll talk about it here in just told that they opened with a LSU. That's a great game. LSU Miami matchup is the kind of week that should be a week one match up that type of game every season. Every season should be in there. So I'll be excited to keep our eyes on that so keep on chatting. Week one lines. There should get double ones here if someone's like oh lots. We'll talk about it. Man there's some great great. Week one match ups in college football mark Childress and for mark surges. Hey right after the top of the hour we've gotten to Eric Scott joining us he's the voice of gamecocks baseball. And the South Carolina Gamecocks in the plains and great baseball recently Dirks on his way to the SEC baseball tournament is gonna join us so make sure you stick around for that. So we been talking. Over under stormy a conference perspective in the ACC and got the SEC a little bit later on the show. But there's a great. An interesting. Matchups. In week one of the college football season. Well a little over three months away now. Passed a law. To be here for you know where three waited three weeks away from CFL yes always a wall having daily what twenty minute segment on CFL. Now get a tan bell figured out. We'll talk about dot that diesel we got some good ones here odd looking at weak line summits are a couple he's out here for you see what you think on. Hello this for a week one match up. Lane Kiffin. Taking on Oklahoma. Love it I love it to all that too young personality coaches going head to head man up and running his mouth lead and I can't tell you. Oklahoma is a 22 and a half point favorite. That's one of those you just cannot touch. Oklahoma's losing out baker mayfield. And Kiffin skip it's a great coach. He's a great x.s and no offensive coach he's got all summer. To prepare. Oklahoma's not exactly having stout defense. This will be issued. And Lane Kiffin is just not enough to throw some really want key ideas out there on G Asia in you know something he's mr. go for broke. This is a great job for him because he's got nothing to lose adds I mean I think it BP 614. Does anybody really even care. A man he makes us close gain an actual like a genius. Give Brian that Tony two and a half. I think you wanna get out meet any of these game show about EU. Like what side of the other 8444773776. Let me now yes six minutes left in this. Providence our people BSO has sucked the double in the phones again later on opened Charlotte in week 110 seed taking on the West Virginia. Love it I I love the game to. Will Greer. He'll be quarterbacking West Virginia taking on a Tennessee team that Jeremy Pruitt. Is a new coach. Actually who knows he's a great defensive coach taken out of date are from West Virginia. Six and a half point favorites. West Virginia you know a lot of us. Of these pre season kickoffs and Charlotte is doing a phenomenal job of it. They're getting the preceded their they're getting what we all wish the bowl games would be a man you're getting two teams in a very tight regional footprint. You're geared disregarding. Who's got automatic high end. You know Charlotte is gonna have a Virginia Tech vs South Carolina though perfect centralized location. Yeah Tennessee West Virginia right it's a little out of the way maybe they could put the game in Nashville or Memphis or wherever but still. They're too close teams that they potter fans can make that drive in a big state of the art stadium is perfect. Especially Labor Day weekend because because that's when most of diesel because the fans a little bit more to add their matchup you don't see very often what you wanna see here's another good one. Washington this is gonna happen down in Atlanta Mercedes-Benz stadium. Washington taking on Auburn. Great match on Wu yes Albert four and a half point favorites right now. She's I'll watch all three of these games I'll be very good now I mention this earlier. To be asked her body called icann about the hurricanes Miami taking on LSU in Arlington. LSU a two and a half point favorite. Boggles my mind I Miami should be favored in this game and I'm not even bigger Miami. You know they just picked up Joseph Borough and LSU. We'll see he's a starter for them. Nice transfer pick up. MI or on the number up even more for LSU in week one. I get excited already about these is a great. Conference game. ACC. Labor Day weekend. This is a great one. Virginia Tech taking on Florida State's. We Kwan. A great conference match up. Two teams have no idea Virginia tech's loss so much talent the last two years Justin Fuente he's got all lost season. Willie Taggart with Florida State. He's gonna sell his office there. Florida State six and a half point favorites. Wow that seems crazy to me. Seems like Virginia Tech should be favored more and that when rookie Brian and that against a great matchups. One more great match appeared to. Michigan at Notre Dame guys this is all in week Warren. We're gonna have chaos after week one it's some really good football teams there Mardy lost some games Michigan. Three point favorite Notre Dame. We really got another call talking about the Miami Hurricanes. All the hurt anybody and does the floodgates would works. Mike. Are you an agreement with me that line seems crazy Miami should be favored over LSU right. I agree that without a real I didn't hit the look at how much he used this repeatedly and beat them. And that they got the biggest replied that he has done some highly doubt but I know. We're not quite there yet but we like a couple of recording played the way it appeared that can get in the mix for real that they. Don't sort of oh it has no we wouldn't think a bit in the country is that pinnacle we we definitely didn't. Yet you make it's a great points there. Thanks for the call Mike. Yeah you know I was down in Miami in the previous segment talking about I don't think they'll win nine and a half games are now trying to talk myself and it's taken Miami who's not favoring his still shoot. Just out all of well logic everything is logic base with me so maybe I need to go back every. Not wait MIN Miami isn't going to college football is is better when Miami is good. We all know that's it's more entertaining it's it's just better when Miami is good I just. My biggest issue with Miami is not actually with Miami it's with all the pundits every year who say this is the year that Miami is back just given time. Does sub trusts are theirs away from my past I try to manufacture. That this is the year that Miami is back it's it's that is wanna sound Smart. I think I this year finally predicted it boy yeah you've predicted it the last five years and you were wrong four out of five. Then you're right they are real quick for get out of here at top of the hour on I did mission Michigan three point favorites at Notre Dame that's a week one game. Organ state at Ohio State that's 32 and a half point favorite for Ohio State but could be an interesting match up. Anytime a high state signed your counsel bopping and you watch and and then the last one and Orlando. Global taking on Alabama what do you think the point spread is an out when diesel. Ten and a half 31. Wow I didn't. Alabama this is why is he 31 I was waiting leveraged I was trying to be modest ya know Lamar Jackson for global sell. We'll keep writers we'll talk a little bit more about it next hour. Coming up the voice of game cock baseball. Eric's got right after this.