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Thursday, May 17th

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The college sports talk continues mark Childress in for mark Sturgis diesel here with me as well. And we are pleased to welcome mat Rochelle from the Orlando sentinel national college football writer. Matt's been at the ACC meetings for the last couple days. Matt so much thanks so much for join us but we really appreciate you being here. Mason Matt side you had a chance to sit down when John's Wofford ACC commissioner I'd I think you had him join your podcast. So what were some of the the high points and nine nugget she got out of mister Wofford. Well you know I think we're the biggest issue that they were talking about all week long air it's kind of something that all college athletics dealing with the right. You know the rights our commission. Report you know which basically you know recommended that their all hole although overhaul changes in college I think that's a big bet. You know the eight years you know looking act occurred. European they want to make those kind of at least implement some of those kind of changes umpire are a little extra month. I know available to you that Matt Walker could bet you know. No official of the coaches they're the kind of scramble to see how that can be done. We also talked about transferred to a lot going on it was. You know low. Idea. He looks over Colin and it hurt or lose well. You know maybe not this year Collette what someone transfers. You know they're immediately eligible but you know maybe put sort the well. I don't just look at this and other all of them is our what we broke that we were expecting was. Nearly eight feet putting our proposal. Do not expanding NCA back or are they want to expand the field this actually looked ready to eat they want to add more. So it is. Actually it is I don't like breaking news jobs Wofford you go to the molecular that the appeal by a lot going on and let me. It has always Matt herself from the out Orlando sentinel this. Yes so I see why it benefits side the ACC to go from sixty to 72 teams because odds are since they may be the best basketball conference in the country. That might get one more maybe even two more of their suits out of their conference is teams in the tournament every year so for them it makes a lot of sense but the initial reaction. From fans especially on Twitter seems to be no no no please no more chain that's a. Yeah are you know that would that would I have to about the outlook that was the idea that the coach about the book all about book which is. And one of the regal what you know I thought I get the more opportunity yeah fourteen that the idea that there are opposing it kind of like and another you know first four. You know that what what would you gain. No way that you don't have still any. Or Colorado electric car. Play you know the opening a couple didn't just beat it at the ultimate outcome of the proposal are out there. I'm not sure how much traction now. Their book although no doubt glee has put the sport so. It'll be interesting to see the contraction committee of the opera. But the governor governor of the or he would at least in the back. Autonomy they have been here so that on the road. Please Dolan called the second first for that that that systems like the worst sat. Our marketing of all time so sure somebody Smart like get in there and figure out how to fix that so they were talking a member shell from the Orlando sentinel. I met what thing you haven't mentioned so far that I know had to be a big topic of discussion down there. On was the ruling that broke mine eyes sports gambling. This week I was anybody willing to kind of go on record with anything other than just the status quo initial remarks. You know how to couple eighties and they'll basically have bought into this broke kind of the kind of let go cart web based T actually it and you know there would you vote on it they obviously there's a concern. You know. Blake James B yep Miami all eat out what I think they wanna Europe they want are are beginning to watch the winner popular education on if they wanna make sure. That the speed that we understand that this is something that there. That that they want to look out but they don't you agree that the game is very important so they don't wanna see the kind of ruined by the education a couple of big days. John said that you know they would like to make sure that you don't let that it to regulate you know they have and they've and that they. There are all the all the schools so you can order change from then they go. They think that would be too could easily get a couple species so they want some sort of federal regulation of cuts that are able. So what is the issue but not yet ordered and they by thoughts or ideas of what we should be seeing there was doubling nothing about. You know sports betting window that immediately written like that. I think right now too early. Awesome catch up a member Shelby national college football writer for the or windows sentinel you can find him on Twitter. At a west smack her shell so what Matt early in the week you wrote a great article about the college football playoffs. And the impacts that central Florida's arm waving and championship claiming over the last couple months has had on the committee. I eat even sat down bill Hancock the executive director of the play off. And I I guess the to cut to the chase on the article is. Didn't really seem to make any difference at all to them they're pretty happy with the product they've got right now. Yeah and they really are you know I don't. Obviously being here at their Orlando W yet that there is looks that they don't like maybe their situation cause. It also changes that occur you know well but what I thought felt like cock. I keep that pollute the are you that we met you know would be you know mentally group which is composed a cocked commissioners. And you know the dog Notre Dame athletic director and there's no movement and Archie and seek to expand the playoff at the I'll and that they felt like I asked directly if he's gonna talk about apple what out at that now really it ever put up so I. I think right now it's much yet there were hoping that it would call of the dialogue to got to be expanded. It really have a point. Again you don't give it up for being upset about people kind of bought out there I think they get that's. The I thought that circuit at the end of each other back they'll. Reported years I just don't think there's that big of a push or just yet and what kind of like value though they're the got a quote actually kind of why are. Is what. Also may wrap it up whenever shelf from the Orlando sentinel so Matt we had bill Bender from the sporting news on earlier. And he was talking about playoff predictions for 28 scene. And he sees a pass. For you see half to potentially back door and that playoff they had an undefeated season again this year and that's a possibility that got a great side. Another great team returning. On Ennis Ennis schedule that might help them get there it any thoughts on them since they're in your backyard are not what they're thinking about going into this season. And did did all of the air theatrics. After last season does that help them maybe you think you'll undefeated again coming into this year. No I think actually look at the schedule they are off to the public going to beat yet that your outlook. Good luck not get all of the national picture don't bug bit cricket. Good start at a target on their. So every that's gonna play that now want to say okay you've been ecstatic about the security you know national champions. We're gonna beat you know what it as a challenge. You blank it out on Friday night you know you're looking into a expert game as well. You've got North Carolina on the schedule tee so I think early on a ticket survived that they have some opportunities to. Yeah I haven't been pushed out about whether it's in order to get a playoff. I don't know I asked bill Hancock about that excludes the senate the senate bill at the C did in 08 so what we did laughter. Do you think that perhaps the voters might say you know we don't look at the the previous year the committee did not look at I heard the past week. We are only looking at year commitment so they have a strong sell it because there's obviously going to be a case but he's not gonna let that account of the the waving to the hand by the script they are matching. On what look at operative in the classics. And unless question for members shelf from the Orlando sentinel so Maggie do a great job. You literally do they write up on every single team. And your as a party or college football countdown as we lead up into the new season so I don't wanna jump to the end of the line and if you don't wanna give it away you don't have to. But what are your kind of initial thoughts on the the six or eight teams have had the best chance. To make it into the college football playoff appearance when he eighteen. Well in are addicted to execute obviously that people are gonna be aware that it be out you don't obsolete or are teams like Alabama as though they eclipses. Obviously EU McKinnell pilots in what they aren't. You know are likely to be what's gonna be interesting is stability at least be strong you know probably because could be stronger candidates out there you know the pac twelve there's a tackle get our into the car to get. It is going to be washed it. You know our USC. Making a big push armed you know you look at the big twelve Oklahoma loses baker many feel. All it. Peace accords it was quarterback. You don't have her into the big twelve record beat extend their. Our I think if we have the playoff comes down to the we have two teams are incompetent that last year. You know I think there's gonna be sorted out by. And talk a little bit about. You know expect the playoff ticket I doubt Mike gets a Serb people. It looks at yet you're teaching again articulate that would be something that people circle etched there there's always. The usual suspects that they work. Their way. Awesome great stuff as always remember shell national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel. And we had a lot of fun today talking college football. We're gonna keep on doing that as we walk you up to Clemson baseball right after this. But the college football talk continues mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis here with diesel manly had a great data de would bill Bender from the sporting news. Who got our brains are on and on all kinds of crazy topics and I continued over to Matt her shell from the Orlando sentinel. This stuff there'll be giving way to Clemson baseball here at the bottom of the hour the pregame show before the first pitch with pets. On which will be right around the top of the hour at 6 o'clock you can hear all that right here on ESPN upstate so TCU I continue to talk during the break. There's just so many different topics are so many different directions that this can go and and it's meant it seems like the solution. That everyone wants except you know members shell talks. To. The folks on. You know at the college football playoff committee he had conversations with them this week bill Hancock the executive director and then like we like it is for. We're fine with where we are. So everyone else seems to want eight because there's so much logic involved with all these topics we've tip you know we touched on today. On hey if everybody gets their shot if a group of five at school knew every year that they had a chance to be in that playoff that's a game changer. Really yes. Yeah and you know. In any chaotic world every now and again there's going to be a situation where. The best group of five has a lot of wars. Yeah most most of the times this year right most of the time the best G five is going to be a 12. Loss team. It generally speaking those larger losses. Come to the power five that they played a Euro they slip up in conference and was due Lulu on them they can Houston and a couple years ago when they had the they had the shot. They and they have passed all where ever they were darlings everybody loved everybody wanted to. And they just they enable lost a little home they shared gives us and then Ozzie them or something yeah us a couple of tours in the season they just fell apart. I don't. I think if you have a clear path. It calms down the realign and I get power five fans and ladies and coaches. And muggy mugs and decision makers taking care less. That. A G five really really wants and or power five Cox I don't care. You know if it if Troy goes on a five year run where they're just monsters. And they are just rail and people. Did you really think Alabama fans are gonna really care anymore about Troy now. They are they right they don't but if you if you give them a path. And say guess what do the best ones and do the best G five get. And I say hey you gotta be ranked in the top twenty you know have some sort of cut off down the EU can't have and I'm going an extreme direction here. At an eight and four G five give them the playoff. Now that that's not good curve for anybody says hey we still got a couple minutes or give way to Clinton baseball you wanna get in a chat about this 844 GS PE SPN. That's 844477. 3776. So let's take the next at least logical step in my brain diesel so how many teams and so we talked a little Bender about. He ranks eight teams that are potential contenders. For a national championship. And he threw an additional fourteen teams in there. The felt like to make the playoffs. And it's all the usual suspects and you could find his article sporting news suck common going to read it but at the end of the day. Are there are more than 25 teams. And the power five they could legitimately make the playoffs this year she could very easily argue that there's not. And we're talking about how to get a group of five team and when. Two thirds of the teams that are competing in the power five conference's. Legitimately probably do not have a chance to get into the playoffs as you know they can play either way end but they don't have the talent to do. Doubt if you're Vanderbilt and all of sudden you step up and go undefeated in the regular season. It's hard to keep the album it's not unheard of people still say let's Vanderbilt so yeah they give you they went twelve and no this year because Vanderbilt. They don't have that prestige seat got us as much as the playoff places so we just look at the wins and losses this season. They don't they care about the prestige as well yeah they want the good names in there because the names equal ratings. That's why Clinton peeking at the time they did is so important for them. Let's go to the phones he got Stephen on board wants to talk about the playoff Stephen what's on your mind. Couple by August. War a hundred console is looked at him basically about real mom and her currently focused on all of and if you look at your type create victory. You've now got into the sport have a try outlook or outlook now we import scene that was one sport athlete which has so many other sports. How you're aren't basketball baseball. The old these kids out of classes might be there with travel. Suspect a lot of people lose focus all bad as they are looking at all. And third these other sports are now completely carpenters and make these when he beat road trips are no leaks. And maybe the simplest solution and honor not. There's good diet where there's just got sort six you can play out the F fifteen gangs. It cheap any matter do away with all the old gang. At least create these bold in that sort cheaper to six and 68480. Problems Apple's site. Yet they Stephen thanks for the yeah I think that I mean they were talking eighteen playoff Stephen yeah I mean that they do this in a CS right. You've got to sixteen team playoff. The a CS level I think it's and that's expanded to 22 to play and as a sixteen teams and I'm I'm fine with that bigger is better. And I did have a caller that I accidentally just drop please call back and but to play devil's advocate here at. You know and if we're talking about relegation argue your point here. That may force. Geographic common sense geographic realignment if you say southeast pockets northeast pocket midwest pocket. Yet but what he was saying is and it's a good point it's happening right now as we speak. Clinton baseball is playing. In Pittsburgh today. South Carolina baseball is playing in College Station. These are schools that have been recently added. And see the conferences. That are causing that long travel diesels so they could just got to go to Pitt today how much farther somebody gonna have to go if you relegate someone down bring it back up. However that all works. And get Kenneth on the phones Kenneth what's on your mind. Yeah great. If you get. Give it being dead I'll. I apps they. Mean there have. So very well. That the big boy wouldn't it Brower out. Arafat mean mapping. And and another Pena goes if you double expanded play well. They're up in magical ability to recruit who doubt that bandage while property. And they we we can. We can go to play out we can go to FBB championship game where apple has great recruits. They're not bode well. Though the bat it if you expand their wells while the people. Now you're right Kenneth thanks for the call and die if you went to that eighteen playoff. Everybody everybody technically at that point would have their shot every one could start the beginning of the season and say. If we run the table here. We can play for the college football national championship and that's something that I like. Right I want so and artificially complicated like an eighteen playoff but I'm suggesting this wild relegation scheme that pays off over the course of ten. And I'll tell you this because this is happens to abstain we have. One of the highest touted quarterback. Recruits we've ever had. He he was a high that he was a low Forestar and he had verbally committed and at the last minute. Iowa State frozen and offer he had been committed for months months autism as Rondo 100%. Not going anywhere else. Iowa State does not offer any us. I don't don't play the that may sort of calm that down. Now you can say hey. You come here. To stay committed we have a chance to get in the playoff because he. In some ways you almost I mean if a power five if a group of five team is gonna get and every year. In some ways it might be easier to get there's a group a five team that would be is a power five team depending on who you schedule. You've just got to get three the group of five. And I don't agree it is that you're setting up your schedules 56 years in advance right so when you gotta hope that the big teams that you selected. In that you are got a really good. Are are not good. But his view the number one power five team your end. She'd much rather play North Carolina and Vanderbilt in the year that your making your big Ryan then Aaliyah once we scheduled Alabama and Oklahoma this year. Where you're probably gonna get trucked. So a million to Croatia in the Sierra college football in the offseason and we it's obvious stuff a thousand ways I see. I SH says six and one half dozen the other what does the committee looking and they look at their wins are they looking at how you play. Today because we all know that they save it there's just looking at wins yup but really they're looking at how you play. And we we saw it we seem where. You know an SEC team get a whole lot of credit for going undefeated today employ anybody in the offseason right let him play anybody at a conference Alabama. Outside of the last couple years really stepped up and played some really big teams out of commerce say they have usually don't play anybody that could out of conference early in the season. So that's says the only care about as you win games today he went WS lemon oh cool here in the matter he played right. But if you're. If you're two loss. Oklahoma State. And you lost. Some teams that are better than you. You lost to Alabama and you lost to Michigan a year he's teaches you scheduled up and you lost. There they value the win over the crappy team more than they value the loss to somebody do it yeah. Absolutely. A man we'll pick this up by next time we're together diesel because there's a lot of different ways we continue to go this. But for now let's going to be it for today's show we're giving way to Clemson baseball taking on hits pregame show starting in just the second have a great one.