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Thursday, May 17th

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Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis today lots of baseball talk on a shortened version of straight up with surge but first things first. Here's your chance of some free money is a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate. The keyword is aero a RR OW Texas keyword is seven to 81 that's 72881. Could look. The 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESP in upstate now to twelve times per week day beginning at 7 AM. And hey before we were coming on the air here diesels hi we were chit chat about C Thomas Howell let's agree get he was on the huddle earlier today. With non Greg McKinney and diet. Yeah he's living the life. I wanna live vicariously through Greg McCain because he gets to sit out a torn blade all day and ended huddle yesterday and today and talked all these famous actors and athletes. And in Richmond we got to play in the pro am today I'm even more jealous of him. And can't wait to hear how his round went today I don't think he teed off at 952. Out of Furman today but Tom. Jesse Thomas Howell let's say a blast from the past but he Cecil can work today great actor. You know I had a dream last night I was trying to play golf. I got a second hole and like every single golf ball I had my bag just like squished into jelly. Hillis squishy toys to squeeze a pop out the sides yeah. Like dad everyone was like dad and out into the rest of the dream was a quest to go find more golf balls I don't know what I Austria I promise you are sober issue. When I went to bed seat at the pro am on the brain I guess it's like I guess you pull it they invited you to play would you place. I'll tell us tonight on the planet tonic off he said we talked totals now and I haven't played out of all this I was about fifteen. OK but I do you had a shot you know whatever. Somebody's got to get the highest score in there in the tournament and that could totally be me. Well we talked in a Richmond and I was a little bit last week I said you got to get on ESPN's top ten either. The best ten plays of the week because she like hole out from the fairway. Are you can go not top ten but as you do something horribly embarrassing out there. I did see that DI gold medal winning I curler did you see what he did today diesel. On he had a putt look like about a twenty foot putt on the greens we went up to market. He marked it with his gold medal. He put his gold medal down in like I guess the ribbon that it hangs around his neck on. They left it there made a big production about that I thought that was great so BMW program tie charity pro am I think their wrapped up from today. I'm I was looking on the pro am leaderboard to see if fire Richmond Weaver. Was in the top fifteen it doesn't appear that he is so he must be just outside of the top fifteen. The tournament today and another thankful they've they've got to be very very pleased. About the weather I mean when we were coming into the beginning part of this week. We saw much College Baseball games it rained out earlier in the week I was very worried especially the started raining and I started having to push things back today. It could become a nightmare on Friday and Saturday I still think we got up a lot of bad weather coming but it leasing out round one in the books without any drama from the rain that's really good thing right in. We got to start thinking about this weekend as well because there's a lot more baseball games come and get the NASCAR all star race you know Saturday night and they are still expecting thunderstorms. All day Saturday in the area so only you know won't keep you posted we find out what's happened with that. Yeah as far as today goes I'm it is going to be a short version of the showed today will be out here at 530 for the Clemson baseball pregame show. And first pitch Clemson vs Pittsburgh. Today right around 6 o'clock in the weather looks great up there right now so I don't think we'll have any issues. And of course a South Carolina playing on the road as well also they picked the right weekend it sounds like to be out of town to avoid the weather so why kudos to both of them. When he first things first. Have been talking about this a lot. The Atlanta Braves this may be the most fun I've had watching the Atlanta Braves and that I can remember. They've got a great team pulling young talent every night's exciting there and every game. They're not getting blown out. They got the best record right now the National League at 26 and sixteen they got a one game lead in the division over the Phillies. They beat the cubs last night fort wind ending bit of the kinda game that good baseball teams win. It was one to wind up. Braves had gotten unlucky there a couple of fantastic catch is made by the cubs last night including one that went up over the wall to rob Tyler flowers of a home run. So the rays had been getting any breaks. On they come up the need Denning. Ands. The two youngest players in Major League Baseball. If you walked out of the room to get a beer and came back. You missed it. Ozzie I'll be such a triple into the gap. And it was either the first or second pitch to Ronald junior junior day youngest player in Major League Baseball. Rips a single to left field to take a two to one lead. And in the brace kind of scrapped three weird ending. With a lot of walks odd to take the lead 41 and they hung on in the ninth the Braves have four of the five youngest players in Major League Baseball on the air roster right now. Ronald Acuna junior Ozzie obese mikes are Roca. And Luis go Barak nearly r.s in the bullpen right now there are four of the five youngest. In Major League Baseball so a lot of fond super pumped about the brave so some news breaking today DS we Swanson. It appears that his wrist is better he's been pulled off the DL. And he's supposed to make any rehab assignment starts with the Rome braves this evening. So well that means he's one step closer to being in Atlanta. And side. He's openly backed by the end the homestand so a couple of days seem he might do two or three games down in our road record net. And and hopefully we'll see him back in Atlanta also some some news today on Mike's or broke up. He complained a little bit about some shoulder soreness. So the Braves went ahead precautionary move put him on the ten day DL. It's not expected to be serious but he has given them a little bit extra time to arrest and they called IMAX three today. So Max free will be making the start tonight against Jon Lester. We keep and dry and that went tonight is embraced play. It's the third game of the series in Atlanta but remember they did that make a game in Chicago so it's the end of this four game series. The rays won two games the cubs of one wind the Braves side trying to come away with another win tonight so we'll be keeping our eye and that's. Before I go to College Baseball we got a couple great guests today I'm really excited about this will talk a lot of college football this afternoon. We have bill Bender from the sporting news. And bill wrote a fantastic article go check it out sporting It's one of the lead articles on there re talks about who are the teams that can legitimately compete for a national title in college football this year. And then who are the ones it could legitimately make the playoffs. You see up on the list. You see us on the list K now that this so I like the way he's looking at it right I mean look. He's got eight teams that he feels like could win a national title and it seems about fair. And there's fourteen other teams and he feels like could make the playoffs and he's got some wild cards in there. So while we'll have bill the next segment about ten minutes from now you'll want to stick around in listen to him. There we got Matt or shell from the Orlando sentinel coming on at 505 today and Matt has been hanging out in the ACC spring meetings. For the last couple days. And this could be plenty to talk about them Watson is he says he said Alan Johnson Wofford. And did a podcast with him he's got the latest news from that. The ACC proposed today are they're going to propose to the NCAA. Growing the assembly NCAA basketball field from 68 teams to 72 teams why would you do that. I know why does a lot more their teams in the post season. So the ACC is going to formally propose that's we'll talk about this a little bit more a member shall later. And then on also they wanna widen the lane and move the three point line back up three point line back. I don't think those are bad things so we'll be talking a mad about all that again he literally said Dow which on John's Wofford yesterday. So while the latest breaking news from that so bill Bender at 420 member Shalit 505 today tons and tons of college football talk as it should be eight. On a north kriegel baseball. They're hosting the division to southeast regional and that started today talk about you know keeping your eye on the weather right they'll be playing games all week. This is a loaded region. An absolutely loaded region. Five of the top. But it coming here to tiger Ville to play in the in the sci regional this weekend north prenatal course is a number three. Georgia colleges six Columbus State is ten. Belmont abbey in UC UNC Pembroke come in at fifteen and seventeen. Right now the way to bracket lays out as long as there's no weather problems. North Greeneville will play their first game of the regional tomorrow. Against the winner of Columbus State and UNC Pembroke. First pitch a net gain should be right around 3 o'clock. And indict if they win that they be scheduled to play again on Saturday evening around seven. This tournament goes all the way until Monday and that's again weather permitting. You circuit behind him one of these baseball tournaments. And things can get mighty complicated mighty fast so we keep our eye on this good luck to north Greeneville tomorrow on is still be playing their first game. In the division to baseball championship regional Adobe hosting some good luck to them in and coach went in Powell. Talking about the Clemson Tigers. They are gonna be playing vs Pittsburgh so tiger's forty and thirteen nineteen and eight in the ACC. First pitch of the game tonight around six A got an afternoon game tomorrow around three. Pittsburgh is 272211. And sixteen in the ACC. Overall I series record between these two teams Clemson leads four to two Spencer Strider. Is going this afternoon Brooks Crawford in the Jake Kagan bought the rescheduled for Friday and Saturday. Content on an eight game winning streak in the ACC regular season on the road. That is their longest road conference winning streak since they won ten in a row back in 19941995. Also first time in twelve seasons Clinton has won forty regular season games. They went 43 back in 2006. To some special things going on for the tigers. Strider has been great he leads a team and strike outs as allowed only four extra base hits in one home run all season. So good luck to the tigers tonight also good luck to the gamecocks. They'll be playing at blue bell park in College Station, Texas against Texas CNN. Gamecocks of course won two out of three against Missouri last weekend they've won four SEC series in a row looking to make it five now. And their midweek game against USC upstate got canceled. The first ever meeting between these two schools is back and it's when he eleven college World Series South Carolina won that game Cox have a seven and four. Overall series record against Texas say NM. And a South Carolina course 38 ER PR right now twelfth best strength of schedule in the country loading Chapman. The freshman righthander will be going at this evening starting at 730 for the game Cox so. Wanted to organize the right time and just start playing great right now and that's the dads dangerous for everybody else who's the who's messed up in their regional. It is. And who knows it could be Clemson will see cities in the last three games of the regular season in an conference remote these teams and conference tournaments get started next Tuesday. So plenty of College Baseball talk about. Also play college football to talk about will be shot in a bill Bender from the sporting news coming up. We're in talks in college football now mark Childress and remarks Sturgis pleased to be welcoming the bill Bender from the sporting news. And to talk with a us. Bill thanks for joining us today man I love your article on sporting about the college football playoff. And who you feel like the best title contenders are in 2018. A panel on about surrounding bill conference by conference and side. And lets you break down everything for everyone and that's OK so you've got a break everything in a different categories national title contenders. And then playoff contenders so the Big Ten has got a lot of folks that you feel like to be in a post season makes this year. I think of all the conference and all and thanks for under tall order to pump oh you'll. They have the most playoff contenders probably. Especially when you look at fourteen in the east between Ohio State. Michigan Penn State and Michigan State and then Wisconsin got a note pretty good look at it in the west. And that's not even really including I think some team that they have to get through like nor what than the gut prop. Nebraska. Its deepest conference but then we found out last year. In this conference best conference doesn't always guarantee he'll play a bit. Yeah it'll be interesting to watch she got as a national title legit contenders as Ohio State Wisconsin and Michigan. I can deathly C a path for all three of those guys on and then on the playoff contenders line Penn State and Michigan State's I think that's some good stuff there are so. A big twelve and not pac twelve kind of same old same old and both of those conferences yup. Yeah I mean without the big twelve you're looking at Oklahoma and then everybody else Condit and you emote last year's. He Blake keeps you could challenge YouTube would immediately correct the many good what Ginobili. No we didn't go blow blow state of the Oklahoma last year. But I think it's just another case where I think oklahomans do best team. Trickling out west elect Washington and Stanford challenge what Pope Paul playoff contender and I think you still my beer grew weary. Which it Kelly but it. In all act if there is compensated. I would say the best bet to be walked out of the play well I would probably go cart world. Talking to bill Bender from the sporting news and dies his article about college football play off each conference's best title contenders and 2018. All right so let's wander on over to the SEC. Time and I notice you had South Carolina on the wild card's line to the SEC I'm in total agreement here. Well it's a good year for them to challenge you know I thanked. You're an experienced quarterback Jake Bentley will look you know got a nice foundation. I think they can build off that bowl win against Michigan where they can impact. And one main game. And I don't know. Who else to pick as somebody who legitimately challenge door I mean what Tennessee imported in coaching transitions I don't think that'll happen over night. Stop Carolina just seemed like the best team in the east. Take a run at Georgia. I agree with you I see South Carolina as a ten win team this year. And if they can find a way against Georgia earlier and in the season or find a way somehow against Clemson. Late in the season can end up being really special for them and then of course she got Alabama and Georgia from the SEC. On the national title line I guess is your ranking everything I know questions they are although Georgia is lose in the lots any thoughts on the dogs and it just seems like they might be right to take a step back this year in my mind. Betemit who leadership stepped in and you know they're gonna need some guys are placed on the show on the show Bo. Are consummate the desert really. Set the standards for the program I think they got some depth to recruiting dope problem of running backs they've been pretty good got what you hundreds looked. And Elijah Holyfield. I kicked around pretty good do so again it's not so much about how. Georgia I think it's just about trying to find that team that's really gonna challenge of being shopped till honey bring up the next point. But they play early in the season so I mean that that you know that's one of those games that could take people but process. Taco bill Bender from the sporting news you get by him on Twitter at bill Bender 92 would. We're talking about each conference's best title contenders and 2018. No surprise you have Clemson and on the ACC side. On this playoff contender she put both Miami and Florida State sue are you expecting a big guy it obviously a step in the right direction. For the seminoles this year. Well they have to be better at any connect things with a healthy quarterback want to get that figured out really tired really good. Quarterbacks to really get on their home and got a tough schedule. I don't know. That's more of a talent base and the sort of state always has the talent to compete free CC championship. Tinkling of Miami have been questioned them. We what did they learn from losing what you need Clinton and getting drove by once and then you chipped chipped in quantum. It would be a very big surprise me if anybody other than on someone niece she's three. How can you not pick them they have. Or first responders on the defensive line they get quarterback entry they've got a bunch of guys that are on the global and they've gotten. I think the running back depth between Clemson. Georgia and Alabama isn't good about seeing. Bill Bennett from the sporting news and Billy were you were talking about which conferences you know are the best top to bottom and doesn't necessarily mean that they're gonna get in which conferences. Likely to be to conference left out this judge's that is ran a quick search on. On how many appearances each conference has had the SEC is at five so far Alabama with Ford George was once got. The pac twelve in the big twelve so far in four years of only two appearances. Each do you think one of those two conference is going to be the one that really sparks playoff expansion I know that's it. Taboo topic we probably we have to bring it up every every time. We have but I don't know that we need it right now I think. The royal talked to as far as I'm concerned they're becoming more and Mike team Clinton used to get up because. To meet. Last year for example World Cup look at fluid that. I put a little cool when Alabama or Ohio State ended up one and brinkmanship to give us would do an album our our state it was 5050. I'd rather argue about that then Miami and no Penn State team that didn't even get it you know we either didn't show up in their conference championship or didn't make it to the cup championship so. I guess we're coming from but I think we're now working model but model. I'm right there with him bill and die he had a couple on the playoff contenders line I guess we get out of the power five conferences. In the group of five and ties the independents so diesels soon as I say your coming on what we're talking about he's like BCC a finalist does he think he's CF to make in the playoffs. You've got them is a playoff contender is that a remote possibility. For 2018. They EC have to get over that hurdle and get the respect they felt like he didn't get last year. Only beaten additional eagle and Austin street question so let me give you about that if you you have. I'm thirteen and up and they play happened EU and North Carolina and Pitt in that American apple the company did a good looking and now. You put them in the playoff and the last spot or you'd put. They have one loss to order that was used Alabama badly and yet he chipped chipped it what do you think that he would. I mean I know exactly what the committee is gonna do. But. The whole play in I've sub made his jokes several times on the show any national championship that systematically eliminate half of its member institutions before the season even starts. Is an illegitimate national championship. But. Right I know what you're gonna say. The question is should should they at least have a shot I mean if you're eliminating them from the conversation before the season even starts. Is that right is it a fair isn't doesn't fare doesn't matter because we know life isn't fair but is it right. Well it's and that's why I say I think in that situation the committee would probably take Georgia. Wanted to CO will dominate. The world fourteen and know what irked her team and Opel currency more towards six game when she reached and it. They beat the teams they beat I would use the example from fifteen. Houston in my opinion the year that they came off leaving port estate. They beat Oklahoma in the opener. And they beat Louisville later in the season had they gone undefeated. I think they would have got in the playoff over Washington but they had some big nonconference wins to go with it. I think the more use yet Bork's. The more they're gonna get attention more they win this will be an interesting because they they are my mind the best bet of the group spot to make and other raw. At the same time though ability is an unfair standard two to force a team for much for a group of five level. To go 26 and how to get into a national champ B it's an ally how often we say as best four teams right now. Well I completely he goes against the model they got to win 26 in a row they've got to be the best team over the last two years to stand a chance. Some somebody told me and I went to a Mac it's volatile aren't university and I we've got like these are critical means quite a bit so Milo you bloody. I sir it would mutate. At the Mac schools select that would you change. 52 win over forty years and you'll probably get put on probation would you take it like that yeah. Because if we're not gonna get your foot from the national championship one ot think if you play and be dominant all well. That that kind of just ingests saying that I've seen Boise State do what I've seen Marshall beat gone a little group of what several years. The ball heard Randy Moss and his team now. In a corporate world would get that opportunity but I think the committee books so much. That there is strength of schedule matter so those top 25 wins and things like that we use yes gonna not only have to win. They're up to blow teams out like they're gonna blow out quarter Atlantic and pit Purdue. Wrapping up a bill Bender from the sporting news you can check out this article sporting also on Twitter at bill Bender 92. So bill I saw that you guys are rolled out the sporting news college football predictions. Oklahoma and Alabama and the Orange Bowl Clemson in Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl so once again a common thread running through by the post season teams again this year. Least according to you guys. An electrical blowback on footer about it but it would go out on a limb and though I mean honestly. Why climb up the treaty because. We know Alabama and Georgia are going to be very good we'll know until he. How bad it's probably friendly schedule yet and then Ohio State's most health treatment I think Oklahoma made you know and beauty it happened all those in so. I'm not trying to be funny I'm just saying I hope there are some surprises and I hope. The bowl projections are wrong otherwise it's not gonna be the most exciting college football season and people are gonna griped when that clump and Alabama again and boy it. In my mind Clemson and Alabama are definitely two most talented teams country. If we get closer Alabama for right which ice I think you and I both agree is probably gonna happen this year and we get it in the national title game again this year. Is that fatigue is that the the tipping point and the fatigue factor of having the same teams again and again. Or can you stretch it out one more season and especially Clemson were to beat him again and say are right now it's Tutu. Well I think you're good combination of factors that think that could be one and I probably should direct this. On the tube would not happen because you're creating more work for me but I let me start it this way. I'd start wit it that happened if you yet give unbeaten and get denied. Big Ten of the best conference in the country again and they get that I. And something else bombing happened up to certain of that what that we're yet. Then look what the crowd will get even milder because you're having all these teams you'll play the did the wall so to look at Ohio State domes. Twelve and one in the copper copper to the contrary. And and it Washington's thirteen you know go to had a book. That would be another thing ability to make me yeah I definitely should go Solomon who Wear numbers right now but let's go to the look bill. You only get didn't creating more work and sporting good but I like that question law. Awesome well thanks so much build and it's always a kick guy catch and up if you love the college football insight love the articles go check him out a sporting And I got to feel on this is going to be carrying over to the next segment for me and I diesel talk about a little bit as well so hopefully more college football talk coming up also recapping the NBA. And diesel I never stop talking. Discussing it or arguing. In discussing now college football is when we get a Smart guy like Bill Bennett are on here sparks conversation us is like 5000 things ran into our heads so a lot of mark Childress here and for mark Sturgis. Diesel here with me as well so I made the proposition to. I I gave two ideas and he hated them both wind watch a group of five start their own playoff absolutely not. Since shelter and you left out anyway. Self segregation. Is never there's never the answer again. If if all of a sudden the Sun Belt Conference USA Mac its Arab. All say you know we're gonna go have a playoff over here. Do you really think the ACC the SEC the Big Ten is gonna say oh all guys guys guys we really want to come back. Now. Never gonna happen they're a saint. Still wins we knew we wanted to get ready anyway you guys did to ourselves so a little finger in the air. Way to go dummies. Archie just taken what you CF just did in taking it to the extreme though you could crown a quote national champion every year that you're not letting us play and here we're having our own national championship tournament. But as you won't let us be included you worse and you see up when it's their second back to back national championship. That's that's the direction and I'm going with that which is big and he's making a mockery of the fact that their teams are ever going to be able to play anyway a lot of people would watch. Every power I have all fan conference coach player etc. set as says congratulations on your FCS national title. Doesn't mean anything we don't care bad socket go ahead your playoff you she got under a lot of PS and this year well plots the point I I. Ask any group of five fanned. They wanna keep needling the power five say you're gonna give us the spot. And you're gonna give us a spot. Otherwise we'd take your ball in play elsewhere and that they never did it SA the sand lot. Big kids with a good jerseys are gonna show up and suddenly say guess what you can play our field now. I mean you even support a group of five team EC I don't Auburn last year many just because I mean I know that the talent level might not BE. On par at all times but some of these teams like UCF in Boise State and Houston team. That's that bill talked about in the last segment those were legit teams that win and and took down. Do you know why the power five teams enabled game. Houston Houston crapping the bed the way they did a year really screwed the G five and there are their shot. At a spot in the playoffs yet. But because Houston that sets precedent. But. I don't know so that was lined into was one about like the soccer league Stew over in Europe what if you had relegation so appear in last place in the SEC. You go down to one of the group of five conferences and football. And the winner of that group of five conference moves up into one of the power five conferences which is exactly the way the English premiere league doesn't. They'll take to the bottom three teams and I'll relegate him down to a lower leak and pull three of those teams upn at those teams can find a way to spend some more money. Stay afloat in stay in the Premier League they get a lot more money I mean think about apple actually state. Going in joining the ACC for a year and then finding a way to stay at a low out of last place in the ACC for a couple years could turn your program around. You get ACC money all the sudden in the post season you do. What about relegation. All of football you're not if you're not sitting duck the entire school down there but for football you're saying hey we'll we'll send you down to the sun melts. You know Pitt and hate app state you won the conference come on up. If you can keep on stand and find a way to stay in front of Syracuse the next season Wilson Syracuse down and bring whatever champion back up again one of something like that. Also. Absolutely not. Because this is against them giving each and Matt that's OK well let's say we link to conferences together we can only get by general Jay gag geographic footprint. And cuts some don't generally scare shares of footprint with the SEC conference USA generally shares of a footprint with. With the ACC. Match in Big Ten mountain west and and the pac twelve. Do you really think southern Cal's gonna say yeah let's go play at Fresno state note. You really think Alabama's gonna say yes we want a chance to go play it actually. Know. How many how many people are is element is applied to state gonna play in the stands for an SEC team. When they come the whenever the fire code or whatever the fire chief says many SS code 3035035000. What is Vanderbilt Poland. Can't be can't be more and forty or fifty. Right but Sarah that's Florida or are OK with it because they've been playing. Alabama's been playing Vanderbilt firm a hundred years but Alabama would much rather play Vanderbilt in UCF. Or maybe even upstate I don't know. On the radio went out went out and rather go to the road. What are right so. Would oh. You can use the example of of South Carolina and coastal Carolina because you know done let's share that same conference same state. Tell me how many South Carolina fans. Could get the horrible. Stinking improve flavored taste out of their mouth and her having to go play in Conway. There will be riots in the streets. Clinton's goal in playing in Syracuse and Boston College confront us 30000 fans what's the difference a player there and going and playing Detroit and what is not a fan's point is. What can you get fans and donors. And setter and setter to agree to. You can talk in theory all you wanted but do you really think. Did the people who are laying down half a million bucks. Every other year. But every year. To support South Carolina to support Clemson Florida. Alabama do you think they're really gonna tolerate all of a sudden guess what we're in the same conference is Troy. And coastal Carolina it's just for football but. I don't know but that's what makes it worse sure you can guess the sport they care about. As that is a supporter of the group of five you should want something like this does this gives you the chance to lifts you into a a level in which you could make the play offs. If Appalachian State got relegated up. You know got to get promoted up to the ACC. Hung out there a couple of years starting getting ACC level recruits. And then won the ACC six years down the road to go to playoffs on. That's a past that's better than the one you had today which is nonexistent. Again if if anybody's got any any thoughts on my incredibly great ideas. While he was you're right yeah now well it's not my idea but the ones I'm at least a supporting here in this segment a fourteen SP ESPN. Men to talk culture is all. All the time I imagine any competitive disadvantage. I don't care if they are conference champion. App state Georgia southern. Or listened and they like to Europe for fifty years and even moving teams up and down. Right season right but that's you also have free agency where you can pay got to come to your team you can't do that football. You can't all of a sudden if you abstain. Pull a five star guy you know you know or a four star guy who let's let's just say it's Wake Forest yeah Wake Forest has an awful season. And they get relegated down but the best best guy they got on the line as a Forestar. Negative if not unheard of it's uncommon for for Wake Forest to get a four star there was of three years ago Houston got five star bill. So let's say you're a Wake Forest and you've got a couple of four stars on your offensive line again however unlikely. It's possible you can't all of a sudden say hey. As stables do those four star guys you can happen between now and now you're in a massive competitive disadvantage I mean look at the size of these guys who are on. On offensive and defensive lines he got the defensive lineman who played for Alabama that are damaged 400 pounds. And are built like bricks the belly tanks. Biggest guy abstain as well as rosters to 95. As the biggest one and Alabama's got ten of those guys. But you're comparing. I team coming up to the best teams in the conference is so let's take Syracuse what is the talent difference. Between Syracuse. And UCF. Or Syracuse and apple lets state that's not that long of a walk. Or Syracuse and Wake Forest. And one of those teams or let's take Vanderbilt. Right now I don't know how they do it in the from merely I don't know if it's say. You gotta stink on a two years 30 rolling average if you're in the bottom three teams in the Premier League. You go down in the three teams from the league below come up this happens every season but what again what happens as soon as I'd be willing to bet like this I'm not a I'm not. Story in our guy knows who merely. I'd be willing to bet. When a Premier League team goes down. They lose everybody they got. 'cause they can. You you got a choice to make at that point right is Dee how do I hold on to these guys. Do I continue to spend the money thinking that I'll be in the top three and go back up and you bring up a really good point when you mentioned that's. Colleges don't have the ability to move the money around that way again and I'm just trying to find a pass. That key is. A group of five team the opportunity. To prove themselves on a playoff level and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. So we'll see what happens looks like the phones are lighten up doesn't surprise me college football getting don't want. So what we do this we're gonna get to break. We'll take these calls right after the break we'll keep on talking college football. Mark Childress and for mark Sturgis diesel here as well. Which delivered tossup talking during the commercials were talking about relegation in college football. Which I think would be interesting. Take the power five conferences. Take a group of five conferences the worst team in each power five conference goes down to the group of five. And a champion of the group of five moves up into the other conference. Lather rinse repeat season after season let's get it going question. Is how are you gonna get fans of power five schools to agree to it. And was not really what fans want it's what university presidents. And athletic directors. And ADs day you know etc. setter of conference commissioners would greet him I get get him to agree to a. If you're a fan of Wake Forest or Syracuse is attending to your school to. Spend more money to make sure they don't get relegated to some of these schools. Arts ever more than what I mean Vanderbilt Wake Forest. You know Syracuse these are schools that are probably gonna win their conferences anytime soon. So it forty might force our hand so do I figure out how to get there are so hey we've got to have Chris on the phones with a sports talk about relegation Chris where you stand on this. So in concept. I think it's a good idea. In a perfect world but the problem is and thank you guys are talking about the war. There's no way like in soccer so my wife and I watched English soccer were big Liverpool fans. But you can't go out and spend forty million dollars on one player. So. Unless there's some incentive. Or. These recruits to come to some of these schools there's really no way that moving him up and down are gonna lurch. That you take for example a few years ago yeah Appalachian State beat Michigan in the first game of the year. I mean that's why there's a recruiting and the east teams why so over time. You know. Put a coach like Urban Meyer or. You know well one of these other big coaches tableau. And put a metal little or school and I betcha they get those bigger recruits to come to those schools to start making a push towards. Getting into the system. Moderate. Thing is is that. They need to expand the NCAA playoffs. So. In my opinion the power five conference champs make it automatically. And then there are should be three team. Drama and whatever conference. For example accuse yet probably would've made it this year. So you have eight teams in the playoff. That's the best I mean that's what everyone wants it seems like yeah and I got a couple articles here everyone wants that except for. The Dallas football climb up on the bigs and I think the three conference champion Aaron received the five power five conference champions to at large is and one guaranteed spot for a group five. Best of best champion. The higher and higher education is included absolutely not. Absolutely not but it does give you a clear path to get him to play. He had no doubt so allied John let's talk relegation in college football as well John and I already stand on this but. I completed a period I do not think the power deserve an opportunity Clinton outlets they. Awarded with Mary and usually that Arafat is not a merit. Northerly winds deserve the spot. So it Yugoslavia OnStar has on that they keep. I think he made a point yourself when you won earlier passed. About relegation and and you can you pointed out that. The players at the Google's top schools are typically exterior they are not or star athletes they're not pop star athletes. They can overcome occasionally get to play well occasionally. They are not the cream of the crop so why are we asking. The non in the the crop Plavix in the crop this idea of the bowl games as to how to best play the best. And the idea the playoffs is the best play best of the year yourselves said that. The group that not the best athletes. While trying to make an argument. Of you know giving them opportunities that they probably most likely in almost every other student in our deserves a little talk about it. No I hear you John you make it's a good points there but these teams are playing today. You know group of five teams are playing power five teams. For five weeks a season this is a regular occurrence for Georgia southern is coming in to play Clemson this year. And they are. So isn't you know the underdog is that the upstarts. You know. You NBC. Yeah like like we had an end college. In your college basketball isn't that what sports is all about is having a team that can find a way to rise up. You can you would you wouldn't want. You wouldn't treat Syracuse for UCF and football in the ACC right now is that really that big of a change our way for he would dump weight far right ACC and put. NIC I hear. I think this same general concept. Of the argument Johns has made it every single time at state schedules. A big school. And for a we have Wisconsin on the schedule we have North Carolina coming to blu we have South Carolina coming to better and an every good group of five. Here's the exact same argument every single time oh there's there's all the all the upside for the small school does that make a lot of money and they can get whim but there's. All the downside for us what if we lose. That to me sounds like a whole heck of a lot of fear. We're afraid that we could lose so we shouldn't scheduled because you know what it's not as embarrassing to lose. To. A Vanderbilt. If you're North Carolina. Then it is if you're North Carolina to lose too Old Dominion was an old Romanians embarrassing yeah there's an Vanderbilt. And they usually not that good to release their. Dot I hear that argument every single time a major scheduling announcement as main side I disagree with John. On that whoa very inferior so they shouldn't they shouldn't even have a shot. Because you're right the underdog the in fear athletes. They come up and went what's what's one of the greatest moment since. That's underdog story they need John did you receive the movie dodge ball it's called dodge ball and underdog story that's a that's a classic film. It is. So there are great Chuck Norris cameo well then why why are you against it because. It gives it evens the playing field for every one if you are eighteen and the group of five. You legitimately over the course of three to five years. Could change the history of your program by finding a way to win the group of five right getting bumped up to one of the power five conferences and in finding a way to me not to make it. So why a term that. It may be is a little more palatable. Is. Annual realignment. And all relegation and it's really annual realignment and we all know that. A lot there's a lot SEC fans or big twelve fans who would love to be it would take Iowa State out invite Houston it. Now maybe it's well we don't wanna play and because we don't want another good Texas school because we're Texas were afraid they might steal some recruits. But as far as the overall quality of the conference goes they don't want Iowa State they want Houston. What are they about how much fun we're haven't five years ago when every day it was breaking news all Florida State surely SEC in this teams coming here. Everybody wanted to itself. I don't know it's something we're talking about and you know what we can keep on talking about it as we got mad Michelle. From the Orlando sentinel their national college football writer he was out the ACC. Meetings and wanna hear about that. Our meals is completely sabotaging this relegation talk about it yet. Right wing joins us so be honest right at the break.