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Wednesday, May 16th

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The story just will not die. In college football ain't got another breath of oxygen in it continues on tell you about here just a second. Don't forget it's your chance to win thousand dollars free cash money. Key words for B 6 o'clock hour is magnet. Text of keyword magnate. The 72881. Again magnet to 72881. You were chance to be entered in wins thousand dollars in our free cash stash contest. Guys you cannot win it if you don't give in it in I'm telling you here is you were chance the word magnitude 72881. Also why don't forget to mention it last week but the common don't curling club. On Saturday when he learned curl 545 to 745 of the pavilions. He can register on line if it's not full already John Shuster in Matt Hamill to Olympic gold medalists from the US men's curling team. They will be there with a prominent curling club at the pavilion from 745. Spiked 45 to 745. And then at the lazy go downtown green wall at 830 till 1030. Saturday night wanna go have a tighten. Toast to their gold medal. So good luck to those guys in town playing in the BMW charity pro am. I don't know if there's can be actually any ball hit three that tournament this week in these 'cause the weather is supposed to be so nasty I thought honestly wouldn't pour rain. Starting yesterday from what we were looking out on the radar but. BMW charity pro team won't get under way. Tomorrow our eyes and mentioned the story diesel they will not die gets another dose of ignite gasoline tossed on it. But more oxygen that keep seagull one and here it is Nick Saban. His comments regarding Central Florida dear man you know Blaine in parade. In everything celebrating their mythical national championship and his mix havens. Quote yesterday regarding UCF when asked about it and near mythical title he said quote if you honor and respect the system that we have. Despite some of the imperfections do you understand that the system asked. He knew would do something out of respect for the system. But self proclaimed is not the same. Is actually earning diesel in the quote. I actually. Fully agree when Nick Saban on this kind. I mean you know but there have been schools programs have self proclaimed titles this is nothing new. I understand. The BCS was set up to try and be you know. Take the national set up the national chain beat the house for what playoff same things trying to determine the one national champion. But. Here's the point on outlaw I agree with Saban if you see elf wants to go into this. I'm doing who cares what I don't do it because my point here. Its name it we're still. Talking about Central Florida in. Indeed in January. You know what Central Florida listening right now. You don't need anyone else's endorsement. You don't need heroes I'll still blessing. You don't need any of those things you go to do you. God they are needle the system. Please. And we all know. Yes we all know the Central Florida did not win the national championship we all. Know that but I still love the fact that they're out there a needle in the system anyway. There is double down being jerks about their being in graduate and I love it. What is had been jerky or would have been needling to take your parade from Walt Disney Ing go through Tuscaloosa. Yes satellite camps in our in anywhere in your very hard why not operate on another school's campus. And I would've exact I would have liked it now that was when and if I'm an Alabama fan in all an Alabama fan. I know that we won the championship that they did not. So what some get near you know you know what's in a lot about in upset about I think it's ridiculous. You know that you were booed the best team in the country. And it's UCF even though they went thirteen and I wasn't. Why bother wasting the time in your blood pressure points worried about UCLA and well yes it's tires now if you ran your victory parade in my campus had pride that some. Issues with that sure. But you know the point is Danny white Central Florida in this whole thing they want. They mission accomplished in their whole point they were trying to prove. If you're going to exclude us fine we will celebrate it and do it our own way and when you go thirteen you know. And you do everything you were supposed to in the regular season. You know to put yourself in that kind of position as a young group of five team and you can't get a shot at a what else you did I mean I mean knowing that well we've we've gone down the throats in the times on the show. It's about the ads. And the have nots and the group of five teams are just never going to get a fair shot this thing until until. You expand this thing to at least eighteen they're not. I've said it before and I'll say it again any national championship that systematically exclude half of your member institutions isn't it legitimate national championships I'll say this. And I hope our Sturgis is listening. Hopefully we did hoagland. I'm doing this to try them somewhere else and I now go ahead my point is Alabama. Did not win the national championship last year. Because it's an illegitimate national championship right now stop stop. They're the national champions. They are the national champions I know what you're trying to do that you're trying to become a third apps open. And I expect that full line delighted and if you wanna get in lighted up eight point 44773776. Again April 4 GSP. ESPN I don't see mark Sturges lighting our phone lineup. Which. And in Europe open he was listening in bro if you are listen I'll give us a call. We're not gonna talk about 2016 because I want my GP keyed he's got written where he's I think he's on official radio silent right until he returns right right rise sabbatical my point was I'm not I'm not good I'm not gonna go there. On the 2016. National championship because I don't wanna get keyed in the parking lot don't don't but 2015 Alabama illegitimate as well. I'm so glad he's not here. Right today he it would be study lead coming across the board to shove a microphone off when he prime would of walked out mid segment. You guys is due to show the rest of you know I I just unclear what kid isn't yet. Today is speaking on Alabama the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Texas Longhorns won't play a home and home starting in 2022. Alabama will go to Austin. In the first game of the two game series in day in Texas will return the favor coming to Tuscaloosa in 2000 in 23 so. Good to see a yeah I don't think Tom Herman steam is gonna be revved up by that point and Tom Herman is not going to let this thing linger I don't think very long and they're going to be much better this year especially if they if they could. Believe Jefferson if he had had a half a brain he should come back to school play won't Wear your techs aren't. Something else and non college football to him on real quick Michigan athletic director war manual says he wants Jim Harbaugh. To re tiger at Michigan. Now in fairness in a meeting of the Big Ten athletic directors so at a conference means. More Manuel said he morning Harbaugh on the line to both for Tyrus coaches in Michigan because he's happy with the job they're doing at Sony always wanna say something to that vein that and I would hope for coaches are happy and you retire here. I see a phone lighting up is it could it be if but is it relates to Michigan he wants Jim Harbaugh to Rick hi year. At Michigan Jim Harbaugh is going into his sports season. As they head coach of the wolverines are boss 28 in eleven his total compensation ism. Seven million think that's third highest still which is more than Urban Meyer eighteen bit Harbaugh has not beat yet is a win three. Michigan won in five reais arrivals under Harbaugh won in two against Michigan say 03 against Ohio State. Many assume is I do this Harbaugh ultimately 54 years old he's going to go back to the NFL but let's just say. For the sake tell me he doesn't want to go back to the National Football League diesel. Does. Does he have free rein. Regardless so what happens when loss against rivals winning Big Ten championship making the playoffs do you think. Debt Jim Harbaugh has a lifetime contract if he wants to coach their forever regardless of results. The idea I think Harbaugh has I think he is got it as long as he wants to coach there. Which I'd alternately don't think will be for another price five years. You know you can say well look propane and send million bucks he's third highest coach if he doesn't make college football playoff in the next five years he's out well. You can stay in on that argument I totally get it I just think is a Michigan man. I think they just depending on what happens in that and the next five years I think he's got as much time as he walked by do you think there's no question he goes back to the NFL. Isles on the phone is James is called in Washington talk Central Florida James. What you got. Very different and I got built and what happens. Aren't so what the UCL. Program in those that the national champion I actually don't have that issue would I actually enjoyed the fact that they're going to get the system that actually. All player. Basically prohibit them forever competing from a as well where people who say all right well they're not actually that trip it's. You know it's not like they actually have a chance to prove because it is not like any other are are are ever going to schedule them because outlaw. I Ohio State Lou that the UCL a looked at bat or Ohio State but a win or UCL a would beat back good formed by the Chicago. Force in this situation that variant. So I can't enjoy the better they're going to their columns they'll let that spectrum is put spotlight on. On other teams and for the committee that would truly know I can't get us where it. There it is that system basically. Put them into a hole to where they have to play their own competition and they don't have a way to move up. But they can only go down been honest I don't see an issue actually liked. Which is diesels argument as well James for Shea didn't end thanks honest arsonists exactly what you're saying right there spot on any is right you know they're there now I mean. Most about probably the next three or four years of UCSF conference schedules probably RD sat without actually going to look at their scheduled. But most teams have their out of conference set for the next three or four years and added that has been set now for. At least two years going back. The question is will anybody would be willing to schedule them. What what will be 20/20. 32024225. Right now because that's what. That's what they're scheduling for right now they're scheduling for eight years in advance right now. When you have to shave off and out and I haven't looked at Alabama Texas is scheduled those two teams from forensics but are they shading off a Texas State deploy Texas like in Alabama State's. Are you shading off to cupcakes to just play one season. But Chris fans are sick pay and the exorbitant ticket prices it cost to be you know within your seat donation and all that crap that universities or milk an out idea. To go watch. A couple football games wanna get some one double play or excuse me. The FC guests right. I like that the power teams do that because especially when they keep it in state ranked Clemson plays a similar. For veterans is a walk out like that. Florida Florida State Miami the pressure should be on them to schedule UCF. Should also beyond pressure should be on Georgia Georgia attacked South Carolina the bordering states where it would make a whole lot of sense actually they don't pull there. Their future schedules that are currently announced next year. I UCF plays South Carolina State at North Carolina. Florida Atlantic. And Pittsburgh. So not really an opportunity. In the regular season to step up and and play somebody bigger really get someone's attention. After that I see they play it at Stanford in 2019. They see me Stanford. They Stanford company UCF in 2019 and they play at Pittsburgh. In 2019. On the schedule in the future towards where they got UNC in Georgia Tech and torn between wanting a little cold 20/20 two that got little hole. 20/20 three and they're going to Texas. I think this is Smart and on behalf of the power five teams to shave off a cupcake. In to add more quality game I certainly get to do it especially in the age of playoff I certainly he had shaving off the FCS game. You know and you know south Carolina state of South Carolina is in the unique position where you Clemson, South Carolina are both. But improved but not required to play. An in state SES to help them make their budgets now we've we've discussed on the show several times how can you actually get them that money. Without having to play them. You can meet and set that as the spring game scrimmage you can set up some sort of trust that would pay those those teams regardless. So there is a way to get them off the schedule and still pay them because I mean let's face it what do with the money that. Clemson and South Carolina are making from their respective media rights deals. They can pay off South Carolina State and Furman and Wofford and citadel. Ten times over on the season the money is not the issue. It'd stay is to use it's the small schools that want to play the big schools because maybe they can pull an upset. Yeah but not all states have that requirement so it's not really you know you can't say that across the board because. The University of Texas he is not required to play Texas State. Every third year. You know. Our right to and me a good stuff good discussion we got to get out of here we had Jordan Rodrigue he'd Panthers beat writer for the Charlotte Observer coming up next assailed the Panthers is essentially done what's app and on the field. Was some of the rookies in the newest paint they're told talk to George Rodrigue about it. Next. Are right here we go to Carolina Panthers are. Quite a 100% under official news officially new ownership but soon to be after the owners approve it at the upcoming. Meetings next week but we're gonna go up the Charlotte right now talked with our good friend Jordan ride greet one of the B riders from the talented Charlotte Observer. The writing team that covers the paint there she could follow Jordan on Twitter at Jordan Rodrigue in Jordan welcome back in the straight it was surge is so good to have you back on. I'm glad to be here thank Arnold awesome lawless can intuit obviously a big news so I. Looked at. It's gonna make big news any time did an and a soul or any major pro franchise is sold to the tune of 2.2. 75 billion dollars. To new owner David tapper the thing that caught me by the Jewish floored me. David tepper paying 2.2 75. Billion in cash for the Carolina Panthers that is under ridiculous Jordan. Yet dad. To me seemed like a massive power moon by David pepper in his team you. To pay cash up front to the tune of two point you billion. Which I try to quantify in my brain and it's hard at Eli I can't quite. Like collaborate what what that might look like but I started out and it like it you stack dollar battled. From Charlotte ash now by the time you have to build built more you would still seeing money had to deal that's how much money that is. Unbelievable. What exists you know a year round this team this organization in the know got sources inside you know what is the chatter around David tepper taking over. I I happy a lot of questions about to you know the coaching staff the front office. I that would make things I thought immediately is the chatter regarding Tina backer who runs a day to day operations of Jerry Richardson turned over to her. What her status is gonna be moving forward to as I can not see much more of a future. Yeah I you know a lot of things happened here including the attitude of a lot of people in internal operations with the Carolina Panthers. I'm David Kemper obviously being beat prominent businessman that he is has a team that people. I am so yup we don't really know what's gonna happen I can see a lot of continuity. In terms that the operation I don't see Ron Rivera Mardy are going where at least in their contract when he when he. I don't either outings act or. You know a lot of the public eighteen. Members of the organization I don't really see much movement happening there but with new ownership. You know Geithner and then in what want people who are loyal to hand and you are hit people and you know how he operates to be in the building. I definitely think while we might not see a time at public movement. I think there will be the movement have come July when that the deal is officially official and eat that. And I think that am you know. I haven't. Opt out there haven't heard a word from Kenya back here about any of that I mean you know actor questioning that doesn't parent comment you know that the act. The chief operating not served the team. And then a comment and keep in mind also that he does not currently have a keen president. I got a great idea and that by being a Jeremy I had. At least they should write a blank check he needs them and that he'd he'd he'd be into it and again I think that via a solid idea that that at another position of power to keep in mind that the organization. Ever bringing an occurred and that he felt comfortable with them and definitely worked well at. Message listing price seconds and continue with Jordan Rodrigue one of the Panthers beat writer star for the Charlotte Observer again caught up follow her on Twitter at George Rodrigue does. Along with Joseph person Scott Fowler their entire team as good as anybody in the NFL beat teen you'll find. And you hit on something then I'm curious about we can only speculate on what David tepper will be like as an owner. I gotta think they he's gonna be more vocal more visible. More train spirit because Tina backers you mentioned you guys in numerous interview requests you've got nothing but stonewalled every time we've heard not a peep out of her except a few paper statements. With things going on internally Jerry Richardson wasn't exactly the most sub visible owner himself. Will we get a David tapper that might be more like T Bob Kraft Dade and cheery Jones in terms of selling hidden his team. In this product to the community in around the country. I can imagine we might get a combination of that and also the later gurneys. In Pittsburgh. I think that it is something that would be really valuable to David pepper once he does not put. In Charlotte and can put it on the ground here. I'm not you know you have to build the track that. A community yes you make certain assurances in the community in terms of terrible record in terms of reaching out and continuing to build community that has grown so much of Eilat. He decade. That is clearly something that's very important to have. In terms of him putting his money where he now says. And now where money is lucky it is Charlotte has now will be let it. I think that. It will be something hey you know my my understanding of it peppered the person that action and and making sure that he gave Adam. Vocal in the community and also more public face changed into something that will be important to head moving forward. What that would look like remains to be seen I do you know that. From watching some of the interviews he's been very vocal. I mean in certain business enterprises in his charity work and in the political abuses while I'm different. For television program. I think we're going to be dealing with someone you and it's very. A very well spoken and very blunt at the same time so that might be an interesting combination I think what it a lot in the community. All right Jordan DJ Moore at though recent rookie mini camp and you were there watching the guys in the year reaction and what she sought a DJ Moore I mean that's not there rip those mini camps are not been as much of what you do on the field but really what you read teen. In the film room and in meetings with the coaching staff always you're just seeing initial. Getting to see DJ Moore on that practice field for the first time I believe that worry worked out at all three wide receiver positions. Yes absolutely dead and I think that's a great point person or inform us now the Panthers at about. Building. Probably the most complementary receivers are that they had and several years and one that I think is somewhat model. After what the Philadelphia eagle bit last year and turn that. Position flexibility among the group but also guys that complement the skill set to one another not necessarily happy. You know course dart players out there on the field but I seeking pick up where the other Linley dot. And it's fitting that that puzzle he am together and nobody really had the odd guy out not something that's really important. When he pinched in north norv Turner's system it's going to be really important for efficiency an op and the production that I think I like he gave more. Like that master key to any of those position. He can fit in anywhere he can perform while many other rookie camp was basically just show up and eighth in it to display that he knew that played that. Having ample route tree and turn them at every position on you every receiver position on the field. It's not something that easy Oppenheim for a rookie to pick up by eating more lead in the spot you could it be and I'm here the minute he lives news. I'm really excited that he had gone against them these that at the back to Carolina have a roster. I continue to Jordan Rodrigue Carolina Panthers beat writer for the Charlotte Observer again at George Rodrigue on Twitter. One guy I'm curious about did the you wrote about today in I know that you really high on MS rookie tight in Ian Thomas since. You you wrote about his story of perseverance talk about just this incredible story in things he's overcome. To do it where he's gotten and also. And it despite being fourth round pick in this is a guy in a rookie tight end he could really help the painters from day one. Yeah absolutely now out. Gone in Iraq that you get can shoot Mia says. Freezing cold cake or whatever you want a college you can eat that is I think we're still gonna be hearing about in apartment near Al. Income that. That hired at a players in the league and and that's how much I think that it has potential to really be a dominant player in the National Football League. Don't eat Ian comments will be their I didn't do they want him to start game one and he great blocker keeper of the ball. And they wanted to kind of BS and you and crude and Dick did and they eat they air you critical that he has the potential to do both. Don't really mean made Ian Thomas special it kind of way where he came brown now his parents died within a year of each other when he was eight years old and and he was one of. Eight Brothers and sisters. Is one of the older brother's path and got custody rights and then shared custody with one of the elder sister. They gold dropped out of school in Baltimore make sure that they can work. Pretty much around the clock out of Q raid Ian and your little brother and sister today also being at city and he'd found a lot of that in the local. I'm outreach programs and sports you programmed in Baltimore a lot like what we see guys like comic David and candy trying to build here in terms of the system. That person can't might need a little extra focus their attention and I'm kinda heated and each time I found a lot of it. Expect the program and he went in Napa county at a basketball Larry let recruited out of high school in Nassau county New York. Community college because and that while Claire and that led by the football coach happen to be one of the practices. And that was like why they had given that he hit the about the Arab. And he played you know very very little click on on the transcript Indiana. I made sure to get my degree at any particular call in and did not giant idiot that umpteenth. I'm on it without that trade credit until he can finish his degree. And he said to me I'm Ricky can and we're locking up the field. Getting his degree was one of the proudest moment that the right even about. I mean I'm getting drafted by the NFL because his brother and sister were able to finish school because they were reading him choke. To be able to show them that degree and then show them you know that he's at. Port contract taking that eight. A guy that this team really would depend on where you got him a moving security mean I think campus and it really recruit a kid. Yeah what your panther fan or whether you're not it's almost impossible not to pull for a guy like Keyon Thomason you just had sort of great piece on him looking forward to seeing how he develops Jordan look it's a pleasure to get you back on you wanna rush favored your one of my favorites. Thanks so much for some time here on straight it was sturgeon talk in some pain at the Pope Paul cannot wait to do it again sooner than later. You gotta my favorite Q thank you very much really appreciate it time. Awesome Jordan that's Jordan Rodrigue paint there's beat writer for the Charlotte Observer I don't forget. The 6 o'clock free cash stash keyword is magnet text magnate this 72881. Will be right back. Here on trade focused search. All right welcome back in stride it was surge for shade Jordan Rodrigue Jordan joining us talk in some pain in their scope all they are now last segment I'm telling yeah. She knows her stuff that she knows the game. Low flow having Jordan on a really really appreciate that time especially all our guests. This afternoon as we got two more segments taken you up till 7 o'clock I don't forget the thousand dollars free cash stash key word this hour magnet tactics magnate. To 72881. And diesel just got dumb. I just got a release here literally in the last. And thirty S to sixty seconds and I did not know this was coming but. Former SEC commissioner commissioner might slide has passed away at the age of 77. I'm on the release goes on to say survived by his wife of 49 years Liz a memorial service will be held on Friday at 11:30 AM. In Birmingham. I the growth course not privy to and everything Mike saliva going but the former chemistry in the SEC the seventh all time commissioner of the league. One of the most respected. And accomplish leaders in SEC history but also in all of intercollegiate athletics and I would daresay this day it might slide was the. Greatest commissioner did the SEC has ever seen I would all Pau put might slide this. Up there with the Dave gab it's of the world as one of the best in the league commissioners of any leak at any time in history. Well it's a Shawn could lead to an elite league. Yea sure did. And just in the SEC is far away above every other league with the way it's operated you know. So our thoughts and prayers. Out to the folks around the SEC but especially the SEC office and might sites namely just a kind of a gut punch that we got here just then had. Obviously. No idea Indianapolis coming. Also wanna get into this request because. Com we've got to. And David tepper taking over the Panthers new owner and I think there's a couple things questions. Issues things he should do immediately. Upon taking ownership of the Carolina painters. Number one I think David got temper should stand in front of the podium and let it be said out of his mouth but he does not plan to move to Carolina Panthers. Out of Charlotte I think standing behind the podium and in front of cameras and saying I have no planes to move this team. This franchise out of Charlotte I don't expect that to happen in terms of the paint there's the new. But I think that would delay Il some fierce that are out they're big com with any kind of new ownership group taking over especially. When it comes to a smaller market team that would be easier to move on like say Dallas cowboy ways you know Seattle Seahawks. You know a franchise of that magnitude. I think you need to have a more open and transparent ownership. Of the Panthers Jerry Richardson and her. Bank has really remained behind glass doors. Mom. Theory silent of course Tina backer he's taken over the day to day operations is you know basically MIA from any kind of the public guy. I think Charlotte in the paint there's need a vibe basis owner. Unlike the silence in the past some might be a public advocate like a Robert Kraft like it Jerry Jones. You don't have to be over the top but some might that what advocates for their city. In for the Panthers organization with in the National Football League I think they need an owner like that. Also I think that David tepper needs to address the situation in the future a Bank of America Stadium I don't think that look. Go ahead right now what do you want the Panthers to BA Super Bowl host at some point down the line beat Carolina Panthers will never host a Super Bowl is long is it would be at Bank of America Stadium I don't care how you renovated it would never happen. The only way to campus would get to host a Super Bowl in Charlotte. Would be to build a new stadium. I don't know that would necessarily be downtown where Bank of America is but I think something needs to be done in terms of a dress seeing what David tepper planes to do. With Bank of America Stadium or potentially. With a new. Panther stadium. I think one other thing that she should do I think he needs to connect with the fans immediately I think he needs to specifically. Connect with the PSL holders there's about 23000. PS cell holders and I think gearing to eighteen ticket prices won't rise and they warming the same for a period of time. I throwing ketchup barbecue on the field a Bank of America Stadium I think doing something to swoon and build relationships with the season ticket holders. Is critical in a personal thing in mind that I would love to see David tepper do that is more cosmetic than anything. And if you're panther fan and watch paper games on Sunday you know what I'm talking about. I want I. Desperately want. The Panthers in David tepper to get rid of at mid field at Charlotte Bank of America Stadium. What the Panthers used at the fifty yard line is the NFL shield I want it gone it looked stay you'll put the pain at the logo in the air. Put something that screams organization instead of eight NFL shield. That goes from about 35 yard line in the forty yard line to the other forty that was a Jerry Richardson thing that was his loyalty to the NFL. But it just you need something that screams paint there's not the NFL. Yeah like that idea I had just I've long wondered why they've never done it. I do you have a steal little shield 120 fives like every other to put a small one right of the 25 into catty corner on each year and you can find a hole for that. But you should not eagle need to have the NFL stadium logo that geek he need to have your logo I wanna take pride in the paint there's not the NFL. At mid field so those are some things can you magistrate pays 2.2 75 million in cash diesel. Can you imagine and in Jerry Richardson just as a foot and a million or billion. Billion billion he volunteered Richardson bought the team's expansion writes in 1993 for 206 million mean he's cashing in 2.2 75 billion. Can you imagine what the price tag for temper would have been if they'd take another week or two to get this deal done after. Sports betting was legalize it could've been two and a half they could have been close to three billion seriously. Because that this horse betting is obviously going to increase value of franchises. That we know that that's no seeker. Speaking a franchises in the NBA tonight you have deemed too. In the Western Conference finals between the Golden State Warriors in the Houston Rockets the warriors lead the series 10 look. I had the warriors picked in five. There's they win tonight it's pride going to sweep if gold state wins Houston has dared to say Houston past the wind tonight is understatement of the year. Ice now I am still comfortable not pick up warriors in five I think she's still find a way to get gain. But I'm sorry. You can't beat the warriors simply plain iso ball and pick enroll me that cyst that's. That style of play. With one player in James Harden will not be the Golden State Warriors and in Tony's comment about while when he might need a score 55 or sixty in the next game other players have got to step up. For the Houston Rockets. Will Harden had 41 Paul had 23 year other starters and you basically had nobody L step up you've got to have somebody else James Harden cannot. What if James target score seventy points that may not be enough that he's doing it by himself he's got to have. Hell all right let's go ahead and get out of here we come back. We've got some audio. Of the 911 call oh yeah. Lucas Glover and situation that went down to downing Jupiter Florida or down and Florida during the players championship we're gonna play some of that audio of the 911 call we come back here on straight now mister price seconds and diesel. Rocking along till some o'clock. Arterial final segment let's go back to the phones Yates also talk about the Panthers Yates what she got. You know follows what you said about pampered but didn't cool what so observer got India today uptight that the people appear in a statement by and we all know most of all they don't keep trying to get to walk. Now another great question I guess another valid question is the end and that's the Jerry Richardson tied. Will they stay here debts did that is a no other way I it's a pressing question but not one of those immediate Nat I deathly putter head of change in the in the NFL shield out in the middle of the field that that's certainly you know that's more pressing in important and that adds that was more distinct personal one. I agree with you ate a lot of the we're gonna bring up coaching changes in front office changes. You know Yates act double sinks just are not gonna happen you'll seem more like behind the scenes front office folks you know that change you know the crazy one to map the I think you're not gonna see radical you know moves in terms of roster personnel he knocked Tennessee like Marty horny shown the door immediately those kind of things so. Appreciate Yates didn't end with the size we told you before the break. The situation. Around Lucas Glover broke the other day that Lucas Glover of the pro golfer now from here in the upstate his wife Krista was arrested on Saturday. After 911 call was made from. Where they were staying in Florida and in the Saint John sheriff's office in Florida fielded that call. It was Krista Glover did initially. Dialed. 911. In claim that her mother in law. Hit attack termed Indian it was click quickly rectified. As to the scene John shares office called back to the home that Lucas Glover and answered the phone call. And basically said that I think we've got our line score crossed here this is her husband. My wife called you but she's trying to blame in on my mother which is not the case my wife has gone crazy. The Saint John sheriff's office and asked to speak. To the wife again and Lucas Glover saying you know you know no need to come out here everything's fine we've got it under control misunderstanding. The wife gets back on the phone. And ultimately the I sheriff's office does show up she is arrested. As she was arrested for. Misdemeanor charges on domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence but she was intoxicated. When they arrive said she had been drinking all day. As slow Disco or Glover did confirm on Twitter there was an altercation in said quote regrettably although Christa was charged we are comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happening crystal will be cleared in this private matter courting the rest report. There were visible. Bruises and lacerations on her husband and mother in law. So. Kristen makes a 911 call here's what we will bring it to you right now. Now one why can't I can't think that it's not an amateur error I can't let Jack get it. And and what's it like a street. Okay you can't hear attacked her mother. In other. Go back there and your locker. Room on the black. Had had a spectacular. The other thing that I notice out of that first initial calls she started out very controlled out. The first you know my mother laughs attack me. Very controlled and then when she started tell the story. It's where he could either audibly here in the agitation in growing your voice which to me says. She's put our performance so here is win this year sop as calls back Lucas Glover then answers the phone and talks with the sheriff's counties 91. I think we're going to break it. Chronic economic impact. She's gonna tell us that wants it. Yes yes. We're. I think I'm OK okay. You. People on the arms girl. Or. You can't beat number I am. Instead the ball over as well as at all fall other. Awards as occurred. I don't can and cannot panic and I didn't. An armed and considered. To. Kind of I don't know we got back into coming out and you can make everything into payback. I can I possibly can click. Or eczema sues them with my daughter. And on that it is it is an end to my kidney disease or that you can. Okay maybe I'd I'm delighted that I need to speak it and try to find out what's coming what's happening because I don't. Biloxi. Or words or response on it's that. But political analyst and I thank you can look at. All right so here's where we will hear the the Syrian down when his wife Kristen gets back on the phone awareness. Okay I've got a good night. Yeah why not have been great yeah. I'm Hispanic and I can't seem. It. Got W coming up now you're okay. Let your name. And we're. And I am. So that was the 911 call in saint John's. Count any time between now Lucas Glover in the Christo Glover his wife initiated. Claiming it was the mother in law. That started the incident in attack them when in reality. It was the opposite diesel just a sad situation all around. It is and I do understand. And credit I can't put myself in that position. Because it is neither can use his enormous have that level of fame. And that level of money that you you know it it lends itself to public embarrassment yeah. And legal troubles that could end up costing you a lot of money so I understand why. Why guy why anyone in that situation is gonna say no don't worry about it we're okay. We don't need you to come out here but they have to anyway. Yup you know and so you know protocol being followed there and you know certainly always say is just hope. Everything gets resolved in the best manner from the same way especially for the kids having a five and a two year old so. Sad sad stuff all right and let's sell idols is going to get out here d.s as we you know good great show this afternoon dirty dealing from carnal authority dot com join us in the first hour. Appreciate Bob Ryan and Brad Brownell in the middle hour and in Jordan right Greek from the Charlotte Observer there earlier here in the 6 o'clock hour. Just you know another great lineup mark Childress will be back you'll be in the saddle the rest of the week. I will see everybody again at some point next week but certainly our thoughts and prayers out to our Myanmar resurgence he looked up didn't matter. Can't wait for him to hurry hurry India back diesel great job is always today again will be back tomorrow where you can enter and win. Our free cash stash contest to win a thousand dollars free cash money on you gotta do is listen in Texas keywords we'll see you tomorrow.