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Wednesday, May 16th

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One hour in the votes or two here we go we're gonna get Golan. In this 5 o'clock hour with your thousand dollars free. Cash stashed key word in that keyword for the 5 o'clock hour. Is bald B a LL text ball to 72881. And that's exactly what we're gonna talk about here next we'll Boston Globe. Sports columnist Samir too is Bob Ryan but again your keyword. For the 5 o'clock to power your chance to win thousand dollars free cash money is ball. Text ball to 7288. Point. Joined now by one of the most fearsome columnist out their sports columnist Americas with the Boston Globe best selling your times author you seem regularly on ESPN's outside around the horn and won numerous national sportswriter of the year awards that would be Bob Bryan you can follow him on Twitter actor globe Bob Ryan Bob. Welcome back in what a game last night a another masterful performance by these Brad Stevens co Celtics. He just and keep saying Arum and wonder. What do you look out spark an 80 I'm halftime I treated out. That I'm on the cavaliers on. I'm I'm feeling good and them on the Celtics could have been a lot worse now and then they hit came on the third. Goes here Olympic on a quiet the first yeah it's Richardson joined this ride I I think the great thing about it is that. I think I really think people are realistic enough to understand that there is a ceiling for. This year and that this is all fun and a bonus and at the anything up that this is that this is the beginning of a run yeah they're not just gonna be sooner or later. Free agency issues and I I call your attention to Oklahoma City Thunder went to a finals and and look. Look where they are now because they make decisions and and things happen each and a solid and burglar went the same kind of a roster decisions to be key to betray a boatload pay. It's such. But they should be good for the next few years and and and on but right now every night it's a bonus I think yeah. Absolutely and you tweeted some now we get to a column. You wrote on Brad Stevens and a few minutes because he certainly is getting the praise or her in some cases when it comes to voting of the NBA other coaches his colleagues he doesn't get the praise he's due. But you've waited some last night that watching this group the Celtics having been around this organization since 64. This group was Celtics is the most brutal boy in global bull of of most of many of the Celtic teams you've watched we know Stevens gets a lot of credit how much should Cheney Ainge. The off the credit in constructing this masterpiece. Almost. Impossible to over praise him yeah because this is all. And completely by design. And and and could judgments because. Obviously the foundation of winning the championship ten years ago. Was having a our assets to induce. Kevin Garnett to calm. You know he had a draft pick in the by the treated at FX Ray Allen and and eke out Garnett to come. In it and Nick Reed which rate because he had Al Jefferson as a as a chip. Yeah this time. The foundation now is the great trading neighbor eloquent three years ago Els and all the bountiful techs look at the roster composition of this team right now you've got. A number two number three picks in the draft. A one of whom is arguably as good as anyone in the draft that we'd be chastened but don't forget that dumped. That they also have a number three pick in Jalen brown and not everybody saw that were being worthy of a number three pick at number six pick in the draft. In market Smart. To have out Horford. Hooking wanted to freeagent the first prime of life. Big money free agent they had ever signed it and because an and that was up that ground breaker for them so. But any has actually get into their acquisitions or are some of the other pieces that he's put together. I'm a guy that isn't in there like two guys who aren't playing at the moment one. Daniel Tice was determined. 08. A major goal this year until we heard he was out a year are. Anybody could aren't. And of course and Shane Larkin out of Europe after bouncing around and was very important part of the I absolutely not amateur. And each. Yes we're told Bob Bryan's sports columnist emeritus with the Boston Globe begin follow him on Twitter at globe Bob Ryan and yes in my you cover for a long time Robert Parish his comments about Brad Stevens quote did he gets too much praise. You wrote a fantastic column entitled what makes Celtics coach Bret Stephens so special and the guy just simply. He knows the game inside and now he knows how to game plan. Al with all due respect to Steve Kerr with Golden State I'm hard pressed Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA right now Bob Bryant. Aaron. You know I I think he's among a much certainly think that that I toothache is to give back these 41 years gates and doing what he's doing. That if all the coaches were free agents right now it would be the first. And and that's the only because pop 69 and he's on the back nine shell but other than that I don't think it is a lot of question so you say if that's the case why did he get more love. From the coaches in this. We discussed much discuss controversial. Award that they keep out this week and IMAP answer to that I accept it you get the pick one guy. And another brother secretary candidates are Matagorda for Quinn slider smallest you know you should worry in both the wrong guy yeah okay outlook Snyder. So. Aren't there were eight different replica of the gut selections including doc who I love as a friend of mine. But I don't think in takes longer in this discussion for this year yeah and loud. It's quicker some people are. Suggesting now this is just talk show talk on out there. People are saying well. This there's an Indian jealousy and a and a backlash about the fact that he's always goes east at a 100% college spread had no connection in the NBA whatsoever and her plate and it sporty coaching it in any way had no connection especially on a mini cantata college at least make him look bad news I mean girls thing going on out is that possible I guess anything is possible yup I. Kinda hard to. Equate it that's the case. What ever he is doing a phenomenal job he is the height he's used to a I think that the hottest coaching them in the lake X. Hypothetical. And this is one of those sports talker and sports TV what you guys who do around the horn but I'm I'm curious CPE we have Steve Kerr with Golden State now obviously Brad Stevens what the Celtics. Right now looked in light to of me you know depending on meeting in the NBA finals you think if you were to swap the the coaches with their respective teams. You think Kirk could do the same job. With the Celtics the Stevens could with the warriors. I want to give keep current benefit of the doubt because I've admired him for a long time and and I don't if he couldn't. I think he's an excellent coach I think. You know a lot of you know the fact is that players are still the issue when Steve Kerr couldn't coach Luke Walton Greg about fantastic record. And and I think it's a fine coach and NM but you know it's it's that's a very difficult when it's your one or in the Scott. I. Say I'm 90% sure it probably could yeah I think Erin Lee got it up a lot of coaches. All right a lot of I'd obelisk it to be here now to hear analysis LeBron knew and now game two last night they were Ronald out of the building in the third quarter last night about fourteen points the Celtics took it up to another level. LeBron in the cavs had no response to shifts in this series now shifts obviously to Cleveland Boston had been the same team on the road we know. Book now was there real serious thought that this series could Indian this week. Series. Thought I think no because I'm iPhone are leaked on a week in street on the two point games three and Edward hold this discussion. That is just elevate them to they're really serious contenders now but. Armed which in a gold gold states around I don't think anybody's series can enter Hezbollah and what it. I'm. You know I just refer you back in Milwaukee series. Other what the Milwaukee game three got a got to hand it to. And so and it's still a target and analyse scene now recovering in BA. Close and personals it's like he's 69 and and I've seen just tumor scenarios. 08. At home and in three and 22111. Or or or even at 232. Home team against Brady and I went in went one known to their docket they're down 02011 to watch home team in game three is Issa. But when a great batch of sports and I yeah bet on our two biggest stars I I would be I expect clay to beat I don't know I mean you can fight it out what we're talking a saint but when shock me if there are 11 hips to tweet paper it's all Wiki entry despite. And Boston these this core group of younger players asked to prove that they can go out on the road and do the job. At that that they've done peacefully proven it can play at home there and if it is house but but as the next step on their path. And their journey they have to demonstrate that they not at. When the series they can they can keep going that this way home all on what federal later they're really gonna put themselves and category a big series serious team got a what are the game and clips. Ya one more all right one last run the NBA for a hit it to wrote quake you know a few people on mass and respect their opinion on this more than yours having been around. Yeah so long you wrote about it who is basketball's ago. And clearly this is the what LeBron is doing right now as easy pins. He may be playing the best individual basketball that anyone has ever seen and you talked in the column. LeBron vs Jordan I think establishing some ground rules which is very instinct posing the question. Who did more with less. Yeah I mean the Bryant's still signature was 07 when he took that bunched in the finals and and that's a Larry Bertie you understate it it's a finals seven. I think its closest to now to check coupled with I've ever feeder on a lesser talented out. Team overall police OSHA to cavaliers go to the finals. And it'll always thanks to him this group. Is it in well OK to go pink. I'm I I always summarized it this way. I think that applies to grow stronger faster better passer or rebounder. Odd the difference in the two it should I if I were playing for my life right yup I'm we take we take Michael because it is relentless from this competitive this used at its greatest competitor. I at a high level. Oh you know Russell being among senators but a non senators if you greatest competitor or a high level. That we see closest thing to him in that regard taxis Coke. And not look I'm the Protestants nicer. Select a bumper of my life by a I got to look like can do it a prime the punt. Is capable of playing the most beautiful basketball individually that the key mr. proceeded east and it's beginning April according last night. Out when he had a triple double two points it will assist on that this nobody on that nobody quite like and now I'm Bret Michaels actually dimension. Although you know Michael Bennett Michael they need to let finals at this seven gates eco at a separate in an idols because he'd ever at six and help and some. If it's a wonderful discussion it's not shop opal it's not yeah who will ultimately it's all about opinion it's all about who frank. And and and I shift that it might limit the tax. And all that and we like an estimated irritate it backlash against the line on corner a lot of people. Who you know never forgive him for that decision and an engine for some reason I chosen not to like commitment president defensiveness and Puerto kill people because you know Michael was so transcend it and if you could I'll never should it be this good again and it gives you guys know these angry that discussion. All right now reputable Bob Bryan's sports columnist with the Boston Globe again bestselling author national sport tried the year so many times we Kimi count make sure to follow him at globe Bob Bryan read his work at the Boston Globe dot com. Bob going to the patriots Tom Brady and I'm sure there's though of the a lot of threw the curveball all that's going on right now not reporting for voluntary offseason workouts is there any concern for patriots fans he says it's part of his. Less is more strategy what do you read into this. I won't take it I don't think he's intending to ever put on another you know. I'm not the state is to find out our deplete you I think that. It's it's becoming epic debt that his relationship with Bill Belichick is more business and personal that even though all these years Bill Belichick and I stood there and went on to parliament various post games pressures in which he's that I never I wouldn't want anyone other than column Tom Tom Tom this Tom Nacchio I don't we spent every order it and I think Tom told appreciates that Belichick was a great coach for him. I'll let he'll never know if anyone else could have done as well in critical as well and when us with the other plate for anyone else. Is pleasantly not play for anyone out the greens each on go long charity of any coach. Cornerback partnership in history the league let. I don't know the company Christmas cards with its older I I just think that bill is unyielding and I don't start that there would be one exception and his entire. MO in it would be pre. And an it's starting to look as if to be no exception to bill Belichick's double that he'll get on Brady practiced pretty Tuesday I don't need to hear this today you know he knows Obama Peter what do you need and whatever is going points so he is going watch meaning. The third or triangle is the owner. And if backed the Brady is one of the elect a surrogate forts and sell out a spot craft and that at anyone doubts that Bill Belichick did not want to make the apple treaty to automate the portrait you evidence by the nature of the trade was dotted haste and what went TBH or that Tom got a good old acquit or another team that peace organization coach expects any got. Way too little with the NB turned and and that's not that would ordinarily does business and felt as and clearly Tom and the owner. Well I don't know of call it but. Clinical with the owner wanted to protect Tom and aunt and uncle bill you know you know to go treat the other guy needed. So you see you'll think Brady plays again you think he's done. Now I want to unethical plan that the uniform a guy I don't think there's any body and properties on a beautiful always an activist yeah. With the court and in India if seek a one and distill them they have had a roster turnover but they edit some interest to you specious as well and in other big key to them this is Clark yeah this is the most important. Non quarterback offensive player in the league and that includes Levy empowered to designate and out and it is this is little shaky. And he's 29 at three back operations he's always vulnerable to a an acute hit in his knees 'cause DBs can't break him down. Or and in a fairness they can't break him down pulling him down went out on low and real low will ease is always on global air he's beaten up pretty good he just turned 29 yesterday or day before workshop. He's if he's coming back. And and I think Tom oh from a what you get when where your wish him. While assaults always awesome to catch up with you I'll say this a must that must Sunday morning still aren't the same without without thirty minutes with you on the sports reporters get to watch you win in everybody's. In the mornings and act and certainly just say thank you in publicly that's the advice of saint Carpio as years ago it's that you didn't think it keeps on given up Brandon. Well thank you and by the way sports reporters that matches have worked hard ought to set a podcast we do money and try to mornings which is Mike that you myself that's a part of the cast so it's best that we definitely get a but on the other hand I look at this where a twenty years. That's pretty and at median so we did pretty well by and I I can't beat that are. Absolutely Bob you're the best thank you so very much for a few minutes today it's it's always a treat to catch up with the you're welcome near you haven't about Brian with the Boston Globe begin follow him on Twitter at globe Bob Ryan all right we come back to. All talked about the NBA playoffs we'll talk a little bit about the NBA draft lottery that went down last night may be which college team has the most to lose. In the upcoming com buying this week in Chicago we'll talk about it when we come back right here. On straight it was church. D.'s I wish we could've blown through the break early skip Bob for a second segment and I just love talking basketball Bob Bryan a Kentucky he swore when Bob Bryan man he is he's become a guided just really appreciate his time has been really good dust. You're over the years on straight it was surge price tag is in diesel coming to you live years we're about halfway home taking up till 7 o'clock. You're getting what this April Ford GS PE SPN don't forget coming up next segment Brad Brownell had basketball coach of Clemson Tigers. He joins us in approximately 535 but. Again this the thousand dollar daily free cash stash contests moves along you can do it in to win every single hour in this hour that keywords to text. Is bald B a LL 72881. Tex a key word ball a seven to 81. Your chance to win a thousand dollars free cash money we're gonna continue to talk in some ball. As we get another playoff game tonight we got rockets. And the warriors will get in them a little bit more of that later. But the NBA draft lottery goes down last night and it works out like this stuff Phoenix Suns who were expected to hold the number one pick. They do indeed hold that number one pick. As they won't pick first in the upcoming NBA draft next month the Sacramento Kings they were the really mover and shaker last night. They moved up to number two the Atlanta Hawks they won't take three followed by the Memphis Grizzlies at four of the Orlando urged easily the Dallas Mavericks five Orlando Magic. Taking six. The Chicago Bulls seven. The Cleveland Cavaliers eight New York Knicks nine in the Philadelphia semi sick church will pick. Tent Powell tell you just real quick I thought one of the best parts if you there's any good part of that made for TV event which is known as the NBA draft lottery. I don't the fact that the hot hawks owner Tony wrestler he had his wife. Jeannie Kirk's last night represented the hawks. At the lottery you know we Jami Gertz is don't you d.s come on the actor she played in twister. Cali she was then now lost voice. Yet do a quick Google search Jami Gertz is awesome. Not to mention hop which he let it was a dark hair and mr. young the wife of bill I yeah I remember I was inordinate. Yup injured Jamie Gertz represent the hawks her husband is the majority owner of the organization about the issues are a lot better pick then little penny who was there on the top half of the magic but I. I read. So the Phoenix Suns are gonna pick first time in the upcoming NBA draft and the odds on money and who the Phoenix Suns will take likely will be DR drain the simple one. Senator out of Arizona and now here's into steaming about the suns they have connections to. I think the three potential players who could go number one overall in the NBA draft TR injury Eitan. The freshman who played one season Arizona simple one who can who can step out shoot the three play inside outside. Luka dawn Cilic the nineteen year old out of Rleal Madrid 66. Lee Garnett can call on the point guard he's more a lead guard. Dude what this kid he might be the most experience accomplished player in the entire draft. They're new head coach in Phoenix he worked with him the coast and in the Euro league that they won in 2017. So there's a tie there and it Marvin Bakley added duke who the freshman played one season in Durham. He is originally from the Phoenix area believe them back leased from ten feet. So the suns are gonna have a tough decision to make in having the number one pick in players that they all. Have some kind of tie with the I ultimately think that they won't take eight number one. I can tell you right now. If I am a GM nine taking number one and I AM the suns GM. I personally would take Marvin Bakley out of duke the 611. Forward who really doesn't fit the mold of power forward or senator he can face up. Icing Barbara Bagley work great in the weight what he brings to the game in terms of his competitiveness. His Molder. I he's in the in the NBA for a long time I think he's gonna be an all star a perennial all star only he's going to be one of the top five or ten players in the leak. Any Marvin Bagley is morally sure fire being Deluca dots it's in the nineteen year old at a rail Madrid. In India Andre but the suns they need help open side they've got Devin Booker on the outside you can shoot as good as anybody in the NBA. I AEA is going to be the guy they need rim protector I think agony pass on conscience because I don't think the it. The being is really not a great athlete I've heard him and he remembered look at dodge it's really had a date compared as a cross between Gordon Hayward and Manu Ginobili. They don't need passing. They've got some guards they need some gates I just think Bagley is more of the sure fire thing when it comes to. Who should be the number one overall pick in the NBA draft it's sad when you say that the nineteen year old has the most experience. It is and but 'cause he has played he has grown men in the Euro league look at dodger to place for rail Madrid in the currently. He's 19866220. Pounds. And he is the most experienced accomplished player in the trap because. There there's some people that say they Nittany that he will be the most talented player ever to come out of the Euro league to play in the NBA. Now. While he's not a great athlete he can shoot it he can pass it he can do he'd just done above the rim player. But he has played against grown men since he was basically sixteen year shall pass lassie accomplished is he's played basically pro ball since he was sixteen. So three years playing against grown men. That's gonna help you when you get the leak. Are the NBA draft combine begins today a hit and runs through the weekend. In Chicago and as I mentioned before went out to break. There's some teams have got a lot to lose with the NBA draft come by and I think he start with your typical one in Dunn's. Not do because all Duke's guys your head or in the draft to stay. He insists is in a precarious situation because you've got he took us a blue key if I Azubuike returns you pair him with a loss and twins who transfer from Memphis. They arguably have the best 345 Frontline in college basketball next year. I Nevada depending on what happens with the market twins and folks it's a long time for college basketball starts. If the market twins both were turned to Nevada next year play for air and also meant that is. Easily a top ten team in Nevada the wolf pack could even potentially be. Pre season top five I don't think the voters would allow that they will be that good at both Martin to win for turner. Villanova Morey Spellman Dante di Vincenzo likely gone. If those both those guys were to return there's no question Villanova would be your pre season number one Auburn Scott. Ford guys who had entered the draft I think that they might lose one of those. Bruce Pearl his his his hold his breath right now with four players declaring. One local team that I think it was something to loses South Carolina Gamecocks because Brian Dolan is it my nose he started it all transferred. Mid season. To Columbia. Look we don't know he'd ever be eligible to play college basketball. Oh why can say is it Brian Bowen who has a five star scorer coming out of high school the fact he has been invited to the NBA draft come by having nobody is basically seen him. In over a year that speaks volumes but again we don't know he's ever going to be eligible in Colombia the plea for Frank Martin. Folks it doesn't take a lottery guarantee it doesn't even take a first round here in T there's so many kids now that we're getting guaranteed contracts in coming in the second round. It does he used to all be about if you're not a lottery pick you go back to school than McCain. You're not a first rounder Indian I guarantee collect school Geist you need guys that are Keating. Kiri Te money I lot of guys are picked in the sector around guaranteed money. If Boeing has a shot to make money inking a guaranteed contract playing it cool going in the sector around I Brian Bowen goes because the questions are whether he ever plays college basketball. Are out they're speaking a college basketball Clemson head basketball coach Brad Brownell is coming up next we'll talk about some the transfers their off season. In more what head coach Brad Brownell again the key worked 45 o'clock hour is ball BA LL text ball to seven to. 81. Year old long right here Australia was third for Clemson head coach. I'm Ron Allen he's next. Clemson basketball added appear to train its first last week we're gonna ask homes and head basketball coach Brad Brownell. About been hearing just dissect it but right now as we continue in the 5 o'clock hour. Your chance to win thousand dollars daily three cash money in our free cash stashed contests. Text the key word ball that is beat a LL. A 72881. As we continue talking basketball. And that's going to be a Clemson basketball coach Ted. Brad brown now here just the second but again the keyword this our war ball all BA LL text it to seven to. 881 honored to be joined by Clemson head basketball coach Brad Brownell just wrapping up his eighth season at the Helm of the tiger's name Sports Illustrated national coach of the year for 2018. After 239 campaign and a breakthrough season coach you guys punch your ticket not just the NCAA tournament that is successful the first week and is anybody in the country in the tournament then. You guys I end up in the sweet sixteen out in Omaha just what a season was for Clemson basketball. Yet thanks price it was a it was a great season and one I'm really proud go on with our team what our guys out which and I think we all kind of remembered sweet sixteen run and certainly our play in the tournament was someone to be proud though that it was a coat I'm proud the way are consistent all year we we really. Just thought. You know battled some adversity but that really play consistent basketball for you know for six months if you will start with a eleven and one non opera Ron was great against Florida house statement. Lebanese EC wins and regular season tie for third. Just thought we. We really regroup with Dante's injury and and could be more proud of the way our guys played and obviously. NCAA tournament was it was a special a tough for our guys in the way they did perk. You know the full season with salt the net as a coach take a lot of pride absolutely no doubt about. Coach in net that they can you take this season in what you guys did. And you take it to the sellable product now on the recruiting trail on a year all over the an EYBL. Circuit and the idea circuit everything going on right now. With the recruiting and showcases is that stuff really begins fired up for the summertime how is that been received on the recruiting trail with kids and you know a U coaches play years parents you know showing them the tangible results are what Clemson basketball what you guys have been build toward. Yeah I think it is significant there's no doubt about it you know old boards and the next year too with recruiting classes. As you know you just gotta keep pushing Paul yeah I she got and certainly felt like. There were some guys will bring an end feel like that had a understood our vision and and a cattle with this. Outs we picked up she transfer she urged boring that we feel very good about. Some big guys that help. In a supplement our front court. But I do think it's gonna pay dividends you know down the road with with high school players that they. You know as much as anything. Having improved facilities has been a big zoom. Into the program and certainly has helped ourselves we been able to see dagger in the last year to a sort of accommodation now having. Out of facilities we do here in Littlejohn Rick picked. Practice works in video locker rooms and everything you can imagine. You know were set certainly sweet sixteen run only. Only helps that sale. It's the absolutely as we continue coach Brad Brownell and coach you now it's you mentioned trains for you got a couple of mud your traits vs bin sultan it. It was really help you guys in the last couple years and you get to sixty in bigs. That you announced just. This week in Javon wide the post's main really back to the basket got a moral Roberts. Will be eligible immediately and then you get to he'll have two years left and in this extant post guy. They can face and up from UNC astle he's got to sit out a year just talk to us about the two guys you're gonna have come an end. Yeah really like both kids. Bright bright guys we think guys side. Jonathan barely. The omni Nashville. And it just beginning to blossom as a player step back shoot threes. L ball a little bit. Needs to put on weight. And it'll be strong to be able to a physically handle the ACC level but certainly going to be able to do that what is rich you'll be like wings. He's when does learning our system shall could be more excited about a guy with. Which is kind of skills. He's a highly skilled guys you know got a couple good years of experience and admin. In just or look for to have him on campus and start work with a near. In June and in Javed why. Just a bright young man out graduate or three years. One of those guys. Late bloomer emas in 06 Evan underneath our house is senior year high school guys. Right at about six foot ten and 225. Ounce dealer dealer and the fact he had two years that they really special we just we feel like he can play couple positions he's long he's an addict. I'm moves well. God will continue to improve was we we continue to work with and muscular development. But just very good size and atlases and to be able to get a guy coming in kind of supplement our front court with the Eli. In a mere week and that'll really help us. Certainly knows gonna help bubble problem going against the other practice but. A couple other guys dash about chill Mitchell marquis to read out both obviously announcing their intentions entering the NBA draft going through the draft process water so to speak in. On who really you got nothing to lose appeared juniors right by declaring to say you can go through in just get the feedback and what some of the feedback you've given in the what do you heard from maybe some teams about both guys so far. Well it just kind of begin to go through that process right now. You know obviously. Really proud of those guys are they're walking in graduation here this weekend. Actually had been busy with a lot of our up on campus we have brunch today he had I think they walk on Friday so they'll begin to start. Things. Here in the next week or two bit. You know they've been training that work in. And both guys still. Very fit very motivated and it's great seat you wanna use this time is a chance to continue to improve and we were challenging them to do that we worked with a slump. Yourselves here last you know three weeks of school. Now there have been some things on their own. And it worked together a few times too so that that's been but cut. You know work ethic that they'll it'll come back clubs that we Opel but at saint understand those guys have a victory in part of our job as coaches is a how those guys achieve their dreams so we'll see we'll kind of feedback we're gonna get here over the next you know week or so two weeks. And then begin to get out those guys a little bit bored and continue to talk about their. You might have a couple guys that are hanging out there in the may not be back that are going through this I process obviously it's a little bit different in from the Kansas the Kentucky's the did they get to the schools are gonna go through this every single. Offseason so to speak but does and does it make it difficult when you're just unsure. Yes that a lot more difficult just because they're just. Just aren't as many lawyers available now. It can come in you do lose one. You know you can you can get stuck a little bit yeah and you know you can't promise anybody can go current body you have scholarship. And and you're trying to build classes you're trying to. Stay old time trying to. It'll continue to build consistency in your program in the hardest thing is we don't know hero rocks so that's. A real challenge. Or head coach you know any time this year. Especially when are you guys because they're such good players in. As the world account owner of players such Harlow for us it really just part of the process now. Doesn't mean you have to like it is. We can do best we can again help these guys and her journey. Am absolutely and one thing I'm curious brash about to the Cayman Islands classic announced a couple weeks ago the guys are going to be going to lay in November. The rule change word you guys is coaches now get to work with your guys to believe in skill development goes done sound like a lot from two hours a week in the off season to four. That's a pretty significant this doesn't sound like much so for our act. How much is that going to help you guys especially in Asia working with some of these big she bring in. There's a very significant rule change. You know guys there in the offseason. As as. You're allowed eight hours with your guys. Oh that is you know. Everything. You know a lot of that time's going to be on the court and shrink training that's that's gonna eat up most of those eight hours in the past. Italy had two hours that for basketball. You know and there are certain times a year is quite as much on guys might at well at hours and hours strength training and another hour or might he use it now I think with four hours of basketball. You know will certainly use that Tammany we are TG in how we want to use you know how much are we gonna do. You'll work breakdown will be certainly be some of that in his Ernie teen teaching we wanna do. And things that if we elect we can do now with. Because we have an extra hour to each week and implements and whether Stevenson principles work. On the border beginning Samir all instant schemes to. Somebody younger players so I think it's a good rule because of the kids are here they wanna work out wanna be coached they wanna get better. It's actually. Much more time on the coaching staff now because you know we usually break teams guys down and small to do it. That's a lot more time on the corporate coaches. Our coach last question for euphoria let you go. You guys are going to be an end to the 2018 Cayman island classic. One of the exempt events coming up the smallest going to be the nineteenth through the 21 to November. John Gray gymnasium they are in the Cayman Islands and this is a pretty good field I'll look at right now coach you think it's a quality nonconference games and your bill here with. Believe five teams that play in the post season including four. Which include your Clemson Tigers have played the NCAA tourney at Creighton you know Boise State to yeah saint Bonaventure and of course Tom Green. It's taken over Georgia this is a really good looking loaded field. No it really hits and you know we've really tried to find as many of these kind of permits that we can with great competition great fields and wanna be challenged. And certainly that's when you know not maybe as many household names as people would know. It a lot of lot of names that are that are teams are highly successful. Boise State from around the mountain west they just done unbelievable job saint Bonaventure come off NCAA tournament berth and it'll only one of the better teams in the A ten now. George is obviously yeah. A great team come on back lot a lot of supporters from back. It's going to be a lot on great as it is an unbelievable and our that's where we are simply can't our tournament incomes and Eric. They're facilities which are first class and end we know how how well they're they prepare. It's really a great deal letting channeled your guys beautiful setting good Tommy year that is correct right the week without a lot of football games Monday Tuesday and that will be out there Sunday and I'm back on Thursday Thanksgiving intend. Get ready for the football game and Cox and we also should be a great term for us. Coach judges can't make enough for your time here today answering a search is always appreciate you've been so little tempted to chat with clips about Clemson basketball with the cement our listeners and certainly last year all the best so you have a great summer congratulations you're guys are gradually and hope to see rules and coach. Thanks so much good word I this constant head basketball coach Brad Brownell appreciate a few minutes. With hill and don't forget our thousand dollars daily free cash stash it is going on here during this 5 o'clock hour. As it does every hour for this hour your keyword is bald B a LL text ball to 72881. Again your keyword for the 5 o'clock hour they enter in win thousand dollars free cash money is ball next ball the seventeenth. 881. Are right in the next segment. PR two were ongoing right now. With a group that I frankly don't understand why anybody cares there's I don't know anybody that watches it anymore I'll tell you bout will become rack right here on straight up was starch. I appreciate head coach Brad Brownell would give them with us out of also among middle hour again you got a couple more minutes attacks the 5 o'clock keyword which is ball BA LL. The 72881. Your cheeks went a thousand dollars three tests money. We will dvd 6 o'clock keyword coming up in the very next segment. Our final hour of the show price jackets and diesel we're all long till 7 o'clock here. And as I mentioned just wrote quickly Monday Night Football. And how soon to. In the blue team last week and Joseph test or bolder MacFarlane Jason Witten. And so this morning there on get up in now believe they were on and now Mike in my eighteen are doing their PR tour national outlook on the PR guy I get that stuff you have to do especially when their guys within your own network. Who who even watches Monday Night Football anymore. It's not about the the talent in the blues imitate what would help fix in restore some or all of though glory till Monday Night Football hit the better teams. They deemed state in part of is because you've got game spread out across all these. Different platforms first game on Monday Night Football this coming appeared does the jets and lions pitcher John always Cologne because they don't carry. Now a good at spinning. Forget the make over of the folks in the Booth. Get the quality gains in one of the other ways they get some quality games especially later in the years. Is if they can include ESPN and in their flex scheduling plan like they do with fox and CBS when they move games in and out of certain slots. Monday Night Football back in the day at least when I was growing up in high school college that we used to go wow when I was in school U verse Kentucky we to have home Monday and Eiffel plotting Horry go out dancing plays have been a Wayne's pitcher beer yet. I honestly think now the Sunday night football's really more weird sat out again BC does a great job with a sign that broadcast I think they get far better games but. This much -- love Jim test so much is a lot border McFarland to guys we've had on the show never had Jason Witten may be hope to do that make it a perfect trifecta. I love test or a test or anything he calls it's almost like you know. And Al Michaels or teach Jackson and in Joseph test or that the you know. Chris Fowler says good Reese Davis but. Just to get better games folks forget the Monday night make over it doesn't matter you need. Better quality on Monday Night Football. All right coming back got a lot more to get into including. The story that won't die inning got more oxygen. As it relates to college football tell you about coming up next here on trade it was storage.