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Wednesday, May 16th

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And off week though price seconds and in diesel sit in this afternoon for our fearless leader mark B Sturgis still. On the mend is he will hopefully be back in about a week and a half but we got a whole lot to do this afternoon a whole lot to get into and I'm not talking stepped in like Rick Pitino has evidently done now again. By the Cleveland Cavaliers did last night. And then some including. A couple Major League Baseball refereeing is that absolutely butchered a crystal clear replay. They should have been overturned we got a whole lot to get into including that. And much more but. For geek going here in our one on straight out was stirred your thousand dollar daily free cash stash contest. Picture phones ready folks because you can win in it entered to win every single hour 4 o'clock 5 o'clock 6 o'clock hour. Over the next three hours as we will do an appearance at a scourge or keyword 44 o'clock hour diesel. Is classic. Classic is the 4 o'clock keyword text classic to seven to. 88172. 881 light the classic bust on stirred some did that we would do every now and then you were just tell me about the you put together. I can't wait to hear that. That series parade but he submission publicist called that on stirs getting busted on by us I mean yeah I miss him because I miss him this is the award submitted strain that was stirred show yeah so that. Awards being submitted I miss our guy but I miss being able to gloss on our god the 'cause. Usually well what would you say the over under is before he gets huffy. In terms amendments. Five minutes we permit five straight minutes. I'll obsessed yen or say it's our shortest apple cinnamon two minutes two minutes a bust in on him he's already get upset. He's it's mental at that point it's mental cycle its failure weighing that slowly burrowing into his brain it's in a little annoying. After a full segment that's when he starts really get upset and if you recall at any point for the rest of the show. It's. I'm out of here. Purple in the layers back at ya but we're telling people all our listeners right now what really happened sometimes but 'cause he's he's your mentioning. I was gonna say to full segments. But 'cause. If we double dip and we go back to the well and a second segment in continued to pick up where we left off and busting on our fearless leader mark Sturgis. That's when he loses it at that following break is like guys I yell can just do this year I'm out here yea I don't I don't know what's going on. I wish I could tell you how many times he's had a substitute teacher. And I. Toughness is bad was it the day you were you I don't know if you were here the day or Phil is a mark Childress we were talking about UCF taking the national championship trophy to Tuscaloosa. And both of us said we love it we're like yeah dad yeah up yours Alabama you claim national titles all the time that you didn't win. And we just can't needle in and needle in and needle in and stared got out he threw his headphones down and walked out of the studio at the break is academia in the same room as you. He's done it does all the time and I would regularity in terms a daily but it might happen once every what two weeks. Now it's not really it's happening in Iraq well I mean if if it's something that we. If it's something that we can really find a screw to turn in and it doesn't take all guys show. And I'll say this real quick and we are gonna Tarzan like getting ganged up on that's what it is. Whether it doesn't have to even be something that annoys him specifically that's personal. If you and I both choose side NA he's outside V. We don't let him win and it's not digging up on it's more just hey we were coming after this argument from a different side and you are in just goes wrong stirred Shea just because there's two verse one. He thinks it we're right in he's wrong and he has a problem that. Though you're absolutely right I got to decide what I knocked out. Moving on ice here you know this afternoon we got a loaded line a period Jody dimly coming up at 435 Jody with cardinal authority dot com also does some stuff this time a year for CBS sports. When it comes to horse racing the preakness this week in bold talk to me ACC football. We'll talk some ACC basketball I asked him a little bit about Rick Pitino making some news here just a little while ago. Is he was talking to the Washington Post and Jody dimly coming up at 435 Bob Ryan is 505 sports columnist. And here it is with the Boston Globe we seem around the war on around the horn ESPN's that afternoon show pride quite regularly if you watch it. About Brian coming up talking as an NBA playoffs LeBron James in the Celtics now to oldies that bottle five. When mr. Bob brining good friend of the show coming up at 535 Brad Brownell to head basketball coach from the clips and tigers will catch it with him he added a couple transfers last week. Last about those guys last about the recruiting trail. It's on the EY. BL circuit. Right now and also a DS under armour. What the response has been after clips his breakthrough basketball season last year or so Brad Brownell coming up at 535. And then six winning the toss and Carolina painters would Jordan Roger reached she's one of the beat writers on the Charlotte Observer. Beat covering the papers along with Joseph person Scott Fowler. I'm your entire team up near the Charlotte Observer solution Jordan Rodrigue act 620. But again as we told you at. At the outset the key word in the 4 o'clock hour. Tex classic to 72881. Classic descend into 881. Guys you can't win it if you don't do it in the only way to get a and it is to Tex classic to 7081. Where your chance to win a thousand dollars. Read. Cash. Money are right d.s. Had. You know a couple weeks ago or two weeks ago I think it was. When I was with you in here and I'm just been doing this on Wednesday slightly. Have been involved in some Little League now my son's Little League to playing for the first time coach is pitch it easily. And yeah I told you a couple weeks ago about his first home run that he didn't mean I had to go wind up and yes I. Ponied up forty buck bucks this by this stupid oh c'mon Clark bop its all right. But. You know is one of his life lessons trying is a dad turned teacher kids when their plane sports I think we've got it anger and successfully tall one because he almost times is a talked about direct couple weeks ago his first home run. Point coaches pits for the very first time in a big troubles cotton batting cage sprite that it's 1800 to a thousand pages. Probably over the course of the last month just practicing 87 and no was an overkill because he was struggling. They just you know kept plugging away plugging away attic and last night when the last Little League games. Went three for four and got the chance to bat lead off and so. I hit a hot streak at the very end but it was really adolescent I was trending impress upon him as the more you practice them more work you put into it. You're gonna see the results and whether it's school whether it's working on math weathered reading. And whether sport shooting free throws hitting a baseball on this case. Last night we see. Everything kind of you know come to fruition and so it was a proud moment for that bill the same while. All that all the time we spend together which was a lot of good time. Going into the batting cage continuing to practice practice practice practice. It paid off so it was awesome is a great deal way to finish up the Little League season last ninety's so when do you overcome that data as a batting cage and your backyard hot you know that's never going to happen number one. Number to my daughter who's five who was asked dean. Why we can't practice hitting in the backyard and my answer is small baby we have windows around our house. Number two the ball rolled over the fence if you hit it straight if you were early on the ball. It will go way out into the woods and we will lose all our said baseball some went to the sporting good store and bought some again at practice ball so. It's a seven and a five year old they think it's easy that we should be practicing with Al nets and everything heating in the backyard and I've told and guys it just doesn't work that way. We have to go into the batting cage we have got to do it there's a reason they have nets of the ball cannot get lost and nobody. Can get hit. So it was a good way to in the season and didn't win but. It's a great learning experience here authority are coached just could not have been better he could not have been more patient with the kids so. My first experiences. Little League hadn't and had a lot of fun with it didn't really realize how competitive and when I was getting into. But that that is coming gone so. D.s will we get into some NBA. I know how much you love the NBA playoffs were going to do that in the next segment to. Got some local news and notes won't get too. Also in the next segment as I mentioned at the outset Rick Pitino. Just breaking a little while ago. Not telling the Washington Post in an interview. It debts. Romeo Lankford former recruit to The Who ultimately signed Indiana just a couple of weeks ago and is gonna go play for Sean Miller was. Global was thought to be the clubhouse leader. When mobile was recruiting Romeo lying for Romeo Lankford five star recruit top ten player at a New Albany Indiana is mentioned now going to. Play for the hoosiers next year came down to Kansas and leave Vanderbilt. An Indiana school and played IU but Rick Pitino was spot in the global sought to be a leader for Romeo plank permit he tells. The Washington Post this after work this afternoon. Basically that quote in the way they phrased it. In terms of a DS was whoever was going to pay the dad's AEU program the most money. Ditzy that's the way the world works which is completely legal by the way. He went on to say that they basically. They were trying to get. Him a get Adidas to pay up. To keep Romeo Lankford in the indeed this AEU circuit because had he gone to a ninety her under armor school. They would have no chance at landing him that little hole and look Rick Pitino also went on to say. That. Any mention up paying a play here. The conversation even coming up would have to me in right they're because he would get fired in the he basically claimed. Mean basically did that's where anything happen he warned indeed is an advanced. Don't have any kind of conversation with me. But because it's not Kosher it's this is very un hard to believe. Did everything that we know that is on these wiretaps in Christian Dawkins said to. Work directly with the mercy alone is the idea sky nine days later. After being anti global practice is they rested. Goes to jail in the FBI indictment but this more layers that are being peeled back in the FBI. Scandal what college basketball hours as it relates to the mercy of global. Has Rick Pitino has dug his heels in. And it's filed a lawsuit against his former employer you mercy a little pull this thing is getting nasty in is going to get. Worse could the NCAA just. I don't know pain in the shoe companies that are habitual violators say guess what you were not allowed in in our sport. What they're not gonna do that because the NCAA he is you know was comprised of meant the member institutions and the presidents of the memories to two Asians are the ones to give the green light. On all these contracts in its the money that's coming in and that they're not gonna say no to they're not point to turn away the almighty dollar and so that's a conundrum that your caught in here. And no matter what school you are is the that money is coming through the door. Specially these high name mean major programs like global Kansas. Kentucky duke North Carolina. It's it's the shoe companies and is in essence that are running college basketball so you're not gonna tell you know. Your money's not good here in a perfect world yes I agree with you that's what you do but. That is not what the school president will do especially they will not in mid where they were wrong so are some interesting stuff coming out. About a Rick Pitino today wise shooting dimly ironically had him scheduled before all this broke this mid this afternoon. So we'll talk would Jody gambling about that a little bit more from cardinal forty dot com also the preakness. He is a very good handicap or with the preakness set to be run this weekend in Baltimore so don't forget. Bob Ryan final five Brad Brownell at 535. And then George Rodrigue at six when he your thousand dollar daily free cash stash contest again text the word classic this hour 4 o'clock. The work classic to seven to. 881. We come back. How deep are the Cleveland Cavaliers in it now that they're down to go to the Boston Celtics that's coming up next year history it was starch. How much trouble or the Cleveland Cavaliers in now won't get into that here in just a second that we got some local news and notes to pass along to you also you wanna get in what thus opened segment here 844477. 3776. Price actions and diesel were taking you along until 7 o'clock tonight begin eight point four GSP. ESPN you wanna tweet us at ESPN out upstate Matt price sack consent or. Act diesel on radio again our thousand dollars daily free cash stash rolls on key word from the 4 o'clock hour. Is classic text the word classic to 7288. Wanting in classic 272. 881 gonna get to the NBA playoffs here in just a second but. Kabul local. News and notes to pass along to achieve caught up on everything here locally. Is reported a little bit earlier defensive tackle former four star recruit Josh Bell cattle Lewis still high school. Transferring out of the clips and football program likely heading to the University of South Carolina according to. Tiger illustrated leery Williamson and his mom is in poor health and reportedly is so want to get back closer to home in. Chose clumps and over South Carolina C got a thing Josh don't likely heading back to play for the game Cox. You know we we had a segment about this last week when it was there was a grand transferred women's basketball player from Clemson going to South Carolina. That's one thing that transferred him to your rival when you can when your free and clear to go wherever you want but in in this case. I don't begrudge a guy at all the you know you've got a mom the mother of its import healthy wanna be close to her. Wishing the best of luck hope for the best that's all you can ask for. Yeah I agree in I would say this I would say the in my opinion in this is just my opinion. Is it a kid it's only been on campus for what a year year and a half. Yet even in the program yea you've been out a cleansing so to speak of the year bought into your respective program. I have a little bit harder time with the grad transfer going to the rival 'cause you had the number one got your degree. They get a unity in theory a master's degree at pitcher rival school. To me it's more difficult. To stomach that because you went to that school for four years she got a degree and you went through everything you had to do and apparently it didn't matter exactly so I got a little bit more problem with the big grad transfer as opposed to kids joined in the school for a year but in this case certainly when it comes to family and and potentially failing health of a loved one you can't begrudge anybody and I don't and I think certainly. A round of applause goes to the Clemson program for not. Holding Josh Bell Matt from transferring there because as we heard last week Alabama blocking an offensive lineman from transferring. To Auburn and possibly Tennessee so. I just think kids if you want to treat for you should be allowed to go where you want I think the stipulations that schools put on. Where you caning team goes you can't go to a school in the copper. Sent on a team did so on are your respective sports schedule are a decent ST but let me just go wherever they wanna go. Who cares if they're not happy your program the program let go bad be happy somewhere else are also as it relates to clumps in the clubs are men's golf team. Today they wrap up in clinch a spot in the NCAA. Chief paean ship as they are playing down on day three of the NCAA regional B Brian regional and Bryan Texas the host Texas a and M Aggies. The Aggies come out and win the regional at 27 under par but Clemson. They come in its second eighteen under par so they now qualifies one of the top five teams at the regional to move on to Stillwater in the NCAA champions. Championship Baylor UCLA in Kentucky rounding out the top five at the Bryan regional men's golf. South Carolina coming up short as they finish seventh. Down at that same regional in the individual lot competition. And I doc Redmond from Clemson he finished second overall a ten under par shot a 69 that final round. As he came up one stroke short to Chandler Phillips. From Texas a and M so good showing. By the Clemson men's golf program staying in clumps and athletic summary Clemson baseball team. They defeated Kennesaw State last like seven to two on the road to earn their fortieth win of the season. First time they've won forty games it's 2006. In more on the last times that same year that the Clemson Tigers have qualified for the college World Series they did make it 2010. But the last time before that was in 06 so we'll see what this post season might hold for the tigers is they will look to close out. The regular season starting tomorrow. With a three game series up at Pittsburgh. First game of that series begins at 6 PM you can hear the action all weekend long are all weeklong I should say with gains Thursday Friday and Saturday. Up that Pittsburgh you can hear it right here live on ESPN upstate. Moving down the Columbia the number 25 South Carolina Gamecocks they're gonna hit the road in finish up the regular season at Texas seen him. First game tomorrow will be at 7:30 eastern standard time all three games of that series between the gamecocks end. Texas sane and Aggies they will be on the SEC network freshman right hander Logan Kinney going to be the starter in game one. For the game Cox staying with the gamecocks baseball program senior third baseman Joseph McBride named to the 2018. SEC baseball community service team for his participation. In a pair of community service projects including the miracle leak in beads of courage so congratulations to joy and pride for. That important work off the field before South Carolina the Furman baseball team they'll close out the regular season beginning tomorrow. They're gonna host the regular this year's the 2018 so con regular season champion UNC Greensboro spartans. They will host a three game series this week in a late them stadium starting tomorrow. First pitch at 6 PM between Furman and the silicon regular season champion. UNC Greensboro spartans. Staying with fuhrman's senior golfer. From the women's golf team Jacqueline injury named the winner of the 2018 division one Kim or spirit award reflecting great spirit positive attitude. Being a role model and showing mental toughness in facing. Challenges so congratulations to Jacqueline danger from the Furman women's golf team who's had an outstanding. Year. Going over to Spartanburg and Wofford freshman. Heinous steelman namely so con outdoor track and field freshman of the year today she posted a pair folk podium finishes at the recent soak on outdoor. Championships. Including a first place in school record in the 3000 meter steeplechase she won by sixteen seconds. So congratulations to heinous steelman these so con outdoor women's track and field freshman. Of the year and staying with the carrier smiling as he Wofford baseball team the welcome East Tennessee State. To Russell seeking field for their regular season finale. That's a three game set beginning tomorrow in Spartanburg cap Russell seeking peace deal first pitch 6 PM between the interiors in the visiting East Tennessee State Buccaneers and then finally. Reminder the 2018 so com baseball term it that it's going next Tuesday morning for field in downtown Greenville you got one game at 10 AM. Next Tuesday morning before you fire up. A full four game days. Starting on Wednesday and certainly we hope all this kind of weather that we're gonna have the rest of the week. Hope that's gone by next week ties to soak on baseball turn it rolls back in two towns are right. Don't have a lot of time here and got Jody gambling coming up at 435. From cardinal authority. And talk with him about ACC football basketball little bit of baseball. And then also about the preakness this weekend but last night the NBA playoffs boy in the Boston Celtics they drop the hammer d.s. He'll watch the NBA but they outscored the cavs by fourteen points. 36 point outburst for the Celtics in that third period. To take a big lead in nineteen. And boy they just put the foot on the gas in the rain away from the cavaliers and LeBron was outstanding once again 42 points. Twelve assists ten rebounds. The problem is it he has the play triple double basketball. To beat Boston or even eat much less win an NBA title or even get out of the series. But I think is quite simple you know even with the Celtics were standing a LeBron troubled double last night. They still emerge victorious how they do it I think it's pretty simple man they're younger they're more athletic. They're playing physical and they're playing with out fear. So. It's the common conception. That have LeBron goes off Cleveland can win. Right. But when you're playing a team like Boston there's a seems to be a pretty well rounded team. Begs the question what are the other four guys on the court for Cleveland don't they window dressing or things that they look good. To Kevin Love which is actually he and Kevin love's got to be when Kevin Love is active in moving around and hit shots it. He's he's very good and he was basically the only other player Paul's last night Kevin Love had 22 points. In fifteen rebounds last night. How corporal was the only one even had half oval pulse he had eleven points off the bench. But besides love and Jane still resting your starting. Your your three other starters. You've got eleven points. Twelve rebounds. In a combined. Own almost ninety minutes of basketball. From your other three starters ninety minutes combined you would get eleven points and twelve rebounds. You basically gotten up off the bench. So. You know Cleveland LeBron has to win everybody knows has got to me he where he has to play triple little basketball because he's going to be the one Kyrie and you can only put a team so far on your back in carry him in with Kevin love the or other superstar stepping up. There was nobody else nobody can not get anybody around him who will step up and play well and that's the problem with Cleveland the problem with Cleveland is. You eat in that's why they treatable problem back back earlier in the season. What you're still really with a lot of role players in May have better role players now but a guy like JR Smith all he can do is really one thing and shoot threes Kyle Korver really does one think. Shoot threes you don't have really anybody else has in any semblance of being in the offensive threat. But sides may be a Giorgio Giorgio has three points last night. Talk about what that guy off their way to do we talk about LeBron and coaching this team and essentially running this team. So in theory LeBron handpicked these guys these are the guys he wanted to than that that he wanted to they could get. So does that mean LeBron James as this. As this wanna be GM coach is a failure. Well. Yeah obviously can't control of calorie he decides to walk out the door and Tyree walks should or is you know free agent goes to Boston. And yeah and you could say well Betty I guess if he was unhappy playing in Cleveland that LeBron James had some of the due within ending to the bottom line is carrier ring one to go to a place where he was the main. And he wasn't would you ever meet a man with LeBron James and this was his payday did go and be demand. In Boston. And yeah honey you can look at is much cataclysmic failure because LeBron you know obviously we know is more than GM the de facto GM in the de facto coach and our organization. You know he's got Kevin Love grammys can complain about him at times. You gotta have more you cannot have more players in that in in on the here's what I must say I just think this says more not so much about Cleveland. To me this is more about the Boston Celtics and you'll year we'll talk about Brian here just a little bit. About the Celtics in depth but icing this is a team that is. So much more talent so much more used. And I. This is all about Brad Stevens and Brad Stevens he's dating guys like the markets Morse is of the world but teary rose years of the world eating more out oath. The markets marks on the world that's why when guys like Avery Bradley and others that have come to play in Boston. Not hearing anything about him now they rifle they were in Boston under Brad Stevens. They're not anymore the ones have come and gone but the reason while the Celtics are doing what they're doing. To me all about one guy in his name is Brad Stevens the name coming up is Jody don't link cardinal authority dot com. And it talks an ACC football ACC basketball and the Preakness Stakes coming up this week in Chile delays next year astray at the starch. Welcome back in Jody dimly here from cardinal forty coming up in just a few seconds is diesels to him on the line. But different animal Kentucky was all over the Kentucky Derby last weekend. Now he's going to be all over the preakness this weekend that's going to be Saturday afternoon in about 645. At Pimlico in Baltimore so. We'll talk with Jodie about that he's picked the winner of the preakness eight of the last thirteen times so we'll talk with him about that also some ACC football basketball as we do. Diesel gives me the thumbs up so we had Jodie gambling here publisher of cardinal authority also sideline reporter for the you'll know football. Radio network in in this time of year he's giving a racing to show how do you expect exports dot com is Jody. You're always taken winners and tell me what the winning ticket yet last week you earned the other weekend. At Churchill Downs for the dirty not a. Or lack I had been there. My second place horse won my third place horse came in second in the fort police source came in in third but first record came into one and that was the problem in the first place source stopped running at the top of the stretch so I actually cashed but not. When I could've been there had been smarter and not at the course that stopped. I guess that running when they turned for home media society was should he decided he didn't wanna go any further so he stopped him. News that you had no lap late Mendelssohn was good solid Smart pick Mendelssohn was Smart pig that's. But just I mean I was. I was on just five for a while and got off funny it was one of those things where I kept looking okay. But they were 15 years in a row it's not gonna happen again well guess what happened again and now he looks like a total creeks so good to be hashing this week. I don't think anybody can beat just this week. I was gonna say alaskans say preakness to the yen analysts just didn't get anomaly right now because you've got good match you ask come in from from Churchill Downs you rein in the derby seven in the two but justify the two to five favorite. Looks like there's going to be price some rain which justify look like that did bother him a bit. I thought to I I thought he would just a fantastic race justified ran to. You know debate Mike Smith and I think the best jockey on the planet right now DD mountain front have him right off the pace. He didn't have the mud in your face similar possible situation then look at this weekend. And just looks like this is all but gonna go up five for five at Pimlico on Saturday. Yeah I mean I can't imagine that it. Camby is much rain as there well sit on derby day the only other day that I remember being an at bat was when I was at the preakness American fairly a year in right during the race you could be it seat I was I was twenty feet from the track you couldn't see the horses it was so bad that. But even then that that track there is not as bad as well and and Churchill was good so I yeah am I am I mentioned he had just don't think anybody can be might I really don't. It's it's weird you always have. A new shooter now they come in you know they call an end. In this race I look at the four horses that weren't in the derby isn't. I'm just not that impressed with them so a lot in Italy and Italy it's you that I can't imagine that that anybody will be to justify. Lot of Milan on me trainers lot of owners gonna price sit this one out and save their Orson traveled freshman for the Belmont which is yet he buys ever been boy you've you sit in the stands at the Belmont. Is that part can you see a massive mile and a half course that is a long way around that thing and you in hilts. Certainly helps to have a fresh horses were taught majority dimly publisher of carnal forty. Also sideline reporter for yield all football follow him on Twitter at jade dim laying in you know one ashy before you in the Pope on this Rick Pitino stuff that breaks this afternoon we know. Well there's a lawsuit against you bell bullet just your quick reaction on this report from the Washington Post this afternoon about. The reports. Of the deed as sin Romeo Lankford. Yeah you know I mean he's actually did right become one of our radio stations here are in global in about 25 minutes or go to picture yet about it and and I really are rigged the election post story and have seen some things that not talking Emily felt well first of all that the in the end I think he pointed out on the thing you know what. What they did is not illegal. Now as it it's different but it's not illegal and I kind of wonder for his sake now all. Why you know like like come out and in and talk about this kind of stuff or anything about it just because. You have to look at what Rick Pitino. You know I mean he went to give banking coaching if you want to get back in coaching. Sort of like this just. The world a lot of people the wrong way because it you know you're talking about some the net. If you're talking about something that a if you were still cute cool we'll we'll like her would probably going to look I think you know I mean in collector. That's the hard part for me to figure out is is why. He's bringing this up now with all the lawsuits and everything that's going on so look I don't know I don't know what they're really think about it and I do think they were a military would have ended at the local and none of this you know at this soul has do we go back to September 26 and that doesn't happen I do think there Romeo pro Williams looked a little. Now as we continue to Jody Dem wave from up in global assailed basketball right now biggest tire of the offseason Chris Mack Jack comes to DeVille from Xavier. You know what are what are the early returns what are your thoughts I'm sure Andy price spent some time with Chris Mack do you know you knew him when he was at Xavier covered them I'm regularly. You know Larry I guess rode in one place you look at his prime recruiting trail to see the kind of ends that successor bang that he's made so far. Yeah I mean it's been tough but I think he said it early on he knew he knew early on the there was going to be a tough thing for him to come in. I overcome some of the negative recruiting that people are able to do against them right now mean that we carry easy. To recruit against blue wool right now and the and in negatively bring things up and they're seeing that and it happened at palm you know Kristi Cunningham of the guys that they got a great transferred who they really like in that he's actually. You know from Kentucky are plated played at Henry Clay. Lived in in Georgetown for a while playing accordion plaster in eastern Kentucky he's the guy that is is gonna come in and help right away they still need help for next year. They're still looking for another great transfer. In you know the nineteen class they don't have a commitment yet but it started pretty good ones they've got some guys. There in on some good guys that are kitten got to visit give guys on campus and it's just a matter of now taking that next step in getting a commitment and it elect. I I used the term meal and at some point or another they're gonna break this field when they do it's going to be it's going to be pretty good for Chris Mack I think it is staffed. It's gonna take one guy to say you know what. I'm getting killed there on the gonna worry about what's gonna happen and so they're they're selling the whole thing is. Look commit to us and we'll take anything major gonna happen right now or beaten moving forward we think it's a while away if it even does but. If it does you can get out of that commitment you know I mean David Johnson did it once a local kid here from trinity Forestar. Guard. What committed to Rick Pitino it's sound like he's close to commit and again to them to get out of it again he has to do so that's the thing they're trying to sell it. It's a good situation they need bodies moving forward and you know something does happen you can only get out of that the and the thing the other thing is that it yes. It's really weird. On to meet. Moving forward over the next six months of do any of these two other schools. Have the same problem at all or do they start at the same problem the schools that have been brought up in this whole thing or is it just kind of a local bank is right now include locals don't want. Having trouble recruiting a little bit. I rapidly Jody gambling publisher cardinal authority dot com against follow him on Twitter at jade gambling covers the ACC global is due to disease in my body out there in the business and you know Bobby Petrino is spring football practice and then obviously the spring game. You know we know that Lamar Jackson he's off to Baltimore but. You know lettuce is Bobby Petrino team without Lamar Jackson going to be like this year you know we've got a lot of guys replaced on defense. About play makers are still mayor for JaJuan passage likely going to be under senator at least from what I saw in the spring game Joni. Yeah IE you know that you want passed her load crude cracked at the task to do what he wants to be called this. It looked as you can bet to get her really be changed to be over really really good player on the road. It's it's tough for Sonoma. That he's gonna have to started out on that helped prompt elegant look in one late start in what way it's probably good thanks start out on primetime against. You know prime come against Alabama at 8 o'clock in on Orlando on September 1 and everybody in the country watching on ABC you know. So let that that's a tough start for him but the good thing for whom it is. A lot of weapons surrounding. Yeah he's got Jalen spent there wide receiver Dez it's Patrick will be all conference guy this year I think that Dawkins does. They'd put that two great years it'll warned comeback for his junior year you get some other guys. Palm is in the mix that the wide receiver spot if they can fine. Some healthy diet has got this. The state helped the running back third line is as good as it's been offensively I don't I don't think they have any problems I think it defensively where local it's going to have. Have to prove that they can do it next year against the scheduled there because. It's like you that primetime game on September 1 against Alabama down in Dutch Camping World stadium in the keeping world kick off from open your gonna make a little Disney troop with a family out of that Jody is that's a that's a nice way to start the season down there in Orlando. It is that you know we didn't plan it well were actually gonna do Orlando next month on the part of our Florida trip next month without him we don't begin. Pamela do that I'm going to be back in Orlando in July for a recruiting playing basketball recruiting and then go back and I'm like refund Gannett. Just take up residence down there you know. Not to mention you'll be too far away when you get down this way in Charlotte and we see an ACC football tick off in July site. Thank you prodding you you do the double where you do Florida and in Charlotte at the same time on that triple look. All the best Jody just appreciate the time it's always great to catch a product to wait to see here and tally pride about two months from right now as we speak. I can't say it's I was just look at them my calendar when weeks when you do it says that no distinctive holy cow we're not too far away from me cookie cake often now. Once we get there real around here it's you know all downhill from there to get to football season so I appreciate it Don banks. Look Jodie all the best we'll talk send us Jodie dimming publisher of carnal authority dot com follow him on Twitter at. Blake couldn't have been more obvious we'll tell you about it when we come back here on trade starch. There's blown calls and then there's what happened last night at the plate fifth inning. At sun trust park you know planning and say about a year and a second but don't forget you've got a few more minutes the thousand dollars daily free cash stashed contest. For the floor 4 o'clock hour texts. He worked classic. The key word for this hour you have now down to about five minutes text the word classic the 788. Wind. You can't win it if you don't get in it and guess what you're gonna get a new keyword in about five minutes for the 5 o'clock hour that's right we won't give you that key word right we come back the new keyword for the 5 o'clock hour. And don't forget we got a Big Five o'clock hour. As we'll talk about Brian some NBA playoffs from the Boston Globe can't wait to can't tell Bob has been a little while since we talked with him and and Brad Brownell head basketball coach of the Clemson Tigers at 535. There will wrap up our guest today would Jordan Rodriguez sixth when he won and he beat writers. Covering the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer for sheet Jody gambling given us a few minutes here in the last segment but. To mention right there Blair braves dropping still read it to gain to the Chicago Cubs the opener of a three game set in Atlanta around. What a wild fifth inning it was. As you on come Argo was called Al trying to score a wild pitch. Replay showed he was clearly safe now it was a bang bang play but when you've got instant replay that naif now instituted. After a long replay. Showing that he was safe home plate umpire Jim wolf. Upholds the call calls you on come Margo out. In a run that proved to be critical is sue their cubs to two runs in the top of the ninth to break a 11 tire sorry to come back from down two to one. And pull off the three to two victory obviously not run was huge and I just don't get it how can Major League Baseball finally implement implement it. Replay utilize him only to low. An obvious call now here's the thing it did then mayor that while fifth inning continued because that was a challenge by Bryant's after the Braves manager. So then in just a bit of trouble batters later pitch gets away from contreras at the plate Charlie called rescind tries to push to get to third. On the wild pitch he's called how it appeared his foot just got to the bag just before Chris Bryant's tacked. Third but the Braves and sniffed around a challenges they can't challenge it. Snicker eyes he's complaining and he is vocal at that point. Home plate umpire Jim wolf tells so Brent Snedeker looked sentiment just says one word enough. But it was a night in Atlanta did if you saw what happened at the plate you'll want to Margo being called out it was an absolute travesty. Mean eyes and mentioned near blown calls and then there's that in last night it was the exact in Atlanta. But. You know big night for him. Ronald Acuna a broke the 11 time monster shot to center his first home run at suntrust park. But it was the two runs off road east has tie you know camp buys overs to album go ahead single. In the ninth inning as the Braves fall. Three attitude to the cubs soaps series continues tonight 735 rein in McCarthy against Tyler chat would. Tomorrow B Alex so Roca over Jon Lester the Braves. And won six of their last eight despite the loss last night also dean's speech wants and he could be coming off the DL here by the end of the week. But. I just think this I think this experiment with Jose about teased. At third base I think it should and I'd let I think you let Margo placed third like commerce and place him third player he's plates I. I'd this Jose Batista thing needs to end and he's not even hit his weight. Yet he had a home run the other night but. Jose Batista joint that's his best baseball's behind in the Braves got to do something. Also last night's game a suntrust park was the first in a stretch for the Atlanta Braves polling 26. Of their next forty. At home here's the bad news in that while he got a lot of home games coming up twice between six of their next 48 and includes last night. There are only eaten a home this season and includes fourth straight loss as the Braves have been much much better diesel. Away from suntrust park this season so. Gained two. Against the cubs begins tonight 735. All right stepping away here Bob Bryan coming up next 65051. Dvd key word. To begin the next hour in the final seconds you can text classic 7081. Your chance to win a thousand dollars free cash money. A price second sin and diesel were right here take any up till 7 o'clock on straight up the search.