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Excited to have Michael Foster and Harry gave from the South Carolina football hall of fame with a Smart Childress sent for mark's surge just. But first things first here's your chance it's free money. It's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate keyword this hour is eyes. Text the keyword to seven to 81 that's seven to 81 good luck to you the 1000 dollar free cash stashed on ESPN upstate. Now to twelve times per week day beginning at 7 o'clock AM so again we got Michael Foster Harry day from the South Carolina football hall of fame. Will commend guys you've got a big event coming up in a couple weeks and I'm absolutely going to be there it's June 6 it Steve Spurrier. That's a great get for you guys who should be a lot of fun. As pre awesome we still know we talk about time off we don't know how we got him but this. Don't sell yourself Sharon is not easy system and it's going to be our third installment so we had. I coach injuries come on December of last year and we had the Perry Brothers Michael dean William Perry come march. And yet this next and here with coach Spurrier coming up June 6. Believe that the Wednesday at the preserve. He's union sees we figured it. Great yeah that'll be it looks like five to 8 PM that night and and this is great man I mean if these are the type of five events you guys can continue to do. I got a big kick out of the Perry Brothers being in town and a mark Sturgis was host suffer that night he had a lot of great stories I think he went on and told for weeks after that so lot. Again you can go to the website which for you guys is on. SEC. Football HOF dot or get SC football HUS dot org if you wanna go on there and get your tickets and that's probably gonna potentially sell outs he probably wanna get an early and is diesel power saying earlier. Inter Clemson fan I'll hear from Steve Spurrier he's gonna say something and it's gonna get under the skin of the tiger fans or he's gonna say something's gonna get under the skin of the gamecocks fans. As gonna meager. How it is and economic university Georgia graduate and yeah it's time. We can be very interest in a series as you know has some Smart thing about some of the things used to place though I can I guess he does he still remembers Italian city he's still remember some of the digs that Steve Spurrier got that. Police CME talked to about maybe he's got a good explanation of it. We will do an audience Q a at the end of he's gonna speak for a little bit and and an audience Q today so. You have an opportunity to ask a question. To Steve appeared in in the audience so I think that's going to be. By and you don't. We miniskirt those. Question yeah IU IQ. And I went Atlanta you people they've asked their questions if we don't want India. Any embarrassing moments but you know that coach Spurrier is gonna say something you're again. Remember for a long time yes and I think one of the things the way they were trying to sell this and we know that you as. With. South Carolina for a long time but obviously he's in his legacy and at the University of Florida is well known. But. If you take all that away but. Outlined is as he's one of the most. Unique and popular and most successful. College. Pop icon. That we have ever seen as far as it Heisman Trophy. National championship coach up in his success as a coach. The college football hall of Famer as a player and take note. Which not too many. Can say as well so. His legacy speaks for herself whether Europe Florida and worse South Carolina in or tiger prayer if you like football. I don't see how you can myths. This opportunity. And meet coach Spurrier. I completely agree and your mind's ability Charles Barkley right he's just in his talent how it is. In his own unique way he doesn't care what people think I mean spurs kind of guy that I would ask about anything right out all the sneeze coming out about sports betting becoming legal. I'd love to hear coach Spurrier has to say about that because he was gonna have a very specific opinion he's gonna back up. And is stories are great too so look congrats to you guys and getting this I'll definitely be there it's June 6 like you said. Not by 38 embassy suites on varying and you can guy can take its SC football HOF dot a large G. If you want to jump and get that so would definitely get out there and get it so. I'm glad he got stopped by today so Michael you and I talked a couple of times and haven't seen you sense. I was there for the induction ceremony a couple of weeks ago and I just I gotta tell yeah I had so much fun. It was so well Ron you guys have a fantastic job he had a great class. It was an honor he gets talked to all the people and I gotta I was completely star struck by Paul Maguire on my gosh. He sat right across to me for an interview he is and he was joking with me at the beginning of the interview I mean him and John Madden were the two guys that I group it was a huge sports fan growing up. Every Sunday be John Madden on one game two in color and B Paul Maguire on the other game. I thought it was greats in our Richard Seymour to stop the whole crew so congrats to you guys on what I thought was a fantastic event. Think that we appreciate. There was a lot of work it was a lot of word of retiring we do for events they fewer than 24 hours we do and guys flying and we do mean injury tonight before the ceremony in the morning we have a dolphin guy internment. With our gun terming on honoring bill or ski and golf going green on the gone turning on and Anderson so. A lot of moving parts a lot of logistics there we had a great time and seemed like from the feedback we received was yet. And obviously the big thanks to our volunteers and share Eileen in those guys who helped us put that on that night we couldn't have done it without him. Fantastic and and I was asking you guys for you went on air 'cause I'm super interested. So what we three knew how you'll select next year's class right Amare and look how anxious cyan and it would have been like seven weeks and grey like who's what is next year I really wanna now. On at how does all of that work as farce setup who's going to be nominated. How you called on the votes and when you might make an announcement around the lack the next time and you should hear about them. Earlier around September 1 will try and it will won't announce a decade nomination list. Of about fifty to fifty fives. Guys. And we'll send that Al will put on our web site that are members of the media. Board members since have an opportunity to vote do I might vote for. Until like December for that first round so you get pretty much all fault. I'll look at the look at the nomination listen and have an opportunity to vote you can vote for. Four guys for modern era guys one legacy a legacy is Clay Matthews Hughes senior ranks last time. Is usually someone new has either passed away or be considered a player from a not considered a modern era player. In so we'll have a list of those guys as well vote for one of those guys in four by ordinary guys. And then we'll. Well take the top of those guys may make it sound like a top fifteen it when he. And then we'll send it back out in in December and and have that run until January February and then we'll take the final group from there in. Definitely yeah. Media is involved you can become a member of the South Carolina football and that includes. A voting opportunity nice so if if you grew up. With Spain and of a certain player here South Carolina you want them to be in the South Carolina football game. You can actually go in and help get them in. By voting for them also in that first round there's an opportunity to do write in votes of their someone. Not on the nomination list that we get and obviously we know there's a lot of ups South Carolina football history. We're not getting hit everybody we're gonna try and hit as many as we came here and let's would be really long but. If they're someone that you grew up with that you really like that you think. Should be in the hall and you can write a man if they get enough write in votes they can still make it into the final nights a so there is an opportunity to use to do that so. Trying we want the community to be involved it's been he's not involved and we're not do what we should be doing. This is the communities whole fame this is south Carolina's football thing. And so anyway that they. Anyone can be involved it doesn't matter we also have a junior. Membership as well for those that are the eighteen and under. To be able to you and they have an upheaval for the players collegiate player of the year. That we call the Blanchard Rogers trophy which is honoring a dot tortured in George Rogers who are the Q. South Carolina Heisman. The guys with South Carolina ties that one Heisman rattle. Well and last year we gave it to Mason Rudolph was our team that was seventeen course people know addition Watson got it the year before that so. We're trying to. Make a legacy there with that that. That award make it kind of south Carolina's Heisman Trophy and and so we're well on her way. Very good day after he said that I would have the ability to vote I didn't hear anything after that I am totally excited now some let me answer call and on this and his history. You get is signed up for Vienna sounds fantastic so hey I'm here when Michael Foster Harry day for South Carolina football hall of fame. A Michael before you go on display of other things that you guys work on which your time so once you fill in. You know some of the things people might not know about the guys are spending time on from my sock on football hall of fame. You don't realize we are 501 C three nonprofit. And so. All that that we put on like the speakers here let legend speaker series. China ceremonial golf tournament all this stuff it's really just a platform for us to. Raise money Q helped support. The community development and we did end and several different ways one. Is we have a business connect program that helps connect. College football players who are about to make that transition from the field to the business world grain. And so. Bet that's been our longest running program that's. It's a program that it is a referral only usually because. We're not we're not very big right now but. That's kind of our. Cut of that big program that we that we had trumpeted since the beginning in our six years but we've we really haven't want to help these kids make that. Next step and there's a lot of kids that they think they're gonna go play pro football than they don't and they got to find something else to do with the rest of life and we wanna help them make that transition. But one of the things that out of that that we realizes that it might be helpful for then heard these kids to. To learn. Some things before they get to that point so we're working with that calm the Department of Commerce came to Steve Blankenship. And he said what we're doing some programming for K through twelve. You guys be interested beautiful and so we're gonna get involved with this and we're hoping to put them together or we had a nice meeting this morning with. A Greenville county AD. And then to try and get a program together which we go and we talked to these football players K through twelve. It helped prepare them for each of their next steps Guinea. Before college so that way they have an idea of what they need to do for SAT what they need before they CT core curriculum. Attitude team work. Really anything to do with their life to be set up to a successful life outside of high school when they're on high school and so that's one of the things that we're excited about unveiling here in Greenville county here in the fall. A 2018. And so we're working on putting together these plans but we think this program could be it's a pilot program right now that we're working on. We think it could if we do do it right here in Greenville county we wanna take it to the rest of the state and then hopefully maybe it'd be a platform for. For other states as well to incorporate this kind of programming. Keep kids grownup. And so hopefully all the weekend. Improve graduation statistics. In high school we create. We can help get more kids in the college because they actually are getting. Doing academic things that they need to do. And it and we don't have kids. Graduate for our. Indo high school not know what they're supposed to be doing or not getting into college because they didn't have the proper. A core curriculum or whatever so. Because a lot of people don't realize it yet to have certain eligibility there's certain eligibility requirements to even get a scholarship. And athletic scholarship for the NCAA and I get recruited up. So. Right now. We want China educate them on doing that goes along with. Eventually trying to build museum here in missed in the upstate on and we want to include a look leadership senator involved with that the house some of these programs mean. Things that we're doing these educational program that we're doing. In the next three to five years so. From his seat as a busy you don't have any time to stay here any longer can you -- -- -- -- your work and it sounds -- Dreyer and that's right mr. artists are a run on Rivera Mary well again alleged speaker series is the next event to you can attend its June 6 that 5 o'clock embassy suites very day quickly and instinct he had definitely so Michael Foster Harry day thanks for coming by guys it's always great CU on a big fan your organization and our best to look TO will be talking to you some precision aren't. Awesome hey again it's a short showed today he only got me for one more segment before Clemson baseball we'll talk some more NBA. This is about time to play some baseball Marshall percent for mark Sturgis. We will be giving away at the bottom of the hour to Clemson baseball pregame. First pitch with the Kennesaw State owls should be right around 6 o'clock tonight you can hear all right here on ESPN upstate. And then as soon as the Clinton gains over. We'll go right into the NBA game tonight between the Celtics in cats never asked turning channel once it's perfect lineup for tonight that's what I'm gonna be Dylan. I'll be listening to. The Clinton game and then to be checking out the the cast Celtics tonight as well we should be great Clinton comes into the game tonight 39 and thirteen on the season. Kennesaw State 25 and 24. Matt Clark on the mound for the tigers tonight to know with a one point 59 ERA Brian Kennedy goes for the owls. Santa beard leading the ACC with sixteen home runs. Clemson's leading all power five teams in the country. 79 home runs. This is their final regular season nonconference game. In currency goes on the road to Pittsburgh for games on Thursday. Friday and Saturday you can hear all those right here on ESPN upstate as well. And then a great stat I'm clumps of fourteen and four record in one run games that ties the school record of 141. Run wins. Say that really fast three times. Into that they did it again and they did it originally back and Tony sixteen when they were fourteen and six overall. And also. The 91 based on account every day you're crazy they're great. They have ranked all 64 of the teams. That they think will be in the field. Or the college World Series run including the sixteen teams hosting a regional. South Carolina insulated to go up to duke. Along with seeing Johnson Davidson and play and that regional up in Durham and right now Clinton has the overall number eight seed in the country. Which means a host a regional and then super regionals they were to advance but started today NT one baseball is correct they would have Oklahoma State's. Indiana and yea all in their region so let's be excited about a pure tiger fan right now. Must be excited about your game copy and are just stand a College Baseball a ton of stuff going on. It was great. Great great great having the guys for South Carolina football hall of fame combine a big fan of their organization. I had so much fine. At their induction ceremony a couple of weeks ago. They've got their legend speaker series. June 6 5 o'clock embassy suites and their day coach Steve Spurrier. Will be in town folks. Good to SC football HOF dot org Peter take its that you got to do this your college football. And I did get going to that website up on our Twitter accounts few. Are driving you can't write that down to stuff find us on Twitter at ESP and upstate very good thank you think you diesel. Ultimately be there end and look forward to having coach Spurrier in town. Couple other points of note for you get out of here firming Gardner-Webb if you're planning on going over to watch the palace played tonight change your plans that game was canceled. Firm and all now hosts UNC Greensboro this weekend and by this weekend I mean Thursday Friday Saturday. That's going to be the lineup for all of the local College Baseball. Series this weekend. Game tonight is canceled. US Seaver USC upstate scheduled tonight down in Columbia canceled. South Carolina's got three games remaining at Texas CNN starting on Thursday night has seen a couple of things on Twitter me and it is sunny. Down in Kennesaw Georgia. So it looks like we're gonna be okay weather wise for the tigers tonight keep our eye on that sick and die should be a great game here NE SP in upstate. 1 thing I am also not going to miss this evening it starts at 730 on ESPN is CN BA draft lottery. Which is always a quirky goofy little thing. Represented us of all the teams that are in the lottery. Will be there. It's never rethink it is sometimes it's a celebrity associated with the team. Sometimes it's an ex player sometimes see very stiff owner or. GM or something like that the looks like they rather be anywhere but on television. And they gradually unveiled the picks thirteen up to number one. And needing you see with a draft oral B for the NBA draft coming up and a couple of weeks so the Phoenix Suns had the best chance at getting. The number one. Selection tonight at 25%. Meant this is right around 20% odds. Dallas Mavericks in Atlanta Hawks right around 14%. In an Orlando. Magic in man they've had some magic cold draft lotteries in the past. Going a lot higher than people thought they would they've got to about a 9% chance tonight if you're Charlotte hornets fan. You need to do whatever you can't summon. Luck. Basketball gods lottery gods whatever you need to make happen. Is the odds of the Charlotte hornets getting the number one pick tonight coming out of the eleven slide is zero point 8%. Stop posting crying Jordan means there may be updated with the exactly. So you say and there's a chance there is a chance. They also about a 3% chance of being in the top three. On the more than likely will continue to remain at that eleven slot so. I think this is on tonight you'd think they'd find a different way to do it even basically doing the same way now for about 1012 years. And die and it's always so awkward. Because the people that are involved or not people that are normally on TV radio I guess if you will. So will be I keep our eyes on that tonight. And I promise you prediction Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Boston Celtics tonight LeBron has never lost a series. And conference play. Where his team lost game one. Never happen wants this team has lost game one in the series eight times. In conference play and the playoffs he's eight for eights. When he saw scheme one in the finals. He's O for three. So everything pointing to a Cleveland Cavaliers resurgent this evening any meaning that series it one game apiece. Boston is a one point favorite tonight. Man every single thing. Makes me wanna pick the Celtics tonight the go 20 in the series. Everything. But I'm not gonna bet against LeBron Jordan by LeBron Jordan they don't there's a folk pop Korea LeBron James. I think decide cat's gonna take your business this evening and die and win game two here against the Celtics and taken back cleanly in the swing Freud was right yep exactly. LeBron Jordan that would be a player. I tell you settle the debate a draw a creative player yeah I love a man now figure out something about that. Go on for same about to give way to close in baseball price add to send. Will be here run the show tomorrow. Thanks a lot everybody and it had a lot of fun today. Seed tigers pull one out tonight.