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Looks like Carolina Panthers have found their new owner mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. Here's your chance free money is a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate the key word is cake. Text the keyword to seven to 881 that's 72881. Good luck the 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate now to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 7 AM. If you're gonna spend a thousand dollars on it takes. Oh now can be as big as it needs to be to be worth a thousand dollars but you've got to spend a thousand dollars on McCain what kind of cake. Like what flavor or style that whatever. To be German chocolate could be. I'm so it's and a chocolate icing cake so I don't be you know some high end bakery or something or I should say is is I would get my mom to OK now and then we take a thousand dollars to do something different. How much can you can't cheat use his answer paid their roles here they're solo processors as I said spent a thousand dollars on a kkk is he gets it oh got out of the store gets point five. Worth of ingredients in the making case you don't press TV yourself like that double what would you would take whichever chocolate. Has done darn. Okay yeah so you lead you lead spend a thousand dollars on size he would just make it gigantic either that it would be yellow cake. You heard yellow cake here. Okay. Moving on yes I ID I'm not following you. Through this this whole thing and that's fine chocolate icing yellow cake he can't beat that. On May be OK Caroline does beat that I have no idea but it's and a whole different shelved let's see after hours version. A straight up the surge say that's for Steelers minority owner David tepper expected to sign the deal today. A source confirmed to ESP and the Panthers will be sold for 2.2. Billion. Dollars. That's what to Houston Rockets sold for last year pass its so much money. Charlotte Observer was so the group that broke the sale. I tempers the founder of global hedge fund apple Lisa management has a net worth of eleven billion dollars. Since he's a minority owner of the Steelers he's already pass the league's vetting process he has 5% of the Steelers today I'm guessing you'll happily sell. 5% of the Steelers. To upgrade here. So temper should be signing this making it official we are telling you yesterday we thought I'd be this week. Sounds like you may be by the middle of the week so I'm excited to get temper and and equally is excited to get Jerry Richardson outs. Well all the things. And scandals surrounding him right now. It's time for a change teleport having tempered down here for a yacht press conference hopefully soon hopefully sometimes just sometime this week he sits in front of the media and talks about. All this. And what his plans are for the franchise. It's been a lot written in the last week or two that temper wants is to be like the Steelers. Run the organization like the Steelers. Tempers got a pretty outspoken personality and he likes a camera us. Which I did not like to hear. Out right to have mine owner. You don't watch owner never talking to the media but you don't want your owner. Being like Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones where the focus is on them just as much is this their teams. So David tepper expected to sign up cantor Steele as early as today so we'll keep our eye on that's. On some disturbing news that broke just before the show. Krista Glover Weiss a PGA tour pro Lucas Glover who of course went to Clemson. Was arrested in Florida during the players championship last weekend or domestic violence and resisting arrests. Krista Glover forcefully attacks and and cheer and injured Lucas Glover inside a rented home on Saturday night. According to the police report both Lucas Glover and his mother had visible injuries after she intervened to stop the altercation. Lucas told deputies his wife gets violent every time he doesn't play well in a major PGA tournaments. Glover shot 78 on Saturday in the third round of the players. He did not play on Sunday. Gulliver say he and his wife are. Pardon me Glover said his wife had been drinking during the day she verbally abuse Glover and peppered him with profane insults in front of their young children is just a heartbreaking story. After deputies handcuffed Christa Glover she became combative and tried to separate herself from the arresting deputy according to the police report. She wrapped her legs and feet around the door and frame of the car preventing the lower half of her body from getting in the whole car. Began screaming kicking their rear driver's side door. The charges filed against Chris Glover are misdemeanors but carry a one year sentence if convicted. After spending a night in saint John's county jail she was released on 2500 dollar bond on Sunday so I'm sure we'll get more details on the stories we go along. A heartbreaking story. Krista Glover white the PGA tour pro Lucas Glover arrested on domestic violence charges over the weekend so. The Clemson golf. Team right now. Well Larry Henley they completed two rounds in their regional turn him and I believe they're in second place so laden. Some breaking news on that front today and we'll be keeping our eye on this as the day goes on and as the week goes on. I'm a couple other things popped out to meet today is all kinds of wrenching news and we got a shortened show today. More than likely. So. Clemson is scheduled to take on Kennesaw State's. Diesel are getting you may be you know this one Kennesaw State has a football team now what is he Kennesaw states mascots. I believe that he owls never the owls nice good job good job so they're taking out of Kennesaw State owls down. It's just north side northwest of Atlanta a little bent as of now there are no weather issues so we will have the pregame. For Clinton baseball right here on ESPN's upstate starting at 530. It's 6 o'clock right around there'll be first pitch tonight and if we have a rain delay that I will be here to carry you through it if there's any type of weather related issues down their today. I just wanna know is they haven't owls screeched whenever they score a touchdown. How piercing would that be yes wow. Can you find on a lake YouTube her. But that's the way I was talking I was talking about had a quiet and he did it again so I can use this Erica I'll be a be quiet. That is terror I don't know it kinda Al that is so. For those of you at home. Not only did diesel do you screech but you also for some reason flap your arms added in January miscarried so you have got a part of the screech and how to get into our. Nice okay this is gonna come back to haunt you very very soon can't do it without the arm wiggle. I should just be a picture view on the Jumbotron doing that act like she's second pause and I don't I'm not gonna do it is Julie's back on May affect. An indiscreet sell on Clinton's schedule to pregame 531 pitch right around 6 o'clock and again if there is a weather related event I will be here. And I will talks a sports if you pay itself open poster in the show today 844 GS PE SPN 8444773776. If you wanna get in the chat with the about any thing we're going to be talking baseball today. We're going to be talking about the NBA. I thought a terrific game between the warriors and rockets last night it at least in the second half not a good second quarter really good second half. I've got some statistics around LeBron James and how he performs in the playoffs after the cavaliers lose this gonna blow your mind. All that's going to be coming up in the next segment and we've got some baseball talk. Braves won yesterday while we're on the air take on the cubs back in Atlanta. The weather is supposed to cooperate for the Braves and down or I guess and the perimeter. And Atlanta and Cobb County I and it's also splits cooperate with Clemson in Kennesaw State so hopefully all them gets. It's their games and tonight. So heavily discussed there as well and die a couple of nuggets that I grabbed out today that I liked as well. So ESPN had a pretty cool story to wanted and check it out today they asked NFL rookies. How they planned to spend their first paycheck. Maker mayfield. So when I saw okay baker mayfield first paycheck. My immediate reaction wise. It's gonna be something strange right acres kinda out there. Very emotional guy wears his emotions on his sleeve. Maybe he's got some big expenditure plans. It got break the bank what's he gonna do. Baker mayfield says he's gonna Curtis put his first paycheck right into savings. Mayfield said quote I haven't thought about it. Savings yeah I think savings will be a good call and the browns' other first rounder Cornell cornerback Denzel ward said. I had to do something for my mom I don't know white yet I've got to ask her first mayfield we'll have plenty of money to spend. 32 point 99 million over the course of his rookie contract. Which includes more than its when he million dollar bonus. He signed die all kinds of contracts as well I know for signatures and things like that. On its gonna be supported by some Branson this is a the only money it'll become an informed baker may kill the Smart decision put it in savings baker that's the right. Way to go put the first one in savings. But the second one down on some diversified investments. Make your money work for you that's what that's for these guys screw up my hand as they go out there and they blow it on cars. And G five airplay allow whatever is they buy these days gold chains. And they don't invest they don't invest properly. I mean watch watched three episodes of breaking bad and you know if you need to be viewed as safe money invest in laser tag. And you invest. In it in Vietnamese. And nail salons and car wash. And Hala car washes right and we had a lot of good car wash Alastair I don't know if you remember that yes that's right if you specially you can buy from a guy named Bob Dunn. And run on so with all these athletes out there you're saying you and I should start a nationwide laser tag and no ands and go boy as his money's Woodley iso EDS we just that we do that and we become investment. Agents to steer them towards our laser tag. Yes win twice prelates could they must tell you what. And cake ruled them into the cake thing early right you can also available concessionary tried as well yeah confectionery shop like this at a diesels doughnuts are so many times have you seen Childress confessions of a times that he's seen cupcakes on shark tank about a hundred yeah. There's all there's only like six ways to make it cupcake. Evidently not certain. We Cilic got up. How many cupcakes have gone on shark tank and how many have been invested and because it is it's unlike every other show. My wife and daughter got addicted that show for a while we're watching like a couple episodes every day in your right it's cupcakes. Interest in and baby themed stuff. I here's another one that jumped out of me today. Expectations. Around Tebow Samuel. Through about the first three games. In a pair kick returns. Six touchdowns. Helped them beat Missouri and chopped north Carolina state of course in the season opener before he got hurts. CBS NFL writer will Branson put out a mock draft today. He had the six foot 210 pounds Samuel going. Third. Overall. To the New York Jets behind only nick boasted to the browns and will career to the giants. This is what prince is said quote he missed a lot of 2017 with injury. But when Samuel plays he's a high impact guy who can take a topple the defense he is one handed touchdown Saget game cut season opener last year was ridiculous. I would agree with that it was ridiculous the jets need to get seemed Arnold a true number one weapon to grow with and Tebow is that weapon. So some really high praise for Samuel. I hope I have been going this high. But I agree I mean South Carolina is going to be an explosive. And electric team on offense this year. When they help the Devo Samuel. So I hope he's back in a 100%. Hoping its stay healthy. And roll due to seize on that should be very good stuff. Are right we got South Carolina hall of fame. Talk later in the show is well Michael Foster Harry day are gonna be stopping by to see us. Plenty more to talk about. The weather is already wreaking Havoc. On sporting events and our great state mark Childress in four mark Sturgis. Furman and Gardner-Webb baseball game tonight canceled. Furman will be host CNET UNC Greensboro this weekend starting on Thursday and in the Southern Conference tournament next week I believe starts on Tuesday at war field. So if you're planning on headed over to see firming Gardner-Webb tonight do not go there will be no ball game played. Also South Carolina Bursch USC upstate down in Columbia founder's park. Last home game of the season for the gamecocks. Canceled. Due to weather. South Carolina's got three games at Texas CNN starting on Thursday night so no Furman baseball game. No South Carolina baseball game. As of right now Clemson and Kennesaw State still scheduled to go at 6 o'clock tonight you can hear that game right here on ESP NF states. Pregame start right about 530 and if anything happens with the weather I would election now on if you wanna get on the phones open phones this segment. Chad NBA whatever's on your mind 844 GS PE SPN 8444773776. Let's go to phone line inside a catch up a Delmon Delmon what's on your mind. Take it on to a good man you. Until very own merit scholar who policy won't want to let us do adult you don't keep it where you. Well you know he has come out and said that he has no plans to via two and moved the team at a town. On. You never know right that's been some of the rumors going around but that that has spent a question that was asked by the NFL and I'm sure by Jerry Richardson. He doesn't want the team to go anywhere. Is where he's from so I don't think he's gonna move the team he has said he hasn't moved the team my guest Delmon and and thanks for the comment and question. My guess is when he sits down for his press conference if it's not the first question it's going to be the second question. Do you have any plans to consider shopping. The Carolina Panthers are trying to take him elsewhere. I think he answered that's gonna be no we'll keep our eye on its guarantee you if he was dumb enough to move that teams. Charlotte would have another NFL franchise within five years. They wanted but you don't wanna see you know you wanna see your starters certainly not I don't wanna come and get in some big stadium conversation and our stadium isn't good enough so and we need to go to the taxpayers again another one. Hopefully he Smart enough to comment and not road to rock the boat too much right now what the Panthers need is stability. Because everything's in chaos up to. Are right now that's for years when you have owners who make it about them. And not about the city. Agreed. It's not what the owner wants and I get it again if you put up that kind of cash. You have every right to have that team if you want to hear the owner. But especially we got a fan base it's rabbit has to Caroline there on what way to move it to. He's nobody he he's very Philanthropic. He's donated three million dollars over the years to help with hurricane relief in Puerto Rico and Texas. When hurricane CD hit the New Jersey coast in 2012 EG about 121100. Dollar gift cards to people in twenty different communities. So he's got a big heart. And again to be Smart he's gonna come in here and keep it status quo again comment and put your stamp on things. But what we need is someone who was called what does a wanna come and shake a lot of stuff up right now especially with all the stuff surrounding Jerry Richardson. And die and stay the course and deathly don't move the franchise what I dealt a thanks for the call I think he'll be asked that question very early on. We shall see again 844 GS PE SPN. A 444773776. If you wanna get in the chat. And and hit the story one more time and then I'm not talking about it again today on the show but it was breaking news. Coming out about five minutes before I went on the air today Christa Glover white the PGA tour pro pro Lucas Glover who went to Clemson. Was arrested in Florida during the players' championship for domestic violence and resisting arrest. She allegedly forcefully attacked and injured Lucas Glover inside a rented home on Saturday night's. Lucas told deputies say deputies his wife gets violence. Everytime he doesn't play well in the major PGA tournaments. He shot a 78 on Saturday and then did not play on Sunday. Both charges filed against Krista Glover are misdemeanors. They both carry a one year sentence if convicted she spent the night in jail was released on 2500 dollars bond on Sunday. So a devastating story. Thoughts go out to Lucas Glover and a Stanley hopefully they can find a way to ride to get through this but that was some breaking news that wanted to share with you also. I love. They do a great job of keeping up to date on on the latest information on the College Baseball front but they also do the brackets policy. They've got a projected field of all 64 teams. And they they updated each week. And it includes all sixteen. Regions ranks in order. So according to the projected field that they put out a little bit earlier today the Clemson Tigers are the number eight national seed. Which would keep them in line to host a super regional after the regional. So the tournament started today according to. Clausen to be a one seed in the regional obviously. They would host Oklahoma State's as a two seed. Indiana is a three seed and yea Ol is a four seed that would have close and opening vs Yale. In the first round and Indiana opening with Oklahoma State as South Carolina they have going up the road to Durham, North Carolina. Any region hosted by duke. Pollard did that gun yeah that would be great. Saint John's in Davis and also in that region and again last week bad Clemson is the overall number seven seed and they had South Carolina in their region. Which I think is a terrible idea. Don't like having the rematch that early in the tournament. With all the stuff going on for both of those teams have to worry about the rivalry. I think would be a big mistake do you think they're trying to ensure that they get that right they get their match up. I think you know you can see you can put a man in different brackets and need different regions. And maybe they'll get together yes I later on OK yup what rights do it right but. It feels like the trying to force the rivalries. I agree and last week had a couple album like that this week it's a little different and it continues to change. Right now but the number one overall seed would be Florida followed by Stanford Arkansas North Carolina Oregon State Ole miss Georgia and Clemson. Will be the top eight seats. So if this holds I called Symbian really good shape and South Carolina just wants to BN. Three weeks ago South Carolina would not have been in this tournament. And playing great baseball I believe they've won four SEC series in a row we go on the road texts say NM and a couple of days. Hopefully they can take care business went at least two out of three out there heading into the SEC tournament soon thereafter. So close in Kennesaw State today again is still on first pitch right around 6 o'clock right here on ESPN a state sets a beer. We easy ACC with sixteen. Home runs. Clemson leads all power five teams in College Baseball with 79 home runs. You think the long balls imported to these guys. We had done Munson on yesterday. He pulled out the old the old line chicks dig the long ball right close is Lebanon Diane on the home run which if you're hitting them is a really great thing. The courses offense goes quiet sometimes they don't manufacture runs as much as they do hit the ball out of the ballpark. As a dangerous way to live in the post season. It is. Constant pitching has been better than expected this year pitching staff has a 3.4 five ERA. If you had told me before the season started that was ERA on this team and been thrilled. Let's what it's taken the they've been very pleased with that. This is averaging six point two runs per game they're hitting 255 is a team. Overall the series between Clinton to Kennesaw State but played last year. At Clemson. Clinton won that game overall series record is one to zero going into today. Once is soaring Matt Clark who's to know on the season Ryan Kennedy's going for Kennesaw State they are he is two and six. On the season overall Kennesaw State 25 and 24. And so the course 39 and thirteen a couple stats jumped out to me Lester was a research today. The tigers are 38 and five when scoring at least three runs. Mac is back to the home run that. Sometimes the Clinton bats are totally silent and those are the games that they are losing. They've won 38 F 39 overall wins. And 38 of them have come with the scoring. More than two or three or more runs. Such important. Also. Clinton has a fourteen and four record in one run games have ties to school record they also did a back in 26 team they were fourteen and six and one run games that are here. This year they're fourteen and four. So that's great clubs is also had five walk off hits this year. Including Grayson bird. The last game out of its Austin. The week before that. Which was a great one as well so again Clinton taking on Kennesaw State's. First pitch tonight right around 6 o'clock and that is down. In Georgia. There was in Clinton and I my guess is it would not be played a right now we're on for that's also Atlanta Braves. First place. I continue to say playoff bound Atlanta Braves I'll stick to it. Rays beat the cubs yesterday up in Chicago. In a makeup game from rain out earlier this year now are starting a three game series down a suntrust park in Atlanta. Weather looks like it's gonna cooperate tonight. The be taken on the cubs Yu Darvish. Six year 126. Million dollar contract signed. So far this season he's Owen three. With a six ERA. He just got off the disabled list is coming off the DL he's been terrible this season. He's gonna guess a red hot Atlanta team that is hitting the baseball hard full he's going for the brace tonight. Three into the 3.2 one ERA on the season. And again braves'. Best record in the national leak. The 25 and fifteen. Of those forty games only fifteen of them event at home. And they played the most difficult schedule in baseball so far. Two things looking up for the Braves. The doing really well. Sports gambling. Man a big topic yesterday found some new twist some little bit earlier today that'll be fun to talk about. Is David tempers investment in the Carolina Panthers already worth more than he spent. Marshall percent for march Sturgis today so. Landmark. Decision yesterday by the Supreme Court right. They ruled six to three to strike down the professional and amateur sports protection acts. And if they had effectively limited sports gambling before now the station get to decide. If they want to allow sports betting and their state. South Carolina. Has some legislation. Don't know if this version double pass but that's in there that could set it up we're sports gambling sports betting to be illegal here in the state of South Carolina. Sooner than you think. So do some more research on this with a lot of fun talking about this topic yesterday. And as some of the popped out to media day. Is a quote from Mark Cuban. They were bringing thinks full circle these so we talked to a shark tank earlier not talk about Mark Cuban again and says he's on the show. This was a score today he told CB CNBC this I think everyone who owns. In professional sports team just saw the value of their team double. David tepper just is spending 2.2 billion to by the Carolina Panthers. Fortuitous timing on his part. Not seen the Panthers are worth four point four billion. But with the money that's coming when this decision around sports gaming. Sports gambling betting. And it's worth more they spent already he's already making money. So much a sink backs as well that I dug up. Research by the AGA. Found in 2015. Regular gamblers watching nineteen additional NFL games compared to non gamblers. They also watch gains for longer. Gamblers were just 25% of the market but they consumed 47%. Of the minutes of the broadcasts. PGA critics once legal sports bettors will increase to 50%. Of the viewing audience. So. The folks gambling on the game this is a surprise. There watching more and there watching for longer. So if you're the NFL or any of these major sports leagues. You want more people betting on the games because they won't consume more of your games on television. Which for the NFL. Major League Baseball and hockey ratings have been declining. They've not been strong in the NBA he's been beating that NBA ratings are going up all talk about battled a bit more later this hour as well. So for the NFL. This could not possibly come at a better time. And it tells lost almost double digits in ratings each of the last two seasons. So more people are betting on games it historically people that are betting on games watch more and watch for longer. That's gonna help everybody. And this one last thing jumped out of Maine. It was a quote. Only because it's something I've been talking about the last couple weeks of even listen and Jeff Freeman. President EH EA said broadcasts and advertisers. Who desire. We'll support them right here highly engaged viewers. Would reap the benefits engagement folks. That's what it's about. How can you keep people watching your products how can you. Gambling is gonna help a lot. Hundred different directions at this could go. GMAC on the whole bit earlier today to wanted to vacuous and it was podcast. He had he had someone on from ESPN. Walking through some of the details of what it might mean going forward. Fascinating. It is. I love the idea that you gave yesterday. Of attendees of the game getting slightly better odds. Yeah I think that's a great idea if you giving in to getting three points. He had three and a half points if you actually attend the game be if GM GM is quite the question really then becomes how. How are they gonna track it knows that you were actually there. You don't think it's and Google and other companies can't track every single place you go already under telephone thing at a very very easy. Chairman warrior act as fun that was it was an interesting time. In radio ratings tracking. In the end and we see it bigger markets we don't have it here it's called a personal people meters looks like a beeper. OK for anyone under the age of 25 beepers small devices it's on your belt that you could send messages to someone. It notified them when you left them a voice mail it go phone and call the beeper anyway a pay phone right there. Will people started faking. What they are doing with the PP MO meter. They've put it in their house turn on the radio was leave as a that it would record 24 hours a day. They say that we can't that we got to the got to put some sort of gyroscope inside that that would detect and people are moving. Test and they felt people were strapping into the ceiling fans into their dogs' collars and letting their dogs walk around the house while listening to the radio. Wow and today and Nash has been patent should make some sort of how where it's gone since then I'm not sure but the bad people strapping PPMs to their pets. Toll to get over the to get over the it's got to be moving hurdle. But I guess conceptually. If you wanted a better odds on the game you could give someone going into the game your phone. They can take take it in there and you had a better odds during the game and you're not OK we're taking this away on the road buddy I murder trial witness to follow. Was that they started figuring out what humans date is like you know the motion with which they walk a half. And they've determined and has knobs obviously is not the same as the gate that a dog uses when a dog walks. So they have now adjusted the gyroscope to read what is the walk of a human being. Good grief. If they'd put all of that money. And the time they invested in tracking the ratings on the radio and put into making the product better than you and Venus. Injuries are gone up anyway that's why we have you here yeah absolutely. Of course. You get it that's because his chest yeah I did I shut up I was I was sickened by doing the armed flowers away you know as well yeah exactly. I was got their hate Michael Foster. The South Carolina football hall of fame is going to be coming buying on. Hope to have my next segment at not probably at top of the hour coming up but they've got a great events these barriers coming to town. Why would you wanna miss. Steve Spurrier is always entertaining he will say at least three things the data then that will make national news. Howard Stern why firewire people who like him listen policy level cynnex why did people who hate to listen more. How unsealing of saying next exact appearing if you're Clemson fan I beg you to go to Steve Spurrier. Meeting or any rival to Florida if you tape he's still take it that far back. Go pleased because he's gonna entertain you. I agree I want I would think one of the best interviews and sports. A guy whose opinion you always want to hear is he's gonna give it right he's the anti. Policy anti Nick Saban 'cause that's not fair but so many coaches are so Vanilla right now and wanna think about Steve Spurrier being the opposite of that. And that was got a little bit of that and the two he'll he'll tell you worries that Wear your hat I think that's great more of that more Spurrier. More people telling us how it is. It's images have on the the usual speak. So we'll see we'll go from there hey did you watch the the warriors game against the rockets last night in bloodshed and BMW and he's got covered pretty heavy here. On the next few minutes can dish out 844 GS PE SPN 8444773776. Pushing back cavaliers and Celtics. Team to later tonight I'm customs statistics about LeBron James said to gonna blow your mind. What does he do after the cavs lose. What are his numbers look like how much did they go up mind boggling. But last night. It was exactly as expected told John Kerry yesterday. Belt gold assay was gonna win that game. Over the rockets and they took care businessman a second quarter was ugly. There was like a six or seven minute stretch in the second quarter were neither team could throw the ball in the ocean. And now the third quarter got going. Let me tell you something. Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant unbelievable 37 points last night fourteen of 27 all in portable it points during the game. That would be guys all over him matching hit every single inch of it but then when he goes up in almost seven feet can you shoot over a guy at the end of it. That really matter. Iran unstoppable James Harden had over forty points last night. Did everything he can possibly done it simply defense. The rockets still came up way short they're in big trouble. They let's go to the phones got Mike who wants to talk about conference finals tonight Mike what's on your mind. Well apple watchers are OK once I gotta gotta fill that bill I'm out of the Baylor game what got a little bit but without. Put it until it was so this win the game tonight that you're going to be Oprah and if you didn't if you play the way they play in the delegate split. Yeah I think uses a lot of trouble. Or what kind of adjustments Mike can they make right I mean Harden was fantastic last night on the opposite end of the court. Didn't get as much or Chris Paul. I had they don't have any answer no one does but they don't have any answer for Kevin Durant they did a good job a box and up and bottling up stepped curry last night. But if you buy a lot curry Daniel even Durant won on wine that's suicide if you the rockets so lie and be curious what changes are gonna make. Well it didn't. What did get wind got it is we got an up and then clicked out to eat if you look at great thing is I've got called out every community. People. Big crater could you get to let you know it's very. It can't get hot and you know. We're gonna do you go out all. Now you can't and that's why thanks for the call Mike that's why I think the warriors are gonna roll to another tier I title this year. And they could they could sweep the rockets. Now all underwent two little bit more the next segment. LeBron James is gonna have something to say about Celtics going up to load a night. Historically. He's done it multiple times he's been down multiple times how does he come outs. Tell you about that coming up. The numbers are staggering. For LeBron James after a loss mark Childress and for march Sturgis say we just said Michael Foster and Harry day from the South Carolina football hall of fame wander in here. We chat with them right after the top the hour seed if we wanna stick around and hear about that they've got a big legend speaker series event coming up with coach Steve Spurrier. That's a that's you can't miss that as an absolutely got to go to so we'll get all the details from that everything else going on. South Carolina football hall of fame coming up in the next segment. So why cavs taking on the Celtics tonight in game two that'll be up in Boston. Here's some of the numbers since the decision brought his talents to Miami. LeBron loses in the post season not a lot but when he does this is this is how he reacts. Says the decision his teams have won eight of the eleven series in which they lost the opening game. All the three losses came in the finals. So he has never. Lost. A conference playoff game. When his team has lost game one it's never happened he's eight rates. Game two LeBron is something scary the Celtics had to be prepared for tonight. So let's go back to the first series game one. The pacers take it to the cat's. Game 246. Points for LeBron. One and the one of the biggest clutch performances he's ever had even set series up help some when it. Game one against Toronto has won the game in game one against Toronto in the previous series. James shot twelve of thirty from the field. What are you doing game 243. This is what Brad Stevens said after game one he's got a right. I think we're very alert to the fact that we'll get a heavyweight punch from LeBron on Tuesday night yet you think. 43. 46 in the last game to news matches in this playoffs he's got a history do in this. Now like with the Celtics did in game one. Lot of ball the ball close which is really really. Clog everything up down there in the post and did what to catch early run their to their offense. Combine that with men the Celtics deed up on the broad. They didn't give him that the two or three east. Steps or you know fiber but if you go six feet and it's legal defense with. That 45 feet cushion is what most people give LeBron when they play him. I think that gives a brine and basically a step and a half to jump you. When he drives a ball looked to the basket so the Celtics got right up there on and they didn't even that kind of space. They give that kind of luxury. And it helped a lot in game one. So I can't wait for tonight I'm not a big LeBron fan but man when LeBron is on. He's fun to watch. And I think tonight is the series and the cavs win the ballgame tonight and I'll give you my prediction for up at 530 today. The cats when tonight but an even that series one a piece Dell have home court advantage for the remainder of the series and the Celtics can find a way to get up to zero. Still have two home games left they have an excellent chance of winning series I think this series comes down to tonight. If funding to watch. I said this yesterday. I think the series for Houston and Golden State. And so on game one last night. Houston did everything they possibly could not sensibly and still got beat by thirteen. James Harden went for 41 points. Tremendous playoff performance fourteen it's 44 was an efficient 41. Was like a shot at 36 times. He is fantastic on offense last night. He said had no answer for the warriors. None at all Kevin Durant what 37 Klay Thompson went for 28. Now they did a great job on step Currie who still looks about a half step slow from his knee injury Sammy. Especially on defense curry on defense moving side to side was a nightmare that he sinking continue to exploit. And they try to hide curry sometimes on defense when he was on the court whenever they get to match up they wanted he got harder Chris Paul on step curry they went out and every time. This curry curry Snee is not a 100% you can sell. Step still has some big baskets last night he had eighteen points. But it was in the can and you expect to see primary only shot 53 pointers. Made one of them. So I think the warriors are gonna cruise in this series I think a sweep as possible although I believe Houston probably grab game two later this week. Also. Between five iron right at the end of the next half hour of talk about the NBA draft lottery that is tonight at 730. The teams to be selected. If you got a dog in the fight you'll be watching tonight at 730. To see what draft order comes out for the NBA draft coming up this summer. This can change this could change a franchise. It has many times in the past. So the Phoenix Suns. The most likely team to get the number one pick 125% chance of that tonight Memphis Grizzlies. Just 120%. Dallas Mavericks about 14% Atlanta Hawks right there as well right about 14%. And then it drops down from there. So that's gonna be announced this evening. That's always fun to watch it's a random assortment of representatives from each team they'll bring their good luck charms. Do whatever it takes to try to get the good vibes and good Mo Jo going on this lottery. So their team can get as high a pick in the NBA straps possible. So we'll talk about a little bit more about that as well. So coming up after the break. Michael Foster Harry day from the South Carolina football hall of fame. Once a great set to talk about the Mac join us.