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The Atlanta Braves six to five winners over the Chicago Cubs this afternoon mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis. I've been looking forward to this all day long can't cutting ten editor brain is wired dot com and our brazen insider here on ESPN ST joining us. Can't another big win for a red hot Atlanta Braves team today. Yeah my hands are still shaking for that ninth inning aerials up. Well like it's even worse for me Reich is a live on the air and I got the television right up to my left so I was trying not to look at Ed and my my heart rate was going up also. Yeah exactly I was like oh boy that was that was so interesting night that every hour they got steroid and they are great shape I mean it I just got a quick check this morning over the past three years. I went back and looked at be the first forty games that he's over the past three years. And over the past receipt of the total of eighteen has started 45 and fifteen or better and do you believe every single one of them made the black ops. I'm the Braves blast for the Braves started twice 515 was 2012. And they won 94 games that you're they finished second in the east end and want a wildcard berth so. Yeah odds and odds are certainly in their favor at this point. Did to make a serious postseason run this year so it's a lot of fun. Absolutely great stature can coming ten you can find on braves wired dot com. I can't the thing that jumps out to me is in it feels like the rays did it again today ranked the Braves are winning games when they're not playing their best. And I think that's something that is different from the past couple seasons right Julio was a little shaky today we had the rough ninth inning from the bullpen but still come out on top that to me is the biggest differentiator from this team and some previous teams. Tell that have had if that's the benefit of having so much talent eligibility on the team as you know some guys are going to be out some guys aren't I mean we etiquette you come up give a shot now. Yeah utilities are growing pains and and it out of the deal much at play. But you know pretty Freeney got on you know and other days I'll be comes in and it does a lot Tyler flowers steps up to date the ball that does great work. You know what the and that was less stellar outing super. There for K rod but it was whatever it was solid all things considered the ball was carrying out in Britain it would no cutting hitters park that can't be. And die young and Eric Davis six innings to get the team. At a ball game if you know if he get that game gets out of hand for Tehran the Braves don't what is he really count on Mary gave that the team's six innings. After the ball game. Bullpen took care business and and say that about the way. It's a can't what do you think about the Jose Batista experiment it's not one that was very popular priest fans he came operate as the braves' site I think dumps three games against the giants I believe. They talked about the team chemistry changing. But Tom he gets the baseball really hard and is at least serviceable in the field so for now I think but he's just gonna stick around we'll about longer. Yeah I wanna lay out what other what other radio desert Atlantic grab Scalia think tweeted earlier today so they Batista disturb the chemistry at the left field bleachers today. It was a which is a great book yeah I mean that's that whole thing about the serving chemistry was really silly I mean it's you know. I think a lot of bands again you know think of them I'd do it a couple of outlets and it is sort of fill in the gaps and incomplete picture of their minds of of this god be. Yes some sort of the jerk about cancer and it's just not it's just not the case according to all the people that played with them and I've coached him. Yeah audience that would like and copilot so you know he's he's these disparities are respected and respectful that are critical about. And and actually that was one of the reasons debris is one of them. To be get wet obviously a big step down defensively firm you know from clarity or mark or at third base so we got a hit you know you've got to hit it to justify it's existence in the lineup. And of course he did that today so you know the Big Three run blast at a couple homers the last few games. So he's he's starting to the bullet weight from an offensive standpoint if people continue to do that will be announced that. And that was Ken coming sand from brace wired dot com you could find him on Twitter he's a great follow fried basketball ATL that's baseball without an. Ronald Acuna junior A is expected I saying can mean we don't comment expected to hit the cover off the ball every week they're starting it's a video on M. Trying to figure out a way to pitch him a little bit differently he's been sliding at the plate the last couple of games. I expected to snap out of it soon. On to be expected writes I anytime the new kid comes up. Yeah I mean it's it's certainly not expect that I mean these guys get a couple appeared at a growing pains in that part of the just think that Major League Baseball but it's. It's been as Saturday you know typically. You know he may apple you know for the local growing pains when he comes at a level that doesn't take very long to break out of even though yeah I that the big lake now that differ from double it's different for triple I'm sure they'll snap out of it some time and you know your future. Sometimes what you're a little bit to get those things happening at the takes some pitches he should taker you know what I beauty he did he look it's not that report obviously that all played out today was terrible but. If there were some you know borderline strikes that that that he thought he can't do that would he strikes and so. I feel now about he's he's such an amazingly talented gifted kid you know he's he's certainly got it. But that's the great thing again about the planet does that he you don't have to have one guy. Pull all the way and he got Ozzie I'll be caught IV LB says thirteen although he's tied. With Bryce Harper. And that you bet it is the other guys that would about public out of the top of my head about Mike Trout is more home runs the Mike Trout erroneous. Tips. Except. At this point the middle of may which you know that could have predicted that it's it's insane so there's there's so much firepower the devils' lineup. And yet they've. And so what they're missing a guy like against these swaps it came about got such a great start and restarted Bob organic and it. It'll look at the get that it DL obviously but he they're missing Dansby. Opinion that inning right now. But other guys are so and that's just the benefit of having a deep team with so much talent as that you guys are gonna have some guys. That maybe are healthy years ago as an arc hitting your art are on top of their game at a given moment to get other guys to step up all the waiting to get to the way it's. Tuck who can't cutting ten from praise wired dot com you can find him there. So odd there's a young Fella named Austin Riley who hits three home runs for Cornet yesterday I would what is he played about seven games now at the AAA level. There's a saying here the Davos Sweeney has so you know the local football coach your clients and the best is yet to come. It feels like that there are some breeze players on the way. That could make this team even better maybe even as early as later this year. Yet that's what could happen to me that that's yeah that's that's of the president Batista is that you know he he definitely out. The enemy does anyway went for a first first place teams we've got it to keep this. Beekeepers job but especially when you look at what possible Riley's they're somebody out question on Twitter that's a lot you know as a great question. What they asked what you know lost early twenty years old. And you know he's crushing minor league pitching so far this year. What what makes it any different from the current year or sarokin terms of his readiness to be called up and it's a legitimate question gonna first I thought well. Sponsor wrote gut and any junior were both of them in the big league camp about so wait a minute so Israelis so. Yeah I mean. You know those guys are called up. Than there's no reason to think that probably might not also be called up pretty soon except that there's not. Opt for it is not a particular need right now the call him up that's the biggest of the big mysteries and at the moment. And we don't Woolsey I mean they signed but he's said they've got a better if he continues to hit it you know more than pull its weight that it's it's hard to figure out what they'll do what it. If Bob peace it out that ultimately does not work out then you know it's it's certainly looking. Increasingly likely that we could see Austin Riley sooner sooner rather than later because he really is crushing finally getting out of Bennett triple labor law that I suspect. Regardless they wanna give a little bit more target AAA. But you know so so Geddes these. Certainly AAA pitchers aren't haven't any easier time with them to this point the deadly pitchers that. Wrapping up with can't Covington from brain is wired dot com so it's it's in two feet four game series I guess with the cubs for pulling them make a game today and then three at home. For Atlanta and now what can you what what are you expecting to see for the next couple days course full tees go on tomorrow against Yu Darvish. Yeah it's it just think if you look all he's still out of obviously were you know people watch his pitch count of hope that he can get deeper at ball games but you know so far he's been. Real solid for the Braves on balance there was that last. Start before last against the giant three. It it looked get a probably the tipping his pitches that weren't there were some pictures that they're back and hesitation with disarmament slider. Done that was talking about that on the radio as well that he felt like the guy actually seen the smell was coming so you know they they cut that iron that out he looked a lot better in his last start. As you know it certainly he's got the stuff to be and it's so we'll see what happens so. You know that they played four games that are against the cubs obviously the cup circuit team you go to those four games they could look. You know essentially it's a four game series even want to let you know once in Wrigley and in the next period Atlanta. But you go play good team 44 game series if you split that series you'll take. So hopefully you know the Braves what at least 13 in Atlanta that you look at that you know as splitting a four game series but obviously sister got all. They're open they could take two with three which would be three or four that would be that you know a real accomplishment against the team as good as the cubs. They got it you know all need to rest and pitching staff Newcomb has been amazing. And that that's just what I keep watching those young guys that step because I think that's really the big. Yet at the big question mark of the big I would should make X-Factor for the Braves in terms of whether or not they make the playoffs this year. It's how those young starters continue to develop and hold up so you can continues to do great work. If all the continues to take to make strides. It's a roll out you know comes edited out of you know begins to turn a quarter he's going to be fine. I think even this year gave people with some some picked up there so if the young pitching gets it done it if he beats thinking carry them. And that'll make the play out this year I'd bet to be at the biggest thing about watching his every out of it and I think they ill. I'm looking to see how they perform because they really are I think the X-Factor for the birds. Final question for Kay Covington from praise wired dot com so cans Supreme Court ruling today now each individual state can decide. How they wanna handle what is now legalized sports betting if they want it's. On any initial thoughts on that type of impact this could have on Major League Baseball I think this could be good for engagement and growth of the game. And Major League Baseball do you agree with that. Yeah I haven't I haven't given much thought. Yeah I would have we given that much but it's it's interesting to see the Supreme Court way ahead and say it's up to the states to do that and that that's gotta let what in my day job a cover that that that's sort of stop the politics and art news but. I haven't thought much about what the impact that it will be. On baseball and obviously for some some murmurs about Las Vegas being in the mix for an expansion team and it obviously that's that's one thing that pops to my mind is that you know the objections about eighteen being placed and I guess. Where there's betting on sports and things like that you know that if if that happens in many other states now have I think some of those objections on the table so. Gotta be actually to see what that happens and at what happens with that and that does affect things. Thanks a lot to can't Covington from brace wired dot com always good to catch up you know so much about the Braves drop increased statistics on you. All kinds of good information will continue to brace talk. And some NBA coming up. A new way of Placer Nevada had even thought about before all the breaking news from today mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling today in a landmark decision that gives states the go ahead to legalized betting on sports. In diesel to do all kinds a research on this today and learn and learn and stuff make myself smarter on its on. A couple other sports books over and net England. Have a bet this is a perfect kind of bad you ready for this. Make your own bets. Each caught company called something different like requests of that basically you called the bookie. Or contact the bookie via social media. Asked them what every watt in they'll give you a line on it you can make up the bat hey I think Appalachian State's gonna score fourteen points. By date or more in the first happened hill DB the odds on it you can place a bet right there on the phone that's the ultimate way to engage. That's the ultimate way to you lied to change the game a little bit so an angle on the sad really even thought about yet. And it is this many sports books in the United States. All these different places. They're all gonna be looking for different angles and maybe make your own bad man come up when that that's the ultimate day it's like you're sitting in a bar with your body's. And it's a guy you there's no way O'Dell but the junior's gonna catch word three more passes today wanna bet on that Tony bugs and you go for it. Now I can do that with sports books brilliance. Brilliance. Going to be etched into watch and fun to follow. Lust unpacked from the last couple segments on the show we had Ken cutting ten. And he's awesome because he gets a braves. And he's got great statistics about number you can tell on the she loves to briefs to and that's why like talking to Kent he's like me Manny loathsome. He's followed them. Keep upload them. To some really gets up there. Hey you wanna talk about this breaking news about sports betting today anything else on your mind in you call 844 GS PE SPN. That's 8444773776. We misses the top of the hour as we had came coming ten but I did want to give you a chance. At free money. It's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate the key word for this hour is off this. Text the key word to seven to 81 but seven to 81 good luck to you the 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate. Now to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 7 AM so the key word for this hour is. Office. On the panthers' front earlier today David tepper. Finalizing a deal to purchase the Carolina Panthers according to WP NG. Earlier today. Tempers the founder of apple Lisa management. Bought the team from its speculated we don't have the exacts. I'm out yet as has not been reveals should be soon it's unlikely nail biting into this week to temper scene at the new owner and how much he paid. Between somewhere between two point one and 2.5 billion probably as a make that big of a difference a tapper because he's worth eleven billion dollars. And again he's part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers today. Who better. To bring in the next. I think. It's somebody that knows her way around the NFL. They've been doing it for years they've been observing. They've had skin in the game for years and they did a part of a franchise it's one of the best in football. The new confirmation Rudolph. Quarterback from Rock Hill. In Oklahoma State. But when you think about the best. Franchises in the NFL. If Europeans to stand out there. You can do a lot worse than being in Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the best brands in football. One of the best run organizations. The Steelers you know for a couple of things. Hard nosed football from the Steel City. Winning. And most importantly. They don't make a lot of personnel changes. They give their coaches a long time to brief the do. They're not running guys in and out of town and two or three years they spent the time to get the DNA guy they want and they make him successful. I sort of coincidence. It's not. The Susan had something like three coaches over the last 35 years or something outrageous looking up at the break it's something outrageous like that so if you're gonna Poland owner. As you gonna pull a guy who's been around the NFL. Why would you wanna poll someone who's been associated with the Steelers besides the New England Patriots. And maybe the Dallas Cowboys all the Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game or something like twenty years. It's been a long time. CEOs have been what is Super Bowls consistently. Over the last decade and one to. In the playoffs every year there's not a lot of drama. Somewhat up and down. Their ownership is not in the news a lot. They're ownership is not down on the sidelines or fighting battles. With other owners publicly like Jerry Jones from the cowboys has been doing frequently. Jerry just as fighting with the commissioner of delete Roger Goodell. It seemed like for awhile last season was trying to get amounts. Not approving his pay raise. Talking publicly about how poorly he handled some of the politically charged issues of the NFL last year. In my opinion. If your papers say and you do not want an owner like that. It doesn't fit the personality of the city or the fan base. I don't know David tepper personally. He's got the right pedigree. He's a guy that you want. It looks like it may be made official here even by the end of the week. So keep our eye on that. Had jeans up a cop on the post and courier on a little bit earlier today as well and done a couple of takeaways wine the Shawn Watson. Is ahead of schedule on his ACL. That's a great thing for the NFL. I personally think. That three to five years from now. Shawn Watson has a very good chance of being the face of the NFL. I think there's that kind of outside with him. So gene got to sit with the Shawn Watson. At an awards ceremony for the post and courier on Friday an interview on. And one of the takeaways is when he asked about the Houston Texans this is what John had to say champions. A team is gonna come out and play with a lot of grit a lot of emotion and have a chip on their shoulder. And do with the Houston Texans usually do which is win. And Jeanne pare phrase that when he was on the air with us to say John Watson thinks they're one of the Super Bowl this year. They got a lot of talent. To Charlotte played all last season. They got a very good chance to make it a run in the post season they would have. So hopefully get back healthy Indy that. So it was great Intel from from Jean now guess what he also asked the Shawn Watson about. It's the obligatory question that every member of the Clinton media always has to ask. I have literally arrested in any interview with a an NFL or college guide has come line. What is going on with the quarterback situation. At Clemson. How do you think it's gonna work out to stab don't have the guts to go against Kelly Bryant if he feels like that's the right decision all these things. So here's what to Shawn had to say. When he asks about the Tony seventeenth season he talked about how great of a year Kelly hat. They said it was Trevor Larson are now. How do you make the quarterback decision for this year so this is what to Shaw said I'm not sure but if I had a choice I'd keep Kelly Bryant a guy that led you had won twelve games. Got you back in the college football playoff and made all the plays he's proven he can do the right things on and off the field so what's the point in changing. Now this isn't a surprising comment from the Sean. He Kelly are friends. Played on the same football team for a number seasons. They're buddies they know one another. And shots on the kind of guy in the media this gonna come out and rock the boat right on and a turtle our skin looks great I think Dallas should pick him second seed tax. Lilly's gene did he is his duty right you've got to ask everybody about this so he spent the time with the Shawn Watson got to ask him about it. And some good feedback there are so let me get that gene on to talk about that a thought it was great and we had done Munson columnists from the beach. Robin NN. About beyond vacation this week. Saddam is not gonna be calling the game from Kennesaw State tomorrow so Clemson goes down. Takes on Kennesaw State tomorrow first pitch is supposed to be at 6 o'clock weather permitting. Pregame show will start it's 530. Here any espionage state that's tomorrow afternoon I'll have a shortened show tomorrow as long as it doesn't rain. And Don is not getting is caught up in some of the things that us radio guys are getting caught up and right. Like their right on the bubble of being a national top eight seed which would get to the super regional Don how do you feel about that. Does of course very mellow not worried about that one game at a time. So like the coach is all that I thought that was great. But I get wound up about the stop this is up we talk about great. Is Clinton good enough to be a top eight national seed dons a man who's been around scenes and things yes. He says is relax. Amidon on market but I don't relax I wanna be the right side exactly. We're we're not chill Albion Mel no Sports Illustrated vice it's good to know that he's not worried about it. And teams not worried about it they're just worried about when in baseball games tonight can Kennesaw State tomorrow. South Carolina's was take on USC upstate tomorrow first pitched 7 o'clock. At founders park again weather permitting. It's gonna be strange week for sports. And the state of South Carolina. We've also got the BMW. Charity pro am. Coming up Richmond Weaver from the show before this one. On the hoddle is playing in the pro am Thursday Friday and Saturday and I believe right now it's 190. An 80% Chancery pain for those three days. So Clinton the South Carolina got some imported baseball games and need to be played. And the positioning. Proceeding. Clinton right now is tied for first. In the ACC. We North Carolina both teams are nineteen and eights. North Carolina holds the tiebreaker. But the Tar Heels were to drop one of their games. This weekend they're taking on Virginia Tech and Clemson could sweep 32 pit on the road starting on Thursday. Pleasure to be the number one seed going into the ACC tournament. And most importantly. I don't care at any sport you play. You can attach the word champion sent them. They would be the regular season champions. Of the ACC. Which really great thing for the scrappy team. Clinton also dropped down to eleven. In the RPI. Dropped four spots. That that loss Austin. RPI perspective. And when the RI. Deceived Clemson is still it's seen as one of the top eight national seeds they were last week and the rankings they were seen as the number seven national seat. South Carolina is right at forty. From an RPI perspective. That puts them in the post season comfortably. They would have to make a run at they want actually hosts. But they got a very good chance of being a number two seed and going to a region close to home and guess what Clemson and South Carolina fans. That region might be posted by Clemson. We could very realistically see Clinton in South Carolina matching up in a regional I don't think this is a great idea. Worry about them more we get closer to it. So lots of imported midweek baseball games being played from an RPI perspective parts of the South Carolina. Need to take care of business Clemson taking on Kennesaw State. South Carolina taking on USC upstate. And then. Realistically Clinton needs a sweep. If they wanna be the number one seed in the ACC more than likely they'll have to win all three games they can be as low as four they can be as high as one. So keep our eye and that figure it out from there. So big breaking news. Sports gambling. It'll be decided by the states if your state wants. Sports gambling make it happen now. We'll talk about it. Got an update story on our fearless leader. Mark Childress sent from our Sturgis. Like put it out on sweater so I guess it makes it okay for me to talk about it mark surges of course had his serve a cold fusion surgery. I guess a little bit over no right at two weeks ago. And done. He got a great report today from his doctor. And his doctor told him he could return in two weeks. So that would be made 28. Stir should be back. All drill down specifically here. Coming up in the next next week or two but glad to know the mark surges is healing I've spoken to him on the phone a couple of times. And I'm glad that he's feeling better. And die it'll be great to have him back for straight up was stirred so that's the latest on Sergey get them up on Twitter he's been very active on the air. And I'm sure would be more than willing to interact with you and I answer any questions if you've got them a couple of cool us statistics I pull off a Twitter while we are the last commercial break. Crib McCauley. So fantastic following pure Brees fan. The Braves have played just three of their last twenty games at home and they lost all three album. The giants swept them in that easily the Braves were series. Of the year. Despite that's the Braves are thirteen and seven. Over that stretch. A stretch that included seventeen road games thirteen and seven. They start a six game homestand. Tomorrow against the cubs. The rays have played just fifteen of their first forty games at home that's the fewest in the National League. So. I'm extremely bullish on the Braves have been since it the year started we hear things like this. And as of less than a week ago the breeze it's still played the most difficult schedule in all of baseball straight to schedule wise. And they played this well. Don't think it's it's a fluke I think it's gonna continue. We'll keep our I am. So big game the NBA tonight. Golden State Warriors. Taking on the Houston Rockets in game whine of the Western Conference finals. Anybody wants to get in and make a prediction because I'm not to make one. And hit me up 844 GS PE SPN that's 844477. 3776. I'll talk about these first Celtics looked fantastic. Fantastic. Against a cache yesterday hit them early. Or blowing amount and half cavs closed the gap a little bit in the third quarter most importantly LeBron James is frustrated. Boston made an intentional decision. To get right up on LeBron James and they were guarding him. And the previous series and most of the time during the season people give LeBron a good 45 feet right. And abroad and literally. I mean he's got such a quick first up there if you sizing drive a hole you have no chance of stopping him. None because she's got like a step and pass start and you are standing still on defense. So it seems extremely logical now that I CNET. Why didn't I think of this before. Red seat instead. Not a surprise the best coach in the NBA. He made a great adjustment so what's LeBron gonna do in game two. Well doping talk about it more tomorrow I fully expect LeBron to go full beast mode. Bring forty plus points again and find a way to steal game two at Boston for Cleveland. That would shift the home court advantage. Over the cavaliers. And they can roll from there. And I thought this was interesting. Headline and the SP an article Celtics Coach Brad Stevens has players deserve praise not himself the dudes humble so there's not enough club in the NBA right now. Are you listening superstar NBA players. Humility is not a bad thing it is not a sign of weakness. Read seen as being very humble. When asked about the praise that he's received. Right Sina says since it's silly the praises uncomfortable and it's just something that these guys should be getting at all. We all have a role to play and we all we and we all need to play that role as well as we can basically just deflecting. To me that's what a great leader does. Let's just suppose this with some of the shenanigans from Joseph Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger last week. Both of them giving the silent treatment. To the new rookie quarterbacks. That have been drafted by their franchise Lamar Jackson. Drafted by the ravens. Got all the way to rookie camp what three weeks later. Joseph Flacco never even tried to reach out to them. Ben Roethlisberger made some public comments about Mason Rudolph say and why we draft a QB isn't a player who can help now. In a Mason wants help may go just point into the playbook. He finally did make a may have Coppola. The Senate's tax. Good luck with a rookie camp to Mason MH has taken the high road the whole time but let's compare what those guys are doing. To what Brad Stevens is doing. Not taken any credit at all page this is the role I play. This is what they pay before. Right here. The players deserve to Trace they're the ones playing great. And I beg to differ little bit on that I deal. Brad Stevens lost to all stars he lost Gordon Hayward the first week of the season. They traded for in the offseason. Broke his ankle. Too gruesome apologies. I just thought about it has got that picture in my head again had thought about it a while I don't like it. Carrie Irving. Had to have a procedure on his knee got infected he was out for the rest of the season everybody rode off to Celtics. They shouldn't have. They've been great. Brad Stevens continues to play chess. While lot of coaches out their played checkers. He does. I think he's fantastic. The Celtics they can win game two we'll have LeBron and a position that he has not been men in quite a while. In at least the Eastern Conference portions of the post season which is gonna be down too well. To a team that's got a great coach. Watt least seems a bronze and knock it off and peace have not been. Coached teams with a great coaches. The Celtics are they're young they're hungry. Note there 100%. All end bought yen. But what Brad Stevens is preaching and his pay off of the postseason still think the cavs are gonna win the series. The man LeBron is gonna have to work really really hard to get there. So let's pivot over the warriors and rockets. All season long. The rockets have been run in their mounts. It's come from the coaching staff might end Tony. It's come from players on the team. The warriors can be beaten. Home court advantage will be huge for us. All these statements again and again. So oddly enough. How much pressure had the Golden State Warriors had on them the last three seasons. This before now. But three full seasons ago or four seasons ago. Warriors won their first title tons of pressure that your they were expected to do it. And they delivered the sees it after that most regular season wins ever by an NBA team. Made it all the way to the finals in ran out of gas LeBron got him. Amazing display about LeBron and cavs out here. Then Kevin Durant comes to town all the pressure on the warriors again last season everyone expected them to win. All the pressure was on them. So what do they do. They won their first fifteen playoff games. Sweep. Sweep sweep. 30 on the cats LeBron steals game four. They put them out of his misery in game 516. And wine with all the pressure and all the lights on them last season. That's how you deliver under pressure. Look up Golden State Warriors last year. But guess who the pressure's on now. The Houston Rockets number one seed at home court advantage. Run and their mouse. So tonight. Will they be able to deliver so personally. I think James Harden and Chris Paul. Do not perform well when the lights of the brightest especially if things don't go their way. Both players have a habit of salt gain. It really down on themselves now that off to the refs. And I feel like making a bad situation worse. Into the cheerleaders on your team when things aren't going well you don't wanna see them acting that way that doesn't help heal. And that's why neither one of those guys are champions. The big part of the reason is is the goal assay warriors are the best team in basketball and you've got to get through him. Even when Paul's with the clippers I don't like his attitude when things don't go well and same goes with Harden. So hard and Paul come out shoot the lights out tonight. Rockets may win the game. But I get the feeling that the warriors. Have been waiting for this game. For months. And urban waiting for this series they want to play the rockets and they want to destroy the rockets. Even run their mouse and putting themselves on the same level as Golden State. I fully expects there will predict the Golden State's gonna win game one tonight. If they win game Weiner this can be pretty quick series. Worst case scenario the did not Houston with a split. So I'll be watching a ballgame tonight. Menu like offense and the NBA. This is a game for you tonight you got so many guys who can score the basketball. Two teams that love to get up and down the floor. With some of the best shooters in the history of the game. That's going to be a great one tonight. Or show up. Coming up. The SEC commissioner ways and on the sports betting these today mark Childress and for mark's surge is wrapping up the show. Today of course Supreme Court ruled a federal ban on sports betting was unconstitutional. So states can decide for themselves whether they wanna make it legal or knots. So just a few minutes ago Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg sank he. Here's his statement. We are in the process of reviewing the supreme court's decision and its potential long term impact on the SEC and collegiate sports in general. One of our first priorities is to ensure that we have thorough and effective systems in place to educate our student athletes. Coaches and other personnel on all issues associated with sports wagering. You've heard it from Bragg this'll be lashing here from it. I think he SEC in the conferences are going to be a big part of this in the way all the shakes out to the NCAA and how they handle betting on collegiate sports. We'll see if I'm right. Also breaking news a few minutes ago about a wide receiver from the SEC that was selected in the second round of the NFL drafts. The Arizona Cardinals selected at wide receiver kick returner Christian Kirk in the second round. He's getting some great rookie buzz this year however on Sunday it was reported he was arrested following the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament. For drunken only throwing rocks at cars. And twelve. I don't now he acted like he was twelve Scottsdale police released a statement on the incident the suspects were intoxicated. Do you think so wow and leaving him the tournament as they were walking to a parking lot security personnel observed and throwing rocks at cars. In breaking a window of at least one of them. Cardinals and release a statement we spoke a Christian about it at length and also looked into it independently. Our understanding is that the process will be resolved in the near future. While he remains active on the roster we will not comment further now Waste Management. This was back. A lot of say it was Super Bowl weekend that's like an early February tournament so I don't know if this was covered up or released the news did not get outs. Pre NFL drafts nor they knew about it is just getting out now we'll continue to watch in May and so many of these kids. I mean it's food. Yeah. There's nothing didn't know the way to put it in again all this is alleged but there's no other way to put it. But as a stupid thing naming it eve. You're highly touted recruit yup. They're highly out of football player. Like you know at that point. Where you all you could possibly go yuck. You know that he knew that he was at least as that top three rounds receiver in the NFL draft team knew that now. So it shows up at a golf tournament. Sponsored by garbage company. That doesn't have anything to do this is still the fact it diesels. That's all I just sponsored by garbage company. But I guess wasted when his friends. And starts to wander out into the parking lot finds a rock and says who's he knew phoney goes both teams wrote that caller. I mean that's the gist of what went down. Ridiculous. There's no excuse for it. And happens every year there's so many of these guys every year leading up to the NFL draft they make these gigantic mistakes. Who's the guy a couple years ago who that they had video of him smoking weed out of a bong made out of gas mask in a console I think reality is Hans Larry Thompson yep yeah. This came out like she got drafted and like popped on twelve. Right after that at that. It's amazing so disappointing for Christian Kirk and his upside for him with cardinals he's getting pretty well Lonnie was last seen them take sand. He's capable lot the cardinals. Not not a rookie of the year kind of guy but he could be with the right situation pausing at Georgia could be the right one for you tell me star athletes have behavioral issues yes. Well that's a that's hole breaking news segment for tomorrow in other news water went if that's exactly. They do miss it braves held on to be says Chicago Cubs six to five today. And man it was close at the ends Chicago Cubs had the bases loaded with one out. AJ mentor pitching for the Braves. Struck a guy out hitting guys to make it 65. And then nine got a fly out to left field and the ball game so the Braves. Had the best record in the National League they are the first team the National League to win 25 games this year they are 25 and fifteen. They've won three in a row. And this is what pops up they play 25 road games at fifteen home games at home their 87. On the road. This braves team is seventeen and eight. Seventeen. In Los seventeen and made on the road to Boston Red Sox. Team with the best record in baseball 28 and twelve. This team is playing great even though they're young. Game two will be tomorrow night full field for the Braves against Yu Darvish. Appraisals seeping keep on going. So instead of watching the Braves the seeming like I would normally do a deathly be tuned in to the warriors and the rockets. Packing tips right around 9 o'clock tonight it's going to be fun. There will be some three point shots wasted tonight. The rockets sometimes shoot over forty a game. Or the under over in Vegas is on that bad. The B sixty attempted three pointers tonight that's very legitimate I think. So I hope both teams are hot hope we see agreed to a basketball game didn't see great basketball game yesterday when the Celtics blowing up cast. Submission to watch to see what happens tonight again. My prediction as we meet again tomorrow. But the warriors will be up 10 in that series Lux bond today folks thanks for two and then I'll be down live at smoke on the water tomorrow. Talk to that.