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Some breaking news on the Carolina Panthers front this afternoon to mark Childress and for mark Sturgis. But first things first here's your chance of free money it's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate the key word for this hour is yellow. Text the key word to seven to 81 that's seven to 81 good luck. The 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate now to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 7 o'clock AM. Hey I'll open post this segment 844 GS PE SP and that's 8444773776. I'm anxious to see what's every once take is on the fact that sports betting is now legal. Throughout the United States and each state has to decide how they're gonna handle it curious side how you feel like that might impact you. He placed bets online today. How often do you go to Vegas is that Vegas trip he do with your buddies every summer every other year. Did dissect it changed now if you can go down to the corner hearing Greeneville potentially in a couple of years and place a bad at a sports book. And soon to see where your thoughts are on that 844 GS PE SPN. It's 8444773776. For sinks first we got Connor joining us Connor wants to talk about LeBron what's going on Connor. And then thanks for taking my call out the promise you guy. Yeah a lot of all of me why don't we ate that you might sort. Act up at a liquor or so much so. But I'm I'm curious it seems like every series every year if they lose the game it's like oh LeBron didn't. Who do you think you know he's gonna try really hard next time why why it doesn't eat try hard you know two games and try to win this one like go all out vehicle. Bulldozer like everybody talks about. And set the tone was set the tone in the first game mighty whittled it opens the. Yes sir that's really a question Connor thanks for the call LeBron was a minus 32 and a plus minus yesterday right so when you're on the floor. The plus minus stat is is if your team. Scorched five more points on the other team when you're on the floor you're plus five LeBron was the worst in the game by a wide margin at minus 32 yesterday. And that's a really good point. I don't know if it's coaching adjustments. That are made for LeBron at the beginning of a series. And then the count her moose or are what's doing so much better for him but it's a really good point. If LeBron was is unstoppable. Is everybody's saying he has. You're right would become not win game one game to just about sweep every series or set the tone early. Maybe it's a motivational thing for LeBron. He's been doing this I was this his fifteenth season. Not that he needs motivation of the playoffs but maybe the back against the wall aspects every once against me. They don't think I can do it again. I think that's a big motivate her for LeBron. Not the front runner. But I'm gonna get these guys when they don't think I can and I'm gonna put the team on my back now because I have two but that's a dangerous game to play. And I'm trying not to overreact. As people done another series. And say hey you know I think the Celtics might have something here. And I think they might. I like the fact that they are making LeBron do something different than he's done in the other series. LeBron has been guarded about four or five steps off the ball all series in the two previous ones before this. Against Toronto. And against Indiana. And that allowed him when he wanted to go get points he can get it he could always give a running start driving to the basket. When he's given up much space to maneuver with the ball. Or he could get a three point shot her get a three point shot off without being heavily contested. The adjustment made by the Celtics yesterday I thought was brilliant. They were getting right up on LeBron they are makes it difficult for LeBron to even put the ball on the floor. And that takes a way that running star. But LeBron being LeBron Connor you said you love the guy. LeBron being LeBron. He's probably gonna come out in game two tomorrow night. Lighted up. In the end of the cats can win that is suddenly back against the wall LeBron has home court advantage. For the remainder of the series. With three of the last five games at that point being in Cleveland. So be fun to watch they do Mikey chat about LeBron 844 GS PE SPN or again. If you're placing bets a day are you excited by this rule. From the Supreme Court the legalized sports betting. Would you like to see a sports book in Greeneville South Carolina sometime in the next couple years. Are you completely against this idea. We haven't heard a lot of negative voices today. So a lot of people to really get really rich off the ruling today and there's a lot of people that are very excited. Casino stocks through the roof. All of the professional sports leagues are going to have a new way to monetize their leaks and it's a great thing for sports. It's a great thing for college sports as well. As long as he NCAA doesn't screw it up. We see probably will. But they'll find a way. That's gonna help everybody. They do you go to Vegas with your body's. Every summer every other year. Is that gonna take some of the Laura going to Vegas away. So many different direction she can go in this I think it's a fascinating topic. Very interesting so pace of breaking news from not that Carolina Panthers today in case you missed it. You know they've made some adjustments that are wide receiver position and died that has Weiner. Of the existing wide receivers not quite so happy. Russell Shepard asked for his release and was granted it. After refusing to take a pay cut the move will save the Panthers a little bit more than two point one million against the salary cap. The former Tampa Bay wide out. Didn't have a huge impact last year catching only seventeen passes for 200 in two yards but he decided three year ten million dollar deal to do that. Pro football focus rank shepherd the NFL's 111. Best receiver. Last season. That's not real great in the pandas traded for Torrey Smith. Batted Jarrius right in the slot. They got DJ Moore. He looked good and rookie camp. He looked like he belongs. And also occurred Samuel to mere bird returning from injury. So lie one of them thought it was a little bit too crowded Russell Shepard. He will exit stage left. And no longer be a member of the Carolina Panthers so that's one less competing in that position going for it. And then the Panthers are gonna have a new owner sooner rather than later. According to WB in G. Steelers minority owner David tepper has already finalized a deal to purchase the team tempers the founder of apple Lusa management. I don't know that the exact numbers yet but they're speculating somewhere between two point wine and 2.5. Billion. To buy the Panthers. Tempers worth an estimated eleven billion he's got to sell a stake in the Steelers if he wants to do this. But since he's already approved as a part owner the move to owner will be that much easier for him. That's a good thing. I think it's great. I think everything has gone on Jerry Richardson. Having him step aside for the day to day activities. And now separating him from the franchise completely this is one of those things everybody wins. Jerry gets his money. New owner comes into town hey if you're affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership organization. I would like to have you as a part of my organization but is there one of the best run in football I have been for decades. Yes somebody coming in who already knows what he's doing yeah. He's been he's been he's he's experiences things apart Hillary hasn't had to run the pink thing be you know it's like being out of a rookie quarterback coming in. He doesn't have to he didn't have to do those things. As a majority owner of the Steelers now now he's had a chance to sit back watch and learn. Question is how involved is he going to be on a daily basis is he going to be one of those owners like Jerry Richardson type or where is very involved. Or Xena to step back. There will be and should say and he's not a Russian billionaire oil tycoon or something or. The ex CEO Microsoft you're right he's been doing it already. He's been involved with the NFL he knows what it takes to be successful. How many other franchises besides the New England Patriots. Would you want as your team's legacy over the last forty years more than the Pittsburgh Steelers. What Pittsburgh Dallas maybe one or two others. One of the top 34. At worse. Franchises in the NFL. You wanna be a part of that. So I think it's great. But the gonna be good to have all this behind the Panthers. And it'll be fun to talk about I can't wait to deter here is press conference. I can't wait for him to start asking the tough questions diesel disaster gray when how and called unity. Are you gonna be Jerry Jones junior. Running around on the sidelines holding press conferences all the time confusing matters are you gonna stay way in the background. Or somewhere between. In addition to say. But again Steelers minority owner David tepper has finalized a deal according to WB NG so keep our eyes on this see what happens. Kennedy tells are coming down the line a quick update on the Braves it is now the ninth inning Atlanta six. Chicago Cubs for. The Braves trying to stretch their already National League leading. Record out even further today. If they can hold on to win. So lacking should be wrapping up pretty soon. Got done much in coming up in the next segment voice a Clinton baseball. It's always fun to talk with Don. And die he's got a busy week he's gonna be going down the Kennesaw. Georgia right outside an Atlanta for the game tomorrow and all the Pittsburgh for a three game set can't wait to hear about all the details on that. And die see what's going down and in the segment after that we'll have G sap a call from the post and courier so back to back guests. That's a way we like to do it. We'll talk to Don Munson in just a minute. Welcome back again mark Childress and for mark Sturgis Atlanta Braves top of the ninth. Ahead of Chicago Cubs six to four or open did tracked down Don Munson. Voice of the Clemson baseball team to join us here in just a minute inching to pick guy dons brain about the week. Can be complicated week for him go and onto a landed and up to Pitt getting ready for the ACC tournament all the other madness going on. Lots of ground for him to cover and the Clinton baseball team to cover. Ai and this is broke a little bit earlier today collegiate baseball one of their players of the week. Was Clemson shortstop Logan Davidson. He had three home runs three doubles eight RBIs. And went a very tie 89 for twenty wind for the week. As with a month for some people load has been on fire close has been playing great you know they did drop one game to Austin. That's OK and won two out of three to stay right there on that bubble for the national seed you wanna be a top eight national seed. City could host the super regional he can get you that first regional on the weekend sort keep our eyes on that and hopefully we can track down jot Don here in just a minute. So in case you have not heard we've been talking about a month so far today the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. In a landmark decision today gives states the go ahead. To legalized betting on sports. In South Carolina is in the mix. South Carolina. To great article on ESPN by Ryan Rotenberg. What states are gonna be first once of the gay rights already there of course Nevada. That New Jersey. Is the one who filed the suit does set off set off all these fireworks and got the Supreme Court involved. There's a sports book in Monmouth park it's already been built. That's how much money's involved here folks. They built a sports book waiting. For the ruling from the court. The see what happens. So new Jersey's going to be good to go. It could be a matter they're saying is quickly is two weeks you can start placing bets on sporting events. And the state of New Jersey. Delaware's got an enabling law that all they have to do is restart they can take a quick vote. And enabling law and they can start doing things in Delaware as well. In the on deck circle according to this article Guinness is on ESPN Ryan Rosenberg it's great. So are ready there and a lot of New Jersey Delaware on deck circle Connecticut Iowa Mississippi. New York Pennsylvania and West Virginia are all on that list. And then this is where I was caught by surprise today. Moving towards legalization. Which means that they be their publicly announce our have already introduced kick starter legislation. South Carolina is on that list. About twelve other states California being the biggest when the jumped out at me off that page. No other southern states. But South Carolina. I've seen estimates today. That as many as 32 states. Have legalized sports gambling. And the next three to five years and it appears south Carolina's gonna be on that list a record four point eight billion. Was wagered at Nevada sports books in 2017. I would expect that number to go up significantly. Once they expand this nationally to all these different states. Out expected to be a significant increase over four point eight billion even if it doubles you can see how much money's involved. You can't. Over the past few years the NBA. And Major League Baseball had pitted incidents. I talked about Adam silver. Commissioner of the NBA. He thinks that there should be legalized sports gambling throughout the US. He wrote about it that he did a paper about it and op Ed piece in the New York Times. Back in 24 team. Saying as much. They've been way out ahead of everyone else Major League Baseball his his committed to say yes we can see desk NFL NHL NCAA. There's shouldn't sit on the sidelines. Major League Baseball quickly made an announcement today. They they made a statement that says the ruling will have pro sound effects. And the Major League Baseball continue to seek the proper protections for our sport. In partnership with other professional sports are most important priority is protecting the integrity of our games. We'll continue to support legislation that creates air tight coordination and partnerships. Between all the parties involved. The US joins other jurisdictions allow legal sports many including Canada. The UK Australia France many others. Brick and mortar establishments is what they say round one will be. Legitimate sports books being built and a lot of these states. With mobile sports betting coming quickly behind it. It'll be out there as well. We keep our eye on this. Again it's a story can go in a hundred different directions on. Follow the money. Who's gonna profit the most is the NCAA gonna get its act together. And maybe they will with this much money at stake. They can't managed basketball recruiting. They mess that up. There was a certain ACC school that had widespread. Academic fraud. That really wasn't punished that badly for it. Another school allegedly. Paid a 100000 dollars to a recruit. So you NCAA hasn't been doing a great job of managing what they've already got. I have zero point zero faith in their leadership. That they are going to make the proper adjustments to get involved here. And see what happens. I think the conference is gonna step up. Eighty SEC's been leading the way a lot of things the last few years I fully expect the SEC to jumping quickly here. And help either help the NCAA decide or maybe drop some really big hints about hey maybe this could work NCAA. Or maybe they'll just run right up to the front line I think this is a great chance of these power five conferences. To dump the NCAA right now. Hit it heavy into this get a percentage of everything that goes in the sports books and play from the air see what happens. Back in January NBA vice president Dan Spillane. He set off an uproar. He went in front of the New York State Legislature and ask for Lisa get a 1% cut up the top from all sports wagers on their leaks. Police say the NBA would be deserving of the money because it would have to pay for integrity services. To watch for Max fixing match fixing our other betting irregularities. So they Beasley is gonna have to make investments. To make sure everything's on the up and up. They backed off a little bit since then Nevada sports books had a five point 1% profit margin last year. According to their State's gaming control board. They averaged about five point 3% general annual profit margins. So if you ask for 1% cut of bats as 20% of the profit. Casinos are gonna like that there already existing in Las Vegas. And the NBA's backed off a little bit too and now you're hearing. That's it might be 80 point 25% cut to a quarter of a percent. It's still a lot of money their folks. That'll do the math real quickly in my head but there's five point one billion I'll take 1100. Of a percent I'll take any of it and it'll be great. And now they're calling it eight royalty. And I think that's Smart. I think that's a good position intended by the NBA to say hey this is a royal seed we're gonna take a cut off of all these bats that are happening on our league. I think they're doing the right thing in the leading the charge on this. Talk about it off the air and eat up people eat up books who stand to make. Enormous amounts of money especially is as we know this was essentially a five billion dollar a year industry that is going to grow. Who know how big it'll grow. Really only depends on how many states are willing to sponsor us. You know some people just feel icky about sending their money out of state not betting on sports yet. But you got books that are making exorbitant amounts of money off these leagues why shouldn't the league's gonna cut. I think they should. I think it's Smart and a lot of these casinos and and sports gaming sites. Are gonna be happy to pay these leaks. They are gonna be happy to pay these leagues give them a lot of money to advertise for them so and England sports betting is legal the English premiere league. That's been a model for how to monetize casino advertising. Over half its teams had major casino partnerships. A number of the teams have Jersey partnerships with casinos in sports betting sites. The deals are worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Hundreds of millions. There's so much money here. The NBA's out in front payment thinking about it they've been preparing for it in fact there's a couple of owners. Indian meet Indy NBA. That either own casinos are affiliated with them so the new rockets owner always a Golden Nugget in Las Vegas cavs owner Dan Gilbert. He owns casinos in several states. Miami and Philadelphia is owners. Run companies with significant casino ownership. There's also a number associated with illegal betting diesels some ask you this one as well. So five point one that bill RBI over five billion dollars. End of betting last year in Las Vegas how many billions. Were bad illegally. Not legally illegally. In the United States last year on Major League sports NEC elect. You know I guess yeah. Wing and I did this number's going to be gas is an estimate based on some stuff Sarah gave his team 190. Billion. Wow billion. 110 of that would be quadruple what was that legally this past year. And again that the piece of this is the most interesting to me. BC engagement level with fans. This is something Evan paying a lot of attention to we talked about branding last week. With the article on pick six previews talking about what are the best brands of college football. To the recruits say interviewed her recruits to get the rundown on the grants Clinton was at the top. Alabama was number nineteen. They in Michigan was seventeen Auburn was eighteenth. Some of the diet. Premier college football programs. In at least in the eyes of the study which was an interview with the recruits and high school football. Didn't see them as high. I talked about Adam silver last week and the changes he's already made to NBA broadcasts. He took aim at a time outs for eighteen. Down to fourteen. So that would be less time outs for people sitting at home watching their television to be able to click over to another station because there's a break in the game. He's like can I can keep them watching the game they're not gonna leave. He's already talking about major adjustments are gonna make to their broadcast for halftime next year and they have the best. Pregame post game half time show. There NBA coverage with Charles Barkley Kenny Smith Shaq. All those guys it's the best by a mile. And people are still leaving the broadcasts and not coming back. So what kind of adjustments is he going to make he wants to have more in arena. Action. So that the game never really leaves the arena even at halftime. They're going to do more that way you're starting to see some split screen advertising. Which also think is very Smart and important. Hey you can still have a view of the huddle. Of what's going on. Or what subs are coming in while the television commercials are running it it's just a commercial you don't know maybe if you tolerate people want to what are you can figure out. But stay with the game and split screen it over with a bat. It's a great way to go so Adam silver continuing to prove. Why he's the best commissioner in sports. He's out ahead on another issue. The shouldn't be any type a surprise. NFL way behind Major League Baseball a little further ahead of the NFL weight behind. NHL NCAA are. Nowhere close. So continue to keep our eyes. On this and watch four point four. So hey we got jeans sap a coffin the post and courier Rick talks and a Shawn Watson coming up here in just a minute. Atlanta Braves hold on to beat Chicago Cubs six to five they keep on when and mark Childress here. In remarks Sturgis. Am very excited about having seen sap a cough from the posting career join us. Jeanne you got to hang out with Shawn Watson on Friday night in an award ceremony were doing enough on. Fill a sand on us some of the things you learn it sounds like his knees in better. Yeah that was the Charley the first annual awards program in the post and courier. Put on its rail about it first occurred dot com but do Shah told me you know it I'm table go and go to work out or Garrett. He's not exactly sure when he'll be a 100%. But I seem supremely confident and I think that he's he's tapped into the channel up to gonna be pretty good this year in fact. You simply continue to win reciprocal. Wow okay that caught me off guard because that was going to be my next question is say he's got to have high expectations I've seen a lot of his answer Graham videos. With him in new cop Kenzie seem to be training is spent a lot of time together this offseason. It's hard not to be excited if you're fan Du'Shon and a fan of the Texans but man that's some high praise coming from him big expectations I love it think big. Yeah seen her show until he's been that kind of popular anchor a lot like that well of course every coach and player wants to say good things and I think that. Good morning to chime Watson really believe that I mean. If your television. You know lots and that it is first game indeed playing in Cincinnati beyond. Monday Night Football are Thursday night football. You know he thinks he can just be great net gain gonna go well or if there. Two touchdown underdog and patriots they're gonna win it but I think he thinks that lit. Popped into and we will Poehler and what are some of the other help that the Texans got him. I'm it Qaeda and tote board. In the draft and nazism and especially if they can get JJ watt and clowning and merciless on field altogether healthy. That that'll be a pretty good team and you know they got. They got a map that out from the cardinals so there is it going to be a statement division could be there for the taking the game worked one laughter but you know. Now. Tiger would she Sabbah cough from the post and courier you can fight him on Twitter at sap a cough. So Jeannie you did your duty I say that it's obligatory that anyone associated with Clemson media at all always tests ask about quarterback competition. And US to Sean about Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence. And you got the answer I was expecting. Yeah not surprising he's. He's but to Kelly Brian and these things on the should just stick with. You know him or spring game Trevor Lawrence or whatever he thinks that there should be Kelly you're a pretty much a matter where it now I mean he I asked him what do you think actually gonna happen and he had I don't doubt so I think Jean's pretty realistic. As what will go on merit certainly. Think Trevor mark Graham field and every game to Clinton this year and not just would Clinton way ahead but. Yet this year aren't very loyal Kelly Brian and why not killer Brad Pitt. And make sure you know as we understand the in the two years the conduit to the national champs and beyond lots. Tiger Woods she said the cough from the post and courier says Jeanne it was it was a couple weeks back now I think that you wrote a really good article. On the you can find a post and courier dot com. About 2019 spring football plan how about Clinton vs Georgia and South Carolina vs Florida State. Instead of the usual are range in white and and Garnett and white scrimmage is. I'm I like the fact you're resurrecting this topic this is something I brought up on here a couple of times. Why not changeup spring football because a lot of the other sports are already making adjustments. Yeah absolutely. I just put together a little bit of that HT CFTC challenged there as can have an idea how great it could beat at a swinging certainly big and things like that. And he he told me he beat or even bringing teen didn't have control scrimmage it's even pitched just one on one drill now some go to their thirteen on this Steve Spurrier never liked that Nick Saban ask you particularly that. But. This is an original idea that I that I had a couple of weeks ago but OK let I did think that that's somewhat of an original idea whenever he. This same thing out in nineteen million Dina. Has. I'm just really sad that the NCAA has an. Org college football association or somebody has not take control this because you do this. And there's no more risk of injury there's no more cost involved there's a little bit of travel there to you could make that up by church and a couple bucks gators are that. And even if you say like hundred complies spring game at Tennessee UK and took on and losers that spring you know. Ball saying it there this spring we can do whatever they still had a controlled scrimmage and stay out you know and I just think there's no reason not to do this and its current export stand it's for the Turkey for the players and it just makes a lot of. Yeah I thought at the end of the article talking with Sheen sent cough in the post and courier you bring up that NFL doesn't. High schools do it where they did controlled scrimmage is or exhibition games NCAA just approved two exhibition games for College Baseball teams. Beginning next season it seems like a total no brainer. I guess I'm not surprised to see NCAA is involved that they can't get it straight. Yeah especially with football where there's just kind of a bunch of different controlling interest which college football. And I had net detonating now it notes none of these two spring games could be why some schools looked like got. And very controlled scrimmage some would like to just let go at a perhaps maybe some would like go out there almost purple game. Different rules about how you touch the quarterback but you know what that's how it is now notably the religions are exactly and we're not in the spring games are anyway. And it's good for the game did you see some really sloppy football and the first couple weeks of the season and I think this would help make it a little better. Amen wrapping up but she's Sabbah copper the post and courier you can buy them on Twitter at sap a cough. So why gene that the news of the day is definitely the Supreme Court decision to strike down the batting law and make sports betting illegal. Any initial thoughts on and REC in C double A gonna step up and trying to get their act together around this complicated issue could this fall to the conference is maybe to step up sister so money involved. So much money involved just curious where your head sat initially with the news breaking today. I really think this is gonna go to the states to sit on general party down for going full blast with that South Carolina had a pill and that's sports gambling bill you know in the house there's very little chance of that particular one passing. I would suggest and I'm not a huge gambling guy I'm. Don't really want you know casino dot awards South Carolina or anywhere. Not date with video poker all that such hey we know where the sports gambling it kind of go in and want to have a little fun with that has some cards that you can get. When you re getting lottery cards here in South Carolina. And you know low budget. Spies can and 2550. Dollar gain something that people complain all I have no problem with that. But you don't like the idea of actually betting on and the the actual games see you're you were you would like to see that stay out of South Carolina just curious amateur and opinion down there just curious and and I you don't like our. I'm out of time and time. I'd like to lottery type a system where he had that you can bet on games that there are like art to ever available where you get your lottery are better and it I've got no problem that I think that's what direction it is going. And that more states yet it and let I'm not exactly sure what prince it's Georgian North Carolina are doing but it neighbor states get this certain other shape it and start caving in and do things like that. Possible thanks so much Jeanne sap a car for the post and courier accept a cop on Twitter always bringing great stuff. What I heard today is to Shawn Watson thinks his team's going to the Super Bowl and set it in public that's two different bank's rate. Everyone expects or wants or team to go to the Super Bowl but if he's a doubling down and die in saying that that is on his side agenda and horizon. I think that's great news for Clinton fans I think that's great news for Texans are fans as well so special thanks to Jeanne sap a cop. We're gonna talk more sports gambling and braves and just a minute. Hey mark Childress and for mark Sturgis we're gonna catch up but Don months in the voice of Clemson baseball. Dime that you are going to have a busy week I'm assuming your travel with the team to both locations this week so when will you when the team be headed down to Kennesaw. Follow noted a marquee gonna take me right now I'm actually talking to the beach ever sent here Troy I'm. You're the beach about the Philly dumped her Mother's Day weekend so what such a that we can all they can. Try taking Kennesaw State all five will catch a plane on Thursday morning and did the Pittsburgh. And that didn't three game series at that I put Pittsburgh and then. Some all the Nadal in the ACC baseball term in terms. Slot that Marco was gonna feel bad about asking Don for a couple shackles to get up to us state college Pennsylvania but I don't feel bad at all now because it always got it. And at some w.s he gets updated deep breath. When the wife says hey we need some time and they didn't that you love Americans want for almost 34 years. In which he tells me that I know that I had better clear time on the calendar in and get that down nearly. They're absolutely speech problems we've had just snaps in blaster coming home tomorrow they'll come back the real world mark. Just look candidates vying goodwill for all the time away from the Stanley you're gonna have to say no and in the independent and deep run into the post season for the Clemson Tigers baseball team right so lucky. Well it started to get my wife always tells me that that she knows that purpose Father's Day present to me is making sure that nominal all. Let's let's cry like that like this is look I'm not sure how to take that level approach. Very good they were kids that would Don Munson a voice a Clemson baseball so Don died. Clips of course drop in the first and Austin. Clinton's right on that bubble I think still of that so you know regional. I used to host a regional I think that's definitely assumed integrity right on the bubble with the super regional if they can find a way to get to that number one seed. In the ACC tournament I think that would help on the lot agrees. I let it be the number once he got thanked all this either a she she champions of the and that. You know certainly helped slow lock up a spot a bank and in that topic that. You know I'll I'll they had ever to get it to get caught up in all this trying to finish in the top eight be perfectly honest with you because. There's probably only to retreat teams that are blocked up topics need a lot of it's going to be determined still not do. The rest the regular season and what happens in conference turner there's there's still a lot of teams that are. That are playing most of us so don't get to come out and I guess I've just been around too long and seen it Q long. Know how it works and they just a couple of years ago 2016. When Clemson goes the agency term when DC she turned nobody thought that they were worth it and don't know any thought about that being a national seed. And then all the sudden they are. Actually of these seats determined so there's there's a lot that it happened a whole lot of difference. Influence. Or for that just just win Beatty EP wind gets what winning cures a lot of ills. And just just what win and it'll take care of itself. Can simply Don months and you can fight him on Twitter at W Donald Munson. There have been able lot of walk offs this year. Donna I think it's a testament to the team and you know the never say die attitude but some have you seen a run like this up from a Clemson baseball team is far as winning it in the last at bat as frequently is they feel like they've been doing it to share. You have 141 run victories so far or this ballclub obviously you're you know within not within the last week. You know you know couple walk off wins and I. That that happened form toward green bomb. That that happens and of course immigration bird magic yesterday in the opposite near unit the beach was sitting here listening to her watch and I'm watching all the action just doesn't want that you'll see how things were we're going over the weekend. But you know it's it's been it's one of those years and that it's been one of those years because. Does this Constantine it so our oriented that the home run and chicks dig the long ball and they actually did global brand dig the long ball. And Almonte has been a huge difference will be what this team throughout the year. Throughout the entire year I'm not sure Arkansas is right now than other concert was number three in the nation going into that or state system arts and Cherie just ours home runs were concerned as a team. And you know constant just while you keep it gainers meaning you can even do a lot of damage at the people and they've got Power One through nine. Right now in the order they're just not dramatically change adapt our want to or not. Talk with a voice Clinton baseball Don Munson Donna I just happen to see an earlier today so Clemson has. 79 home runs at a second nationally waive all right Tennessee tech but so they've caught up and and that's a power display is sad is that the key I was gonna ask you give me one or two things. That we're gonna have to see from Clemson to make a deep run in the post season. Why I think really the key is you're restoring pitching to be perk we're gonna syndicate content it I'm thinking consistently get five innings out of their starters. There naked short games because the bullpen has been just unbelievable automated just been unbelievable the way the bullpen this pitching so. You know it starters can go five in a vacant yeah. They can turn of the bullpen to handle the final four. That's been that has been hit much of you guys as much as it the victory total has anything that you had that's that. I'm right there has been you know the formula purple winning games and so I think that you know we needed to get starting pitching deputy Jake a tendency. Needs to kind of finish upload that the year as as the price starter. You need to be a guy that can go out there and consistently given five or six. Brooks cooperative shown that he can do that Hagan bop and has shown certainly here as a recently that he can do I think he's done it. Five of the last four ball games on the he's been able to look at that the terminal that open up open. Has just been spectacular consistent scoring enough runs. To get things done they they scored more than four runs they get that five run plateau. The ultimate Constantin which is really difficult to beat I think going into the weakened series they were 263. When they average Barbara morons so bad that Wright Ayers are a couple key. Wrapping up with Don Munson from Clemson. So Don I think even at the beach the news has probably reached Jews at the Supreme Court just struck down the federal law prohibiting sports gambling today. I know it literally just happened today but just curious what your initial thoughts are and what kind of impact that can have on it's he double a and I Clemson University over the next few years. I don't literally struck down sports gambling that they did was that they looked it up the states to decide to each state now gets this side to what they're going to do so in the palmetto state of the rim really managed to achieve what our state legislature does. What my guess is that they're probably will approve Brittany you go back what a lottery system was. Back in 2002. Word 2001. On whenever that whatever that cranked up. Some would be sharp receipt on eight happened in the state of South Carolina and I won't be shocked to see where it happens probably you know the big east HE. He won't shock me that 42145. Don't do Adobe still being handful that won't do. I'm just because of the way that they did the voting public will go a little more conservative approach. Things. Do I like it out. I don't like it I think I handled the more conservative than it when it comes to that because I think they did churches. It's something else out clear that can drag people down. Is it something they can become very addictive. And doing an incan ruin an individual is and ruin spam it's not so I'm I'm not that I'm that big proponent medical about a purported other. Not at all but I think it's gonna happen. Happen and you know it's pitched discordant all of those lines it'll it'll be huge deceit you know what did what did that do the state where his. All the said the state taken short. Turning the money to. Personally I wish just published estate personally would lead there at the education lottery is fully funded it's fully funded for. Decades now aren't I don't what's led the seat in turn their lottery money into the transportation moderates or fix our roads and and use it that way constellation performed an ambitious you're that you dollar for a I think it's comic. To go to our state. And this stuff done thanks a lot man enjoy the beach will be talking with our braves insider kept coming tend coming up.