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Place your bets place your bets Smart Childress sent from mark Sturgis today. Lots of big news talk about but first things first here's your chance of free money. It's a 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate to keyword for this hour is lion. Text the keyword to seven to 81 that's seven to 81 good luck to you the 1000 dollar free cash stash on ESPN upstate. Now to twelve times per week day beginning at 7 AM soap in case you have not heard today them. Palisades rocking the sporting world is that what insinuate that it's negative news but it's what everyone's talking about today. The Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling today and a landmark decision. They give states the go ahead don't legalized betting on sports. Court ruled six to three to strike down the professional and amateur sports protection act the pats sucked that was back in 1992 wind when that was so I'd. Made official the first time it's gone now. That would make Nevada the only state where a person can wager on the results of a single game. Now states that want offer legal sports betting can do so in New Jersey plans to be first. Delaware's gonna be right behind and a handful of states after that the court ruled in favor of New Jersey and against CN CAA NFL NBA NHL and Major League Baseball. This has been a legal battle going on for six years in the weeks kept winning at every stage. Until the Supreme Court took the case. And ruled in favor of New Jersey says sports betting is now legal I predict chaos in the sports betting world. There's a lot of money in a sports betting world and there's a lot of people have been making certain percentages of money and we're gonna talk about battle a little bit. I during this hour and now everyone's going to be fighting for that piece of. Right and I understand that sports betting is a highly corrupt double industry. Because it is yeah any time there's that much money flowing there is bound to be enormous amounts of corruption. But there's something sort of light eyes sort of trust the mass corruption in Vegas. I trust I trust our drug Vegas is going to be. Nicklaus is the current OK I thought it was an illusion of a guy I wanna if I want corruption I want to go straight to one source. I don't control our option I got I anywhere I don't wanna be deal with the Providence, Rhode Island book. He's a man. And have him in Vegas monkeys and man the Atlantic City book Keyes and then in the New York City cookies and then. The Mobile, Alabama book he's just going to be cradles. I don't know have a cohesive as a going to be married yeah. It's so. Four point eight billion was wagered a sports books in Nevada last year four point eight billion. Much more illegally right a lot of offshore gambling goes on on a regular basis. And you know the the NBA's cut out in front of this that he thinks that. That opening this thing up sort of dean regulating it. Will. Push all the pushed everything into the light. And sort of clean it up by making it visible and making a more open and sort of forcing almost a competition among gambling houses. I think you're getting towards it now so you're latching on the corruption side. Which need to be doing is latching onto the money side this is all about on the opportunity of course there is and you know we've been talking the last two weeks I talked a lot about this diesel last week what are these leaks gonna do. To pivot. Ands. Find ways to better engage their fans. Because there they're losing fans rate that it their outcome of the games as much engagement levels are down. What what's the number one way you can probably increase engagement levels for these professional leaks in the bush has threatened my name yeah absolutely. So yes there are all kinds of rules that are going to be put in place but for the NCAA for instance. These girls were already there and it already rolls around gambling because it's legal in Las Vegas. Talking about what you can and cannot do there a couple coaches got in trouble a few years ago for having a there was no money associated with a but they did a betting pool around the brackets. A college basketball and there a couple of football coaches who got their hand slap 'cause they were doing line. You know under under the guise of the school. If they did it would their bodies outside of it it was fine I just wanted to be a you know. I'm just using it for example because this close a school here. Clemson football betting pool for you know our great presents reeboks for. Who's gonna win the basketball tournament right detonated even on doing that so. Leading the way is out of silver. With the NBA again Adam silver came out before he was even commissioner. Of the NBA in said that they needed to have some federal rules around legalizing sports betting he's been a big proponent. The NBA if you remember Cecil came out a couple months ago it started talking about. You know there should be 1% fee that the league's gets. On all the bats right so a couple of doors or loyal 1% we wants you know we want 1% of every single thing that's going down now they're calling it a royalty right in the also starting to adjust to percentages. So the the percentage take our profit. Well I'll ask you what do you think the percentage. Take or profits. Is for the Las Vegas sports books. Then I'm unemployment and guess they're making. This is after you strip out all the expenses all of that stuff how much out of out of the dollars spent how much are they. He there was a profit about what's a profit margin on as a 40%. Note and I don't know. So you got it right I'm always hotels and everything so it's about 5%. Of guys what their clearing off of it at the end of the day so the NBA wants 1%. As 40% of the profits sure it's 1% of the profits that they want. At the same time looking at from a devil's advocate standpoint of depth of the NBA you got people are making massive amounts of money off of your product that you're not seeing. A single dime from. You're correct. And so the question is. It's taken legalize it every state that holds currently holds an NBA franchise what's to stop the franchises themselves. From having their own bookings so now. All gambling runs through the franchise office itself. It's going to be interesting to see where they draw the line so like in in Vegas right now. I believe it's UNLV is not on the sports book right you can't bet on a UNLV University of Nevada and Las Vegas. You can't bet on the UNLV game in Vegas so one of the rules are gonna be the same right. Let's say there's a sports book in Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina. In the next couple years there's probably going to be wanted to tell you more about that the sour. May be Clemson and South Carolina aren't on the boards air right maybe you have to go out of the state to ban on the local teams. To try to keep the corruption from literally being as you were saying. Earlier right in your own backyard. And so the be all kinds of rules to put out there it's some states have been way out in front of this obviously New Jersey leading the way. Nevada it's already legal Delaware. Is ready to go. They've got a law that was already on the books that they rescinded all they've got to do is three enable the law and Delaware. And they can be taking sports match within the next couple weeks or months they're saying they could be as soon as ten to fourteen days away in New Jersey. For taking bets sports Mets their one sports book in Monmouth park has already been built it's just been sitting there waiting on the ruling. That's how much money there is here they spend millions of dollars to build a sports book to sit there are waiting for the ruling they got what they wanna today so they can open it up. On the next batch of states that they're talking about. And they've either got some laws on the books in the states that are that allow them to get Canada headstart on this or or their calming. Connecticut Iowa Mississippi New York Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And diesel this was surprising to me. There's a batch of about ten states. They have already introduced kick starter legislation or publicly announced that they're gonna do it and on that list of states is South Carolina. Which I figured it would have been and bringing up the rear with like Utah I may be a couple of other southern states but South Carolina is thinking ahead. There's already some kick starter legislation out there we're gonna keep our eyes on it they're saying as much as twenty to 32. Were so states. Could have legalized sports betting in their states and the next three to five years so his comment. There's so much money involved here. It's common. And it'll be here it'll be hearing Greenville. I will be very surprised if in the next few years or is any sports book in Greenville and the diesel as you were saying earlier. Everything can be online now to right there's a lot of waste a place mats on your phone today will there be won any states. Will there be state should go into gathering kind of foreign may hey you it. Only bent on your SEC football games with you know the south east yearned. You know gambling book guy who knows what they're gonna dale. There's all kinds of file ways to do it if you go over an angle and in a sports betting United Kingdom and England in the Premier League sports betting has been legalized. For a while. And a lot of the teams are sponsored by sports books. In gambling agencies. There's so much money here and the NBA's out in front of us so we're gonna talk about this you're a couple of segments side today. I think this is big news and I think this is great for sports. You heard me lamenting a little bit last week that I'm worried about some of these sports professional leagues and about college sports in some ways. About how are you gonna keep fans interest in and coming to the games. Legalized sports betting is a good way to do that and diesel what if you know what if your bet not a game what do forget about a Panthers game and you got three points on if if if you do it online but if you go to the game. What does he get four points when you get an extra point because you've gone there in person. How closely are they gonna tied at least to gather the IN BA is way out in front on this I'll explain why during this hour. Major League Baseball is kind of got H coach it in the water. Everybody else including the NFL has been sitting on the other side saying they do not want this so they're starting from way behind so once again. Adam silver is the best commissioner in sports. He's the NBA commissioner. He's already thinking about TV ratings and how he can fix that. He's reaching way out in front from scheduling and thought perspective and he's way out in front he is a mile he's ten miles. Ahead of all of these other professional leagues on legalized sports betting. And today it paid off for him. So it's it's a big day for the NBA. It is well I'd really like to know and maybe it's in this article and we can get into it in the next segment. Is. It we all know that they are only a handful of schools. That make money in college athletics. That verse they're financially solid and they'll go to a department themselves the athletic department makes makes money. And isn't living off the backs of student fees and state subsidies etc. etc. etc. Should. A part of this sports gambling go to those schools yes and I think it will. Because they are the great thing is gamblers and really don't care who they're betting on. They just see an opportunity to make money right so they won't bet on. They were bad on a Vanderbilt Kentucky game. Just as much as they'll bet on edge on an Ohio State Michigan game. They may not the volume of money but there's still money being bet on those game. It as easy I mean they can take advantage you're exactly right and is the NCAA. Which is perhaps the worst organization and sports. Couldn't be possibly more unorganized terrible leadership. Letting things run amok already. Do we really have any faith at all but they'll be able to put something in place it works for every one. Are these conference is gonna start jumping up themselves and trying to get a piece of the pie. The BSE dissing George continue to talk about this historic gambling ruling today. Also catch up on the Atlanta Braves. Sports betting is legal in the United States in the NBA is way ahead of everyone else Smart chill percent from march Sturgis today. Again the breaking news if you have not heard Supreme Court ruled today that sports betting is now legal in the United States each. Whine of the individual states can decide for themselves. How they're gonna handle this. New Jersey was the one that is god put the suit out there to try to get legalized sports betting their weld on the road there are sports books built already in Atlantic City. Sitting there they're ready to go a couple weeks they will be taking sports that's Delaware's pretty close behind. They can make a very quick change to allow one of their laws and they can be out the door and ready. And other states are coming. South Carolina's got some legislation. That can be fast tracked and we could see sports betting legalized here in South Carolina. With sports books. In some of these cities and the state within the next couple years. Bites Allan Silber. Is the best commissioner in sports coursing NBA commissioner he is so far ahead of everyone on this. And it's gonna make a big difference. So the Supreme Court had their ruling right. Ands the NBA. Was ready. So here's some stuff from an article from Brian when horse on ESPN earlier today. The NBA is the leader in the space may Marty entered and strategic partnerships and open the door to major casino sponsorships. And seeing a number of owners investor Rackley in the sports betting industry already they've been embracing it. Gaming law expert Daniel Wallach says when it comes to sports gambling the NBA is secretariat in the Belmont compared to the other leagues. Comparing the NBA's head start to the legendary horses 31 length victory in 1973. NFL is barely in the starters gave. The NBA is preparing for legalize widespread betting on its game and has so far ahead of the other lease and positioning themselves to get a potential piece of the action. Kind. Adam silver. Pendant op Ed for the New York Times back in 2014. Single loss on sports betting should be changed. Today he got his wish he got what you want it here's another aspect of this diesel. The center of the NBA strategic preparation for this is a partnership began last year with sports radar. A European based sports Data Co. Sports radar has a reputation for monitoring and investigating match fixing across the globe. But his primary role is to sell services. To the international gaming industry so it's the real time data that's happening. During an NBA game and is being pushed out to all these books in Europe they've already been working to gather NBA made huge investment with sports radar. Now that's gonna be coming here they're saying this investment alone. Could be worth 250. Million dollars to the NBA in the next six years. Just by having Schwartz radar research it's gonna be pushed out to all these gaming houses so people can make real time bets. During the game. A fourth quarter five minutes left you want about the the cavs can hold onto this lead pretty wanna bet that they're not. Schwartz radar providing a data NBA's RD air. Investments in casinos is another way the NBA is different and now ahead. NFL and Major League Baseball do not person permit their owners owned casinos were the NBA does. Rockets owner Tillman for teed up. And so Golden Nugget in Las Vegas cavs owner Dan Gilbert owns casinos in several states. Miami's Micky Harrison and Philadelphia's Joshua Harris run companies with significant casino. Ownership. There are other maneuvers of flights. I talked about this a little bit a second ago. The NBA became the first major American sports league last year to put logos on the jerseys. If you look at the NBA game tonight Golden State Warriors. Houston Rockets both have little tiny logos when it's on the upper right hand part. Of their jerseys. Guess what they wanna sell this you. In the future probably gaming sites and waste a place that's an England where sports betting is legal Premier League has become a model on how to monetize all of this. Half of the teams. And Premier League soccer. Had major casino partnerships many in the form of Jersey sponsorship slash GR here. Deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds. So over a big family in he league and he gets it. He's also made a big investment with sting and tool and draft kinks. Adam silver his way out ahead this and so is the NBA so it was all of these new sports books start getting rolled out. Across the country. And all these different states. NBA's gonna be stand in their day one. So there are a lot of people that are gonna make a lot of money up for the ruling today. And it's going to be interesting to see how they fight over you know what patch each group is gonna get. Vegas has got to be very unhappy in some ways today but thirty know how to do sports books in Vegas so my guess is they're gonna say hey I that we were gonna go into the state. And I'm gonna say the MGM grand and I'm going to do a sports book in Atlanta Georgia under this name and roll it out that way. A lot of money to be had here can be listing to watch. So that was a big news today again Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. We're gonna be follow on this as the be a big story that we talk about a lot. I've also got something interesting for a little bit later on in the show. You think Ed Wade is again weighed more than even two hours when the news has come out. ACC football win total projections for every team in 2018. People already talking about this today. So won't DB two teams in the ACC and what Las Vegas and now the sports gambling community. Thinks will be the number of wins each team will get you gotta side you gonna go under over. Such reinstating. A test diesels knowledge here on this a little bit later on the show. They before pivot over to baseball we got a jam packed show today. Brett Friedlander are ACC insiders gonna be with a 6437. This afternoon. And talked to Brenda couple weeks so look at forty catching up with him in the 5 o'clock hour we got Don months in the voice of Clinton baseball at 520. And Jeanne sap a coffin the post and courier is coming on. Jeanne spent a bunch of time with the Shawn Watson down in Charleston on Friday night for a guy. For charity event down there. And die due to pick his brain about that and also he wrote an interesting article about how all college football. Should shake up their spring games something the diesel alive and very passionate about and talked about on here a few times. He's got some views on that as well albeit by 37. And then came cutting ten edit your brain is wired dot com and our braves insider will be joining us a 605. In case you're wondering the Braves are taking on the Chicago Cubs this afternoon bottom of the sixth that land is currently ahead six to four the braids. The playoff bound Atlanta Braves since I've been calling them since before the season started. The Braves had the best record currently in the National League and that continued they can hold on against Chicago today says a goofy start to the week for the braids. Game one of the series. Is the rain out from the last time they were in Chicago a couple of weeks ago I was there doing a makeup game today. And the game got rained out was on Jackie Robinson day. Where everyone wears Jackie's number in the entire league every player wears number 42. But the Braves cubs did not get to do that honor Jackie Robinson because that game got rained out it's being made up today. All the players are in uniform Jackie Robinson day being so you know. Celebrated a few weeks late for the Braves and cubs. Then at the cubs are coming down to Atlanta for a three game series so it it becomes a almost home and home four game series with game one being today. And engage 234 starting tomorrow. Back at suntrust park in Atlanta so a lot of praise on their hands full with the cubs hope to get off on the right foot and win game wind today. So how. Rankings. RPI. Everything associated with College Baseball gates are released on Monday somebody catch up on that as well. Clemson baseball rankings. Baseball America. The tigers all one slot and the baseball America poll down to number nine. The number eight in the and in perfect game poll they are number five. It's also a fight for the number one ACC tournament seed yes the number one seed we talked about this on Friday. There's North Carolina slipped up a little bit against duke. The Clinton could be right there and have a chance to be the number one seed in the ACC tournament. Starts I believe middle part of next week. So clintons now tied with North Carolina in nineteen an eight in conference playing their game ahead of NC state who's an eighteen and nine. USC dropped two out of three to duke that's exactly what Clinton wanted to happen. Due to a tiebreaker Clemson will have to finish a full game ahead of the UNC. UNC is hosting Virginia Tech. Which is not a great team this weekend for its final series NC state heads to Florida State's that'll be a heck of a match up this weekend. Duke still has an outside shot at number one. But they would have to sweet Georgia Tech they are seventeen a nine on the season and get a lot of help. From Clemson and a lot of help from North Carolina so it's looking like it's coming down to Clemson in UNC. Clinton is going up to Pittsburgh starting on Thursday last Thursday Friday Saturday series this week. And I'm going down Kennesaw State tomorrow Kennesaw State 107 in the RPI Pittsburgh 109 and the RPI so weather permitting. Tomorrow. That game start at 6 o'clock PM pregame on 530 here on ESPN upstate. And then will update you on the rest of the week we get a little bit closer to it. And ID one baseball. On Wednesday. Who's gonna get regionals who's gonna get to host them with a top eight national seeds going to be. Clinton is still fighting for all of those and it would help a lot the Clinton could find a way to sweep that this weekend and the Tar Heels dropped one. They'll put Clinton as the number one seed in the ACC. Going into the ACC tournament. South Carolina took two out of three this weekend in their series. And it's you know what there their turn this in a pretty decent season SEC east has Florida it's when he and seven. They clench the SEC east was just three games ago Georgia's a 1611. South Carolina right they're fifteen and twelve. Three games left on the SEC schedule. Kentucky and Vanderbilt both thirteen and fourteen. The SEC west Arkansas seventeen intent Ole miss sixteen and eleven. LSU was at fourteen and thirteen so these Southeastern Conference tournament started today. It be Florida Arkansas Ole miss in Georgia is the top four seeds South Carolina would comment as the five seed. In only twelve teams make it to the SEC tournament. Missouri and Alabama would be left out south Carolina's currently number 39. In the RPI. They've gone a long way. They're supposed to take on USC upstate tomorrow night at seven again weather permitting so such a lot of rain is headed to the F state and the state of South Carolina. And then they'll play Texas say NM Texas CNN is currently number sixteen and the RPI. So South Carolina can you know hold serve against Texas CNN this weekend when two out of three you're gonna sweep. And go a long way in the SEC tournament standings for them as woolsey's RPI and the policemen and a post season so great weakens a baseball from a Clemson and South Carolina. And the Braves in a pretty good job as well. So coming up we'll keep on talking ACC with a RA CC insider Brett Friedlander. Mark Childress and for mark surges super excited to have Brett Friedlander are ACC insider joining us. Brett I ate took the whole first two segments pretty much talking about the big ruling by the Supreme Court today striking down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. Sports gambling now will be legal in the next couple years in different states. And we just started talking about this diesel and I Brad and there's about a million different ways you can go with this is far as to where's the money gonna go are you gonna protect the leaves and things like that. What's your overall first take after hear about it today. Well Mike First Lady that it's about time because basically it's legal already. I mean did you go online you can you can eat meat bet you know we were all. Shorter you don't companies and then end at casinos in the books or whatever means we can put billion anyway. And now it can be regulated now to tacked. And you know and so I think that go it. I don't hold your whole life changing the only it'll be a little bit more readily available to look good to place a bet. And arm that these. It'd be institutions who were who were endorsing it whether it be this leader whoever. Will be given it to get some benefit as well a so we'll wind beyond strategic direction people already places you've got to play bad you already do it. Yeah pain that would Brett Friedlander are ACC insiders so if you were going to place a bats. On his going to be the number one seed in the ACC baseball term commitments come on little wheat bread way to where were your head B I mean it is complete chaos at the top of the standings right now. That's a good thing now. It it all depends on what week it is because he doing this week and I told you would beat North Carolina because you look heartless people here. People at the most complete team than the building to do. Which by the way play. Eight home you know a better team at home and just aren't being played. Idol and so you will speak to her own joke back. Look closely to it would anybody but I look at its debut and suspect. It's. The ships are but we get at that the term all athletic park back reforms by the way action are all on I it's because it's. They just happens that I didn't get it because I I tell you why are you standing and well look what he. Probably a beast. At least six teams that have a chip shot a good thing. It all depends at how that don't understand English part so how do you the group who is in the loop. Column a it all came on on a no respect shown by. Or on. We're taught when Brett Friedlander are ACC insider so lack Brad you know lack I think I saw it was a it was either in a tweet or an article of yours or maybe even in both. You could argue right now the North Carolina is kind of you know the hotbed for College Baseball with all the different teams up in your neck of the woods in North Carolina that are playing so well. And it's not. It's something I don't think about these teams but it wager it to my attention I was like hey he might be right man this might be the best place to be playing College Baseball. Is in the Carolinas ultra Clemson and there is is an add on as well. It it it was this morning and it was both between an eight story that the legal INS jail on. Not Pol Pot are. Yeah it's the outlook Kara I stay. Or pull through. Or even legitimate. Division one baseball polls but more than that was important baseball on dot com. And it had it's still a Wii was the I have. Carolina supper. Caroline was more and ms. Kagan of the Clemson is eight yep that's it. It's it's it's really crooked. To which we don't. Dispute the term that was just dust yesterday accused the pic the beat these guys are critical to. They sure do look towards the south. Other sport teams North Carolina belt unhappy. Not all of it right up the order dictate and done it and now called the lecture report you do it I broke. It gets crazy. The caliber of baseball that is being plate nearly. Into the Carolinas it's particularly coastal Carolina alone. So a culture Charleston and you wanna see some. Did College Baseball played peak and up I I would venture to say. It couple sort of division or permanent it is being so. It didn't at the end and the host of the other day that Google there are. They're idiots I had to be put those sixteen regionals they sit out it's reachable a heartbeat. It did in two states. While that would be. That that would be unbelievable they have that would happen talking when Brett Friedlander are ACC insider at beef fried ACC is the best way to find him and follow him on Twitter. So Bret I've been noticing recently. Then you've been tweeting a lied about my beloved Atlanta Braves and I was even Texan yielded about this yesterday it hard not to be excited about how well the Braves are playing right now they're up six to four in the seventh. This afternoon against the Chicago Cubs as well so are you sharing in my optimism that this team's got a legitimate shot to make in the playoffs this year. I am trying my best not to drink the Kool they had to get carried away and they took I. It still it's still. Benedict the right second week of may now. Point Suharto quite. What they're doing and and the fact that sustain it now group bookmark that don't have a piece of the cold front today that you need. They didn't beat the young ops. Is looking to reduce it go through it pitching. Good it's his third straight Jim yet today. And so look guilty to it just brought up. Pitching well at. You know keep pitching into the bulk. It's pretty scary that it just brought up the double triple eight. We call it stopped. Complete third base so I can the burdens placed so highly. Hit a three hole went into the day in Tripoli so. I. Get excited. Why else it's just hard to watch Gray's lake it is followed yes it shut. The last fault but do you go to the to the pretty volunteer party. 88. The ticket then it's. Princeton's. Crap you don't watch and now to her so worked full scale. The tick caught up at the BJ didn't get swamped local. And we get it should of course all the equity that junior who Rusty Yates. All. Basketball media day. First day that he brought up late and they. Would that team was playing Shalala that you don't respect gave a couple of stole it. Can get done group. It's pretty lately that you don't have broad reporting. Still. Really you know that. Car bumpers don't wait that group. The efforts for my money in this weekend was so I'm at large dance recital for my daughter and a lot of Mother's Day activities. But when Tiger Woods is making his run on Saturday and Sunday that was must see TV for me and then anytime Ronald Acuna junior or Ozzie obese comes up to the plate. That's also must see TV for me as well I'll make sure I'm in the room Villanova their flick the channel over. Tell my wife hey honey can I change a real quick you know aussies coming up by their their playing greatest hard it's really hard not to be excited right now. I've got high hopes man so I am drinking the Kool Aid so maybe the fact that you're not we can kind of counter one another and will balance out somewhere in the middle. I appreciate that but I tell you what we'll do that but the Panetta who they knew that I I think. The act of trying the best but we get too excited about it just dictate. There's still a year to weigh in the early to keep up with the. Yeah I variable Brett thanks so much for joining us sub Brett Friedlander are ACC insider at beef fried ACC on Twitter is the best place to find him always great catch and up and surmised some good inside info on the ACC tournament Manso. Thank you much Brett Boulder's a bunch of sports news and I still need to catch up on. We're gonna talk some NBA. Some Carolina Panthers among other thanks. The Atlanta Braves keep on Roland have a good afternoon today mark Childress and for mark Sturgis braves up six to four going into the top of the eighth inning if you wanna get in and chat about the Braves or anything else had a sub people report GS PE SPN. 8444773776. And Jimmy on the line Jimmie are you all and like me on the Atlanta Braves. I. So what's all this guy did you guys Jews wanna talk about a jump questioner. What are your thoughts either students afford one of the eight so there went in today to. Well you know or fight the same close earliest date and active fault are like that. But how I laid it pre pre through adversity. It's like the Brad here I will work and are grateful they get the job at all the first game. Did they get the series. Let galactic game. And then a they're ridiculous theory they got swept at home but they want our our direct it bit. I agree and the other thing it's different to me about this braves team is. And I think so the called Jimmy they've lost you know ninety games or more three seasons in a row. And the last couple seasons whenever the brace or get behind early in the game it felt like it was over you know how it's too did nothing were down in the third inning. That is a point even watching today that's the other thing it's been different about the Braves you brought up a good one. Which is their resilience and keep bouncing back and even when things go poorly they turn right around and make up for it. But even today they've been down the cubs a couple of times today they were down one nothing I believe they were down four to three. As well today. And this team never quits. And any eighth and ninth inning there really at their best. A lot of these close games last couple weeks it'll be a one run game it'll be tied go to the eighth ninth inning he saw happening to a couple times cy with the Marlins this weekend. The brace all scrapped their way to a runner to and that couple more runs in the ninth and suddenly it's you know 61 when. Instead of a you know two to one nail biter going down the stretch so really be called Jimmy thanks for that again if you wanna talk brace. Everything else on your mind 844 GS PE SP and that's 844477. 3776. We talk NBA a little bit more in a 5 o'clock hour I did wanna point out the Boston Celtics 108 to Cleveland Cavaliers 83 yesterday. It was never game. 36 to eighteen at the end of the first quarter Celtics is jumped them. And that's happened to LeBron a couple of times and the cats. So far in the playoffs would get way behind at the beginning of the game with a no real the team in gradually. They'll get it down right around ten points it has that'll be right around five points or the fourth quarter and then LeBron and everybody would take over make it really close. Didn't happen this time they chipped into the lead a little bits at the end of the third quarter and they were down like fourteen and and bled. Boston came on the fourth quarter and in jumped on and LeBron was only five to sixteen for fifteen points. Did have nine assists and seven rebounds and how many people in the NBA would take that stat line every night but you feel like it's a terrible stat line for LeBron but shows you how did he is and how great he's been playing. I'm Marcus Morris had to when he wine Al Horford. Is there been anybody that's done more for their name and their career at the Al Horford in the last couple weeks. I'll spend the playoffs a lot I'm a big hawks fan. It was hard to get behind Al Horford. He never had the big moments and when you needed him to step up in the playoffs it just never seem like he did listen he's a great player he's all star. Caliber type player. The resurgence he's had in the playoffs. Brad Stevens got a little bit to do that I think he's putting Al in the right positions. To score the ball the way the tan without having to force banks. Al portraits eight for ten from the field again last night. In Boston remember. And it is easy to forget bosses got home court advantage for this whole series. They're the number two seed the cavaliers dropped all the way down of the number four seed so cavaliers took took down Toronto. But first two games are on the road for Cleveland so game two on Tuesday night is massive. For the Boston Celtics. And the Celtics are gonna win this series they have to hold serve at home and the first two games if you're up to zero. Then you got to find a way to just win once in Cleveland and one more time and our. You know even had the when once a Cleveland you can just hold serve at home if you're the Celtics but then if you could win once in Cleveland he could really put it away later in the series so. If LeBron can do what he's been doing every step of the way in the playoffs. Right about the time the cavs are gonna put themselves in a position where they're in big big trouble. What happens. LeBron happens. He steps up. Forty points fifteen rebounds. Still a couple times are ready in the post season. I fully expects LeBron to have monster numbers again tomorrow night. In an effort to try to get Cleveland over the hump and win game two. Now Boston did make some defensive adjustments on the cavs and especially on LeBron and they played LeBron really tight and really close. And had a missing any teams doing that all season or even in the post season. When Jason Tatum was Maxi matching up with LeBron he was party he was gonna write a bomb LeBron like Tatum would guard me right. And forcing LeBron not giving LeBron space or options. Forcing LeBron to get the ball down on the floor without having that big first step running start to use is so effectively to get to the hole. So I thought it was a brilliant coaching strategy from Brad Stevens no surprise there. Brilliant coaching strategy Brad Stevens he's usually got on so be interesting to see what the cache due to counter that. And again move LeBron around more run them off more picks to try to give a more space. Or is LeBron just going to be LeBron and find a way to deal with debt. And go knock everybody out anyway. So I'm really excited about game two of that series which will be tomorrow night and I'm also enter stead. In the west series. The tips off this evening at 9 o'clock. Houston Rockets. Golden State Warriors. The Houston Rockets. Have been run in their mouse all season a Golden State some of the players have done at some of the coaching staff. This is their time to put up or shut up and remember Houston has home court advantage in the west so games one and two are in Houston. And Houston absolutely. In no circumstance. Can afford to lose one of these first two games especially tonight. If the Golden State Warriors win this evening that series is probably over and it could get ugly really quick. And all the pressure is on Houston. They've been running their malice. They're the number one seat. They had been working for this for years to have this opportunity. Every advantage they can possibly half. They have home court advantage. They had the advantage that they have they've had some injuries just about every NBA team hats but they've been effectively injury free for a large portion of the season. Policy warriors have not. The Golden State Warriors Hamptons lineup. They're killer five that they put in there hasn't played together a whole lot in the last few months mainly because stepped curry was out a lot with injuries Klay Thompson was hard to share. Kevin Durant was hurled at the share. Dream on green was hurt. So if you're ever get a gift the warriors. Right now if you're Houston Rockets would be the time to get them. You're not going to have a better opportunity in the future. It's put up or shut up time for Houston tonight. We'll talk a little bit more about this in the 5 o'clock hour again in my predictions on this one tonight and on the game tomorrow as well. So big breaking news today Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibits sports gambling. Can now be legalized in just about any state. Will continue talking about it.