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I welcome back in our number I do remember we're supposed to give way at 6 PM it's clips and in Kennesaw State baseball tomorrow night. It's clips and in presbyterian before the tigers at up to Virginia Currie weakened Ceres but we're going down to. One of the most fun cities on the face of this are the Orlando Florida it's our buddy Matt or shall. You follow him on Twitter at a US members Shelly is the national college football writer. For the Orlando sentinel and Matt. Hadn't gotten all hundred in thirty of your rankings done because at that Orlando sentinel yell at already started each team and where they rank and it into. The college football season. Now we don't that we got our rank but we haven't got all the all the individual teams done at this point. It is that this kind of one of those ongoing processes. That kind of goes through the whole summer and into the fall before we debut the top team. A couple days for the kick off of the season but. We know basically where one's gonna be that give or take a major injury or some sort of late. Late season or late offseason. Coaching change. Said Matt let's circle back to the University of Central Florida this past weekend. Raced. Or put the sign up on the press box 2017. National team in its gate there gave their players greens everything else. What is. Listen I think it's a great day you're talking about Central Florida football in April for months after the season's open. But now I'm starting to see their take in they're made up tropea on the road the first stop is Tuscaloosa. At what point is this become the imaging for Central Florida moving port. Well I think you know for them. This past weekend you know of unveiling be decided on their on the stadium. And giving the players the rings and everything I think to them. This to me hopefully closes the door a little bit on last season you know it and that and that the national championship discussion. I think guys again this is something that you mentioned that Danny white the BCS like rector has been brilliant in this marketing campaign. You know they really kind of elevated to that Google would feel of the team they've elevated the program beginning a lot of buzz nationally. But you know when you talk with the players. Especially after the game on Saturday you know yes they're they're excited yet they were you know grateful for. You know to get the rings and everything but I think a lot of home want to focus on next season they like most of our focus our 2018 you know they and that they talk about that you know that 2017 in the -- is time to move forward so. But at least on the field you know I think the guys ought to move forward and kind of focus on what's what's gonna happen and it's not fair to wait to Josh I bought the new UCF coach because. You know this team's already gonna have a big target on its back coming you know what it is able to do what I shared now you come into this season that you felt was kind of in a discussion about national championships this stuff. And they're going to be a lot of teams took a lot of Iraqi loss and so. For him and his staff this is gonna be a bigger challenge that I I think that what maybe anticipated when he took over the job in the back in December. They met mark Childress here sturgeon I've been talking this week about the fact that three of the teams are in the college football playoff last year Georgia Alabama and Clemson. May have a somewhat legitimate quarterback races here going into the fall. Which one do you see as the one that sticks out to you the most is is an Alabama where we can probably see Jalen hurts drop or do you think we're gonna see Trevor large here and Clinton are both. Well I think it's partly to see both let me to meet the one that's most interesting. There's got to be that Alabama won because. As I was told so many of the day what happened last time you see the quarterback who's led his team to back to back national championship games. We're in the talked about it being replaced you know by a blast sophomore who really honestly had one how. Hassles of of play that stood out you know the national championship game. So for Israel and hurts to to basically be kind of pushed to the side by some of the Alabama. Fan base. That that's amazing to me and then there's a guy that if he does decide that you know his future isn't in Tuscaloosa up and he wants to go somewhere else. I'm sure there's a guy down the road here at at AM Boca. An essay you heavily Tippett who would love to have of Jalen you know land on his team and and lead the Al's. But don't give a lot I think Clemson situation is very intriguing because against same sort of scenario Kelly Bryant is a great job. They have a great season and all the sudden though you've got so much talent sitting behind it several Lawrence. And you know who played really well on the spring. You know there's a possibility that you can get knocked out especially if he doesn't you know continue to play an elevated level you know during the off season maybe not in the weight room he's not working out with his receivers if he slips the step there's a very good possibility that want to take over that job. As we continue with target ramat are still from the Orlando sentinel and you know looking at the swearing gains this past couple weeks yeah a first off how in the world that Florida State 63000. People to comment. At ten bucks a pop that could be the nutrient. It NASA bring football games but. Actually set the other watch some of Florida's spring game in and tell you I personally believe one of the best offseason coaching hires. Was the end Moline from Mississippi state of Florida the has it tees to really pay off for the gators. Yeah I DQ I think that was a really good move that technique which he softened again more an art was the fact that you know he's kind of re energize the fan base salute that this is a fan base that feeling a little let down. They've got these two really bad coaching regimes. What must championship Mac Laine you know more income than what we saw that spring game which he got everyone involved and excited. You know he brought back some former players in the he had something like a 170 former players. In that the spring game he had some Obama field making catches for touchdown did fans really you know loving it. All of himself climbed into the bad pit after the Damon and you know thank all the band members and afterwards he was he you could have power to all of genes are looking energy was exhibiting after that came so. He's the guy that I think it is a good move for them and I think eventual payoff especially when it comes to developing that quarterback position and it's your question about Florida State well partly that was the little ice sending you know when you bring the no ice it's been in concert. They're gonna sell those. Those tickets but I also think there's a lot of interest supported state fans. For this program as well there's a lot of the other four Willie Taggart and I think that's why they had 60000 people show. Right before I give it back over to mark Childress what row were you back there in the pit for Vanilla Ice ice and be back. Can I beg you had to be at me you are the sharpest dressed man on the sidelines don't tell me you were dale with Vanilla Ice and Allen at now. And unfortunately I was not that gay and actually got the Florida game that I wanted to kind of see what more look at the deal with the quarterback position so I missed that but I'm sure I don't want to. There's probably some. But I was an episode you know VH one behind the music decking don't look back in and get my facility and life. Continuing with Matt or sell the Orlando sentinel matted it looks like Alabama Clemson and everybody else I don't want to give away your rankings but. What are a couple of teams that you look at is serious playoff contenders for the upcoming season besides there's too. Well you know I actually think that at some point. You know when you look at it seemed like Ohio State I still to go out State's Urban Meyer even though he's got a change at quarterback even though he's got you know he's gonna have to have look routes and some players facility he'd always with dangerous team that the watched. I also think that you know Georgia you know I mean just because. You know that they they saw a little bit short that title game I think Kirby Smart Scott's account there they are another team as you mentioned Alabama. And clumps and you know we talk about quarterback battles there's chicks aren't we take this the bulldogs seemed to the national title game almost win that for them. And then you got a guy you know just to feel the confidence and basically there's talk that maybe he can take to unseat fall for that position so so it's amazing to me. I think you're also the responsibilities I would be shocked to see Mississippi State may not make a playoff run. But I think he would kill more at the first your head coach I think Mississippi State can make. To make a big push for that position as well and the Wisconsin is always a team that seems to did get it done very quietly. Not a team that's got a lot of flash not a team that's gonna get a lot of buzz but it's in this stuff like probably going to be one of the factors that next season. So Matt let me ask you know everybody wants more we now as we talked about on the show yesterday at bill like we see the NBA creeping in the college book public as we he would like diesels that. He let one of these talented young quarterback sleep without play. So what is it you weep wanna add more teams in the college football playoff I'm cool with that at eight C India. Another at large supply. Is the catalyst gonna beat potentially the saint four by teams. In the college football playoff every year river about a four year Jiri which sits on a look like clumps and Alabama Oklahoma I would state. It maybe Georgia. Yeah well I mean when you look at those programs that means those little programs right now that as kind of put themselves has. Hasn't detailed above you know everyone else you know when it comes to spending the money they've gone out and spent the millions of dollars they've raised that money. To produce new facilities they've gone out and hired the very best coaches they've started paying those coaches you know so what amounts of money. Problem in total other schools start making them move and they are able to kind of keep up. It's gonna be hard for me to see one of those schools get into the playoffs especially if we remain a fortnight and I think we're gonna be up for for awhile I know everyone is clamoring for the expansion I just don't see that how. I think it's gonna remain at or at least until we get through this cycle which I think comes in at 20/20 fourth I'm not mistaken. So I think you're gonna see them very similar teams they've been awarded to teams might. Pop their head and here there. But you know again the only way I think that changes in the last week hit conference get left out more than two years in a row like it in the big twelve of the pac twelve not get it in even that then I think you'll see some some more push for that but right now because of the fact that he -- are getting longer because of the fact that the coaches are worried about that I don't see expansion that anywhere near the front and LCD eighteen stepping up and let you know Nick Saban gonna decide to retire in the next couple years to dabble Sweeney can step away I think these programs are Thursday. Particulate matter shell the Orlando sentinel Matt you talked about Mississippi State is possible sleeper team in the SEC what are your thoughts on south Carolina's schedule seems to set up nicely for them this year. They get a Georgia team that like you said might be introducing a new quarterback or will at least be early in the season without the running back or they had last year. What do you think about them in the east is a possible challenger to the Georgia Bulldogs. Well I thought they could challenge for the for the east but I would be shocked if South Carolina finishes second and that and that division you know I know. Everyone wants to pick Florida or Tennessee or someone like that but I think what question that you mention I think the schedule sets up really nicely and it you look at what they've got talent like coming back which it Bentley arm. I don't. Would not be shocked in the least if they finish second in in this division because I just make things work out really well also that I think you've got things kind of right now and and and a good position. Any any Scott. Others told the team to Florida's the tendencies which gotten which and the coaches and I bring in new quarterback at strategies and you think it's gonna take them awhile to get there so it didn't think so worked out well for what must have been kind of the collapse of the gators you know and the volunteers because that really does open the door for them to make a big strong push. You know when it comes to the east now where they contend for the title I'm just not sure I just think Kirby Smart have a great job of little green and so much talent whether it's Siegelman you know at the quarterback position running backs defense I think this team is gonna be here to stay and I think that's when I was scrambling right now to try to find a way to try to keep up with. Oh. All right final question before we let you go. House shot do you think that is seeping into words this past weekend. See the intensity cheered me pru he called out football players. He called out millions and guess what I think this is what's needed in Knoxville after they're delete. In the end the previous staff so while it was a shot at Tennessee. I think there immediately copper right now under cheer me prove it in the cabin in the last eight years. All looking to become the new coach comes and especially one that it's hard nose coach. What are the first thing you got to do he's got a weed out some of that. The dead weight in your program. And I think that's what that statement said to me is listen we've got guys on our roster that are going to be here probably won't fall camp starts and and an early August these guys are probably the patriot throughout and they're gonna leave a decent enough and that's fine with him I think he realizes this is going to be a long process and as much as you think fans are surprised by his comments I think they're going to be surprised by the seat of I don't think Tennessee is gonna do well I think this is a rebuilding year. I think it might be bowl eligible but the it's it's gonna be close I mean. They they lost a lot of talent I think that this just didn't do a very good job over the last couple years of really kind of in the shop stocking up the shell so. To me I think this is going to be one of those processes gonna take two or three years but I can be out with the other as a reporter. I'd love Pruitt comets and and that the that you appear at a spring game because these things are so try to cover sometimes to see him say that really kind of kitchen to know that he's deathly serious and that it's a wake up call snapper. All right Matt tell our listeners again you it there or later in the Orlando sentinel dollar going through the stay where you're releasing wondered your rankings on a team in covering on. So I mean that's gonna lead all the way up to about kick off and again a lot of different things they'll have going on. Yet we do I mean at the countdown going on right now we're rat number. Got to get this right this is a good at what and number one one. We got what 25 they would Charlotte's. And then you know we've also got a podcast at the college grad pre 65 podcast. On iTunes using Google play. I would add new episodes every week. Breaking down the the count down a Mossad has some gas on there as well and we just got all sorts of covers going into a goal as the yes summer goes through because. This is the dog days and people are loving their college football and they wanna get legislation again. Well listen I wanted to make sure we caught up before I'm out for a little while thank you if any of these guys need anything while I'm now I've given them your number. Just in case but Matt we appreciate everything that you've always done for straight up with sturgeon. Look forward by the time I get back in the SATA will will be staring some college football right back in the face. Well look forward to and I hope he you get a speedy recovery to give mark. Look at boards do it listen sometimes you just gotta go get fixed in this is one of those nights all right Matt makes for everything will be in Tutsi. But here. Be Matt or shall listen not any better not only Katie Wright he can talk ain't. He can dresses well trust me can't wait to check this out on the net to stock enough to see you're a fashion he stepped and I are proud I you know we Wear our golf shirts with he has been in upstate on it now it's high even bow tie things like that. With Matt which at that. Some of them its debt that dressing game up in the press box weight class where it needs to be all right when we come back it's opened might still 6 PM will take your phone call but. Get down here to dale dale come by see is it's smoke all the water go across the street. Because the permit baseball teams got something big coming up after the game. We'll take you to beat dale here. How you can make a difference. All right welcome back jam where coming down the stretch right now they hit. At clips and they're monitoring it sell right now but. Was just told it wouldn't delay. First she they don't think he wills that's directly from way up and bush over the stadium who will be called in the game because it's another prowling growl. But the Clemson Tigers tonight the year in. For an agency to iron eighteen tonight. For the rally growl over the years so well yes it looks like will be giving way for six. 6 PM for Clemson baseball like if you want to make a difference when it comes to baseball. There's a huge game here in dale am grateful denied lord built let's and any kind South Carolina. Comes up to the upstate the plight it's a big deal firm in baseball and Brett Parker after the game. They are doing their yearly designation for the answer where they'll be shaking their heads and you can go online in you can. Make it donation its it team dot hear the kids dot org. In just look at the fund raiser for Brett Parker they've already passed their goal. Let's see if we can't help them. Make a difference when it comes to meet. Particularly this. It says I'm taking a stand against childhood cancer by teaming up with vs cancer each signature. Fundraising campaign of the pediatric brain tumor foundation and of course. You know we were talking 63 years old young prepare any coming in yesterday yeah don't even get me into it when you. Yeah about white mean it's time breast cancer survivor and we go over to the you can search center of the Carolinas and see yet. Eight year old or ten year old badly hit that's not Payer that is Olena Beers so. Listen that go on line or better yet come down the floor built support the paladins in the gamecocks. In the permit baseball team after the game is they'll be shaking their heads in honor of these. Childhood cancer victims. Yeah what a fantastic cause and hopefully we won't have any weather issues down here it looks like the rain is stopped for now it's been and her minute the last hour or so. And what a great venue what a great matchup tonight and in a great cause like he said after the game a lot that I love it so. Get back it would EO Matt said. First of all I think he hit the nail on the head right now when it comes to justify pool. Would it comes to these sheets yet still going on right now he's the one that really in the cross Ayers because. They're still living from last year you live you look back too much that last year. Clemson looks too much back to that game against Alabama guess what that's when there's things can beat you twice. I said yesterday about this did who'll. That's fine you're you're kidding you're published in eight we have more months after the season's over you see as some might unity golf club but. Even heard back all right it's kind in this state other guys. Our retune the first this came from a story on line I just copies in print it out which is. You can hear how they're start it's a national media I have to start the lists the buttons back if you will cut write this out it's what. The UCF nights really do you have everything that you'd expect from a proper national team. Dozens of adoring audience. A Twitter posse well up no matter how the best team tip they entered that at the debt 318. Dollars in by. Justin class reigned sporting some extra CC. One hope police car with the custom wrapped in a quality win overeat or loss team. In the growing ire of seventy other in the end in group a by programs. These are the salad days very dominant national power. It's we know around these parts haters are gonna comment to them but one thing that you see yet did not have what was it stroke. That is and built today you see yet is now he crafted there and try to be in now it's making its way across the country. Burst dot at night 7 PM Tuscaloosa Alabama. That showed the crimson fraud is the realty sore. Idol I absolutely. Love this idea. I love it and I know you and I differ on less. I think this is absolutely fantastic to win so let's glad from a different angle where would you rank. You see out at the end of the season last year if you were ranking football team's 89. Somewhere in the book that. They never got above like number twelve in the college football playoffs that you could argue that. From the college football playoff ranking perspective that they were under raided all of last season and should have been given more credit and they were ranked much lower at the beginning of the season. So with this if this. Changes the minds it even gets to ranked two positions higher or three positions higher they would have been in the legitimate playoff discussion from last year. And that's why I like this I think it's a team trying to send a message to say. Why not us and for everybody. For every damn a fan out there I know they don't like for everybody that doesn't like Alabama. Why not why not give another team a shot and I agreed I think gamble would wipe the floor with Central Florida election why. Even now I like it go they're calling alum in the crimson broad I mean Alabama's 15 at that as the last nine national team tipped let me be honest with the the only way to Central Florida went undefeated last year ten years removed from going winless. Is the quality of competition in their conference they were the best in hand stay on the best tonight get it. But there's not a team in the ACC the SEC the big twelve. It is that major leagues that's got to go winless. In the eight years later go undefeated it's much more difficult for app and the reason it happened was quality of competition but. You can go bring this thing in in poked the Bayern Tuscaloosa. Why don't it's up in about a hundred pieces on the floor that it's one thing to go. Show your rings and all that stuff on Twitter go to war scope for. This is really. About it taking it don't I don't think there's not gonna be somebody in there it's gotta have that thought process this is stick in the double metal thing. Do it on Twitter I've that I would it bring this thing besides that caught sooner it'll make its way up here why not why would you hit that that the number two team in the country it's our home to earth why Ari what do you think Clemson fans are gonna bill about it when this state shows up when Central Florida what even playing and. College football playoff last year I don't think it'll bother Clinton fans as much because they're not than the national champions now this would've been two years ago Clinton wins the title. And they finally have their moment and here's little pesky Central Florida over on the outside waving their rings in their. They're trophies at the date field it differently but why is this any different than white UN BC did or loyal Chicago did in the college basketball tournament. And that goes to the flaws of the playoffs system today. There's an entry point where anybody can win in a team like a Central Florida has a chance to quote. Settle it on the court or settle it on the field they don't have this opportunity here so I think. They are trying to poking also at the college football playoff system and saying hey. Why not let us again why not give us the opportunity and I think this takes is one step closer this six or eight team playoff. Which I think almost all college football fans walked and that's a good. That's the. He you'd hit the key they ends one yet this doesn't want it. Alabama doesn't want to collapse and they now none of these teams that have competed for a national title in that fourteen playoff while another gained now every one of them is set coming out of that team to gain. We did have another one that is deep you really want that evening chip gained one more being decided by backups things that make that's why I say you're gonna open it up. You got it. Let let's get AC. Is that what that law art whether it's from large across the pool or. From conference USA the Mac the other smaller ones take the best highest ranked team. Don't take that. But those gains gotta be played about the middle of December. And you have to do weeks to get prepared for New Year's Day when the final four starts. Because everybody has been for three consecutive years now I want more football after the TP chip eight except. The coaches that competed in the acting that was when he looked me square in the guy after the game and camping as I don't think we had another one and us. You have a share find a way. The FTSE playoffs they have to win five games to win a national title and they had to do with Tony to fewer scholarships. And don't say oh well but they're not as big guys are not put him there it's all relative that the guys that are hit each other. It has CSR relative to each other the same way they guys were hitting each other in the FBS playoffs their relative size to each other he got 22 more scholarships you tell me. You can't you have to you only have to play two games vs five games with 22 more guys. Just tell you diesel that your guide to us I agree with diesel by the way I was about to bring up the sexy they're all gonna want if you were to change this told me there I don't want fewer games no chairman of that cupcake weekend that everybody plays that we get before Thanksgiving prayer. Alabama. Schedules Chattanooga and Clinton's schedules offered us nothing negative about Chattanooga are offered but they basically say we're gonna play lesser at CS opponent this weekend. So that we can rest up for a big rivalry game with the rivalry game up one week make it an eight or twelve team tournament and you could play every other week all the way to reach anywhere right and it seems that. Those schools are used in that were budget. It's not about the legitimacy of the game it's about having a home game to make budget college athletics is now have an L. The other parts of the school reached their budgets to take that away play the first round playoff game at home. That's one of the big went take Clinton near the number one seed it's around at eight games you get to play a home game now against Central Florida that would packet out and you can you can handle it that way again I know there's there's a bunch of different ways to go about this and as a Clinton fan. It the end of the day I would probably agree with you why opened the playoff any further. When the team that I support the most is probably going to be in there anyway why give them another chance I still think the guy to listen to the coaches in this there's not an agenda from data Sweeney after winning national TV chip in equivalent. We we'd have another witness nick statements that the year before in Phoenix now that we don't have you got at least eight the coaches at face value and you know but she got and it's not a 45 week gap in there in December that you couldn't play on December 14 that's what I'm saying it play again on January 2 that's exactly what I'm saying here open it up. Played as mid December 2 weeks in the end that didn't that win a case in the exit it be done with it. That's fine but. This is you know what this is laughable to me. I completely true is it yet go get the idea match argue it was Larry you have little more on sad because they're actually taking a shot you're Crimson Tide. I can stay yes and yes you. Though this is setting you up the next I do something big. To be made fun of again nothing or nothing last I. All right that's me personally but yet I realize just go on Twitter. I'd say it's probably three quarters of the national media laughing Central Florida in the other quarter going. And here but so you're talking about EC. Who's they use another program I think with Lane Kiffin who's gone and absolutely insane on Twitter after the season this year. That in fights with Tennessee Alabama you name it. But who are we talking about we were talking about Lane Kiffin and update you might think these programs that aren't in the major power five conferences. Whatever they can do to make it differences like the creative tennis scheduling you talked about earlier what is something that I can do to get attention for my team. If I'm not given the opportunity like UN BC or Loyola of Chicago to go on my big Cinderella raw and perhaps an epic upset. Power power folks gonna start talking about miso maybe I'll get position higher in the playoff rankings next year again. It is. I think it's a travesty for Josh I apple happened to deal with this adding ending his first year. You know what Scott Ross really want to be Central Florida he'd become a back it's at go to Central Florida. In the on the Nebraska sideline this year and migrated its Salma moderate. But boy he wouldn't you intervene to stay around anymore because he knew what it was it's a smaller program. They had their moment in this on let them celebrate uncle go to all the stuff on Twitter. It's not go out Italy's going in the Bob Barr where I hung out collapse. Which is also notice the campus party store where they've taken this being denied. That is it's a little too or what you're saying is that a the little guys in the room you're seeing little guys need another place. That's say that diesel I'm just saying don't take the damn thing that Tuscaloosa. That's insult the to everybody involved that you know why go Paula in the air and see how you get out of there they're maybe a couple fights but for all to me that. All we ask you this how how good. Would back to the future of Bennett's bid ten and hadn't been able to get Marty meant fly into a fight. How to get Marty would fly and will fight every single time he called him a chicken that movie was staged. Without the best tandem part of why this is exactly what's happening and you gotta go right atoms stars because you know what if you sit there and you did you play nice and you keep it on your camp says and you don't try to ruffle any feathers changes never gonna happen. This is the way to effect change and I love it. Well you see applicants wait let's take a home and home but Alabama I'll borrow our play DCF for that next in years guess what. They're freaking joke in my book 844 TSB ESP year. Couple quick notes we'll be right back out catching. Cell come and their eclipse and they put the TARP on the bill they're still hoping for 8630. First hit two but 7 PM in the NBA playoffs you've got the bucks in the Celtics in markets aren't going to be. Back for the Celtics tonight. That would be here speaking a little bit more scoring it's you get further into the playoffs but that number. They caught my attention mark Childress was to simple the to simply. Do 136. Heavily said the number of entrants into the NBA draft very new round draft. Sixty able will be selected now a lot of these guys can still got out and and they will so you'll lose at least half of those. We'll get their views that it to meet with a couple the NBA teams they'll be told what they need to work on and I think that's the main reason these guys are going. And I you know when you look at Mitchell and read for Clemson. Your hope as Clinton fan is is they gave great feedback they're told hey go back for another season work on these things and go back but still to 36 for sixty slots. As site and counting the seniors that's already counting the Europeans. You know. Look at Dokic or whatever is gonna probably be one of the top two or three. Selected from over in Europe some of the mock drafts I've seen has as many as seven or eight Europeans going in round one. So now you're down to what 52 slots left so a lot of folks that are gonna gonna be coming up short. Yet the numbers don't match up all right Billy Taylor is up next bill that don't well the opinions good. There are you weren't. There. Bury your look at my diploma. Listen about them not heard you could collect the her comments about tablets and a billion have another one animal of course they didn't have another one in on the just played a whole tirade was a community. An extra day even been in the original cabinet which was horrible figure the best team. Whether it is probably the most talented two teams in college football at that point. If they had played each other's weak spot. Or later I'll I'll give you to talk to either one of those two touched it probably would have told you the treatment playing not deep holes. Of this scheduled just a couple of them were played and I mean when Alabama equal employee each other. Right now but isn't that the team has found the things that they are gonna have another one analyst at this could be hardened their only to get up the next week no matter who you point and it's going to be hard to get a couple of good morning. I think there's a lot of truth in that Billy because you know you get that situation it's 1423. And then you gotta go play you know another one and I mean it's hard and other team yet they're asked to do it it the FCS level and he took when he team playoff now but. Yeah it's like you said that is the grim Billick grim going up against each other. We'll update best best argument and an idea that battle believe he was lying about I've taken at face value on that that was probably the truth but I had to appoint someone else that we they probably would have had another one in the human probably got personal Alabama. I think it's good to be inclusive by garrido lived. You know you birdied this the the board object he remembers 900 people these our whole heartily only aside just IPU beach when we are gonna do at least they. Personable you've got five major conferences and only spoke source caught certainly suits are beginning. So I think you have to have five spots at not at large but. You automatically mean you're probably gonna have to respond to not be one of those this smaller teams are probably gonna get one of those who Lawrence Lori. Arab and probably going to be promise you know. The Islamic you're not hinting that you're probably going to do you know not being Tibetan they would probably have been a plot to entity you're going undefeated and in one of their conference. He would disagree with him that Billy but I'm. Richard. Baghdad TI and everything's good with the family in illicit open it up because here's the deal. It's never going to be fair to everybody gets their opportunity. I'm not tickets that I'm not saying no this is keep the board here. But right now we can only do it under the rules in which we you know yeah it'll be awhile before they changed which is the unfortunate thing I liked the idea twelve Teamsters. The eight teams can play. You know five through twelve can play it again if coaches are worried about it being too much on their kids you can pass on the bid I think all of those teams would be dying to play those. But I know what you said you were worried about that coaches were saying that it had anything left enough is said atlas and post game you know have a Sweeney. This this is that this is all we had yeah I mean they've left it on the line there in you've got to take its coaches. At face value they're not out they're trying to be there to see in this was. The thing is that they ants want more got approved the coaches that it's going to be able to be done. And it Bayern equitable. I agree yeah they've got plenty of time to figure it out. What has come up 20/20 four it's awhile it's 20/20 42025. I think before it expires and they can actually. Go and figure something out but maybe he's yet he'd spoken to people every year that it there'll be quicker are right when we come back when it's. Enough to butts in wind is the winning ticket to have to apologize well maybe when your high school baseball game. Got 82 enough open. So one team crossed home plate ADT the kinds the other across the zeroed. This was the case of a baseball game up north that was old Rochester regional high school in mop up voice and Matt teases. They were the team they could not ski quit scoring against Notre Dame Cristo Rey high school in Lawrence Massachusetts. It's a matter fact one team it's the way it went dale. What team had eighteen game schedule. They are looking for a couple more games negated when. He thought he was booking one team to play did not get that team that was somebody else in this is what the winning votes at this state ports deal why. I was sick in my stomach been in I'm still sick about it the game never should have been played and believe me we exhausted every option within our power to keep that keep what happened from happening. They Europe your young team that seemed pretty content which is speaking out there playing baseball but that was an experience I'd never want to get through it. If they go to the team. That point eighty east L another beat. We're though it up fast ball here and he tried quite a hell of it is batters out yeah begs the umpires in large the strike zone a lot of up. They scored twelve in the first inning when he in this act it it just with awesome Ron art or run rules in baseball is just about everywhere acting. This third inning grounded Murti despite maybe a drive is it greed and hello me and that's unbelievable. He's not he was getting to wing won that school that went eleven and eight in made the playoffs last season's schedule. The eighty mail about the Chris though great high school we actually schedule was not the one he thought it was. The this went elk from Lawrence Massachusetts. A sitting in the New Hampshire border. He thought the 88 mile drive that warrants would be good bonding experience sports team. That he got off the bus spots a minute vote. So he knew just before you walked out on the all guy says after the umpires agreed to greatly in the two strikes. Harbaugh hold the oldest players to swing at anything that was over there head. He grip reposition the opposing third baseman David Paterson says that third piece it is an players now. He said. At this app at odds not ever that massive talent discrepancy. Don he was it BP for the bulldogs policies sixties are now that are. Ha ha ha that he played this morning to you rods and my BP was the pitcher who he was a player that aid is equipment the seventy at the play hard knuckle up. Fifty for seventeen yeah. Surrendered the losing team surrendered ninety and its effort to what he knew where it in the 82 nothing's gore. Is the largest and in high school baseball sits at 100 in I did not than slapper. Back in Iowa night when he you'll hear about these high school basketball games is that some girls schemes recently where those 400 it'll be like a hundred did not. And solid appalling. That everyone's always open arms and upset these guys all seem to have the right now that it's not UConn women's basketball Pollyanna everywhere. For the record Cristo Rey harbors no hard feelings over the lopsided loss quote. I don't have a problem with the old Rochester all their program were trying to be like. Mr. ray 82 workers arias told the Boston bureau where being young team that graduated seven seniors last year. We have no seniors to be news in the rest of the team. His freshman and sophomores in that is why he he would be eighty heated up a week you tee at least if you try to help the other team out like bring Amir Al. It actually hit the ball you know like the guys that Europe but somehow some way so wall wart consecutive guys in the rug where what happens exactly or just sewing and miss it it's not that hard or maybe in this case it was that I just glad this it turn into a everybody deserves a wrote he I feel bad for the team that lost everybody in ball seems like at the right attitude about it. The mistake will be made again that's a grateful their stirred Everest it's units of speeches the one it's going to be all right here's the deal we're the rate at at gimmick what's in university tigers. Taking on the activists Allstate Al's first time a belief they have matched up. Outing here smoke on the water per a little bit just in case burst its does it go off at 630 like it's plain and but. Again William block him bush on the call the clips and baseball game against the Kennesaw state house. Again I might be back on from 637. Will find out how it goes Amara exits as the plate presbyterian. Don't think we'll have any whether it's seas to amaru that we will talk with brain it bit it. From saint Joseph's high school in a whole lot more have a blessed evening will do it again.