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All right welcome back in final hour. Cool we don't have to give way to Clemson baseball today but we may be doing that is the weather upholds the Mars they are scheduled to take on Kennesaw State will be out at 6 o'clock you now albeit smoke on the water also way up. Wednesday same thing they'll be hosting PC home before they hit the road for Virginia. This weekend in Charlottesville South Carolina as we mentioned they're coming up for a floor filled contests with the Furman Paladins to mark. That's 7 PM. So go by and check that out and then of course South Carolina. One of the things it's finally here if you will is am sick of it I'm sick of mock draft some sick of and boy east yep predicting that the five best players are so I'm gonna have faux fault in my team you know Endesa. Thursday were finally gonna see some of the NFL draft. When it comes to the first round in this is what's so funny because you know all it takes is one pick the blow everybody's draft selection not yet but. The one and I'm finding very interesting right now. Is what's going on with Dez Bryant because when he was released from the back cowboys you know he's mad he won a spot in the NFC east and guess what. Yeah that may not be happening the only way I see that happening at this point is if I doubt Beckham junior is traded away. From the aforementioned Zack Brown's favorite NFL team the New York Giants then there'd be a spot for desperate. I have a question for you mark and I've got a question for you diesel. What's going nine Dez Bryant is not that hot of a commodity if you know what the ravens. They went out and got a he had different. Wide receiver in Willie Snead of the New Orleans Saints say matches. His compensation in so now the ravens are out on Dez Bryant after showing very real initial initial interest. So I think it's kind of interesting that. The chase for Dez bright yet has not heated up I figured it would take place before the draft. But now maybe it's going to be package some pay it picks that I don't know what did this one it's gonna be but. I just I do you think that Dez Bryant is a little bit surprised that his name was not as hot in the general manager circles is maybe he thought he was. Well Dennis thinks very highly of himself we know that so I'm sure he surprised. I think a lot of this has to do with the draft and there's so many moving pieces parts right now. That is somebody does wanna get to as candy shop some pics like he said are some players and picks to free up the space they need to bring him on board. And also the longer sits out there it could change the financials and how you can bring him and so I fully expect as to land somewhere. In the next couple weeks and I bet we hear his name a few times. Especially as we get in his mid and late rounds on the when they're talking about and so he's gonna land so he's too big of a talent. Not to be somewhere week one neck. See some ice can give them a chance this is not going to be he is getting ready to find out his worth in the NFL right now was nowhere close to where he thought it was because this was a business decision by the cowboys don't let him go. He was sixteen point eight me N gets to cap this year. The only other our wide receiver with a higher cap wind was laid FitzGerald and don't even begin. To compare laid FitzGerald and Dez Bryant in the same hand to what they bring to their franchises. I understand it was a business still but guess what it this point it looks like Dallas made the right decision here because. His stock keeps drag every is spaces where key he can end up keep going to have some why he's gonna get them on a very lower contract and in east it's gonna pay off form. Maybe this might humble him a bit in which he becomes the player Jiri and year out that he can be when he's not. Keep up on some than adults I hope it does on it seems like all I remember it does Bryant's season last year was him yelling at people and coaches on the sidelines and players. So I think I think Dallas is going to be a surprise team in the NFL this year they've got a lot of talent and they stay healthy. And add the kind of draft picks they've been I mean they've had some spectacular tracks the last three or four years they have another one this year they're going to be a surprise team in the NFC east. He Brian Dez Bryant Sturges a Beatrice staying. That's on the big Redskins fan why nots you that we have not had a lot of great offensive wide receiver talent for the Redskins in the last 45 seasons. Why not take a flyer on Bryant you know you'll at least get to monster games from them against a cal. Well I mean what were your thoughts is right now here's a mock draft and I'm so glad that we're day on the last couple of days in this bid as Cleveland taking C and Arnold the cornerback from southern cal number one. Giants could not possibly screw this up with this election if they took sake one Barkley from Penn State number two but. I think they're still enamored with what they're gonna do behind Eli here in the next couple years will seek. The New York Jets at three has it taken Josh rose in the quarterback from UCLA. In that also five as Arizona. Taking baker may feel after a trade from depth in Denver so there's three quarterbacks. I'm not get it in my draft and everyone of the pics she just named have different and that's why I love these guys are right this has Josh Allen going number six that's four of the top six picks. Listed in this particular mock draft. As quarterbacks now going on day on the list when it comes to the first round. They've also got to let skis Mia Lamar Jackson going number 21 to Cincinnati. So that's five quarterbacks in the N. Looking on day on the list. Today. Believe it or not they do not have. Bait and skis Mia Mason Rudolph in the first round. I think that's the worst decision of a mall. I elicit some South Carolina fans probably are real crazy about Mason Rudolph after some of the comments that he made but quite frankly. I think got a thousand South Carolina fee and when that talent. Wanted to go to South Carolina. Bring a hand written letter to the staff and was ignored in the signed Michael Scarnecchia that a year instead. I'd say don't be mad at Mason Rudolph for telling the truth on that story and how it motivated him I'd be more upset with my staff that well. There's a guy from northwestern in the state of South Carolina. There is produced talent left and right there I would at least returned it in written note in which Mason Rudolph sit the South Carolina staff and you can tell. He uses that for motivation and he's angry about it as well. He was and he made his comments on air with us and I thought it was great and yes he does so use it as motivation. What he say beat the crap out on the bottom of the bowl and every year at the first thing you look at on the schedule as is South Carolina on it or is there a way we can meet up in a bowl game sell. I thought it was good I really like Mason I haven't seen him. I think the patriots are gonna packets and picks up and they're gonna move up Democrat than a grab a QB. Now Mason has been talked about is maybe they wait until the in the first round and grab him. But it seems like may be that the pats will move us it'll be interesting to watch I think so it's around one on Thursday and into a three on Friday I'm Mason will be gone by the end of for. Now listen you're you're hearing smoke blown at this point as well because you're now hearing the New England Patriots worked out. Lamar Jackson from global and their Miree interested in him and all that I just don't see that is the style under. That knew me that's why I think that's blowing smoke that management Mason still there will take him button again and I I was just. Be honest with ya dumb failed dumbfounded. Clemson had this Shawn Watson that year. So they need he knew what was going on there and there was anything to upset him with his little brother is now a defense of and clumps of I was astonished literally not taking shots Spurrier and staff. I was astonished that nobody in that recruiting office could take that tying dissent. Just for anything else keep that staff at northwestern in those people happy for future years down the road when you come in to recruit a player from there. That turned out. Boy that was a bad bad decision hindsight is 20/20 app but a hand written note. Did take the time to honor that back in any time I get a hand written note and that means more to me because. That Nissan might took the time to hand right at what type doubts not a form letter that was a handwritten me in time anybody takes it time to do that. I write one back. Yep I agree with you and it wasn't like they recruited him and went in different directions and didn't do anything and that does have the pain. You could argue the south Carolina's last couple seasons might look markedly different when Mason Rudolph behind center I would tell you that in a hundred times ever now. They got one of the better quarterbacks in the southeastern come back this year when it comes to Bobby bill Leeb uttered Jacob lately but still. I mean think about transitioning for Mason Rudolph into Bobby bit weak in hindsight being 20/20. But it wasn't that Spurrier junior at that point it was sort of the realities coordinator and I think that's right and shame on him and it's not shame on South Carolina and sane. Shame on him for dropping the ball because. Again when somebody takes time to write to that kind of personal situation take the time to respond to it you never know. And I'd nail I bet the Mason Rudolph is not exactly the only one ever northwestern high school that's a little bit chat about that and where are you joining us what date sometimes if you don't want the guy. Go in there and treat them like you do because there's somebody else come in day on the line eventually. You don't wanna be remembered for that one before you know. It's a tough deal it's whore but again. It still when it's inside your state take the time to do it listen. He seized it is motivation to played often paid off for him South Carolina college football player of the year by the South Carolina football hall of fame so. I think that when you look at the tools quarterback. He maybe doesn't have the strongest arm and I would maintain that Peyton Manning won a couple Super Bowls without the strongest arm in the NFL and Alan maintained Tom Brady. Also when it comes to guns in the NFL his is not up in the top five either. He's that he's the player in the second or third round it will get drafted and then Mel hi April jumping in say one has value pick that they've gotten them. And I actually asked Mason about this I only talked on Thursday. You know sometimes would it be better to fall to a more established team and used to Shawn Watson is the example right the fact that he went to the Texans. Even when he went there I said to my wife only this is great this is an established team it's Ari on the play offs. You're not board the jet you're not going to the browns are not having to literally start from scratch and know that you're not gonna win ten games over the next two seasons. While you get better at the falls and could fall to a team like that I can end up being a really good thing for him long term at. Rob job 76 it since as they were a lot of questionable recruiting passes by that staff in the last final few years and there is some truth to that Mitt. You know that's like looking Cleveland here he just took this John Kaiser in the second round last year and hand. In need now shipped them off all right saying Arnold's 5050. Best in his college career and you're gonna go make him. The number this is where again I put it on. Our numbers I mean he is 65 years 237. Balanced so we fit set drop back quarterback that we just love when it comes to the NFL right. Is bipolar is he's been in his two years of starting at southern camp. I'm scared. I'm scared for him going to Cleveland has no identity. To begin wet but. Hey here's an idea so that the browns have a boat load of cash to go and all these picks this year. One you get Barkley line Gil whatever quarterback's left of the good ones at four in a one eagle pick up on a wide receiver named Dez Bryant and bring him and and you've got an offense that it becomes formidable overnight with those kind of title that kind of talent out there. And he's still got a lot of cash like what you do something like that. You publicly for the browns it it's potentially they could take a quarterback with their first two draft picks ending guess what. You got pulled on quarterback controversy going into training camp that would be the worst idea I've ever heard I've seen it actually floated out there wow that's the enigma you know what if I was gonna do it. I would not want to make seemed Arnold my number one draft pick overall. I'd try to package that thing down for a few more pieces is. Listen you've had Johnnie Mae and zealous a first round draft pick you've had designed Kaiser right at this the beginning of the second round. And now you're going back in the well number one. I think maybe I'll find something else and let me package at a number one and get help elsewhere because again. I think their quarterbacks in this draft as good if not better than seemed Arnold I think there is a huge upside. Is on the scene and Arnold. But I think they're questions and then when it comes to Josh Rosen the UCLA quarterback. My questions with him is simply how much he loves the game of football. Yup there's been a lot of questions about that if you're the brown should you decide who you wanna draft and then not draft that guy T done so poorly for so many years in a row. Put your draft board together in the just flip it upside down and go the editor and OK we want to Arnold so they go draft rose and because it has to be right because what you're choosing is always wrong no which you do is you bring all the wives and you bring up a dart board you put you know you can section all the dart board. In whoever gets the most dark suddenly ended in their that's he'd take me I think alike that's about as much of a chance as Cleveland that frame check. I mean my god. It's the third thing I'd like to be in pro sports right now. I set Aniston. Is Cleveland's head coach the last two years go 11 and 35 now retaining his job he's coming back. Nowhere to go but up so why not hue Jackson. One win in two seasons which seems inconceivable. In the parity bill NFL. For than to be so low I I'm Poland for the browns and the got a great band Casey you'd love to see him. Hit on a couple of these guys this time they're start heading in the right direct they're so bad they're light up cubs back in the day did you just yeah almost had to pull form but now that the cubs have gotten goods. You don't owe all that time to WGN back in the day gas saving your afternoon says. Anyway when we come back will increase will keep on going. With some at this NFL news also. Your opinion here in this hour. Central Florida they hung a national championship banner on the and gave them play their players rains. And the problem with it. Laugh added a little bit but what that did to me. Worst person that you ever encountered on social media I had that happen to me this weekend. We'd love your opinions is quality for four GSP. ESPN. The NFL draft just three days away I'm about to put mark Sturgis on the clock with the first pick here in just the second. Mark Childress here on straight up stirred to with stirred himself. So mark we've been bashed and on the browns a little bit talk and NFL draft starts Thursday night at 8 o'clock with round one and then on Friday will be rounds two and three. When you talk about all Alabama boys are gonna go in the first round here and Amanda but if you are if you have the number one and number four pay tribute to Cleveland Browns. Who are you going way as with that first selection. I'm not taken that first election I am going to listen to offers and I'm gonna package it up and because. I'm going to be honest with you I have question marks about these quarterbacks now. I keep here and that watch out for somebody include an Arizona Cardinals straighten up for baker may build around that this slide. They say he added the news this scouts say. The ones that light maker may feel loved baker mayfield so they're cool with it. I told GQ I felt was the best quarterback that's Mason Rudolph but that's what my dice are right so I take this opportunity with. We we screwed up with me in Zell as a first round draft pick just a couple of years ago. We took the shine Kaiser pretty high last year what the second draft pick in the second round. We're really gonna get test the waters with an unproven upside potential quarterback that's why app package they don't try to get a few more draft picks. Indian mind the waters for a forgive me through this year kind of quarterback because I'd just I don't meant. Even if you drop down to like eight or ten and hey if you wanna get in on this eight port four GSP ESPN. If you're the Cleveland Browns GM who would you be selecting first in the draft. Would love to hear from you. Even if you drop down to 6810 stirs you could still get one of these top 45 QB's. You've still got that number four pick where you can take someone like a Bradley child off the board or a dour when James off the board who I think is spectacular. Is gonna have a great NFL career. And then you still have a pick a couple later where you could go in maybe your not getting to Arnold but maybe you're gonna pick up baker mayfield down there at the tenth pick or something like that. I think it just I'm in agreement with view. It's got to be very tempting for the browns but at same time I'm not hearing at all that the error looking at trading. Which means they probably are so who do you like if you look at these top fifteen or so players honest urged. Who the players to jump out to you in the once you like so I I keep go to the defensive side of the ball. I really like Bradley Chubb commandments he statement what a talent that guy as. Der when James was hurt some at Florida State they got him go to the top seven re I really like him as well there's some great defensive backs and role call wrote once Smith love from Georgia and if you got Chubb and Smith and it if you were the rounds he traded down and got shot before they got Smith around eight or ten. Your defense has got a heck of a lot better what. I mean. I tell a guy that I think will go in the top fifteen in your gonna hear is story over and over again and quite frankly you should but it's Vito via. From the University of Washington he's a defensive tackle listen things were so bad for his family. His mom and his younger brother and him we're living in a hotel room by cheap hotel room. Aid they were bringing home food from the all you can eat but they at the school. To have a little food at night all right wow here's this guy getting ready to be able to set up his family in this is what I have learned. Yeah and get a college football doesn't necessarily. Lead into what is it prep but Clemson and Alabama. Why are they at the top of the cut their interior defensive line in her right. No you you get it up the middle and then of course you're able to get as defense events I listened. I'm a Carolina Panthers guy they're they're drafting 24 right now. You've got a mock draft that shows some offensive guard that I don't really know who it is and I've got one it shows Calvin Ridley as they paint their stand. I wanna see office this time around we saw Burnham Butler from Louisiana Tech and he's right on the verge of being in a bustier and if we're not careful so. I like those guys that are really motivated them read the story of vita via. In what he went to that kid is absolutely. Motivated to prove it in to earn paychecks and to be there for a long long time. I love broke once Smith the linebacker from Georgia I think he's a difference maker as well the one other one that if I can't get broke one the one now hear people talking about enough outside linebacker. It's true main airports. Virginia Tech. He's really good and and Rashad Evans they've got him low in the first round from Alabama. And make a Fitzpatrick I really really really like both of those guys and what they brought in college. And I think they can fit a need on the NFL side so for whatever reason this year when everybody's talking about quarterbacks I keep looking at the defenders that I got to see play with my own eyes the marks or decide test of you know multiple times last season when a difference maker that those top players couldn't and listen. The guys on the end you mentioned Bradley Chubb and do not forget. About the kid from Boston College Harrell went on air Kelly injuries going to be sitting there. About numbers twenty so I think there's more value personally. In this first round when it comes to the defense of Simon thought I was not gonna say anything about me come Fitzpatrick as though Jews know very well I I Cobb and edit a what a great player man can was everywhere on the field yes he should that's where I'm saying. I just know it's a little bit easier to win games if you can keep the other team from scoring that many points and I just don't feel like this is going to be a repeat of 1983. When for those six quarterbacks drafted in the first round went on to have really really good careers because right now. If you don't catch lightning in a bottle early your chances are you're gone you're gone from the league and a couple of years up to shock and Kaiser never thought. He be given a kick out of Cleveland after one year. I know unbelievable okay so another guy wanna ask you about. And quarterback Matt is and how he's got a question where is so where is your head that I'm Lamar Jackson. I can't I keep going back and forth I can't decide. If he is Mike Vick junior. He's gonna come in and redefined the position like they did again in the NFL. Or peace is going to be a colossal boss I just can't get my head around. What do you think. I'd take it cheats at the end of the first. All right one of those teams appear there he Weathers and I am not by and the smoke screen from New England of working in mountain yet fallen in love with them. Because he doesn't bring. To the table what New England does offensively. In if he's gonna be the pick. I'm pretty sure Brady to insinuated day he's playing this year and then another year. Contract. I don't know I just don't I would see that is a wave in the white flag. That it's time for the New England Patriots to kind of break down and start reinventing themselves and if they're doing that I think Belichick's gone. I would I would think he relievers well and if they are reinventing themselves I don't think you wanna go to the polar opposite quarterback of Tom Brady. Which in my opinion would be Lamar Jackson probably the most in mobile quarterback in the NF so let me to the most mobile what. I what about Lamar going to a place like the lions are the Bengals where he can you gotta you gotta proving QB. And he's got a couple of years left on their contracts. Where you could bring Lamar and and you could just throw him out there is a change of pace to Matt Stafford. 23 series a game. That could really change something for a couple of franchises haven't been able to get over the hump just don't quite know what they did RG three is and in them that's one of the best calls now number one I did not realize by the way after all that crap went there on it in the last week. We're talking about what LeBron was gonna do in game number two US I think he's gone for 4650. Guys who have for 46 that night yeah as I got hammered. I thought it was completely and totally unfair with the Washington Redskins did RG three is the number three draft pick it through about the here. It's a different style quarterback said gonna save our franchise. With the pressure. Of having a fourth railed true drop back quarterback Kirk cousins from Mississippi State and you for Michigan State. RG three add more pressure on him when he showed up just in that if I need Kirk cousins was going to be the way I gotta laugh that the radio studio that made it. Only once a last dual threat quarterback David. You go about Doug Williams from Grambling he was he dropped back throwing quarterback he was dual threat. The dual threat quarterback is not made its way to the National Football League YE. GT take advantage of the same way you can do it the cut at collegiate level but I would argue that it is coming and it is coming in the person of Carson Wentz and his coming in a person have to Sean watts said that it's a you got the one pass such a I agree I I agree because when. You look at RG three was almost run first. But we've got a lot of Smart offensive coordinators. That are taking. These dual threat QBs. And doing what they do best right the thing you got to do is he's you've got to protect them better when Scott hurt Watson got hurt that's not a coincidence. How are the Eagles in Texas gonna pivot this year. So the dual threat guys you battle Mark Jackson if you got a Smart opposite coordinator that thinks creatively like a lot of these young guys that are coming in our. You can really make a difference with him I think. All right when we come back to me one this out to be one of the safest draft picks however. When you look at the heritage of this position it's really like Alabama quarterbacks not make unit in the NFL. What about this particular school. When it comes to running backs it for four GSP ESPN. Why did this Penn State running back might be different than all the other first round Penn State running backs have been drafted over the years. Mark Childress here in March Sturgis on straight at the stirred so you're a big believer and seek on Barkley sounds like I. Think he's won the safest draft picks in this draft. If I'm the New York Giants right now knowing that you like that two hour ago with the give them a compliment now that may upset some Clemson fans thinking and it. Yeah wing column and next the answer but I mean cinquanta Barkley right there at the keys one of the best players in this strap my issue is. You know the house it's up for the ate it up herself for the eight tiny and on the go may and that just must be an unlucky house in the restaurant. It's trying to be the eight different restaurant to make it in a location it's fell seven previous times. Chances are look at that location go and I don't care what your food yes if you're not get a made QB that good. Would you is an NFL general manager take that same approach when it comes to running backs out of Penn State because back in 1987. DJ Dozier was taking number fourteen overall he is the best of the running backs that fell that Penn State Franco Ayers is not on this list. Johnny Apple ID is not on this less but DJ Dozier ended up just a little over 3000 yards from scrimmage in his career. Blair Thomas taken number two in 1990 again. Another failed running back career. Not as bad as kid John Karr had no I want Helena 95 the number one overall draft pick his barely cut in there again. Curtis penis back in 1998. So. Could you look with one eye open one eye shut it that Penn State running back positioning go guarantee me that Barkley wouldn't be the next one in this. I don't think he can do it but it's not the end it catches my attention every time. We've got one house and our neighborhood it's now up for the set up herself for the fifth time in the fourteen years that we've lived in that neighborhood. Just love to know what the hell's wrong with perhaps a well that the biggest difference and I think this is what you're alluding to would Barkley is he is. A dual threat because he can catch the ball as well let all those were standup smash you right down the middle runners. From Penn State that a successful college careers could John is such earth could John here under an announcer on Barkley. Is such a great athlete you get them out in space you can throw on five screen passes a game to go with a twenty hand Aussie game. I still think that that is the right pick for the browns out wine. And you take him off the board and he can transform your drop that so I don't think there's a curse here I don't. The other thing is is against. Better competition the other guy he's played against his they were big east in the car they were an eastern independent that meant. Three consecutive years of it were a thousand yards in the Big Ten which he can't not now is rushing average is there's three years. Five point nine yards per rush five point five yards per us. In six yards per rush. And big play after big play out a couple of kick returns and big games. It seemed like Penn State would go into a must win game. And even if they didn't win the game Barkley would put up 250 all purpose yards with three TDs or something like that. I like him the most about the browns I agree with you I would probably package some picks trade down a little that. If you need to get Barkley at four that would be to home run of all home runs. But I would take market ought to board of wine and whatever quarterback's left at four I can't make any trades. And and fight it out from that. You won the things that I am glad now that the NFL has done right. Is is just simply did you see their men in the kick off time on Monday night this year till 815. I mean that's huge for us here on the East Coast guy that's 515 on the West Coast. But I just this they becomes a point at midnight that you just you've got to get up to work and go to work the next day. It becomes problematic so congratulations. On. Finally I mean there's no perfect way to do it but I think an 815 kickoff time. It's a little bit better. I think it's great move move it up a little bit and these NBA games to Wear you out to. Even the other cats game Slaten to start at 830 didn't start until 847 so what was 111511. To when he by the time it finally ended the that is late for the East Coast and in the whole schedule thing the NFL schedule came out on Thursday. The only thing that caught my attention was probably the steam coming off one Houston Texans head coach. And that's bill O'Brien because think about this back on September 22 of 2016. The Texans played the patriots in Foxborough Massachusetts as they did. On September 24 2017. Which may have been disarm Watson's coming out party. At the NFL level. That was September 24 last year guess what Texans opened up the year on September 9 the wire. At the New England Patriots and prosper. The world kid a good Texas team. Beset the New England three consecutive years yes. That is literally a steam born going off bill O'Brien had right now patriots almost got beat by Du'Shon and company last year or so. Man what a great game that'll be I think it's a 425. On CBS game that week too so. Everybody you'll get to watch written in C news. See what comes of that and the Panthers hosting the Dallas Cowboys what a great opening game for them. Bringing in America's team right up the road here I think got to be a great week wine. Mandela told us are right we talk about it all the time it's hard to let it go NFL draft around the corner it's time to get excited about that too and other taking its time to get excited about is if your team had a big attendance at the spring game watch out your number one will come back we'll close up shop because. I'll give credit where credit is due to. But there's still one thing you got to look at from the past year 844 TSB ESP and. Clemson finished second this past weekend it ACC men's golf tournament doc Redmond comes in second play he sit minus fourteen coach laid brenly had told us. On this course it was gonna take probably thirty under par to win. Georgia Tech wins it minus 29 Clemson just a couple of shots behind but that's the old north state club up in New London North Carolina and listen. You know console will move on to an NCAA tournament regional no doubt about it bit. Georgia Tech is sure ACC TP in two shot win over second place clumps and just three shots ahead aid Georgia Tech was just three shots and await farce. Five ahead of Virginia in nine headed deep so that was pretty tight listened close and they was five shots stale going into the final round up cut at the two. And that's where it stayed but again it will get laid Henley on with this to talk about it because dot remnants had a hell of a run here the last month in three pro tournaments and then finishing second. India in this past week and say she's so shy. 66 Sunday was six under through his first seven holes I believe which single handily made up that adapter just talking about surgeon is the lowest. You know to par performance of any Clemson golfer ever in the ACC championships and it still wasn't enough for him to win the finish second all right so what do you think it. Much light the quarterback competitions mark Childress you can follow this mark on Twitter at Childress market course diesel diesel on radio. Miette Sturgis importance enact ESPN upstate but. The quarterback battles it's now on offseason theme to get into in college football sane thing when it comes to spring attendance figures. Name me a spring attendance figure that's ever won a team a national championship that's never happened and it's never happened I want to give credit where credit is due. After losing game 62 to three. 56 to 1454. To 21 in again 56 to fourteen. The Nebraska Cornhuskers under first year head coach Scott frost coming from Central Florida. Drew 86800. In eighteen. Paying customers. On its like ten bucks or something again and right on bullying customers 86 that that's all I had they'll who. Your firm and educate and off for you right there. Just got to think about that. Wouldn't pay it dying to get to a spring game. Alabama had. 74732. I wouldn't pay a dying legacy Alabama's spring game. You Florida State got away with it would Willie Taggart they drew about 60000. I think it was. Pain pain and dying to go to a spring game you have that would mean and you end up with like TCU. Had pretty good football season 2000 people at their spring game. You line up TCU in Nebraska this upcoming season TCU is going to be the. Cornhuskers probably so yeah I went out to Omaha for the sweet sixteen games were Clinton. That'd dance up there to play in Oman I saw so much corn Huskers it's tough. Out there we were a couple of hours from Lincoln. But man days they love their football out there that's all anybody wanted to talk about when we were talking about the basketball because they got away from who they were with yells Callahan and all that stuff and. Never were able to get back in this is your leaders if this matters to you because I'm sure this might be the deciding factor in the board room. When it comes to picking out our national championship participants this year Nebraska leads with 86818. Georgia's second. 8200184. Alabama Penn State Tennessee with 65000. Now. Lot of my Tennessee buddies but you re ready for what Jeremy Pruitt is getting ready to do your program which means toughen you up guess what. Bagged about coaches with Butch Jones you know you know leader ball for life leader. Before that they're doing departed Tennessee's problem is you're not tough anymore. You're just not tough. Won't get used to it Jeremy Pruitt it's gonna call you out in every way possible I thought he was almost pushing anomalous. In the fact Tennessee had 65000. People show up for their spring game. After more or less 88 year garbage run under a couple of different head coaches that fair to say homily jets indices standard hot garbage. I wouldn't be bitching that the Tennessee fan base for showing up 65000. Strong after the last decade in which Saban put up with. Did he called a met that's just the way Jeremy Pruitt goes about his business he said much like some of our players on the pill. Kind of doubt it and some of our fans did the same and we want play in. He have a point there is he is yes my largesse. Hi a lot of this is what you had to go to dances you needed to go get tough. In you had to go get some guy from Alabama that was they're defense of coordinator. This is why the defense was any fun to play don't get your feelings hurt if you wanna be back Jeremy Pruitt guess what. He's cool calm like he sees it. That's something you had mean used to really since former wasn't tale. No not at all and a lot of fans left after halftime surge which I think is why he was a little bit fired up is why didn't stay the whole time. And he committed but I like Pruitt a lot and I think we talked about this last week Tennessee ended up when he really good football coach. Despite all of their efforts they tried really hard to not get a good football coach. And then that was somebody really strong and I am a big fan Jeremy Pruitt and he's the right guy for Tennessee. Mandy SEC east has got some great football coaches over the course of the next two or three years. That's going to be really tough division and it's been a really weak division for the last numbering years that is changing. Well the other thing that I caught the in the last week me and we lose a great win with the former Ohio State coach Earle Bruce passing away and yet again when there's tough tough old school football coaches back in the day and listen. Get used to it vol nation getting used to it says steps in dollar Tennessee friends. This is the same coaching staff that you had for the last decade quite frankly. It may not be the same coaching staff you've had 25 to thirty years. Pruitt brings it you don't care if you like it or not he said he knows stay on the road. He's going to be judged on wins and losses and he's gonna do what he thinks is best to get them the most wins in the fewest losses up Tennessee's got nowhere to go but up made it that. Program on the rise watch out for. Right so quickly get back to what we started with the had a bad afternoon there on Twitter ever dealt with that guy diesel I would think he would. In the music party your job more than anything else because so many failed musicians think they're better than anything else they'd seen on state so. That's and I could've done. I could have played that better I'd get that all the time in the music industry. But if you ever had that one guy that just felt sorry for on Twitter mark Childress. Yeah you get mad at this going you've read through it and the point where I felt sorry for the guy. You're you're taking the high road of all pirates here because you did not engage and yet when kudos to you I don't know vitamins and started attack when he started to tag this was all off. Defending injury Adelson who again. I hate to say she is very good at what she does she's one of our best guest and Ottawa or vice entitled to their opinion just like I was which states forgive laughing injury I needed it is getting out of the hospital. That's that was my response. And that got my wife got me attack. It got my mom and dad attacked he got my wife attacked in a way he did was absolutely. On call for. Absolutely uncalled for this isn't being petty the scary part is disputes a schoolteacher. You sit in front of a classroom of kids you're supposed to be an example. In you go off on that tainted from one post going -- just tried to be harder now I said this made me laugh pinky. Oh score with that until my wife was brought into renewed. Having a very serious tying. Deciding what I want to do at this point because. My daughter's a junior in high school next year. I would not want hearse in this guy's class I don't want him in any way shape perform I appreciate the fact that he's a teacher tough job out there. Just dat leads me to believe that you can become that unhinged in the classroom as well Twitter trolls are the worst there's a million album. You found one of the worst once it seems like ally that you know if you don't failed it is yeah yeah and let you all about a little bit on Twitter yes and jump back in and gets any block you were you want to number I would tell us an error led to reach out because 1 of his Central Florida buddy said that's enough sent me the information deed that's going way too far I don't want him in a classroom down here yep. All it took was I'm sorry and I went too far. That didn't get it. I just feel bad for the person but what scares me is the fact he's in a classroom he's in a classroom with kids those are the people that are supposed to be leading our next. Series of leaders in presenting them the right thing and don't tell me for a minute that some of those people don't know his Twitter Cahill. There have been some professors in the news recently I think that made a couple of questionable comments are about Barbara Bush after she passed away though they were immediately suspended soon their after that it's not. And I'm not saying to go after the guys hurt and not it is not it's not a long walk to get someone like this. Some really negative attention that they don't want justice I'm scared for those kids I hope he's completely different in the classroom I don't wanna be trite. But when you're willing to attack somebody that's a two time breast cancer survivor for the hell of it. I've got no use for you what he's never you to hold him 08 while McCain bachelorette and now that's when he starting column or my cousin or my sister. And stuff like that not just said let's indeed you can do what you want to leave my wife out of it now put the picture of the day we got her own last year. With her breast cancer a cap on. In he started back in again that's when I realized you know what you can fix. That's a miserable human being mean and it's like I said the other day as some I told me it is. Dude I'm miserable because of our pregnant if you miserable because of a year and a half of who's in office I promise you we're you're miserable. Before you ever guy he ever got into office as well exactly so and it's never the person that starts at right so. Injury is sends it you reply to it and then you get piled on my wife had something similar not near the degrees view. About a year ago with some mobile fans and she jumped on something that Jay Williamson basketball analysts said. An hour later. She is literally being attacked by three or Puerto folks on the global Twitter who here careful you know and the the this guy is like Gator my son grow up in a family that your mom and dad couldn't afford to you to get a better school did you see an article about what my mom and dad just donated yes of course and university. When you don't know anything that stopped just shouting. Up came straight that was starts will be smoke on the water 4 PM tomorrow mark data a couple of guests that we'll see what time we get out did a Clemson baseball how blessed evening will do it again at 4 PM.