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Yesterday just it was such a great evening. A lot of fun for me got to meet a lot of great folks. On star struck by one in particular that'll talk about a talked about a little bit yesterday. On and some of the comments were actually made on our show by Mason Rudolph have gotten a little traction in the national news it's will go into and talk about a little bit today as well. And we did not get to talk a lot about Dwight Clark in all the chaos of the inductees were were actually present. Yesterday being able to come oversold by talk about twice as well I have an entire segment diesel are are you ready for this is gonna catch some people off guard especially economic. I have an entire segments of your second segment today. On marijuana behalf right around 480. Daddy go right around 420 today after I started doing some research that led to more research and I went down the salon rabbit hole. On with diet you know marijuana in sports some of the testing policies some of the percentages of athletes it appeared actually be using right now a center staying. And I feel obligated always mentioned something music related when I'm with you I diesels so I had the top ten rock songs about marijuana ever going to be coming up in a segment to today. Right at fortune when he on that to talk about that up plenty of baseball talk today as well Clemson of course starting their big series. Up at Wake Forest this afternoon. South Carolina's hosting LSU this weekend and I'll continue to columnist is a columnist since before the season began the playoff bound Atlanta Braves. But another big win last night taking on the first place on Mets. Oddly final scores 12 to 4 last evening I embraced playing very well we'll talk a little bit about them Carolina cancer schedule is come out if you haven't seen the Atmel has some of the high points and in a couple of the other marquee games that stick out for me at the beginning of the season. And a couple of nice updates around the SEC concerning their quarterback situation and ask couple of ongoing down South Carolina. And we haven't even talked about the NBA playoffs yet so I so be very busy show today and I must of got a little bit on college hoops. On for both Clemson and from South Carolina says super busy show even though it's abbreviated for us we will have plenty to talk about this afternoon so. Yesterday I got to spend the entire afternoon at South Carolina hall of fame induction. And it was fantastic I'm Michael Thomas put on it a grates. On a great show down there everything low grade. All the inductees or someone representing the inductees were there of course Clemente senior had passed away. On and Dwight Clark his side got some health concerns if he did not know Dwight Clark former tight end for Clemson and for the 49ers has. ALS. It was not able to attend so why Joseph bossa Cayman accepted on his behalf. But I'm not sure if I need you guys heard this or not by its. Mason Rudolph recent comments on our show yesterday that really jumped out we were talking to them. And it's a little bit of it was about him being a local guy he's from Rock Hill. And it's whether or not he was recruited by some of the local schools now Clemson. And that class took a quarterback you might know his name you may recognize him maybe you won't. To Shawn Watson was too up close and landed that QB class. And it's. South Carolina took a much lower ranked QB. And we we asked Mason I think was Richard Weaver who asked Mason and a high level yesterday. I'm paying you what do you you know what do you think about not being recruited. I'm and the gamecocks signed Michael Scarnecchia. I hadn't even heard of the guy shame on me if I if I if I miss anything here. But I think Michael Scarnecchia ended up having a little bit less of a creed the Mason Rudolph adds up. Here's a quote a myriad out of Matt Condoleezza article on the stage today. On which I believe he pulled from our interview yesterday. This is a read off I'd say Clinton obviously had their guy committed I was to Shawn Watson I didn't feel bad about that but I did always wanna play against South Carolina. Where there was in a bowl game or by the grace of god we would get them in a pre conference game and beat the crap out of them which I knew we would pass. That's got a little bit of attention today. And he continued I think CBS Steve Spurrier about that he would have liked to make a different decision. But he didn't like me for whatever reason back then and hey it worked out fine no problem in my eyes I don't hold grudges. I just deathly keep a chip on my shoulder. Thought there was some interest in feedback there's got a little traction nationally it's been doubts and all over Twitter. Considered a little bit a smack talk I guess on Mason's part I didn't really. Take it that way when he was in there. I took it as him being a competitor. You know I I wanted to go to a local school I would I I really think he wanted to go to South Carolina not Clemson and play for Steve Spurrier. And I think he took dead oversight capital chip on his shoulder and took it down Oklahoma State had forgotten about it so. For the gamecocks is probably good they did not run into Mason Rudolph and Oklahoma State cowboys at any point the last couple seasons. It's a what do deathly been escorted settled there while. How many times do reporters ask quarterbacks this exact same question yeah. He just came on Saturday in advance pre heat he was pro active. Yes maybe he was at their Santa himself not enough people ask me this questions I was gonna make sure people now. Absolutely and I was super impressed by him I mean if you want somebody to pull for a city the NFL draft starts next Thursday. How the first round on Thursday and I believe they have rounds two and 3 on Friday evening. Makes is gonna go one of those two rounds I really pulled for Emmys and go on a draft boards he's he's been associated with a New England Patriots a couple of times. It taught him how perfect is that situation if you get drafted by the patriots and you know yes Tom Brady has got. Considering the fact that he's already questionable for this season for this upcoming season yeah you can't think that he has more than two seasons left in him. Maybe this one may be next year you were in a prime position to sit back and learn from Tom Brady in and take over the New England Patriots. With in. In you know within 24 months. We talked a little bit about this yesterday the Shawn Watson worked out great for him I mean that. Houston Texans are not by any means the New England Patriots but by the Sean go into a team that was already established they've been in the playoffs a season before. He wasn't just walking in to absolutely nothing. On or no opportunity at all or going to the Cleveland Browns of the New York Jets a team that even with a great quarterback communion in the draft. Probably won't win more than 456 more games next year. To be good for immunity so Yasser about a yesterday we Tenet about New England on I think rich when he became over the top and flat out asked him about and he dot C you know pay wherever I wanna go. On Mason said he was a Redskins fan on a big Redskins fans so selflessly that would be really awesome that in the working now but. I think he's a good kid to pull for I really like him he stayed out of trouble over the years. And die when you're looking for those people I mean it's really see you're gonna watch the top ten to eighteen draft picks in the draft always gonna gravitate towards who your team is and who they pick. But I'll be keeping our Ryan Mason Rudolph sea ray land so. That was one of the takeaways from yesterday the other what is I is I learned something yesterday. And if I may have completely with Don nest and it's not news anyone else out there it was news to me so Al Davis of course the owner of the Oakland Raiders. Who fought against the NFL for years big personality. I didn't realize it in 1955 in 1956. That he was the offensive line coach at the citadel. That was news to me. And Paul Maguire course broadcasting legends played in the AFL and NFL for an eleven year career. He brought that up yesterday and it was the first time I'd ever heard about it how Al Davis kind of he used the term tricked him Biden Paul's always cut not deny and making jokes I you know trade demand to go into the citadel. On their handling it that way so that was something I did not know and Al Davis has had a storied I history and past. I don't that was very interesting and I jumped out to me as well. And all the people I interviewed yesterday so also got to interview Richard Seymour. On a couple the match he's Brothers Clemente senior of course I was going into the hall of fame yesterday I got to I interview Bruce Matthews. As well as Clay Matthews junior his two sons that are both NFL legends as well. On and die John Abraham a course for South Carolina but Paul Maguire was the one that I was star struck by so growing up. It was John Madden on one of the networks was a color guy for all the NFL games. And then the second game he would see it was almost always Paul Maguire is the color guy very funny. And when he sat down in front of me yesterday and it was time to start the interview it really just struck me that this is a guy that I've probably spent hundreds of hours with growing up. Watching NFL games I know how funny he is I knew his personality he told us a story about doing a couple of Super Bowls. I thought that was really need as well so overall for me particularly selfishly it was a really awesome night to get a chance to talk to all these folks. And think it's a really good thing for the city of Greeneville and for upstate South Carolina. The South Carolina hall of fame is still fairly new. It's only been around for a couple years but they're dialing and and they're getting it right and they had a spectacular classic came in for induction yesterday. And die I look forward to what's what's coming ahead for the South Carolina hall fame what's a good things all around. And if anybody misdemeanors interviews you wanna check him out again they are available in the podcasts from yesterday's show. Any espionage to dot com awesome thank you very much diesel yet go on their check him out and not. Richard Seymour was so I really find out all of them were but Paul Maguire and Richard Seymour with a two that the jumped out at me the most from yesterday. So on we got a wide open showed today 844 GS PE SPN if you wanna get and the next segment I'm going a little off the reservation for what what's in my wheel house here on a duck hunter research today so today is April 20. Fortune when he so for the folks that. You know partake in marijuana out there it's a very special day and at 420 today which will be coming up and our next segment. I thought it would be the time it's we do a little talk about marijuana. On some of the details around testing and usage is rampant. In some of the professional sports. And aside dug in today and on both fronts it's really interest staying how much usage there appears to be. How much are the testing differs. From week to week there's one of professional sports leagues doesn't even test for marijuana. Another one only does it once a year and a pretty much tell you when it's coming tell education a little bit Philly and and I'll have a little bit as fun as well so Gillis and a straight up the surge would mark Childress. We'll be talking marijuana after the break. Everything you could possibly want to know about drug testing in sports I'm gonna walk you through here in just a second. Mark Childress sitting in for mark surges here highs on straight up was surged. And for those who partake in marijuana. On today is a big day it is April the twentieth on the calendar that is four when he. And during this segment we will hit 4:20 PM I think or about one minute away from that's. I'm Soto before when he on fort when he. And this is a day of celebration for folks out there who are big advocates of smoking marijuana 420s known as we day. On there's all kinds of rumors about or came from was it part of a police clued in state of California. That's they would call reports when he is someone had marijuana possession that was a nets. On there was even one person has said hey if you go back to the Bob Dylan song about marijuana rainy day women. When number twelve and 35 that's the name of the song 35 times twelve what does that. Ports when he that's a song where says everyone musket sound but it looks like it just comes back to me a group of kids. In California called the wall dose and they try to find a time that worked between school and everything else they had to do the rest of the day. So they landed on for Tony that was kind of their code hey guys for Tony today. And I legend has it that he grew out from there are so teach a little something I guess or may be guarding you that but side. Did a little deep diamond that's afternoon so. Got diesel here with me as well as the diesel. What percentage of professional athletes in under the limit this gist of the NBA and the NFL. According to a study in Bleacher Report NA they've talked to some folks what percentage of the league. Do you think smokes marijuana in the NFL. The percentage that actually does a percentage that admits to now this is percentage. They talked to some athletes some new behind the scenes back and people out people he's not sure wannabe yet. That actually smoking what what we're is he would think I'm gonna say 40%. A case of former NBA player Kenya on Martin's number one pick in the 2000 draft. Said that he thinks 85%. Of the unique smoke marijuana during his career what's significant. Former tight end Martellus Bennett. Thought the number was even higher than that in the NFL where injuries and physical pain or more prevalent. Bennett said quote I wanna say about 89% of the NFL use marijuana. Guys had a significant. And then had a couple more points down here Matt Barnes former NBA player who retired after the Tony 162017. Season. Said he smoked pot before every game threw out his fourteen year career. He also said it was hypocrisy among NBA teams top brass when it came to marijuana use. The GMs coaches president's all smoking. A meeting goes deeper than what you think Barnes had some of the people that are cracking whips and suspending us were also smoking weed. Former NFL defensive lineman Shaun Smith said he used to smoke two Luntz before every game over the span of its ten seasons and the leak. He echoed Barnes point. Coaches do it personnel does it people upstairs to its Smith said quarterbacks guys that are your captains leaders of the team smoke. Everybody has their reason most of them do it for their pain. To diesel this blew me away when I read this today not just the percentages. By you know these are guys who are now openly admitting that they smoked before game so. There's there's one thing about smoking smoke in the offseason hey I've got three off days in a row before you play on Sunday I'll smoke a little bit that's one thing. But smoking the day of the game right before game there's something completely different so I found all this fascinating as a sort of look at and. Yeah you would think that a large percentage of the players would want to keep themselves. Clear headed. Before game now clearly we all know that there are many different types and strains of marijuana they can have significantly different effects on the person he uses Brett. But you would think that they would want to stay clear level headed you know I would always think of this would be something that would slow down my reflexes that would make me a little more sluggish or make beef. Maybe not quite as focused out there on the field so you would think that they wouldn't do it but. They do I would agree. I was surprised by and thank you wanna get in on this eight port four GS PE SPN. Some of these percentages were were stunning to me so. This let me I guess to the next phase is I dug animal bad so I thought I knew a lot about the the drug testing policies and the did the different leagues. But they're all very different so for the NFL. Believe it or not. They're drug testing season opens up. Today. Very ironic it's 420 as a tough day if you and I don't run straight from purpose so you're out of NFL rosters this season if you have a contract this season. You can be tested as early as today and that ends on August 9 city run from now. Until August 9 and they're gonna test every player that's on these rosters. They're gonna run it out there and they're gonna do it random seed could be tested at any time. That's one interest in part the second pushing parties is after August 9. The NFL players are not tested for marijuana again until next season until next April. So they can go all the way through to next April. Without being tested again so if you're an NFL player basically you have to not smoke for a little while. Do you buy your random test sometime in the next couple of months and after that you could openly use marijuana all the way again until the I testing season starts again. I next April so hey let's let's go to the phones here. Tony on board Tony what you got. I want you to edit out the on. The narrowly. And you can remain equal record and parents are always yeah I don't I don't know you all this in probably a little bit anyway. Played eight sport as baseball in the market really enable all EDU. I know. You've made it to the lately. There local. Multiple ones nearly eighty. A dating our we will. It and in the league we play it again. Or a whole attitude it but they were ridiculed but when it looked back and early ninety there's particular. Or did you home run Major League I will slow in the week and those who do you call home. Oh when we were I think you're a great yeah it can't eat even though it into a restaurant. At the root. Smoke a little we know Laura let the good up and that killed now. Air. It tightly knit community. They to a bank and you can clear headed. They are sort of being bullied when it. You know generational open and I believe that I reached in elderly company data and a door actually gotten there. They're great at it all in our area does it is but yet there. Ed doesn't make sense Tony exam I mean I've got a friend who had pretty severe ADHD. And the medication he didn't like the way it made him feel so he. Decided to smoke instead. And you would have no idea that he was a little stoned. He was completely high functioning human being because it brought in from way up. So level headed interesting. And and evidently it worked that way for a couple players that Tony or whoever that colorless and doing Tony and her quote since he was so. Which he's in the fake names and hey you wanna get in on this 844 GS PE SPN please give us a call. So Tony saw it. These professional athlete's side. And it's the testing leaves it open for interpretation to diss on your answer to call their but in the NFL you're tester between now and August 9 one time for marijuana. Once. And it's random after that you're not tested again until next April let it begs the question if these guys know. Yeah exactly when they're going to get tested. How to they still get caught. There is a window so they don't know exactly but your writing campaign in time of year where you're not smoking. And you look like I you look at some players like marte was Bryant. With the Steelers former Clinton tiger I mean I believe he's three. He's either I believe he's four up positive tests again. Which at that point becomes crazy now they can't add some testing during the season if you had a previous tests that was positive or acre suspected avid but. You got it exactly right diesels so I've found that very inching as well so now the NBA is a little bit different during the season in the India and players are subject to four random urine tests for drugs of abuse well marijuana would be one of those. And then they're tested twice more during the offseason to that six test in twelve months in the NBA. Which on. Is a lot more obviously in the NFL but that the penalties are pretty light in the NBA player test positive for marijuana. On he must and our beliefs marijuana program and submit to treatment counseling and after care testing a second positive test. 25000 dollar fine not even publicly announce. A third positive test result for marijuana triggers a five game suspension. That's the first time the public becomes aware that a players tested positive for marijuana she would have to hit it three times. Before you hit the positive test. We've got Jimmy on the line here Jimmy you want away again what's Somalia. Well. Look pretty good again today Buddy Guy. I. Though. It still I heard about here Watson. Smoking a blunt I'd never heard of the blood before and cricket are wrong. No they cannot control that. The hollowed out cigar that correct. That's correct yup let's say you're completely asking Jimmy the wrong guy on earth that the least he had gone there yet you yet diesels. Nor do know. That all of marijuana. Especially if it is still be at a lot of marijuana. The that it got votes to look at the port gain. You bet you'd be hired by. What it doesn't necessarily they don't they don't pack in his sport is they pack a cigar. Well it's not nearly that thing is some of them can't read. Them and. It either gonna say at least a double bogeyed the marijuana pillow they'll be hired I thank the coaches. And the trainers would recognize. I guess that's not surprised by me I guess if you're in Minor League Baseball that size that's when Tony talked about a little bit earlier. Maybe just letting go I don't know that's a really good question we we talked about this you know we asked. Athletes to put their bodies through blocks yeah I mean it is. Especially with a baseball your player what a 168. Games like sixty to 162 games if you'd. Plus pre season plus post season if you make it that far. That is a lot. Of physical activity in baseball is one of the less strenuous. Sports right not beyond merely taking as much. Damage as you do in the NBA and even that's not taking nearly the damage they take in the NFL. So and understand what you're asking these athletes to put their bodies their. And some of them. Don't wanna go on prescription medication some of them don't wanna go on this on these pills. I mean I can only imagine how many pills some of these players have been playing for 1015 seasons in the NFL. Are taking to manage their pain we hear about all the time yeah and if marijuana is a is an alternate to that. I smoked a I smoke a blunt the size of this ink pen. Verses pop and you know 1012 per cent or something asset iPod problem Perkins says every day that affects the way you deal with your wife. He kids you have no quality of life to sit in chairs drool all day. Why do you want to I mean I understand why they smoke I have no problem with him doing it. This is an issue that isn't black and white right and the more you knew you dive into it that the more issues can possibly pop ups and Jimmie thanks for the call there. If you want again what this G 84 pour GS PE SP and told shall not NFL drug testing policies and NBA as well so Major League Baseball. Our players are subject to random testing for performance enhancing substances and stimulants and and things like that. They are not however tested for drugs of abuse including marijuana and Leslie are suspected of using a drug of abuse. So when Major League Baseball unless there's a open reason to suspect. They you're smoking marijuana you're never tested for marijuana and all. Which was our revelation to me I I did not realize sat in that in the NHL same thing NHL does not tests. They do not condone the use of marijuana but it's not testing are not part of their testing at all for performance enhancing drugs. So if you will and they're only testing performs enhancing drugs in the NHL by the way once during training camp and then once during the season on random testing. So you've got these four professional leagues in the United States. Their policies could not possibly be different and if you play in the NHL or Major League Baseball. You're basically not ever going to be tested for marijuana so you could smoke marijuana all you want it's not gonna be tested for your not gonna be punished for it. In in Major League Baseball they could come and test you to have some suspicions. On but I haven't heard of a lot of marijuana testing positive in the Major League Baseball so that's not something that happens a lot. And in the most invasive testing is in the NBA. With a six random test bordering this season two in the offseason but the penalties are so low you have to hit three positive tests. 42 becomes public knowledge that you've had one positive tests. And then in the NFL it's just this gap here so. On I just uninteresting that everything is so dear friend and the rules can be interpreted in a lot of different ways depending on when we need to across. And things from there are so low bit research that I did today on marijuana I've got a little bit more to talk about after the hour so. Our our after the break so diesel. I want you to be sink in your my music guy and I and I always wanna throw music thing in their when I'm when I'm here in which you wanna unwind. The top ten songs ever rock songs about marijuana so pick your brain run and all the bad period home to get your brain run and jump then 844 GS PE SPN if you wanna take gas. We'll talk about that right after this. It's 420 it's weed day awarded the top ten rock songs. About marijuana I'm gonna put diesel to the test here in just a minute but first renewed the phone lines. Dell then thanks for Colin and today what's undermined by a. There's a load easily separate Islam because there are it'll it'll act that Barack Obama position. And unquote at the bat. Yeah awesome I you know we have been specifically instructed by our corporate overlord that Entercom corporate to not celebrate marijuana today. Even though some of our radio markets it is legal. Therefore it's. I don't can tell you. Mileage do you view on our team doctor that is what about diplomatic ties are on when you look at it has been volatile. And oblique and you don't do well and we're not aware about the Australian compelled to giggle you don't pitch Saturday go to Tibet. No they they did it drug tested there when I did that was specific to beginning on. Delmon is I was talking about players that are under contract between now and 0420. And the ninth of August are the twentieth blog or no the ninth of August Huskies meet that's the open window for their random drug testing so you're already on a roster that's when you'll be tested. But yes prospects are hurt it at the draft combine their test as well. There's so the which wanted to question. I'm a world pasta there's just important meeting in meetings at pleasant and does that we have eight billion outlets are probably trying to. Does it that indicates classic city written paper I was actually gotten to the well at least it's. Yet now you can't trigger some more additional test an adult and thanks for the call bud. On you can't get some additional tests after he tested positive in the NFL yes for the most part you're gonna have to flag in the known random test period. At least three or four times before you hit that suspension level on that side that receiver as well as Martinez Bryant hit with a full one year suspension from the NFL. So lot thanks in the call settled. I don't get it on this we've been talking about time marijuana use in professional sports and drug testing hit us up at 84 or GS PE SPN. Before we move on diesel I always loved to bring the topics CU about music here my music guy Alan music as well one of the top ten rock songs. And I know you're writing coupled down during the break what are the top ten rock songs about marijuana well we all know purple haze from Jimi Hendrix and clueless I can guarantee you that yup. One of my all time favorites is from Black Sabbath it's called sweet leaf that is also on the that is on the list are got two out of ten. Although a couple more out clearly there's some Bob Dylan songs in there I mean. Yes sure there's at least one Bob Dylan song a terrorist rainy day one I reference it in the last segment number twelve and 35 I would not a phenomenon that one's on there if you consider Bob Dylan rock but that's a completely different conversation that we have a different types Steve Miller Band the Joker. I'm so pretty open references Tom Petty and heart breakers you don't know how it feels. Rush a passage to Bangkok. Is on the list on The Beatles got to get you into my life the doors light my fire. Led Zeppelin going to California what a great song that is. I harassment has a song called reefer head woman did not know and Allen and and had a couple of honorable mentions Pink Floyd comfortably numb. Is on that list so pretty good job diesel I mean you were only doing 47 different production related things during the break and you still got a couple of them some good job. While the cubs have comfortably numb scene of there was a movie and Robert Downey junior. And Zach Galifianakis. I called due date he came out a few years ago as I basically a remake of planes trains and automobiles yes. There was a fantastic scene. Where did Robert Downey junior's asleep in the car. After he's told Zach Galifianakis over and over and over again don't do anything that. To get us in trouble down there of course he closes the windows hot box is the suvs as they're driving down highway. Just get absolutely. Obliterated. As they're listening to Pink Floyd it's incredible the great saint. You could do you do this all the time and you could given me. Fifteen minutes and a piece of paper and said come up with the most random movie that might be referenced during the show today and I would not come up with that one so good job. Very good. So light this strip search here mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis today I have been getting us in tweets and a couple tax so did want to update you guys so. On March is not been witnessed yesterday or today. I you guys know he has to serve a poll fusion surgery coming up on a snack and that is in this upcoming week it's the week after that. But John Mark ended up in the ER yesterday he has put some things out there on Twitter. He had to stay overnight in their person testing he is side appears headed back moment and doing a little bit better. On I don't have a detailed update but he did text means say the time he's at least unhappy past I'm really really hoping to mark can be back in when this next week. Odd enemy has last week before he goes out for a couple weeks for his side his surgery. And for those seeded don't know marks ten and a lot of pain man I it's he's a really tough guy. And he is really been powering through for the last couple weeks and I and has sought to hamper how parties and try and and the effort he puts on a day to day basis and I means a lot to me personally. Like mark a lot Sendai he's a great friend to me so we're opening get him back soon. So market to listen man I hope you feel a lot better but a lot of people here's the station and our listeners out there that are Poland Korea. And die again we have to have you back on the show on Monday. So we still got plenty to talk about today we're going to be talking about some College Baseball and professional baseball after the break. Also have even spoken about the NBA yet so I'd get him with me if you watched 844 GS PE SPN. But after this. A homeless man saw a course truck parts. Full beer. And made an interesting decision. We'll talk about baton prejudice. Homeless man stole a pour some beer truck and led cops on a chase. Mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis here on street starts in diesel this side every once and a while you see that headline rate. When your thumb and three you do and research for the show or maybe you're on Twitter that jumps out you Enes when deathly jumped got to meet today. And go online and find it out I'll try to put it out on a Twitter later on. Because there's a fantastic picture of the homeless man in the picture here Alf open around for decency. The homeless man wearing a pair of American flag boxer shorts. In the back of a police car. And that's all he has got to seriously address Desi a little disappointed in this story yeah well so here is a homeless man dressed only in American flag boxer shorts was arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing. A truck full of beer and leading police on a highway chase police later identified the suspect. I'll pass on that part of it but he was charged with suspicion of vehicle theft possession of stolen property priors for auto thefts what's. I resisting arrest in violation of his probation a course truck driver was making a delivery at a Santa Rosa liquor store. When a customer entered the store and told the driver a man that climbed into his parked truck entering the no it. Are you sure this isn't viral marketing for smoking and Amanda reboot it because that's what it sounds like. The customer describe the suspect as an apparent homeless man dressed only in red white and blue boxer shorts. Unfortunately. This is good you know ever thinking about hijacking of truck a GPS system inside the truck. Gave police a subs at the suspect's location quote within minutes according to the report. San Erisa police officers including canine officer partner and helicopter unit were dispatched to the scene. Or witnesses reported seeing the suspect on foot after apparently abandoning the trucks sell. They gala that that was headline of the day I actually could pass on that wanted to bring it up so while he's been brought to justice. So if you see the beer truck sitting out there and your attempted just keep in mind is GPS on that batter all object yes absolutely. So again mark Childress and for mark Sturgis if you wanna get endless here on 84 or TS PE SPN we we had a big segment on drug testing. Since in a sports when he or weed day also talked about my exciting and fun day at the South Carolina football hall of fame yesterday. I in the induction ceremony there but if wanna talk baseball NFL. Or NBA we'll be talking about all those remain British don't get in with a 61844. GS PE SP and and then a friendly reminder we are off at 530 today we'd do is wave to the Clemson baseball pregame show. And at first pitch will be a little bit after 6 o'clock as Clinton takes on Wake Forest self is a big guys series for Clinton this weekend. On as they take on Wake Forest. First game is today it's six they also play tomorrow afternoon at four and then Sunday at 1 o'clock and I will throw out when I always throw out and I did yesterday as well. Weather permitting I don't think there has been one weekend series this season. That wasn't impacted by rain in some capacity by the pushing and came back removing my game operatives rescheduling it came time. To keep gear up for that the tougher speech today should be a little bit after 6 o'clock puts a baseball has won both of their road series this year and that's a tough thing to do in the ACC. They went up to global and I won that series and also won a series at Notre Dame. Wake Forest even though they're only eighteen and twenty overall they've been very solid in the ACC. They've been really really tough to beat at home. Wake Forest has won all three of their series at home this year they took down global at home. They took down at Florida State and they also beat duke so it should be a really good matchup this weekend as has been struggling a little bad. They gave up a big lead last Friday night's guide to the Miami Hurricanes. And and lost a game after having I believe an eight run lead going to the ninth inning so disastrous game last Friday night. Then they came back and lost one out of two in the double header on Saturday and their two midweek games the last two weeks. They lost to Georgia lost to him down any neutral site game down at Augusta Georgia at the new ballpark it's been open there. And then lost to them earlier this week and asked in Athens so the close of baseball team had been humming along all season until the last ten days or so. And we really like to get back on track by taking either two or all three games up at Wake Forest this weekend. I tonight Jacobs Tennessee is on the mound he's 32 on the season with a two point seven ERA. He takes on crypt and Roberts who's up for and three with a two point 67 ERA to should be good ball game tonight we'll keep our eye on that to see if the Clemson Tigers can right the ship. It is headed back in the right direction. Meanwhile down the road in Colombia at founders park South Carolina a big series hosting LSU this weekend's. Eyes South Carolina looking to get on the winning track as well would like to be able to win this series this weekend something they haven't been doing a lot of in the SEC. Not only is season and also last season they've really been struggling to win those series and conference they got LSU coming to town. I South Carolina throwing Logan Chapman tonight. Freshman right hand pitcher he's too or no on the season I LSU has sack casts. Our sophomore right hand pitcher he six and three on the season not with a ton of strikeouts 68 strikeouts and a little over 53 innings pitched so well a big arm for LSU. So good luck to the tigers this evening good luck to the gamecocks as well be keeping our eyes on both of those things. I'm meanwhile. The big story to me continues to be. And I'm gonna call on this and to keep call them. This until they prove me differently I started doing this before the season even started with surged your playoff bound Atlanta Braves. I started a four game series against the New York Mets last night big went to them last night taking on the mets' twelve to four had a couple of big innings. Really got out of the box quickly I believe they had six or seven runs in the first three innings last night. And then held off the Mets. Three games still remain with the next one being up tonight and and I did little research on the praise because they're really hit and well. And especially dance he Swanson I believe is number two in Major League Baseball right now in his overall averaged a solid stat about Ozzie all these two maybe my son sized favorite player second baseman for the Braves. Really young not really young kid playing great RC LB's are already has fifteen extra base hits this season. That is the most currently in Major League Beck baseball so number one he's leading the majors and extra base hits. Over the last 100 years. Only two braves players reached fifteen extra base hits in the season quicker than Ozzie Al obese. You might have heard these guys to one of them is dale Murphy in 1985. My dear brave growing out. And the other ones guy named Hank Aaron in 1959. So Ozzie coming out are Ozzie coming out hot this season do really well the brace brace now only two games behind the New York Mets in the standings. In with three games remaining to praise and love to win two out of three of those and really close the gap the Mets have been the hottest team in the National League. But they're just embarking on a ten game road trip and the rays are open to jump on here this weekend already Wayne the first of the the series the first of the four games. And hoping they can roll it out from there are so I'm braves playing really well. And hoping to keep heading in the right direction or four games above 500 right now in this is a team that still and rebuilt. 2018 for a lot of folks especially before the season was a throw away. I'd talking about how. You know the Braves still one sees in a way to Sebastien dead money on the books. Look imported 2019. To be a year they can go out and spend some money baby bring in a big corner outfielder. Maybe bring in a third baseman front line starter in the come one of those premier teams in the National League so I'm a big race fan and keep my eye on them. And hoping they continue to play well going forward. So 844 GS PE SPN if you wanna talk baseball and a shift the focus here over the football side as well or talk a little bit in the talk a little bit more after the hour. On I mentioned earlier in the show and and I wanted to touch on and again. On Mason Rudolph. Quarterbacks from Oklahoma State's. I was at South Carolina football hall of fame induction yesterday. And I was receiving I guess you know effectively their player of the year award. Time that he received a believed to Shawn Watson was side the one he guides here before that so he was side he was up by here last night got a chance to sit down and talked to him. And and this quote really jumped out at me. Masons from Rock Hill. And really wanted to stay local players college football. I clones and recruited to Shawn Watson that season so they've taken their quarterback and I think Clemson made the right choice is good his Mason Rudolph is. I think to Shawn Watson was the right choice for them to make. On and and a good pick up by Dan but Mason really wanted to go to South Carolina. And Steve Spurrier was not a huge fan of his and pass on him. And died and went with a much lesser known at least after the fact Michael Scarnecchia. Is so is the players did see Spurrier chose over Mason Rudolph. So makes a stop thinking about it a little bit this is a quote that he in this was given on air here on that ESP and I stayed in his interview with me yesterday. Close and obviously had their guy committed I didn't feel bad about that but I did always wanna play against South Carolina. Whether it was in a bowl game or by the grace of god we would get them in a pre conference game or something like that in beat the crap out of them. Which I know we would have. Big words sure Mason that'd limit travel around nationally today. I think if you ask Steve Spurrier about that he would have liked to have made a different decision. But he didn't like me for whatever reason back then and hey it worked out no problem in my eyes I don't hold grudges. I just deathly keep a chip on my shoulder pain if you're an athlete. Whatever it takes to motivate you if you wanna be an athlete that any perceived slight that's out there. Anything you could possibly happen paid back I look at me funny when I was there all the same story to me last time I played in their stadium. Our red cent an online from their beat writer who mentioned that I'm only a fourth best quarterback in the conference instead of the third. Whatever chasing its gonna motivate you. Mason Rudolph had a lot of motivation to wanna play against South Carolina during his career and I think for the game Cox say maybe it was a good idea that they didn't run into Mason and a bowl game. Early season or something like that by top Mason Rudolph a heck of a kid I was really impressed by and yesterday. He brings a great presence when he talks CU. I think sitting in those rooms with the NFL scouts they've got to be impressed by him and I he's been right not that rising up the draft boards. Adam is a fourth round pick before he's moved up to a third round pick. And now they're saying go as early as late first round so masonry awesome kid that I'll be looking out for. Next Thursday when the NFL draft starts that's the first rounds second and third rounds or Friday mace is gonna go on one of those two days I'm really eager C marine Lance. See how things go from him. Well we read the first hour here on straight up was surged thirty minutes to go after the hour before we give way to Clemson baseball will be talking NBA. I got some words about LeBron James and we get back.