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Welcome back in final hours we're live at smoke on the water we're gonna go back again it's like we're gonna talk with our buddy Brian Haas the he is the voice of the grateful swamp Ravitz is they have. Sort of at closing out the eight amaru over at the top job paid O'Brien. There are I don't Bernard. Fantastic we'll let the first ball let's start wit. You know up what what. This season for the swap rabbits that it's gotten better there at the end they get a win. Agassi Atlantic gladiators in their final game they got to win against seeing grades in their final home series so. Did get to live in the next hockey season feeling better about how the season ended. Yeah absolutely. I don't know it. Well actually you looked at the end of the season for this game. I was getting some new blood involved and Citigroup players and we saw a lot of young college kids are out of play or something error out for labor contracts for next year. And connect revitalize the game toward the end that didn't help laid out what game in Atlanta. I was probably about one I've seen out of this team and and probably the last few months and he just called and got on the ice. Donna hey performance Chris Nolan absolutely fantastic between the pipes lit up 49 states so. You don't have excitement going into next year it was just an ice slick off the year. So the borrowed for some people that are looking for some hockey gear looking to make a difference even. The swap rabbits will hold their annual mockery and sell that will be from 9 AM to 1 PM. There at the or read today in the hot shot. In political bases that being new and used merchandise but. All at the sell all the proceeds from the New York Rangers game worn jerseys those are going to be donated. The humble Broncos the cheering your team to actually hit team players. Taken from us this past weekend any tragic road accident. Beyond that they military one it went all of that. News came out that then everything and have been up and humble. You know it did attack the hockey community in a different way I exited got a lot of people in. I get a very emotional manner soul burn out there and talking to let gay daughter. Our president and CEO I would argue that go to Bryant got the physical Detroit slob and just overall the vibe from the team. This is something that we wanted to do we want it to be able to you sure all our first back to beat players disorganization. And there's been massive donations. Across the board to their gulf Bundy gate but we wanted to show our appreciation. And and really they are back to that organization by helping get back and had obviously you it. I've been good but came out the other day of the New York Rangers affiliation of we thought this was the way. This short and say we we'd love to deal we don't take any of that money especially. In the way that working where now separately from the New York greater looking toward the future. So let's give this money back in and still get those dirty doubt that they Greeneville crowds but chat and not to mention I'd be able to support our captain whose brother was in. Involved in the accident as well. Just today it all around this with a perfect opportunity. They primark Childress here hat's off to you and the organization the stance your taking on that I was actually gonna ask you about the separation from the Rangers in the affiliation. What do the next steps for you guys how do you re affiliate with with another franchise. Interest has some of the blocking and tackling around what that'll look like in the next few days and weeks. Yeah market there is they're actually pretty confident that in the DHL. I injury affiliate dig deep bench and I'll be affiliation usually only a couple of decent not. We actually did very fortunate to have any your partnership with the New York Rangers and and we have worked very very appreciative for everything that they've done. And yeah you look towards some of the other options that are out there. Any any Kimberly did it the possibility that not currently under contract and I get to go look at and see exactly where all the affiliation life but. A couple of just pop out of my that are open right now obviously the biggest gold knights are. Open affiliation with a quad city Moehler seeking operations at the end of the season I a couple of the other one the Ottawa Senators do not have an affiliation the national predators do not have an affiliation. I'd suggest that you walk the talk obviously I'm not in the room to make those decisions and to know what's going on but really the ownership of the team will work with the different NHL organization that usually comes with a relationship that they've had in the past but you find it different relationships that through each ownership. And try it exactly pinpoint what. What some other what exactly is gonna be the best that bird for all the organizations. So it really is it to Chad stand. It'll be up to let you daughter and an Archos prank threats to kind of come up with the next pieces of the puzzle to find that affiliation and find the right partnership not only for us but also or that NHL franchise. Well I atlas and I know there's a lot of decisions to be made I'll do the predators at the ring just for the guy that we might be able to get Pete Weber river here a couple of types and they get him on the air with you guys does that tell you right now Pete Weber was the best play by play guys out there variety of wit do you. Yeah I'm sure would rub off very well on you'd. But I'd be right right I was gonna say he's number two and art are probably exactly thing about it yet he was yet at a C sports broadcaster of the year last Saturday when I was up there now with Salem. In eat hot dog with us cities like. Rate the chiefs other boys some odd years rise in it was absolutely fantastic. I you met him first about green will swamp rabbit so you keep up with everything that going on on Twitter at swamp rabbits or. Swamp rabbit dot com and of course you mentioned about threatened to immigrant. His brother was on that bus with the humble brought those this past week unit which hit the players. Were killed. They have kept up with that would Twitter is you know one of the more amazing photos. That I've seen all week along with a picture of three of those players all holding each other's eons. Here in the hospital you know as they were injured trying to the matters that have we heard anything from Brett and how is Brothers doing. You all other than what we've seen out of out of all we can on Twitter from Breton you know he's he's. He made it up there and and back with a Stanley. I'm so obviously people in the organization. It is friends and family have reached out he's a lot of people that have. I'm really reached out in support and just wanna offer any. They possible support that they tend to him and I know he's been appreciative of that. Talking with. It urgency what we've seen on Twitter. I it seemed like his brother is doing well. I'm obviously for him and he he's one of the lucky ones out of the group that. And I think our thoughts and prayers are just dealt with everybody out there and and with the camera and then when it. And I think again with. This walker himself tomorrow not trying to get back it it's just our small way to pay respects you and Cameron Stanley to all the families to move suffered. Ought not to mention. In junior hockey Eagles players living with the family can humble they're not originally from. The community but they live with these Stanley. Until they may become attached and had you know second son basically. That they may have blocked all really our thoughts and prayers go out all of them. And it you know Brendan OI considers himself and his Stanley very fortunate to have been blocked in the as a fashion. All right is we finished up with those Steve Bryant costs the years the group will swap ravaged. Voice give. What now will be available at that garage sell at that run it cell what is it again netstat there arena at the hot shot but. We were talking ye new goods used goods game worn jerseys. A lot of different things in. Guess what I know they're not jerseys they are actually called sweaters. We connect yeah but they they get thrown back all the way all the way to the early days with letters but I. Yeah they're in addition to all the game larger you can we have. All our our wager that the navy jerseys. The white hold securities we were the Rangers alternates I thought we have a ton of merchandise that we cannot throughout the year. Will have elbow all of that and in addition the locker and they'll aspect to it's a lot of the equipment that we used throughout the year so. Some of the new equipment that haven't been used some of the guys who who used it lightly. And that's also available and guys it's in great shape cute the glove the pants the helmets that are there'd be sticks some of the brand new and some not just partially used. This stuff that's out there is very good quality it's not like you guys been used connector. Seventy games in the and we throw it out on the shelf it's fountain that. Either guy has not used or he'd only used it for very short time. So. It's great quality stuff. Yeah and again that's 9 AM to 1 PM making go online hotshot. The hot shop on the swat Ravitz website some. Products may not be listed that are going to be guns now but you can get a little bit of an idea so. That's you what's next for you I mean this season never stops it. Please tell me over in that complex you don't have to spit you butts too much time with one diesel. Yeah. It's done it's it's a we can't we're gonna lie over there it's I did everything begins for us now. Firms exceeded week we've automatically switched over. We're talking seated tickets were talking playing that schedule. We're talking sponsorship for next year and and everything's firing on all cylinders to get a ready. I'm you know the first and foremost thing that you're looking for. In its selloff on opening night next year and once we get that date. You you better that there were gonna hammer that out now and trying to get a full crowd over at the bonds were little mystery about this city universally throughout over at the over the while I'm I'm sure folks all take some lol well all the better vacation than. I get a little bit time off from the hectic part of the season but there's never a dull moment that's for sure. Well let's and we really enjoyed hang it out with you and especially you Ellis I really like Steve Donner the owner because. He not only bought this franchise he's making a commitment agreeable in here and his family they're gonna be green billions and that's why. We're gonna see this franchise grew it especially not only attendance but also. Involvement here in the community as well so thumbs up a really excited about what's what's ahead for the ad features the great we'll swap rabbits. And we're excited and that really appreciate you guys are bringing it on net and just support this and also support the cause for. For the fund raiser for tomorrow. Well I elicited by it. I have the agony and being if I can get out there and get that blood work and all that kind of stuff done. I may may well see you dale layer it's you know what you can go and start a little bit of Christmas shopping constant. Mark yeah hey I was gonna ask you where you go whose son who's taken on Stanley Cup this year this Fiat begin at ask. Off by. Oh man you know it's interesting to look at all the aid and I got a lot. I got a view over where somebody eight seed out there and that Nashville Colorado series early on did it pretty dangerous though. I don't know I I like a lot of came down to the last Philadelphia dangers do so. Why I I don't know I have got a dog in a great for a little while the. They you when he gets to us immediately cup finals time we've yet to get to him here to circle the water the university a little bit of a schooling when it comes to it all but. Real quickly I'm sure you saw on Twitter yesterday. National civilly instead. Everybody got it wrong you should have been this choice. That Hanson Brothers from the mid east slap shot her only an Arn Anderson from grassland dates back which Roberti update on national civilly day. And I got to go to Hanson Brothers they're giving me the week I coached. I get a stick about my desk with that three signatures on it well I thought oh boy it. Elicited it joy here and hopefully we'll see Amare in that case maybe the look forward to continue in this relationship Bryant. Our spirits. Are right. Bryant has tops the news a lot of people column that is the end and just glad illicit again yet so many of these minor league teams you know there are about people who are in the bar right it's an investment. Or you know I know a couple of them. They got they don't give a rip that they making any money here not to use it offset other investments you notice taxes they don't put a hole but in two and they don't expect a whole bunch of other. The TTC. Who bought into the Winston-Salem. NC dash their Minor League Baseball team I answered added now. CP three Chris Paul tie enter so that leads me to believe that maybe when his days are done. He's headed back it Winston-Salem the lit they're probably help pro career is over all right when we come back it's opened funds for the rest of the show. Also. That take 44. TS VE SPN also we can now let's go. Not the exact dates which it Latino that we Q what they're supposed to play their pre season games in who upload it will be. When it comes to August pre season games for the Carolina papers that you can now. Get nuts 84 report GSP yen its yet. You know it's a big weekend ever clips that it's not just the spring game you've also got. The clips and invitational golf tournament I go on Friday through Sunday. Up there at the act illicit kiwi reserve also you have a three game set between the tigers in the Miami Hurricanes and ducking sports stadium. It also the biggest one is the actual spring game at 830 U that I will be. Coming on afterwards with the post game show on 933 the planet still a couple of ice and he's the dot before we let everybody know. Maybe off Friday what's up but. You know having little that it needs when it comes to breaking down the rosters or at least one particular position. So everybody needs to get on the message boards get ready to go we've got some breaking news Tony Elliott says each team will get two quarterbacks. The first team will have Kelly Brian and chase rice the other team lab under Johnson and Trevor warrants. What does that tell Easter boy what's the can easily get you three were segments just could that mean so today say hundreds Johnson before he said Trevor water wars since our but it's ever along artsy Kelly right here on the same team maybe it's a one to battle that dad decided. On the hill on Saturday area this however does batters the starter. They'll name on the the end also whichever team loses they're deep that saw some gas go wrong that no for the rest of the so that they'll have a tees that we squat a with all that's that spring it's going to be a lot yet this year having read into that what you wish I'll read nothing into it how to support industry. You know which each try to split the teams where they have opened up the line. There's some smack talk in the news on with this with at least these teams up in the U coup. Who. Let's. There were about religion is that you also does say a prayer that the football gods ounce Friday night the east though play by the achy massive injury now LaBarge earnings pre game so if Kelly does the first series and they switch to the other side and hunter Johnson comes to portrait or warrants. Is theirs or their riots in the stands or is is under considered the number two right now I would say or Trevor Lawrence all kinds of stuff to talk I would say it headed into this year they had more dateline. On lottery game situations airport there other reasons he was in front of him on the add depth chart now. Back to change dramatically after Saturday yet but it means because this will lit up like film from scrimmage is and things of that nature. This is about the worst dying. You really begin to replicate it deems it to wait yeah only night. In its deals that far from a real game situation you know it's not funny it's not fear is sometimes. It is we saw another cancellation of whispering game Michigan is now so Ayers on Saturday off yeah are all spring it was Wisconsin. Friday night CNET to do in the big twelve so yeah the one great part about that nobody got hurt. When it's very easily it's regained. My year is it was not a football player. I've always hurt. The guys that load of that yet there at bats are the ones that are more likely to be injured yes. So would you. What's the message it's a book alternates to the public go out there in play normal quick hits it he did something that you don't you may hurt yourself or what is the message is eight football coach at these guys on Saturday. Well whatever the message is for the most part that was had it dialed in the last few years cat Kelly got hurt in the spring game a few years ago that you relieve the Latin you know we just need to knock out with this entire segment. I think it'll just go out David gold hearted practice last the last week week and a half. I think you tell undergo heart you know gate game situation. With whatever rules apply around contacted QBs and things like in a knock on for the big hit. You know I can take somebody's legs out stuff like that but but you've got to feel like it's game we do you can. Buying college football players like he can fine you know. What are my favorite things I guess back in the day was the buying out the kangaroo court with Atlanta Braves and yeah all the pain for what ya. Eat eat eat it strike it now with the bases loaded yeah six about the pot and they didn't go to that anger coming out of Marley and asking a positive male let me ask you this if somebody gets it or getting called the bar what should be the penalty on that and you can't buy you know a lot but it's their college football players apply. Heavy boys eroded you're right in the stadium steps Monday through Friday ass twice a day yeah it this that. I mean there is a dog house somewhere they're new facility and you just park yourself in that until July August goes stale on the tackle a number one we're not teaching you the right way to panels number two I'm gonna kill you because that's how people hurt so it. ID. Targeting were you know your run an X about it you should blob object yet it. Hope that it's like Apple's not necessarily the worst thing now a bigger. I like where your ticket here electorate think again it's that to me that would be the head coach has nightmares the US CY got nailed it bill. Targeting on number twelve hours about the at the old about it the first half with the opener a sort of the sort of without having. You need to sit back at all. What's so important that he waited for the head shot out ex Marines break in game you'd do it every so I assume they're they're going they're going to. And I'm saying I mean all in part you've got guys that are going for their position or they feel like. I've got to have a big spring game responded to be number one on the depth chart in this position going into the spraying. You can't say that in one breath and the other breaths say will make sure you don't hit the guy and watch the targeting and all this so. That's what it paid out of the big bucks he he he's gotten the message out there right the last few years of journal get it right again for that and any game we don't know but. We can speculate that's what we do if you were going to clips and for the spring game on Saturday I'd definitely make sure you're in the air for the first Baptist yes it is are your not getting it a whole lot of starters and backups there. After the first half I mean. The longer they go in this situation the longer they got a team that hurts it hurts they're gonna go at it up in the air for the first half. Number two I've seen spring games before in the second half where they cut them at a time on the clock in the quarter or it is eight running clock. From halftime onset the main thing is is go in there into this a football program. Three years three years in a road that it's been in the college football playoff. In the second heaviest betting favorite according to the west gates in Pueblo. Behind national TV and now these these are special times I mean think about what we said. With help agreement it. In years ago roughly South Carolina fans thought it is their god given right to be in the finals at the college World Series right now. I want some bodies almost bill like it's their god given right to be in the college football playoff. We guarantee these things for long month. I don't clock since you know a lot better shape crickets have a day's Utley right beat he's not gonna retired in the the athletic directors so correct he's not going anywhere right now but my point being. It's an easy start assuming it's your god given right for something that's when something bad happen. These are the times that when we're all to sit on the porch. Where the grandkids will be talking about these it these days high cotton for Clemson football so. You know one factor in that the movie clock in the third fourth quarter surge. That was gonna get about mid third quarter is gonna be like I'm here with Childress insurgent gotta say I'm the host you know what's this clot blocks we get to the post and that's got to that's got to play a factor is that we did ask dabbled about but also don't forget it's a daylong celebration ever there on Saturday necklace the suns that clips and like right. Eight that's at eleven yeah 11 AM start there. You today to they'll be some former NFL players out on the field but you know if there's the guys like. Joked on marine she you know what I mean yeah runs ia who works people out. To ease. Always in shape you know that I read that up it's fun to watch some of these guys. That. Seacrest it's just a couple of years massive. You know hitting a national title shot against North Carolina you like it off it's a lineman in the UFL it's not just a player. Three years removed from Villanova that 18 addicting winning national TV chip shot yeah he did. So he battle of the ages gracefully when. You got it yet. We we got it dialed in man who got it now grace. All right when we come back it's hit into a little bit at the NFL including we can Latinos who are fourteens on the Carolina Panthers pre season nagging list. What week they are also have you noticed Ayers now not a consensus number one quarterback when it comes the NFL draft. I have a mock draft it shows Josh Allen go number one in three quarterbacks being taken in the first three picks and still maintain. The 31 pick in this mock draft this city this one. At quarterback 84 ports as being as the end. More segments like from smoke on the water. I fully go. It upsets in my hopefully it's not listening in upstate. We we please visit a couple of times we get the list of seizing gains through our sister station rock when no one. They are eight airliner painters affiliate yup this is what you get in week one of the pre season and match up but bullet. It will take place between the ninth and thirteenth of August we do not state of west that it tied again at buffalo that's better than 9013 of December was number two with a pre season the Carolina Panthers come them. That face the Miami Dolphins between. August 16 and August when he. We number three sign me up. Could you going to be seen Mason Rudolph taking steps that week for the New England Patriots. It's they will become got Rudolph to the pats attack aides say will be coming to the key here a lot of there were weak on every day of the breezy and a match up. We'll take place between now. I hope that it can't be closer to August 23 and it is. August 26 because that final pre season game is set for Thursday August 30. That's like in the week reports to be closer to the 23 and yes that they don't turn around when there is set in stone to go to new Pittsburgh but the final week of the pre season game. Thursday August 30. So to there but that's a good line up the game. Focusing New England they're absolutely if I get the opportunity to because again. The mock draft night at as Mason Rudolph going number 31. The New England Patriots and matches that's gotten us Astor written delivered for the NFL his ankle maintained. With my guys to me that he is fastest guy out or use any means that he is. You know the upside is gray is see adorable two year. I mean I mean the one that I look at it quarterback. In the park trail that I've had the most comfort level. With trot now we number one might be Mason Rudolph from local on the state of play its football. Right here in Rock Hill South Carolina in is the South Carolina collegiate player of the year. What's this about all these six bodies got the size he's got an unarmed. At the all over the place in college. And ache it's frustrating trying to determine how the make the decisions between all the different quarterbacks write and edit get Mitchell to Robiskie. Considered a better prospect in the shot Watson in every single mock draft last year. Until they get on the field this season and it's very clear what everybody saw you talk about your eye test search. I trust my tests done Watson vs Mitchell. Any day you like the eye test on masonry all white dot. Why not as he did he had a yeah. So. Summit Josh Rosen last night a little bit is this bill and not be like looking at is built it yeah it was he was on. You'll do you still break down a nice little funky released there yeah on this the right. All right. So now Arnold was a disaster and a couple of games late eighties when you bipolar for me up list is one of the top three draft picks. Male one of the not so Mason Rudolph is maybe the greatest archery that's what looked at some of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL the last right here. Exactly and their arms struggle like this on was known for his own restaurant he's. That group big is about Mason Rudolph arm they don't think he's got arms during compared to somebody else who can control the hardest race yet. So now so that we have here is this mock draft. As. Alan the quarterback from one of them legally number one to the holy Grail. Are so many aspects number and the New York Giants at CRTs. I'm blown away with CN normal. It passed on Ella they'll like it does because what's it's just three minutes ago. It's all it's caller not think it is when it comes out lights. It at all nothing outside hourly wage and look at you know we're moving towards I know there won't be guaranteed rookie contracts. But Kirk cousins a number of these quarterbacks getting these guaranteed contracts now. Which is changing the development if you miss on one of these not all five or six of these QBs that are rumored ago in the first round. What are you gonna get one or two that are that are actual franchise changer. What do the other four franchises in the view history and the giants could do if they win on their QB prospects. With a declining Eli Manning and you got somebody else on the on the hill for three or four year. Can be a big prop eight. Baker may build in this mock draft I eased the company's Walter football dot com as well as it's a pass on CBS you know it's well. Baker may build and trade in the might slide in the open awful that meets for that I'll buy dates in this class are quarterbacks. So on the other case. First of all they separate Mason Rudolph he sees something in Mason Rudolph and I think Mason Rudolph it out with our map pack. On the Mark Jackson will pull everybody wants to make it to me dual threat quarterback and a dual threat on talent yet I. I would IQ do you that you think yeah athletes Ali act it would shy. Guy you want on the field right yeah man. Heidi how do you make that happen if he's not party keep its per year to let them watch and see how he regrets that this is it still it's. That put them on the field out Ayers different. It sees them mice will begin at quarterback the an eighty's it even as a change I mean if you bring Lamar Jackson and for one series each have. You've got to be ready for it he can be complete game in game changer in difference maker. Rights you're talking me into these quarter Susan and modernize. Its desperate this week he has right. How or the quality of this draft class week now it beats the yeah that's it or seven or three orders in this classic. War like people that they may. With this rate cut there with the L always be that of course it. Of course that would yet and what about what I mean. There was never any question that Shawn Watson was coming back but where would show on people in these conversations right now idiot come back for his senior season was pleased in the middle. Old news. It would just electric misty last year and like number five on its tanks back weaknesses. Lines how great was the that's terrible the two division one real bonus this year he is not good at either one it is to use your next. Oh I love this extra powerful our there's much more. Quarterback you don't check it the right place people lined. So it's so much ward that is. How strong the hour. It's like these guys all make an dice roll right why why are you going for the unproven commodity and it is not the city. The NFL draft hasn't changed much in the last 1015 years are still using this aims at. A equations they used and eighteen years ago to make the decisions about these players and demand. And a lot of teams are not being successful at that long term it's rare that somebody hits on a bunch of prospects and draft. He just be like somebody common with a different. They were gonna go like this this year hey we're we're not gonna compare the measurements from the online as much. We dropped it onto the the last ten years at a much applause when we get it do you this year and at least anybody coming at the wrapped in a deeper way. Very surprising to me money and luckily. Fortunately. Our yet we went and took our draft. That's been going after a quarterback you know salary rate the rate it a this mock draft this smartest. Clean program today and all of that report from Easton. Utley the the incident. And take it to him with miles a year now the other side. You're talking about that's like Lowney a lot right there you'll likely pass rushing companies account for years the com absolutely. Me. If I saw Cleveland. By the bowl. It's this quarterback it's on it's on ice in the second class here. All other one N one drooling. Hoover at this point this is where the ice it treat them like. That's at least on our cleats. Up costs so one or this Esther. Seems like it's starting to set to tie early in some other you know running back talent Camara. Recently running backs out of back in style again and you know high in get a running back in BA BP's that your franchise. For yours there at one point at them. I can make an argument now I agree with you. It's one out there in the ball thirty times a game. You're gonna win more football games since he wrote he puts one Barkley on the field you know all the guys are right. This particular mock draft that'll go right Stan number 24. The the real actors Josh Jackson corner from my. That now. That he does that built me. Also here at number thirty point that you England patriots. You're right Oakland state. The trees. Successor successor. In route all New Orleans in this. Us seats that's about it Lotta aches in the first two rounds Eleanor they pack it somebody up. Is this outcome of the town sometime next week at him buying him remembering. One of. All halting that he's the South Carolina football player of the year police evidence that may be next week yet a little. So again and you know Bob May at least remember rock you know I've been here about the Rudolph mentally for awhile course Logan. You know it's up the incident here on Constance yup football team so. When we come back well not a wrap up here to start do you like it. Packed in here it is out of smoke on the water but a couple of other things to get into on our final weigh final way out. When it comes to the Internet now which includes Retief I need to do this. If you believe everything that's coming out of his mouth to right now don't ever play professional football that's the dumbest thing you'll ever be 844 GSP yes Ian. All right welcome back and will be right back here spoke on the water to our Friday will be in studio at the weather's good will get in our office we get ready for Saturday South Pole day damning clips that. With this marine gain you know be given the post game show next Wednesday we'll let you know it will be out of BP so what are broad. I may have messed up my apologies I will not let that happen again it's here's a OK so anyway your final thoughts years we headed to view. Well I wanted to bring up again David scar and beside your just try to hunt here earlier he announced that he is going to be turning professional in forgoing his senior season at Clemson. We expect him go over towards the European ranks of that bill that opens up a second slot for potential graduate transfer. For Brad Brownell to bring in and the rays won by three today an extra innings over the Washington writes it was a story last night by the time we all went to bed there year old rookie on Jerry Austin Los Angeles Lakers delicate. Ears. Even polling in the eight team league which I don't want to reach out our buddy yes Iran right who played for clubs and back today. He was on Twitter last cycle of people leaving college early to make you angry in the year in the G leaguers beat. Now he's right he has because people won't bore me board. Now granted that's a yearly basis in that moment three or four month basis yes but still this point it was just. His point was to simply. Stack greatly delete college to make 29 green a year now but. Your. LA lakers last night. He plays its first game in the NBA it's partly the rest of the year which Steve gain up one more game. He was 45 on three leaders me six out of eight shots. Also added three or read mails three blocks one assist one steal that performance right they're probably gets invited at the night. Realistic shot to steer mayor. Yet there are right now. Why would you Rhode easy all time three point shooter in the Q league of course he's been at it for ten years. That helps you know a few other things about this 32 year old rookie is I'm. He's like Paul Bunyan at this point I heard so many different things about the guys so what's real and what isn't real he is the pride of the Patriot League. A current easily Richmond native of Richmond Virginia needed he played his college basketball. At the golden American university in watching the nice of them were two sentences the centers I believe your right. At least he would support your starter there anything tying all atrial the honoree graduating it's one of the most. Accomplished players in school's history the only sec player. From American University to re CN BA. After Kermit Washington policy never might pick in the nineteen. And seventy threes are accompanied the what seat does the sites being in BA player's a former UBT league player ideal state for. In the while that he is sit mayor that you wrote in recent years. He he is he was struggling to get by managed easily detect colon and started it it's that man. High school middle school college prep as things like that. That was the one of the ways supplemented by Ian come throughout the season in in the offseason as. You have that night ski that obviously in the yeah Utley. Are right. He's been around for a while. When he made it's in eight debut counties state Ingram immediately became one of the oldest players on the court. Chris Paul 32. Also Lou while this group's 38. That the it's teammates are all liked when he three. Eager also spent more time in the 384. Career games play. Which means season rate us that it all dying in its minutes right there that's a second. So. All right way to make it live and man he didn't give up on stream I think that's a story here that you're evil you're correct. I saw almost at the wrong place in this since he almost eight full year offers him that's great good for him yet in this nearly an entire seasons he can take care of his daughters and his wife immediately. That finished her college victory. Tremendous. And highlights last night were great you look like he belongs. Mis checking into the game when Chris Paul coming into the game Chris ball comes over talk super second. Doesn't bat an I think second possession of the game hits the contested three pointer. Two tee to get on the scoreboard. He looked like he belongs on that for him. Are right. No players to Heatley histories may or three quarters and Ingraham yeah 713. Years old so I've got SEC man. That 71 point three. Three pointers here. Eisner he he also too isolated. Wow he also has the unique distinction of being eaten in tee leaked three point shootout at the all star nights he went in 2000 and Whitney as a member at that now that are you up last. They claimed another seat at title in 2016. Witty the former BY east guard Jimmer for in the minds of the man's got some great here are ready which at bat with stages though the words out of them out if it's that stressful but it appears that easily. To make it to the NBA you go to that great that early. And sign me up I guess I'll note to witness the where I mean this is what's making him the rookie of the year we got Simmons and and spied who were yelling at each other about who's the real rookie of the year what we discussed this at that this. Better story that these this guy's got a movie so my priorities start to put together how can we earned this into a successful. Movie whether it's timer of the weaker one on the big street yes a brighter out Ayers trying to figure out. How can we get this made it to me there are great great idea tomorrow. Where you knew you had the option I am going to be hearing nothing else to talk to Ben Ingram at Atlanta Braves. Love that guy. I wouldn't miss that for the world I got any room from the Braves network at 430 by you know at 4375. Of my injury Adelson from us we dot com ray Evers the ACC. And it's except I'd we have our the we have all this. Eat meat and hell she is the publisher of the website rebel group dot com. They cover all this week ago talk about each day matters and Paul it's great situation right. We may have a special guest here tomorrow to join you can't take it yet but stated yet so to you summon the guest coming up next week or even work in Ryan McKee does it via me as Reyes. Or rail all next week because I want to buy out. How did the cold it was the official. During that black vote while gave yesterday he and several that he has the crew and some other writers network officials at south Carolina's says spring game that was it. In the year. Which Spurrier drop the Palestinians which did not seek sent. It's that we're good at the course but it is much Brian I don't Wear my UN BC also at this rate week as well so a lot of different things that answer it sorry regret my. Don't that's hit the ball up on David about part make parts for at least two weeks it will go from players that you're gonna burn all your great guests at his zero for me to take over happily actually lower body that are right. And straight up on what that service (%expletive) role yet if I could get a our ideas ResMed. But today will be back here to mark four to 7 PM in studio picture of mark. The easel here that aspect it's very demanding apologies. I'll make it out to you guess what up last evening news we're gonna do it. At 4 PM to mark Byrd another addition of straight with star.