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With one game left in the NBA season regular season tonight. Why are we talking about with the definition of a rookie it is. Mark Childress here it marks or just straight up the stirred were downtown it's smoke on the water compliance yes. It's a lot of folks Yucca get a spot at the bar I'll tell you that it's coming down here it is a full house down here at the bar right now but when he tables come on down and dobbs. And check this out so if you haven't been following this from its got an interest staying on the NBA front. Abouts. The rookie of the year race. And again with the NBA tonight. Still some play off I seating ramifications and playing. The timberwolves and the nuggets are playing tonight for the last seed in the west the winner of that game. Advances to the NBA playoffs. The loser goes home the timberwolves had this locked up a few weeks ago. And have been in a freefall or not it's kind -- again and grab that number eight spot in the NB so this is what we should be talking about tonight. But what we're talking about is the rookie of the year race which is really a two person race or even a one person race depending on how you look at. So the rookie of the year battle right now is come down between Donovan Mitchell. In his first season out of college from global who's been lights out may he has had a fantastic season. And he's going up against bin Sammons now been Simmons has been out of college for two years from LSU. Last year he was injured and to knock the play. And this is his first season playing in the UB. But this is a debate search. What is a rookie. And Donovan Mitchell even went as far as he had a sweatshirt comedy came in the arena last night effectively has seventh saw yet had the dictionary definition of a rookie and actually playing his or her first season as a member of a professional sports team. And students took offense to that saying this is my first season as well so what is the definition of a rookie. Is it a first year lawyer out of college or high schooler. You know the pro weeks that's a whole different get us in over there I agree. I think this spirit of rookie of the year is that Donovan Mitchell should win this this year either instruments would not be eligible. As a rookie of the year but it appears have been Stillman is eligible to be years. He's gonna whip. I love would love what Mitchell told ESPN's Christine time at the this net so. Let's say you have in the sand to take on June 1 you have a whole year to study for the CN. You're gonna get a pretty good period on Archie. But some people may not have all that time to prepare for that it Zia says that's how I look at it now that it's that that especially if their people but. If you have. Eleven and a half months to get ready for soft that it I have one but two it's bizarre you stick did sevens. First year. Al. In the league with spit on the bench on IRL sect here it's been a great year I agree with Donovan met. This is simply. Simply. Each right Mitchell's right Vince Evans is not the the rookie of the year should he be first team all NBA with everything he's done this year. City EB comeback player of the year. Problem I absolutely delicacy when there are not exactly sure I'm by in the eighties rookie of the year. Sent out a tweet you see this search. Let us know what you need the definition of played next bin Simmons in spite of Mitchell's of it they're getting in the middle of its view. A great move by them. I think. I'm agreeing with you on this is it should be Mitchell's. This year he would be the runaway winner it wasn't for. The debate that we're having now I like the comeback player of the hearing that's really great but. What is he coming back from a year he never quite a leader at eight so you don't have a bar you set and you come back from that bar you know years out congress doesn't talk that I don't think he's a rookie. In the NBA you were eligible for our contract extension after three years in the late. Simmons will be eligible for an extension after next season so this means yeah. His second year in the NBA the airport. How can he be your rookie. If he's going to be a third year player next year eligible for our contract extension. A stop in I text all the time when my Brothers in law Blake in three U. The point that they made was to get paid last year yes I mean Fitzsimmons got paid net she's so that was his first year. Case closed when you look at the money side at a pace close. It should be Mitchell's but it's interesting that we're talking about it back to concede on one of the TVs up here is were literally talking about it doubters smoke on the water. They're out they're talking about it on television as well. We're talking about this. On the last day at the NBA regular season with chaos in the playoffs the nuggets are playing the team doubles tonight to advance this like a wild card game in baseball tonight. The winner advances the loser goes home. The warriors have all kinds of injury probably there's so many things to be talking about in this seems to be the lead story in the NBA added on that really funny on the last day of the regulars. Yet age you Mitch and right now 46 and 35 by the the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Denver not it's in. The numbers 16. Or eight out of there last and Minnesota had bill that that they've won two in a row and six of their last and so again that's a playing game in and also look by six and seven. New Orleans San Antonio Oklahoma City all tied with the same record right now. One more game Latin announce it they'll look at it that the seven man you know on a lot about the cutesy here's like. Do you notice how freaking great Golden State was last night but not what seven they weren't disaster. Disaster aid is in their heads at this point a little bit dude I've just got this day and I think if I have some got to have a lot that a fine hospital. At als say this much there will be if it is number please see Golden State. Vs number seven seed Oklahoma City. I will buy your dinner somewhere one night because that he patent and in this week. Oklahoma City will live who will win one your packet off your verdict that a little bit when it was Oklahoma City I think written when Ares I just saying I will on top of it if it is you'll find me I bet Eric it's a sweet yet. A packed and we need to put something on particularly difficult I don't work out now. C'mon don't be so why nastiness and yes real solid and it's if you know guess what. Kevin terrain it wears his mind a little bit today when it comes out he's going to. Have its contract renegotiated. In its get a free up money for some other players in the long run or eagle make Golden State. You know eleven. Of the sixteen playoff seats. Are still undecided going into tonight's search and that's the way it should be in every sport. You know in the NFL usually you'll have one or two teams that are still ended in that last week and he's gonna be in the playoffs so what's the what are the seedings going to be a lot of which usually locked Dan. But with the NBA is complete chaos in San Antonio Oklahoma City and New Orleans could be anywhere from the foresees. To the eight seat all of those teams just based on the performance tonight. So it's completely and upheaval over on the west there's still some seating that needs to work out over in the east but I think a lot of that is going to be locked again. Is Philadelphia could end up at three seed if they win their game tonight or Cleveland loses their game tonight. That would match him up with the Boston Celtics in the second round provided they get to the first round which is a matchup I think that everyone watched Celtics of course very depleted by injury. And either one of those teams I think can benefit I feel like it's almost a pass. To the conference finals if you could end up the three seed is Philadelphia or Cleveland. I think it is go ahead and put them into the conference finals that they get there that you gonna have a Boston team and route to view. That is depleted it may have trouble getting by Miami in round one so while a lot to talk about on the NBA side tomorrow as far as seeding goes. In playoff matchups in this 27 has to happen. You tell me you're buying me dinner now we get we gotta start figured out how we're gonna do all this yeah like it. Exactly is don't look now with the and other win last night Philadelphia is tie it what they've never won it in consecutive game now any point in BA career Alley get it needs to roll it out with sixteen consecutive wins. And a talent yet. Cleveland school be you know how to win that 45 matchup with the Indiana Pacers there's the I'd answer played really well those are there they're playing well they've won seven of their last anger any claimants warning that they'll last bit that. An attitude when it comes the Philadelphia so on Ellen yeah Cleveland the cavaliers were they can it was going to be at. You know a conference finals that yes he Cleveland on the eastern side. In. And it Toronto amid yet when Indiana and the Toronto that's not who you wanna go through. On. If you're the Cleveland Cavaliers host the exact to kind of series that you don't wanna have. When you're trying to make sure that your team is healthy and rested up for the conference final. And also healthy and rested up for potentially going to the NBA finals again for LeBron to see how the actors and how Belichick's. Well suited Beatrice staying new data that it now clips and last night they fall 63 in the first College Baseball game. In the yet you North Augusta baseball stadium in the green jackets hurt lots of good things about. That ballpark by quite. They even though they start the pros the more they said it wasn't every amenity. Quite finished off we saw a little bit at that. Well we went to the ATP world stadium DO win shortly and Debbie Russell athletic bowl against Oklahoma. That was the first game in the air after they had renovated that being. So again Clemson comes room after the loss to rate ranked Georgia squad remember they get it and Athens. Next week for that game. On Tuesday night but they come and this weekend they take on Miami the gains are set 630. On Friday by PM on Saturday 1 PM on Sunday. We're gonna talk South Carolina with our buddy Helmut granite in from SEC country all the way back here. Last night the citadel. It's opulent whipped into the citadel. Hammered. The bulldogs into Riley yeah or there. Over the Charleston river dogs now apple weekend's series at Arkansas Razorbacks also. A new commitment for Frank Martin in the gamecocks last week not afford promote or. So will I catch up with a lot of different things with our buddy. Help a grainy hand from SEC country when we come back don't forget tonight the whopper here ears are on the road presbyterian. Whopper 22 and eleventh. Before they come on the take on the apartment paladins this weekend in a three game set at late the stadium. Our body held her hand from SEC country when we come back. All right welcome back in perfect timing because we're going to be joined by our good buddy Helmut granting hand EC South Carolina writer. For SEC country you can follow him on Twitter hell underscore SEC country and of course the big breaks me and that you are help. I think we get we avoided the sweep up at the hands of the Washington Nationals earlier. Today. I think maybe it did look for the brain that some I don't watch this can someone out there and land so luck and this is just quit staring at. But yes and analysis. Yeah act is you know they won every series until this when I just don't want to be swept by the nationals but you know you covered the gamecocks. For. The app per SEC countries you know do a great job with all your school's real quickly you know. The temperament at this baseball program right now they could be on the get a big when it gets the citadel to rally part been grouped in 1914. Bit. Here's the problem pipe that's seven in SEC play you'll look up you got it another road series this weekend. Eddie top ten team this weekend it's the Arkansas Razorbacks and what is cuts Marti scene trying. Tried to do to keep things movement forward. I have yet to be a question I guess to prodded the old one game at a time mentality as growth. Cliche and I'll have but I mean that I don't think there. Tribe trying to get too far ahead and sell them more about I always got star win this seriously. The next series and all that because you know considered soon it's going to be SEC tournament time and try to get ended NCAA tournaments. They don't yet to come up with. With resonated stuff like that and looking too much in the debate basically that's fraud. Still in the second we get well that's still pretty early on early all these guys figured. Two word about so what may or may not yet up. It why. Howard ME years there in this stadium cover in the gamecocks living in Colombia and things like that. Power of the media you know last year was a rough year for my being cut by the season means when it came to not make in the NCAA tournament. That they really stunning that back to back seasons and incited decade when it almost felt like it was South Carolina is god given right to be in Omaha. My. A domain are caught in the area and a big answers now I'm being. Clinton you say it they're less than a decade or not a decade or it. Back to back back to back championships on the back to back to back championships. It's it's just traded two good faith that this program was once you're out at the very top. College Baseball now. And now they're elm somewhere about mid two years and just. I'm struggling to be irrelevant. I think there's a lot of frustration amongst South Carolina bands right now. I think maybe some Omar are still trying to find a blames that Holbrooke game at and saying all you gathered there are so many guys that are here that. That he brought in that maybe aren't as good as we're led to believe let China deal I'll. But yeah I think there's some frustration no doubt about it. Hail mark Childress here nice article you wrote on SEC country about to Davy on clown me the other day it looks like he's played himself into a real good position. For maybe a contract extension and big money down the road. He he's and that last year as rookie contract facts and these. Don't you make about thirteen million dollars this year and the east I guess opened. And I guess that indeed he wants that he wants me. Are resigned but. In LA if you're the accident and you look at like you've already got JJ watt. The a lot invested in and you know it does sound a lot and got to be commanding a new contract here. Within the next two years instead I guess they got to kind of look at it. As an organization like Kate do we really want a high end more money there an edge type of player out but I'm back a decent and we already got so much investor and did a lot and our apps but more at this stop also. He got Dioner Hopkins as well it there's been the marquis types of players. I'll that they've also got to act now or did it going to be tough and and my opinion in and say I today on what it looked at they keep you here because. I think is pretty clear he's going to be out of command a lot of money other. Houston or anywhere else and I'm. Sorted speaking up in my head you know. Unattended air about how they Houston gonna be willing to. Just think that kind of money and that you're they've got funny at that it's gonna take that keep on there. Back and. That we keep our eye on that you know Clinton spring game is this couple days away. I know we're going back what a week and a half now head to South Carolina is a spring game what will what was your take on the new high octane offense on display a couple weekends ago. It was interesting to see. Obviously the pieces. Want out on the field. I namely divas Daniel reached O'Donnell. Tom receiver and running back. A budget barely showed that he's. I'm probably. Happy what some say happy let. Dan awarded the new quarterback coach I think. That decision now we'll watch it I'm tired and her personal placements that scares the position. Other. He won at his best. Moves. As Ed just South Carolina. Not iPad Jake looked sharp and confident as I've seen. At South Carolina. Granted being in the spring yet you don't wanna get UConn up that sort of thing. But but and now little snake. Previewed. Developed like calling. I think there's there's plenty of reasons for such a lot of fans be optimistic about. What to stop it in due in 2008 to even be optimistic about it being better. At what we've seen these these preceding Guatemala yet. As we continue with help McGrady hand SEC country covers the gamecocks make sure you give a follow on Twitter hell underscore SEC country and of course. Yet the biggest needs when it comes to recruiting here recently was four star quarterback Ryan hill and ski. From California making a decision for the game cuts last week. What this city did an interesting article what this means warm because his family helped him make the decision he'll have a brother I guess. That comes over here he goes to medical school as well but. Also you know not a whole lot of times it South Carolina footballs in the California for quarterback Rupert. Yeah that they're saying what me about that Bryan Smolinski. And obviously he's really talented. A sports star player. But is one of those kind of guys. You feel good about it. As someone who could potentially be a base here program. Edu and is that an extremely bright well spoken to being like you EB you know it just. A great guy to be around in the locker room. Just seems to be about the right sources banks. And and you know. Never mind the fact that he happens to be. What actual or back if you did get a pastor. At I think there probably isn't the Nike clubs and concert in out among anybody in the capture it. I'd just. You just. Let me get this really impressive and the way there's a boat all probably better than. I'll probably but I think better than than the other they got it back and it must have thought Tehran's owner Jay you're not gonna get those two guys. But but as far as just secured for our pure passer. He's he's head and shoulders above that these guys and yes sort of like to carry on inject life. They're they're much like lied and that they're about the right thing I you have good people. Base the programs that the guys guys that you go out more about bad overall but they yapping. And a lot of people know of embargo on the name. Knew the name book or even. Admitted South Carolina what is this brother Tyler do. Do the Washington State quarterback who committed suicide earlier this here. And and the way it the way Ryan and a bat. Based on six bad. People around him I can't imagine shoot. Told myself and this is seventeen years old that was a family member like that it's such a public I mean you. He's done I would say it does yeah I give a job in terms being mature about that situation that. They got sort of speak they had met this person. And that that individual that the football program it. Now I if I get that real quickly hell you know at the university Kansas claimed they were a victim here when it came to their release with this FBI about it. Indictment if you aren't victims of suicide I am one my brother older brother. Committed suicide eight you write this at the come to grips with. In your own right as well in the tradition in unbelievable. About amount of maturity with that final question. Where 400 and something this into the college basketball this season when it comes to transfers. And and nails it sister going broke. South Carolina did get a four to commit from up north last week. What's left on the agenda per frank Barton is rebuilt that he rebuilds our roster a little bit for the gamecocks for 201819. They want more special visitor come an end and how it. Think yeah unless there's more interest and brown on this terror officers out here on out think that this product while spot and the guys dominated DJ am off. Point guard is originally from the babysitter from meant that. I currently. Enrolled it been like for about Nevada. Wanna. Are outside the program that the country. I is gonna Q did ambiance sort of those who live this weekend that kind of made here to restart guy and news. Got injures offers from some place like Minnesota. Oregon State yellow are all programs as well but. Certainly looks like a guy who's who's going to be get into this. It in last a lot of banking. At to makers aren't are you guys are committed about airline at. And beside it seems well and I believe. Don't expect there's this suspect that's. That he Jamaal gonna end up. Sony in this class ahead and make it or we're all the spike mark here we got that thing. All right well listen day you got a lot of stuff but he basically leak every article on your Twitter account hill underscore SEC country. Give our listeners an idea what you're working on what's coming up on the acting cut SEC country page. Yes sort of winding down the week arguably one they are. But yeah what are your recruiting as always. Is now the couple. Cross sections state and North Carolina. What I would doubt that their schools today and I'm update Sunday and beat Dick Clark in their sport insert. Forestar did the back of the star linebacker. So obviously played about those guys and we didn't that it. Are hurting weekend. He did mosque in baseball there's coming up with Arkansas and they'll see more spring practice side and stared Laird said. To recap but I never stops. Oh level of Brea is deducted. All right we'll listen when you're on your way out seem odd that pops make sure you get in touch now have some time off coming up that may. Do the surgery that would look to see you when you're not statement. Yes certainly good to hear from the man out the very thing goes when the floor. Well we will try if not just keep enough outside don't bill that's the way a look at our. Peek at what about the city. Ira I held a greater hand SEC country does a fantastic job I mean diskette to his Twitter fields re edit the course you know he learned from one of the best. His dad of course yep emigrating and a longtime sports writer. Here in the upstate as well hell. They doubt and one of the things are likely to get you look at it does a little bit of a different look at things and got. Which includes going to hit the road. Arguments of my top notch recruits earlier today at the schools you know he knows to stop like the way he freeze it around the that the nail low high octane offense in the spring game as well very well it takes a tally because you know it we. So south Carolina's gonna have a faster office this year that he Kenya are giving the lamp all the secrets out of there hot spot for geek in the opener. Of the 2018. Season all right when we come back so I would say. This is the best week when it comes to the palmetto state it is they aired each week. Don't Hilton head. I still maintain any opening week of the college football season is the best week of the year. When it comes to. The aren't aren't that the state of South Carolina others might tell yet. It's when we get an event like the NT eight part of it here angry or Columbia you can tell us what your best of that is. Might still be getting a college football season but professor starches go and I hear. Politico put on his slow glasses in his road it would help teach you a few things about what is. Our only PGA golf department here in the state of South Carolina celebrating. Its fiftieth year. At sea pines. In Hilton heads of things that you may or may not known about the aired its we have opened phones to the top of the hour when we talked with Bryant cost the the voices want Ravitz it's daycare garage seldom more plus they are some items they'll be selling it they're gonna designate those prior proceeds. To the humble raucous hockey team will tell you about that at the top of the 6 PM hour. Welcome and that their ice and have a good afternoon we're live here smoke on the water mark Childress short skirt as she can give mark Childress they follow on Twitter. Childress mark me at Sturgis sports. Easel. At ease on radio and don't forget our yet in upstate you know. Now it's in. Not to mention he has in upstate dot com in the FaceBook. Each as wells a lot of different things weeping into today but we are celebrate it yet the anniversary of our State's only PGA tournament. This week it. Harbour town the which made this golf course architect back in the day with the help looked Jack Nicklaus. Design Harbour town in the call it design in the bill Harbour town in the Paula 96 with the heat you're under attack Iraq. Eight and any of your question yeah I got down. And some of the net. Talking about. Some of the past champions. Here is a great Harbour town talk about some bomb that it didn't strike in the world golf all of Maine some of the Jeep meets include Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus nick felt a hell or when an art linger Johnny Miller Greg Norman Nick Price Tom Watson in a course the late means to. Tiger several one down there right I'm pretty sure he has not one of the kids play very late jamarcus two is you know he he was always always and on the masters right it disappeared does that every earlier this year yet into yet they say they they've always access to Yahoo!. With the with the with the department do you want to fall that you know is they've added in tournaments right tournaments have gone away do you walk that. Week after the masters and they said yes. That says it yet because they don't get. Get the strongest fields right yeah they get because Dustin Johnson the biggest golfer competing. When it comes to the rankings which usually opens up a slot for some of the local PGA players that may not be fully sit in the top 125. But no they love the family atmosphere in the late back minutes of the a bit. Just that week after. All the intensity and emotions that go into the first major of the season short little drive to that helps you are right. Do you know what the economic impact the hairdo to pumps in. You. Into the east south Carolina's economy remember it's not just about the economy. Of the Hilton head area but. The economic impact the RBC hairdo to pops into the status knock on its economy money yearly basis. Yearly on church in the millions to is it over 101000096. Yeah this is this is according. The hairdo to web site right so I'm having to take this out at face value. When it comes to the demographics. 63%. Of the spectators haven't annual income of more than a 100000 dollars. 52%. Are fifty and older in 73 putts that completed a four year. College degree I get that that's guys that act of expensive rates up men built an edge or the surrounding areas. Here's what that rule all right Ed of course they're spent. Being. At least 130000. People in it and it's here. During the week here for the year two well 400 volunteers. They worked the department on the nightly basis. Again we made to 69 there was that the developer by the name of she calls Fraser's that in males that at each level department. Whitney held his newly created harbor tail off points. Are right one of the funny things when it comes to the history. Golf most people listen to the first golf played here in North America. Was a golf club outside Yonkers, New York. Is that they were the first to import the game from Scotland in 86. However. Seat right fielder to calls for each year uncovered eight ship's manifest from 7086. That noted. Golfers sticks in the gatherings. The other jobs or eight pre two what is century golf ball mate from all the others ally. That had been shipped the residents in the post that South Carolina in Georgia in 78 that's a couple hundred years before. So now they realize. Off was actually being played in Charleston harms our roles in green. A couple hundred years before it was only a fine young qatari York. That's got it to here is why this department is called the geared its clients. But apparently we have worked we were playing golf a good. Hundred years years in the course to Carolina South Carolina before they ever report kitty. Packers New York that it shows why it's great the Libyans now that's why it shows. The last retirees you've never met this and Robert are not the war and what he Yonkers on the home of golf in America now. All right coming out. Again the regional hers. For the ninth he effort for the first. Here it's golf tournament the original verse was a 100000. Dollars with Heatley that would be in that eight dollars river. Which is talking about 1969007. Or 500. Have been out. 700 set now thousand dollar house 100000. It would appear worse two again. It's just. Is it interesting week the keys felt the he got all the concerts going on on the periphery. You do Greg Norman back in the day. He would actually parties mortgage guy Alan caliber sale and that's where he would stay when it was that part of it. Easily it was soaking from doing something dumb on the final day of the masters which cost of anchoring Jack you know it means multiple times. Yet in that she has blown away six million dollars on the yearly basis that its economic impact because. It need any collude. What it's become a tradition on Monday. In between the masters in the aired it switches booties the bullet vicious department yesterday after the masters or breach. So at about the often. On the status out here allied advocates. There are a lot of people that have to stay he over across the state lying or gas at the masters and of course what was a great course that's built just on this side of the state lines from a gust god. Oh talking about the one Laker cunning. Oh I got a litre the reason that it was bill was in the middle finger at Augusta National. Look it up there in the break guys right there at the state lineman. The guy. I was asked to come play maybe look into the possibility of a two winning Augusta National teach your even if you're member eagle though Europe remember. From year a year that you get that to get the bill right so you don't get the bill that teachers out as a member here. That shows up at Augusta National I guess he it drives like a Winnebago winning on the road. He brought his whole Winnebago holding in the air and I guess are awesome people Augusta national and they decided they were getting it on the memberships to this and it's. Are so popular now. Right here sage valley make our thing and yet a sage valley that was literally built or less is that middle finger because I did not get invited. That joy the national action in the day but you've really got to stop and think about how much seek how much our state is impacted in this. Well the thirteen days between the masters. In now here it's. My Monday after the masters with it in the blood efficiently and just right around the corner. Probably the biggest golfing of them on the next door. With that what takes place right here at the board equally so let's go break 844 GS PE SBA and we got a lot of different things to get into including some more in the day it's the NFL. All right welcome Becky and don't forget here at the top of the hour we're gonna talk with our buddy rice and thus the new is the voice the road warriors agree there c.'s meet the grateful swap rabbit sorry I haven't look I'm about to sit and diesel is number. In a course that's with their former name was but you know there have been there Barack itself. It will let you know more bad habit that each seeking come by the arena at bars of Nixon things integrated resell it in certain items. That are sold are going to be that money's going to be dedicated. The humble Broncos. You know just a tragic situation with that team those players announcement explained you. You know our program director Davis do you do you think about that that reached all the way to Greenville, South Carolina is one of the Ravitz hockey players that was his brother. On that Boston of course that's what you always. Be thankful. That kind of thing but that. It was so when the EP. What's the one the U wish she could buy. A hot so we can see I don't wanna political these guys. But what about favorite. Ever hot things in a movie. Was in Wayne's world. When they were at their play and you know hockey the middle of the street everytime a park a invited at the yank our ally about that are they gave very and yeah about. That would be that would be something and if there was some cool. Sweaters they're more because I am a silly game ward stopped as well and and some of that to be neat and this much I would like to get by their tomorrow but it. I have to go on the passed after 10 PM tonight can only have water Herbalife Kong via after India. Yeah nice. Two completely different. It's clear black copies. The list of the ten things I can have like it and unsweetened yeah that things I don't like is what I can have actor and Ian tonight is. I gotta do that that and he you know this other go ahead of the surgery to more puzzling lab work. In this and that the others and egg you know cool you know puts Scotch in there with that water. They'll Forrest Kerr hit it won't hurt budgets a lap of light black coffee really don't drink copy unsweetened T. That's for northerners you know way out there is no centering thing that exactly it's. So anyway are right winning becomes stale to college football this weekend of course we're going to be doing the it's being shipped. For the constant spring game. Give this a couple of pure expectations. If you will right now because this is what I am looking for the spring game this welcome. Idols which means that site is with me up on this job loss not feel like he pulled me. Yeah and I realized every team has the guy that looks like towards in a place like team but that's easily the guys it's off the bus burst up. The eyeball test when it comes to Trevor Lawrence's mormons and things like that the other thing is is that the tide in position we talk a little bit about that yesterday. And then also how much innings can go lawn you know up. He would are you going full contact yeah Trevor alarm it's gonna get the blind side savitch you don't get up Mitchell but he quarterback that would be my guess scrimmage if Al physical or these wide receivers going to be this year. His Ali's great at the start this run wide receivers corps court. Is going to be key Higgins this year the keys ready to emerge he's licensees and he's going to be able to do it we wished the nineteen would have done that just couldn't do it from the from the consistency standpoint the hurricane could make the plight. In the remember what is the bigger game changing moments in the first quarter that Sugar Bowl. Against Alabama. Was sort of a drag route across the middle that he would easily picked up the first day on the right or is it too quickly he drops Watson on its. When they were just by. For you are each year in the air in that first quarter and he just couldn't get place the way against Alabama's defense like that and unit he Higgins of course got hurt in the game and in just. Awkwardly landed on one of his legs and die and didn't play anymore after that. Why is that package of plays going to look like for Kelly Brian and is. These days coaching staff got to come out and try and have him throw the football lot in the road the deep ball on the lot. The kind of quelled this this rumbling abouts. Is he the right guy this year or are they gonna try to package him or show off his normal bit. So that people can really see what that's what that's about are they just that it. My guess is they're just gonna completely ignore what the fan base is saying. But it Caylee comes out runs the ball eight times and Bruce two passes in the Lawrence comes in for his fifteen times. That probably just gonna get louder. That's what I'm looking for what. Would you do it easy it would make appointed to Europeans and the others out there. One non contact play tennis at all African four quarterbacks on the yeah he's great and just toss it back and forth like foresight not crazy to get okay. It lets watch the message boards exploding gasses in the next couple days of what this could potentially be quiet up a little bit because. Yet here's the deal. You go back in parts of I wish opulence bring game would have been last week you know on Easter Versteeg he's really got lost west. That well attended. You. To begin with the feed the monster a little bit when it comes this spring game you know let me get a little bit so that it bought at Kelly Bryant come in motion into the backfield behind Trevor Lawrence a lot of on the option again yeah. You have wisdom and the message warts will melt with with bloggers didn't with Christian Wilkins lined up this fullback and running and will row they'll decide oh by the way that actually happened a couple of years ago yes well but up in the arts bolsa I would just say it feed the monster a little bit if I like it. I've that you did so in this everybody to scratches there it is not because that one guy's going to be on the message sports school. When you see this crap in the third game of the season this year you know it means to us. Eighty wait and see under over on trick place. We knew we need to think about it not betting props right on the spring game we ought to think about this for. For tomorrow or Friday that I am under some under overs and instant things it's from yardage perspective please perspective. Or Alicia we do that they stop the data Sweeney's comments behind the line of scrimmage and that's when I had the student there answers are weakened again he got back into that a Bryant asked the of the swap Ravitz.