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Well command upstate is a win state he edition of straight up with search mark Childress bark Sturgis we are that I ate here it's from Oklahoma water. Hope dollar into in this gorgeous afternoon we're gonna picky bills 7 PM tonight. Have a little fun and do and it educate you on a way that you can make a difference with some people tomorrow and mean helping out the humble rock news you know the Canadian hockey team that your team lost that fifteen members. It also who here. In a little while since we're so you have yesterday with the clubs and information or just lose we will talk with our buddy Thelma great hand. From the SEC. From SEC country that covers the gamecocks for them. And again. Catch you up to date it is got a busy week at a baseball last night it was not good for the tigers an hour and gusts that. Is they get out there was 321 lead but a five run third inning by the Georgia Bulldogs get cement brought six to three and that was. The pitchers were lights out from that point movement forward in. And constant policy were 25 and eight on the year now but they come home with the huge weakened on campus. It's taking every three game set with the Miami Hurricanes. We expected the pitching duel last night and we did not get a lot of runs given up early about starting pitchers that we expected to be so sharp last night so. As usual we saw the exact opposite of what we thought we would see. And and it went down in that direction and the gamecocks have a nice when it gets added LC is yesterday twelve to one the bats woke up they had a couple of big innings during the games so. Helps get them headed in the right direction with a big weekend series coming up for them as well yet they take on another pot in team when it comes to Arkansas Razorbacks and their having to go on the road to do it this weekend. But last night trees South Carolina in 1914 on the year. We are seen yesterday at this point to scramble and scratch for every win that you can get it now includes. Bit weak gains because when you get back from Arkansas. Next week we get for whom week midweek game on Tuesday vs presbyterian. And then LSU for the weekend so again. Make you take it created Jack clubs and on the other hand. You know they turnaround next week in the face Georgia in Athens that Bryant went our rail with the bulldogs I don't know if you were watching he has beaten you last night by Egypt's more. But last night was a big night for SEC teams when it comes to rivalry games Texas team and not about taxes. As Serena up misery state budget different things. Going on last night so. This much we know. SEC looks mighty deep when it comes to College Baseball this particular year we talked all season long about this midweek games and how important they are from momentum. How port they are prepositioning for the post season both within well at least nationally for that. And sometimes it can right the ship I mean maybe getting those bats going for the gamecocks can really help them headed in Arkansas this weekend so it doesn't surprise me the SEC and the ACC. Usually are dominating these midweek games it was an exception to the rule for Clemson last night. All right up that late that stadium went thirteen men and took one from the Furman Paladins now sixteen and seventeen on the year. This is a big weekend because whopper comes dale. Apartment and believe I saw earlier today they moved some of the dean times around on Saturday out double check your. They're affirming grad I'm looking believe I got an email on that earlier today Bill Clinton but to work into the but escaped showed. You and I and what will let you know more about it on Friday we're surviving now a couple at the pills that we may have to look at recent itself got a couple of surprises when it comes to the app that scheme issue for the club since spring game you can hear mark Childress and I. Like it said we're. Dot how they like this they'd gotten the teasing cross in the eyes a couple more things for Saturday as well. Yes so our first pitch for Friday's series opener has been moved up to 5 PM for Furman. Saturday's conference site game against Wofford will be televised on my forty for what it's worth that's now set for 1 PM start and it'll play again at 1 PM on Sunday so those are. The current times whether to be determined its and we had a weekend. That did not have teams changed. For one of the upstate teams or either South Carolina or Clemson it seems like every single week in the baseball's credentials committee at just it all over the place. Let the email lists that I get for clumps and baseball his start nailed the emails start with here we go yeah. Yes bush clarity it. He that's that the about trying to schedule this stuff you just don't know which you can get but I have a pretty good idea it's going to be Colbert South Bend, Indiana. In eight with a early April that is going to be very clubs in South Carolina but that. Yeah you gotta play and series with those guys as well some things were dedicated to you today. Professor Sturges gonna make it appears to raise a little while winning at a loss to the good aired its classic McCain is. I did not realize. The impact that this golf tournament at sea pines arbor tale. It's had not only on the local area but honestly on the state of south Carolina's wells that will teach you some things in. It how it came back out and some other really cool that formation when it comes to the aired its classic talk a little bit. Of the NFL draft. The one thing to me it's becoming obvious no number one quarterback right now now I have a mock draft that maybe sets a whole lot of things. In motion also. Art make fun of segment if you will is today. It's that means it's gave shots in the air response to the un believe FBI has valuation absent some type you keep fixed now. Also when it comes to the NBA. Love it argument will debate what's a rookie in the NBA because it seems to be a pretty big deal going on when it comes to a particular any debate what's the most. We all right nobody is seeing green economy that we somehow we're gonna do it in the last night which is one of those stories you know Andre Ingraham. 32 years it'll pass silently make his debut in the in BA scores nineteen points in doing so last night. Stop that you think six years this guy he's been with the Jean Lee team for. For the LA lakers in. Yet he body is going to for an exit interview I don't know if you caught the idiot it's gone viral now yeah I have seen that he thinks he's ability to meet with the lakers team and then you know is an exit interview it's. You he would only yearly basis and they start asking the season where now. They civil way and yet they keep relive this but this up weaknesses of regional experts to be the next day yeah this is we need to let you know the LA lakers are calling you up for the rest of the year. Who gains rested the year steal yeah fourteen city if it's now nineteen minutes but did. Guys that some background so will let you know about Andres to Europe as well it is by at least six and five were out with Bryant honesty. The agreeable swamp rabbit the voice of the swap gravity. Give it a little bit of an update of what that you one of the players Brothers was on that bus when it comes to the humble Brock who's in this fifteen junior players who lost their lives on Saturday. You know they and it finally it is their garage so Mars it will let you know what that means some of the items that are going. Why actually they'll hate that they'll donate that money. Port it to the broad to the humble rockets which by the way Al they go on me H who knows where it is it. It was way past or me which was the original goal it is now has part correctly saw this morning. Yes Davis the third highs campaign never wrong if Avandia believe it is male made state made its way to number two and that's probably before you get into. What the hockey team right things of that nature did these two. Again will take out your hockey meaning you're looking for maybe at some sweaters and not jerseys now they are sweaters don't get it let's not enough passed at all like you know. Through mud sink in that that was orbit but got there and actors these. They're sweaters I think it's great what they're doing look forward here in about that later peso mob breaking news on the breeze fronts a couple one piece of good news one piece of bad news search. Kurt Suzuki just hit his second home run of the day to get the Bracey three to two lead in the top of the eleventh vs the nationals. That's have been sweet deal last few games for the Braves are trying to get back up on top but Atlanta Braves right handed starter Brandon McCarthy. Injured his left shoulder covering first base on a grounder earlier today a partial dislocation of his non throwing shoulder. They had to pop it back in the place. And die he stated Dave right now let's any injury is not a good thing for the Atlanta Braves but they are trying to salvage the third game of the series. They have that 32 lead in the top the eleventh we'll keep everybody posted on the air show today. We can also let you know tomorrow at 430 pie be it at 437 interview. We will have on with dustbin Ingram from the where he's had that work yup and you'd. Usually comes on at about every other month third baseball season to activists an update on the Atlanta Braves who will have our first one. With pinning hermit 437 more will also spring football Lamar 505 with our girl double knee injury Adelson from ESPN. Dot com and number two she's going to be in Tallahassee says all grow listen club's offensive eyeballing this weekend. You in I think the biggest closest thing that you need eyeball when it comes to you this upcoming. Football season at least in the Atlantic Division is still Florida State due to the route and hasn't I think global takes that step back this year with the Mark Jackson and again. You know by the recruiting thing in NC state loss that I think right intently quite frankly maybe one of the better quarterbacks in the country this year. Yes but we think it reverts right it's gonna hand the ball off to him it's a problem and whose will stop the run on the other side at all. With all those defense of guys go once a we that we may need to keep our eyes on what's going on Yemen Tallahassee in Willie Taggart are seasoned all right diesels by Bayer the Caspian studios ESPN sixty he has. They'll take your phone calls for the rest of the hour 844 GS PE SPN diesel you were. You or get back on your feet yesterday how we'd do it today you feel better or what's just a gorgeous day out. Yamana skewed to get a B outside it would in the gym this morning trying to give it about an 80% effort trying to give away back. Well. Yeah well let me take you who are being given 80% effort. Guys the last few nights on all of all channels HBO I have watched these sports things snail. One can't really wrap my head around right now I don't know how I feel about it that try to watch it but you know it was a movie you know what place. It was that they be put to earn it which was about. Yeah obviously to Joseph Paterno and really the week it all that broke it state college wind IG sandusky was arrested and of course they end up firing Joseph Paterno and me yeah. At eight was Albertine is pretty realistic it's joked with her. Eight this Adori itself. It felt like it it was work after about the first hour to really pay attention to what was going on aka the last night. It was a documentary. On Andre the Giant. Absolutely. Un believable. Yet mean or it means more. I mean forget about diesel the fact eats once I set out injuring 800 in six years him when he. Let's see when he bottles of wine one time when he was building the prince's bride. Who was so hammered he looks at the producers like me. Guide Carl Reiner yet Carl writer yeah. Good behave it's they can't give up on this big course they have the lightly upon it by a guy acquired. Yeah it is is how much he hurt he yells to tell people. I wish I could have will weakening your body because I grew. Walt do the Parker counties up in the what we give purchase a week unity it how he he would he succumbed to years sometimes. When people with state means in the fact it. Yeah it is I didn't realize it clean it up make sure that's easy to get upset with the split. You know night in their so much traveling in rats rats. He has a regional sport yeah actually a little bad habits Meehan. Brings together all the regions if you will. In how wrestle mania was the last nail in the coffin when it came to that it right will. But he couldn't go to eat lavatory on and SharePoint. Under that John has now a defendant right. So when it came too late fourteen hour. They would take him back in the Galilee you know area where the guys. Applied it in itself that it's pollute politically correctness that stewardess they were stewardesses back I had yet you call that backlight that it's now. Are in the which shut the curtains that led him to take a leak it to a bucket in the disposes of it in the in the lavatory because he could. They're covering everything this documentary evidence that would just don't re I mean. They say now it they have an idea. This condition. They can control the net but he never wanted to deal with that because he thought it would it would affect his wrestling career so. Give me more updated it with Euro or Andre the Giant it is not mean it. Tell us which he thought about it as well because it's opened felons when we come back first interview it's 520 to help a greater hand. Of that CC country but a laugh a little. How out that its response to the FBI eighties yesterday Willett Judah. 8442 ESP yes via. It. All right welcome back before we go to the phone lines and talk with Delmon about the FBI investigation you have some breaking news if you will mark Childress give him a follow one should twittered Childress RV Sturges sports. Diesel at diesel on the radio. Yes surged this really caught me off guard I think it did you is well redshirt junior forward David scar will not return for his senior season. And will instead pursue his dream of playing professional basketball coach Brad brown now announced. That's quotes down in here at dusk are here to 26 games this season averaged 3.3 points two point eight rebounds contest. He was our defensive stopper and I think this is a big loss for the tigers going into next season. I kind of plucked him man. In a starting role next year or at least six man off the bench so. Coach Brownell is not gonna have another position and play where he can go out and potentially bring in strange hours now. Easily track meet lead David Starr is happy with the decision that he's going to be playing in the G league career overseas because sorry. Ayers not India a rosters for David's car I don't think so my next year I am I don't want to belittle it but I'm saying. Each graduating he's our he's made the move from buoyancy probably pills it's time to go out there inexperience and things in the lead than a minute. It he's stinky and Andy in BA roster Rick physicist now. He graduates in May with a degree in economics so so great for him. And again I'm I'm reeling a little bit you know he is from Croatia so he may have some ties back home to be able to go back in. And and play in one of those leaks over there will follow him by. Brown now lol now you know lose in a couple of key seniors losing scar we've got a couple of other seniors looking at the NBA draft. We've been talking about college transfers a lot on here. We'll see what magic coach Brownell has. For next season. All right let's they first of all before we get it Alvin what's what's read this because everybody needs a good laugh even on Wednesday. All right. This was conveniences and response to these the FBI indictment if you will yesterday. Earlier today we learned that the university audiences is named as the victim any federal indictment. The indictment does not suggest any wrongdoing by the university its coaches or staff we will cooperate fully with investigators in this matter. Because that because this is an active investigation it is not appropriate for us to comment further. At this time let me go back in make sure I read this correctly. Earlier today we learned at the university of audiences is named as the date though I know any federal Nicholas. My god that's why. There's no way that they end this but let's go to the play and stroke quickly opened the to do well today. And the very don't. Having an and there are lessons by my feeling is. Blades there are varying degrees of the end victims this is that they don't then I sign up for. Because. This victim in Kansas right here you know they did. That he got it helped get him to the final fours that that is signed me up ruby in this kind of victim right. You know all in all isn't so. Marquis presence and there's. Don't article it is their time a player like middle class home. Anderson as well he won't reasonable person will put up at a total Obama handle duke and Oklahoma programs but soon. At the other's diplomats especially that we have a physical up plot and nobody could go to whatever program what do you mean. He said if you look at what broke brilliant student in his classroom but also note that focus present you know that much program. I hate you know what that is the source what's wrong with that exactly that is the that's what's called a nice PR spin no doubt about it now. Other policy has not only did not want any status is safe haven meetings were doing right now. Soon. Melvin atlas and I think it is clear that Dennis Smith got eight because it's easy to hit he had a hell of a lifestyle when he was at NC state me guess what all that it was ratchet up but not too. When he got to his rookie year didn't spell it Dennis Smith junior has been eight professionals it's made its decision in high school on where he was going to school. I try to reach out a couple people in North Carolina. Asking how what are the ramifications for NC state beats that they have more information. By later on this afternoon. Wherever I just want our revolution and only government put the game but it is what enabled and also called and he put it in we truly honest. Eight yeah eight listened guess what they do is they turn their backing go it was an assistant coach we don't know any thing about it. Prohibit the NCAA because he would gaze going to have to Peru. They got three knew what was going on before they can attach a show cause to it like he said he's now been hired out in California at a smaller school. I think it's that I think right now what you do is deny deny deny and hope because away. And it just took about where things more. And I child and not somebody that would Douglas says the Briton to introduce our panel vote but but I do do more update eighteen horses too that the other two. I was alone is far easier to transfer also chronicles. A bit. Oh right we're gonna see a couple now yeah I think you're right there with you face down in Ritchie the phone calls this may have been. You know. A you know like Thomas is Hannity yet again heparin that was coming deficit transferred this is where we were talking the other day. Els summit this is now the NBA free agency reaching out to college basketball you know what I'm young and I want it to be I realized she says. Clarkson. All the schools or make it a lot of money out the work at the east and its they're technically employees but that stated Napoli yup let's keep the was he put the Indy you know is that this is not a major major industry in business but. You know they've taken where March Madness on everything when it comes an anti terror mitnick got garbage can get a dollar for. Yucky and keep order in the NC tournament but. What does. The NCA AQ right now so if they get involved in this at DIA element of it. And talk about punishment that they might levees that makes them look bad because the FBI did their job for them and they completely ignored and stick their head in the sand which appears to be what they're doing right now. Coaches and players and into Kansas can put out ridiculous statements like this about being a victim. You know he saw the coach of Arizona where he. Allegedly was on some recordings and came out and said prove I was on the recordings and I'm staying I'm not going anywhere in the suitable is just remaining silent it appears that this entire thing. I think mark's Jimmer is breaking now in it's Indianapolis where there look out and that's rain here's why. At the ice blamed by the air time here you know daylight this thing go on all season and then drop another gamer just one week after the final sports going on but. Wasn't as of that. I felt like it sure did. AA it feels like the FBI's doing a little bit of finger point that the NCA go and look at listen. I'm content I'm trying to clean up your mess in right now if accurate now tried to get your 400 transfers are nails nuts that yes you they. It's not good for the game a college basketball right Neil we got to fix multiple things we got to pixel one and done thing. Am. I am willing to concede this much you do which he went to school board. Which is go graduate from college solicit lately. Yeah in a perfect world a lot of those kids still knows that they're gonna user education to go get a job but yes played professionally. Are right. Do you view that you can be appreciate idea a lot this graduate transfer. But just the playing every one of these kids in basketball football I think would be completely different but basketball. Free agent she could jump around from year to year you gonna look chaos like we've never seen. It is. And this is becoming almost a new recruiting season and and you're not hearing anything about it. With all these different Brad transfers and I was still in a little looking into this the other night pastors and that's a step where Slater wanna talk about it. Who Larson grad transfers it might fit the bill to move and I had to Clinton this season I was thinking we're gonna add one. Now looks like they're gonna at a seconds and depending on what you read in Mitchell do you would have a thirds third or even fourth slot available. So this is like a brand new round of recruiting. That's coaches have a chance to upgrade and fix their rosters so. Hats off to David Starr I thought he played great this season he had a couple of defensive stopper moments he shut down grace and Allen and Little John in the second half of that game. And almost brought Clinton win and that in the post season whenever we get hot. In the ACC tournament the NCAA tournament. Davis Garland mysteriously come in the line of about two minutes later to guard that guy actually cooled off and needed a great job doing that so I think this is a really big loss for the yep. All right will we come back we'll talk more about this audiences situation also like NC state the FBI advocates. I don't know a that you what we you're we just saw a heated snicker at the university of Washington's contract yesterday at what point are now. What point in the universities and their programs lost control you know that's not college basketball's now run by. Shoe companies and age you coaches 844 GS PE SPN pinellas if you agree or if you disagree because I still maintain. Kansas was the benefit of Sylvia this is a regardless. What went on. It. All right welcome back key and the Braves had a three to two lead in the top of the inning they give it up in the bottom they're now on the twelfth inning with the Washington Nationals they need to get one of these gains. I'm just God's couple runs across the plate rates are now five to three in the top of the twelfth seed they can hold all this time. First Ceres that they won't win this year let's make sure there's not a sweet involved right exactly Acadia. Listen. David's car announces it is he's leaving clubs and he's going to assert pursues professional future. And he probably at an element and Croatia. Yet it's very similar to back in the day when we were surprised when that Ayers Oglesby left right. After a sophomore year but he's the European Malia and all of I guess he was in jail in the Israeli pro leagues as a local guy verses and import. Yeah does that help him make that decision a little bit quicker. You know with this at the ideal now Kansas local Miami and it's stayed in it. Before we give you the opportunity to talk about. You know some of the guys at Clemson may be after. What are we supposed to make it this watch your opinion were from Microsoft I get the fact that wants things he deepened the substance that you are firms decide what you are what you or not gonna say exactly. It is this this reads like it's that he our farm trying to lay on him you know this has died. This is not Rick pitino's it now they're going to do anything wrong you know I've. All the schools as set the word here where the victim is that what we're going to be progress on right now but sounds like it is they're victims that. That is the this hate for somebody to the Olympic chances that they were able to use that guy in helping you run to the final four this year that's a victim. Really they're thumbing their nose at the NCAA in my opinion taking a stance like this because it's a ridiculous stance that. It's almost like he could Lott come get me right out what do you guys come get it. And and we'll figure it out but yet the victim stance no way no way there's a lot of victims in this but they're Kansas Jayhawks are not one. Yeah the makers and more. How payments were allegedly made in nag at players you know former Kansas player Billy Preston it is brought up in this now. How forty pills Sylvia does seuss' edit the one that I Wear his eighties and Goodling the only guy ever to twelve and amp minutes per game. For Iraq in six years to write that definitely wasn't a war. But I maintain it's former NC state point guard Dennis Smith yes it's been laughing all the way anyway the big winner here. In winner in airports. That's for sure. One of the payers of these players admits in Indy document the mother of a top high school at the it is basketball player is alleged to receive at least 90000 dollars from the the players out west is said it is committed to Kansas they were tipped 160. In signed in November 26 team in Europe make them. 90000 dollars changes hands between issue cup unit mainly you wanna clean your victim. I can claim a lot of things second claim ignorance. Eight and we realize what a joke or a run at you got but I cannot complain that Europe. Victim here I realize that your program make dale. You enact it fits that Bill Self from Mondale nobody need. Eighties this stuff was going on your right it's a PR firm and they're getting aggressive and they're going out and trying to control the narrative very early instead of giving everybody two or three days to talk about Kansas and all the things they're doing. Now we're talking about Kansas statement instead of the violations instead it's really nice pivot for them trying to make these are really a shell game what Saturday you know who watched this yes it's great to agreed yet. Yeah which it's we're waiting to see what's gonna drop who you know how the team has got a point he's a victim again. You know what I guess it's the longer you put it all the less of a story that comes out aegis try to wait your way through it. This is ugly for college basketball this is really really ugly because he should see how much money that he does is eight the Washington yesterday. Takeovers there Errol contract that it was a big number it was well over a hundred million dollars Corey says. The bills right now at least in college basketball it is being run by EU coaches gain a hero and you contracts out. In the universities just. Out of the. Watch. Where is the NCAA AA I had asked twice already this show. Where's their leadership on the one and done rule and and I know that's an NBA rule. But how are they gonna solve for that now we got this grad transfer Massa were gonna continue to talk a battle that more here an amendment. Now you've got the FBI investigation. You've got these eight U folks. It's it's hot mess and were waiting for the leadership of the NCAA and you don't hear heap from any of these guys on any of these issues it's like you're just trying to wait out the clock on it. Wait till football season and nobody'll talk about it anymore that seems to be the strategy right now yeah yet or at least until the next big story gaps along exactly all right 844 G as the years Meehan. You can continue I give it your thoughts because. Like I said. Right now away yet. We are all motivated back college football here in this Alley right now bills like. College basketball is golf wild west absolutely this feels like SEC football in the eighties. EPO I mean the older sting the oldest in parallel like that the old NASCAR at AG UA TUA ha. Are right eight board board GS PE SP and they give us your thoughts don't forget we're talking cock athletics with our buddy helmet in hand. SEC country. When. Breaking news. On the Atlanta Braves front mark Childress here with mark Sturgis were smoke on the water come on down and see just. And chair where you down here you're ready the Atlanta Braves defeat the Washington Nationals five to three in twelve innings it opportunities to game. At the end of nine the rays scored in the top of the eleventh on Kurt Suzuki home run. Nationals tied it up in the bottom of the eleventh the Braves attitude and the top of the twelfth to salvage the third game of the series. And raised record now believe moves to 75 so picked up the Atlanta Braves and all their fans out there like me like me. So I sturgeon have been talking a little bit about all the grad transfers. In case you did not here's some more breaking news during our show earlier today David scar up. The junior forward from the Clemson basketball team has declared that he is going to. Forgo his senior season of eligibility and turn pro were expecting him to go over to the European ranks he's from Croatia. And dies there's probably good chance she's gonna try to align himself with one of those weeks so that now between Scott Spencer on deciding to transfer. And David scar up. Making the decision he made today at least to open roster positions. For the Clemson basketball team. And of course Mitchell and Reid are looking into their prospects in the NBA draft so. Coach Brad Brownell who's just named coach of the year by Sports Illustrated yesterday could have as many as three and four roster spots of going into next year's team to certainly be talking about grad transfers I think you said there were 425. Basketball players of the transfer that was as of earlier this week it's probably more now. Now what it was when I went back and look at the number it will is in making announcements plus two grants birth announcements of 400 players in college basketball at the boy had nails that they were making planes either to go to the next level or. He trains for or to be eight. A graduate tree expert that's the ill more than one per team. That's an outrageous amount and we call you professor stern I think you're gonna talk about the heritage and it can we call me doctor Childress I just a little bit of homework on my own so who are some of these grad transverse. That we might could be able but on the radar the coach Brownell might be looking so. I DR wily six or 210 pound grad transfer from the University of Maryland. Has had a lot injury issues. He does have some relations down at south Alabama and they're thinking they might go down there but he is on Clinton's radar and has been talking to them about a potential grad transfer. And also a name you might be familiar with search might cutting hampered USC upstate. He is a grad transfer as well. A local guy had a couple of games last year where he went over 25 points and a game he's been talking to Clinton's hikers as well. On so those are two guys that might be able to fill some of the backcourt help but what about the front court which is where the holes are now. With the players leaving that it left straight quarter 611230. From Old Dominion. On he's got one year of eligibility left he could come in and play immediately mr. when he seventeenth when he eighteen statistics thirteen point two points per game six point two rebounds per game. Wyatt walker a 69240. Power forward from Stamford. Only played in two games last season because of a knee injury but he's a correct transfer with some eligibility. That could start a sinner. And command and play for our Clemson immediately he averaged eleven point seven points per game in his career again he was hurt last year so we didn't place much. And he would actually have two years of eligibility. So he can also play India the next season. And then I should make you say this name surge on the Amy Olin GOP from North Carolina AT&T. He scored twenty points against Clinton and 87 a 63 loss against the tigers last year. He averages over sixteen points and seven rebounds a game. These are some what file these away. Right all of these are allegedly on Clinton's radar has spoken at Clemson and other schools about coming and and playing next season immediately is a grad transfer. To fill either Scott Spencer's place with him leaving. Or now with the recent announcement of David's car today that he's going to be turning Perot. There will be two positions available on the team will seep coach Brad Brownell can jump and and grabbed on. Any of these players that I went and did some research concept that is this segment with doctor Childress that you since you have professors urged. I'll take doctor Childress right now when I get a be in my bonnet about something good you some additional reserves. We'll see ballet about any of these AA it's going to be the test yet and yet there's still. Well. What's what's your McKee and do Upton. While I know we talked about him awhile back that it may end up being one of the most valuable guys out there on the market right now with his. He was one of the U a bit seasoned players that are mid major players at the year if you will in my opinion what he it will whopper does he go back to spark Merck. Does he find himself in the ACC. Like I said. This summer's bills like SEC football in the eighties such a great parallel us or NASCAR you know beauty you know the AG UA try and amateur a week. We team at this point so that. I don't know but that's eighty what. He argue more tickets at Miami just resigning Jim Larranaga two days ago I don't think that they actually. Re sign him if they're worried about what's it raid happened with the FBI at the they would just said hey let's take a look I'd see how this works out yup so that they did something that. We don't want this point. Or are they taking the same approach that it's Kansas is taking and we're gonna lean into this right what scandal we're a victim is what Kansas State. Is Miami saying we're not worried about the scandal NCAA you're not going to do anything to us we're gonna go ahead and extend Jim Larranaga to show you that we really don't care. It's actually stance to take it one that Rick Pitino took a number of times with his scandals either. I don't know what you're talking about or. I'm not going to worry about that and I'm gonna focus on my team it's an interesting way to do it to lean into it a little bit and talk about how all. You're school isn't going to be bothered at all so it's going to be interest. And C State's got some problems Kansas got some problems Miami got some problems blue oval has some problems. Maybe what is going to happen at the end of the day the NCAA is going to have to decide that they are gonna enforce penalties here. Are they actually going to take the time to do that or what steps can the FBI Tate. To. Penalize these schools in some ways that could impact and I'm not sure what all they can do I mean like they could pursue. Something in the court of law but I don't know if they can go and technically take scholarships right. They can't go in and stole. Institutions that they have the fire coaches and athletic directors or what penalties on the school going forward. And be actually see how it all shakes out it's still a lot of talk that search is anything ever going to come up that we don't know. I don't know either but I know this much college basketball. At least to get this fixed but the one thing. It could help put out is right now the Fuchs. The audiences is they're they're get being not only national team reaches the Duquette made a final four in the last two years. But teams like Villanova. That have gotten a little long in the tooth out maybe that might be eight new directive for college basketball and it says right. The grad transfers the comments are in Brad Brownell leaves Scott Spencer didn't play a lot last year. And David Starr who was a defensive stopper wasn't he wasn't a starter. Played some minutes but you were relying on him at the end of the day could you upgrade in both of those positions could you go India a defensive leader from another team to come and replace Davis are in play here. And there's only have a look at it it's yours what we're looking at a exactly backwards what if David Starr knows that there are a number Alan Grant errors that are coming and and he says hey I'm gonna play even last next season. So maybe I go ahead and turn pro this year and go take my chances now is it being even further down a roster next year I don't know but maybe we're looking at a backwards. And Brad Brownell already knows who he's going to be bring in that it's a great point because. That sort of what people were insinuating when it comes to duke in Kentucky. Over these kids are going broke. Well we've already given your spot as somebody go away and in that. We need to keep up with your part of the bargain in it is. Like I said that's what bothers me about the U yeah Kentucky's summit. Do you date necessarily at the east it's best interest or. You know when Bill Carter four to still has not declared for the draft and as parents came out today and said that he is still undecided. He is a lottery on every single chart that's out there and any analysis has been done window Carter says. He's gonna go in the top part of the draft probably in the top ten maybe even the top five at some the free traps and I've seen. He's evidently still waffling about something. Google blind spot for the guy. But right now you had to assume he was gone that's got to change everything Wendell cart decides come back I can't imagine he would. I'm guessing at the end of the day he decides weasel got a couple of days left I believe it's the 21. It's the last day that you can player. And hire an agent or even not hire an agent and be able to go to the draft cancer everything like that so he doesn't have a whole lot of time left but that he hasn't declared yet. Is a story as well we keep watch all right will we come back. Let's have won the past fights and illustrates the NBA this week is simply. What's rookie of what's not a crook let's debate this one out the other side but don't forget fight when he we're talking cock athletics with a buddy element and from SEC country.