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Sit here with our friend rob Smart owners we like to call boss Martin from inside Carolina say listen I may get you some stories about last night in this arena. Can you tell me years a little while ago. You cover of the tar hills nice when how where were you and what did you do last night is history was being made here in the spectrum senator Daniel are wrapped up my work. As you see played one to 45 or so you know we're all good afternoon I got myself out. No quotes videos sister lives you know packed up headed out Syrian. He's eligible to always be years not to local store and my mother who it's my hotel room showered everything was kind of hanging out watching games kind of did you pressing you see you. UMBC you know taken to Virginia tied at halftime hole man might have to go back to read as we did we've talked about that forward. Who knows what Virginians clothes and head back so dad kept hanging out and watch the game it kept men on threes kept making layouts Kim. He knows there's just. Drilling was bullish there if this game this is Jay is down ten minutes left Rome back. It's my buddy Adam Smith was the drugs in times news. We packed up and now. Ran back to the stadium. And oh loss last five minutes and you're calling back. We saw OJ fans leaving already was surprisingly remarks I'm left I guess the fans they're already. Who wave the white flag down double digits with you know there's 567 minutes left book when back in there and I watched the final. Five minutes. In their people out on the street is your comeback kid trying to find tickets what's six minutes left in the game I didn't see that but I got the elevator trying to match is how much how much. It's a change you can get back again tomorrow to muzzle the media but it's history and a prayer I want to be a part of me that's us and our guys will be there below beating that. Why are kind doing this because I Monday we'll have another round games played in I don't wanna see this thing gets lost number two I was actually because Vermont Maryland Baltimore can only last night the city do you try dinner and watch him when he gets to me and hugs from his dad and his mom and he had a locker room when nobody believed that they can do it where you can you do inside Carolina North Carolina. Athletics at. Even just being back to you here for the last five minutes where would this kind of sit in your career. Pretty cool you obviously knew a call for last year's see you see on the nets in person was was pretty neat but in terms just force known as they're telling us game forever. Has never happened before the uniqueness of that is what makes this so special. And innocent there watching your coaches talk about me Washingtonian did a talk about it was. This kind of surreal this can't take it all in Arizona sports fans to Australia and our business do that. That's true I was doing. In Dallas and stadium last night I am myself on press Rendell and at the end when they hit three when he and you were not ask for show any emotion and react really it was just about a memorable listen gonna do. The Tar Heels tomorrow they are every day visit. That was mark surges with CL brown on the basketball writer for the athletic I was Russ Martin. All my dad I'm sorry that was Ross Martin I was completely bringing out there thank you Ross Martin and inside Carolina and you know three meet diesel. It was the incredible editing job you did on the one piece of foul language and had to be edited out I was completely focus on how brilliantly you would handle that if I completely botched it when we came back at. Well you know they don't call me the most decent for nothing yet and Leo so in it if he said pardon my language as you saw and again DC were telling me that you didn't have a big I was wondering what you're gonna do was is gonna pot the sound down he had like a white noise went over it you're saying there's no just the old fashioned. You know that you're here. Yeah how many times before he didn't have that as an option. We're still using me classic old school. Editing software that cool that it which is look out fifteen years op OK and I mean it's still the industry standard view they've come out with many many different versions of it we don't know -- deadbeats they had Adobe gives him version seven before at this point ha but it doesn't actually have that as a preset. Option you can't just add that tone. Now there are other software editing soft those trees are going to have them to. This does not just can create that tone if you know how. Interest or just a really cared. Let's our lifeblood illustrating clearly threw me off so much that I miss identified again that was Ross Martin inside Carolina and mark Sturgis spent the entire weekend up in Charlotte he was an escort for coaches. Spent time when Billy Kennedy at Texas say in them. Also spent time with coach Odom from you NBC had a front row seat to it's so mr. urged its back with this later this week. I can't wait to hear all the stories and things about that and we will have sealed brown just demand is so so. Mark is something that I thought was great. By noon on Saturday morning after the historic win on Friday night he seat he sought all four of these guys out we had Eric monstrosity Kevin cooler. I separately from Westwood One a little bit earlier that was raw Spartan from inside Carolina and just he he wanted two have the audio fresh right he didn't wanna see another day of games. He wanted to go to games on Sunday ending catch up and talked to him he wanted to catch a trash were still on everybody's mind. Their stories from coming back to the arena I thought what Ross is talking about there was just absolutely fantastic. I went to my hotel room with a couple at all boys and fifteen minutes later on heading back to the arena a distinct test some of the stuff that mark tracked down portion we were up here was so I was really create. And I will catch CO brown here and and just a minute or two but up again been a great day on straight up was stirred slot to college basketball talk if you wanna get in what this. 84 to war GS PE SPN is the number we can still talk you ABC if you'd like I haven't heard from anybody on Clemson basketball and I thought some of the fans are becoming out today. And talking about what a great when that was for them. And they have a matchup with Kansas that I think is an incredibly friendly one. Kansas say guard heavy team. That has a history of not performing well in the postseason especially as favorites and the Clinton team as clean loose they're hitting their shots right now. They got enough to release going to this game on Friday night in Omaha and it should be uninteresting battle so if you wanna get in a talk about that. 844. GS PE SP and in the meantime let's go ahead now diesel here for CL brown he's a basketball writer from the athletic. On and he's he final of the four interviews pay final four if you will. On the mark's surge is caught after the EI UN BC Virginia game this past weekend. Fireworks. Here in the bottom of the arena is Saturday CEO round were all worn out yeah why. That was here till they guard was coming and saying you gotta believe it's 4 AM last night trying to in the swordfish because. I am I wasn't prepared my only during the course of the game. You go through. What you're gonna write in your head in and that kind of stuff and honestly. I was all right anything I was just you know do a couple of areas after a set up for the very next day if Virginia online news and I can't wait forensics come from the outside sinks Virginia play at times this year and I just I just like they're gonna guess is outstanding as some baskets UMBCS a brace this is so it's just never never never okay. Do I wouldn't these have so fascinating about last night. The underdog everybody ends up pulling for them in the arena but there was a lot of North Carolina for instance when someone dying last night from pulling for their ACC brother and good going hey man let's watch history. That to me as one of the most exciting. Ten minutes coming down the stretch when we were realizing holy cow history is being made. Yeah it's as sunny because I was a little arrested court like there's a sex regularly see 11 woman had a couple hundred foreigners and here's Peter dale from the it's an area media did it was I mean you always get that sense and Marino and undergo. It is is gunning for the you know the low seeds. But last night was just acting everybody realized wait a minute this is this is succeed there's all this is never happened before. And we're here watching this transpire. And I also think. People more. Weren't willing to believe it was actually gonna happen early on like they were clapping and is elected tie and it's kind of people or chair for you see but it wasn't still vocal until late. It was like 21 crazy three pointer went in when they grow 120 yeah okay this is that there isn't new at his Virginia is no offense and awareness is you've covered so many things where's last night rain today. Oh I mean I'll. To me my two favorite things ever done army navy game in the Little League World Series in Williamsport we guess what let them just got pushed ahead. That's yeah. I yeah I mean. I have to think though that while I mean obviously this is near the top right has never been a part of something. For the most part of history and I literally history like. Did seem rude way clear for me was being there used to be and in the locker area and they why she's sitting near one. Dave Odom and his wife come out and hugs song and not just turn I have the best I want to cry you resist. I guess is the epitome of the right place right time. It's a good moment we'll listen thanks for everything we do know knows we may have a history and immoral. How would like to see everything. That was march surges with CL brown basketball writer for the athletic sick at a rate this time diesel. On again I think it what Sturgis stint here was perfect he captured these guys very soon after the moment. Of the historical and I think you'll be I'd dusting off these interviews. I yearly when we come to turn in a time especially talk about the big upsets especially talk about the big Cinderella as. To deal to have those additional audio clips from the time that mark surge is spent on. Up in the Charlotte arena this weekend was so it was fantastic so I'm certainly glad that he did that with the extra mile for us. Even though we knew we wouldn't be able to make it ties into the show today so so kudos to him. I'm so I've been looking down the point spreads we're gonna talk about a mold it after the break a lot of these games are significantly closer when you look at the sweet sixteen. Then I would have guessed so we're gonna talk about that after the break and we're also going to on talk about receding the tournament so so here's a concept diesel. Is. You made it to the sweet sixteen so you could argue that turn and almost starts over right you've made it to the first weekend that's what everyone's goal is. Everyone's got all these transparencies what if you rank the teams one through sixteen again and then preceded them to place whoever's right number one. You would get the privilege. Not of the bracken a line meant to you ended up west which can be fortuitous or unlucky at times. Bite you actually be lined up with who everyone considered to be the worst team left in the tournament and re seeded and that way. How would that shake out which I think is very interesting but more importantly we're would clips of land in that receding. Well if you look at the experts and ESPN a what they had to say. I think you might be surprised if what you find out. We'll talk about that right after the break. Here on straight up a search. Welcome back into straight it was surge mark Childress filling in for mark Sturgis today. And talk a deterrent to great show today talked a lot about the basketball turn men had David Hale from ESPN. Also had Brett Friedlander. Our ACC insider both joined us to talk about their great weekends up in Charlotte covering the big upsets and dive in north Carolina's loss as well. We talked during the break about how I wasn't apparently paying attention to the bracket challenge yes and I understand smoked because I didn't know he changed. What is challenge three could change picks halfway through I mean come on. So it's a real time bracket challenge I like it as a five hour energy real time bracket challenge have been hearing about it on GMAC show you could sign up a decline there's like 20000 plus folks at all jumped in to participated in this so you make your picks. And you can go in and change on the fly so we are criticizing me now I should've known as a week ago. We're talking about this week ran like I guess you just didn't it just didn't runs out. So if you losing games if you pick Virginia when go to the final four. And lose their first game. You could go back in in re panic the second round right a 1684. Games but you get a decelerating amount of points when you do it. The one thing I don't like about this bracket challenge. Is that you can changer he can switch your pick halfway through the game yes what is that. What is that co author strategy and I I get that you can you can. Change it for a lesser number of points of this game is worth fifty points and you switch to have time he may only get 25 points out of but there's risk in doing it if you change your pick at halftime. You can in a zero point chicken and losing that game and the cluster silence you winds which asked time and I lost you still always easily zero point I think. Is a strategic element so not a big fan of it this time in first place right now in the ring so true you are time you're not currently plays out and frying OK I know all down pay but it but I and the new guy writes and I'm trying to I'm trying to make a name for myself so I'll take the number one slot for now I'm sure my sweet sixteen and alleviate will completely implode. An island of much further down the way of attack it's an interesting concept and and a lot of fun. Hey you wanna get in a talk about the tournament or anything else on your mind 844 GS PE. SPN. I. At the sweet sixteen so you play your first weekend games you win your to do advanced to the sweet sixteen. Now based on how you performed. And two where you receded before they're gonna put everybody back in a seat so. Villanova and duke in this receding format on ESPN where the top two teams. And they played like the top two teams so far. So they would be number one and number two Minnesota having to play the teams they've drawn in this new receding environment. He would say hey who's the worst team left in the tournament which probably Loyola Chicago so they would play Villanova. EU which is basically instead of being slave to the bracket that you started and you put everyone back together. So I thought it was a fascinating way to look at it. But I started reading down Villanova definitely would be on the number one overall seed remaining duke number two. They've got Clemson entered as the number three overall remaining team Hogan this receding our power poll. And clips is playing like and they got Kansas all the way down at number ten because Kansas hasn't been playing great and historically hasn't done well in the tournament. So you start looking at things like this is it is a Clinton fan. And it's hard not to get little excited hey maybe even some of the national folks are looking and finally paying attention the clubs is playing really really well. I don't like the concept of receding the brackets for the sole reason is the year setting up. A more. In a lot of sand a lot of situations are going to be setting up an easier path for that number one number two seed right now where. And I'm just making the sub off some ahead of them actually staring at the current bracket that's but if you've got and if you've got a lot of really good seeds still left. In a tournament and they are all in the same region guess what it's a gauntlet. And that region as it is in the midwest region right now in our cost of the midwest is an absolute gauntlet right now. Instead. You know you take a team let's let's just say and let's just say for example the Villanova was and that was in that's. In that quadrant yellow or like duke he has. All right we're we're all of a sudden gonna make this past a whole lot easier for duke by given him a fifteen seed to go up against a fifteenth seeded who is not currently in the air. Quadrant now a lot alike enemy. Determine is set up that way it's. It's sort of a luck of the draw. It's the most democratic way to to crown a national champion I mean they are worst all these regions are set up. Initially. To be as even as they can possibly make them. Now if chaos ensues. As it has especially in the south region yes. It's not a team's fault coming out of the south region was like a Loyola Chicago it's not their fault. That. Chaos ensued in their region. But now all of a sudden you're gonna say our idea look we realize that all of the really good teams in your in your quadrant lost in your region lost. Now instead of giving you a good shot into the final four. We're gonna screw this whole thing up and make you go play duke. Whereas you would have been playing. Either of you know you could be playing Kentucky rate currently playing Nevada. You be playing Florida state of Kentucky for for a shot to get in the final four. We will be a look at Kentucky's to aid their first round game was against Davis send a twelve seed. They win that game. There's a big upset buffalo beat Arizona shocking upset one that the biggest upset of the first day of the tournament on Thursday. So now Kentucky plays a thirteen seed. To get to the sweet sixteen. Well guess what else happened in that bracket you NBC beat Virginia. And then Kansas State BUNBC so an architect he's played 812. A thirteen. Now the gotta go and play a nine seed. And then they're gonna play either a seven earn eleven season they could never diesel play a team better. Then a seven seed to get to the final four and then you flash down to clinch send who's got a run through a four seed in Auburn sincerity dead. They had to be a number one seed with Kansas and they have to be arguably the best team in the tournament right now at least based on the first two weeks' performance. A Duke Team it's a two C itself I get it I'm not saying we need to throw everything out. Hash everything out again let's change at all I just think it was finishing concept to talk about number wine and then number two the fact that. People are paying attention to Clinton finally now folks at a concert fans have been watching him all year knew they were capable of winning these two games. But man if you turn into any national broadcasts and all last week it was clubs is gonna get beat by New Mexico State. Cause is gonna get beat by Auburn and it would even close in either game so they were completely wrong so it's interesting that they're finally paying a little bit of attention. It is. Yeah hey hey Timmy just seems like a great way to set set things up to go talk. You intentionally set things up to go chalk. Yeah in its tinkering with the after the fact. And it makes the pathway even harder for the for the teams pulled a big giant upsets you the reward if you NBC beating Virginia. Is the next round likely had nine seater eight seat right so they're getting rewarded and that incensed. He had to sweet sixteen UN be rewarded as much so I looked down on the point spreads of the on eight remaining games which it takes pretty interesting and again if you wanna get in and talk about the the receding wanna talk about time anything tournament related. I do's call 844 GS PSP and on a number of close games either got Nevada as a two point favorite over Loyola. Michigan is a three point favorite over Texas sane and Kentucky only a six point favorite over Kansas State which I thought it was enter stink. They've got the saga of five point favorite over Florida State Villanova got only a five point favorite over a very dangerous West Virginia team. Duke a giant paper over Syracuse eleven and half points and then you've got Purdue on over Texas Tech as a one and a half point. They've got Kansas only favored by four. Over Clemson. Only four points. In Vegas usually seems to know what they're talking about so they are expecting that to be a battle. And a classic continue to make their shots it could go down to be very very interesting so again if you wanna Chet turner that with us give us a call 844 GS PE SPN. I did wanna talk a little College Baseball. On a very as high as Clemson fans are on there. Basketball team it was a very very low and frustrating weekend for the Clinton baseball team and so was swept by NC state this weekend. They're now sixteen and four overall they were sixteen had wind going into the weekend what an incredible start for the team and they're down to three and three in the ACC. They lost by scores of four to zero and six to one in the first two games since he states. Got a 54. And loss at third game of the series on Sunday next supper Clemson is at coastal Carolina tomorrow. I will be off the air a little bit earlier to be on the cover that game for its Mari here and straight up a surge. And any tough series on the road with little hole this week and so Clinton needs to get writing its coastal Carolina. And they get it back in gear 'cause you traveled up to global and things are not gonna get any easier rules and playing fantastic so far this season. South Carolina lost a series a number two Florida this weekend but I think played a little bit maybe even a lot better than Clemson played against NC state. They lost game one on Friday night seven to three they blew Florida out on Saturday fifteen runs against a very good pitching staff for Florida. Who won that game fifteen to seven on Saturday. The they lost a close one the root of the rubber game of the series on Sunday three to two. The gamecocks are now thirteen and seven overall this was their opening series in SEC plays for the one and two now in the SEC. They go down to Charleston take on the citadel tomorrow and then a weekend series in Athens against the Georgia Bulldogs. And let's not forget abouts are Furman and Wofford Furman 13. Out of four games against Harvard this weekend. Firm is now thirteen and seven overall the home against a College of Charleston on Wednesday afternoon. And that's followed by a weekend series at Wichita State one of the perennial College Baseball powerhouses. That's a great road trip for Furman we'll see if they can steal a game or two from Wichita State this weekend. And then Wofford swept a three game series against CNN this weekend. They moved to fourteen and six overall they traveled a Gardner-Webb on Wednesday. And they kick off Southern Conference play with a three game series at Mercer this weekend I think for me it's in the Southern Conference play the weekend after that so some up and down weekends for our different favorite local College Baseball teams. Clinton needs to get back on track South Carolina it's kind of stay in the course or they're trying to get in gear seat they can start winning a couple these series and get the ship righted there. Furman has been played some good baseball as of late winning three out of four in the wall for sweeping Siena so that's a good nice College Baseball update for you guys. As we head into. Play for these teams later on this week. So again if you wanna get a chat with us were 844 GS PE SPN and talk a lot about the tournament today Clemson basketball. Ike I was still argue and as this topic got away from us a little bit earlier today. For my money that the greatest basketball game greatest basketball moment. In the history of Clemson basketball. 46 years old colossal wash a lot of games over the years. Probably didn't get any better than that just an unexpected results the blowout fashion the team seems to be clicking at the right time. They're headed out to Omaha with a chance to play a great Kansas team really makes it always seemed taken make a difference and do that. So for my money one of the greatest games just not the greatest game in moment. I for Clemson basketball ever we talked about the UMBC upset over Virginia. On we compared that to diesels experience with the apple what you states oh victory over Michigan back in a day talked about whether or not that was agreed to subset of Alzheimer knots. On I still say this was the best first weekend of the tournament. I at least for me in a number of years I've either been travelling are stuck in some really long and boring. Thursday and Friday afternoon meetings over the last couple years so I took my destiny and in my own hands this year. And I said I'm taken the days off and taken Thursday off taken Friday off. Had a really nice set up our new house a villain in the upstate here for a couple months got a really nice TV a leather recliner I can sit and and I went into a basketball coma on Thursday and Friday. On watching a good portion of all the games keeping up with my brackets as we went. Watching good chunk of the basketball games on Saturday and Sunday as well as the first weekend our family hasn't had any saying in a while. So is really nice Disco into a vegetative state almost and soak in all that basketball. And I know many if you're probably out enjoying the weather some weight we didn't have the greatest weekend weather but I just got totally committed to on. The tournament this weekend. And I said the surge last week tee so I said you know what I think the basketball gods are gonna reward my bracket and they have my brackets in really good shape right now and a lot of folks brackets are in good shape Sony that's a key for a lot of views you go into next year saying hey man I'm getting committed to determine. I'm going to do something and savor the basketball gods and they're gonna do something back to me by rewarding me with pre bracket itself but it is a strategy for you think about for your 2019 tournament. We're gonna talk when he more college hoops after the break. Plenty more things to get to before the top of the hour. We're here on street at the surge be right back after this. Welcome back end is straight up with stirs mark Childress filling in for mark surges today ma'am we had a blast. What do fund data due to show. Right after the first two rounds of the tournament when you talk about we've covered tons attorney set today. If you still wanna chat until the top of the hour we're here till 7844. GS PE SPN. He talked turn men or anything else sports related it's on your mind. Comedian diesel call and we will chat shop a couple of a pieces of breaking news today. That I found interesting format the star Penny Hardaway has agreed to a deal to become the next Memphis Tigers men's basketball coach. And news conference is expected on Tuesday. Hardaway coming in and replacing Tubby Smith definitely a local celebrity. Hardaway started school early 1990s. To replace Tubby Smith. He was on the third overall pick in 1993 of course played prologue time in the NBA he's been trying to get back into coaching. He wants to do it locally. They haven't been putting fans in the seats in Memphis. So it's an exciting way to go about it you bring in the local celebrity he's gonna he's gonna bring in the fans he absolutely is and he's still got a big enough name. That he's probably gonna change the recruiting focus from emphasis wealth in on the descent Calipari. And it was very good for awhile and has been headed south for the last couple years have been Penny Hardaway and there I think is a really good move for Memphis. It's gonna be either really good mover really bad move we're gonna know pretty soon he's gonna have to coach. Even if you get the fans there and even if you can get the recruits there he's gonna show that he asked to be a a really good coach. And basically Yasser coached about the a new level so what a huge risk permit this to take I personally like it Beers and see what happens. So you're saying it's a good idea. When you or when your nationally respected basketball program to fire. The legendary coach that has you on a winning record. And going win a celebrity name just because people won't buy tickets. Yours and that's a good idea. And unproven. Coach in this instance. With the white Penny Hardaway means that city. I think he's gonna fill that arena op ivy easy an affiliate for half a season. And not have a clue what he's doing. And the basketball team is gonna lose and lose often and lose big and in no one's gonna show up and they're gonna say oh crap we fired a legendary coach. For this experiment. And it blew up and our faces. Tubby hasn't been great since he's been there. Is above 500 record. Not in the tournament this year. So you're you're two you're looking at one tiny little sliver. Of of an overall coaches resonant. I'm assay Tubby Smith disintegrate coach Wright what Boggs and Memphis is looking at a tiny sliver of sand this isn't good enough for us. I personally think that by bringing in someone so you can get assistant coaches okay. Dad Bo has created an empire at Clemson data was not the greatest sex is an o's coach in the world. He would be the first one to admit that TU he's a CEO coach at Clemson. Why can't Penny Hardaway Pia CEO coach at Memphis where he sells a local community on common of the games. Brings and the strategic exit no assistant coaches. Brings in a strong recruiter and uses his name to grow the program I think in today's world social media. Kids a lot more finicky. They want a big name they would they wanna splashy name to be associated west. Tubby Smith is an aging coach. I think it's an interesting experiment I guess time will tell I personally think it's a really good idea you clearly don't I. Each year this is all. Upside potential. Yes that is 100 purse that what this this coaching. Change is built on upside potential. But our most I mean. If you look at the coaches of the teams for instance said that most of these guys it's most of these hiring changes are there hiring coaches who have experience at this level. Penny Hardaway has not. All year he's a celebrity I get that he is a local legend again that he is a is MBA great and I respect. The hell out of them firfer accomplishing that his career. But he has no coaching experience. And you're gonna fire a legend for so with no coaching experience and now hopes that you're going to be able to get a couple of wanted to don's. Mark Childress says I would do it I think it's a great move I do I admit this was at the top. They were a marquee name 810 years ago in college basketball. And they had Calipari air accorsi left. It to greener pastures and Josh pass or there or did pretty well now passers gone out of Georgia Tech and struggled down there they bring in Tubby Smith. We go in the wrong direction for tubby why not take a chance. You can bring in annexes and a coach penny doesn't have to do diagram the defense for the team to be successful but you can pay as you know. Money yeah yeah you pay check shows money. And then and then have to hire somebody else who's really touched by. They it's it's like saying you know you're looking at that English government he got in the queen whose. Who's really just there look good just not worth your going which is exactly what Penny Hardaway is is sees the monarch yeah of this basketball program is really just there's surely is a glorified cheerleader. He's not a complete I mean I realize he doesn't have any experience at this level. But he has been coaching a UAU and tell our basketball might as well be the same in many ways today when you go with that. This is an experiment want to pay attention to pennies gonna pay his salary by the number of fans he's gonna put in the seats. To join him so is it it's not a big financial rescue not really go anywhere it was totally you're not going north with Tom beats you you're staying afloat and you're starting to lose fans so why not take. Why not take a big money bad I mean just roll the dice on something. If you're right man you're gonna be really right now I think you're wrong you're on south anyway and you've paid any salary three or four years with the extra fans come. Yeah I mean if you if you if pennies. Make your money. People are willing to buy season tickets to Memphis basketball and if you have a losing product and still have tickets sold yes. There. Not it's not a risk I would make and an I mean I understand your argument that that tubby is getting older yes in ID. Probably doesn't have much more than five or six years in him to continue coaching and this may this may be his last stop I don't know Odyssey Hussein's cropping up and I saw I mean I get. A young. Higher tell me you know why not make Penny Hardaway the assistant coach in coach in waiting under Tubby Smith. That would be an XT Digi exact same benefit. And you get AM. You you get an assistant coaching experience underneath a legend and instead it just kind of thrown into the wolves. That's it. And maybe an insider magazine. That's a media in his video the tigers they Betemit in the middle approached a sure they thought about it I hadn't thought about that yet that's a really good idea but I like it. We'll see what happens I don't think Memphis is got a ton goalies if they can fill the seats and and give penny a couple years to see if he can turn the ship. I think going to be an interest staying out and approach one more quick at peace a college basketball news here before we bounce out Charlotte is expected to hire Virginia assistant Ron Sanchez as its next coached. Sanchez was an assistant coach on Tony Bennett's staff for three years at Washington State he's been with Tony Bennett for the past nine in Charlottesville. Mark price was the previous coach. And mark price and have a lot of experience so game may be Charlotte did something similar getting a big name with mark price. And he got washed out to Charlotte just two and a half years selloff Ross Sanchez will be new announcer Tony Bennett went all the message he's haven't to put together. After the historic loss they had this couple days ago now is losing really his main assistant coach off for the staff. So is going to be a lot of soul searching for Tony Bennett's over the course of the next couple weeks. We battle NBA news for you we've got some brace news after the break you're gonna wanna hear this. We'll be right back on strip search. Welcome back and a straight up a surge should mark Childress and four mark Sturgis today final segments. We've been here since four early on its top of the hour to get anything on your mind like chat about 84 forward GS PE SPN any of your tournament thoughts predictions. Welcome to hear I'm still alive chatted out about Clinton basketball you'd like to to talk about that as well a couple of other pieces of news of interest today. Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyrod Lou is stepping away from coaching to focus on his helps. He's gonna take a couple of days off. And fighting and arguing a lot deviant and it publicly on the bench a couple of times. On and the more I heard about it I'm like holy cow one wide even here this long psych I've had chest pains for a couple of weeks. Other troubling symptoms. Compounded by a loss of sleep throughout the year. Despite a battery testers know known conclusions. Oh yeah I've been coughing up blood. Move the needle on all that tie Romley sounds like he's making you a good decision he hopes to return well before the start of the playoffs but man that sounds a lot more serious. I took it very lightly when I heard and it's a beginning but the team is helping him shut down and get away so our thoughts and prayers for him hopefully he's going to be our rights. Some breaking news out of ray's camp today as well he'll hunt come Margo strained oblique could threaten his availability for the braves' opening day roster. And I say in this and I'm kind of laughing gallows humor lies a huge braves fan. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop here things have been going really well in the pre season a lot of the the prospects are rising through the ranks and showing how little bed. And I just wonder what's gonna go wrong early in the season to make this side and even harder mound decline. You ought to come Margo is deathly not one of the stars on the brace team but it's gonna hurt he's a gap to have to fill. And done they're hoping to have him back by the start of the season which is march 27 as the home opener against the Phillies. Don't know if he's gonna be back by then or not it's going to be interesting to watch in and keep our eyes on that. They got a couple options including a real Ruiz to to back up and get to play for him so. We will see what comes down on that and then the news that's we were all expecting and hoping. Not to see Ronald Acuna. Is the top prospect in Major League Baseball. He plays for the elaborates. And he's been tearing up the grapefruit league as of Saturday he was Steve leading hitter. And the grapefruit league this summer he was slashing we'll hitting 430 to four homers eleven RBIs. Four stolen bases and eight runs scored through sixteen games this spring. Just an absolutely monstrous spraying. But baseball's complicated. And we've got these young prospects coming up you wanna have control the prospects as long as they can possibly have them. So an average baseball season there's a 183. Service days spur Major League players to 162 games in 21 off days. If you get 272. Of those days it's considered a full season. So the praise or to bring it coming up for the first day of the season. And let him play a whole year you account is a full calendar year under the race control. But if they send them down to the minor leagues which is what they decided to do today. And park in their for a couple weeks. And bring him up and let him play a 171. Service days of the year her 170 or something like that. Then it basically counts is a three year for the brace she ought to start the clock on any contracts or control or anything like that. So it's common thing that they do with a top prospects. So officially I want the brace or bring about day one let's roll amount brace of really been struggling the last couple years let's get a communion line up as quickly as possible. Now it sounds like we'll be waiting until my mid to late April some time. If he continues to play well down in the minor leagues so bring him up but he is a rock star and the Braves are. Look at forty getting him in the lineup. House hoping he'd be coming up a little bit quicker and I handling it that way but I he will be part down in the minor leagues for the first couple weeks of the season again not a huge surprise. By time will be interesting to watch really get excited. First pitch. Is on May 27 that is eight days from now so next Tuesday the Atlanta brazenly playing baseball as gonna make me very happy man these Lilja baseball. I at all march tourism I say cell mate he said may percent may yet you spot him two months I'm like gosh. Sorry about that I study showed us eight days away I don't bases they have all of those Beatles song about that yeah. Yes. And now I am a baseball guy yeah I'd love watching baseball alive and not being there man it's like watching paint try yeah you know it really is now. And I know. Think it's Kelli watching NASCAR he's watching for the racks baseball you don't watch it. Are masterful pitching. Situation UBY a chip for the home runs yeah we want to doubles in the triples and that does not play changes in the you want that kind of stuff. And so A gets its hard for me with my attention span to sit and watch. Just watching game and then. I am. Not a giant baseball fan but in my giant race fan I mean I grew up watching all the games. I continue to watch and today but I'm like you do so I will sit there. From first pitch at 735. Or whatever and watch the game until it goes off at 1030 I will. Comment and out not follow the game on my phone and all the praise got two guys on I'm gonna go upstairs and watch early is the oldest trick in the book at least it is for me. I don't know if you do this or not diesel Samir stuff but. I'll leave the game line. The TV. And is something big happens I'll just rewind it out of back and watch it all Freddie Freeman had a two run homer and I've been outside. Doing something in the yard for the last 45 minutes I'll go back and see highlight that way and Major League Baseball to a lot better job now also getting their highlights quickly on Twitter so. Now I'd be on Twitter five minutes not for something happens. And dime and be able to see highlight on the air so not huge baseball fan but definitely a big a big race fan so I'm excited. For the game on May 27. Very much but on March 27 that's it that's the first game of the season. I'll I'll ever be watching that and an island we're getting close the top of the hour here another point to note that brought up earlier and wanted to bring up again. When clutch plays Kansas on Friday night 707. PM eastern standard time. The regional semifinals in Omaha. On CBS. The announcers for the Clinton Kansas scheme will be Jim Nantz. Grant Hill. Bill rapt jury and Tracy Wolfson says the the Clemson. It's gonna get piggybacked in with Jews in Kansas that's definitely the most exciting region debt to pay attention to decide this weekend as we are talking about earlier. And on Thursday and Friday on so they're gonna have the best crew out there and I think that's great man. Now it usually is up in the right spot he was at their for the UN BC upset over UBA maybe he's gonna get to call a historic run to the final four for Clemson. I think that's an exciting extra. Added bonus for a Clinton team going into the game this weekend they go don't receive the brackets don't give a number one team a bright yeah. Exactly don't don't give duke a break don't receive these brackets now make them that make him play close and make it more for. And I did talk about it earlier this is personal excitement to me I booked my flights. I have an amazing 99 dollar hotel room security in downtown Omaha I'm sure it'll be the highest of quality. I've got my ticket secure you bring your own Tarver you Beimel and we get there exactly I bring and I got my ticket secured I'm flying out Friday morning with a fifteen year old son Faxon. We got to go out and experience the this sweet sixteen games up close and in person in Omaha maybe I call you guys on Friday and chat would you insert such you know it is the feeling is in the arena. How many Clinton fans are there is supposed to Kansas fans in duke fans and and the light so really excited about that man what's the lifetime mad. It's been 21 years. I got married in June of 1997. And march of 1997 was the last time the console was in the sweet sixteen so I'm a married almost 21 years that's a lot expenses club suspend knives scissors and status yeah Henis. No it is and again I. Don't look at that word to remember what it means yet it sounds good it's just thrown out there and I nodding like I understand it neither wanted to stay with the end of the day I was dying vocabulary words stuck in my head. All day on Sunday had no clue what it meant so I was just going over sentences in my has kind of just it was on Sarah petitions sleek. And I got word got it in my brain I have no idea. San Tisch is means like stealthy the outside on the Serbs on surreptitiously means the opposite of stealthy like loud and noisy and obvious no doubt that. And as you want yeah absolutely. It's been the last mark Childress was sudden and for mark Sturgis today he does have is a great night we'll talk Jim Morris for.