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Rice sitting here or there on charles' former North Carolina senator also North Carolina on the diets Coach Williams and that's about last night here guys. Here in the Serena how they we witness history number one seed going down for the first time ever to number sixteen but you were colony gains for Westwood One radio. What was like that lightly because he came TE NT caught up in the moment and that was a moment. Good it was a moment Rea a lot of fundamental character learn there's a great job called clever ploy news. I think there we both enjoy your big basketball fan here and be seriously and really good basketball. You know tell me personally obviously U Virginia was not doing good things civilian government is a position to remember Mormon country and also you know one overall seed in the tournament. Number I've seen Virginia play a number of times throughout JC conferencing and you have him. News. Surprisingly some news they were. Unable to do the things that Jose had replicated so many times before. I don't know where a lot of song just enjoying the moment and I think that's of this tournament solo career player or fan or coach. I'm just enjoy the moment and so. Watching two teams. Perform on the court and obviously your VCU are exceptionally high level was a lot of fun talking about. The I was coaches escort last night and that's tricky little description they're really you know I had to bring them liberty you guys and just like to Williams mentioned in the north joint press conference he was like I'm surprised he would go a little bit crazy. Easy and that's because Brian is maybe grow enough in the ACC watch his father Dave Odom in the Wake Forest in South Carolina he didn't know is what basketball is all well and I'm. I don't know I think those are questions arise if he didn't know. What were you know whom we know there that we can say with certainty is that they do a tremendous job preparedness team. Coach Williams who is famous and I'm sure others are first saying it players and employees. But Paulson. And that was that's what he says but I also think you have to that coaches prepare players to make partisan. And so you know culture. Guru is fine job of course I know from having coached against is. Owners of Wake Forest and there's a there's a pedigree there pedigree doesn't mean this thing when you good hornets about what you actually do. Listen walk try and an indigenous interviewed. Element to talk with him today before and just see use and enjoyment of the moment. Numbers are you lose viewers. Don't appropriate more reserved. Hi I don't think you also do the color im plus for the North Carolina radio network woody Durham was smeared do you miss it must all of us west handled everything with class. In new York red. How honored his city team represented North Carolina and your position on the radio network thinking about all the history of North Carolina basketball program at all. Dillon an ominous it's what you don't know when you say when you come here as a student athlete is tortured. What you're going to be a part of you have a certain expectation of what you think you'll hear part of what you don't know until you. The semester is the warriors and then dramatic comeback tour universe miracles do broadcast. I just enjoy my affiliation or some other things bits. When you have an opportunity is professionals are preserved something. Represents a lot of your core values and then. Has been good view and you have a chance to be good to them or try to be good to them. That's the slowness of journalism itself and I certainly don't take for granted. What makes them Zanardi tomorrow they do. That was mark Sturgis with Eric Mon try us after the big upset of UMBC over Virginia out in Charlotte this past weekend. And done in their search was and they are really unique spot he he got to be coaches escorts for the weekend and we spent some time but Billy Kennedy. Who had a great weekend. On that and the coaches escort means basically that whenever the coach is in the arena. On you are responsible for where he goes so you're getting him to the press conference after the game. And an out of the arena it's a great time in the pregame and things like that so we can't spend a lot of time with Billy Kennedy from Texas say in them. And also got to spend a lot of time on with the EU NBC basketball team so on surge made the rounds of talk to a number of folks. After the ball game. And and got some just immediate audio on their reaction to be huge upset right that was Eric Montrose we got a couple of other closest are gonna play a little bit later on in the segments butts on. Very interesting for stirs to have that front row seat for everything I'm very jealous I can't wait for him to get back this week so I can hear the stories. Somebody else who sat down with Kevin coup clerk. On who's to play by play guy for Westwood One. On I think she's a liar won't go to that in just a second but I Kevin and Eric did the games together right so they they got to do the North Carolina game earlier in the day. They go into this side view NBC game against Virginia probably thinking maybe talking a lot about how well Virginia's played all season. And and where that was headed for the rest of the year. But tub boy they were surprised after that so let's let's go to surge sitting down with side Kevin cougar does play by play for Westwood One. Sitting here Kevin through there in GA radio Westwood One of course we hear your money ESPN upstate and had the fortune of being around him before Rick Kevin you an air Montrose shower on the called mail in Baltimore county Virginia and it did you know you have to do your job it was it difficult not to get caught up in the moment what was going on in front of us. Saw I I think you have to get caught up in the moment eight look all of us who work in sports Willard to a sports talk with a new play about play. We're all fans of sport I mean if you're not famous sport I don't think you should be in this business because you have to be saying you know. Oh what you're doing and yet to be a fan boy you're watching him and we were watching. History saw me I look we didn't go into this re earning interest obviously I have no ties to UMBC I have no ties to Virginia. But when you get to that point. And you see something historic is about to happen. I feel like you have to get excited about you have to get wrapped up a little bit and it because. It's a big moment it's a big things for sports fans for sports in general so. I will never apologize for being excited or wrapped up in a big sports moment because. If Obama hole listen to this or watch in this as a fan I'm going to be wrapped up and excited about it too so why would not be that was broadcast. I mean yeah tell myself. Two or three times last night when they hit shots and on the press struggle and yet now I had a little bit of an emotional passionate being the host of mail in Baltimore County getting to know these kids and there's still the talk of their arena dates all six press conference lead into the years ahead had questions asked about Maryland Baltimore can only win last night as. As long as the rich dreamers are in the NCAA tournament whether that ended in Charlotte or goes on to Atlanta. They're going to be talking determining what may be even after their launch from the term they're going to be talking determined because. So they do something that lol we all said it was morals throw phrases well well you know some day a sixteen will be a long. I don't know that anybody really believed it was going to happen right now or in this game. And not only did it happen the way it did it happen I think is as startling because not only did they win. They won going away it wasn't like he can get don't this game though yeah but there was a fluke none and don't they took it to Virginia team that. Didn't give up points this year. And they scored 53 on in the second half and they won't go away by twenty points. You tip your cap to UN BC they they were they didn't just go while I'm locked into it they went out and took the game from Jamie. Our final question you've covered even more stuff than I have about seeing my two favorites were army navy in the Little League World Series of Williamsport met quite frankly I think last night maybe goes to the top the list I get it it's immediate it's emotional but. What are aware this is shrink on your list of things. Oh it sits in the mix a mean it's because you're part of something that has never happened before I mean if it to be in the building. For something that has never happened before is really cool now a couple of years ago I had the the good fortune didn't get a chance to call. Villanova and North Carolina the national championship game and I'm I don't I don't know that anything will top that just because the stakes were so high at the moment was so big exchange if you shots all that that went into that was. I mean I never I get excited thinking about that game still. But this UN BCU Virginia game. Just because of its place in the annals of basketball lore is one always remember. The chance to cold the very first time something happens is always special. Listen thanks for what job do you espionage they were proud to have you guys as part of our is our network job always been gracious with hey we're saying thank. All know we are we are thrilled beyond ESPN upstate thank you for having us and does thanks for enjoin determine what this all season long car. Thanks. Again that was mark surges with Kevin coup cooler who does play by play for Westwood One both of those gentlemen. With a front row seat for the historic upset between UMBC. And Virginia and diesel here's Sao I don't know if you heard this yet or not by. Every once thought that it was going to be a Virginia blowout so a lot of the North Carolina fans especially and I've heard now a number of members of the media. After the Virginia game started they'd done their business saint called the big game of the night was a North Carolina game that game one. Like let's go get some burgers let's go get some Beers there's no real stories we're gonna have to file anymore Virginia's gonna coast and we'll get on out here so they believe all these thousands of fans leave a lot of the media leaves. They get out they start eating don't watch a game on TV hey isn't this cute it's close at halftime. In the second half is going and you NBC really lighten up so a lot of these fans are coming back but in many instances. And other tickets anymore. So there were people trying to buy tickets to get back into the arena. So that they can be a part of history at the end of the night and there were a lot of media members. That may or may not have consumed some beverages that had to come back and it right news stories about the historic upset and in some instances. Go live on radio and television to talk about set upsets when they weren't even in the arena for a good portion of the game such a that was an interesting side anecdote about everything that went on. Always keep your tickets does you never know when you might have an immediate. Now lot of these venues don't allow you to come and go. Right you know so I I'm surprised they were letting anybody back again. With ticket stubs don't know what all the policy was and a lot of folks got back in but there were we're fans and I'm guessing there were some people in the area that had gone to any games said hey man. I want again and then and I wanna be a part of this and see if we can figure out what's what's going on next so I thought that was. Was very interesting so. We will have a couple of more audio clips would mr. Sturgis later on in the show we've also got Brett Friedlander he's our ACC insider had beef fried. ACC that's BFR I ET ACC on Twitter Toby Collins at 537 I'm sure we'll talk about that upset as well as the ACC in general and how well Clinton is doing. But after the break I've got some some words for mr. Charles Barkley. Stay tuned we'll talk about it after this. Welcome back end a straight up the surge mark Childress filling in for mark Sturgis today. We've been talking a lot about you NBC's. Historic win over Virginia. Not quite as much about Clinton basketball we're gonna changed at the segment here on a stock ended diesel during the break diesel. Charles Barkley was then. The studio. For a lot of the you know between games Tillerson and pregame and post game over the weekend I think Charles is greedy always speaks his mind. On any did something enter saying that I don't see a lot of that I wish I saw a lot more of and that is he was rooting openly for one of the teams and one of the games was coming on. So Barkley as you know went to Auburn. Auburn was about to play Clemson and before the game started. They are asking about Auburn he's he said he has lucky Auburn tie on he said he was undefeated in the time. And they pointed out he'd only worn it once and they won that one game still undefeated exec well he was before the game. On and was high about it and it and it got me thinking you know. You don't see it in college football you don't see it in pro football hardly in all and I liked it a lot. There's a lot of times were guys are sitting in the studio talking about a game that is coming up that involves her alma mater. And act like they never went to that school and and I never like that I loved the fact that he was just openly rooting. For Auburn it was willing to talk about it on the air and I think that's why Charles Barkley so popular he just lets it fly and I thought that was great wit what do you think about that more of that are awesome that I love it. It and I love it when. When when guys are able to keep it positive they don't become chippy about it yes there is nobody wants to see a jerk and on TV. But I mean we're in an industry that is personality driven. Especially now that there are so many games are so many announcers had. The ones that stand out of the ones they give you some personality whether you read what do you. Like what they say because you're with them. You you know you love Charles Barkley because maybe you're an Auburn fan to again run it may be an SEC guy. And you sort of you know put on that SEC chant your head and say yes you know I love the fact that he's being a little bit of homer right now on trying to. Sticking it to clubs and a little bit yeah or. Or you hate that guy. Or your Clemson fan behavior what effect do you hate the guy because he's been a little bit of a homer unit you have no vested interest. And either one of those two teams in gives you a reason. To really invest in this personality. And so many of them you can have you can have great announcers. All day. Yup but if they don't have any personality. And you can't really connect to you know you'll watch a game just because. Bob's cell and so is watching it and unless they have a great personality and modest. Personality well I I think Barkley got it right on this and it was interest saying you know we had a little tiger on the desk in front of them he had all kinds of balloons behind him. And if you're watching the ball game they came back at halftime. Barkley threw in the towel at halftime they come back at half. They go to Barkley and he's like we're not when in this when it's over congrats to clients and they were down like 24 points or whatever so to your point diesel he had some humility around its. And Don even though his team was getting stopped and he would've gotten chippy your mad like you said it would have been a bad thing would put Barkley took it on the Janet and took one for the team and thought that was funny. We got a caller on line one Lindell wants to weigh again folks don't O'Dell I'm sorry double what do you think about Charles Barkley. Bill Clinton donors trust soup kitchen on Kennedy. They don't we're not follow up to so kids don't buy it dislocated stopped parliament belonging to the echo what you would say it I see it get. To secure liquor. Can Rick Tocchet didn't want all Amir's you don't normally would look at when he says are just incredible clearly it is under no white it. It has to parrot followed it must take total loss and you're just kills it doesn't want to talk about an eight ticket talked about a mental let. Shop or opera opera blew out well because you know you'd like Clinton well what might. Now people or what not any worse so just cannot and not a sport and so. Went to school brought all scored just about it. Not an article on the naughty totality the school doesn't sound like you know is understood and treated. Quite a right talked about coaching. That's a pretty good way to see what is the exact way to sum up how I felt the whole first and second half I kept waiting and thanks for the call Dell and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and I think I kept sane. I was error in my son my daughter my wife and I think I kept saying. What are we watching you know what is happening right now because it was just unfathomable. How well Clemson was playing and help portly Auburn was playing. And went down in the other direction so it was interest it. Yeah I Arab and pulling it up on the app trying to watch the game and I and that's what I saw there was a forty point lead out what is going on here did did they just. One team not show up bid for the second half. Well I was always it's 44 point lead pass and then at halftime we flipped it over and watched. On does that do you college Nevada earn a vodka which when do you you know I got asked the locals what they call it. Because it's like Boise. Yes they hate it when you say Boise. What about Nevada Nevada what do you call it. I think SA Nevada I've always said Nevada and that's why the announcer said last night to try to act emigrated there when it's no bottom to make his kept screaming it's not Ottawa is that Colorado or Colorado. Colorado. Okay actually also say Oregon Oregon Oregon and you don't say I didn't say Oregon I do but that's a that's a whole different thing. But tonight Nevada or Nevada excuse me at half they got me doing a backwards on. We flipped it over diesel halftime and about a came back from a 22 point deficit in the last ten minutes to win and they were down 22 with like ten minutes fifteen seconds left. She watching this happen and then clintons coming back with a 24 point lead in half so what are you thinking. You think in May and we just saw disaster. On the other side. But then Clint sister is at to a thirty point lead and 35 I think they Mata got and all the way to 42 with some. So we just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger Clinton could may I mean. There was a there was a point in there where Clinton hit five or six shots in a run they were just coming down and pull on up gave to vote comes down. At the logo. You know ten feet behind the three point line and just pulls up switches at three and you like this is over it was just an obliteration. And I was ever mistaken right after the game how great this is for the Clemson athletic program absolutely you know I mean. Football is been really good over the last three or four years and and basketball has finally getting there. Right five and tied for a lot of people think Brownell was on its last leg Idaho political race live people who wanna Brownell out of the out of tiger town. You know I am baseball solid this year they're doing really really well Hannah summing up that entire athletic department program is doing very well. Well with a victory over Auburn you played right into the stats and I pulled here Clinton is only the second school to go to the college football playoffs. And reached the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament in the same academic here. Oklahoma reached the final four and and the playoffs in 20152016. System only company there. And I know I stayed formula and baby Ohio State didn't do it where an a on where they made it to the sweet sixteen and the college football playoff in the same season. Those that know Obama. Are they were the only two teams have done while the palace football player also have been around a couple announcement that did it in the same season where they went to college football playoff and made the sweet sixty. I'm thinking of the season and it was about ten years ago I think when Florida basketball in Florida football or both elite few guests at the same time and I think and I'm very similar started out when I was as wrong somebody please calling correct me but I remember Florida going to a BCS. Game. And being in the deep and making it very deep turnaround maybe win a national championship basketball in the same year. Yup they were. They were very good back then and every what's happened at Florida by the way they they've dropped out of the tournament here in their football team's gotten a lot worse so what amazing how fast you can lose it I mean it takes a long time to build it even was a really fast it really is in and this is a testament. A son necessarily a testament to Clemson but I think Clemson fans made me take it so. If you are playing the marquee games of the weekend in college basketball on the tournament. You're gonna get the best announcers. So the announcers for the Clemson Kansas game on Friday night to pop a 707 PM will be. Jim Nantz Grant Hill bill raft tree and untraceable is there as well so they've got the mark. Lineup for the games. Lot of that has to would affect Kansas and duke are out there as well by its I'm gonna wager. And a timber ray over Clinton knows this but I'm wondering if Jim Nance is ever called a Clemson basketball game in the post season. MB ST deceived by time so diesel after they won their game on Friday night. I went I started looking at the statistics because I'm like I know it's been a really long time since Clemson spent in the sweet sixteen. And I thought that it happens maybe ten or fifteen years ago I go back and I look. I've been married to my beautiful wife Carrie method 21. Years as of this June. And I went back and I looked it was the year we got married was the last time they went to the sweet sixteen it was in 1997. I remember the sweet sixteen that year they made a sweet sixteen loss to Minnesota. But that's a long stretch and you think about celebrating wins just the fact that Clinton got a victory. In the NCAA is that had happened a long time and then to make it to the sweet sixteen something they haven't done and eat in over twenty years. Regardless of what happens the next global for Clemson as you said earlier it is cause for celebration for them and dom. Something they got to be very excited about. So other stats I pulled a constant 84 points in the game where the most state ever score in an NCAA tournament game. Console when it's 25 game of the season on Sunday that ties the school record for most wins ever in the season. They've done that a couple of times to four in the past so one more win would put them over the mark. The 31 point victory was the largest margin of victory and any game vs a top 25 team in the history of the school. Auburn is ranked nineteenth in the finally people so they counted as a ranked team the previous record is a 27 point win over duke at Littlejohn back in 2009. In the two games in San Diego Clemson trailed for just five minutes and 21 seconds. Just two fantastic outings in a completely skipping over the New Mexico State game they played very very well and and diet that was the upset special I mean you heard every national pundits. Odds a week before that's all they talked about was Clemson basketball and how they were on upset alert to New Mexico State Clinton took control that New Mexico State came early. Controlled that game ended up winning by double digits and then turn it around on to the stopping either they put on Auburn. So congrats to the tigers sister really great weekend overall and a lot of Clemson fans are very excited and as I set a little bit earlier. I got a text a couple minutes ago diesel my tickets came three new. Output and we are spot because I wanted to go to home behind you had a request tickets from Clemson. But she didn't know if you're gonna get him or not and I was afraid if I waited until tonight about my tickets they might be gone. So I've booked a hotel and I book the airfare earlier today the tickets to come through so it's official albeit on a plane Friday morning with my son. And headed out to Omaha for the sweet sixteen games between Clemson and Kansas and we'll catch duke and Syracuse and my cat man so I am pop as can be super excited. Wholesaler Peyton Manning as you as you come to the city gates and he has to greet you the whale isn't sure Peyton Manning and eventually they hired him by now has basically the Wal-Mart greeter for the city of Omaha yet that we I'll I'll I'll look for him and I've got to get a stay cried I mean Omaha has known for its stakes. So got to find HQ I had to go to the audience and Omaha steaks actually came from Lincoln the idea you know yeah it's not Omaha steaks. Corporate headquarters is actually Lincoln. Yeah hi go looking for at large is complete so we're completely different right like out in Los Angeles or something like that. So hey we've had a great time so far about halfway home today on straight up a search we've got Brett Friedlander he's our ACC insider he's gonna be joint Indus and a couple of minutes. Brett was up there for the big upset this weekend you NBC over Virginia. He was also there for the surprising way and the North Carolina Tar Heels just got to take into Mumbai attacks say NAM. On Sunday on a little bit for that close in game one on. They did not know what to do it yes what is schism and the big guys on the odd Texas CNN team you don't see North Carolina did beat in the turn amid very often. You definitely don't see them get blown out in the tournament very often and they got completely blown out in the second half. So a disappointing end of the season from North Carolina I'm sure will be able to talk to brats a little bit more about that and then again sturtze was in the arena as a coach is host. For the entire weekend up in Charlotte so he got to spend a ton a time when Billy Kennedy from my Texas CNN who played very well and advanced to the sweet sixteen. And he was also the host for you NBC and he had to sit down with a number of folks we heard from Eric Mon trust and Kevin coup cooler both from Westwood One radio a little bit earlier in the show. After the 6 o'clock hour today we will be listening in to us some comments from CL brown. He says NCAA basketball writer for the new website the athletic and that we got Ross Martin from inside Carolina two fantastic interviews. Just these guys. Very soon after the upset occurred sitting down with surge in trying to process everything that they solve. What's the importance of the game in the short term was seaports in the game in the long term. How are we gonna drag that out how we can be a figure it out so we here for CL brown a little bit later in the show and Ross Martin they both sat down with surge and again right after the break at 537. We will have Brett Friedlander are ACC insider. And a couple other things really get to later in the show. College Baseball or review a very rough weekend for the Clemson Tigers an okay weekend for South Carolina. Will live better for Iran Wofford infirm and on the baseball front Milwaukee through all of that and I got another interesting topic that I saw on ESPN today that I wanted to talk about. What if when we got to the sweet sixteen. They re seated all the teams. So you see the mall one through 64 at the beginning what if you re seeded them based on how they played in the first two rounds in what you had seen. What with the power for teams to be where we Clemson fall and that would Clinton be considered a five seed in the new sweet sixteen. Or could they do something better so I'm gonna walk through some of my thoughts on that and I think greasy clemson's ninth seeded that you're going to be a little bit surprised by. Maybe a positive way. Want to tune and find out but right now we're gonna take a break we'll have Brett Friedlander are ACC insider after the break. Coming up on strip search. Welcome back Kansas street up with stirs this is mark Childress filling in for mark Sturgis today hope to have mr. Sturges back in with us tomorrow. He has taken the day off this afternoon well deserved spent the whole weekend up in Charlotte so. It was so great work up the arena. And die and spend some time out there were trying to dial up Brett Friedlander now are ACC insider sales of regatta Brett man how's it going and. They get going you've been a long couple weeks that have come down Google. We'll just told sought by sound a little groggy that the reason why I don't believe that it was bred asset whose citizens so he was answering his phone. Sucked up a our ultimate June with Randy mud stirred up a pain in the neck I just have a sore throat. Then we'll we will make use its too long today. I know you had a crazy night on Friday night's. On and we've been talking about that that's been the talk of the show generated a lot of callers today you NBC over use VA where you one of the folks that left the arena and had to come back or did you stay in right the whole time you work. Tell me about. A law that we had. I would go with the with a couple of other writers from North Carolina and they had served dinner. And I do that they were stopping you seven Norway got stomped. And the two guys I was lived didn't they just kept on working through so. When they got finished there are hungry so it was only Virginia you have these series so we decided to go ahead please I want the stay of the record a war of mistake. But dumb that we went to a place called jock and you'll. Couple blocks away and even halftime tied you know one of those things where. You know it's Virginia they're gonna pull away in the number one he always did. But. One side you'll be seeing got ahead by about fourteen. There's about 012 minutes ago it was like. Look at Virginia they're still running 28. Its second optical. Weird they're winning three seconds into the into the shot clock and cover guys still dribbling with back to the basket. And it kind of dawned on some. Holy crap they're not gonna have enough possession. To come back what's wrong that bill to do it. And got the lead me to hop back in the car and and that David mad bad. Back to the coliseum and it was the man out there was not it was real obvious that's been the best way to to describe it. What a special thing to be part of we've got Brett Friedlander here our ACC insider. Brad I know you had to work on on Sunday as well a surprising outcome for the Tar Heels did you get a chance to take in any of the Clemson Auburn game as well. No I was working through it but I did hear that one by three touchdowns and a field. Don't know who are born that was sort. Of the most Major League performances. I don't determined effort especially because it's not. It didn't come from where the blue bloods and you know it's funny because there are talking just urge. After that game and and we were talking about how the irony is that one year ago we were sitting in the Bonn accords wellness center. Talking about who would be replaced Brad is. Club coach yup and now here you have the man lead the sweet sixteen. I'm against state can't dispute that I think. The tigers are good match up where and then soak you know that there're there're couple wins from comfortable getting with a gay and aren't you glad you're doing the oil war. All of a sudden it out or a lot of you can be art. A hotbed for college basketball. And it's interesting because there's four ACC teams has you know in the sweet sixteen but I think if you had ten guesses at what the fourteens would be I don't know if he'd come up with a mix of Syracuse Clint sinful artist 82. And and duke advancing you've gotta agree with direct. Oh absolutely I mean you look at the two teams have played for the championship but in Brooklyn and just over a week ago and they're both gone. And of the sport teams are left one played on Tuesday. And both of them lost on Wednesday where you were around before the quarter finals starts so it's it's it's just crazy. As tea whatever doesn't do it at other locations. I didn't do 31 of those out and and it's warmer there early in the year. But with twenty conference games next year. And the fact that if you do play in that term and and you play to win it and you take it all the way to the finals. If you look at the results over the last few years of opinions of one duke won it last year I went out in the second round. Being in Virginia where did this here they go out first guard UNC quite ordained four days to get to the final big go out in the circuit around. I mean you know we getting to the point now with the eight permanent kind of extraneous may be star Dirk. If you put in the history books. Is it just seems like. You know it's counterproductive at this point. It's finishing question you know surgeon actually talked about the that leading up to the tournament is there a way to change the way the tournament is done. Could you leave the top seeds out and make him play less games and let the law overseas battle it out. It sounds like on some conference out there I don't know for the media ACC or not could really get Smart and change things up a little bed. And what are the team's lowering the postseason. Well the big can already has. Are they played the week early so don't get to Madison Square Garden thirteen had a whole week off after that and look. I mean yeah Michigan State got beat. Sweet sixteen Purdue was in this week and strength and arm you know it may mean there's something to be certain hurt you know play you know lead early and just take a week off. Yeah that's a really good points and and something no worth watching that Brett Friedlander here whether cease our ACC insider. Brett there's four ACC teams left in the tournament and three of them are in the same region to you guys that's or do you not like that. I don't particularly care or there's not a whole lot they do about it because. No the brackets are what they are in the is it the other team's world one made it that we have them in different brackets but problem what that being yours yeah. Did a pretty good chance at least one agency deemed to be in the final four. I believe it's going to be do. Because right now I just kind of think that would the carnage that has taken place. I just think they did good by far now the most talented team and then clearly the team to beat me especially since. It seems like just from watching these first two NBA game. That they've finally gotten the message and coach has reminded them. They've got the best player in the country on their team he plays down next to the basket itself hasn't heard on the ballot Gary Trent junior greatly around. We stayed up 28 reportedly doing what they did you Carolina you know Carolina. In the other in the ACC a semifinal. Just get the ball in to him into Wendell Carter because. When they get the ball low block and I've watched them all season. There's not a lot of defense that they can stop so. Another duke has Peres seemed to have figured out how best. To go to to go about doing. I I I think the bear clearly you can beat right now. But I mean look at some sort of the way the playing military do what I I love the matchup against armed. Against that gives advice to. A target. I said meets to Kansas is very guard heavy and has a history of losing games like this in the tournament for a long time. Do it you know and hotelier. And it didn't. I'm so impressed with them not completely the what they're doing bulk. Do you think about that went when doctor grant them went down to anybody seen this coming. Now you're doing that without litter out without arguably their best player. It's an incredible testament to Brad Brownell and and what he's done an art so are you. Where you off to next weekend do you get a weekend off finally are you headed out Omar hollers where you landing for the last a couple of rounds. Turn heads that we believe might buy term and is over the other cardinals went out we've got a a reporter named Sean crest. New has been with duke used up at Pittsburgh would then you'll be following the Omaha now they go to the final or like keep an eagle credential all of Dubai goad him. Not sure how that works and whether or be able to buy dot is it it probably. For the best student who didn't look like it loaded the way I looked on. Let they wanna do is so plain provide our struggle brought onto the bar but I am gonna get you there in person. But like you said you when you ask him that he would either crimes and Auburn game. The upside of this is that I'm going to be able to watch every game from here on out so I that is their bedroom apartment that the. Brenda had the opposite view I took Thursday and Friday off and literally went into a basketball coma for four days in my own home instead of running around like you guys sit up and shark up in Charlotte so luck hope you feel better man rest said boy you send enjoy watching the ball games this weekend to go ACC right. Some did admit I've looked at me. Above the we two of them up target and promote that you have but yeah I would it was not a lot of commentators dubbed the New York. No doubt Brett Friedlander are ACC insider Brett thanks a lot buddy appreciate you joining us. All right that was Brett Friedlander. And love that guy glad he can jump on with a sedate tells a little bit more about what's going on in his head. About the ACC will be back right after this with more on street at the surge. Welcome back in the straight up a surge mark Childress filling in for mark Sturgis today Italy backlit later on this week. We've been talking college basketball for the most part today the UN BC upset win over Virginia the show up performance by Clemson basketball if you wanna get in and talk anything tournament related hit us up 844 GS PE SPN will be taking calls to the top of the hour. You can also text us at 71307. A look at it to match ups we've got a great sixteen. Sweet sixteen lasts and you could argue this has been one of the best tournaments I deathly has not been short on moments. Upsets everyone loves a Cinderella stories in the early rounds there's still few cinder Ellis that are that are playing. And a great sweet sixteen that's got to Cinderella since also got a lot of the blue bloods and as well so there should be some interesting matchups. As a look down the sweet sixteen match upside starting on Thursday night you got number eleven seeded Loyola Chicago. Who won two games at the buzzer to get to the sweet sixteen. Taking on a Nevada team and that's 12 games it was state trailed by nine or more points had big second half comebacks in both of those to come back. That's a 707 starts on Thursday night that was done at Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia. And ought to be followed by the Kansas State and Kentucky match up at 937 that night Kentucky has a huge advantage in that region. And they call it Katz Atlanta when Kentucky comes down there they've dominated the SEC tournament down their for many years they love to play in Atlanta. Kentucky's looking like the odds on favorite to be able to run. To head into the final four and died as I looked down the list here diesel and also talks about. How much you can spend to get tickets or what's the get in the door price on tickets by region. And the lowest one by far is. The region that is taking place down in Atlanta Georgia that's the south region with Kentucky you've got the three lower seeds and Kansas State Nevada and Loyola. Not known as college basketball juggernaut by any. By any stretch of the imagination and then you've got Kentucky said the get in price for tickets in the south region is 67 dollars. On its face value on the stick his about it it has a lot more than that so why Atlanta's gonna have trouble Phil on not that arena the and you also shipped on Thursday over to Staples Center in Los Angeles, California a giant facility. You've got number three Michigan. Also won on a buzzer beater probably the shot of the tournament so far I'd say advance into the sweet sixteen. Vs a red hot Texas CNN team that just blew out UNC. That game is 7:37 PM on Thursday night and that will be followed by Florida State yet another Cinderella the whole left side of the brackets. The west region in the south region are full Cinderella stories Florida State is a nine seed and I'll be taking on the sacks from Gonzaga. I'm not the late game on that night. Tickets and and that region the kid and price hundred dollars which isn't too bad so you look at the less side of the bracket. You've got to eleven seed to seven seeds to nine seeds a three seed a four seed in a fight scene just a complete mess it's going to be testing to see who advances out of there. Then you shift to Friday you've got to completely different story. You've got the Villanova Wildcats taking on West Virginia of course that's east region up in Boston. That's a 7:27 PM tip on Friday night that'll be followed by Texas Tech and Purdue. And died you look at that region it's a one seed a two seed in produced Texas tech's a three seed. West Virginia is the five seed. Get in tickets in that region 215. Dollars if she were ongoing with all this and then you go to the final region which of course is clintons are so midwest will be played out in Omaha. A place of Clinton baseball team loves to get out to on a regular basis he got Kansas hosting Clemson 707. On Friday nights at the century links center in Omaha ought to be followed by the number eleven Syracuse team. I seeded team persist duke which will be late game. They get in price for Clemson. He went on seeded tigers playing here on about a tickets in advance. 260. Dollars that's the region Indiana Kansas can appeal that arena has to be a ton to do fans there Clinton a Syracuse no slouch. So I diesel in it when you look at look at the draw and you think about Clinton and it finally made it to the sweet sixteen after 21 years. You wish Clinton was on the left side of the bracket where the whole message is a set of on the right side where your potentially looking at having to beat Kansas. One of the greatest you know college basketball programs in the country forever. PP Kansas you're probably gonna play duke. If you beat duke. Odds are you gonna have to play Villanova. You gotta go through murderer road just to get to the finals. Were on the other side of the bracket Kentucky might not have to beat anybody above three or four seed so it's an interesting dichotomy a look at the less side of the bracket where everyone's messed up man when you look at your bracket predictions how he'd done it. Are you do it well in your bracket pools. Just don't even look at the west side your bracket when you're doing a disclosure rise to look over the right side maybe have a little bit more success were a lot more of the top teams have been winning. I just wanna know how many circle K gas stations were bought out of all their batteries. For that West Virginia martial okay how much emerged chucked around that stadium because by god I mean can you imagine. You know they set that up that way on purpose. But the possibility of West Virginia Marshall match up. Which is an incredible thing that state I mean Pete yes it's is it's just a great thing and I'm sad I had to miss it wasn't able to watch it but still. I think I'm doing. As well or better than a lot to have eight of my sixteen. Still ahead. That's good I'm I'm very this is the best year I've had and it's weird because a lot of people are having good years I've got six of my eight elite eight teams left so the whole right side of the bracket I still got my elite eight last. The the bottom part of the last side. On I've got a couple laps I did not have Kentucky in the elite eight and I did not have legal blow horn of Nevada. By any means in my oh lead you over there are so some really interesting matchups we'll have always talk about it all week to break it down. But can Clinton you know win another one and make a very special season they've had. Odd to be even greater say is they move on and advance is it's gonna be really inching deceit. And back to that West Virginia Marshall game there is no love lost between Bob Huggins and the Marshall basketball team but I I was reading up on some of the history of maybe you know more about it to me. By marshals been asking West Virginia to schedule home and home for years and West Virginia will not do it involves hug insist. He's like trump or Barkley he he doesn't care right he's like. What I had to game I don't want to play there I think a couple times it's kind of been more like I don't even like those guys while when I go down and play with a you know with with them. Went when they're always gonna come up and be willing to play with me so a really nasty and and bitter rivalry fits Huggins threw some gasoline on I think two. To make things even worse. For sure. Well hey we still got another hour left on straight up with search on a couple topics I wanna get to. A lot going on in College Baseball really rough weekend for the tigers. On an up and down weekend for the gamecocks. And Furman and Wofford both had real good weekends on the diamonds are gonna talk about what they went to this weekend where everybody's headed and we can coming up. Blood to get your calls as well was this the best first weekend of the tournament ever. I told Bret a little bit earlier I actually took Thursday and Friday off from work to watch the tournaments and a couple although the last. I think three of the last four years I've ended up where they trip on a plane. Or an all day meeting or something like that and had to be antsy so for me just being able sit down and watch everything. I was absolutely glorious and I really enjoyed that soap has it's for the best we can determine ever will talk about that as well. One more hour ago. On Su re focused search.