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They will commends to straight up with surge on ESPN that states. Says not march surges today this is mark Childress sitting in for mr. Sturgis starts last today yes surge lasts exactly he's got a day off today. And we wish him well as everybody knows of a struggle that with a snack have a little procedure today not a surgical line by its. Best wishes thoughts and prayers with him and also here and I'm gonna study I didn't write down on purpose diesel. The most decent sports producer and the world's most days has sports talk producer the world's most decent sports talk producer Michael to get that right by the end of the show still most decent in the world pretty good I tell us. He set the bar very very high so plenty to talk about today the clay obviously don't know me very well yeah exactly. The other Clemson basketball performance for the ages last night the greatest upset in the history of college basketball in the turn and over the weekend. But before get talking basketball we're gonna talk some hockey I've got Brian grass to head coach of the Greeneville swap rabbits in studio with us Brian masculine. Hello my bracket isn't doing too well if that's what we're here to talk about I was gonna ask you if you've been following the tournament between all your games this weekend and everything is Saturday is any source of entertainment for you in between games and yes the source of any team makes implementing it went in now as the direct result of the greatest upset in. And you know in Apple's history so I only had seven in my sweet sixteen left and only one final fourteen I should well not do and there's a lot of folks haven't been doing well and a lot of pokes folks who had Virginia predicts. To go lie a little bit further than they went so I'm actually I was in asking this later but I go and ask you this first. They're calling it the greatest upset in the history of college basketball our question of the day Austria posters today is going to be. Is that degrees upset in the history of sports. So it's got me thinking about a couple of other things including one big hockey upset that happened the Olympics. What are your thoughts. So I think and think everything is based on you know you have to have some. Some mob background to a grade would you look at the 1980 Olympic US victory for the Russians I mean it's a group of managers and you but you look at the times and with with the depression and you know the the Iranian crisis and all that stuff going on and it was definitely something that was definitely more uplifting for the United States like. And I think it it was definitely agree experience that you know for for those hockey players. You know he is compared the UN DC on pounding it quite has the back story but you look at the history of you know no team is in those sixteen team has ever beaten a number one seed so Brad I think it's out there but I think with the historical context of things I don't think you can there. I think you may be right we'll be talking and I and arguing about that all day today. The other thing that's uninteresting about the UN BC and Virginia match up is motivation. Then there's UMBC boy seemed very ready to go in Virginia did not and I know you guys are related your season right now so you've got worn down bodies. Folks have been playing all year. I'm guessing every motivational technique you've already used to pulled out so we'll leave happily games left in the season what what's on your agenda to keep everybody focused. Well I think the big thing is everybody is on the play for. You know whether it's to further their career get to the next level earning contracts for next year on the big thing is with the EC HO being in development league. We have NHL teams in the building every single night round so these guys have eyes on them and and you know if you're in the minor leagues your aspirations to get to the NHL so. Everybody has on the play for we've we've brought in several new college players as well. We actually is I just picked up one from the airport today. We added two for a weekend gains this past weekend we get to more fine and tomorrow so we've been pretty busy here to train now bringing them. Some fresh blood to get get a good look at these kids and in Tennessee see what they have to build for our team for next year and to give them opportunities first starting off. Point for their workers. On basketball slow of a different write some teams only play six or seven guys ever does everyone of your players get on the ice every night is is that something that you try and do that you have to do to keep keep the roster on what we have so the rosters comprised of one union active roster in India to reserve spots and and a whole bunch of guys and our injured reserve right now unfortunately but you just eighteen players regain sixteen skaters two goalies and hopefully only have one goalie playing on Thanksgiving and on on the bench for good reasons but everybody else usually plays and you know yes we we we trying get it keep everybody going keep everybody playing here you don't want guys them too long layoffs from one game to the next but. You know we train that are best product on the news every night. You guys earn points and five of your last ten games. You know what six or seven games left on the schedule did you have a certain goals that you take it game by gamer you say hey between county and here we wanna get this many points how do you go about it long way based on our current situation I mean with that we give me games remaining. You know where we're headed taking it game by game right now just because. In other playoffs here NA NA in the din tunnel at the far end and you know where where were really focused on each individual matchup and and making sure we go out there and when you each shift each period and hopefully translate that into wins and and show that improvement and get a chance that. See with these kids can do on the naysayers in night. I was looking at you were up promotions for the games this upcoming weekend on Friday and Saturday at which you talk a little bit about them but I can bring my dad to the golf night. That was the second bring my twelve year old daughter to the dogs and craft beer night it would just be for the dogs are not to craft beer Mattel Tommie Liddell what's going on this weekend. Yes a Friday night it's golf may present by golfer Greeneville on their 29 annual tournament we're gonna Wear special the jerseys for that game and the proceeds for the post dangers he auctions in the benefit golfer Greeneville. Which supports a couple of different charities Greeneville free medical clinic goodwill industries and make a wish so that's something that. In our our our organization is really passionate about giving back to the community and is we're not just tennis in Greenville were part of the city and and something that I've been proud to be a part of here for the last four years and then Saturday night pucks in Pozen they bring a puppy to the that the game I get a couple dogs on all they're gonna make it out and I thought that. And it's also a craft beer festival so you get your take get engaged in your dogs get in free so let's get this and you know this is the third annual. Pregame craft beer festival. With all local breweries. The packages are now fifty dollars and includes the tickets of the game. Limited editions want Kravitz beer glass unlimited beer tastings. And unlimited food so that's not too bad it's a grass out you can now buy your daughter take care of the popularly faced everything will be in town. And they don't and into her home right now and that's what I that's what we do after that so we deathly wanna get out this week and trying to issue and then I know you've got two other home games and early April. And that's spring break as well for out of the kids so agreed to pay it to kids are driving you crazy by the Thursday or Friday it is what that week and they've got a couple home games on the outside of the detail and that week as well. Yeah I think with angry here and you look at our previous home weekend I mean I think we we knew how to best crowd of the season this weekend's going to be even better. And then you know the atmosphere is always electric in the well and that's something that really energizes our team in and it's disagreed atmosphere for families come out and enjoy the game enjoy everything that goes on with the production our front offices fantastical so. We're definitely excited to get more people out here in a fit fear newcomer to the hockey games come on out as soon they'll be funny people they can help yet. With the rules and things like that but it's an exciting time and the Ford went on your show. Very good now I don't know if you caught the Clinton basketball game last night where they blew out Auburn so many would say that might be one of the best performances. And Clemson basketball history. Coach Brownell obviously had a ready to play. Have have you had a performance like that with any of your teams in the past where you've just got everybody it seem like all players were dialed and all the shots were falling tell me about a time where you feel like you had your team dialed right up like that maybe had nothing to do with you right by wolf still had a how to how to make it die at. You know I do big moments you know breed big opportunity for players arrive in I've been fortunate enough to be a part of championships as a player and as a coach and you know I think and for me ending the last championship as a coach you know some couple years back. You know just going in there can be in an underdog into the third team in our car and then in the league play in the first place team and and then I've really taken it to them there in our in our series and window when you see everybody can fire on all cylinders and and everybody's just it's there's a synergy on the ice for us right with you know you can have some great individual performances but like basketball hockey is such a team game and I'm needed. You can't have one person's not just going to be able to turn and on and dominate every facet Mastny working from your goaltender. The year defenseman breaking out the pod in the forward scoring goals is in Aston Villa a complete team effort that's what Clinton did and and you know I was fortunate with the championship to Tennessee as well. Excellent here with Brian Pratt's head coach of the Greenville swap Ravitz. Was there a bracket pool he said your bracket wasn't doing very well was there pulpit together either with a coaching staff for the players how did you guys when we ad says the staff in the front office staff angry and need and they're so people their own and then. I'm I was out pretty quickly there in Virginia but. I'm not last any nice to think coach is is is behind means there is the voice of Greenville high Kia brand I think he's he's in the rear view so you'll to keep him back there good mixture make sure that you keep a mud down. Do you like I'm have you ever thought about the larger. Everybody makes it almost hockey playoffs you know they got the field of 64 and I know it's one game and Don and you don't like that is much in the world of hockey. But if you thought about maybe CHL and in different ways they can expand the playoffs to. To give everyone it she answered have some play in games and the NBA's been talking about some of the lower seeds. Everybody plays for those last overseas I don't know of a sudden you've ever thought about. You know I for me I think it is the way the Foreman is in the EC HL in the NHL you know it. There's all of them are any of these feel that there's a lot teens and Megan Megan the playoffs in rain each each conference things like that but. It means that the regular season actors and the you know that's bad thing that that's. That's what hockey's great that's why a lot of these sports theory and you look at past Malia there's a lot of teams. You know make in the field the 64 but there's also you know hung over like 150 and in sixteen college basketball teams that's a they're probably more in but you know there that's that's definitely a huge field the Whittle it down to so. And means that the regular season matters and and and I think that that that's special and you know in the EC HL. There's so much player movement in transactions guys going outcome and down bringing in new faces that. Makes very big challenge her for the coaching staff and the players to. Continue to train find that chemistry define success. I game inning game now when you're playing five gains and in a week's time and you may have different lineup for every single game it is deathly challenging but. That's where the guys who were there every single game after rise to the task in and people who get thrust in the new situations numerals for your team. I get a chance they can arise that as well also. I don't like the hockey format the way it is an angle and into the death of seven series and and and even at that that's what figured. Figured you're gonna say that to do your gonna say that so again Brian grads from the agri bill swap Ravitz you can catch them Friday night at 7 o'clock it's goth night. Saturday night at seven in the well it's pucks in pause and the craft beer night Brian thanks a lot for coming man and best of luck to you in some great success for the rest of the season wolf thank you very much thanks friend. Hey no problem at all. Again you're listening to straight up with surge will be talking Clemson basketball we'll be talking UMPC after the break. We back right after this. Past weekend at 844 GS PE SPN as our phone number you can Austin, Texas a 71307. Point ESPN and the tax so that will note. It's headed our way. Diesel did you watch any of the basketball this weekend is this something you jumped right into ice. And why Tony could I thought he got away I cut the court I don't have television. A live sports on TV and I was out in the woods. Knight's weekend long but I was following along a little bit on on my phone and my brackets doing a little bit better than. Coach grasses I've got I've got eight. Of the sixteen MI south region is completely toast. Everywhere aces every every sausage in it yet if he did tell me your yourself region is still in good shape to call you a liar. Yes you actually are a liar if if you do. Every everybody's mad in the south so I have six of my eight elite eight teams left to do not have anybody left in the south. But I got all the other ones so and three in my final four so if you look into a pretty good and in the real time bracket challenge. The internal radio fan I'm in the league right now so you're talking devote the hour no overall for the internal radio crew like. Fifteen Imus in the internal group had I think Allen had candelabra now that. You have to what's check it out and I and that it all up so on. Let's talk about IU NBC this is this is captivated the sports world here for the last couple of days course and taking out Virginia. Couple nights ago surge was there I can't wait for him to come back out this week he was in the locker room along with Josh Phillips after the game. On Opel had tons surest stories to share when he gets back later in the weeks I'm looking forward to hearing about that but time. Diesel touchy about this before the show. You NBC over Virginia may be the largest college basketball upset in history. A game I think it would be tough to debate I won't easily give you in a member of street up with surge was there mark Sturgis was there you just locker room after the game. So I started thinking about our question of the day on over the weekend. Was the UN BC win over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports not just college basketball but of sports news. It is not in your opinion. It is not in my opinion because. And has again this is not taking anything away from how it's awesome that I've I we disagree because I like this keep up because the NCAA basketball tournament is set up. To have potential upsets I mean the entire point just have. Have a one seat vs. What's the lowest seed sixteen sixteens together one vs sixteen it's set up so that the underdog has a shot. To upset the number one team fifteen to come out of senate to fourteen can upset at three mean it happens. It doesn't happen that often. But it does happen and so I mean a sixteen meeting one is the first time it's ever happened that's incredible. But it set up so that it can happen. A 136. Tries they've beaten them once so if you say it's not the biggest upset in the history of sports. It took us an anecdote that I think is pretty interest in next so I started thinking about what's the biggest upset in the history of college football. In immediately came to me that it was Appalachian State. Over Michigan and then I realized wait a second stirred was that the biggest college basketball upset of all time. You do. If not a love to hear about it I think that's fascinating so you were there are celebrating at the end with a block kick and everything to tell me a little bit about. How you're feeling coming down the stretch and at what point did you feel. I always reality that you guys are going to win that game I didn't think it was a reality until it was already over me that that was a game that I thought all right you know. Yes stars loves to bring it up that I was a little bit inebriated for the first half and that is absolutely true I was that he can that guy but you know. How many times do you ever been drunk in a football game and you sort of have a have a memory of how things happen and I and I remember the first half. They get while we're tortured these guys yup they don't stand a chance but we're gonna get it in the second half mean they sort of slept walked to the first half. So you have. We're gonna get it. And you know I remember even seeing some video of former coach Jerry Moore. Talking to his players and a half times as you're about to get the best of what the Big Ten has to offer you in this second half. And the second half was all of Michigan and it was a mistake after mistake after state frat state Michigan. Just charge right back and I thought man this game is over. And I even thought you know I felt really good about it with 34 seconds to go when you when you kick a field goal to go up to. High as 34 seconds nobody ever marches down the field of 34 seconds well this is desires we got this. And then that sixty yard bomb or whatever from Chad Ryan. Chad Henne to Mario Manningham and I thought doc. Fraph is it is big can happen this way from and then it took it took a last second block field goal mean you know I have my heart just sank. It was it was. Down here and that it don't want to weigh all emotions and made field goal that was down here with a sixty yard bomb that it was way back up here. With the blockade. The difference in the UN BC and why I think it's the biggest whenever first of all sixteen and one has been talked about I know you say it's set up for upsets. But it's been going on a 13635. Times before that when that was the last 161 this year. Before the upset happened and not just that it happened it was a lot of buzzer beater wasn't on a last second block field goal like apple like to state wise. It was an absolute boat race it was a blowout in the second half. So you do they minutes left in the game that it was over and I think that puts out in a different contacts and I did bring up miracle on ice earlier. I'd love to hear from you listeners out there a 44 GS PE SPN. Are there bigger upsets in your mind in the history of sports venue NBC over Virginia. This past weekend and I did I got a couple which in fact the wage you know like to go for my stats. On you NBC had 5000 twin looked Twitter followers on their athletics I'm. Account before the tip off of the Virginia game on the basketball town but does it I think now think you have a separate -- Obama's top athletics account a kind UG. How many do you think they have now as I checked about two hours ago about him were since nominee guess 25000 it's a hundred intense out at all. A massive growth for them before. And how some of the media experts had done all the analysis of all the airtime they got all the Internet traffic they god. 33 million dollars in free publicity for that school. By winning one basketball game sealed telling you talk about the importance of athletics. Even at these small schools that my completely transform that school for years to come. Are more people are gonna know about it and apply it can lead to a tonic growth I think it's really actually for them. I do its outstanding. I made the you know I can I can tell you firsthand the amount of growth. The avalanche is experienced after that Michigan wins UMBC is gonna experience that the same way and I and I love it form. But was actual on. And instead of social media was the social media really back when I Appalachian State I beat Michigan. On but I ton of social media on growth today sell 1101000. And counting on Twitter and I got to admit I got sucked and I started follow numb. On just after the game the other night on Friday and I got to follow very Sparky account go Daryn I'd check it out. And and see what happens so again our question of the day was you NBC's win over Virginia the greatest upset in history of sports. I'm gonna go to line one we cannot online one Kevin and I got it right or minus is something. Now that I think you definitely have our middle child in order to you may be upbeat three. What I'm all. Biggest. I guess. Shot is or would be out Buster Douglas they're not tighten. A good one yes very much. Stressing on an individual level and you know I thought about Greg Norman's a meltdown at the masters. Not necessarily a greatest upset when you thought a game our return it was completely locked in for Nick Faldo and a comeback in can win it but I remember buster ducks' speedy Mike Tyson. That's on the individual front a little bit different I think in and teen stuff but I Kevin thanks for Colin and man I appreciate it. I think we got Thomas online to you on Thomas what you got man came all nations all ansari AKA evil nation vol nation. Where you think Hillary got it right hey doing good man right now. Don't go to lunch go to out of there right. You know I got up there went the record sixteen and there. You know when you look at this particular scenario are well and I mean to look at the speaker won't be there. Don't talk about the local I'm Laurent Britain may. Are not to condemn what they were considered a bit and went in late in. Look at the record and then epic about who basically. Are when you're like the mule. You usually you know they're the green at number 13116. And you think about it Bill Clinton in total dispute the number one team religion. Well I wish you collect it like well can liquidate your. Booth meaning there to be our first need to turn. What took a player. And encode their economy electorate are you know they'd look at collider. And they took waxed them. In an outlet like productive in audible to a part time thing. I know encrypting that currently our area so that we are bigger the greater good because it was it would it would block but I. Think about who would actually. Win a medal winner sixteen. Deep it would look like Britain born in relation to. You know look the last point mean picket you do enter currently it and that would Parker payroll and I have looked at ammonia in our. That's why ought to go. Yup I mean we we might be victim of you know recent C bias right it just happens so we're gonna think this is the biggest one. But this was gonna stand the test of time and you're gonna remember where you were when you NBC pulled the subset for a long time especially for a big fan of the tournament so while all nations thanks for the com and we really appreciate it. Hey did you wanna join us again on this again our question of the day was Hugh NBC's went over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports. You can get us at 844 GS PE SPN folks agreeing with me so far diesel they think it's it's the biggest one at. So you said you didn't feel like it was the biggest challenge until the moment everyone's always captive to the moment this is the greatest everyone has grown as the all time. No one ever take some time to pack. I'm recognizing. And that aspect of it in that piece of itself if it's not in your mind do you have an upset in your mind maybe we talked about it are ready we talked about that state. Maybe you're gonna say a state or Michigan you were there miracle on ice of course USA over Russia. We just had another when I agree caller I called and said Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson Sergi how when you drank about birdies and hours and today. I would rank and I break the miracle on ice and me you've got amateur players who worry and who are. We're just put together weeks before Brett the Olympics they're playing the Russian team that have been playing together for a long time these of the big bad Russians will we also have you also have a Cold War scenario going on at the same time I mean it was there was a lot. To this day and there was a lot of context to that game that this one doesn't have a mean it's a fantastic. Upset I don't wanna take anything away at all from new NBC but neat you know the miracle on ice has had a whole lot more contextual your round. And even made a movie about it right they made a really good sports movie about it so it's and it's pretty interesting. And I Woolsey we've got David Hale got to be joining us after the break he's going to be Colin and at 437. David was on the scene for the big upset you NBC over you VA and I had to be adjusting to what I hear from Hammond talked to Immelman more about it and there was one other interesting piece diesel about the subset and then then we'll move on from it. So. The EU NBC basketball players sad and I might need a little bit here help here effort to make sure that's vernacular right but said that's. On the answer Graham models were flooding into sliding into their DM so I got that right we're sliding into their. I ask Christmas I was a big. All. You know sauce you guys he had that just means all those thoughts. We're jumping in there at the end of their direct messages he no that thought means. I think so there's and a story that whom they should it's a lot of fun average is coming out of the woods works. Has a look at for somebody almighty god we got these big stars let's get into their inbox. Yep well evidently that's that's what was happening and and that was the case. For a lot of the UN BC basketball players so one of I guess he added benefits at least for them that's you don't think about by being that. The toast of the sporting world for a couple of days the the retriever should UMPC to begin with you NBC's win over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports. It's like we've got to Colorado line one what's going on man what do you think am I right am I wrong bill. At psychic attack. The one come to my mind was shaman beaten Virginia. Corrects. Many millions either that was him the assassin was there right early eighties with Ross and I were number one man and ever but yeah. They were number one they ever in my life who wouldn't Warwick Sharma I. But never heard edit. Shot but I sounds like some sort of random mascot a dozen or salad the name of the school it's like this it's like there is the our sister merciful fate shaman I'll. I think it's if I've got it right it's a very small school in Hawaii I think they had 600 students to local host for the Mal wheat. Basketball tournament Virginia had Ralph Sampson. Unquestionably the number one player in the country they go down an Alley basketball classic and get picked off by shaman nod in this was I don't even think that game was on television back in the day bill maybe you remember but I that was an upset to captured the nation to. Not quite his biggest stakes I would say that I'd put you in this BC about it. Only because eyes it was in the NCAA tournament but that's a good call I'd forgotten about shaman Odland thanks thanks for the heads up on that. Really it's up their bill we appreciate call. So we're got a lot of traction on this today was you NBC's win over Virginia. The greatest upset in history's yeah I love our phone lines are blowing up some guys please make sure you call us back in the following segment because we do you have. ESPN's David Hale up next so. I phone lines are lit up guys call us back. And about 445 okay. Yeah that sounds perfect and I think that's really good timing to get to the break so we can have by David after the break. You're listening disarray up a surge will be back but David Hale from ESPN right after this. Welcome back industry it was surge on ESPN of state mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis today. We've been talking about the biggest upset I think in the history of sports. You NBC over Virginia this past Friday night we've got David Hale and from ESPN joining us. Damon has to go one man thanks for joining us today. Follow my pleasure. Have to be in go well thought well. Sleet directory and the crazy weekend. Well that's what we've been talking about literally the last segment I brought up and is this the biggest history is this the biggest upset in the history of sports I think we can all agree that it is in college basketball so. When you think about that. Yes I mean it's a valid question as to what is good sports debate I think you know the this thing is like if there are certainly. Upsets that have occurred but the when he talked about professional sports. Any upset is really not that big enough so that made that when you have if the browns beat the patriots next year at that doesn't necessarily. You know it could upset certain way by the browns are professionals you can all the best of the past they're just not quite it is reviewing what is more we're talking about. The vast difference in size speed athletic ability count the money infrastructure all of that stuff between the the number one of the sixteen seed. You know there's there's a bit different to the amateur ranks but it. I don't think. You can equate so I would just I would throw out all of professional sport in terms of post a comparison you know the doctor Douglas over Mike Tyson won it probably pretty good example of one. Didn't this. But but the other thing is to even you know if you look at that. Yes would certainly want that fight I don't think there's any argument about that but. You that you couldn't land a knockout blow though and that's that I can really have never hit before. All that's what you unpalatable what I took away from the game with UMBC is also looking to pick the upset. Because this scene outside the cult basketball not. You know the most shocking thing in the world. That they culminated you know but it was not close in the second half day this was not locked. This was not eighteen where they see you know call Regina sleeping in the home on a quality game. Where they got a few lucky bounces in the drained a buzzer beater they dominated Virginia. Eight you know they would have if they play ten more times I genuinely Bates. UMPC will probably win seven or eight of them the way they played so I don't. You know I it's hard to find a comparison in terms of upset because. Despite one where the talent gap theoretically is as big as it was. And the dominance of the underdog has beaten particularly there was I can't think of another one that it matches. And at what point did it sink in is reality for you you had a much closer view of the action and than most of his stance. And what we did it sink in hey this is really gonna happen. Yet you know at halftime everybody's got this thing will. Clearly Virginia didn't do that you can do it here you just can do is gonna make it and all right it'll be a closer game than people thought but they're looking into twenty. And a half or 21 point favorite I think most people still felt they were there with a double digit. And then he came out the second half. And UMPC drained a couple of threes that they shut get turnovers. This thing you know it's you know 78910. Point game. And you see the body language it's in your area and and that's where you don't Wear that the tightened things kind of comes in the comparison does it look like a team that got hit and didn't know how to react rank and you know there's navy yard I would say that ten minute mark in the second half. You know I'm writing my game's story assuming UMPC is winning that gala. Really never had a second thought about it that's a that meat that was a dumb that they were there wasn't this. Well it could really going to happen it was a paid this is going to happen. Here with David Hale of ESPN. David of course that massive upset we've got loyal we've got Nevada. We've got Kansas State had guy you know all all sorts of us and gorillas in the sweet sixteen that's what everybody likes to talk about this time is here. But I could argue that maybe the other biggest story in the tournament so far is the absolute bashing the Clinton laid down on Auburn the other night. Yeah. Look at it there is some teams that kind of floated beneath the radar this year and for obvious reasons in some cases. Syracuse being one of those cases Brett but coincidence Florida State commute those represented. Programs that have been building towards this girl while. It do not have that star. Superstar on thirteen good corners OP attention but it. Played good basketball won some big games this year whipped through the higher the case speak but we're not sitting atop the standings due out. But that you said look if this team is playing well it can win some games. Then they're playing they're both playing really really well that being an articulate spokesperson. And Florida State is that there's not. You know huge long haul with either of those teams ready. They they do a lot of things pretty well and respecting ignore them largely because they don't do any. One thing exceptionally. But they do and are all so you know you you look at the way deplored they came back against the the Xavier and then to be it was. In a matter showing the versatility of art this isn't working let's switch things up a little bit. There and find some success or you look at the way that. That Brad Brownell read first into first like ten minutes that you get offered technical story premium car. A lot of guys off the bench rotating routinely really take you to. Altered in terms of dictating what the temple going to be all of those things to me that that's. That is you luxury of having. Eight team did you have more than one or two guys that you can count on having. Second year that you can shift into it and I think that's maybe what. It undervalued the lot in the regular season because over the course of the year you maybe don't notice it as much. But it went to one and done situation those things matter. And I think we're seeing. Clinton certainly. We toward them that Eric and that. Beat down America but took the body language or Virginia or the open. Again against UMPC should not altered my attack like that it's got on the bus you almost have to. Yeah no downside I completely agree with you. I'm here with David Hale cover CA CC for ESPN he's agreed follow on Twitter at David Hale ESPN one my favorite follows on Twitter and I'm not discuss not to yield. I'm before Belichick go on Clinton's match up with Kansas he got a lot of time to think about it yet. I know Kansas is very guard heavy as well to me it seems like Clinton could match up well with the jayhawks and have a legit shot on Friday night. You know I I agree with your man look this is it a little bit of the strength on strength in. I think they're probably plays to the clintons. Advantage in that blue what their what they wanna do is sort of they know they know yet is because there's a group. The torment chances I guess it'll suspect's. So I think you know this is not difficult to find a perfectly good team I would argue their. There certainly the favorite in the end in that region to come out of it but. You know our I don't know that it's it's O. Open and shut case for them because. A look at what they do well on that has seen the war. And end to match up pretty well against so. To me that look like a game where who shopped their all because. Lisa and I don't know that either keep that necessarily go Dominic and where did this for example you would seem to expand do against North Carolina yeah. But it came into game where somebody's gonna have to mix and show up. And we've seen the start of it if nothing else has been a fun tournament experience the dramatic it's been surprising but we seem to have. Ugly. Ugly offensive basketball. And so it it you know I think what you're saying you know I case and some of these teams that there's a lot being able to. 40% three law that that not happen they look ugly. I think somebody might need to shoot 40% earlier this get away. Agreed David Hale from ESPN thanks for joining us say David and I had a long weekend we really appreciate hopping on with us. I am upload experiment. I'd David thanks. Was you NBC's win over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports get to assign 844 GS PE SPN will be taking calls after this break we back right after this. Welcome back in two straight up with surge mark Childress sitting in for mark Sturgis today. 84 or GS PE SPN it's been a popular topic in our first hour was do you NBC's upset win over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports. I say yes a lot of the callers been agreeing with me a couple of gone your direction diesel. And said that there are larger ones like miracle on ice we've had Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson referenced a couple of times so again a 44 GS PE SPN's. This we are last segment on this topic so if you wanna get them on this simply had this before the top of the hour. Clemson basketball is something I'm gonna spend a lot of time talking about an hour number two today. One of the best performances historically that I can remember if any of you Clemson fans out there I have something in your mind that's how does a 31 point win over Auburn. On please reach out and let us know but an unbelievable performance by Clinton yesterday a game that felt like it was in the bag very early on. A look at some of the statistics on the ball game yesterday. Shelton Mitchell who just had a great job a scene before. On had a fantastic guy came assist wise he had six. Also had ten points gave devote. Just completely got as hot as a player can get for about three minutes in the second half there he ended up with 22 points including six of nine on three point Hearst. Marquis street struggled from the field 617 from the field and ended up with sixteen total points. Eliza Thomas may be his best game of the year that I can remember he had a double double he had eighteen points to go along with eleven rebounds. On Clemson overall deny this you know shot close to 50% from the floor. Which is a very good night especially for them. And you looked down at the Auburn numbers and if you're Auburn fan you just wanna hide your head in the sand and there's not a whole lot of good things you can come out of these. Seventeen. Of 66. From the field. They shot about 25% I'm gonna tell you they they had about six shots in the last three minutes of the game or might have been below 20%. One of the worst shooting performances I've seen from the team and I think you've got to credit clemson's side defense on that. On also. Just struggles from the beginning of the game may end and David Hale brought it up he talked about body language and how Auburn's body language has got worse and worse is that first half went along. And Clinton continue to pile in on it just seemed like they were not prepared or had been coach stop or which is completely caught off guard with a defensive pressure that Clinton was bringing. And the way they were moving the ball around on offense tonight and get the shots off it was a special night for Clinton will talk about that a little bit more and and some of the on segments coming up. On but again once you NBC's win over Virginia the greatest upset in the history of sports it's our question of the day. If you want to weigh in on it you need to do it by the top of the hour at 844. GSP. ESPN. So diesel I don't know if you you said you did watch a lot of basketball but this game didn't start until. Think a little bit after 7 o'clock last night I don't know if you were back corps had the ability to stream or anything like that but it's Clinton's win to say very special victory over Auburn. And die and some that I think Clinton fans or member for a long long time a big win for the program. I was trying to watch settlement I guess I'd like to thank ESP incorporate for blocking that out on the app are. Hook that's happened a couple of types to me especially with some of the ACC network games. On there there's all kinds eventually thanks so here's Anderson think for you diesel. I don't do I'm not the most spontaneous person in the world there's people at home that know me very well that are laughing but I did something spontaneous today. I booked two flights and bought two tickets and got a hotel room in Omaha on Friday night. And I've taken my fifteen year old son Faxon out to the sweet sixteen games we'll have the Clemson game will be the first one against Kansas. We're also pretty big supporters of duke basketball as well to can be played Syracuse after that so maybe you're rubbing off on these seem like a much more spontaneous guy that I am. But hey as spontaneous decision by the that I could not possibly be more excited about going to lose. All games on Friday while spontaneous but almost a broke so yeah that's sort of cancels out a lot of spontaneity. Well let's put it this way there are some very inexpensive hotel rooms available in Omaha this probably comes it comes at no surprise to anyone so. That wasn't that expensive and I have a massive amounts. Of accumulated sky miles over the years so I you sky miles for the flights. A really cheap hotel room for Friday night. The tickets are gonna be costly but says that's really the only may expand so it's not near as expensive as you think man you probably can pull it off with me well hopefully you'll be able to. It almost take it's far from disappointed fans. He had a way out the door yet there we don't. That you know that's that's a bartering and trading events is secure T if you go out to the sweet sixteen game so. Right now I do not have plans to stay through Sunday's game says Sunday would be the elite eight game Clemson were to win and advance and play a game. Again two days later. City so when you get when you get the tickets you get the tickets to both sessions you get the Friday tickets for the two games that. Come back to back and you get to Sunday ticket as well so a lot of times the losing teams. As they're leaving the arena. We'll be talking to the winning teams Haiti while my tickets for Sunday and you can end up selling your tickets back. That we did a one year and ACC basketball turn it where we almost made all the cost of our tickets back by selling our tickets to the finals 'cause our team to make it. And and you can offset some of your losses to your team might les to maybe get a little cash in your pocket as you walk out the door to to figure it all out I hope I don't have that decision to make on Friday but I might. Want to stay well if you have the opportunity to get out the guys who just be just a little you know it kind of takes a little this little bit of the sting off well you figure they're gonna be high off for the victory rank there's going to be a lot of Candace first of all Kansas is gonna absolutely dominate to Serena. That you're gonna have a lot of duke fans to do fans always travel. I cannot imagine you'll have more than a couple of hundred Syracuse fans there and it's going to be interesting to see what the Clinton contention looks like I'll be there with my son. On you got to figure a couple hundred they may release on how many tickets and sold had to apply to retain today. To be able to get them so be interesting to see on how it ends up and what they wanna do. And and and how the sand breakup will be and the ball games and and in the arena. On that evening so I'm gonna be excited to be there should be good stuff too great ball games too great stalwart teams right you've got Kansas air. I you've got duke they're as well. And going to be too great match ups and and I can argue maybe the biggest game in history Clemson basketball before we get out here it's top the hour we got Dan who wants to weigh in on what is the greatest upset in the history of sports. Dan do you agree that we saw happen on Friday night's. Oh okay which. Gotta be US Soviet K we've diesels the suggests he agrees with you. You look at it yet not the Olympic Olympic hockey. Or 88 at the Russia where nickel metal. Now. Well it. All bought their machine in the world the better part here. Look at that they yelled and I appreciate and I appreciate you bring in the good stats too many did his homework and yes they're the greatest upset. That was absolutely fantastic speaking of upset you're gonna be upset if you do not enter to win a thousand dollars cash.