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Are right diesels by their mess scenario with the defense system trying to get Ryan media. And we will. Hopefully have him here a couple of minutes because that you there's many lot of blank steers around that are competent. This the Clinton system it's like a British journal she can Dolly NASA on it you know and got. Seeks satellite trajectories and things of that nature everything except make a phone call yet the hardest part peas have a right to pick it up I'm afraid that. Somewhere may actually like. Disappear off the pace of or slow the process. Is there any way yeah a little bit of basketball here yet in ninety. Got started in earnest last night for whatever reason me and the higher seats that get serious they did I mean Saint Mary's rolls stood 8945. Win Oregon rolled to a 9986. Which Notre Dame 8463. Oh club estate one about twelve ever dumped city Florida Gulf Coast. So I was really impressed that little hole when their candidate even on a plane yet exactly they would they play like that the first half their delegates the well I'm telling you it's one of my absolute favorites. Absolute favorite names the northern Kentucky horsemen it's awesome and so that accurately so yeah when it comes to the NC part of it what you. What won't you do here over the next couple days Richmond that your world stopped does. It's a yet seen the numbers when it comes to lack of production out how much it cost this country when it comes to. Jobs and stop what six the adhere to that craze what dates of that of that nature. I'll tell you what I'm doing and it's something very special. I'm taking tomorrow off and I taking Friday off and I'm edging out. In front of the television to watch some basketball I think three of the last four years I've had the last minute travel or all day meeting for my job. And me and I've missed the first two days of internment which besides the masters as we talked about is my favorite event of the year or so I would have my brackets right there next to me. And I think the bracket God's will bless dolls hold on because I am taking the days off of work to invest the time to watch the games in the basketball apparently that's what I think you're ready to suck up our friend Ryan McKee with the you think your job got three of the same we might do more in that. Of course the great former yeah I shouldn't ever eight former travelers rest double dog are you. Right and here at double dog for light correct. None you know what what good lord split into all of you that's elegance and you can dispute. And well being and about the go to Chico ball while two are. There it is will listen the quote we get starting pitching and I'll see each other and Charlotte this weekend out there at the regional I want to give a view in. If Marty eight major thumbs up for your hey woody a talking about woody Durham this past weekend. Along with North Carolina and date because Marty year Lara Ryan you're from here in traveler's rest he went on to the University of Tennessee I'm from Greenville I want Alabama. We probably all hated North Carolina basketball that we all respect it would be Durham. And you know before a moot. It's all right I'll I would go and and lived neurology. You know in the late seventies early eighties when I mean Tobacco Road was Tobacco Road and then and being stripped look behind his power and Tim upload just take you know recruit the state encourage trade just taken over Newt. And it was your little may become a little bitter and unit you hated Carolina pornography in it that you're technically Carolina. But the one North Carolina you spell. Got a little charter and heard wooded are and for me. You have grown up and you built Tobacco Road it was it was the Holyoke in duplicate the suck god it was the boards and it did you know. You think about. You know what do you look closer and I heard some coaching her record what what will go at all or use you use we heard the voices in news and up. You know I mentioned a pursuit senate about so we're. You know startup makes me like gold of known you a month are bought and knew that the lol he takes it seriously bunkers. You guys know real cultural ball where real cost or stand. All due respect to Markel walker used to it and if you look the hometown team you poppy turned down. The television in tunnel radio and brokers think golf include opportunities saying that it and west of his good friend of mine in there you have no less than. And Dudley hit the way he handled all. While you loose. Calling it called two games the night after his father died today at this thought perhaps what I saw tonight different and and he handled that with clout that the worst. Earlier alert. They Ryan mark Childress here yeah we did say that Larry Munson down in Georgia when it was the sort of football games back in the day. Let's look at that you're did you see you know that it's well you upload as. It's hard for us income go to regain it is not just Dumont. Yet you know yeah you talk a lot that would how to do it mutton impersonation. Yeah nice. She should be Lauren down the sidelines put up hale was look at your final four picks we have not revealed hours on air yet today but minor eerily similar to yours you've got. Virginia winning it all was that before the geometry on her injury happened or easterly wind power yet. Tucked more tomorrow night the Dominican Republic and unless this yeah like got a 20 maybe I'm really curious to give to. Pinch all our political yes hero really curious do it to the arena. And watcher in New York now and a lot of those looked out for nothing but I district receivers like. But there's your nose in the guy on the and one of the you've gotten you know everybody's talking about it and look and I'm really excited. That will be the dispute sixteen people in the royal. Urgent need to play is extinct The Who did it reasonable that for opening your real liberal on. So we continue Brian McKee a BS at the end so Ryan you know it there will be an ACC fill in the air with Virginia. And North Carolina and the night session but. Everybody wants to talk about Texas say the media could be a sleeper my opinion is on March 14 you are what you are as a college basketball team at this point in the season. Yeah. It's good group amid you know I'm umbrella term there was Creighton. Also to the column I'll know what all the copper called Wall Street in the block out all a lot of of them. Or drug or sports media out and go off I know look pretty good and you know I'm like you're really the kid to grow mark well below what David lipscomb basketball can watch you lose their boat that the public armed and you know. Probably at the scary looking mascot. The celts got a budget flick from himself or are you. You know it didn't get a opera not a big twelve toll begins later woods yet. And all of you you can't you are at this point and the only thing is gonna change that is. If you're averaging mentions. They knew Ricky got going the port look so you know North Carolina in. You know you lost your view you lost that that are quicker to what is the duke in Danish civil war and and then you did you know okay good bit there. It looks very pedestrian or Compton AC tournament I'd lose. Well educated in their guilt thing he can change to new York and so routier's seat. Begin with a psych you would be you know dress featured audio lost a lot of the problem to wanted to produce then you are you are at this point continued to walk. Even though another caller on why you urinate the U probably dominate the it appears in the probably thought then and you're warned you do look below and flew to New York, New York. So ride when I pick up my Cinderella is I look at the lower seeds that have the good coaches a look at Shaka Smart at Texas. I look at Jim lair and a case he's on the the three seed line but it still makes a noise how do you pick your Cinderella is in who have you got this year. Do you use Michener L coaches and our team was saying you know. There are a lot of things with upperclassmen and more spin and so you go back you look at our speak about. You're the Davidson along with their current and you look at thirteen. It is boost up courier was. I think that he had three senior legal war vet so there there's very little support work. You know when you're below the eighteen year olds in some cases guys who just turned eight and earliest warning one point two year old. You know in in them quickly you're coaching you're concerned about court. The longer a look at can you got a note parliament so what good generic coached this for the atomic hall like golf or. Then at parliament all about experience and so you're in the war on Indo. You know I'm a little body and a I'll wish. That Bill Miller mid majors in the C you'll bear and a lot of committed to the second half the pack you know power bottom proper schools were closed. You know you could posting news. There's clearly got seniors and they got gonna play and so those are the teams look yet debt you know you look at all those you've had so many ups that. Over the last Bob six years you go back and look who would just need more than most teams work teams that have what point two year old wanna warn your old plane yet. A big body and team with a bunch a woman though it and to me that's the biggest. The biggest risk you take with a woman norm over and you know appears so Nursultan double the biggest thing you've traveled warned on their totals and I would wanna go on the you know you pay you for not have a net pick a better experience what you have more. All right it's because that would Ryan McKee at ESPN just follow him on Twitter McKee ESP yet. What about your Tennessee Volunteers as are licking my chops look at it that have put their regional Cincinnati. I think at some of the same age he's at Virginia does they can go pretty col Bert and a twelve minute period. In you're just talking about a Tennessee team that stay consistent all winter long. Yeah innocent it and begins going back to who. Dude who argue it and how Coke will you can you well and you go back and watch with those guys do all your all. And you know pick it finished second half of the golf course you talked about a coach. They are coach and people are they tough draw at all about that it and so. You take a coach with confidence in you pick a roster would cooperate when you're out and play within themselves there's nobody on Nat king. Who had any comment go besides what's duke and Carolina the camera what what don't we can happen you know and there are a lot of their political holder also a lot of guys particularly in the second half who tried to take the game well. Mr. to have you sir you got to know their role. They know what they're supposed to do and reported that screen and again and absorb the most generic coach it was coach took the Myanmar thought that I would be so angry is go be your nothing quote relive it meant. It's Sandra yeah I do it if it when you get to march. You better be a good talking ain't gonna be the go about law. Right there we're gonna open this up for our listeners here in the next two segments what is seeking its really stop and think about it for a minute I think I've made no Yuri answered no and that you grow Riley. Was set stopgap moment that you remember from the NT part of it in your lifetime. Only permitted to lose I mean it's it's noble it was are removed. Being at the beach. Let us closer v.s North Carolina win Lauren Burk sauls yep grabbed it wouldn't birds mister reporter threw it down and that was. They tell us the moment you know a twelve years old. I mean you know doubles of course Polamalu iPod whatever. Brought a black it out on the sheet of paper which is our egos or 32 teams there and and you know that's who look like a loyal in these states stuff and I drew a black skeptical about collect our book promotes cereal box. And lo and behold looking more it was all downhill from there are no wells that are coming to us this morning of this and it made me cry. But it twelve or gold. What when and he's they won their championship water all we looked into more radio we'll that mobile lectern and. I will listen teleport is seen yet there and Charlotte here tomorrow and that pace were taken some time with this today right in it yet. What do you have Marty working on this weekend or go up for the NC department. The blue ribbon commission on Russia's Mardy is doing this thing where you can go like. Twelve were thirteen. Teams that are tournament like all the like points while extend our core Kosher or an hour and I'll be installed the game. In him there and he and I'll drag it to the marker down and Walton show also and not fail so more and and I'll be right back appearing as you look I. Which what's worse middle school car lighter thirteen goals in 24 hours. Good school and probably more about similar to young people about truck. They are right well let's it takes right and we always appreciate you catch enough with this and again now look foresee this weekend. It I'd. Right right right Mickey makes you give of Apollo it's him. CG EEE there's no way to me. But it's at ESP MED display the best guys out there are so fortunate so much fun when we get around it. Is based on Twitter it is very slight still worries that W I don't even touch that NASCAR theme because that is sport match these. Yeah but he's did you read some of the stuff on its Twitter I'd write up now before we go out the easel check this out. Well was this would. I had a buddy who work for a rental car company in the Poconos. Trickle brought in as she beat back what's because it had it quotes a bit of a ship via rail one out of five. Max I needed that celibate hit the high was 55 at the roots in that area where fear he'll leave speaker reach. A hundred by bus the L like you on talking about Dick Trickle picturesque aren't as you'll see wells that you would days of thunder there as well blizzard. I'd say here's what's that moment for you eight can it be good it can it be bad I'm a little bit upset with that rice the only area under a zealot you told me before the show. It was but it I'll still mention why but there may be another win in the 844 GS PE SPN it's opened but it. Your moment in the NCAA tournament let us hear about it it would also. Take your final four as well. I were taught it as a it's part of it enjoy it take it together with Ryan McGee there in the last segment now he steals my thunder because. I was telling you right front I was in ninth grade in we were stopped somewhere ailments Central Florida literally in the arms. In the arts. Groups you know I mean it was. So stupid I guess our players loved it but they took our baseball team out of spring break. Trip to the dole Brothers it ailment port that's price in gold the needle like go course. The one who played with Bucky repeat it be that old story back in the day yeah. So yeah everybody's seen even though the others are he's it was just him beat this guy of course he has it means blue in there with eyes engine. We got Ryan in a game that night and in Florida about sixteen to four I mean like you really bad. Games that we get back to the raiders were minutes a game we figured it would be too when he points to he instantly. In you know eighteen to twenty of his high school it's loaded up to be ruse of course all of them pulling for the ACC. That was back in the day when you could legitimately pull for the out yet what this stuff it's the way. That's there were but two it's from Greenville, South Carolina to open up and dale window Lawrence's patrols slam that thing through now. The opposite side attack it that you where I was. Its wheels on excellence and it's. It happened with the Georgia and all that that would be must stop them on the pads cited these tease at me. The place was going nuts and you could hear a penny at the word about the reason. Mine lies in its easy this today. So why make you basketball fan as well we've talked about this'll be easy to say Italy shot over Kentucky's that's definitely one. But the report went to beat you LP one of the most unexpected. Results in eight final four even in Italy game amber at just the way they beat him took an undefeated UNLV team down. I was. Freshman in college wave back then and now remember that like it was yesterday so. That would you want for me there's been a bat it's over the years that it is markets out of my mind hesitate torch moment might be right now. Property as well item nightmare. With this on Twitter you can tweet me Sturgis sports can too weak market tilt or Smart. Nick if this is the final four to bail out Sturges and will not be Watson. On now is our resident buck idea that bowling swearing okay airs at a Michigan Michigan State in poverty. A worse by. Hell so I'd stay a year and a few simple buries it was going out of the end probably. Tasted like you open them come and out of this map it's picking Michigan in Michigan State. Weather all well rested and at this our guys through that sitting around they have the fresh legs ready to steam roll that for weekend. And all these teams in the sweet sixteen where you can even blink or. Is that rest and hurt him and it all upset and those first rounds of interest it's going to be interest that we Tamar because I look at this one in Acton. There could be in masters final war that's one of the things that the Adrian about yesterday. It's really good is well it's all quiet on the western rock when it comes this at the ice that you write right now. Arizona and air are we looked at him and eventually. At the like lol well at the 2013. GP two vacated war. We have a big asterisk next yet team in 2018. Its. I've maintained with Ayers that it may well be the cases. Innings and there's much it's any. It's Miller immediately use that fuel that's needed just ran he totally the final four. Or is going to be a gigantic distraction go up super early like supposed to done in the past. Man it's so wide open this year we joked before hand it'll probably be for number one seeds and final four. But it just seems like it's going to be pure chaos yet that's what my cuts are coming to simply. Back the other direction yet aisles going one direction. It's OK. I think people are sort neighbor thing whereabouts are going to be that 81 case that you play. Yet the percentages higher seeds because. And every time yet people take this the way it typically goes the other direct John price from Vegas coming out you asked about this very thing where the money going. The Smart money out in Vegas is it going on the top seeds are they are they have a lot ups it's going to be answers to new data baton Eric rice on Michigan State's bandwagon right now remembered as one national tighter or what Tom business that I. They tend to find a way to maybe make it to the final four but they come up tests its was so that's why I say. I see little pot marks on everybody's resonate this year it's hard not yet there's no great teams this year and just connect to slug it out see what happens are right locally the Clemson Tigers they will hang around this NT eight part of it longer than a lot of teams is just because they buy they play the final game of the court rail. On Friday night out in seen Diego will get your thoughts on clubs and New Mexico State plus she can get richer final four picks. What's your stopgap moment when it comes to the NCAA tournament will get diesels when he comes back. Because you know what it's not the like I said I read an article. Or less said 90% of all Americans who have either played the lottery the NC it's a tournament poll. In their more less intimate at the other 10% was lying about it certain. You can give assured me immunity port port yes the ESPN's straight it was starts we're live at smoke on the water. All right welcome Becky and we are lied here's vocal the latter Steve Somers gonna join us in the next segment. Is he's have their fill and now his right now. It's gonna had a ready porous all right Ted diesel before we get abilities to week what it will what's your one moment you know app state. Yeah had been an in State Department now thinks it's Bobby rabbits now I'm not not and say I know everybody's different and it's on its head coach there so. You know but that again as much as she teased in North Carolina committed the something it was so what would be your us stopgap moment. When you think about something cool or hurtful when it comes to the NC Durham. I think the first thing that I really remember. Was watching Christian later. Beat Kentucky on that last second shot up days ago what element. Look at this we got our first baseball citing talk and Little League did you know the whole unit or an hour rain here in smoke on the water in is awesome. All right Billy. It's in. Billy Pappas and course we're always in the thoughts Billy sway with the way he in his namely in dealing with here recently. He says his spinal boards Virginia over Texas in him. Bill and over ever do with the Virginia be in the tea. He says my best party moment last year went South Carolina beat the yet there are a lot of fun to get it. He said that Warren local and a late ninety's went South Carolina as a legitimate BC lost the he says Wright State that it was happens to topics that. Disaster dates forget it with this billion appreciate it because you know what I've got two of yours. Sue when it comes to your final four we'd be closer than I think missed user's hand in my edges you you. Basically. When we get our final four with Steve here the next segment mine is keep figure which you can watch film black cube like TP YouTube which direction and go and all right so. You know again you know we're talking about you know a member constant means it steady. Stand the thought of you know what took place in it gets you cocked his what could've in that next Ali that yes. Because it took eight Crist didn't like their last second shot it knockoff UConn in the duke ms. Duke on a long two I just what could have been eclipsing its if you remember. A month earlier it was the final regular season game of the season right. I believe it's 9794. In over time that you constant beat duke it Littlejohn S is their only ACC regular season to. That may be one of the best basketball games I've literally guys that was a good one for sure what what are your. Thoughts on the clemson's first round match up since this is a lifetime it. Chat about this as were off tomorrow I what's your thought it seems I don't really bad draw for Clemson I hate the fact elicit New Mexico State Steve that we gets the Sumner RE two and enough with this I. They liked. Think when it. Listen 33 games that the Aggies have played this year they want to when he ate there conference TP they're common and with a lot of confidence. The one thing in I hate that twelve fight now we've we've mentioned yesterday did the line you really wanna look at 611 that's where right as upsets have been recently. I just like clip since guard play. That's the difference this year when it comes to every other good team decline since taken into the tournament it's been close to worry it. You've got to you've got to get. Yes I I completely agree with you gotta keep Thomas ultimately yes speak. Guys that can recount he has won it is there's 1430 left in the first Japanese in the second foul there that can make it really launch date for the tigers. But I likened to a lot of people to all that seems to be the number one. Upset pick. A lot of the media pundits or else not for me I like Clinton in the first round also like closed matchup of the second. I think it could be especially kept well it could be one more point about that more comes baked arm changed clubs. Yes now that it's edited and they had a plea super laid out their endurance and Malaysia are gonna spread our potential. For a lot of GY goodness it was mist of state of course that's not a object and then go to Bryant pretty short trip properly applied or maybe two I mean I would not be surprised at the Mexican state pulls the upset that they'd like us that something went out look that it it yet this. This Clemson team head into the NC stiffer why. That the Shelton Mitchell is the guy moves the needle he does way to get people on the floor he has had to get the ball to whom moving toward the basket. If we saw how this come populated they got when he Whitfield in that person or state game for the three games he missed that we're right. You're right but I agree with mark bestowed. Records are this is the game at the national folks are ups and I mean you pick a paper about public way is the one thing you got to keep looking you know we deceive Virginia you'd lose a guy to have broken wrist you know one person it's not going to be there now granted they got used to it since the ended January that they want this would be a completely different looking run. For the Clemson Tigers without a grant them rather than him sitting on the bed too no question. So again that don't forget you can hear coverage of that team right here on ESP in upstate at 950. At bako. Out they would say Diego and staying here. Didn't we can get your team eclipse it's got to hang around longer and about thirty. Four other teams avidly it's a matter of it. It's like I'll never forget you know the ACC tournament means a Condo median man fought with people about where should be I don't like Brooklyn I don't like Florida. Because when I was a student at Alabama twice that meet them up Ayers and Atlanta for the ACC tournament at the omni. Her picture will one year Clemson played Virginia's the 36 match up woes the ninth. Ian game on Friday I really know yet. We're going to be around longer than every other team now or this week so alert we're. Yeah of course clips of what the other Virginian that birds on Friday night says it's amazing how that stuff works out so here's dale. When we come back we're at it and our final four I'm gonna throw up in my mouth a little bit because it just don't like where I AM when it comes to my final four. However don't forget you can get an arm five hour energy bracket contest ESPN dot state dot com. He's got to be registered. About a Maher remember this is a bracket challenge that you can go in and changed the game by game week by week see your nut stuff like right Amy he was. With yes that dates from Sunday night. But Wendy we got to do before we get out of here less yet. We got Steve Sumner over here you have a variety get a thousand dollars out of him but one thing we got to do is the give away 8000 dollars three being cleared diesel hit an opera.