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Hi welcome back in our number three there remember where up until 7 o'clock tonight to Mars four to 6 PM will give way to Clemson tiger baseball is 6 PM Nomar but speaking of baseball it's time to bring on our good friend Landon Powell head coach at nor cream or university. The crusaders right now eighteen in five on the year seven and two in conference Carolinas in that landed hope you do well bud. Terkel called romance with great. The Dolan and yet. Well I appreciate it is less in the from what some firms from some feedback I got last week you got to be extremely happy with how things went down with your stadium but they're nor agreeable. Would give Miette turf field put in because I have heard nothing but ray Hebert reviews about it. We're very blunt. You know we it is it was a little political anxious time whether we get it done and I've eaten and done a lot and we talked about equality were talking about was. Was that a shuffle around them enough hadn't be flexible but we got it done. And don't play at the market went seven games on it at home some of those also are on the bench not. And I you have limited decision practice started you know I think most but it from the speaker. Probably rained out the days of our armed militant side that all the rain that we rim would get up out of it and two and a half hour practice and in. Have Billy Wagner here today where meat to eternal you know hoping ballot he's in town are practicing network when. Who advocate days you know were very very well quicker north cream. Well and up next is they win stay home contests with my Ender at 330 before you get a weekend visit from Kean university in that. Here's a dame Gavin let's start with the pitching staff I know who do you love it your catcher you know you had cement had severe stuff. In the Baseball Hall of Fame after catching Dallas Braden is perfect game a few years ago. But you comment on Tucker Burgess six starts on the season five and one a little under a four ERA. In the end there's anything garner as well he's got six starts he's 31 on the year. Intercourse she got a guy in the bullpen with caning cropper and it's just lights out right now and ERA of basically one. With a four or know who record so there's are couple starters and a guy in the bullpen that you can add it looks like you're going to be able to count on all yearlong. Yeah you know optimistic that Horton heat and we knew it was going to be your strength it was our strength last year and turned most of course. I putt or mentioned Harry Reid news strip clubs and originally. And it's just been great thinker more Pringle he's been a very steady force now in rotation and middle and watch your own promotional mayor in the pick them up this year where it looked up last year and even Carter did you mention that freshman year cycle and we recruited and copper freshman year first year and yet Tommy John Mark your arm and then welcome back picture on the digital or. And we co wrote about all then rejecting the property mention these are transferred it's been really different slot your middle opera last year junior. And have a great senior year up and Kevin can crawl and who. It's is dominated you know and they. His numbers are about like koppers. When you're hoping now that the vote count numbers due July outcome not so. Is that happening crate and I think that we are in looked up litter in and be able more runs than we normally do on the mound. We Wii remote that are weaker recently we scored only one around. In the green and send them right or wrong on the open a book you know sometimes it would conduct a trip and I'm hitting separate. Currently in the matter or not I win. As we continue with North Korea will head baseball coach Landon Powell former game cock as well and one of those guys it was hot it was Jaffe did Jeffrey Chandler he's conference Carolina it's Carolina's conference. Player of the week a few who runs down there at due west and another guy a yeah just keep on pushing Jeffrey Chandler is. Mean Connor grants haven't heck of years well. Air two hour Arnold you know. Jeff Chandler senior had in the cart mark up two weeks in a rope. Onions nineteen RBIs last week for a week and you know we beat you know or reporting shipped them to pursue it on the order you don't get a ballot back in doubt on the order. Mitt doesn't give the other team and let you know just keep coming Havoc. And cart grand doubt it'll probably draft this year in the between ten or fifteen rounds them stop and look apparently. Very dynamic player pretty. That twitch but. Have a good year and then John Jones who. Where else are locked up shooters is our attorney and did in the article you. I think he could almost 500 right now with a homer on an. We feel like you're doing it would elect a Christian as long as a coach and then I'm up in a way epic we are. Yeah and that's going to be the issue when you're nor green where you never know about that's coaches especially via head coach and lay and then you know here you are getting into what year number four is it with nor. We have support via the global market almost halfway cut tortured at. Rip so what makes you a better coach today didn't you worse say two years ago because you know adolescent and you know I know catchers typically go on to make really good managers. Because they see the entire game from back there behind the plate that would make she better than even say just two years ago. You know about Burke hired him and got into the professional record to local I'll come right out of the and so. Yet sometimes understanding of the gamer and think about her. Makes cents at a lately seen or that you know at that high level. I thought that at kind of crippled by comparing the local and understand that. On the could differ caliper player but also very good poker player and I just had become a could some depressed or might not allow them out on and not. Or about them making mistakes and they're probably gonna make some mistakes. And there at the basic news or an out patient order coaching. To be able to. Yeah overlap than men and understand and apparently schema or public enemy and stick the situation could pick it. And not order the outlook for them to develop and get better. I think back you know at same time I'm never you can eat out or not from. The veteran coach and up product you know we any develop the incredible winning culture there and then a little players especially me. And Solomon and everything at duke blue. How much up to that same thing in my players. And I think that culture three. Once agreed. It agreed to great environment so. You know just. I think he period now in four years into the outlook are spinning the nom I mean look take a step back and look at the big picture and always be concerned with winning or not just the battle. And to look things that have come up to elect a typical local Mormon Church now or you reported until it. Also fatherhood will do that he is well lay ended Baghdad now you're not competitive. I think I learned this comment from you on the golf course I holly tree with your battery mate David march greats back in the day. Right outside the grip of the leather leather. It out of the he looked straight marched right sizing at knocking close blood. A yeah and active in the map tonight a bunch of an event in Malaysia and got a couple of people. That's early in the greater you say making you said knock it close to a set to memorize it outside best job. I've ever heard speaking I viewed as you played for rate inner South Carolina for people who don't realize that your relationship were raped in her game is all the way back to Riley when Europe bat boy with the NC state but. I'm gonna butcher it it's what starts does on the shared job and lying to us your pitcher and your car I would like us here you are right. Tyler Jack senior assistant coach and even Stewart your graduate assistant. Yeah dollar all graduates of South Carolina schools is that important for you. That people know this Syria because again ye glistening new year and you've also piece together your roster from some other schools as well. Yeah I think have a strong ties in the state is very important thing without hurting. You know Tyler Jackson has low country down throw a Little Rock southern those areas that were so allotted time. You also played accomplished or are met as of yet and type in the junior Belgrade. On our division to you know been into baseball really well from Iraq you know got a lot continent area include not played at South Carolina. That we have connections. All around the state and an opposite of the must play in the weeks which also without connection that that local. Which can always pick it and like it happened Billy Wagner practicing and ethical thing for these players. Development. Up pictures of that local recruiting. You know so try to cover all the bases and and jumped straight out of step around me doubt that trot out the believe in what we're doing and then on the maker very happy work environment have a lot on. Feel like we're accomplishing some mixed day were teaching these players bought it paying them so far. We've been successful. All right guys we close up shot with Landon Powell or Crable university's head coach again nor green eighteen and five on the year seven and two in conference Carolina's play four home games this week Wednesday vs Lander at 330. Being Kean University come and ended tiger bill this month so this weekend says lane and when you get home for people that don't know Allison Powell on W Wyeth in the morning as you're much better half Sunday deed we we love to throw the at her route out kick your punt coverage I think you out picture at batting practice and run approach when it comes to that every do you have to come and he start like given signs the Holden and Ellie you know what pitcher how important and eat your vegetables every how far does given signs from the third base spots of the dugout go inland and Powell's household. Many that the that are like that being a father in and out of luck to have great family now all white acknowledged great. An anchor in the new equipment in Iraq come home yet in the cute usually are done their homework they are there BG she's that good at what she doesn't. So it took a lot of pressure me jacket come home to play with a match you on the floor with a replica at New York that caller. You know whatever steps an outlook that time that you know about the home in the afternoon to make it bitterly. Those couple hours on overly special. I'm not. Yeah at a at a hockey coach holt and yet he's too little player yet birch of the team that we input. Economical I'm looking at more reluctant to. I get so caught most of them just being around team. And the European games and listen to meet talk these players learned a lot to spot to spot being around so radically coached them up yet. I'm on the way to do that down a rope and he he Levin based local or. You were there were lucky man. I just see him as ES son in the house actually watch in the rookie last night you know in the sun as part of that high school baseball program no doubt about it that we Lieberman as we mentioned whole older and we mentioned LE. But also why you started a chair he called donors on the diamond through your daughter. Is he that passed away a couple of years ago from a rare autoimmune disease so. You know it's not just about those T there you've got donors on the diamond that this is also affected the rest of your life because you're on the board of directors for donate for life which is an organization to promote organ eye and tissue donation. That's right you know autumn my daughter's. I don't actually like her daughter but it was a very impact polite punched us Lotta people including each Cheney are a lot of weight and and you know it definitely drew me closer but walker got an analog beings adapt so I'm very fortunate to have been heard that in. But because of her life a lot in equipment and learn dumb you know prop or two people or donor. And coming lives effectively changed and so you because you're an organ donors so it's a really quick decision that they ask you to Ian Peter or even when you renew your license online. To shoot me organ donor you know there are eleven that ten people every minute their attitude organ transplant waiting list and number one person can actually affect. Up to forty different lives to ordination. It's really important thing that people realize in the gutter ball in the we Maher Al and I worked a lot that cheered in the great thing and appreciate you mark bring that up and and hopefully it'll like that that I really appreciate it. Now illicit I've got it mark on the back of my card as well but slight you know my wife said to battles were breast cancer that's why you highlight the stop when you're given the opportunity in the in my final promise for you and your former battery mate best friend next door neighbor. David march banks. I'm getting up to a north Greenville gave them to get now by the bullpen David march page used to tell me horror stories about people Tennessee. In they would know his girlfriend's name what his dad did the whole nine yards. It he said he'll win if you're creative with your head going it's a good deal I think marks breaks and need to get out they indeed some creative heckling when afternoon. I would love that they're not attributable story out of that you'll appreciate that. I cannot beat this is probably probably mark the expert told this story that I was I want comfort paper had a hit. A hitter lately Matt riddle. And the hecklers at tennis he that we're talking to me if perched and the hitter a little bit today riddle me this riddle me that. Why and how also back. And I cannot look chips stacked outside to start at lap and so art my art lap and it was on the left tackle other murdered. Vote yet their chief Steve Beck and we'll throw game obviously got between workers who bullet look at become. That tell you did barge space is like two leads unity they would help me get this information back in the it was absolutely. Unbelievable. Landon at best a lot we'll have you back on here. Keep it going in conference play and overall and just thanks for being part of the show appreciate jemaah for an. Hour. There's lane impaled or remote university head coach said diesel that brings up the question when we come back. If you were gonna heckled me what would you have called me about 844 GS PE SP year and. I welcome back Dan final three segments it's your show wait for Ford GS PE SPN two is your upset victim we're gonna get were really into the NC tournament remark. Adrian branch of ESPN's going to be in studio with us from four to 6 PM. Will give way to Clemson baseball at 6 PM but you can come on out to local Q1 Haywood road tomorrow night. In doubt we're gonna watch some first four basketball games. There is the year and so again. Come on out mean Adrian hang out what does have some fun there at local Q has who tells just. Real close to there that's why we're going to be local cute tomorrow so well look for to have an Adrian in studio can tell you at 430 we will talk alive. With Clemson head football coach demos Sweeney we got a couple other. Aces up our sleeve when it comes to that but diesel I was Diaw and first of all enjoy get Nat. Given Landon Powell and then of course I am convinced she had to listen enjoyed him in north green boy he is a few years away from making a big time too didn't. Be interest to see where he goes he's I think he's got South Carolina. Right in his cross fears that somewhere down the line. And you know what they say catchers of the smartest guys on the filled so Lou. That is how you go look how many former catchers are. Major League Baseball managers but if you worry again this came back from David march makes back in the day first and turn that I ever had. All right. Southeastern Conference pitcher of the year his junior season before he decided to go probe. He's like deep you know. Whenever he did Internet was still. Somewhat new they see if you will back in 20052006. You know in a dollop mode Omar remember I had backed down. I reversed you would call waiting can kick me off the Internet you know and every it is really have one thought in mind. But he was like did you'd be amazed at the amount of work east Tennessee fans didn't they say about the bullpen and they Hackl. Like lemon savings cracking up for space because a guy put some effort into it it was original. It wasn't discouraged. And I mean they would fight now and your girlfriend was where she was in school things that. Might not be in against you almost went over after the game three of the series and shook their hand going. I don't know where you got this from but by god you you're good at what you do so Sturgis is walking up to bat. You're out there are warming up in the bullpen what kind of crap are you giving me. Sturgis short sturgeon has no naturally he makes up for abide by opinion of the Czech guy. I'm. Sam they can a year failing here it's for people who don't know the athletes DNA. Did diesel has in his system and I'm not talking cross that it was his grandfather and and back in the days grandfather played not just football but football and basketball. For Clemson University I would have called you go wow was he not a good and I get enough athlete to play baseball as well and really just went PT sport happily not 30 it must around armed with a little bit c'mon man off come on me and I think may need taking spots where riding in cars now as well poems and stuff and he's talking about make a Ryan every time 101. That did did they teach you this thing called hike to. Which makes no sense whatsoever. Ovitz. I mean adding that they go one day you boy your grandfather was good enough to play team sports you can only play one I would have suddenly his guess what that means somebody can put the effort in the find out. That your grandfather was a team sport at the leader clumps and I remember being asked. Politely. To calm it down. At an app state baseball game once buy head football coach Jerry book. I know that I was not cursing did you Blake I was there and I know I remember the whole thing. I was not cursing I know that for a fact demand hours on that picture. Golf hole. Jane and associate athletic director come and tell me to calm down. And then you know an hour after that I had. Jerry more common Tommy calmed down and I said Jerry you know I'll tell you a man out at a business singles of football game in five years the story goes well you know what. We use about fifty more than 151000 more just like how come home back involved who sent OK. I've got a date codes. I've got to be what a Bear Bryant tell you. Some Lenovo know this that daddy bill story you know daddy bill corrects my father. Back when I was a child. Then. The app public school says Clinton. And re emerging if you will. They took my they put us Shannon farce Christian school in kind. In it was you know would dad working in between now Watford in there she's been going on Spartanburg gotten Duncan. Made it easy for him yet to get the basketball games or baseball games or soccer games his chin and forced him play football. Yeah it helped him out as well as he can hop on I 85 and get right to going to road but. Dear big rival back then and this is late seventies if you will was Southside Christian school now you know sell side out here you didn't hear music for their football program. Football games this year correct. And the entire right. Hey this is not the same Southside Christian I mean is the exact same school but it's a different era of it. This is at Southside Christian was they were they on Augusta road near the group or country club you actually on the south side of town right. Right so. But if anybody were members there they're off to the old Augusta or they didn't have their own gym. So they had to deal with. Other gym soon they would ran out the boys club down near the old post office. My dad only anymore in one other here got eight technical foul called on him in this audience. Are right. First time in the last time I ever heard one of my Brothers get away with saying shut up in my dad's. Is it I guess in the heat first of all how thin skin dizzy referee. Do you have to be when nobody's cussing match it might be saying hey you miss that call you know and some DelHomme is like sub prime issue. There was no cussing going on. How thin skinned and was CH. Do you have to be is an official to turner rounding Collie technical foul on people in this state in its. That's called home court they may image in nets called you'll have a clue what to do with your job now. Again I still take away our member Rick my brother look unit beds element to shut up if he got away with that bit that Timmy. You may have gotten yeah did you until you get a technical foul calls aren't you convinced they would know us. He may have beyond that and that's pretty cool IV at least you went out and supported. At state baseball and some other stuff when you were there a even tried to support app state of Michigan but only got a half and that day. Yeah a lot of support animal lot pregame. Value before or I'm ahead on it as when I really supported team than that yeah I mean. It was time mass state baseball was wasn't a transition they were building a brand new stadium and you know I was I was. Wanted to ask. Landon about playing on a surface like that that's okay I adamant that would be that entertaining to the audience but playing on a surface like dad. That is. That consistent. You know I'm it's I'm sure it's good and it's bad and its own ways it's it's not as soft. As a real grass infield. But Nicklaus and but it's pretty well it's going to be consistent so every single time. That ball against gets hit on the infield you know you're not gonna have. You know a pebble or a bump midway between you know the pitcher's mound and third base even neo you know face is that little spot it's gonna jump. You know this is consistent. I'd love to know essar have loved to play outfield like dances to seamlessly. And Newton. Yeah we had him here for Roman candle baseball a few years back maybe we can get up the North Korean born get on the pitching Gunner shops and so who. It anyway IE I'd tell you way I don't want a human being out there want the I want the pitching machine it's gonna put it in the right place every time so I don't have to get out there not be Duncan could just be in third. Behind my bed of course lane and bank and ask for I get -- with them as well and of course that's what you do when your friends are right so here's the deal will we come back. We've got a couple of segments of open offense. It 844 GS PE SPM will switch to the NCAA tournament including. One rail on his already been won today. Know you're going do they don't start playing until 6:37. O'clock in Dayton tomorrow night no. Sometimes when a coach meets with the media he can in the first round right there will tell you about that also go through. Some of the bracket apology if you will 844 GS PE SPN two more segments didian. Are you want to Maggie and Monday remember NCAA tournament actually get started tomorrow night that we got you covered here on ESPN upstate you got till Wednesday. Get and are out bracket challenge brought to you about five hour energy so. You know here's the deal. You'll be able to pick your teams are rounds and things of that nature but go get registered you can get a ESPN upstate dot com get registered or get our FaceBook page and click the week. In we will have some fun with that some very cool things up. Up for grabs no doubt about it don't forget tomorrow in studio Adrian branch of ESPN will be with this then about 7 o'clock. Simpson team will be over local Q on Haywood rude and one of the rooms are there watch in the first four games to feel free to come by and meet. One of the legends himself and ID's I know the first question you have to him is where's your Big Ten legends jacket or something you know and every cut. That rubs them raw and that's what's so fun about it is we know it rubs him wrong. Every time we tellem said. All right so the NCAA tournament you know wet whatever you thought about the selection show I thought it was terrible. I would like to congratulate every TBS I didn't think it was possible. There this politically charged here and get people to agree on anything but they actually agreed on. How bad that show was we saw a 52% drop in the ratings from year number one to year number two. In either way it may add a little bit to do with that Tiger Woods coming down the stretch on the other channel but. There's some things do you first must set time of the year. Did this was a pretty weak bubbles so you didn't get these C a lot of people upset about a team BO left out because guess what you are what you are at that point. The one he made Saint Mary's got a job being ranked number 25 in the country and you considering. They do have a winner again sag and that's their best and really only good win of the year. But you can only beat he polite I thought there was an issue with Notre Dame nineteen and fourteen. In the fact that they lost Bonzi Coulson for so long this year since December 30 they just got him back a week ago. Yet they still managed to navigate some waters and win a couple of gains in the ACC tournament. So I think those are the T teams that are probably the most upset with Davidson right now because I think it was Davidson. Knocking off for a dollar and in that in that conference tournament game the AT and whatever. Das the one they end up costing you Notre Dame and Saint Mary's their bid but yeah when it comes to the number one seeds. Any. I get the fact that. You know number one. Virginia should be the overall number one seed now don't think that's the case I think they actually ended up given that the Villanova I mean beauty. Is so minor. When it comes there. But you are starting with the starting with the south region here's how it goes in of course this Friday. We will see these gains up in up in Charlotte will Josh and I make sure you check out FaceBook will keep you up to date of the number one seed Virginia vs number sixteen seed Maryland Baltimore County. In the 89 gain coming up after that it will be Creighton in Kansas State one team from Nebraska one team from Kansas. There are couple hours apart that are absolutely prodding at the map to get each other. Yet they're playing it in Charlotte, North Carolina are right five C big Kentucky vs twelve seed Davidson. That's a site that's a sexy pick bear that twelve Davidson never five Kentucky but let me take Kentucky's gotten better and better. Game one of the things that you can count on when you get in this time of the year is affected John Calipari is gonna complain. About the fact that where they are seeded but behind that he got Arizona and buffaloes so what you're city seeing is a possible second round match up between Arizona and Kentucky. Then they can thought possibly. Pay and pay facing Virginia. In this sweet sixteen so yes listen he is complaining left and right. On the other side of the bracket in the south region Miami of Florida Boerse vs Loyola Chicago is we had a collar mention earlier watch out for third seed Tennessee. Their face in the number fourteen seed right state. Also Nevada the seven C vs Texas the ten. And then Cincinnati. Number two seed vs Ron honor. Of Georgia State mail here is set for people don't realize Ron Hunter junior played for his dad at Georgia State this is not their first trip. In the last they've been to a couple of NCAA tournaments in the last couple years but. Now you start to hear coaches meet with the media ahead of Thursday and Friday's games. In this is what Ron Hunter head to say about their trip diesel he says quote Cincinnati stays at the Hyatt in we stayed at the cup burden. Cincinnati eats at risk Chris in we've got beat it windy east but will be ready by 2 PM on Friday. Yeah you remember a couple of years ago they hit PS3 point he was coaching when it was in his son hit the three point during they advanced. It he fell off over is. He had the low leg coming up you know with a roller on it and he ended up fallen off of it kind of like the video you showed me I think last night at my house of the deed fallen off the bench. No doubt about it but that's the difference between. A bigger school and a smaller school where they stay where the in a whole lot more. I don't forget me she get ESP in upstate dot com click the late getting our five hour energy bracket contest in that. In all the rules are right they're plus side make she give us a follow on Twitter at ESPN upstate you can always go to our FaceBook page you can give me a follow on Twitter at Sturgis sports also. At diesel on radio all the different ways to keep up with us in again will be in studio tomorrow with Adrian branch till 6 PM also starting to break Kirk cousins was being thought to be chased by the Broncos as well sales like the Denver Broncos may be settling on former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. Two to be their next quarterbacks. Well we'll come back we'll finish up the show open minds 844. GS PE SP and few notes when it comes. Today in CAA tournament in a whole lot more. So diesel you know. Basketball's not fully in your DNA McEachern an upstate guy bit does the name TV Teddy Valentine ring a bell. Yeah a complaint about him all the time yeah a city official. In the college an official he is. And an official you're correct. Apparently from what I mean told my Twitter timeline. Is that Teddy Valentine got left out them officiating in NT turner may gain this year. He is told ESPN he's not happy about it in that. You know at this means. Don't mess with North Carolina. This is how much power they have. They were upset with Teddy Valentine about something you know you don't fight the powers that be. When it comes to North Carolina says he'd been a referee I know TV Teddy tea. And I look forward to take a step back but at this is a North Carolina shot across the valve and actually do. Feel sorry for me to doubt about it so you I mean people like Jay bill assesses what he's got this say right now. It Ted Valentine does not officiate the NCAA tournament deed to the Jules bleary thing. That's just wrong Valentine is one of the game's best officials the gains should not suffer over that one minor thing. And I guess so maybe listen I don't think he's one of the best officials I think he's a whole lot more public himself but. It just seems to me like Joseph Bayer he admitted DeLong it seems to me like North Carolina had moved along and it seems to me like. Teddy Valentine in moved along so I'm not exactly sure why there haven't back this one up in goes through it again so. Gonna be interesting no doubt. So diesel if he had tears to really think about your bracket college yet because that is my homework for tonight I mean getting down and do in my bracket in here's the thing. I'll have that kicked in ten minutes. I've got sheet after sheet after sheet at tips at picking out your bracket. They cite you things we've heard in the pac. Pass like. Yeah go find an upset on the 512 line that would actually affect clumps and then you throw all that attraction just go with your debt. Felt like I know enough about basketball to do it but here's the deal. That 512 match up between now at Clemson in New Mexico State those are not where the majority though. Sets are the last couple years there on the 611 line the eleven seed is and six in two in the last few years. In the NCAA tournament against the six seed sue. That's going to be interest he the other thing is his. Why do I fill light out all end up even though I don't picture this going into it. Alan that would probably two ACC teams in my final four. Because you're ACC homer I guess a bit illicit I had no one is that wanna pick right now is someone that. Makes mind tease wanna fallout miss North Carolina. I mean great and they got they got not off in the finals vs Virginia up in Brooklyn. But North Carolina can score the ball. Virginia can play defense at a level I haven't seen their physical they give you added to gain Clemson got off to a really good start Friday night. In him before you know Virginia gets you frustrated and you look up and they've gone on to score sixteen consecutive points I think Clemson was up. Somewhere in the neighborhood of about then sixteen to ten or some might say boy. You know I've Virginia gets hot and they move on now to Constance credit when they got they own nearly double digits or double digits against Virginia. I mean is it how do you look at the Virginia game. A couple of you. Couple months ago. Constant struggle to score 36 points and John Paul Johnson arena loss what 51 to 36 and it felt worse than that 61 to 36 is when it was. I maintain a six point loss in which you were on the ropes about to get blown out on Friday or was that Thursday up in. Up in Brooklyn. Hey they fought back in the only end up lose about six points is that something to gain from right they are diesel that you could indeed she cut 826 point loss on the road at Virginia. Dale to a six point neutral. Neutral site loss to a team that's ranked number one in the country. Can you can you go home can you build off of that can use that as motivation is you now have to fly across the country. Per 950 tip off on Friday night again it's New Mexico State 28 and five on the year. Here a couple other things to pay attention to diesel. Don't go and sixteen vs one I don't know for ever CES sixteen seed knocking off a one seed but there's a reason. Since 1985. When we went to a 64 team bracket. Do you know what the record is of sixteen seeds verses one seats. The war this sixteen seed no wins a 132 losses this. So I don't think that this is going to be even years to go on today and pick at sixteen seed number one seed now I'm not exactly. I don't think is eight years the sexiest one seed that ever ever seen but guess what I would never predict them. To go down to the sixteen seed however over the past five NCAA tournaments. There have been to number fifteen seeds that have won a game. In the past five NCAA tournament's number fifteen seeds are to an eight team. Number fourteen seed served five and fifteen. Number thirteen seed surged to an eighteen. So again the best of luck is that 116. Draw in 512 if you're looking for early upset so. Again just as big kids yeah listen you got to have these scenes I'm ready to go I think most double will give via pass on the first four games but if you're not in our contest winter ball starts on Thursday you're done. You're done so again take the number one seed because they're not only win Indy him wailing and winning. By a whole lot so. Yemen the couple things I EM. I think Xavier. Somewhat skeptical. Of them be in a number one seed because they've never made a final four now what Chris Mack is is Ted as their head coach they're doing really real. Doing really well but. They've only made it is far is the elite eight once in their lifetime so I just settlement may and I'm not buying savior. I'm much more likely to buy Virginia when it comes to it because is. You have now did they just they're no fun there and they're like trying to climb attack mystery is is it was said back in the day their physical. They clay is slower brand of basketball and they will beat you down as well in Virginia is it may it pass the first weekend of the NCAA tournament only twice. In Tony Bennett's died appearances but this year I think it's going to be number six. Also. Herb in the third time they've advanced watch out for Villanova at this point Jay Wright they know what they're doing they're coming off a NCAA tournament title back in 200616. But unfortunately the wildcats have banned big don't stay out of the NCAA tournament. On the opening weekend six of the last seven years says looked more neither make a title runner losing the first couple rounds of and then of course Kansas you know they're number one. However bill sells only led into one national title that was back in 2008. Hours he's via. Back in 2008 did lead into the team to title game in 2012. Remember. It took a really really big screw up from John Calipari in the Memphis Tigers to allow. The jayhawks to win their one national title so again I'm not totally convinced on Kansas number two I think they've got a really difficult. Regional and we will talk about that with Adrian branch tomorrow so as far as size some other things will get into. In CAA tournament the coaching carousel. And of course we'll talk some clumps in spring football in some 2018. Clips and tiger football at 430 to more with head coach to Abu Sweeney so way diesel. Thanks for a great job today he'd listen now here next week once we're back from the NCAA tournament. Things are gonna return daily say a little bit toward normalcy here on straight up was surge been thinking diesel appreciate your work today. Also will be right back here in studio tomorrow at four to 6 PM before we give way to Clemson tiger baseball it's our buddy Adrian branch he's going to be with this then. Will relocate the local Q for some dinner make sure yet come by in cius tomorrow night. As straight that was storage will be live in studio tomorrow with Adrian branch.