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I welcome back kids. Diesel you will not to speak and as somebody that won't do in his 28 years is sports writer for the Greenville news. Here in the upstate plus he is weak. Passion for anything in she stayed athletics it's our buddy Scott key for course she can give me. Follow on Twitter Scott Hebert that is KP UK EE PF BR how we do a mud. I'm doing great ever heard. I tell you why you and I are both celebrated Nara alma mater some back in the NCAA tournament again your wall that mark Crimson Tide and you know what I'm still feeling kind of guilty that we get bids and maybe middle Tennessee Dutton. But no idea what. I didn't feel guilty that it will take it. Yeah yeah it turns out they just fly club pops up on my Twitter KO Middle Tennessee State at 23 and seven not making it in new Kermit Davis is the leader. Apparently for that Ole miss open basketball job but. Pace catalysts India what could have happened with this Clemson basketball team if it weren't for an injury back in the ended January. When it comes to your senior leader Donte' grant them because they kept it together they find themselves as the number five seed. They find themselves insane Diego but I keep stop and think in what could have been with this team. No question I mean look we're window where doctors went down you know it didn't look good from the very outset the record the moment of the injury. You'd say oh that's the kind of ugly picture up or you're or suspicions were confirmed that day output that you with a torn ACL. And I think at that point a lot of there concert event however optimistic thought oh boy here we go. It's really he was counting glue into the glue that ping. He would count the emotional leader of the senior. Guy everybody looked up to discuss certain standard. He was in doing his best cheers for a certain percentage. And just you know in graduate of finally going to beat back and when he went down. I think everybody thought oh boy this is where it for a you know collapse but you've got to give them up in a critical kind of hold this team together. You know and then kind of blending in some younger players that they dumped eight minutes and they groan about the little bit. In in the quick enough action to you know come out and read what the what 239 record is the policies. Yet it's going to be interesting kids you know I'll look cute you what's dead ahead for the Clemson Tigers. Yeah that 512 game is always known as I wanted to tends to watch out for but historically in the last two years guy here's a little. Information for you though 116 games is that one has not sexy at last two years six number eleven seed says it won. In upset so. In the way outlook Constance bracket they get a tough when in New Mexico State 25 a conference GP and obviously playing with some. Some confidence by. Outlook it it if you can get by Auburn's beatable but. Could you and see in this thing being College of Charleston Marxist New Mexico State surprising all of us. Oh my gosh it daddy look I. But nothing that they would come to be that the twelve are matchup so again I don't currently. Will they want they want to be funny to see Clemson don't troll. Acting now to the sweet sixteen everybody will with a little grant or. On the system availability that you have Ctrl+Alt control in the sure a lot of people just on people that matchup but. Look yet New Mexico State who is knows what they get. Very capable guy who grew that Jupiter Jones to. I'm going to be thirteen point two rebounds a game I mean. That's just ridiculous that can. You know able before somehow. And then they're all what company got exact opposite direction that we portrait games so. Well I'll get to show up control early and I think it's opened is too. Know what the that this between the builder and distort and has gotten very good guard play throughout vote this season. And I think when it comes tournament time. If you have good solid guard play view have a chance to do some damage in and into public trust and I think that that district. Yang and I had to a shell Mitchell who you know the way keep sinks in control and feeds stings at the right time that the key is the difference maker come Friday but let me ask you this CO. They were some consternation with the southern schools with the eve in the North Carolina schools with this tournament be in and broke in the ACC tournament the last two years. What were your thoughts on it because Ian. I want it in Greensboro I wanna in Charlotte I wouldn't mind Atlanta and Washington DC BN in the rotation as well I see no need. To play the missing in Brooklyn or Florida. In lessened. You don't have to be a a duke or North Carolina apologist wanna see this stinging greens verbeek is you know after 28 years. Clumps in cells they are a lot men out Greensboro. No questions. Let me just. A waste of time and are agreeing to go to camp or Brooklyn I mean what it. The footprint of the ACC. Is essentially the Carolina it is the central will kick could trigger located. For the lead in the always have been and probably always will be and that's when he generate the most interest and some good basketball. Yeah I think I think they just need to look Charlotte Greensboro and keep it centrally located. Yeah I remember a decade and do. You can yeah you got to commit to the whole trip. You know in it again I yearn NC state guy in basketball I'm a collapsing guy. And I want dear greens were it not as a duke or North Carolina apologist because I feel like it's a better chance for those schools to actually put seats in the to fill their seat locations. No question you're gonna have sort of a components and blow open so I. Can then put projected to continue by the boat lift there and that's about all bulked I think it. The drawl is gonna but it's going to vote detention can bid as well. What. It's like NASCAR tried to bring it to this decree or you get to grow particularly fancy. Look don't turn your back of what got you there you know and I think that ultimately. They concede that. We're talking with our buddy Scott Hebert with agreeable knees make sure you just give my follow it is named it KE EP FE or on the final name and mascot let's switch gears right now you know who you were. You were in school I believe moments when you had a cardiac pat Mac in the day will let's talk about these cardiac cats at Clemson seven M one and one run games that's. Right nail 151 overall findings themselves number five and one poll number ten in the other. And I will be honest with you with the question mark some pitching common in the this year. I never saw a consummate fifteen and one much less with your NC state wolfpack coming in this weekend. No question I mean will win that battle who lose their entire starting rotation. They lost to report to their big week. In the boards it was such a rebuilding efforts will be required on pitching staff. But we know they've got a good afternoon and you get sipped beer on your roster you have. But it's been the complementary guys around the didn't come up big time and again and so for the season two and look what would you give solid pitching from double our sewer. Got to be an experienced grown up in a hurry. Fifteen and one as a result I mean I'd never dreamed that I thought they beat. You know in the five at this point you know so partner on the left Lebanon for them really got out of the they've exceeded by expect that could and probably expectations political opinion so. Yeah that the bigger test coming up there's good. There and predictably solid club in baseball or not. Libya to seal that unfolds. He advocates GO Alyssa money league got after the officials the other night media umpires the other night it. Either we all expected North Carolina you've probably just run away with the with Thea other division there they are Sydney eight and 71 in two in league play right now you mentioned in C state your idea will pack their thirteen and 33 year. After 31 week last week so yet things are gonna get tougher. But money really looks like he's really really in control of the staying and I think. Let's I'm not taking pot shots but I think the longer that goes comic clumps in the more it's gonna irksome South Carolina treatments. Yes it is and then. Just their doubts it would parents feel it is a national collegiate right there you know in for a do you want baseball. Ahead. Just got asked picking his brain about Marty leading. And he does look. The only thing money has been done to this point is win a regional and he says it is gonna come sooner rather than later when he goes. Is the majority that Italy Echelon. He considered book by the top five college coaches in America. And he's about to put. Volatility in that elite group thanks so. Look it is obviously it turned out to be a very good hire club at and the I think you'll see it pay dividends for your column. All right so you know I will give a little bit more and a football here in the next couple weeks as we turned toward that spring game on April 11 there right male. You know you do a lot of coverage. Of the Clemson Tigers they are the green bone he's an Aggie keep your tea this year if you're. A day and radical which you got to be happy date yet your football team Germain sports your football team back in the college football playoff semifinals your basketball team. They're back in the NC turn in your baseball team looks like it is now turned the corner. On their way to be a backwoods bin their nerve natural buyer birthright if you will Scott says. All things looking good at Clemson University. Man that is that's that's a super try effective and that my kids. We need good baseball men's basketball football cook and things are going well and that chronicle sports really except when the basketball which indeed bring. But yet if you're an article with your basking in the glow. Look look at the way uses the future projects for the football for me. If you've got so much talent on defense got it back it's just embarrassing really and then you guys. A group of quarterbacks who will obviously be the main attraction. But it during the rest this spring camp to see who didn't look at Google could. But all the road. And that. Is scheduled to follow on shore with all widely QBs did. The young guns that are solid fuel so Clinton that would I think we'll go to. Beat down for another 14 consecutive college well for this ball. Analysts and I've Horry set in the fact that arrogance he became a constant part for this year and quite frankly this it was fun the first year it was and now it was still a novel the year number three there was never saw me in New Orleans this year there was no enjoying that you can't pull for a gets team that your covering the Nikkei pull for the team and which had -- it way too much money in which I'm. And Agassi part for this year and this year I might hide under the table so there there. Yeah apparently given that Oprah yes and Ted Knight tell our listeners what you got coming up because the dollar Oliver everything green ball online degree angle knees and of course I've got a challenge coming up for you when we're done diesels almost and gotten into Phishing Phishing is one a year things as well. I don't know what I want an old school fishing contest and I'm gonna go find two do you remember though Oscar Meyer commercial where the guy is yet the kid was. That's what you Allergan re fishing on either that are pocket rules. We're gonna cut. The pocket or Korea will be will be a lot of that it will leave them with absolutely solid acid and we we have we wanna tell it's gonna look at the author here for more Islam fish when all is said you've done it. Real quickly what your working on because you guys again add people all over the place this weekend. You had it it's a pretty good when I'll be occupied at the San Diego Wednesday. To cover the tigers out there and they'll they'll practice Democrat come on Thursday. And it would you know they were dropping last. Awful games. Enough to push for fast. Want to the get go for a stir in the morning before you gotta be there 650 to cover a basketball game did you called ANC Diego. One of the coolest cities in this country. Did you get it I could give your daughter to grow Ron welcome. Oh absolutely and yeah you can tell him against her yourself as well as far as hope this girl read this trip. That capitalists and have a safe trip out they're great coverage in look forward to catching up with year once everything settles down all right. Our elders heard I there's Scott Kiefer from agreeable knees again just follow Matt his name's Scott key for that. Eighteen EP. FBR. When he eight years he's been at the agreeable needs unable not too bad for an NC state grad no doubt about it right we will come back will open up the phone lines due to. Did you see. How big an influence. One person. Can have on their entire sport will what you know that it's open presents. 844 GS PE SPN. We told you we give you an update Drake basketball and he blew him sing classic portion of the CBI or CIT tournament. They get an eighty to 73 when. So Foreman former firm and head coach Nikko Medved. In the Drake Bulldogs will move to the second round. Ari diesel and some people don't like him because. T done his wife all other kind of stuff but Tiger Woods. You're not a Tiger Woods Fey and I get it. But if you're golf say and then somewhere back in them back to your mind you almost have to be a Tiger Woods fan because indeed GUC. What Tiger Woods did for the PGA tour yesterday. Unmet blow up believable. Ends up the PGA tour he finished his one shot off the lead yesterday. For the tournament he shot nine under 275. Yet the TV ratings for the five overnight ratings for the vowels are. Invitational bowels are cheap and chip. Came in and a five point one. Now Adam had to win in one day event. But the biggest winner was the PGA tour why because it's a regular Sunday event on tour. Came in and a five point one overnight rating. So what does that mean number one it means Tiger Woods is still the PGA tour. Jordan speed thin Phil Mickelson and I'll love him you can do what you want but didn't tiger still the torque. His here's why let's take a look at the fire don't rate of final round ratings for the four majors last year. Remember yesterday a five point one overnight rating for the about part of Valspar championship. The only final round of a major in 2016. To had a higher rating in the Valspar was the masters. No number one that is the first major of the year number two it's part of the southern lexicon when it comes to the masters everything stops. But this six point eight rating last year in the masters CC only final round of one of the four majors. They came out to a higher rating that what we saw yesterday on the PGA tour let's compare that the US open final round ratings. Three point one. The boom at the British Open at the open championship has some low might call a 3.2. In the in the PGA championship last year a 3.2. Final round rating that's two points roughly. Ball high and where the Valspar TP chip placed yesterday. The U stopping you think about it you know that 73%. Hired him when. He played a few weeks ago in the Honda classic why because he whitening contention. At the Honda classic. The five point one. Rating yesterday. Beat Embry broadcast. Of the PGA championships it's a 2014. It is beaten every US open telecast since 2013. When they had a six point one. In every British Open telecast. Since 2000. When they had a seven point fight. That's how big Tiger Woods is to the PGA tour and that's why he random people sat me on yesterday. In the cold in the rain and watched. In let me tell you if there was a different feel with tiger being involved in the back nine of a PGA tour bit yesterday that we've seen any given point in time. So I guess that's what he means for golf. Absolutely. No doubt about it. But yet there's a major light numbers in just they re into. Ray and turn and it does there's. Sony people still care people still don't care about Tiger Woods yet you can hate him even people who don't care you know. Did you receive that that fire five documentary on the career of Howard Stern. They called private parts and yet when he's when he said when he said people who like him listen for two hours a day. Why do they listen most common answer wanted to see what he'd say next people who don't like them listen for three and a half hours today and why is that. Most common answer I want us it'll sandbags. So absolutely no bomb. Pay above it never people who don't know that movie that is what Howard Stern names his program director at W then maybe stage. Though he doesn't like he says he looks like a pig makes you wanna vomit site column pig vomit up. My favorite parts woody east anyway he got the naked ticker whatever in the studio with and which one that didn't put it aside today. I guess a kid you go to network program and he's carried his phone mail in the hall. Beaten on the door and you do what do you do it again and you can hate tiger I don't like what tiger did his fame are right. He cheated on his Y eighteen years Terri did all that. I get it he's not the first nor will he be the last ever cheat on his wife. Did I don't have any respect for you if you do because as you know in my wife's been through breast cancer twice had a multiple multiple issues that war. Brought on by anything that she's done and I've never cheated on her serve American. Yeah I don't have a whole lot of respect for people that day but that's a different story for a different day. But pad to anyway it is bad deceased this is how bad the PGA needs a number two. He looks like he's an excellent excellent shape at this point move forward says. I know Augusta national right now has to be licking their chops come one month from now Tiger Woods comes in there. On a roll that is of course that is set up for Tiger Woods now won this smartest things that he did. I realize he's this second greatest golfer to ever play the game. I'm sorry until you pass Jack Nicklaus is eighteen major titles you're the second greatest golfer to ever play the game. Now tiger's done in a different ear which are much better competition. All across the board but I still think Jack Nicholas is number one with there's eighteen championships. There's eighteen major titles but. Can you imagine intrigue. In this year's masters if Tiger Woods goes in is one of the top by betting favorites because. He backed off his driver this past weekend and hit a driving iron and he was a lot more consistent with the the one thing and it's killing him right now is his ability to drive the ball today in his followers he hits it. Imus coach right now just say put that day and driver up and put a three wood in there. Does that accurately. And then and then play well arrest of the hole yet but just yet again I mean what's the difference in fifteen yards on the PGA tour twenty yards. You know. You half a club so again. We don't get it mailed in here's to deal dees I want to ask you real quickly because you you have an interest in golf I would love to be able billion that's were open after the surgery the doctor asked me. What's your goal moving forward a set wanted to play golf existed that's a great thing for you had to work towards. Say you do your somebody that cares about golf in all what do we do. With the golf ball. Which this is a family show we can't say that no hold on. Dear guys that are nailed driving the ball 400 yards. Did you hurt mail hitting yeah now I have oversized clubs that the sweet spot. My daughter can hit a 125. Yard drive with an all right. We don't have Maurer. More yardage we'd have more acreage to add on to some of these classic golf courses. They were never meant to be played driver pitching wedge driver nine iron and cut the corners KG can kill it. Here's the deal you can't bring technology back Tina once it's out there is stirred slice to save from time to Tyne tees paces at the TBT get it back yen. But it was still one being that the PGA tour what's the one thing that the powers that be it powers of golf that be could do. To bring golf courses back to playing how they were intended to play make him play with one hand tied behind their back that's one album what will be a second. Well you always say dad involved in the golf ball. That's so one thing you'll have to go sell these golf balls are not intended to be sold for players go out here and play. The public courses on our 2018. Golf cards. But for the PGA to ward dead meat stinks Macomb star hit a six iron into the green. That's the thing that job loss that would golf moving forward. You don't hit every club in your bag it is pay omit in chipped it paled in chipped it pound it in chip it. I'm sorry it's not that entertaining to watch these guys hit driver eight iron driver nine iron dead in the freaking golf ball let's let let's. She wants one hole yesterday a par five. I hit driver six iron into the green in two on a par five. Par five Manger supposed to take three shots again into the green two putt you got to par five. Did I hit driver six iron and it was an easy six. Dead in the golf ball that's the way you bring these golf courses back that's the way they have some teeth because again. They are losing the ability. Two just simply. They are losing the ability. To just play the course the way that it was intended to be played I get the fact that I'm buddy in my wife studied. But how I'd still wanna see some of these scores have the teeth. In which they were intended deploy. All right will come back open funds for the rest that hour remember we're talking with the mayhem and Powell at 605. Head baseball coach at North Korea will university listen. Talking about Daylon some dimes right now that's exactly what the crusaders are doing in baseball but it's opened plans will get back in this and NCAA tournament. So diesel you look outside DC. A couple of clouds out there in the disk that would let out there there's a yellow thing out there yet there's this big orange ball in the sky. The sun. Yeah be a good day to be set now that the lake you and Scott key for give beer me. There's eyebrow as your fission. We just the one thing we didn't we didn't logged much beer it as a two and a half mile hike into this pond that we went to that I've done Antonio last time we were there. And then numerous mass amount a lot of left to right he's a natural bay. It was Saturday that was two weeks ago OK so it's this fishing season it was yeah it was but it was before. We we hit this cold snap again. We went in there he died Saturday at those nice weather is bowed low sixties I think maybe high fifties. That was going down my question was the water to cold this time. They'll still leave but no it's a little more difficult but says so are. We hike day and we had the same maybe we took out their last time would not touch it I mean we. The water if there's so crystal clear that you can put abate the water and just watch the fish swim around it. They would all get close to it. We solemn. At least. Two dozen times. The fish. Get right up next debates would not take it well. I was out of some luck on our on artificial dates Seattle license and hits but I was not getting any bites I can't speak for you you're a true fisherman I may fisherman when the Fisher body. Otherwise again they give a thousand things I'd rather do it. Which includes hit a golf ball or in the case of Seth beer getting back there order beer he comes and congratulations to assess this easy ACC. Ku ACC baseball Ku player of the week he had a couple of being nursed. This past week against Georgia Tech's two. You could bring me on that one is well all right. How cool would it be to beat Kirk cousins right now. Now one of the things doing which we don't feel sorry for. Kirk cousins is what he said last week in the fact known what was it these are I was actually kind of proud of you that you remembered this. He put abundance of analysts at the photo of himself. When he was what 81718. Years old. Saying for the first time in a long time and actually getting to choose where to play football and that is used were you referring to the recruiting process. And ray was gonna go play college football once you get dressed and you don't really don't have a choice. Yet what cheering college the only place that you would make a decision is if you decided transfer somewhere else so the president teams are the one that dictate whether they yes sighing you're draft you or things of that nature so he saw literally save for the first time in like twelve years. He is kidding did achieves where he's gonna play football nail. It started to break this weekend according to people dead I trusted here's the deal. You're not signed until you sign that new contract but Saturday night it began to break that it looked like he was gonna sign with the viking X. Now that doesn't surprise me because number one the vikings play at least eight times a year perfect weather. Yeah men of wouldn't talk about do that's when the coldest weather what do you never know they got that news. Dun Duma they're so you don't have to worry about playing outside in Minnesota in November December even January. And then half the other teams on your schedule probably have domes are imperfect whether so you know probably twelve times a year. Thirteen times a year UMB plane an ideal. Conditions. So having played at Michigan State East Lansing, Michigan you would think that he is comparable living up in that neck of the woods and that's why Minneapolis sounds like it would be may be a natural landing spot for. Number two the numbers that we were seeing were 27. Million dollars per season. I get the fact that CT. In things of that nature are going to be. Number one they look they become household words how household arms. Yeah I never think I never thought the game of football was established in 1892 between Rutgers and Princeton. That we would see nearly 67350. Pound individuals hitting each other you know and Aminu was eight people were much smaller back then so. I don't think it was also bring different and it was very violent act and yet it was violent but my important point dean getting back into a chemistry equation of force verses from Massey coal whatever. I mean you can almost make that argument if that's what the case waited as fast running back meeting big defense of linemen now correct. That's why you get your bell wrong that's why you see so many more head injuries and that's what's gonna go down you and that's one of the things that they are trying to change but. Kirk cousins now apparently. Looks like he's got it beyond a fourteens in aid the vikings they're in there. But also bet here is you know cardinals sale might that they are willing to go all in when it comes to Kirk cousins. In your talking about the eight years they're saying they're prepping a monster offer for Kirk cousins. Per sources. The cardinals play and offer cousins a five year deal worth a 145. Me well there you sort of you get the opposite pendulum swing do you still get perfect weather. Over and over and over and you planet dome there's only you know playing in the heat even if they open up the roof it's going to be perfect Questar replies she go look at our house and if it's not perfect the worst whether you're gonna play and his Washington DC and New York because as are outside stadiums on the East Coast if you have to go there late let's get another colleague Chris wants to talk NFL Chris welcome and appear having a good afternoon. I am a second call. I've just got a quick question yet and can bat it around and there's a lot of potential answers but. You did tell me coached in Jackson's dark. Glisan if you're getting bonuses for being terrible than he should be at the top of the top of the pyramid because he's what one in 35 and two years. I would make the argument Chris right now one thing that would be met now first of all I do wanna give Cleveland some credit here last week they made a couple of very good news when it comes to the front office split. Are you not what you Lorrie if you won in 35 as a head coach even at the Cleveland Browns. Some the you know they'd get a nice thanks Kaiser. Is obviously not to yet. So you straight for our particular. And I don't know it achieves a porridge. I eat eat a little bit better and tighter but not that good at. I'm. I'm sure you're trying to figure out. You know we'd bat it around which trends we can add some ideas but she hue Jackson how exact guy and fired at the end she. Now eight that's a great phone call Chris in US I'll give you the answer here number one either got blackmail material on some by number two. They use Smith said he thinks about what they're doing what Kaiser there's trade him he was your second round draft pick last year suggests what that means your back in the sweepstakes. Furry quarterback because I don't think Tyrod Taylor C long term answer at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns so. Occur occur a second degree anymore one in 35 as a head coach speaks volumes to me that means nobody's buying into your leadership. That means nobody's buying in to you in the locker room as well. Diesel. One in thirty by speaks for itself I don't think there's any question about it. You know what that team really needs to do is just settled down at the quarterback position to stop Tryon a new quarterback every other year. I quarterback does sure right that's who that's what they're going for. They need to build. Some talent around him quarterback. So you may have one of the better teams in the league but you gotta a mediocre quarterback but guess what you stood there one piece away. Instead of doing this lets you know spend the farm on a quarterback every other year let's throw away our top five draft pick. Every other year and try to go after a quarterback. You're letting all the other teams around you get better as he so that. The lack of a better term support position right your lines your running back shear your receivers. I'm with you on that went all right well tell signing bonus with Kirk cousins when we come back Tiki did an 844 GS PE SPN do you still have the draft cornerback in the first round or. Can you put enough pieces of the puzzle around Tyrod Taylor that you don't pass to will get an of that as well don't forget 605. It's our buddy lane impaled head baseball coach at North Korea were university life. On straight up with starch. And I want him back CNN we're coming up on the is 6 PM hour don't forget your 5 PM keyword is Paige. GE content said in the seven to 81. Remember twelve times a day in our free cash stash contest. From 68 to six. 81 in YouTube. Have a chance to win a thousand dollars free and clear. All right dead couple people it via our yell headed out the scene Diego recovered the constant NCAA tournament games no. My apologies it you know we have our own coach Phillips and I are already committed. And we have been for awhile to work the NCAA tournament up in Charlotte for the university of Charlotte. Now is that last year let's see I was in. In a locker room dealing with a couple of players getting quotes from them to put in the NCA book for the game while the other players in coach went up to the diet so you know a whole lot of people don't realize that amount of work that goes in. Behind the scenes to pull off one of those deals when you've got eight different teams and from six different parts of the country. They all have their own way of doing things in you kind of got to learn that as well so why again no we will not have coverage out in San Diego will have play any coverage here. On ESPN upstate but we will actually be out there covering via regional in Charlotte which includes the University of North Carolina includes the University of Virginia. Texas a and M Providence and a few others as well Heidi I getting back into do you lucky this man on the face of this earth. We Just Diesel you know what you make you're lucky work hard I remember back in the day he had Jane stern who we had on last month the new head coach it doubly ridge high school. He in Brett lasted me back in the day. When I said Kirk cousins remember. Number three in the draft that year came at a Baylor RG three. Now remember the either the Monday or Tuesday after the NFL draft going Kirk cousins will be your loan terms starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. And I got laughed at the studio. Now of course she's sort of strands impostor against the wall some are eventually gonna stick Mitt. He did say the reason I made the comment back then and the reason I make a comment now. Is that dual threat just true true dual threat quarterback really doesn't work that well then FL level it is because of this. Every guy that you played against his NFL quality you're not dealing with they slower defense of this school that school you're dealing with eleven guys that deserve to be in the NFL and that's one of the reasons. Did it cuts down on the effectiveness. Of a dual threat quarterback. They're linebackers are just too fast and too good to get tricked. Bias appear in superior athlete quarterback now they are cornerbacks in the NFL better dual threats which is a just right up there in the red Cam Newton is a dual threat quarterback may he is he's different. It's not the run first or insect you guys did you see the collegiate level. So. The jets. Skis and the jets in the vikings looked like they are now. Two with a primary suitors for Kirk cousins some Arafat we thought that he was gonna go ahead then mails he was signing with the vikings this weekend. But don't look you know you it's not it's not official till the signature is on the contract. In Arizona nineteen point seven FM mayors and a sports station. Says the cardinals are prepping eight. Five year deal worth a 145. Meehan now know I went to Alabama man did Taliban assume a man who adds 29 million a year. To play quarterback in the NFL for the next five years. I can live with that now. You ease apparently getting giddy twenty million dollar signing bonus in fifteen million in base salary for the first year along with the nineteen meaning gear NT server the first three years of the deal. That's a thing we've always harp on it the NFL level. Don't look at the length of the contract don't look at the total money in the contract look at big Guillen teed money because that's probably all they're gonna get. Before all is said and done by. Kirk cousins now passes Jimmy eagle rappel. When it comes to the NFL. And highest average annual value. Now again at that there's guys already under contract. Jimmy eagle rock below his started four or five games. At the NFL level in San Francisco just signed him. To be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL level. I can bike Kirk cousins. Even though tell me what the Washington Redskins did as far as advancing into the playoffs. That's how coveted this NFL quarterback position is diesel did teams are willing to. Overpaid. Now I do think Kirk cousins one of the elite quarterbacks and all the NFL the one thing that we know. That we're sure it's NFL's willing to overpay for that position. Kids eat it are the jets gonna come back with an offer for more than a 150 million for five years. These are the things there it was in the NFL is a tough job. What does NFL stay in for diesel. Not too long you got that right so bush can the average Joseph. In this day in HQ in the average guy out there really sit backing grass five years a 150 cent million dollars and Philbin about it for some by this plane sport. I get the fact. NFL quarterback mean short career or it could mean long career look at the Aaron Rodgers look at the he has some of the quarter wrecks that have been around for a long long time that Kim Kim Kim Major League sports. Price itself out of the average trained to hearing what c.'s contract skit too big yay or make. Now OK I mean contracts are already ballooned and there are huge people watch it still so you know. I just I can't wrap my head around five years a 150 million for anything and that includes something a hell of a lot more legitimate in life. Did being an NFL quarterback and I'm not knocking the job I'm just talking about you know running a fortune 500 company you're doing something. Yeah really really along those lines playing a sport in making thirty million dollars a year. Yet we have to have. Is agreeable. The great we'll swap Ravitz honor our first responders on Saturday night down at the Bonser core wellness arena in those guys are lucky if there Macon forty degree in 44 grand a year. And they may have to run into a situation where there's a fire or a guy with guns and bullets and things of that nature yet. We can barely pay them that we can go give a guy at quarterback thirty million dollars a year I think that's something they'll have to battle image wise. In the long term bit speaking a badly nor great bull baseball. Off to a red hot start we'll talk with their head coach and land them Powell former game cut catcher when we come back.