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Rule I'll commit up stated is they've. Month today's addition of straight up with surged diesel and I in the ESPN upstate studios will run yet till 7 PM tonight. His a lot of different things going on but trust me between now and 7 o'clock will be pretty heavy. On the NT tournament will go through some of the brackets and information some of the biggest snubs out there. Diesels also gonna give you some information on how to fill out your bracket because. These are us saw. As saw a ad number last night that said 93%. Of all Americans. Have played the NCAA tournament bracket award the lottery. I say the other 7% are lying that they've never done it you know and I mean says it will give you some tips on how to fill out your bracket when it comes to the NC turner met remember. You can get in our five hour energy bracket contests. At ESPN upstate dot com comical when you'll be able to switch some things out nine. Little bit different you know you're not stuck with your original picks all the way through his summation unit ESP in upstate now comets got the might get registered. In your radios some cool cool items in that five hour energy bracket contest also is some information coming out from the NFL. In their last night was won the strangest things I've ever seen on television will get into that as well OJ you continue to amaze me with how. You got me so confused so confusion will talk about some. I think there's the blue sky outside and I think there's a sky that OJ. Simpson lives and in his mind our two guests today we'll talk clumps and basketball in their peers in the upcoming NCAA tournament with our friend Scott keeper from the green blown knees at at 505 minutes 605. Landon Powell their head baseball coach at North Korea where university is that. His troops up their North Korean okay army off to a hot start they are ready in the ad division three baseball poll and listened. They got a lot of be proud of up there brave new left field in the whole nine yards in Wayne impaled just get it done you remember his name came up in the College of Charleston coaching search. If he continues to do what he does is South Carolina and I hope he's not listening. Disease on the practice field till 515 he won't be one of your probably your next head baseball coach at the University of South Carolina I I'm convinced of that when. All right a lot of different things will get into in between Bassam local news NCA tournament the NFL how cool is it to be Kirk cousins. They would literally put up way. A link on our FaceBook page on Saturday. Or Sunday I don't know some of the days from this past weekend kind of meld together diesel not for reasons that most people think. You know. Know really where to do with how cool it is to be Kirk cousins about to get 27 million dollars per year. According to the Minnesota Vikings in now hold the apparently the cheap Ayers and cardinals get re making a last second running Kirk cousins also. You BC in a little bit of musical quarterbacks take place. As well also in between. Here in the opening hour will take your phone calls and 844 GS PE SPN. Don't forget 505 to 520 Scott Kiefer from agreeable me 605 to 620 Landon Powell from North Korea were university also don't forget to morrow. Adrian braids and I will be in studio will only beyond from four to six because will give way to Clemson baseball. Is the tigers white car a white hot start of the season right now. At fifteen and one mayor Adrian we wore talk a lot of the NC turner met a lot of coaching carousel. We will also catch up or constant head football coach demos Sweeney about 430. Tomorrow afternoon and so that's what's coming ahead so why again. Here for this open this first hour is open for owns an 844. GS PE SP and bit diesel I'm funny my wife is Dundee. You better be careful on what your talking about right now because that US fish and on Saturday. Caught nothing but cut a couple of nice steak sever our house last night Haas so well where funny where daddy but you know. Basically that means we get an old you just not in the change. Well apparently I want to think WTBS. All right. The super stationed themselves managed to do something the last night that nobody is they've been able to do in this country in thirty to forty years. I'm talking a politically charged climate in which nobody can get along nobody can agree on anything. It turned out that most everybody was in agreement last night. Did they knew NCAA tournament. Selection show was absolutely horrible. It was dale nearly 52%. From the ratings of 2017. Why do you go mess with a good thing. You know this is something we all look forward to. I have never ever seen anybody on social meteors seen a group of people so in agreement that something was that egregious it was terrible there was no drama they had the audio off with the video it looked like you were watching some then. You know. Subtitled out there it was absolutely. Horrific it topped out. Would they 2.3. Rating from 615. To 630 in you're talking about CBS and turner broadcasting signing an eight point 8000000008. Year. Extension agreement to broadcast is in GA tournament. In what did they do date deliver a collared crap. When it comes to the selection show not just my opinion I'm talking opinions all over Twitter. It was a great night here in this country last night to see everybody come together. In disagreement. On how bad that selection show was really you go give the 68 team considering an in this fake studio audience. Did you try to give. Yeah who is of olives just terrible it was absolutely shameful in whoever decided this was the route ago ought to be fired reaches. These don't you and you often tell me don't mess with a good day. Wade gotten a little bit long but it was still a good thing there was no drama in this sting once the 68 participants in the NC tournament or determined. That's set. That did the drama if you will was aware might you get CD will we have heard Clarkson. Is if they were a number five C was destined for one or two locations Boise or same Diego. Allows coal what an idiot I was by one particular guy on Twitter the other night I'm gonna get into that here in just a second. Here comes their name guess what they're playing in the last game on Friday night as the number five C insane Diego and it turns out some people actually know what they're talking about. So. Anyway it was terrible would love your opinion on it. I just I don't know how do you screws something up its full proof whatever Debbie TBS and CBS did last night. They did it please go back to the way east to beat this was up there wind. They decided to in the NCAA tournament I don't know eight to ten years ago was somebody else's version of what. One shining moment. You can go do something like that you can't make it any better you can only make it worse and that's exactly. What Debbie TBS CBS and everybody involved in I feel bad first of all Charles Barkley. He knows is NBA stuff as well as he's gonna knows something. It's not fair to forces college stuff on these NBA guys at this point in the season but NBA legend dairy Charles bar Barkley is voice. Last site selection show was horrible just horrible. He can't say you make fun of me all the time diesel about magnesium mispronouncing words well I can say terrible. And guess what it was terrible day on 52%. When it comes to the ratings from 2000. In seventeen so why do let me tell you apparently beer here in about it being tied because it's infuriated. Infuriated some viewers says. Again bad bad show. Bad way to go about it in when you have when you tee it did the simplest of forms when it comes to television which is. Sync up audio with videos the guess what you have failed at your job and that's exactly what took place but I got to be honest with you. I tip my cap I didn't think in this day and aids anybody hurt anything can bring us altogether but apparently for two hours last night. We were all brought together by eight. All right so well when we come back here in a minute we will open up the phone lines we will get into what happened locally here in the upstate won't you be updates on clemson's baseball where they sit in their top 25. Say how South Carolina did this weekend. What the app post season is for these two teams in some more implies she can get Indo assay for four GS PES PM remember your 4 PM keyword here on ESP in upstate is is brought to you by ESP. Intercom green go in inter com is apple don't let the apple follow on your head remember. You've got till 459. Do you text in apple 272881. You go any puberty in a pool where you can win a thousand bucks remember you can't win it. If you're not in it so I just text apple to seven to 81 at 459 will give you another key word for the 5 PM hour remember twelve times a day right now. Did you Ken give him with this. In try to win a thousand bucks on intercom Entercom agreeable and ESPN upstate in our free cash stash contests so Lou again. Don't forget tomorrow major branch in studio for thirty we will talk with the head football coach Deb oh Sweeney. Of the Clemson Tigers you can also hit us up on the tax line that 71307. AM don't forget good ESPN upstate dot com. Get registered in our food five hour energy bracket contest it is a little bit different than most NCAA tournament bracket contest in which you do. However you get a chance to change things is your moving along in your not stuck with your original picks ESPN upstate dot com you can also get our FaceBook page you can click on the link mayor. He'll get chief through as well also make sure you play that one. But did you know your plight in. You know and again if you each had said number a little bit ago 93%. Of all Americans apparently have played in the NCAA tournament pool at one time. Is that number hi is that her life lesson. So lot of kids out there that don't play however operate out my bracket earlier today it is time to kiss my wife could buy. Intel's Friday or Saturday is literally I've said this a couple of times she looks like Wilson in tool time. OEC is the top of her ice. All right so let's get ready let's go out there break 844 GS PE SPN will open up the phone lines for the rest of the hour where did they get it right where did they get it wrong. Club since headed out to see him Diego will take a look at who they're facing as well. As a its NCAA tournament time make sure you get in our five hour energy bracket buster contest. So I just get a message diesel says hi mark. This that bracket technology program was right up they were watching the grass grow this sweat the sweat my fourth grade teacher. It's publicity division they'll need to face up that. Part of our passion for sports is her. Passion for sport she actually lead let's bring it to the table for gray diesel on talked and we can Wear jet my best friend at the time was a Georgia. They and his dad plea how does remember that from the fourth grade because is he still one of my best friends. We were the three amigo you check your best friend at the time well way listen I mean James is still one of my best friend Ian mute their people that maybe a little bit closer to. But it jeans and David Townsend and I called each other than three amigos and we were all in each other's weddings. While you guys are nerds yet we were but guess what she let us where our George or clumps and or whatever gear and in fight it out like kids should do when it comes to your favorite team is so that's where part of my weird passion. For sports comes from our eight tag and we were talking about exactly how bad 52%. Where the ratings down for the app brackets college he revealed that no I'm buddy and a mile wide study but guess what that didn't work last night at Delhi wants to talk NT tournament Delmon welcome man. You know it's Monday in his all day. Did it offer a lot I grew up at what goes oh you bet when immortal CBS key here you don't look at it from the traditional you get. There's probably very stellar credit webinar what cute yesterday dole is double bill total or probable that a little better and outright. It's well here's the number attached to what Britain issued a taxpayer it. I don't we trust it trust your initial well you know. We each department if you partner partner separate national trust for what it would rigorous you know it was just so. Don't quote colossal arched it. Analysts say it was his really bad drill hole on dumb I got a phone call cumin and it was just really really boring it was bad it was. Just there's no drama to it the drama in that selection show itself should be having teen sit around and watch in see if there in nerve there are out. Things of that nature what chewing nails Stahl 68 teams. Did it was over it was done with the drama was gone. Yet all you were waiting on it that way is to see where you were set to you know constant found out they worry and had to wait about an hour. Before their bracket out Wes came up when they find out that they're starting in the final game on Friday. Against New Mexico State now listen. That's one of the seed lines when it comes to the NCAA tournament this is very popular to pick the upset on however. That seed line has become did change a little bit yes historically. It is big and go with a 512 teams however. That's where you got to look at it right now in the last couple of NCAA tournament ST five vs twelve sir three unified. All right so that's that that that's not very good you know that's less than 500. However the eleven seeds right now are number in the last two tournaments again we're just talking short term. Then number eleven swing a gaudy six and two. Verses the number six seed so there couple things right they are to think about when you're picking your upcoming. In CAA tournament teams and we're gonna give me some tips. On how to fill out your bracket what were the biggest snubs but I gotta circle back around rule quickly to last night. Diesel V ever watched any theme. Was the lost confession if you will of OJ Simpson from 2006. Nine and watch us. Did I was record Ottawa county district yet I gave you alarm clock and take him last night so. Now. Well let's did you give everything you were set up you were figuring all this set it up as it is so I became ever like I said after a rough day on Saturday two and a half miles hiking until late. To what cats too small fish sway you collar couple filet is ever the Sturgis household last night but. Gases DO asset sale later on and I start watch in this OJ Simpson thing in my mouth was on the ground. First of all I guess I get people out there don't care what my opinion is that OJ Simpson you're guilty is sent when it comes. To these murders in my opinion in the court of public mark Sturges opinion you are guilty as sin. Number one here's what I think happened. I think he got frustrated with the coal he went after in in the process of doing so that's when Ron Goldman walked up with the glasses from the restaurant guests weigh OJ realize you know what I can't leave him there wrong place wrong wrong place wrong time I don't think it was a question. They his wife was T need she'd been cheat me yet they knew they were separated. I don't think it was a case in which stated. Yeah Nicole Brown Simpson was just they're cheap non M with Ron Goldman I think Ron Goldman came up and solid and guess what. Here's a man back in 2006. On the cinco the loss confession. Did. Literally she just looked first of all if your main ending you put your hands on a woman. I don't care they come after you with a knife that self defense but unless there's something you most men are going to be bigger than women. Dear me and they goes after a woman any physical way you're you're the biggest was he on the face of the server are right. Oh she deserved it she dessert. That is more or less what OJ and remained at the comment per couple hours last night a low it was her yelling at me cheat on me at OJ was innocent. Diddy he gives this hypothetical. If you will fictitious. Kill if you will. Of what could happen in the murder and I have never heard somebody tall. So nonchalantly. Much last laugh about what took place is OJ did. Now again that's got to be an uncomfortable thing to talk about especially if you're guilty and I'm sorry I'm going to hand pronouncing him guilty right mail. And your laughing about a hypothetical. Situation in which two people were brutally murdered. Ceres sleek. It's a craziest thing ever. Yeah how how can even tall let's listen laughed about it when it comes to that the wife of your children so. You know. Unbelievable. Again I wouldn't on the jury I don't decided blue jays blew it. I tell you what OJ Simpson in my opinion some us discussing human being on the earth right now. Because number one I mean you beat his wife up I think it was evident number two I think he murdered her. In number three I think he is gone on television in more or less tried do you troll people undergoing yet. Yes you think I did it come after we yeah no way I just think he's a bad bad man in again. I'm talking about my wife's murder and somebody else did it I'm not laughing about it I'm not talking about it nonchalantly. In the way he won't. And it has tried several times you know with his book was always different confessions and now again with this one. He's he's telling people he's he's edging up to the fact that yeah I did it. But he will never admit it because he's a sociopath right he wants people talking about he wants people debating it again and again and again we all know he did it. He knows that we know he did it but he knows he got away without any can never be tried to that murder again. So to get manslaughter charges I don't know and he dropped that idea he can never be tried for murder again he's been charged he beat it. You know I get that much but. In some kind of funny way shape or form I think can be and outside in jail and not being able to go back and do the things that he used to do as a form of jail for him in the first place split. What are we talk about when he was on his way out of jail we said this is a guy needs to lay alone this is a guy who figured needs live a quiet life away from all this you know he's got his NFL pension I don't know how much that is. But I don't know if it's I don't know if you can live. You know relatively comfortably on that clearly. You know it's not prior not enough to have to live high on the hog or anything but that's also untouchable by the goldmans goldmans can can take. What does he think he earn expert X amount of anything he earns through endorsements and stuff right that's because they cannot touch this franchise so I don't know if that pension is enough. To live on offense something if you invested a properly you can then you can live off the investments. But the bridge right that's a guy who needs to just back off. We know must always gonna do that's not who we is has always been his entire life. Ever since he was fourteen years older to a ten years old first pick of football always known is spotlight yet coming out of the spotlight. He doesn't know what to do. Beginning in writing can sit there and justified and try to shift the blame on to your wife and now your ex wife when it comes to Nicole Brown Simpson ago yet it was her fault that I was beating on. I mean that's more or less what do you say in last night on television. Every time some physical okay well it was her that started it Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob she was out. I mean you did you RA. You are a menace to society and I promise you. Ian and it was Sunday you're gonna get yours you're gonna get yours and I hope that someday sooner rather than later I was just my mouth was on the ground I was astonished. Astonished that somebody can have that thought process. When it comes to when it comes to their murdered wife pretty and especially if they they have anything to do with that last night convince me. That OJ Simpson. Murdered his wife are eight will we come back we'll start getting into the NCAA brackets you know fits this time of the year somebody in one particular coach in the Bluegrass State. Has to be upset also. I'm Doug Patton forty of Yahoo! Sports last night hit the nail on the head if you were even close. If you're even bubble oriented in you've been brought up in this FBI investigation a college basketball you sat on the wrong side of the bubble will give you those teams that add that effect did last night. Which coaches are upset but grow quickly when we come back WBA world update from College Baseball here in the state of South Carolina include the new rankings it just came out a few minutes ago a little while ago Zach Clemson off to a white hot start South Carolina gets a sweep over prince in this weekend plus is still open phones for the rest of our 844 GS PE SPN. Is OJ guilty. Who's your final four a lot of different things going on here on straight up for storage. All right Casey showed showed gag gets him with us on Twitter jesus' day was trail responsible in the civil also and so its own record that he was guilty yet technically but not the one that matters is that is civil lawsuit is not the. The one that's gonna keep in prison there's just feel like I'm sure now we have to ask the summer about this. But it says sounds like there's a pretty distinct legal difference between guilty. And responsible. Guilty the address is going to jail responsible major paying the check for in my opinion. Right to be responsible means you read you read something to do that you may have been the cause of not you're the one who did it right you're not sure hope he means you're holding the knife responsible means. Well somehow you caused it. So anyway. We don't know they remain the same thing but they don't mean the same Andy yet they do in the do that when the guilty that we all need to hear was. Is the one in the court of law also he would have been paid shill for the rest of his life Clemson baseball got the sweep of Georgia Tech this past weekend. On Friday in the in the double header on Saturday Clemson now sitting at fifteen and one on the year. They get PS sweep three to two on Friday night then they win game one on Saturday seven to three in the in the nightcap on Saturday night thirteen to two which. Had to be a little bit difficult to play and I mean they were trying to get it and get it done minerals awfully foggy. There are dug kings or stadium Saturday night when they were trying to get that finale ends so Clemson has moved up in the rankings won't get to that in just a second. Tomorrow night at 630 yen whether looks like it will be good Charleston southern comes in the dunking it's more stadium. Before punching gets the final three games of this really really long homestand if you will in C stayed another ranked opponent. Is coming detail on this weekend Friday at 630 Saturday at four. In Sunday at 1 PM. South Carolina got a much needed sweep over Princeton this weekend the gamecocks are now eleven and five on the season. In they keep it in the Ivy League to a more is they will take on harbor before the Florida Gators come up this weekend now. The second ranked Florida Gators. Add fifteen in two because. When it comes to baseball America here is your top ten number one is the Oregon State Beavers Oregon State fifteen and one on the season. Number two is Florida the gators are now fifteen and three on the season is a bad loss to gain. During mid week to Central Florida also. A according to baseball America number three is Stanford. Number four is the Kentucky Wildcats clumps and comes in after a five nano week. At number five and again this is baseball America's top ten number six is Florida State seven is Arkansas eight is Texas Tech. Nine as Texas Christian in ten is Texas a and M that your. Updated top ten in baseball America now when it comes to. Pretty much similar number one is Oregon State number two was Florida three is Stanford fours Kentucky. Five is Arkansas six Texas Tech seven Florida State eight Ole miss. Nine is Texas CNN in clumps and is number ten. When it comes to. 25. Our rights to against South Carolina delegate SEC play this weekend. Opened with the Florida Gators come and a founder's park. They're in Columbia Clemson weekend series number two in the ACC. Against the NC state don't forget we'll talk nor Primeau we university baseball. At six so 5603. Actually with our friend lane in Powell the former South Carolina Gamecocks catcher Oakland a's catcher mail. The head may end their at North Greenville University also when it comes to basketball here in the upstate. DS CIT tournament will be taking place in now Wofford ditzy by listen they are guy he's your and how fast I guess the CIT work diesel. His last night we're still wait here in ninety burst. Will the CIT got started so fast they had a noon in 2 PM game today. Matter of fact I don't look it up here during the break the Drake Bulldogs are friend Nikko Medved they're playing here. Ed. Doer they're playing our guessing just ended their game in our view like a set I'll look it up. During the break but here's how it goes when it comes to the CIT the cut a college insider tournament. They are having four classic games today in the Hugh Durham classic. That was it named in the central Michigan vs fort Wayne State. In the blue hits and classic. All these gains are available today on the CBS network. You had Abilene Christian. They are at Drake is sue we'll get a look at that final here in just a minute. In the gym failing classic tonight at 6 PM that's North Carolina. AT&T. At liberty and then finally the final one tonight in the Riley Wallace classic. Hartford at scene Diego now. Again winners will go on to play Wofford northern Colorado Portland State in Sam Houston State the teaching chip gained. Is it march 30 at 7 PM. On the CBS sports networks of the Wofford terriers at 21 in twelve competing in this year is college insider tournament. All right so that kind of gets you caught up locally. Clubs and golf also after the first round out west this past weekend they are in second place. In a really big tournament out west so well I won't keep you up to date. Without clubs and golf does this week but of course clumps and slowly making their way out the same Diego this week they'll take on New Mexico State. Listen this a good cowboys squad their Tony and five on the year and I'm sorry when you played 33 games see anything in you've only lost five times. Your game anyone your conference tournament. Guess what you're coming into this game feeling pretty perky however. If Clemson can get by the cowboys on Saturday you got an Auburn team that just absolutely got smashed. This past weekend by eighteen in the SEC tournament Alabama. But everybody's want to see this Auburn clumps and match up because it looks pretty sexy especially during football season. Bettina what can end up being wild when it comes to that particular basket bracket. Hippie College of Charleston in New Mexico State the thirteen in the in the at twelve seeds that I think Clemson likely to handle things at least going cross country. They don't have to play until 950. On Friday night so this much we know console will be hanging around Lindsay turn around a lot longer than say boo about thirty to 33 teams. Because will be playing the final game in the first round but. Again that's 950 gets new Mets to state you will be able to hear that coverage right here. On ESPN upstate so when we come back the listened. Club sends out west. Who are some of the teams that got snubbed Dino is there were Davidson ended up being a huge bid Stiller yesterday. When they not about the University of Rhode Island because Zach. I think that ended up being Notre Dame spot that the Davidson wildcats got by it what you just Notre Dame at nineteen and fourteen fighting back from bungee. Bonzi Carlson's. Injury aid they got snubbed here there were a few other teams no doubt about it I don't understand how saint theories can be. In this week's top 25 at number 25 yet they're playing. In the in ninety. Coming up absolutely unbelievable to me that you can literally be in this week's top 25 and not in not be playing. In the NCAA tournament diesel let's get Jamie up before the break Jimmy was talking NCAA tournament while commend bud. I got all these LU. I so I'll what. Seen in this year's chart net. She say is similar. Ditty about Carolina's run to the Arnold or last year. They've got a fairly story. Basketball career. That coaches and players. And never been to the final hole. I mean. The I'd tell you what you may become the head had Donte' grant them not gotten injured earlier looking at what's ahead for clubs and I think that's a team that could've made their run to the sweet sixteen in though lead eight bit. You know what aid they did in the air before. Not sure that they won a title since the sixties but watch out for Kelvin Sampson it's Houston cougars they're playing pretty good basketball right now they not off Wichita State on Saturday and then turn around a one on Sunday. In their conference tournament finals as well so Lou. Or they may allow us to Cincinnati by one point. I'm not buy in Cincinnati. They are hot team right now the rate number six there's that they're not the teenager looking for but I think Cincinnati has seen scenes is she Virginia does. If you don't hit for in the field one game you're gonna have a hard time scratch and had to win. I got as statement saying that I think is going to be that scene is Tennessee. You remember that you have that Ernie and Bernie show to our great seeing so Bruce Pearl. But I looked it up they have never been to the aisle more. They were in his speech a game against the fact he had lots and SEC. Certain championship. They got inexperienced players they came back last year how like toward well and then that got me young players inexpensive. And that. Thought they'd like twenty and make it glow let that contractors that that's Smart guest. A South Carolina team that made it to the all of what this symbol. I'd pursue the phone call Jamie because listen you're also talking about a fantastic coach and Rick Barnes is well same thing. With Coach Frank Martin nod down there at South Carolina who by the way their season ended at seventeen and sixteen note NIT bid. For the gamecocks this year so from the final Ford to sit now but Tennessee would be a good pick in May and then don't look now but there's Kentucky freshman. They're looking pretty confident as well will keep going with the NCT heard of it when we come back we'll take your phone calls 844 GS PE SPN 505. We'll talk a little bit ACC and Clemson basketball with our buddy Scott Kiefer. Of the Greenville news. So I just caddie had questioned as to me on Twitter asking if Furman basketball was playing in any of these post season tournaments the answer is and Lou as we mentioned Wofford weigh in on me winner of today's game in the CIT. They'll make their way to Wofford later this week for each or a game also as the Southern Conference Mercer is playing in the CBI. And then finally of course the INT tournament winner. Earned the SO con term winner when eyes in UNC greens were in the NCAA so no Furman in a year in which they tied for. Most wins ever in program history know who post season play. For the paladins this year. Our right to as far as other snobs of course you know the biggest one that we were talking about. Is Saint Mary's because here is as of today saint may sit there with an RPI of forty. They're 28 and five the ranked number 25 in this week's A people. And guess what they don't get a bid to the NT turn and yet we see Arizona State with Bobby Hurley. Yet they were thirteen and 01 point ranked number three yen up like 21 and eleven. They are not in the top 25 their RPI is worse in Saint Mary's yet they get in the tournament. So I have an easy sell the most tickets. Well aids sighting in the app from I I would even say at this point Saint Mary's is as big of a draw basketball wise. Is Ayers and a stay it is but it. Yet you're talking red team in Saint Mary's actually beat Gonzaga earlier this year 24 of 28 victories came against teams outside the top 100. But they still did what they were supposed to do here here's a Saint Mary's. Which has these same issues that some other good. Non power five schools have in ads people don't wanna play them on neutral site much less out in California. They'll do the whole you come play me Omar court stuff well let that kind of skews it anyway sadly the NCAA tournament committee got completely wrong. With saint mere receive your rank in the top 25 in your RPI is a number forty. There is no reason in hell and that includes my Alabama Crimson Tide at what nineteen and fifteen. In assumed great wins this year make it to the Sunnis and the NC the SEC tournament and Saint Louis this past weekend. But again. He had nineteen and fifteen in your only about a team that was 28 and five and 616. And two in their own conference. Absolutely ridiculous. 23 intent on the year twelve and six in RPI of 34. They are left out. Now here's what I think personally went on and I wish somebody would I had the guts to ask him how was it they are side curtain up. But we need to look at three of the bubble teams that got left out your talking about the southern cal trojans. You're talking about the global cardinals. You know and that you talk about the Oklahoma State cowboys sure everybody feels bad for removal. No but guess what you're talking about three of the more prominent school names that have come up with this FBI. Investigation. We know little holes and knee deep they've already fired Rick pitino's. Southern Cal's been brought up a couple of times and it. In your talking about CEO southern cal team that made you what the semifinals of their own conference tournament only to let somebody below them Gideon so I mean the committee. Not only punishable whole southern cal and Oklahoma State because they were on the armed men on the bubble. But they were written. You know what these are three of the prominent names because global 120 gained salmon RPI of 38. They did go 500 in ACC play but they finish their strength of schedule was number fifteen. Now this is a crap that ticks me off. Middle Tennessee State. Kermit davis' blue raiders don't get in their 23 in seven. They were sixteen Inkatha's sixteen and two in conference USA they haven't RPI of 33. They had a strength of schedule in the top 100 in the nation. In they fall in their conference tournament yet they try to diesel. They have mutual say the NCAA wants these teams to go out and try to play a stronger. Conference. So they have neutral site gate a losses against Auburn and Miami in southern cal. You're talking about a program middle Tennessee that did everything they could US and then schedule wise they got him on neutral site. They do you have wins over 47. Did a great team in the country 39 but those don't resonate. But my point I mean you're 23 and seven. You're sixteen and two in conference USA. That should be good enough to make and you were the regular season GPA and that should be good enough to give to an NCAA tournament bid. Stairs as we all know the system with its one bid league system. Is designed to prop up the major conference is exactly what happens in college football. The football system is designed to keep smaller conference is out of the playoff. There is absolutely zero rout for us for a group of five school. Which in this case he called mid majors there's absolutely no Ralph for firm it's a much but much more difficult route for mid majors. To get Angelique so you prop up and you do you throw extra benefits. And a mediocre. Power five team in the middle of the road ACC or middle of the road Big Ten team. Because they come from a big conference and oh they've played tougher schedule but there are good they were one in you know it. What else what else you almost sad I mean. The system is designed to keep these smaller conferences down with book only allowing them one bit into the determined. And so you may be the best team in your league you may have gone out there run the table regular season and feel when you turn I guess why not get hits are better luck next year. Thanks for trying. My apologies to Tyler actions on Twitter says she easily like about about everything on your she knew but me and you keep going on about the Steve good selection show. Just let it get did the entire universe was caught up on it last night did you see Twitter. Number two and this was part of my DNA from back in the day of watching this election says it see in this stuff cares about it they say just check out the brackets when they come out like everybody else wants to do not talk about the bigger story today. Hold on Libby did watch it. Just check out the brackets when they come out nobody cares about the reactions nobody dares you to check out my Twitter timeline last night. The entire nation was talking about it so why you Tyler apologize I think keepers say Ian. Usually like everything about my show I won't tell you this much you were completely and totally. Totally misguided if you don't think that the nation was up in arms with this state last night. This is something that we all watch religiously year in year out all right let's give away some free money diesel Tyler make sure you get this it. Taking care of India into the 5 PM keyword.