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Need welcome in upstate to. He definitely a brief heated edition of straight up with Sturges we will give way at 630 head back up a Brooklyn for tonight's. Quarterfinal action in the ACC tournament. If you just get in the car from work in headed home and guess what. Clemson gets a nine media 82 win over Boston College earlier and they will move on to face number warm Virginia. And that will be tomorrow night at 7 PM up in Brooklyn and of course. You can hear that action that year. It's at 630 tomorrow night that they've now moved that up to 4 PM to more. More or not because of the basketball game to mar more because they may have to play double header on Saturday due to incoming weather later in the weekend so. Thank you mark Childress for showing up thank you detour for showing up it is our final hour and twenty minutes of the week. And a great way to start it would have a Clemson nine victory today. I mean very nice to you got some numbers will get into it later on because listen. This is now big deal consummate into an ACC semifinal is only twice. In this program's history and made and they mated to a championship game in I've attended 50% of that is. I was up in Charlotte traders again. That would matter of fact it was so weird to hear in tears Oglesby on the call the game he was on that team yep we re teamed with cliff hammonds a guard and a whole bunch. Going on so while again will seek Clemson gonna have to have one of their better games offensively coming off a game in which they just scored ninety points. They had two freshman step up and have good games today as well and it and have listened meego when they are giving your best shot against the number one team in the country tomorrow night you pull off an upset holy cow you grew -- we've been saying in five CD probably push your seat up for. In the end who knows what happened hey man you gotta have dreamed sooner or later. Clemson basketball and got a win in Chapel Hill, North Carolina when an ACC tournament payment why not this year and I think Virginia is beatable if you shoot the basketball well season high ninety points today that's the most Clinton scored in a ball game all year are you a great game form yen also a Kia porting gave them a four time he's hit the 25 that plateau this year that's his career high for whatever you say listen just keep getting 25 and winning. In got to give Boston College a lot of credit they scrapped back here in the second half and you figure wind it was a double digit lead there. 1617. Minutes left in the gained his legs were gonna catch up just like she said. They hit like three or 4308. Out of nine in this were contested Tories on top of it sometimes just got to tip your cap. And obviously Boston College pay playing their best basketball here into the season I bet they may. May see their name come up and in ninety bid when all said and done may possibly 1915. I stopped here. They're a tough out yet and diet manned their guard play is fantastic they look like the better team in the second half today they started making shots. Somehow I must have just been purely on adrenaline they out hustled the tigers there for a nice six or eight minutes of the second half but not Clinton righted the ship held them off. Boss a college never got that lead that's the key in those big comebacks right you've got to get that lead and then try to hold off the other team. They never could get it under I think they got it to two twice on the never could get over the hump so great went for Clinton. Absolutely so again 7 PM tomorrow night they will take on the Virginia Cavaliers coming up tonight in the ACC tournament in Brooklyn. Which by the way shame on them. Yeah we're goatee some stuff up Aaron a little bit tough for an added. Watch in the ACC tournament be played in front of a less than half build arena now that will probably begin to change tonight and it changed it so little bit different last night Brent North Carolina but now. Syracuse out after game bails by the editorials. We'll see what shows up tonight but. I think duke yeah you know even at duke is technically from Durham, North Carolina you do a break down their student body. We do a breakdown of their alumni hey that's a home game up and broke. But ninety's for -- basketball if you can you know by a ID standards they play up in Madison Square Garden every year I think it's intentional by coach K to get him in the big the big venues cell gap the bee colony of by different shades of blue with two ball games tonight yep of course Notre Dame meet new they've got a fan base anywhere but what a summer you have yeah we're laughing the other day some I had never thought there early if you're Catholic as 1% a year detonation of the church does that automatically go to Notre Dame athletic. You know what that's a pretty violently. Mister Damon did you hear that should be good in the in your nightcap tonight in Brooklyn. Chipping and good ball game North Carolina nice winners Syracuse last night against the three seed Miami Hurricanes I would say. Look behind the Miami bid C a little bit of green and orange and that's going to be the only lurking support in the building tonight minus. The duke and repair it doesn't if at least called ACC tournament back in the day the ABC tournament. Anybody but Carolina yet because you can count on it when North Carolina who report. Every other school in attendance bikini thing in the team that they were playing right then and there it was awesome Arianna earlier today bam it's a last second shot. And they'd knock off Texas say NM who. They that might be enough does secures a bid. Is it anyway if it now that violence that tiebreaker and especially the latest one on me an image that comes down to those two. Image should get yet we waited all year long for this top five Texas a and ended team to show up. Guess what they are what they are at this point in the year retreat they're one and done now. The worst seen it can happen because I get a little bit of a tirade with you and stuff. Yet here they moved this when I think of SEC tournament I think of saint Louis Missouri yeah I mean come on. Well guess what they're sweat the sweat Mitt sweat and it is Georgia. With six minutes and 25 seconds left in the game they are up 57 to 51 on Missouri remember Michael Porter make in his daily yeah today. Imagine Missouri being one and done in the conference tournament and Saint Louis when they knocked out all they did you do this a step he's Missouri when they came in Italy right guess what we're getting in about six years adding that the SEC basketball tournament in mid. Yet this is why you got a 13 full arena in Brooklyn today in boy dad telling me you know I'm not sure we'll see later on the night. Are we could see right now I guess actually here in a bit tomorrow. How well Kentucky shows up yeah because of Missouri gets dot dot I mean these to call it chat land and in. There were more people that would come to Atlanta that was a big spring trip not knock and just saying that's what they did it rained and SEC tournament. It is our gets not now Kentucky doesn't have that kind of showing in Saint Louis you're gonna see a Portland in the seats they're at the SEC tournament here hey guess what when you turn your back on your traditional fan bases. These are the kind of things. That can happen are right here they go and out to break guess what do we need to do the whole money money money changes we need to get the 5 PM keyword when you got one more chance today to win a thousand dollars free and clear on intercom intercom agreeable. In ESP in upstate new you have until 559. To text in doll DE who LL doll to seven to 81 somebody's went in a thousand dollars free and clear why not you also level we come back we'll have opened phones for the rest of this hour. It's 6 o'clock we got an interview I did earlier today with the new owner of the Greenville road warriors. Seasoning swamp rabbit Steve Donner what a good guy that image I had with him in the in the act coach Brian grant's on. And where I have some fun with the S swamp rabbit in the coming months into the season especially. Is we get into 2018. Iraqi leader on the on the road. Listen I am impressed with this ownership group was Steve Donner being in the lead why. They are moving to attain known to live here this is not accurate assessment from somewhere on the outside. In this Meehan has been a ball better part of ten championships across sports level including the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was the you reward them shortly and he's won the original investors in the Orlando city soccer club right which of course we know how that's taken issue we 161 downstairs in deity it's like this year of dyed in the wool Orlando city soccer free nights two again will bring that at the top of the 6 o'clock hour and that will close up. And get away with some final score updates and things of that nature because at 630 we go back Brooklyn. For coverage of the ACC tournament so it's open for the mine's a 44. GS PE SPN we got basketball. And guess who got a little bit of golf to tell you as well Tiger Woods on the course. So Lou which she thinks bigger this weekend. College basketball is it is championship weekend or the Valspar. TP in its classic down in Florida. On the PGA tour because Tiger Woods is playing guess what. All the leaks is that it Tebow with Tiger Woods key route with Tiger Woods well he's even on the day after fifteen holes. The leader is at minus for everybody else there's a group at minus three. In your talking about Ambien even when Jordan speed than a few other sale like five over in the first round so. The it just amazes me you go to CBS four's dot com and there's only. Keep up with tiger titan that's why he tiger tracker he is golf. Yes I know it upsets everybody but you don't see. You don't see. You know a Phil Mickelson tracker now he's maybe the next biggest name in the game or Jordan speed through May be the next. EO career kind of guy now is still tiger tracker. And a lot of these championship games have moved away from Sunday's now on for the tournament weekend so Sunday afternoon. Settle little bit early to watch the the tournament bracket reveal all and you can watch tiger maybe down the stretch you. I in this now let's get all 6018. Out they and then we're gonna go see the same kiss to mean the drama. Was the final segment when the final bracket was being relaxed in they've got the cameras in the team rooms in their all like oh crap this is you know. That's where the drama was they took away from it but that putting too much fluff in it they should've kept move in with that in been. Yeah gone back and you put the falloff in it so I think even miss in the point where their own drama is when it comes to selection Sunday. I wonder if they'll put drama and there rape where they reveal all the auto B is send in the people you expect to get in a late lead him out one by one as far as the bubble teams getting and smitten maybe he'll go through it it'll be great but I don't like the change in tradition under the seat brackets rolled out. And I Hamlet that. Congratulations I can hear diesel on his mind right now and it may mean you funny part two that is outright change either and neither does my wife and yeah I will say this much. Here we are talking about it a couple of days right forehand sue it's got you get it yet he's so it's gotten out there and now lower interest it said that's weird the change comes from we may not like it but we got to see and witness it before we can totally go to Twitter and throw you under the bus with our opinion or just come out here on Monday and we can totally trashes portrays and who knows very dizzy by want to be on this bubble I mean NC state Glendale last night the way they're yesterday the way they did to Boston College Arizona State just getting pop our you have multiple ways. In the end showing what that's all they look like it into the game start a fight or Colorado gap that was amass all these teams right it literally how many teams have been. Win one in your hand and and they've caught out and not just lost in many cases lost horribly fell in this and again and at the end if this is what I think it's the case of in 2018. Is a thought about this last night. The most dangerous teams in the ACC year in the big twelve or those big a multi league bid multi bid leagues. Or are the ones that a wanna be there ready handle him being maybe have a little something to play for him. I don't think that's necessarily the case in the one and done leagues because you know your work's not finished until you raise that raise that trophy up is your right you do so. I think we have a different mentality of how these conference is obviously. A approach she preach that we now because. Some of these coaches they don't want the alas scheme to be a loss. But that just gives them more time to go and get rested up hit the yeah it yet hit the film room in it's not that emotional. Emotional day I mean she got Roy Williams now Manny and we don't care yeah. Okay yeah this is Hawaii this way get 13 full arena today up in Brooklyn and so. A couple of notes that you got when it comes to the ACC tournament still the most fascinating thing to be locally clintons never one number two they've only competed in two championship games. So eyes some of those stats and I was looking at earlier today or along those lines so this is the 65 tournament of the ACC. I championship how many times you think Clinton has gone one in dine in the 64 previous tournaments. 47. Uga. You got it exactly right this was a stunning stat to me that they'd been out 47 and then how many total wins this once and have all time in the tournament 32. Before today nineteen. Cent total ACC tournament wins and history only run twice in the semifinals of new loan. An unbelievable stats are today was their twentieth ever turn meant win and now Brad Brownell. Has more ACC tournament wins than any previous Clemson coach. Just some amazing statistics that your head around her. How much this assault from Phil site CI a former sports information director for basketball. Constance in their last two ACC tournament games at 4448. Free throws. Wow and he can solicit we saw some kids step up the daylight Thomas drills to. Aramis Ramirez doesn't fugitive since it hit back a he was what she and 45% 90 yeah. So again. Interest to you let's get a quick phone call endowment now welcome in Libya and a good Thursday. And I am good I'm yeah. Joy in the conference tournaments right now. The united have a heart well. You have been a great game will facilitate October pending a particular paper reports that apartheid state did not portrayed as some little mud. Easy and that's the impression checklist are they probably won't. Eight and that's what Clemson media with the in think about it Delmon you watch a lot of basketball. They need one of those guys to step up a little bit because conscience really lost its. Best the most versatile player with Dante grant them in now you're seeing impart to this team and it's nice to see these freshman. Getting better when you need some minutes out of him. Yeah and world. Also receive work it is called piracy illegal quote far corner as the base so consultant departed very. Yet and oh in nineteen probably gonna do that for you things for the phone called element as we gotta get out the break but listen last night whatever Kevin Stallings ended up and get and for his buyout unit yesterday the number was a gory approached him with seven point four million needs flip them off and he got a nine point 49 point four last night they were trying to do that word leaked that that they were said and done with that. That they were trying defying calls to fire Kevin Stallings which means they would know to me anything. It just took a black guy in the court of public opinion on this because he fired a second year coach actually told you. Listen year two's going to be bad then you add Cameron Jackson flip and out and trains turnout at the last moment. You've got what you ask for here yup. Mean to be there had to be something else going on to this person well I I've known from people in Nashville. Stallings was a tough guy to be around at times and we like to buy headsets probably go up a kitten. Is that they're a little bit thicker up the brow there when it comes to button had split out the yeah this is the epitome of just signed me up for this. You can cuss me you can yell can burn me in effigy in the rafters. Sign me up her job that you're gonna pay me nine point five million dollar nine point four. To go away Al go away with a free can smile monthly housing. I'll do the same it averages out almost a half million dollars per win for Kevin Stallings over the two seasons he was there. Pretty good gig if we get it. Every diesel Hewitt I will volunteer services for your power five conference basketball team. Mean to say fired me after one year is on as a buy outs good enough I will gladly go stink and opera program for mine and mill now. And a kid and our rights to again when we come back we'll give you some updated scores there's other tournaments going on in basketball as well don't forget we got an interview with the Greenville. Great we'll swap rabbit sooner at 6 o'clock Steve Donner as well as prying Grassley I'd join me here in studio earlier this afternoon and listen. D.'s are both excited. I mean these guys got good plans big plans for here in the upstate. When it comes to our local hockey franchise and again if you. You wanna get in our free cash stash contest. You have till 559. To text the word dolls. 81 remember twelve times today this month we're giving you a chance to win 8000 dollars screen clear. On intercom an intercom Greenville as well as ESP in upstate text doll to seven to 81. Remember no show to mark Clemson baseball moved up to a 4 PM first pitch. And less is pouring down rain in that's not what they're doing this Fordham mark is to protect themselves in case they have a doubleheader on Saturday 844 GS PE SPN. So they in the final second Missouri gets a really good look at it that tied the game at sixty T they miss Georgia it pay Gates's. And oh you can hear the swallows and Greg saint he's a voice because last night North Carolina not south Sierra keys in the largest first gained. In now you put this ACC tournament up in Brooklyn and a piece this year keys in the northeastern schools. In you put this SEC tournament out in Saint Louis to appease Missouri income and on board and the fact that they're still member of the east in both of those teams are one and done. We talked about this earlier this week that I did see a funny anecdote abouts. On the tournament up in Brooklyn that one of the big giveaways that the fans can sign up for our from Bojan angles. So all these folks have been getting boje angles gift certificates in New York do you have any idea where the closest vote tangles is to Brooklyn New York Maryland. It is in Redding Pennsylvania. Over three hours away. So they're all getting these gift cards for vote jingles and got a long way to go out there like cash about. So. Couple weeks ago app state basketball managed to almost shut down the locals ax peace because they had a promotion that is. What whatever the promotion was and and the team fulfilled it. All you had to do was come and show your ticket stub our RE Elliott who's gonna show your student ID at the Zacks BC get a free. Chicken fingers saying no however might be I would watch smugglers do right Diaz though slider chicken sandwich the problem is. As state students don't have tickets you show your state an idea here in the door so. As soon as it happened not it wasn't just students who were at the game which May Day and you know 10200 whatever our guys being worked. You know a massive student body trip all went over this sacks beings and apparently they ran out of bread Iran had a chicken marinara everything's a man starts giving away vouchers and and now they they do is continue to from ocean going part of it was a and resisted section if you could make the I think it may be opponents miss two free throws in a row in the fourth quarter. Yeah CB Allah being loud and distracting the other team if you can do that. You get a free chicken sandwich just by showing your entry into the game early entries an idea and so. Potentially 181000 students show up with just an actor he's thaksin's Ankara does accuracy insult I wanna that is what it was. Big Donald's franchise back in the seventies was so that's where they got the whole idea for the four placed fourth place for semi pro unit I which by the way they've had that day that maybe on always known nightly basis with a couple of bat all right shall we shame them. Yeah you a shame our producer yes it was you know a mute button which we like also called the sun button. Is it you're suck and he can be achieved you know it's really easy go ahead and tries of them. Test. I. So good to have this kind of power that come about what. A that's that terrorized and terrorism come talk to our engineering department or maybe they can set to open an unseeded out. He is not seen the greatest sports movie ever I'm sorry is the pinnacle of all sports movies minus the original longest yard. I wish somebody Shaq to the tent he should check where loved it where the Brady Quaid checks and then to the outside boy. Are gonna mad. That. And okay here's our ride go and have it here is he he's never seen the movie slap shot I was stunned by this. And now they're sure he's made early slip her a lot older than me I don't know that still. It is the quick it may be the best sports movie ever but this is where we shame him it's not I can get it he's 32 I'm near fifty count in this is a movie from the seventies. This is not the shaming part. The shaving part is when I made to the Hanson Brothers. Who support us. I mean I was about pay and I guarantee you said I can't tell us how and why didn't remember when I didn't know in the movie came out so wouldn't say that handsome ready we are talking about a character yes in the movie brought into actual handsome rob let's see if you it has seen the movie slap shot you would never escalated to us how never forget this is like my ears when day. Back when I was a kid growing up I skipped church with a body mind I mean we were at church went to Sunday school week at the conduits shot basketball. Okay we did something. But it was enough to. There was enough sweat on the brow if you will right after the church service at about Ayers like mom sniff that out in like fifteen seconds no. No oh they figured it out okay but they let me hang in. They started on the way might Mitzi can you believe doctor Kowalski said this stern does the service would bit silly asset what did you what did he say. How high view and so they let me ask myself. That was sort of the today EU he made to he would Hanson Brothers and you're talking about the pain and it said. I mean for the 933 the plane DJ the use the main over there seven to midnight diesel. Diesel on radios into inner. He references the enhance and he lost to cool points for the rest of the weekend. I'm feel and remake here though with the Hanson Brothers re doing slap shot would be absolutely awful. Why do homework actually got to see this I think the younger as Brothers still about a buck ten on the scale some got wet as the heat they might have there and put him through some sort of physical training to get ready for I'm looking for we're gonna bring you this interview with the guys swamp rabbit sooner and their head coach here at the top of that our. And I'm looking forward to getting diesel and hockey pads out there. And we know we don't get on the ice and we're gonna have some fun way he's volunteered he has I want a part of that he said he did each said he would play goalie. But he wanting goalie pads not Ford pants. Right. Well yeah last time you know I said you know let's recreate that scene from Mighty Ducks which by the way neither one have you seen Mighty Ducks. Which is which is equally shocking I have seen Mighty Ducks but when I just don't but I I Herat say hey I don't I don't ascribe it seems Mighty Ducks had just didn't see the seventh installment of it yes fast and furious is right because there are Mighty Ducks one they were like nine years old playing county hockey against the hawks and immediately I got says Mighty Ducks to their playing in the junior Olympics and ultimately had to face the Icelandic team. And as still that's how I know the difference between Iceland and Greenland because the hot girl in that movie says. Iceland is Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is very nice that's how I'd keep those two separate and the number three they were playing some sort of a junior College Hockey. The things you learn on this ray you are alive and and believe every city he's bus that on us for not see ya Mighty Ducks part seven in where bus on him for not seen the greatest maybe. That we don't know about a knuckle puck it was a completely unstoppable. Slap shot that that any distance and any place on the ice that is awesome but diesel and Ayers are beta names so word on the road no no good luck and Leo owls are met arm our rob metal bands going to be called concussion protocol. All right let's go to Tim speaking of concussion protocol that's Texas a and M they took a shot in the Bal. Earlier today on a last second Collins sexton runner. Alabama moves on in the SEC tournament 71. To seventy. In a course South Carolina they're gonna play. In the late game tonight. As they won last night they move on to face and see what. Hold on let me give my trusty guide out south Carolina's move on to take on number one seed that's in baseball and it was take on Florida into play and on Arkansas he had been Elkhart on and I imported they win and so. Again a lot of different things going on in college basketball we can give you an update on a couple scores out there earlier. You must see the best student section in college basketball somehow someway watching grain caning university basketball game can be seen and heard that's how they're making this used to be like an online school. It's now has a campus. The one idea and indeed they've created is using Cameron crazies or not she got to see these and these things heard about how. Nice yeah they tailgate for hours before the game and they don't let the student that they don't let the student body in until I think 35 minutes before. Tip offs is they block off the student section make sure it stays empty and then it's like a land rush. To get in there and get a spot as needed to you know they'll let him stay out they get nice and juice stop. You know whatever they come in and A they have DJ's John DJ the the party out of them you know the grassy area whatever might be the parking lot whatever. And those student assistant. And it's up for those dance. Sure I can insist it's a win earlier ADT 68. Over Oklahoma State. That's in the big twelve tournament as we mentioned Georgia. They just upset Missouri in Saint Louis 62 to sixty. Also Lou earlier today Virginia just absolutely he or global seventy fives 58 that sets up. A a match outlook Clemson tomorrow night. In Brooklyn in ACC semifinal also Kansas State gets a two point win earlier in the day in the Big 12 Conference tournament 66 to 64. Sue does your main conference tournaments in action right now again may mourn the we're kind of worried about right here Clemson gets a 1982 win. To me is to take on number one seed Virginia tomorrow will come back with a little College Baseball and a few other things here in studio remember we're talking swamp rabbit hockey at the top of the hour we're out here at 630 for ACC tournament. Sit that was a little fascinating break their d.s by Youboty both UN mark Childress too and some Mort there yeah. I listen mark you and your Clemson basketball fan you assert 1982. Over Boston College in the ACC Terna Nande that's a lot of points by the Clemson Tigers and guess what they've got to put up the same amount offense. Tamar vs Virginia intimate peek. It's not comfortable. It's rare you go over a hundred points in college anymore that'll happen a couple times and blow outs in the season but you won't see a game where both teams are in the 100 hi amber what about team. You winced do you have or call a team be in the hundreds before halftime. Now apparently according to a caller would you go and look this up again arm. In 1992. Troy State which is now known as Troy vs do Verizon men's basketball team there's a problem IED and it's exciting for online courses did you get a basketball scholarship and that's accurate. And how well a according to this Wikipedia. Page the final score of that game. Was Tim Frye. One of 41. Losing to Troy State school who scored 258. Points and weigh heavily they had a hundred what three minutes before evidence of fifteen seconds ago in the first half. Troy has scored 12 points that's a league defense you know and I do is slotted it down the feet on the court and elated in over over over him. We scholarly defense where you watched about a god Geiger right about ego he's you know like in a bullfight you don't touch that guy you know an immediate. I can't have them now do you remember Troy EB any real fast paced office they were making the transition back there and because at least I was semi correct. It is really slow legal of you remember in the Paul west had days when Hank Gathers passed away both fun to watch. Yet they had access a limited band and a lead eight Arab sweet sixteen game that year when they made bill leading up low scoring game is yet they'll help them down and then lost held them under hunter like 66. Or something. But they still own the highest scoring NCAA tournament game against Michigan what 144150. Lebanese. 149111. Or 110 I believe to gorgeous box score this game Troy had eight players. To score at least twenty points. They had. Two players though one player scored 41 another player scored 37 I was looking at this they had 33 pointers. In the second half. And 513 pointers for that it. What appointee to head coach walked over to the device head coach and said listen. Let's make history just don't be a Bayer's with how this thing may ends but guess what. Nobody knows you probably have a basketball team all they CC 1800 info commercial Ian comes on WTBS. A any publicity is good pulled me I've. Never do you give Rice University had a Basque. And also says it took Troy 54 seconds to score their first point in the game while. Now or they were they planned for our games of the time actually knows the ninety's and has a long time in my mind I've never heard about this before so good defined by national. Clemson baseball though open up they're ACC season tomorrow at 630 Doug Kidd had seized in a bid for clot so that's why we're off the year with a doubleheader they get a weird win last night scoreless inning in innings but a ninth spot one in the fifth I think it was yup and they go on and taking a nine to seven win over Michigan State last night here's a movie reference for you since you're always throw an amount I brought one back at you real quickly -- previous career we made it from city to city watching movies in the back of the banner the Winnebago that we have and we thought we hit big time is of being. Said that's why I have every stupid movie. This should be an easy one so how many times to clinch a score in the fifth inning denying times. Nine times what does that from. No I'm dying tying student said Tom Hanks in. That is spirits Mueller's stay off when the principal calls as mom and sister he realized affairs has been gone. Nine times and they go back and forth and they say in about ten times. And the fierce goes in and cracks the computer code in meticulous with two hands on and it's a moment it says on time to sort of think about my site when I saw that allegory classic new movie reference Toledo classic everybody has those moments that you just stop home. I don't image priest that runs during my show is being say it suits the principal secretary saying ought everybody at the school loves them freebies the way you're going to see it's just loves the blood agents can yeah I think he's a righteous dude added he's just an idea this. Yet we we loved working movie. References and all right so Clemson gets a nine to seven win last night over Michigan State they open up with Georgia Tech tomorrow. In ACC play and listened. A team it's a really give aid to get to a good start McKay how she got NC state coming in next weekend says the unscheduled. Invade me kind of the tigers right now South Carolina gets a win over North Carolina a NT now they've got. How many times in a sports talk show will you hear these three names mentioned in any sort of core relation and credit head of ideas to treatment and yes. This week in the gamecocks host Princeton. OK if they follow that up with they teased need I game with Harvard. So I guess why all into the Specter. Yet they take on the ideally before they get started with eight U series. Dimming the dimming Columbia next weekend against the top ranked Florida Gators also our defending Nash. Chief going to be great when I did see in other stats it's surged in midweek games for clients in the last three seasons 31 in three. That'll get the win total up yet been playing great nose midweek games that are often complicated for teams are trying to rest starters sometimes. You're trying to be your pitching right so that's silence an impressive statistic. You think what killed Jack Leggett the last couple years last two to three year was being bad and I did we you're right sets would cost them not because that's what caused him to be sent out on the road. In that you know graded your watcher conference record back with still own you know they'd look at what you did during the mid week when their due in the sixteen home sites and and of course you a topic for the super regionals so I think that's an area which kind of cost Jack Leggett his job. When all was said and done and again. So big baseball weekend as well also farm and hosting the big in this weekend. If you will down the floor filled with games against Michigan State. In Illinois so while a lot of College Baseball. Going on here in the upstate don't forget we will be off the two clubs in baseball move in their first pitch with Georgia Tech at 4 PM tomorrow but Saturday looks like they'll have a double header will have all that's we'll have all that action. Going right here on ESPN upstate say here's the deal the green bulls swap Kravitz and new ownership. Head coach Brian. Grad saying listen I spent some time earlier today with them when we come back we'll bring you that because it's a big weekend with heroes night on Friday there honored honoring first responders as well as people who have served in our military with a post game auction. Of the jerseys in the and how about this for sixty bucks on Sunday you can get four tickets four hot dogs for drinks four bags a chips. In a green bull swamp rabbit souvenir for just sixty bucks in the Bonser core family four pack so when we come back Steve Donner brining graphs from the great we'll swap rabbits.