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All right welcome back in weird lie Avis smoke on the water leaks I am more Sturgis you can give me a follow on Twitter. Sturgis sports also diesels back in the yet studio give me followed. At diesel on radio news. ESPN upstate at ESPN upstate of course go check out our FaceBook page a lot of different things up on the air. We the the from an escort a college basketball college football is the NFL a lot of different things that we hit on all right speaking of multi talented. It's our for an entry April since she covers the ACC. For ESPN. You can get very follow on Twitter AA bills and ESPN. It'll let me ask you before we like it started a entry at Howard you and are nine year old and seven year old daughter's doing with air currently out of the country. In a hurry to Korea or yell surviving kids we need to send a pizza in this weekend. Contract ask why not we'll take any pizza you'll at all that. We're doing well at feel like my own show spurring circuit at that point there aren't driving around town or all of their you've eaten. With everybody going into it our current IE air when he packed well in modern day and it Dunham. I think he all thought oh it's not like ice cream are you first or I think about him. Well at that and the fact that that can probably give you some free time to get back out there on the road and I get some mileage running as well but. Andrea let me ask you for people don't realize you know you did more than just say CC football. You that a couple of responses to the NCAA and locals vacating of their 2013. National basketball title. It does this mean anything outside of fifteen years from now when they're writing. Who won titles when it comes to you. You know pre season magazines and stuff of that nature because. In less you've got amid an blacks stick it out thought Kevin Dwyer won Twitter with the big picture of his ring yesterday. That big bleeping. Out the word that he. Dad. Passed it yet that I. Never been a banner being more like you know be cheating linger achy championship chase you're absolutely right. Don't forget what happened nobody can forget that rule will be. Michigan you know what interpret it that. Notre Dame went undefeated and they played Alabama even though the wind out in big eight it to your go to on the lips but yet that Ole I thought that somebody. Don't really have an accident. I'll leave that be eating championship. Really hurt school. Because that they it's so gloom and took up cry the unit and take banner down at less than the guy and they really don't like this is. From being that in turn now we ticket Tikrit that all on. Per I talked to you and she quoted an historic error about on global I don't believe that that the committee on infraction I think that there's been effective. Form a punishment that the only punishment. And I think we sit here and be like why are they really punished little hole on other. Sanctions that what against the program. You know it doesn't change the fact that you've got rain barrel. But certainly it's been shipped to the heart in Cairo and out of that era. And it's just something that. The local that are able reclaim you know we all thought happened. Yet biggest question now Slutskaya expertise to go to do with that shoulder tattooed and speak at. Well then Andrea as you go to the great part about college football is that you're passionate it's it and eleven. If not all year rail sport right now and of course teens are getting in the college football we now have. You were passed signing day we get spring game dates going on. And let me ask you does the ACC set up for clubs in perfectly again this year does the schedule itself. Yet Texas say it and will be rebuilding in their first year under Jim both pitchers they're your road game in week number two. At a conference he would it's not a rivalry game in the know back to back road games that any port point. And also you have the Atlantic Division that some what rebuilding is well. Yes there's no question about that you just look at the Atlantic Division our ports state is going to the different quick Willie Taggart as the head coach. And basically they've lost. All of their impact players are almost all of their impact players on defense elbow with a quarterback is in the ethnic back. Legitimate question mark at this point I don't know who the head coach he target in these other major question that sport global. What I can do without mark acting. We're still very obviously a heart and soul of that team. And T state. Basically routed everybody that line and Leah quarterback. So it go to a top rate team the Atlantic and content with seemingly. Haven't expanded to over every single one about nine football yeah side. The coastal. Look at what Clinton did Miami oh Miami is still far away from work on and it's. Virginia Tech character rebuild its entire defense but I don't think so we're not teaching the coastal debate and so I don't think there's any question. That Clinton is going to beat the overwhelming paper. That the preachy and picked 28 TC. I'm right there with you and we will get there is something now salaam that the minute but. With what's good means something bad so sat there last night trying to get through. Who's under the who's on the hot seat this year and ACC football because. I think Georgia Tech might have to take a long look with Paul Johnston not making a another bowl game and it's based on a good job there it's been by bipolar. You know I. I heard some loud quibbling when it came delayed that door at North Carolina course in C states now locked up. There head coach so you know it's no fun to look into the crystal ball without 2008 team without going who's that ACC coach on the hot seat. You know look at great question. Pop not to what the first part that you came to mind two to act. And an. Orange Bowl. That they had a couple of years ago. And make it to be stay out. Really had much of anything over the last 45 years. Am so I think that this is going to be a very big or you're out Johnson I thought to architect. We're going to be batter last year and then what they war I think it should have been better and what they weren't getting and the coordinator it's gonna be here for them attached. Have and you up person running the show on that at a lot pitcher that has been an issue of the last couple years ago. I'm Ricky you're right now. Train parked on them pretty quote that topped the list I don't think alert authorities here the hot seat they had a bad season. But. Basically every get fired at was injured and then all of their that back up for injured. And so many in the past. And why the way they have played under. The cloud of sanctions if they ever simpler report took over at the head coach not only would recently cleared up. At all so. I don't really think that you on the hot seat at all eat eat eat it would be all but they announced that even pretty well. You know I mean literally I think possibly could eat but you know we talk about this. In the past really good stability in the HTT in terms of a particular crap conference they admit they are and it's because they enable a gray it. The quality coaches in the conference. And I think that's why it's harder and harder with diet are hot right now. All right as we continue with the injury Adelson she covers the ACC for Just give or follow on Twitter eighty Adelson ESPN. So looking at Tobacco Road the four teams up in North Carolina you've mentioned. NC state losing at time minus Ryan friendly quarterback North Carolina rebuilding after that bad year last year duke. It's the class of ACC football on Tobacco Road even though they're losing their quarterback Wake Forest at this point. You know not my colleague David Hale at well I think today you are or that. Where he talked to they've clocked in and the vote that then I'll buy it they are hoping animated content in court. The event in minutes crane hit that might tell. Watson has really built a strong foundation for this program here moving forward they blew their quarterback John Wall for that they bring back a lot of really count on it. Players. And the team that always clay court. They'll play Smart and elite clique disciplined at the offense should be further along than it had been in any. Point since he'd been hit good ability include. John Wall or really he has incredible performance. Against tech and saint him in the ball game but. That they would like channel and an end it like what he can do. In the out and content with that versatility being dual correct crap quarterback and they bring back and really got tired on the scent though. No way exports to mean that all of ethnic conflict you know mentioned duke. A packet they bring back their quarterback. Giggles urine. And the way they closed out that the seed then I think could give them momentum going into this year. They also I think should be batters while. All right as we're closing up shop with target for an Andrea Adelson of ESPN. Limits in these you know 45 classic mean to you Clemson fans there love in this right now only Andrea I want Alabama I'm loving. But to throw it at Ohio State through an Oklahoma. Maybe one or two other cast of usual suspects. In app that for those six are probably going to be in this year's college football playoff. Is that good for the progress of the game a college football herb might that be the mission to get this thing opened to more than just four teams. Governor that's right you see they're perfect. Yeah there's problems are. It right. How realistic chance of making up. Or I aren't in a paper packed their quarterback they should lead again this year. And they don't see protective streak here and I can't make in the black ops force at that point eight. At the ballot one and we have seen this. Oval I don't know how many you're acting like forever really mater where it's as stable and able team there and it. Over and over and over and it's that the public team vignette may be some time to Washington Mary it makes it a nightmare. But people come from power conferences I don't necessarily think that. There's going to be change over the next few years. On but I do you think there somewhere down the line. They will look at the possibility of expanding without first of all it's a money maker and I think they can potentially make more money out of eighteen playoff. It got to figure out whether they want. Keen to potentially be playing sixteen being an even gonna obviously talk about adding another game. But I think that there are a lot of there you wanna eat gene like yep get a chance. This heat and beat up on the big or at them because they keep up in the nick. On and so I hope point. There's an opportunity for them and be aren't don't school that had a cheap to get air but wait a playoff. It's set up right now. It makes it really are eighteen bet in the water is then in the top cheer power by Robert Capra or by conference against. All right well listen I know who you've been doing yeoman work with Erica he worked for Yahoo!'s sports he's were. In Korea that you said he'll be back on Monday it's argued via text on Friday about hooking Al lot but that broke quickly. You'll we capture him and out a lot of different stories as we get closer to spring gains in that knee and that thing he give us an idea which may be working on. Well I'm a little bit of back to all coming up well or not. Are you going to be big at all. Mark for me that you reached. I hate you and I have. Are reaching out to argue catching it in the conference that should happen updates on who like. Virginia Tech global. Adam. And to try to a couple of the folks error out over the next couple. So. I'm going to be a little bit more apt to many that I usually am publicly over Cuba and nice change pace Hernan beat back to bring a all of Renault. That it alright listen now reach out to you know Friday will get some squared away thank you for joining us today like I said. I was sit in their report the complaint got too far let me also say they were fit me in yesterday at the doctor's office and that's why I had disappeared suck it up. For ninety minutes in guy you know what you might as we'll get some more than when you sit there in the office states appreciate it. We hate you and think it's always for the support really means a lot to us. All right thanks very much their target for an injury Adelson for me ESPN. Dot com so when we come back we're gonna open up the phone lines for the rest of the show. 844 GS PE SPN. One of the things that we're gonna get into when we come back. Like we said. Admitted galactic flash the sticky forget about it. Scott the way opulent about things when it comes the global vacating their 2013. NCAA basketball title. Are they the only one. Six days it was we were talking with TJ reed's earlier we met in the NCAA's. Decision to take away the university of low bulls basketball national team chip back in the 20122013. Season. It was an unprecedented. Call for the sport. For the sport of basketball. Never before had a team has that vacate its title was global that I've maintained. What the biggest garbage moves when it comes to punishment. You want to hurt global basketball vivid for. Take away for scholarships from. That impedes them from getting better you know and I mean that's a punishment. Yet to meet this oh we're gonna take away the national title after it's done it's kind of like maybe. A young diesel out about in Hickory, North Carolina on a fun Friday night in high school sit Kevin Dillon it. Sneaks back in the house mom and data weigh in on him. And they say you know what diesel for your punishment we're gonna make you forget about that good I just went out and have with your parents. Tech beanie punishment the. Well late how many times on this show he said it's not fair to punish. The student athletes don't file or doesn't that punish the kids who are already on the roster it makes it harder for them to win. Here's the deal this is they were rosters and AMP Ian I mean dynasty and a budget strippers that recruitment to super currency that name global should've done they should have provided hookers to the general student population date in the NCAA it would have had nothing to say about it. Yep you're exactly right but if you think of one other at stats there have been twenty. Prior national TP it's. That it had their title taken away can you think of one other not able or basketball for 20122000. There. Didn't southern cal had to give up of football national championship under the Reggie Bush scandal that thing is surge haven't you have to start. Punishing these teams going forward. You can't punish them in retrospect we heard Andrea Adelson say it so many of these the committee on infraction believes. That. Stripping banner stripping away ends. Hurts the team's pride. Do the duty to do the people who make up this committee of infractions. Live under a rock where they don't watch sports center and they don't hear people saying it's a joke of course we all know they won the national championship they won the game we all know we all saw it happen. Doing this punishing them in retrospect does absolutely nothing. How long is it gonna take them to understand that you have to schedule these guys are part of and I say it's either you either take away scholarships or. You use schedule automatic losses to their schedule next season I don't know how long has college basketball season how many games thirty something games. Thirty rate RC thirty regular season games OK so then you have to start saying. You're you're penalized five losses going into next season. Well as a collision five games. And I that I can live with all that technically you're or role. Southern Cal's national championship in football is not vacated by the NCAA because it was never recognized by the NCAA it's not an NC event. Members BCS back anyway so. All right set. But it's not unprecedented. Twenty different programs have been have had. They're titled take you know way. When it comes to the NCAA you rate to get it to the list that the one programs that vacated the title in L I guess it hurts every bite the saint. It's relative what's that word it's all relative the first well it's all relative in West Virginia. Stop that are right I do not want Bob Huggins show enough reason Elliott on bobcats local watering it Bob. It is 352 and three thirds Kansas this weekend that you saw out Matty got before he got us navigate. I don't wanna pick a fight with Bob Huggins but here's what it's happened. In 1971. The Howard University men's soccer team became the worst school at that they K eight title. Why. The issue came dale and his supposedly ineligible players talk about his records of football do the best place kickers. Oh better rear. In Donald equate peak way that that came in his Nigerian soccer players in the clips and that's how Howard. In the seventies was making a living as a soccer powerhouse also at night. 78. The same University of San Francisco men's soccer team the national team and had to give it up because it's. A former student at the week who played on the team it's admitted in altered strain script. At the time of its application for enrollment in 1983. At men's cross country team. Had he give their title back which is it some investigation that also women's golf team in 1988. Hit a loaded this one all right. I would love to go back into a little research here. This is from the daily Oklahoman back in 1992. You'll talk about punish in the masses for the actions of U. University of Tulsa missiles and athletes expressed shock and dismay t.'s stake. Over an unprecedented. Decision by the NCAA. To place the entire perky athletic program on three years probation. For violations in the school's track and field team. So Tulsa women's golf team goes on there in that time to win a national treatment chip they had vacated because of infractions with the track and field team. Holy cow 1990 sin as Syracuse men's lacrosse team. They lose their title because the head coach's wife cosigned for car loans for Syracuse player. Now that's that's dirty you know and I mean that's an extra benefit there I that when I have no issues with. 9495. Arkansas men's outdoor track and field. The violations were. Things is. Failure to monitor by the university unethical conduct about former assistant coach. In a whole laundry list of other activities. UCLA he's women's softball team in 2002. Had to give it up. Because of born. The the report showed that one of the teams foreign born players. Four time first team all American Costas the coach our readers had played on a professional team overseas before coming to Hawaii. All right the final one at the final at the two a 2003. The Florida State out the government's track and field team in 2007. The LSU women's outdoor track and field team in 2012. In his mention global this year so. You know again I'm with you diesel yet have to speak yet you wanna hit global in the needs right now for what went on. Take scholarships away though they did give them some other actions but you know at this point. What fantasy land do you think every team goes live and in. Because I wanna get into that per minute when we come back with diesel it's not just the one. If you think they're cheat him pushing the envelope with the do you think they'd done it in. Because these two. Cal poly national champion in 1989. They had multiple years of post season stricken from the record. For multiple NCAA violations. Mississippi College their football program in 1989. Wins the national championship. They were punished after they it was ruled that they crucially not not to succeeded grossly exceeded. Their scholarship limit. Lynn University softball back in 2005. Former coach Thomas to say Eric gay people here's a combined 3000. 100 in 81 dollars and 61 cents to pay for tuition and books. The Saint Augustine to men's indoor track and field team in 2007. Transfer and eligibility issues it in the Armstrong women's tennis team mark strong state they have in Georgia. 20152016. National TP tip their program no longer even eight exist they have merged with Georgia southern. Three teams at the division three level have had to vacate national titles that College of New Jersey formally trade its stake. There women's lacrosse team in 1992. Pittsburgh state men's ice hot edit excuse me Plattsburgh state men's ice hockey team in 1980s. Seven. The committee found that between 85 and 88 several student athletes resided in homes are representatives. Of the institution's athletic at. Pitchers in received extra that it fits from those families. Included free housing use of out of the bills occasional bit mills and small cats led to what I Plattsburgh state to get caught get caught. Is that badly beat Thomas More women's basketball team in 2015. Guess whose daughter. Was at the center of that case it was Randy Moss the former Rob Marshall wide receiver again it came to free housing. From a coach so they can do it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and you can do it'd be two MP3 but when week okay. I am size I say is if you get caught what they what have they call level one violation. Something along the egregious nature of what. Little hole did you should have to go one years and on scholarship program that means no scholarship money whatsoever to any player. Currently on the roster. I well we'll like it's your opinions on that at 844 TSB ESPN remember where given way to clips and at Virginia Tech basketball. That's 630 Don months and to operate on that followed the game that's at seven six tip off. They're in Blacksburg. Virginia but when we come back Rick Pitino got a shoulder tattoo. Claim that 20122013. National championship. Does this do anything in what kind of fantasy world does Rick Pitino Lipton. Right silly that diesel to one up scourge on straight up was stirred to got a pretty good Twitter Paula diesel. Says we all know. Instigate forcing global men's basketball debate he wins TP tips as a slap on the wrist so what's the best punishment going port. In your three users you have one year non scholarship status. Your second choice is cast abilities or your third is no topic these dates and you know. O Leo this year I'm sorry. As an right now and the polls been up from literally sixty seconds we've already got to vote for no talk of Tuesday's via. Is that what he's been on an idea at ESPN upstate Twitter and vote. Every since you tell me that there at the bright caddies had this flashback to may be semi pro. Where here you go welfare rolls toward its Tebow OK we got this one of the bag wicket. One more basket they get more than a 125 points and everybody the crowd gets a freak or dog. He still acute it is the big cat okay or dogs units at. Of course they get the basket he runs out of the gym but we've been talking about lol if vacating its when he thirteen title. First about capital where let me ask you this much. You remember and that final four at dale mayor of Atlanta which global wins. Kevin ware has won at the neck as the use injuries that we've ever witnessed you know basically it's neat turn backwards. A happy that it gained him with snail the NCAA to players did not happen. So let me ask you in the NCAA grant Kevin warrior I mean if you're gonna make us all forget what happened when it comes though punishment. Can they give him his health back when it comes to the knee. Because again they never took place of Kevin wire. He should never had to go through all the surgeries and things correct because it's. But none of us remember him being carried off the court in that horrific accident believers against Wichita State the semifinals. So diesel I maintain if you go if you have the magic touch that make us all forget about stuff. Then can the NCA go make Kevin wears injury never. Happened it was so that is that is is that as obviously some that we can't take away about my question is is there any sort of insurance policy that the NCAA has been paying out but 'cause of that injury. Order they'll sign a waiver that says if I get hurt it's not on it's not on the incidentally to take care of it is he getting any benefit or did he receive any benefit. Momentarily. From the NCAA. As a result of that injury. You have to sign up in paper that policy says the question is did he. I don't know I've got to do that in which can technically you could say he would have to pay it back. Because the game didn't occur. Right the whole season did not occur more less so but my point being if you if you think we're gonna forget about stuff like that. Didn't does it in the fact is that we should remember Kevin Weyers squirming on the court during an injury. That's how stupid this thing comes that being with meat but also. You're a global mean may want to put your fingers in the year because the CNET what fantasy cricket world are you living in right mail. You got run at a tail. Quit your job you can fight for. In that case you're admitting guilt because you don't want to fight he he gets up at a press conference today in midtown Manhattan. Which was more or less hey man I'm not quite dead yet I still like the coach again it's an opportunity arises press conference. Here's a couple things Rick Pitino at the state. Earlier this afternoon quote I feel awful for what has happened I've run a clean program all my life there. So really you'll run it you bring in a clean program year entire life your entire career. Watch it go run away like a look you know a child at the audit house couple nights report thanked him. Yet you think about the FBI is putting a multi year probity college basketball. It specifically. Hit keys you know knowing that a 100000 dollar payment. May buy it dieters representatives to the family of the five star recruit. Bright and Bowen. So they keep it is commitment to global it eat it addresses that accusation. He says yeah. We take you don't wanna pick a fight with Wright is the FBI he says in forty years of coaching. I have never been involved directly or indirectly in any effort. To pay any money or stay in any improper benefit. Any recruit her work groups mainly members or representatives. Because he's Smart enough to have a middle man whose job it is to do that. Number ten you know what I hear here of course you know it's first of all. Rick pitino's got more money then we know what they did he knows what to do with in the rest of his life. Whether that damages it was his reputation is damaged or not I don't hear. Well you know why this is not the end. That Rick Pitino admitted to being in why I don't believe him. In this is me personally all right no I'm get right get up on the soapbox for a minute but guess what. We're gonna do that when we come back plus you can give it your thoughts at 844. GS PE SP yet what his Rick Pitino. Actually admitted to. Why can that be holding him accountable. We'll tell you when we come back. We've been talking about the NCAA forcing the global to vacate their national title in basketball from 20122013. We can tell you at night when it comes the NCAA basketball or at least ACC basketball. We have some information at 9 PM local eighteen and nine on the year they travel to number five 22 and five. It equal once again be without freshman phenom Marvin back glee. In that contest tonight broke quickly other ACC match ups number two in North Carolina 21 in seven. They're on the road at senior he's eighteen in night we met in coming up at 630. Will get an eclipse in sports network got covered to the number fifteen Clemson Tigers. When he and six Virginia Tech nineteen innate. Tech a four point favorite this much we got. Expect a close game its its two winning the ACC. Of the twenty eclipse in Virginia Tech gains twelve have been decided by three points or less your finally see seeking. It's also. It's 7 o'clock it's Georgia Tech eleven and sixteen their number one Virginia. 24 to. One other game at 9 o'clock the only rooting interest in what's your Wake Forest and the deacons didn't seventeen on the year at Pittsburgh eight when he. This beat. That it's for Kevin Stallings in the papers to get that zero. In the win column when it comes to EC EC basketball changed tool one. All right likely losing at the denied its global but Rick Pitino met earlier this afternoon. With the media. Opened its Internet. If you look at the press conference it was a lot of hey man I didn't do anything wrong I brought a clean up program in my forty years and now I'm gonna sue the university for the money left on my contract because it's. He maintains he was unaware that activities happening in his own program which includes a 100000 dollar payment allegedly. To a recruit this brilliantly yet through it deed is as well as a party which they were escorts. With local recruits. So here's the deal Rick Davis has admitted to wrong I've never done anything wrong. You know why now I would you bring it. They range. I felt like that was admitting some guilt which you know what else did in which why it which is the reason I personally this is I'm not. The these are not requiring you to operate under the same standards. Listener be driving the almighty fight either but you're ever back in March 2009. Rick Pitino had to have a press conference where he admitted. Having. This consensual sex with a woman who then went on to extorted and not only did it. He did an Italian restaurant on top of the table now that part might be impressive it might not be impressive I'll leave it up to yell individually. The fact that you had eco it'd be at the you're having had a fear on your wife. The cast was I hit it you're not the first husband that ever cheated on you why he won't be the glass that happens for a variety of reasons. But it starts this world. That much rope when it comes to that because I've had a breast cancer victim twice. Now it's my wife and arts will be made 21 years in Jeannie quite frankly she demands for any of that stuff and I've never so much it's about having. An affair with another woman one nice theater otherwise so I keep adding that that I'm hoping other people can't. I get that staters don't apply to everybody else but when you had been fiercer immediately in your wife back in 2009. It is Mitt this. You know what I don't keep you a whole lot of slack when it comes to standing up there. In all honesty diesel sales a lot like stolen his players under the bus there in the press conference today. There's another reason it bomb and athletic director Mike just gotten Rick that the news that is being in the sun. Now that being said a couple of years ago and Charlotte when he showed up looking like a vampire. That maybe Greg but Peter doesn't have a whole lot of days left in the sun but. He again. He is not the victim here this is Italians up with this press conference he tells ESP it. Had to take him to TP chip they earned it now that part I agree with. You need to get an injunction the NCAA they have total autonomy. I'm sure Notre Dame it's not going to let it happen in neither show at the university of global in my opinion. I wish Shaq can do it unfortunately. That the sorts. That you're not hopes. You were in court. Fighting in the NCA if you still had your job but yet cut bait and run which may look awfully guilty. At the C Rick Pitino was the victim in this situation. Yeah who's the victim the players on the team back in 20122013. Quite frankly diesel players that are currently a part of that local program that makes the penalties come to him in the meantime. Rick pitino's they're 65 years old campaigning. For eight another job. After coaching they're in low wolf for the past sixteen years. Says you're talking about it could stand the re only dates at local final fours and won national team picked up. Skis me. That would the only one believe it appears right which is everything else. As well as the final fours in the win national team Egypt they are gone so. And get the Texans somebody that says that the people that she in early they Rick you know it's scum bag so with the Russian. I still to this laughing. Diesel via performance that it is the opening. Issue it though with its gaming early. Yes that would support that still thought he again it's six pack of beer about six hours before the first stones Lewis. In have a tedious to compete successfully. The Russians at the blow. When it comes to a curler it again beds are my thoughts on Rick that the good answer how does doping actually improve your chances are currently now. He dozens. That's my point out maybe fury activity here so you can see you know dale the ice. Though. Is it to which my daughter was up there with a paramedic curling club last night. For their open house and she was this which means he was let's in this and it lets you can do that sixteenth. I'm positive there's not a rush and out there needs to go to open itself to be able to do that. Fun idea let's all. Climb in energy use and played on the ice. With a human in an energy. To wonder if we can get our here's the deal. They've had so much. Response to their open house the paramedic curling club they will be hosting a another this Tuesday. At 7 PM already need that we had heard that from Jolene Mahan or however. They've had such a big response to this with the Olympics going on and everything diesel they have added 83. Open house. Oblique that you stay. Bart. Cash six. Are right this Thursday would be march date so please state. Marked six broke quickly got. He wanted to see the the legend Dave Perry Brothers William and Michael dean along with a attack that sport and that little but it starts in the air. That is set Thursday march 1 at the embassy suites in you can go to FSC. Football HO wept up or org. Two purchase your tickets. You get it differs little is that the bucks or by its table book boy that's going to be a fun night there. Next Thursday at the embassy suites will come back thirty more minutes 84 port TS BE as year.