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Hi welcome back in let's go to the photo mine's Delmon patiently waited till the break or start Carolina Panthers Delmon welcome man. 800. No. He's eased arrived day is it. Eight days to try to talk. Electorate that's about it start detonated along cleanup at the time you are stored or did he cannot part Margaret Bennett. That could edit or relate of course you know we got extra children piano you don't need to refresh tickle each week in and a Lawler. Still so heated that 92 rogue river not a dispute stating that keep Lyndon. And not the easiest of first and engagement and just keep pressure at least something close to new brain Kmart or Mets ball. Doesn't kick as you know and give it GQ and given that position it. Daschle will take about a whole should let alone. We switched. Yet now I know Delmon Marty attorneys gone first of all he wishes to hit in her own to begin with short term but you can't take that hit Mena. Here's the deal the guy even heard some might go and look at his wife going to know the wife would want him keep in that job get this much money as possible because she will get more when it comes Steve and Leo payment from him suit. I what do you guys. Here's the deal a lot of people worried right now could some might take a look and try to leave them out no. The NFL is not gonna happen in the Carolinas or two faster growing area to Carolina Panthers are here for good. She said wanted to go out here it I region but there. India it and I appreciate late late but it did not show up at a bar but I am not sure there and it. But they're suitably refreshed to say maybe yet been made not just lobbyists so it didn't hold it just needed just remote and. A hole just started. Started. Based oven proceeded there listen you know you. He began interim they brought him in from ESPN radio in Charlotte Marty Ernie was doing something notes has he he he he's gone. It's costs trust me. Now the ownership that's going to be an interesting question moving four I was gonna say the same thing good ownership in the NFL. Usually means good results on the field and that ownership usually means bad it's a simple concept. You look at the owners have been winning the titles last few years and all of our very solid so turmoil atop is going to impact the Panthers in some capacity up past. So let me ask you hear two things that I've got jot a day on the night the. They need to be handled nail. A crime. Number one is we got to take a look at this cat troll what is it R&B I 2008 yes Ayers too much a next. Week to week game to game over what to catch and what's not a catch I'm sorry that one day if you break the plane of the in zone it's a touch stale doesn't matter what you do with the rest of the play so I don't understand why the NFL has to make this. So difficult this NFL catch role they have to rewrite this is has stimulus that you know how hard it was watching the Super Bowl trying to explain to my wife Carrie Beth who knows a lot about football. And my daughter McCain why that might not be a catch at the end of the game. On that that won it for the Eagles it's complicated it's ridiculous hopefully they can fix in the offseason they have to do what's gonna be the byproduct of that you'll have more turnover shall have more hopefuls but guess what you're wasting your crap loaded time on this DOS eight minutes to try to figure out here guys like Chris Collins worth two played to gain they study the game and they go that's a cat no its not. No it's sexy yet I mean. I easy in the eyes of the NFL when it comes to these guys they have to be able to get this call I don't hear from milk it to central location would get NFL a lot of us. That the delays also in reviewing the catch when you and ire at home. And we're watching what one or two replays normally you can make a call on an and twenty seconds I know they wanna get it right. But if they had people watching all of these plays and making the quick. Decisions. It seems like it would go a lot faster. The other thing is is do you think college tavern I don't wanna open up again you know words here but do you think Colin cabernet it will find himself on roster in 2018. I made do not an either I don't think he's going up these poison right now forget the forget the state units and that he stake in. I promise you Colin cabernet is there's a GM that thought that he can help a team and win yes. Colin cavern it would be under contract the other thing is. Don't forget he had an offer to come back and he turned it down yes soon as I found that out the whole argument for what Colin cabin taken and he was Null and void due to sit here you can support he had the opportunity need to get back in the leak in it wasn't a good enough offer form shame on him he had his chance she wanted to -- be controversial. You wanted to be political fight you had a chance to get back in the league and you chose not to you sued don't claim to be a victim anymore. The. It is certainly wasn't an offer that he wanted it was in his mind it was a bad deal but think about this college happening you're already rich. So whether they decide to pay you twenty bucks or twenty million bucks this year it's not really in a matter to your bottom line is you got money in the bank I hope. I would hope that he had money in the bank. Second of all. You take that opportunity you come and you you do what you're supposed to do as let's say you play let's say you're a back up I don't know. You know if you're a back up any and you're the best back up that that that team has got guess what you just bought yourself a big contract next year. Ford if you if you get brought in as a starter. And here at least above average. You bought yourself a big contract. So I get it. It it may be insulting because they only offered him two million bucks a year whatever my dates on the see him right but at the same time I just don't think the country this is your foot back in a dork in a league where you are deemed toxic. And no one will touch you. If true because there was some controversy over whether or not that rumor was actually true if true. You passed WJ is due back in league and then you're not gonna get another chance and I don't. Feel sorry for you I'm sorry and ID insured don't want to be an NFL man of the year when you got Justin while yeah JJ dried out they are raising nearly forty million dollars for victims that were hurt you know by hurricanes and stuff like that. Sorry it's two completely totally different things with me. So I don't go away mad just go way when it comes ecology Capra nick Metz my personal opinion because. I'd rather give credit did this are right. This peaked at scum kept this is in North Carolina battle Borough North Carolina have you ever heard of this I have not I haven't either. But it's an edge come county North Carolina. You're talking about the shares office saved the basketball season if Phillips middle school. And how'd they do that. They were gonna have to cancel the middle school basketball season because they couldn't find a coach. So guess what three deputies to black athlete he's one white deputy nice stepped up in the eight. They coached the team in the air shares uniforms. The principal says that she was starting to panic that they were gonna have to cancel these kids seasons. Said they were reaching out to everybody. Shares deputies were keyed measured Joseph bill green and Andre Lewis volunteered to coach the team. And they said they never had any plans on doing this until the day before in look at him here in this picture. Great leadership absolutely all about it I'd rather see this I'd rather see these local diabetes. Reaching out to help these kids who almost had deer seizing go away because of not being able to have a coach. I read to give these guys credit Colin Capra nick in my opinion tennis fifteen moments of fifteen minutes of fame off the field when it comes to this. The run pass option in the NFL has been on the rise he saw how nick foale's keep benefited from it. In the Super Bowl and the playoffs and he can't really even Ryan you look at Watson. And you look at Wentz and that is exactly the mold a quarterback Colin Capra Nicky as soon to your point that he can't get a job when everyone's looking for the next Carson Wentz. And Shawn Watson and product of that it goes on to say in this story none of the deputies who were working with the students on the basketball court had even coach basketball before but they were able to improve the team's performance on the court. Next year the deputies planned increase their involvement with the student athletic program by coaching football. Baseball in basketball. Officials say the students' academic performance is also improved quote not on top of teaching. These kids basketball their grades had jumped up tremendously. If our grades aren't good. So we would have to do a lot of running so we said we required keep our grades so we don't have to ride. Two days they are three deputies sit step and a that is the challenge that some kids needed in its not only part laying on the basketball court it's also partly in the classroom as well that is par laying into more success at home as well eleven need more stories like amnesty as an agnostic and that's why say guess what for everybody wants to put him out there on this pedestal on one hand. I'd rather give these guys that may grass roots efforts because I promise you. I need people I have to like I personally think Colin cap for nick is what is buttons get published by the wife behind the scenes and it seems that way yet. I mean she's very political very political he's be quite yes. All right but you know what everybody's entitled to their own opinion final question when it comes to next year bills jets browns Broncos are cardinals. Where it's weird does. Kirk cousins. And a playing so. Lot of big Redskins fan on and I'm actually somewhat relieved that Kirk cousins is moving on to Kirk cousins is a very serviceable NFL quarterback. I like the fact that the Redskins are finally moving nine what you said earlier my son's Hossain a forever to Denver seems like a logical location. But the amount of money to one of those teams like the jets or the browns. May be willing to throw at him. On that might change the game a little bit because I think the Broncos will go hard form but I don't know if they'll go on the Mac side and I think some of those other more desperate teams might do that why wouldn't go to buffalo because number now and you gotta play outside elements and against difficult yeah into the year and that's why Jim I Kelly should be given a lot more credit for the success is okay cousins Armstrong at the buffalo I wouldn't get even though Todd Haley is the jets look like they're getting better an under vols and have now found their way a little bit I just avoid that medium market if you don't like it Washington DC dealing with dean Snyder being guess what you're not you know like it New York. Clean but I wouldn't sign with because of what we talked about earlier and just total dysfunction in the organization. So I think it comes down to the Broncos and cardinals yeah Denver seems like the logical location Denver because of the history. Airs because you know you go play in an ideal environment eight times a year with that stadium out there whether the Russo opener not so. So anyway all right here's the deal let me get out my phone let me text Adrian branch to get him to call in because guess what. It's kind of start cut not on our way out three wheeled carts in basketball the funny your side is some things with Adrian breaks than diesel in our final half an hour so. What are you get into a little bit of the conversation we had with some local basketball officials remember being that guy is not always a compliment when it's 2018. This is straight that was stirred ESPN's Adrian branch when we come back. Our righty welcome back TN 982 we're about to bring on our buddy Adrian branch from ESPN. Adrian I guess our. I guess he airlines delivered G home safely to the desert. You have worked the ball well balanced third you know alternatives they'd be uncharted degrees Dodgers. Play. Well we're ready get two days arraigned you can see the there at the clouds and even at. All right story just breaks Adrian branch of Michael Porter junior at Missouri says he'll play for the tigers this year if the doctors clear him. Why. I want your. I like it up one you know he's well insure. All he is he's got beyond a one million dollar policy he's got at least 65. Million dollar policy and it just can't spell that that hip the most flag. I'm not uncomfortable with that decision I'm really not and he probably wants to go in the water and where right now and it talked about imports six so yeah what it is that's that up and he's good enough to do. I just always say the less take they have on you do lasting so they can find wrong with you at this point now it takes is via one year at a high schools so. A you know guys see both sides to it but hey listen I know your brother almost ended up down here at Clemson at one point what do you think that we as David Glenn from the David Glenn showed last hour. How bad do you think swath he is freaking out and greens Burma cage you're still an ACC basketball legend no matter what former tar hill Al wood has to say about it. Bomb or how that is Wofford freaking out that Virginia is undefeated include since a gain and a half up on anybody Yeltsin second place. Well of course the granddaddy and the branding of ACC basketball that ACC football it's clipped. Good but. He. That's the spot ACC basketball it has been duke and North Carolina. Com. Arbor gender is not the most attractive brand. And book that the traditional powers really got there however when you talk about basically permit that's a different animal because all you have to do is be good or about one day so the usual suspects. A North Carolina which would accuse gave them at their confidence and there it. We didn't know that really helped them. If interpret our book urging his about a sexy pick. Adrian mark Childress here what's your take on what seems like the most parity that we've ever seen in college basketball. Are you saw him at this season and is it good for the game. Mark on the Puget merit you're concerned you got into escrow fight though as. I. I would if I went to Furman University utterly we have. A theme but we didn't have a fight song well yeah and Adrian let's share this real quick remember Furman is called the paladins yes backed him one time when they were they were called what the gold and tornadoes and they were renamed themselves the paladins yes they came close apparently didn't even themselves the Christian knights. As you do Furman University Christian knights tell me how that works out. What about issues like the fight yet only you know about that right at about a fight though without argument at all but there anyway. Without question that it is demography. Yeah I know I I didn't I love it and know that was coming hey I at the parity in college basketball this year there's a it is a good for the game do you like your saying with a lot of new names up there. Absolutely absolutely and you know what guys I think that. If it's good for the game and I think that the regular season and has got to be our paradigm foreshadow. Or what the tournament probably. Some of the number 100 number twos are going to be plot golf I've got Michigan State brought to the final four I'm they'll go to all on Arizona. Don't go with taxes and now. And Tibetan group always we're both not much refused to put duke up there is good at it. But I. I think though guys I think those guys. A comic book article or it came out of not there right now like Texas they have them could get hot. And it's pretty beat you that weapon that they've put all wicked thought he swept them. Tendency might be sweet sixteen team so I think it's going to be a great a bit frantic college basketball. As we continue with Adrian branch for me ESPN former merely tear open now Big Ten legend yep we took his ACC legend status away from a Barbara quickly play golf without would it be George Rogers started how big I'm sure Al believe me you member of the tar heel that I was friends with they be so he's like column. So I get out and a column canals like takes a phone at a Miami's likes Wofford he's gotten in touch with me to take your ACC legend status back. I think I heard subtitle on the lights come pry it out of my cold dead hands I want to talk to says Ager he had this same usual cat I. I don't consider Wichita State a mid major anymore now that they made the move today American athletic conference and basketball. Who's the best mid major because it looks like saint may erasing gains I get. But I'm telling you watch out for the other other early in the Rhode Island Rams as well. Bull great call menus you got my homework formed out as a part question right now. Are in bad because chuck Lendale is very good attribute that it's ever think you'd feel totally comfortable. Good. If saint Mary Curran is very good work doc Orlando. And that god is still ought to be it seemed to be reckoned with because mark you still has the B they have got that would took a championship game. I outlaws he demonstrated last year. But I will agree with that. Coach Hurley would there at their best they played with a chip on their shoulder at Rhode Island has had accepted that don't have for the last four but here. Reporter Ed EC map you adopted dominated space. It's so. RI has put together a consistent program guides for the last five years. Blows thirty everything that you talk about the rove goes there goes fourteen. To get beyond its sweet sixteen. Asian we've been talking a lot about the success to Clinton's been having this year and we've been crediting a lot of that two senior and junior guards with a lot of experience how important especially in postseason play. Is it to have a good experienced guards in college basketball. Crawl made it I'm proud additional argue with this so called straight maybe yours. Straight up with knuckle heads how much they. Yeah. Probably got you got the ball and we do what it. And it guys guard play really rule the day and it is translated go into. It bled over into the MBA now where the guard play in big step courage and all got Westbrook. Shouldn't have been reported so you're right. That it would bring in deterrent admit it's one game it's forty minutes you wanna live but it sure turnovers you wanna get hyper that you shot. And then when the shot clock gold belt when it strutting down. You want a veteran. The guard or veteran backcourt Beckett get a grip play with K out predicted that so great point guys. All right before we let you go first of all my wife very Teresa had a vote minute Tony Bennett would win coach of the year every single year just as she thinks he's that good luck on our. But. Is there yeah you look at what Ohio State's doing that you know and how that transition took place well after the season was over. Is dairy better better surprising college basketball so for this year. And a Ohio State Buckeyes in realizing that their head coach which just stick Gardner-Webb like seven years ago. Great point or Ohio State's same power Ohio State firmly whipped. Michigan State they just got all would've miracle shot beaten Purdue. I would say Purdue and I would say go out they've which you're about to walk out state because you didn't see that one comment. Are there were number two in the nation. I probably would go with Matt Treanor. All who are actually went the Big Ten. But we didn't feel that would cover we did Nancy. Ohio State coming out there and dominate like they adore they only have two conference losses. And a big tent that's been beaten up all but Beckett just the that I. It's nice and I'll let Mark. Richt again guess what we don't want under armour back either so guess what can stay out of retirement to a country you. Grass is always greener on the other side injury where we gonna be next week. Because we can't let the cat out of the bag a little bit before the NCAA tournament on Thursday and Friday we're gonna have you right here in the upstate of South Carolina for a couple of days. And as we needed me even have a little dinner meet and greet something along those lines but yet you're gonna be right here in the upstate next month. That out like that remember what all of our callers are. He's an apartment at. That point where you are classic so we gave him a call up got a week off I'm just getting back it's Jeremy. Armed man you got the order role and ever thought about saying that may be straight up where. Third straight up Archie straight up. Granger and no go walkabout. What you think that could very well. Our men brought in. Have a straight out with a bad seventies maybe and oh yeah. There. Are right let's and enjoy the weekend you know we got a little interesting game right here in green. ST speak and about how do you handle big time basketball but I look at the Southern Conference right now. In you guys. Two divisions if you will you have the public school division in the private school division between school quite frankly Furman and Wofford in the citadel and Mercer NC inferred. They slept in the same theme that coach Forbes East Tennessee State his been able to do would put his friends aren't strapped. Yes right right right that you know what. I've never thought about that like they're urging that the great point that it's almost like the privates who it's been almost like the public school military. Being like apartment like a midget man it it's our what about no. Bob killer he's not there aren't. No different than resonates in now so who are. That's right that's right what you write what the high academic standards. You can bags give it guys that may have transferred to a three times and did not big red who don't like it got the already graduated upper orbit transferred. What you just mentioned and I got to be gentle wit in Tennessee State because that's where my god what group. All are great players they're capable of both outlook up by about pat all of us they no problem. All right well listen I love coach Forbes he's one of the best interviews but I just listen when I watched him play at Wofford a couple of weeks ago their undefeated in the so Condon was indeed they are the class and I'm tell anyway whoever finds C East Tennessee State is at 1213 or fourteen seed watch out baby. Yet record you get hot bubble players that transferred down but you get like Peter jerk and that was that and yes that could order ending double surely need to rent Bert bell. Two all of plate belt where he worked that Epstein what's great about coming out of Carolina so that's what you really went and you gotta talkative person. Well it's not even a candidate until beautiful food. Where. I knew I knew I know. We'll listen Adrian will talk to you next week thanks for every paying our best in Timmy little way the girls and everybody else. These guys that you dug out the yeah I doubt you'd be a good job and am not certain. I appreciate it sorry for appreciate JB we'll talk to you this week did. Right lesson that is absolutely. Adrian is good guys I've that I explained yeah Mike Morse yes he's now the head basketball coach in jail me and hook this up back in the gather it back in the day Ian. Eighty state appears house you know being in Greenville before when he's been in jail and in business and I I'm not really sure I've ever heard the guy cusp one time in my life in it was two Al would doubt that a I mean we literally in the middle like the fourteenth fairway. It to George Rogers tournament and you were talking in Sydney and he. Because I really did feel like I was like is he just kind of run his mouth Maryland. Ager he needs to start a lot of our G you know that's what it cost me an Al like rips the phone and out of my hand. The that was set by a by the way Johnson offered his put me personally in charge. Of taking back your ACC legend status of basketball. And I think it was com prior years this they got that your body with your cold dead and something and allow it there was a code Dicey only time I've ever. In the eighty laughed about it he's like guys that's pretty good that you pulled this off in July. Or the ended June of all things all right so here's a deal well opened up the phone lights. When we come back diesel we get a little bit into this conversation with our basketball officials last night because guys. It's not all about your little Johnny. We'll tell you more people afford to ESP ENTSB. ESPN. All right welcome back in enjoyed cat he dozed Elena mark Childress here make sure you give him a follow on Twitter at Childress mark thank you sir bipolar. Pass a person you. There was wins a lot emails tell today Leo back Adrian. Speak into the content football team the night before the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State and UEU here that passion for major and yes. In his message was the difference between champ. In channel. Is you. Perfect in eclipse and I mean he was suspected he was a teammate. Eat eat you know Adrian. I don't think he would I don't want to put words in his mouth but he's like had I not been pouting when bias would be here today at told that story asks us to be amid Graham for first round draft pick he did you do like number 32 in the second round. Mean James Brown who was with CBS sports and in Washington DC was spent all nighter over the house during the draft and told them argue get yourself composed and together let's knock out this interview Obama Bonnie stayed over there with mom and dad he coursing and to go fly into and I think we're Chicago drafted in the second round fret you'll do that you only do that if you're the first round draft pick and in says he stayed their mom and his city went around when Len Bias cut back from Boston of course she knows the rest is history creates. Again but you know that we had a long talk when I normally do do you cannot and you can't own actions for somebody else two speaking of owning actions for somebody else diesel we've had a really. Couple of cool dudes last night their local basketball officials say and listen these guys and they have a background when it comes to officiating they've done Southern Conference games back in the day. In collegiate level or DT but they're just doing look why because they make them. It's actually I guess a little bit more cost effective when you are driving and so far away in the time and everything with what they could end so. Yeah I got to talking with them and at a city they'd obviously had a bad night as they come straight to where diesel and I are having an adult beverage with their officiating you know balls artery okay. So we are talking about it with the min yeah away it just makes me thankful that I don't have a child that competes in sport. I mean she's she's a black belt in Taekwondo she plays golf and I'm talking about church league matches she's ever. Some of the stories they were talent about being an official at the local level. It out look adamant Heidi this is a team that absolutely blew a minus its he had damaged in a specific church because I'd. You plea tersely basket yes growing up. As said it showed he had that guy from this church is threatened you that you will never officiate another basketball game in your church league career. In the started laughing and if you remember these on their like deep you know that yet. I say not dealt with that same guy 24 years ago when I played tersely daily there's actually kid from that church. High high school kids it's a guess what I'll make sure you never raping other basketball all my guys. The what was your biggest complaint diesel if you remember correctly. Not making enough while in the not making enough right now that great this site job one album. One album is the app player manager the other owns an insurance company sued they're not doing that they're doing this for the love of the game they love being an operator and it. They're like parents who don't know the rules of the game or the biggest problem because Johnny is never done anything wrong it's the officials follow. Always and just a reminder a little Johnny is not gonna get drafted. By the lakers. Because about Thursday night at 6 PM Tressel league tea stinks I. Do you do you know what DB AA stands for. Hi brought it up earlier in the show do you remember don't be don't be in a home that's right parents. Listen in my voice. Listen good. Don't DNA hole you hear a basketball game where the rest does something wrong sliding down. It takes Brinkley gained white keys as little Johnny is not getting drafted second round by the Chicago Bulls when he thinks he's a first rounder. But they just talk about some of the themes that piers didn't you think you're protecting your child when you act like that McCain's. Know what your actually do injured Beyer senior child. They just did child's not gonna tell you that why because they're the kid near the Payer. Now and now I'm on sixteen she might actually do that. Listen mafia he's not exempt from this OK yes. My Brothers you were talking about David back here to tell my Brothers are Shannon farce graduates from 1978. I believe him. They had a big rivalry was Southside Christian school that you're mentioning back in the day when south side was ever here on Augusta road did not out here. You know well I would prefer Brett. When they didn't have a gym south sites at least to play over the boys' club in downtown Greenville Alka. My dad in one other guy had a technical called on him from the stands by the officials forgiven officials are a dime. Wait illegal you cannot do it they can throw them out of their arena are everything. I'll never forget one of my Brothers looking at the state into going shut up dad wow me that was the only time I've been one of us ever got to weigh in our lifetime with telling our father to shut out. Good grief. I'm curious. Is there anything that does work with the referees did you take the alternate. Discussion with them and say is there a way is a parent or as a coach to approach it it's actually impact full or effective do it is a human being where they're not the evil empire the other thing is is one of them said that he and we commented to aid to. Be inner drummer and opinions. Crappy fewer neo. Eat eat your meal hurt. Your gonna pay attention to that drummer because he's that good right. If you're replacing you hear real crappy drummer you're gonna pay attention to on because it's that bad in eSATA Italian yes. It's a drummers do and his job you really don't pay attention any active each is doing his job yes and that's how they equated what they would like to be out here. Just did what we've done our job when nobody realizes we've been out there. Like an offensive lineman yeah if if you don't call my name during a game that's a really good chances that means adding get a holding call yes. So I just amazed to hear these guys. They're doing it number one for the exercise and number two because they love basketball that's created in number three they're not doing it to (%expletive) you off. So just hold it in check you know I guess this is where in this social media society right now. Everybody thinks her opinion is a little more. Donated actually he has an. But like these guys speak there they are for the funnel the aid they're not gonna keep your child from getting drafted here. In eight years I promise you won't maybe that's a work around maybe they put their two little Twitter handles on their uniforms and if you got a problem tweet me and we can talk about our halftime or after the game even but I got even better than that being careful when you're dealing with these guys because diesel what are they putting together because you may end up being fodder for this. Well send on but I mentioned I don't know if I want to give away their idea because then who knows of some of these everybody in straight. Some very good idea if I'd I'd don't want I don't want to to give away. Let's just say you can eat it and trust me every time you end up being famous for Wright comments every time and you wind up being that guy eight you may be reminded of at some point later I'll day on the line let's just leave it at that ballot papers that they were great they played a law and they realize we did a sports culture. They come ever sit down I'll never see you realize is is go to enough of the year mark. If they are absolutely you know what again I'm as big of a sport that is there isn't. I think I got a little attitude adjustment this past week we jury duty and everything Yeltsin going yeah yeah I can't stand Ted Valentine. TV Teddy and Brett. Because it's about hammy and she that crappy told until Bayer had to turn our back on track is back on him. Called the last six in Karl Hess was the same way I guess well Karl Hass is now renting so con games. In nine Atlantic Coast Conference goodness all right diesel let's catch this final break and you're answering the phone over there you can get him with the city for four GS PE SP and we're out of here 7 o'clock give us a golf. I welcome back and we're gonna have about three phone calls on the way out the door. We'll keep it and kind of quit MacKey await it here first when it's anonymous he's a former baseball coach I'd love to hear and welcome and happy and good afternoon. No one else territory last somewhat sorry you're in Williamsport actually. Kate. They're not my my son or Internet. Idea green or greatest trip that we've done we've been to Super Bowl side TP chip games but that trip that we sport by far my favorite thing we've done. But what cent certain that at that point I'd get out of college coach not coach at a mid major school not give you the best. One have ever heard when he came to a prayer. Each got based cultured from everywhere and where he's got our country got ball. There were questions systematic approach it the universe chips lord actually you know talk about Bayern. Coach got a couple got a bad it's slipped in what Nissan. In the sun without a Louisiana. For a really well where are great on. But he slipped in order scout were. Good buddy of ours which and a hammer just won the World Series we're not a moment but other than a huge fat marina Italy were. Our Irish bigger. Then it argue and every trick with the umpire on hopefully. They're about Carol kinetic. Mom gets so she get frustrated walks sustainable to decide this kind of release and staying. And could they should help from the and I angels looks and so what an idiot like it's super that. The way he walks over multiple source princess. Cute New York talk about the unreal amount. And I get the scotsman which is not talk about glad they're debate I'm just glad they're the bigger Jack hole Ollie would that play in the bowl or that idea. While Bob walks salt two steps turned her crown. Go to system aside bad. About twenty seconds when you turn around and nurse and another word that's. And that's awesome because again you tomorrow it's not. It's like the woman who showed up her son on national signing day Wednesday because she was unhappy teachers sport that that was his moment not errors. Cuba so skip to the next one Chris Watson talk about referees Chris welcome man. These are ideal to test a New York. I'm doing well so real quick grew up in upstate New York played football there and football bear compared to football here in like two totally different thing you know. Varsity club on a Friday night we had sixty people. You know it was a championship game. So like I'm down here and I took a jab down here and my buddy. His brother it's kicking it's a bird's back in the Marcus Lattimore to. So so legal and and we're watching that game and I'm I'm just all the way about all these people that are here at at a just a regular support. They gave it over and burn to win candlelight like dale restated its. And I'm watching your special goal ought to feel. And I won't and I watched them go off in which they were escorted off by police and they left completion to different police course. Sirens blaring one goes one way one goes the other. People come out of the stands. And track officials. And so so they're like police escorted out an outlet. I'm spawned I mean I coached football and baseball and I know what idiot parents can be quite honestly each and sports parents were ruined yeah sports. More times than not and you know and you know every every kids the next you know Ken Griffey junior or whoever. And there are just nodded toward the jets play. And so it's just that I was amazed to see. The logistic but we quit and go. Out. While I appreciate that phone call Mike McCann is here's the deal hey I gated clumps and they bring that officials in front in a bringing in Biden. You know play and yeah. Forever dude you're going to blitz they bring them innovate and they take him out immediately after the games are over age and they come in for the hotel so they don't have. Anytime in that stadium outside of of Colin negate was an an NC state where there at the rest got the bottles thrown out American after the game this year and how to answer the biggest. Like I said millions don't think the rules applied them. You're gonna close this out was some recruiting might well command. It got took a quick break it is now up to do they know to get the Taliban and eat it you got it definitely don't cultural. Is that what you can go 'cause look at ultimately you pretty cut out and got. Go and I'll get a bit about the start our secure it was not a stalker caught umpire can overstate it but to me. You got it in got to go to well what I did this you know it. Ray what a great called in the week things like absolutely dead on they and that's the thing. Eap you know it is the work is I think one of the toughest stinks. It is a big coaches have to allude to learn how to do weather's football or basketball and I can't really talk about baseball. Is you you have to it's Thomas slight the news that the reserves are being an army you have to build him up to get him. Yes it's here and they own to get him back where you want to hand. Is the coaches that learned how to operate to do that very well are the ones that go on to be the most successful. And to be able to have that young guy who thought he'd be playing at that you need two years down the road you've got to keep motivated and ready to go. Dad though and his staff clearly has a great job must must chance into a great job and get some talent up to how cools this at a it's I know what you're gonna talk about that empty who get ready to get it to the it is the date Avi. The problem is the problem got it with they spent it with a special student let's just say that. Did how cool was that a church they'll land at any huge one Aziz every year easily the best thing we did the I mean just if you think. To the payers is are some great phone calls there yes. You were talking about. DNJ on the here and you. Friends of yours being thrown out of a game embarrassing their kids you know this is that. If you think the you're even close to being Lavar ball and guess what stop what you're doing right then and they are. That's not the route that you wanna go down. For your kids yourself for anything else in number two if wife. Or mom. Comes over. In tells you being in a hole and listened to on the have your best interest to our every once in awhile it's wife or mom that is doing the yelling instead of the that. Oh god guide. Price that was thrown very sit in video above. Of scrimmage. Six year old it's on in the mom in the stands you know. Just I don't wanna be that hard core now have a heart attack if I do part of Singh have ever done it I can't imagine why you watching your kids play or whatnot. Was a house share with you during the break my daughter's a black belt in Taekwondo and the most stressful thing I've ever gone through was her black belt testing I've got this day brought in. The head of the Korean Olympic team is the guest judged and then he went lightening sly man. In I was just sit there don't know crap you're spot and have fears among all on the line right here in the end I. I had to go stand up and walk away from buddy keep my mouth shut the course she'll cheer blue or anything like that but. That's the most stressful thing I think I've ever been there was just. Keep your image right Alice felt like I was dates and their bureaucracy in the that poor little kid gets caught on video demo dance moves donors like sisters dear Steve ignored guide view that's what you don't do that. Maybe it's been a lot of fun I had to class and this week as well of course Richmond Weaver and I Monday will be smoke on the water. I'll figure out a lot of the week from this point moving forward we do you know Tuesday that we will be at bottom being pizza on Woodruff road. So from that point on will figure the rest of it out remember Wednesday is Valentine's Day. You might wanna get out there and as you start that suck it up this weekend and I tell you that much. Flowers jewelry whatever it is that take you one thing you can't go wrong wit. That's assuming that's a -- down smoke on the water would you think about that last the brisket was heavenly fantastic sauce loved it off thank you so much for the meal hook up last night all right we'll listen guys it's been a fun week it's been a crazy week I'll look forward a little bit of normalcy reply returning with that jury duty and funerals and everything else ever diesel thanks for hold India on the for everybody did humans work this week it's quite frankly there's no way to prepare for but. That's why you Allard the best and I look forward to do it again on Monday for more straight that was starts have a great weekend.