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Stearns waiting. Anxiously for the results of the polar just up on Twitter. At ESPN upstate on Twitter do you root for other teams in your conference to do well. Your choices are yet because brotherhood. Or hail now. We know where we stand underwear or stamp. Also knew when somebody's held a lot more lucky than nine and check this guy yeah well I told ya fall like. 45 things on Twitter the arc sports related to one it's called what the F facts and you know where it's going. It but it detective bill Morgan. This was this came up fourteen minutes ago from what the F facts on Twitter at what the affects. Bill Morgan was to clear dead for fourteen minutes. In lived unscathed. To celebrate his survival he ball he bought a scratch. Lottery ticket in when he 27000. Dollar power. The local needs asked him to reenact the scratch card moment. So we bought a another card it's 18250000. Dollar debt but would that. None rowly did you not die your Dick clay or dead for fourteen minutes. You hit it 27000. Dollar scratch. A car on a scratch card in just reenactment in court. Did I wanna get to Vegas with you yeah he he got some magic howry on the other side or something. Good grief. Well as it did today they said in the mideast strife sleek Euro I wanna party with you talked about counterfeit and all that stuff guys back in the day sue obviously. So here's the deal after we talked with David Glen in the next segment of course that will be a lot of ACC basketball will open it up. Wanna get into a conversation we have with some local basketball officials last night but it. Yeah when it comes to Clemson basketball. When he when she only one time 198687. That was my freshman year colleges the University of Alabama. Have the tigers ever reach twenty wins quicker and only took 22 gains back and 8687. Now they're twenty and four. In here's the thing. You see some other life. Yeah yeah the schedule kind of works in their favor a little bit with that I haven't five days off and then you know what they're looks like a log jam of mediocrity. Behind when it comes today CC and guess what those teams are gonna beat up on each other's well here over the next three weeks lead into Brooklyn which I'm sorry. Still so Helms well. It hit because of this wrong. You know the one thing we did mention also is this duke losing last night really health clubs and even get closer to that double bye in the turn him. Which I think both you and I really think it's important for the steam at the Wanamaker Ron. So while their sole possession of second place because almost more impressive than the record I agree because Virginia I think EO assumption is a mother of all screw ups I get it minute twelve and I went 231 in which they will be the number one team in America this week. They have been an RPI now that will be in the polls after Saint John Swenson Villanova credit put you look at this clumps and following them at nine in 320 and for the RPI and number four. They need to do you can Miami gain and a half back in second place. It came and half I'd say gauging being guess why you don't know what you're gave first of all Florida State. There one that Nicklaus when it comes to the ccb occasional talk about a little bit of bipolar noticed. Pointing what joining really good as they did the other night for what thirty minutes against Virginia and and of course guy ends up going off and delivering the cavs to a big win bit you know you as you just said you don't know what you're gonna get with Florida State and then. Hammy I think Kyrie Keats. Still a great job in C statement I just. It's a pretty deep league but not overly impressive this. Point it's a lot of pretty good teams and then I think one really really good team with Virginia. And Clemson still a little bit to be determined at Clinton's got a good basketball team this year they are starting to separate themselves as so if we were talking about it but they are they are rising up. Everybody keeps thinking they're gonna take a step back or two and they continue to just go further and further up in the ACC wave it's. Did do and it no way in which I don't ever call it being done before and that's being led by guard play and green did you get a lot out of allied to Thomas right now David scars had three big games in a row yes well another big one last night. But you go back DO we said what thirteen times fourteen times in school history to ever ever reach twenty wins. I'll maintained nine lead in 95% of those teams. Were pose a lead player they have post players yes the way. Yes and guess what you know it I know it all the bats woke up you gotta have good guard play to get far into the postseason and guess what this seat first time I ever remember. Clemson being. Guard Lleyton in guess what it's uncharted territory I mean they made one run into an elite eight back in the day. But since and really is set sweet sixteen in which they came back right it's Minnesota an insult to go first. In depth finish in off the game and making it to the final four that's been in a and I think a couple those 21 seasons in their history at least a recent history was built on the back of a pretty easy schedule at the beginning of the year. I know Purnell ran out to 141516. You know a couple of times. Not playing hardly anyone but the fact the Clinton's got a top ten strength of schedule. In a top four RPI you look at these wins over Florida now you look at this win over Ohio State they're getting better and better every day it's a legit schedule. And clintons for real on basketball. What would you look at the as Southeastern Conference now Auburn takes a loss they fall to nine in two in league play each when he won in three overall and just one game behind them I mean. DG yeah give Rick Barnes eight time an apple crave people who don't real people think he failed Texas. Oh he never really did nine get him Kevin Durant for a year and a bunch other things name me one time Texas has been in a final four. One time under richt wants to hand exit so in Texas doesn't have this basketball hierarchy you. To lean back on. Tennessee eight and 318 in five on the year number eleven in the RPI no big stars and he's doing it with a bunch of disguise he's got a bunching guys up there. You know Furhman played Tennessee earlier this year in really played him tough as Tennessee was still kind of trying to find their sea legs and and figure out what they're about all year. On and they continue to get better and you'll you look at South Carolina they play Tennessee on next week. They've got two games left against Auburn they play Florida against South Carolina could get on a little roll here when a couple of games and right the ship and find a way to kind of backdoor into the NCAA is a got a long road a ho. But they can do yet. Four and seven they can't taking another loss this weekend to the gators now home to make five in a row because again it still list him at thirteen and eleven here in the standings. But they're twelve and eleven they're gonna have to throw that game with limestone now. So we'll see but you know who won one other teams start you got to give him credit Mississippi State start to find their guys with the former UCLA head coach. Don't look now the bulldogs now six and 518 and six on the year. Kentucky six and 517 and seven Missouri what Kwanzaa Marten. Playing a little bit better right now six and 516 innate. Big M on just you talked about one team you don't know which are gonna know from week to win Jekyll and Hyde yet six and 515 in nine. In any got Arkansas and don't look mail Texas say in a magnet like they're finally ready to start playing some basketball. That's you pretty deep turner may come Nashville next month for the SEC the ACC and SEC. You've got the long term blue blood programs not performing as well this year and it's really turned both conferences upside down and so. When you get to the ACC tournament in the SEC turn to make you seeing Kentucky and Florida you can North Carolina making their runs. I don't think any of those teams are great this year and you could really has some people come tournament time and maybe that's worth South Carolina comes in sneaks in there. Or one of those mid level teams like Florida State gets hot at the right time and makes a run in the ACC tournament it should be or should see what happens. One that I wanna see in the ACC maker run just because he's fun he's great gotta be around. Is Buzz Williams in Virginia tell why because that's the only coach asked to change clothes at times increase in tickets in the this year we did not get the aid to the ACC basketball media day and suddenly come up football going on first year. The last. The the first three years of Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech we got him when they came around and hand out the ballots in Virginia Tech for two years his first two years was picked dead last. Yes you could see the second year you mean like it in we have a picture him. Taking a photo right across from us of the standings and you can just see this was never gonna happen again there. Probably texting into his players are saying yeah this what you think we are yet said the next year he looks at us when we come and he gets a start tape price. I won't be sitting dale with you guys win the app poll. In it he this year was the first year we have not been there for a Buzz Williams when the will win the pick and I felt so guilty about it. Because he was like. I I've kind of come to the conclusion. Monty or without you guys when I get angry about some that it he's just a fantastic and usually did you go back and listened. It is the way he worked its way up through the ranks living in a cargo bay and more or less for a while. While being an unpaid assistant at some say in what quaint Lou junior college somewhere over in Texas. In here he was like I said yeah working social media it is debated skis that's exactly what he was doing mark he was text in that stuff does players going what do you think about this how you gonna respond to this. How you gonna answer semi biggest disappointment this basketball season. Not sit Mayo Buzz Williams went and you know an ACC media. Well Virginia is rolling in the Virginia Tech very soon I believe it's this weekend. Buzz can get the kind of when he knees stood to get that season on the right track for Virginia Tech in and help them rise up in the ACC stumper under does he did you remember a couple of weeks ago when there was it do you when they had a month there. If he had a suit only comes at a halftime he's got a long sleep Virginia Tech teacher asks you this way as there is a retired senator. The undershirt the it in the whole nine yards says. Over under on Virginia at Virginia Tech is Buzz Williams makes it through halftime. With the same sued on not I had no chance it is taking the only coliseum that was about as screwed were knocking clumps and yesterday for you know an art director oh. You ever notice how close it looks like Cassell coliseum look asks. The old Littlejohn back in the day and hang in there so centrist think about it Virginia Tech and engineering architecture blow up both of them had conferencing or or when it decked designing there Arenas says. Radio have. Diesel. The complications and her new complications are nice as pretty nice I mean there are some links in the roof already. Well there were some Leeson the roof and you don't want can and we're not an architecture school. But habit but I still did a nice kid outgoing there there isn't as there's some my interior decorating decisions Americana. Why did they choose to do that there's a lot of gray in that building. But otherwise it's a nice building Grayson. Hip neutral color trust me my wife is decided that she likes gray in various parts of the houses why because it matches. Pretty much anything out there are right when we come back it's our buddy David Glenn from the daily Glenn's show and North Carolina. I bet he was how to find out number one which was more likely him running dale broad street celebrating. Yesterday in Philadelphia. Or him running down Franklin street scream and after the North Carolina. Course you can follow him on Twitter at David good wins show will come back with our body and then it's opened phones for the rest our don't forget Adrian branch of ESPN at 620. All right welcome back in let's go back and get signed second time today it's our buddy David Glenn and you can follow them on Twitter at the David Glenn's show is the largest North Carolina sports talk show he's also been North Carolina sportscaster here. But David I think right mail let me ask what was more likely yesterday you running craze a lead on broad street and Philadelphia are you running. Craze only dale Franklin street Chapel Hill last night. It was a lot outlawed in both cases not like I've burned so much old man energy. While rooting for eagle at Super Bowl that he'd do in Minneapolis in person. That odd lobster and had any energy left that like joint Almonte Philadelphia Brett where it's not broad street. And my wife told me you're not nineteen anymore is going to act like. I left all the celebration in Minneapolis. I'm excited too much Philadelphia Eagles finally get their Super Bowl but now it's all back in business especially. As the guy Iran BA BC sports journal it AP sports. Well let's get one more Super Bowl question him because you take your son your lifelong Philadelphia Eagles me and they haven't won a championship since 1960. Now I know you well enough. You work you weren't even a gleam in your peers guys aren't trying. So what was it like to experience sets Sunday night you get that first Super Bowl win but also have your son there to enjoy it with. Came courting right after this course is not what do you. But the reality is that I was twelve years old when I saw my favorite team in all of its own modest favorite sport itself holds the one years. Baseball there with modern day even though when they went in 1980 World Series over the and the signal to the question game. Resolve these strangers plummeted to the children complete list volume. We were part of the whole celebration on the propagated in the eyes of the global. To come full circle. And then not only you know with an eye opening experience at the end of the World Series two out of baseball the Red Sox a long time ago. After the personal friend you know it won't be long over them for eighty plus years. We go from there in my grandpa gave the locals and in my parents often about eighteen at the football championship. Removing the Super Bowl and being their full circle with only eighteen year old Nolan who is the football the end of this month but the Eagles won't work. The total interest on the board Newton. People people who don't support the not curing cancer we're not feeding the hungry. However. The most important personal bond with the other people involved want to which I was transmit the Minneapolis those. Grown up over ten years old at the total to over a couple of meaningful way beyond the sports world so it resonated with me in a lot of people. All right it is we continue with David Glenn followed them on Twitter than David Glenn's show and David let me ask you right now giants were offered in Greensboro freaking out that Virginia is undefeated in ACC play and holy crap clumps and of all peoples in second place right now. Our record create the bank more in the big picture below their lives in other words blatant linking L. APP independent you can go local produce only more than doubled in the infinitely happier that we've created it were so many millions of hours every week it's port even more. There pearl bit like home V do you feel you need in the state. That's projected the ninth he knows that the problem at the yeah probably Clinton supported. Operating on the remembers the immediate pre eaten prediction. The Virginia oriented on call it isn't only on the actual. The Clinton story on the bread on the physically and Egypt eight. Well I don't think that into. There's not the Indian government the whole society that there's data. This is a growing ED and AM palm and the cavaliers in the tigers' that the article I feel rather than the evil Google over policy all. I think they did a lot more potent for pretty much everybody even though you almost. Most appreciate. They gave mark Childress here you mentioned Brad Brownell that's who I was gonna ask you about. Were in a bubble down here lot of excitement around Clemson basketball. Upping your neck of the woods and Tobacco Road how is the Clemson basketball season and their performance so far being viewed. Yeah I wanted to cry from the peak season for sure. The only problem not a problem you digging into this as well why do religions in Virginia they'll only played equally daunting there's not a national. What I do immediate Sotomayor on the pole we're. The they've only. They haven't eaten you wanted over that he didn't know the way it is imperative that it. Yeah he's going to present you think that you just didn't you you know vote for their day. Am I made everything a normal and warned that culminated David or tiger action. Our name and an awkward to preserve the and so. I don't think most of new home market you can read what you're. In now that the first team all eighteen feet. Aimed at all the news of multiple players alone did not say Clinton is not even the able to halt the tigers anymore. They've been volatile North Carolina saw a lot of folks so you know this story personally. It was so eternity because they read my own little battle that. It was not a great team last year actually that if I didn't even look at guys like to want to gain on any of the following year and a roster. The north iron to that he'd been brought here they were meant to be that all along people forget about the content on this golf when you put the dividend will be made that day. And then people flown bracket will be here I'm told them because I didn't know that you need right now the accused is on his. Well a little bit more familiar story as opposed to the dangers that you won't it. In my neighborhood. I think that one day directed Eaton used in the lower immoral Markey we developed it down there have been multiple on the inside. It'd be able to report issued and all the wrong. If they didn't finish this ball. While the tigers who believe that the beta proteins in the entire country and just eat it. David let me ask you about what's taken place the last 24 to 36 hours at Georgia Tech with Josh passed Ernie you know the lawsuit filed we don't know which way this thing's gonna go but guess what it seems like historically. 11 of these things makes it out like this far into the court of public opinion it easily in so with the resignation at some point. That way what do you make of this because I've always been on Josh past her to be one of the most engaging good guys when it comes to ACC basketball media days but. You never know what's going on outside of that. All 100. Senators here just human society. On the edition of sports where it is now. The sexual assault and install or won't go for law. They'll all be simple and pride in the could be don't belong there somebody that you didn't just aren't play in the making all open allegations that a bit of context. What simple simple while realizing. That he would be impossible for all the current. Most of it to that movie if you've been there have been wrong. If you were the person who committed intentional so well when it DePaul is prosecuted. But if you bring all the accused. What we hope the person they eat them and get caught and prosecuted and much more we can do. A lot of words you know in between making the system for one of the apple byters ourselves. To stretch super derby prep. It would be needing. Particularly to be eligible to work with industry. The bottom of the BDP and I'm just speaking practically hear you immediately. Important position an old now that you shouldn't Wear and the world. There's a war on thirteen or not we're only in the NCAA tournament at the station. Not that you would duplicate that in the wire and judgment and even if there was only. I won't need they believe that they choose to go to a little bit off. It does not only did he is afraid that the accident group and open neither did his guitar and it went pretty. It's mostly colonial operate on the bigger and different AP means they're going to get the potency. Dave I don't know if you call last night's on North Carolina duke game and instant classic but it was still high energy a lot of fun to watch. Obviously the Tar Heels coming out on top and they got a chance to talk to Roy Williams today what's the feeling up in up in your neck of the woods this afternoon. Out bribery. Along principal raw material that even the weather beaten people say what you're saying. When they beat Carolina. They took it all the press forward so. Now a game on its opening day because. They finally got a lot of little bit it will doubles after losing a pop I'm actually including me who determined. I think that the line that won the policy goals all of the victim here. They're still dangerously everybody knows what the Pope or the death that they won't women with a national champions last year or even wrong at all before the year before that. Let me at all because until very important to all of this good night. Yeah apparently came down and Anthony Williams. And you all won an open client name or England. That didn't want to do what the big man from equal going to be lottery picks more than that they. They won't block June so he wouldn't be surprised the portals. You're seeing them being that close to implement when it was a big step forward for the Tar Heels and they had it tomorrow afternoon. It was a most of them didn't think just little short one on defense. I think it seemed like and then started ball great and all of the new entrant onto the first point for a just don't need to be looking at this stage of the season at this point we're not in the mall are multiple Brooklyn for the improvement. So talks are wondering whether or even months he did it on the road course in the alma. ID before we let you go of course national signing day a park to this past Wednesday when you look at before ACC schools heading in the next year football wise. Who's the best because she got really liked what Dave Koss is doing it NC state loses a lot. Who is the best ACC Tobacco Road football team in 2018. At least heading into the season. Don't want you to think you have to give them the date the benefit of the ball because the court a ball all it's only eat all the both in school. And remember what he wants to an unbelievable cripple the productive ball and John Paul Byrd. All Carol Maloney won't do the portable play this year. So we didn't do you wouldn't turn it over the question but they boarded. Paul Bradley it'll probably the source forum to be an insult them a little bit. On the news incentives. Also to the pros and I'm atheist so I hit the competition started with an instant paper I think this is one of the years. We will there's North Carolina. That it might be the first second third and maybe even so all these DEP. They have not been to do with any of the forty ignore the law if somebody does not quite that pop up on the North Carolina. I mean is going to be somewhat of a problem because most of them. We did well positioned as the twenty pounders with the Miami and decades of urgent call or maybe even one or two others. David the way he should have asked that question is which of the four ACC teams in the state of North Carolina is going to be best position to challenge adolescent state dimes and stand up I don't know I was coming. Well there are a lot of happy mountaineers have been good to that course. Absolutely I won't won't won't horrible final question one wordy answers what are the chances that Buzz Williams is changing his entire halftime Saturday night in the age in Charlottesville. Over a dagger reward like yeah. Analysts today value we may have a little special Philadelphia treat it's going to be dropped off for you from the the original thriller the best Philadelphia root beer drinks beverages all we've gotten in as the Salvatore family we're here for the army navy game in Philly and they took us to Dallas on druze. For an authentic cheese steak they are like eagle on and pads and Jeanne as we're taking you. To the rest that I like here and there's sue lasts a year I knew we would you're dealing with the fatally with the the name a Salvatore you know I guess what you may have a little. He may have a little sub doubtless we'll get to some banks Revere up there in the North Carolina. Battle cranked up the rocky music and start thinking Hawaii the wall. Our base body bag idea such a great way David glad for the day ago it should just won the good guys in the business absolutely so who. Anyway appreciate that I see here's the deal we're gonna have opened phones until we talked with our buddy Adrian branch from ESPN's some more college basketball but we've got some thoughts when it comes to the NFL. Some look ahead some questions to the beginning of the season also. Which team do you think most deserves to get off the snide when it comes to a Super Bowl win. Yet they are bunch of them out Bayern. I'm sorry don't say that Cleveland Browns because ET US meek. There's a franchise that is already won a Super Bowl they just did it as the Baltimore Ravens 84 Ford GS PE SPN. But I welcome back in would have opened phones until 62 when he before a though it ever do you mark Childress I gotta read this from Thomas confidence. We're talking about Poland for the conference yup. Held no one pulling for the conference is a Clemson fan which is the ACC is never done this any favors. That's almost say USC thing. See that's where does the conference still is totally did you. Close it still has a lot of animosity towards Johnson offered in the ACC that's never going away South Carolina. Listen they were love and I made the SEC deuce opulence and you can hate me and Colin tell me how wrong Narnia. The entire expansion when the SEC went in thirteen was to get Arkansas from the southwest conference in South Carolina happened to be in the right place at the right tighter right his he had no conference affiliate ship for football and they were metro conference in basketball at the time and some other stuff. In the balance of getting one team in the west in one team in the east boy you hate. Perfect perfect. Storm for South Carolina back and what was that 1992. The ultimate lifeline if they up most perfect for them so so that's why yeah I think it's a little bit different when it comes to there's two conferences you have you had some piano. Are gonna talk NFL I was just curious on this Atlanta Hawks small forward Deon dreamed Embry was arrested early Friday for driving 100 in 28 miles an hour on an Atlanta and her state. In a purple Dodge Charger. I don't know which one is more interest staying the speed or that he got there in the Dodge Charger. But I'm curious between diesel and mark which one of you guys is driven faster car if you cop to it. First of all that ciskei wording cop right yes yes but if. Did have never seen a 128. On the inside of a video game and powered by a girl scout. Couldn't imagine doing that I now to. That should sellable fits because it's not just about you being in edu and put yourself in situation and 128 mountain miles an hour yup to potentially have some fatal happen to hand sit back did you put any other stranger out there on the road. In that situation. That means it's more about you than anybody else in that's a scary thought process for me. Yep coming up from Atlanta it's a stretch of I 85 I've driven numerous times so just thought that was a hundred in 28 miles an hour yet to have your driver's license taken away and forget upstate do you buy dot com while that's where your driver's license and my team tops out at forty so there are no. Now do you. In a really nice. Oh god skateboard may need to go have some fun and you know you're not a topic now it more than forty miles an hours well. 120. Miles and that is don't you guys. Franchise do you all think most deserves a Super Bowl win. It's very easy for me. I'm your recent transplant from Atlanta but not a big fan of the falcons. But especially after what happened last year and with all of the nightmares have gone on for Atlanta sports for so long market. Very simple answer for media Atlanta Falcons sometime in the next few years. Are on deck since Philadelphia has finally I ended their long stretch he had there on my list at number two. Because it is advocates you know a lot of people think oh well crap she blows twenty to three lead in the third quarter of a Super Bowl than maybe you don't deserve one. But you know people forget it. That would Atlanta's first Super Bowl you know they made it back and today I would Morton Anderson and that crew. And you would listen that paying for that franchise is gonna feel for a long long time mean being up 23. In not getting it. Number one on my list. Believe it or not the Detroit Lions. Interesting it up to you why because they are one of the longest franchises out there you I mean they go back did Aaron yeah I remember here my dad talk about Alec scares me in the meanest football player. Didn't he'd ever seen it the NFL level in the new you remember he he went on to play the adopted father and with a little black kid in that sitcom back in the day that Webster yet that EU debt guy. My dad said it was literally one of the meanest football players that ever walked the face of this earth but. Yeah it's a franchise it's been a mess for a long long time it's a city that it's been an even bigger mess with the car industry. Changing the way as you know you see what he'd do what 80% of the people of new data the city to the suburbs and things like that. But at stake of the Ford family and everybody they got that franchise started is to Detroit Lions being one of the staples of the NFL. Plus they have one tradition that we all see year in year out which is. They play I don't think scale back at. Losing. That which are gonna say losing close games every season and not playing on Thanksgiving Day I mean that's that's one of the few. Absolute traditions that we have when it comes to the NFL a year in Euro and that's said he's been through so much in the last 1015 years economically as well. I looked it up because I could remember the last time that the Detroit Lions even won a playoff game do you have any guesses. It's been awhile. I'm guessing. Air a pool was their quarterback sometime around 88. 1991. Against the Dallas Cowboys technically 1992 but the 1991 season so they are in a long drought of else oh and oh and eight since then in the playoffs and haven't made a much self. So they're number one the falcons are number two who else is on your list we'll do that when we come back gate fourth quarter GS PE SP and give us your thoughts remember word talked in. The Smart Alec side in the NCAA basketball at 620 with our body Adrian branch of ESPN. I welcome mat cam we're talking about male bit the Philadelphia Eagles are off the snide they win their first ever Super Bowl Super Bowl 52 they have won an NFL team can chip since 1960. In yes that's why a the ugly side of Philadelphia raised its head couple people got stabbed in a police officer was salted during the parade yesterday but that. So number one on my list it's a Detroit Lions because I think about Detroit I think about the Ford family. When the biggest families it's ever contributed to this country I think about you. One of their original teams. The falcons neo being local being that close up 28 at three that be the second on my list. You raskin who I have number three on the list is the Buffalo Bills. That's nice yes they've had gosh I now inning not one not two not three before Super Bowls. In number two yeah yeah it's a franchise that god it's cold up there and you lake effect snow. L sometimes so bad they got to go play in Toronto. But yeah the bills are just steer him there and I remember OJ Simpson and you know with the red. With the red Callaway if you will you know Iowa on the helmet I remember. You know Jim Kelly Bruce Smith those guys that came to that four year run to the Super Bowls. That's a franchise that's had an awful lot of talent over the past including when I was growing up a quarterback by the name of Joseph Ferguson may go a great fan base to a lot. Not quite as wild as the Eagles fan base but as law real is the Eagles fan base for sure so what's better and you see she mentioned those two fan base is which one has the best claimed that the while you get Philadelphia at a very pleased with Amoroso roles in Philly cheese steaks and and you got the anchor born buffalo which is famous for buffalo wings yes worldwide I mean. I don't push that's tough dude that's a pretty big argument in diesel which is here's the deal. I gotta go with I gotta go Philly when it comes to a good cheese steak I buffalo wings. Buffalo wings can be like ribs. I held a lot of work for a little me. And making any sense at buffalo wings have a reason on the food consumption list. Why by a factor hundred over the last twenty years down questions on grow how much of the Philly cheese steak Quito and in the trash can marry your border every lawyer mine anti satellite buffalo sauce. At all you Rhode I the only one I don't know I get out like the mile Buffalo's song I mean just the I don't get me into this so would me my son only to nuclear sayings that I can't even get close to I love what's in this full a man vs food eaten. Cystic don't know what the hell are you think in the Ayers says. Said I'm gonna side with Philadelphia when occur yes I probably would as well but so Buffalo's got a nice claim to fail like except when the anchor bar. Comes up with an entire I'll watch the show on. You weigh in some ways it was late at night I guess it was snowing and ice and she's like go in how buffalo wings ever came about yeah it's kind of incredible. So so anyway those are my EE ego Cleveland forget. Did your Cleveland. You're Cleveland Browns franchise I'm talking Paul browns franchise back in the day it was bought by apartment dale and then moved to Baltimore. They have a Super Bowl as the ravens so. The real rails franchise doesn't come into play in this and think about it it is. How can one franchise. Be that bad. For so long one in 31 the last two can you blame the fans of Cleveland though for the one Art Modell did to them I mean they're the lovable losers. I'd put him higher on the list it sounds like they knew what. Just. You held it happened yeah. In the U turn around and gave a deal in hand right after he leaves to go to Baltimore did refuted donned our -- still in the first place. You never would have the Baltimore Ravens or at least they would have been the strange indeed. In not the Cleveland parents they are so bad too and it doesn't seem like they've got an easy path out of it how can you be that bad and they just got there NBA title a couple of years ago is that they didn't know what they're okay and the Indians always got one how can you hire football people in a first of all this is why. There was a lot of hell raising going on when it sand like Greg Xian I was kitten the Tennessee job yet in Knoxville because it felt like. That was a gym has removed from the Cleveland Browns beat him now he sits there he goes no I had not to do with the bulls. I know we did for a fact. How can somebody be that successful. Pilot coal company pilot you know who gas station chain all through that how can somebody be that successful in life in the debt that it picking people. To run a football franchise where you're picking number one in back to back years in you're still one in 31 over a two year period so two years ago you pass Stein a little guy named Carson Wentz and last year you pass on to Shawn Watson. These two probably the future of the quarterback position in the NFL. That's your simple answer right there they they seem to make be making terrible personal decisions you're after here. Ives I'm seeing now they're thinking about baker mayfield at number one which seems insane to me a while ago picking another quarterback now it's not an all out I go open up the check for Kirk cousins and go yes come save our city will he come up the question he's gonna end up in Denver I add something tells me that he's an in depth in Denver because. That's a franchise that you know. If you given time they're gonna give you pieces to make a run to his Super Bowl wide they've done it multiple times right. Exactly well I would still I mean I don't know what you could offer hell I'd offer membership in the Cleveland Browns franchise to get that with Russia I twenty if you're browns fan and you have season tickets. Are you even are you praying. Please don't draft another quarterback because guess what nothing you've done year. In the last five years is work and we don't trustee to do it this time I guess like his back to my point I was making originally did such a great fan base. That has stuck by that team and they're filling up the stadium. Every Sunday to watch maybe one of the worst football teams take the field for the last two years in NFL history. So I would move them a little higher on my list I think denied that you've got him. Well going to be interesting what are few other teens it had not won Super Bowl eloquent and as it were twelfth which surprised me and it realize where that many you've got the cardinals and we talked about the falcons in the bills. The other expansion teams have the Panthers jaguars you've got the Bengals and browns. Your lions the rams have Texans I chargers vikings and titans. So the rams have. Super Bowl they're not on the Smith but not on this list of interest you have one. So yes Kurt Warner now guys you know you look at this just in about LA yeah. We have set to that's why. So fascinating. Listen will figure out you're talking about a franchise with the Carolina Panthers. In some turmoil right now yes that's one of the big questions I have moving forward for the 2018. NFL season and will get into that here when we come back to an army is questions like. Who's gonna end up owning the painters franchise I. Is this franchise to be here for the long term in Charlotte I do believe that's the case because even. Even NFL commissioner was saying listen that's this is one of the fastest growing areas in the country right done nothing wrong you're not gonna get an ownership group from at a tea on. In them just up and moves the Panthers franchise that's not gonna happen but that's just one of a few questions I have. When it comes to next season and of course you you think about a Marty turning now gone the interim tag and game. He nothing now with Fiat charges brought up with his wife you've got new coordinators come and then number right in defense of an offensive side. Did they here's a guy and there's a lot of lot of different things moving in to 2018. When it comes to the Carolina Panthers are you got a tough division that your engineers and the future is not right on the field in with a one thing you can count on is Dirk cutter in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sorry nick and Boeing springs. They're gonna be worse than you or sue EU and that state he would speaking of age in the highest ranked player to leave the state Alabama we just saw yesterday Austin Ross sets Janus once in left no bills are headed to Florida State so. I listened we need to get out to the top of the hour break we'll have we'll take these phone calls as soon as we come back diesel but don't forget at 620 will top college basketball with our buddy Adrian branch in the we're gonna cut up a little bit which includes a conversation we heard. Are we had. With some local basketball officials last night payers or listen up dole number one don't be that guy number two don't let your son or daughter be that guy either.