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I wanna commit up stated is a Friday he week do you ending addition of straight up was searched. Where there's your keys out there Q back. OK he had his we saw that Jeep on and somebody here and Entercom is. Having a bad day right now of these a week as they have left their keys on the water cooler than they've been here for couple hours. When comes NG Ki Soo. We were wondering if it was you are right illicit organ or India till 7 o'clock on what's a beautiful Friday afternoon out there hope everybody's enjoying it. Because guess what the rain is on the way from what I understand it might be a good weekend at. Chill out watch some basketball stay home catch up on some arrests things of that nature. Although my agenda for this weekend but mark Childress never to my left of course diesel will be here taking your phone calls. We will have a busy showed today at 420 in the next segment we'll talk with our buddy Michael Foster from the South Carolina football paint. Of course they had nails they're new incoming class. Yesterday plus they have their next legend speakers coming up as speaker I in the Ceres coming up next month. As well also mixed in the next segment Michael Foster from the South Carolina football hall of fame at 520. And tell our buddy David Glenn from the David Glenn's show up in North Carolina and while. You know I wanna find out if he was hanging out and and Franklin street last night is that. Since when mark Childress did it become that may give the bill for the North Carolina Tar Heels to beat duke gathered in basketball always a big deal I know it is but I don't ever call. All the sudden Franklin street you know looking like they just won a national championship exact especially coming off the national championship I think for those North Carolina and duke fans are beating the other one is just as big as winning at all it's not bigger it would it was amazing because I saw scenes I was like when we did that it was ACC tournament final hour maybe ninety days and will get that again that game here. In a couple of weeks but also. David Glenn. It lifelong Eagles ran nice and I hit about last week. You know it is I was trying to books and guests throughout the week for jury duties like DeDe I am literally about to walk into the Super Bowl. He Greta he took it Sunday Minneapolis for the Super Bowl is a lifelong Eagles fan and actually wait to hear about that moment. That moment because boy they were a bunch of them up in Philly yesterday made it her talk about some by. Who do you see the video I there was a couple of thing to came up from Florida ends and spread their grandfather's ashes at the parade to start means a lot of his fans the media absolutely does GPU chips are fun like Don Munson said after last night's game with the Clemson Tigers are getting 24 point whenever you know the fun is in the winning absolutely it is our right. Also at 620 will thoughts in college basketball with our buddy Adrian branch of the experience. All that coming up in between we'll take your phone calls. Including. Will have one segment diesel. We won't go too far into we've got a couple local basketball officials last night diesel now. I can I can confirm that diesel eight. His entire cheese steak and everything else that came with it but we had a couple of belts and we had an absolutely fantastic conversation. With some local basketball officials I was out of mouth Roy you block. And yes exactly so some of the things that they have to put up with the or maybe you all should. It's Payer she should learn maybe what not to do because these guys should do and for the love of the game they're not doing it for parents war remember these four letters. DBA. Okay yeah dolby. You know what I meant that. So we'll get into that that was do those guys were fantastic I the last to Florida couple times last night. Some other things of course will talk some college basketball. Got some NFL yeah we always got a look Ford says you guys an NFL questions ahead including what county now at Philadelphia scratched the itch. In Super Bowl 52 what are maybe a couple of other teams that deserve. This press added to win their first Super Bowl title also. Yet you brought this one and I will will get into it do you pull for your conference. Reaches deep now. Easy for me no way no way hell no I will be the first to congratulate somebody but I will not pull for Y because it makes it that much more difficult on my team to be successful and nobody like you're gonna get some callers on this one because they're plenty of people that people for the conference wealthy you know way if I'm duke football fan and they may be apple for the conference and beat you because you in the bowl game in Charlotte's gonna be about the hierarchy is your gonna get it. From Alabama you never gonna hear me like I said. I wouldn't Poland South Carolina fans maybe upset will get into this. Especially after we told Michael Foster. I want to hold for them to win either one of those World Series now. The first person I taxing congratulation was David march drinks my former intern who was SEC pitcher of the year and a retailer. Is Dell it's gonna do its unused make South Carolina that much more mistrial based opera they come back and win the next year mountain. Guess what me and still sucks two but that doesn't mean I'm I'm not text of my buddies can graduate on the pole formed just because and then there in the weeks and those are some things. That we won't get into today here on bush to but of course you gotta start last night you knew. First of all up in upstate let's give credit where credit is Steve the spartans get a home win last night remember needed it's homecoming week up there and that will continue to Mars don't city. Florida Gulf Coast comes into. Comes into Spartanburg last night Dion Holmes 34 point mrs. upstate gets a 9179. Win. Over the Stetson handers and listen that was a that was a team that desperately needed something good to happen in look at it they have one league win. They get a double digit win and I just sent her last night so. Lot more difficult task at hand app for homecoming week for with don't city come in detail but listen that was a they have licked the you felt bad for the kids get their seventh win on the year congratulations. I'd upstate but Clemson I mean when else do you say minus. Which college may be a lot a stagnant the last six minutes to the first half but those two events that's being nice kind yes you might just set basketball back a couple of decades if you public listen. What more weigh what more can he say about gay Devoe we were talking about him yesterday first of all 15100. Only one of five parade all Americans it's ever committed. To Clemson universe right now we start to play like it. My question to you as he goes off again last night a career high in points and 87. Three pointers that's now five consecutive games he's hit five or more three pointer credible. Only the second time in Clemson history that's ever happened Michael Tate in the eighties. Was the other one. Is deemed to vote in play. For not only first team ACC but I also may be in BP now. Virginia's running away with this regular season title but they've got that one kid it's a real power guy how guy yup. Well guess what gave to those doing the same thing for second place Clemson right now. And to step up when he stepped up after Donte' grant them going down if he can continue shooting like this in leading this team. I think you've got to put him in the next you know it's not sent the market considered when you brought this up a little bit before the show. But side you'd be hard pressed to find anybody in the ACC did but he put way above him right now also depends on how these last six games play out but could completely happened. And oh by the way I when I was walking into the studio earlier he was shooting from the parts lot and still making a three. Yeah unbelievable display last night. I get dislodged from my house last night I shut jury duty. I was worried. Yeah my daughter did make school today so for good state it was worried about scholarship money for less Seabrook yet still intact at this point. But. Celebrity Big Brother is going on this that would. Is happening yes first of all my wife and child are just Big Brother fanatic I am a Big Brother are attic as well so interest necessarily get that show Imus survivor. All right when it comes to the reality shares in have been ever sets. There's a lot of conniving when it comes to Big Brother I don't know my sixteen year old I don't know backstabbing and this is what this is the way you operate life set. That's what I texted diesel set out will be to one of our two places in 45 minutes in noted they kick you out or did you just not wanna take part. Our little bit about. I he and he needed some care and you see some friends nearly to talk a little smack a look at a buddy of mine read it's a South Carolina fan. Al love tight let's and he was talking with Rick saint George's mom on lying you know I'll do the recruiting process up. ST hey every what's why you need that. Male companionship or you talks and jump the each other way after being stuck in a jury room and everything else is wait. I need to know if they got agitated dealt some smack last night and that's exactly what we did but if you are getting anti. I'm watching gay diva lack key here this sailed on the television Bryant but I it's on the big scurried. And he's coming up picks and he hit and stuff from 27 feet yes it's nothing but net in you'd think he ended up with what a career high in points at 2525. He get his first basket until five minutes left in the first half. He had eleven points and it seemed like about thirty seconds real time in the second half or he we have made a lay up. And then went 333. I believe on four possessions. And done man he's he's on firing up. That basket must look so big to him when he goes up and shoots and it's great. It's got to look like a golfer in the zone where yes you the cup looks bigger than it would it should be good think about what this is now done for the 24 tigers nine and three on the year. They'd the twentieth win just the fourteenth time in the program's history in which say you about gotten twenty or more wins and yeah three times ads come under Brad Bernal. In any given never think that either are because he came in this year on the hot seat there's absolutely no doubt about it a guess what. I maintain when the biggest sings I wanna give gay and radical ovitz and gaga meat eaters credit for sticking with them that. You know diesels across that Natalie you and I see you we'd pretend maybe we're golfers NASA met again. I come back in that consistency thing for the first time in four years. Did it the ears consistency and that program date today we're practice facility everything going on. In now they've got to take this in new Ford in the great thing is marquis is re back next year and shall Mitchell who add another two double digit game last night also gets his 300 assist he's back next year Elijah Thomas is back next year. Oh yeah a morgue traps start to play well so you know what I see. There will be a massive falloff like sometimes you see when Clemson makes Iran. To twenty to 25 wins and she easily with an upper class team and there's a falloff the next year. We know three weeks ago how are we gonna les grant them and if so what is what you were worried about now granted it's gone and the team hasn't missed a beat obviously the nightmare at Virginia happened right after Dante's injury and they've come back from that in spades so. Now you're looking at losing Devoe and and you've got to you've got Donald on the team as well and you'll lose him by its. Yeah I agree with you it feels like we're we're building something long lasting at Clemson and and I hope but hope the best is yet to come on the basketball side for them as well. Absolutely sin Alley of five days off till valentines night the schedule a little bit kind of them granted there's three games the following week but it's Sunday Wednesday Saturday so it's not due Sunday Tuesday turn around. A less than 48 hours but again they had their off till. This weekend also the South Carolina Gamecocks they will play on Saturday they host Florida at noon and Boyer the gamecocks in need of a win at this point. Now. Thirteen and eleven or twelve and eleven depending. The and I think at this point you say twelve and eleven because the game against was it mine stone and I'm so some Grassley said Doug Kaye on in their overall record right. They're now four and seven in in the SEC. In here's the deal. They got to find a way to close because they have to premiere winds and got a road win at Florida and a win over Kentucky. But in mammoth collapse and lost four straight games against lets up first time that's happened in frank Martin's tenure in Columbia. They've got a number of ranked opponents coming up it is not over for South Carolina yet you turn turn the ties now can win this weekend over Florida you've got some other ranked games coming up you make a little noise in the tournaments. It's it's still it's a long walk forum but side you play you play well to race time and you can get there. A you can you may ninth to you may not be at the end of the earth but she might be start to see it with one more loss at home against Florida on Saturday at least I was his here's the deal. I don't see they have they can play their way into the NCAA tournament with wins but did a year not going to be in position for an NIT bid. With more losses so it's NCA your bus when it comes in the game cops in my opinion all right speaking of gamecocks John Abraham. He was named ended this year's class for the South Carolina football hall of fame along with Dwight Clark from Clemson. Paul Maguire from the citadel Clay Matthews senior laden. This Seattle's son play in middle linebacker cam anywhere I NFL right now. In oh yeah one of the greatest defense events to come out of the state of South Carolina Richard Seymour the Georgia Bulldog bash your induction class for the 2018. South Carolina football hall of fame we'll talk with our buddy Michael Foster from the organization when we come back. You'll find out win the induct since. Taken place we also got a legend sees speakers series. Going on as well. Our I want him again on this Friday afternoon me and I tell you what one thing to be funded news complacent cost right now. Weather looks good out here mark Childress you can follow him. Mark Childers or there on Twitter simply hit the backwards named Childress market they could also add these on radio at ESPN upstate at Sturgis sports all the way to get him with us on Twitter but it's our buddy here it's our. From the South Carolina football hall of fame it's Michael Foster remember when it comes to the football hall of fame they're making a difference there football how you do on buddy big day for you guys here in the last day and a half. Did you and LC another important impressive classes going in the South Carolina football hall of fame on April 19. They're mar edmark as a pleasure being not what you guys yeah it's been incredible whirlwind. Black 2448. Hours but we're excited about that new collapse we we think it it's fantastic. I mean you look through it there's a little bit of everything you've got John Abraham video from right here in the state that went on to play South Carolina courts in the NFL you've got Dwight Clark from Clemson has one of the most iconic catches. In NFL history you have Paul Maguire who played football but most people probably remember him from his years in the broadcast Booth. Richard Seymour from Georgia who's right here in that a lot of people went hug Clay Matthews senior yet he's got a son doing nothing in the NFL right. There it is odd thing Buckley Matt here obviously born in Charleston. But don't like is it we called him our legacy inductees this year last year we did dot wager you'd our first. That he designated at the legacy and duct Ebert the app clay. You'd. Senior ads that are electric inductees. Are really very well or from what you've accomplished in his. The early in his career but also just in family. It name when you say that Matt you name it you you kind of think about not there's a Bruce Matthews got there and go out 00 ball favor. Clay Matthews junior who's also at the odd who has perennial pro bowler. And then you got Clay Matthews the third from Green Day and and then. There's three other brother to all the OR grant. Grandchildren who played in the NFL I KE. Might keep in cabin so there. Well that's pretty heavily you know can can pretty much tell the Manning's you know. There cut to give it to get better you know because of those things that. That the Matt Stanley had been able to view in Indiana now and in football in general. Michael I had no idea that you could be a part of the you know in trying meant. Events coming up in April until earlier this week he told slogan about that and the best way to get tickets in and can be a part of that I'm deathly gonna be there for that sounds great. Absolutely absolutely well the first bullet. Anyone can cut it open for the public are April 90. You got an eighteen chart it's ceremony. At the embassy suite debt per day this year has been at the regency but this year we are dead sleep so don't don't. So goes wrong we'll tell me what they're. But and the sweet bird today. Our roundup our core is checked they're and then you'll have. Oatmeal. Jury. Opportunity to meet meet the clapping and then of course. Well for those in the media usually have a nice little media room that we will still out mark in this in this Abbott C. Two covet your racquet yet call or answer any immediate date I. They are well and then our inductees that there where the media have an opportunity begins each and every one of the lottery. And then we'll have a great they're Monique or about seven and yeah denied yeah. We've promised to get out at 9 PM this year. We know that award banquet and adult law and the work Ahmadinejad aren't IBM this year. Oh well we'll have a great. Our bottom on his during that time. But it could be it could be all but not obviously what the clock there what they're able to bring its art celebrity you're gonna find that there's going to be a lot more to come went down. Entertainers celebrities. All local. People from from local school like department eighty's Trojan. But former dot these of the hall same and they get anybody can be a part of it. You can go to view at the book ball to let dot org slash shop tickets are now on sale. Four word added there as well our goal org got a bad in the morning. All of April 90. Aired so we hope they all the alt though if you are eight. C at 80 remember which they want to become a member of the hall saying. That outlook are provided support for our member for our op programs. Part of an opportunity to get discounts are those that take it though. Depending on where we have certain level membership depending on what level membership you're the bigger. That discount you can receive I don't think so. There's there's a bar to wait to get involved and we hope that you guys well. I hope everybody will be able to come out there and not have a couple great. And it just and stop with the end trying that in these five players there's also Mason Rudolph who played his high school football at northwestern over and rock kill his little brother's a member of the Clemson football team right now. So he's the college player of the year and you think of you know who where he's from possibly gonna go when it comes to the upcoming NFL draft and David her sees me Michael you stop and think about. While some of those players of the year the yellow pad here in the last few years including dish on why it's in the you know masonry pretty impressive group right there as well. Absolutely of course we. I would start and gone or I got trapped in the stick around and big been bleak. Our top ten but shot a lot to number twelve last year probably would have been rookie of the year you able stay healthy still got. Still got a lot of rookie award you know we only played eleven games they immediately of course we're not been in and led the league in back. If not thousands sixteen. Well there are major Rudolph get a get added sit back legacy. But borrow that term again after that like it a bit toward. It's becoming. A pretty significant awarded in you know maybe you'll end up having. Little bit better history than maybe some of the art eventual winner then he called out there come around national. I will listen Michael everything that they need to know about the event which will be April 19 like you mentioned at the birdie suites is right there on the website SE football HOF dot org again John Abraham. Dwight Clark Paul Maguire Richard Seymour and clay matched these all going in in yeah I was just a fun day Ian. Accorsi Rudolph family and everything else but. Here's the deal I'm still waiting on the wing of the SE football hall of fame for paper football because if that ever comes out. I expect the on the first ballot. There you go hey. You got a man got out quick reminder of the period Brothers common marched bursts. The two William Hurt the refrigerator Perry. And Michael being Perry in the same building are talking and doing eight I think it QNBA with everybody to accomplish that it back. But at the embassy suite that birdie on March 1. Not get a lot of missed that as well but a lot of great thing common on a lot of exciting thing come in the green bell are regarding the best seat football hall. All right well listen take a deep breath and make sure you get that lovely bride out very good Valentine's bill next week in that woke up got an all right buddy. Thanks mark appreciate it have a good. I'm all right will do Michael fostered the South Carolina football hall of fame go give them a follow on Twitter at SC. Football 80. All right so here's the deal open phones when we come back to where it meandered this question throughout the day. Because I bet there's different answers do you pull for your conference I'm diesel has a little bit of a different answer. With where at stade is in the air. Mean they are journey as compared to you how I feel about Alabama. And who knows when it comes to others but that will be your question of the day he if you will. Of course we don't have another interview but it 520 it's David Glen the daily Glenn's show up in North Carolina. Of course he is lifelong Eagles fan as well. Took his son under the Super Bowl in Minneapolis last week and so while back coming ahead 844 GS PE SPN open phones ressam an hour. Iowa American studio on a Friday eclipsing its a big 7258. Win over the pit painters last night improved to 24 on the year nine in three. Tonight. On tape delay I guess set how they college now a member of tape delay broadcast spectrum today self. We'll have the opening ceremony doesn't have darting notice saying we now move forward in the action does not take into exactly. If you notice CO easy. It's two or three minutes of action that they cut out but. The I've got to check it out a little bit the opening ceremonies tonight the winner Olympic workings and that won the game first of all there already in the boxes tomorrow over there right now so it will be on tape delay but the one thing that I'm looking forward to spotting or whatever apparently. A fake Kingsley guy Kim June June. And John Thune Mary and Donald Trump show us pronounced Christian asking back a hold on with me K the three yes coach K. OK if we Kim Jung doom and AA and a fake Donald Trump apparently made their premieres tonight at some point maybe in the stadium. Or things of that nature but having seen some of the pictures and the gain the opening ceremony I'm looking forward to think about this. Say thirty to look at this photo from the opening segment. So and looks like pretty nice 35000 seat outdoor stadium yeah opening ceremonies are body blow Welling. Guess what they're doing with the stadium in about a month are they completely getting rid of it that I read that correct completely tearing him while 5000 seat. It's going to be used four times. The opening ceremony. Tonight herb that just took place. The closing ceremony in sixteen days. In the in the Special Olympics opens opening ceremony there in close in. That's its own relevance at all in the stadium just opening and closing interest and yep pretty interest and so looking forward to some of that apparently it was a pretty big deal with the Korean unified team because. I guess that's the first time they've been unified in these things since the Korean War but speaking unification. Pulling for your conference. Is that a good thing is it a bad thing orders that depend on what comfort your team isn't. But his I maintained first volleys here's thumb your nose is time I guess coming from start to read I don't pull for anybody in the Southeastern Conference period. Not my South Carolina bodies not to gamecocks up the bulldogs date insurer not LSU and Auburn. Because any kind somebody else does something good. Oh that gives me the opportunity to wage the SEC flag. I go to an SEC school I went to the University of Alabama which resides in the Southeastern Conference. I get the fact. Every time something good happens of Florida Gators win a national championship in women's soccer it makes it that much more difficult for Alabama's women sock LT. To be successful. I hate it. It makes me wanna puke in my mouth you never hear me chief SEC SEC at a football game in number two. I don't want other schools team that went Alabama wins because guess what you didn't do anything to take part that victory that given day. Said I don't pull for the cop for I don't worry I don't either so your spur your creature of the choir here. But the contrarian view is is if Alabama wins her advances in the playoffs. That it benefits all of the SEC because the additional money coming and so I here's a letter that carries up our success allows you to get better but that C excuse for pulling for you a lot of the times which I find interesting. We diesel you're in upstate guy EU collar making your way yet they Ortiz there were other schools in the Southern Conference it paid for yells expansion up and T the in into the fund belt you know and I mean three straight national titles back in the day a in football and eat but I can understand from an app state fans perspective bright neon. You want your Sun Belt Conference to have as much credibility. As possible. So therefore it is important when other Sunbelt teams can deliver an upset over a bigger school. Well the truth is in more mostly talking about football there yes the sun belt is perceived as the lowest of the ten conference's. He actually look at numbers and things like that it's not true. And some dollars starting to. Level out with conference USA and in some ways is surpassing conference USA because. Most of the really good teams in conference USA have moved on to bigger and better conferences and that conference was bruised his left rated. That said. We've only bit weak and state and George southern Italy and Italy now for 45 years Brett. Most of us know he's app state doesn't have a nearby rival and our closest rival. Coastal Carolina just joined a league two years ago. We don't have any history with Troy we don't have any history with. Georgia State or with Louisiana Monroe or Louisiana Lafayette or any of those teams so. The bill ten. Hatred. And what I imagine is probably part of your. Your boot non desire desire not to cheer for an Auburn or Florida or someone like you've got you've got 75 years plus. Of history and hatred and we don't have that interest and so. And I would be interested to know from if we happen to have anybody who will win soon. One of these early. Some belt schools like that I can Arkansas State or lost here in America everybody I can as listening please call in because I like to know. Among the fat part of the conference has been around for awhile. Is stats. Hatred real. Because we don't feel it. Right yeah we don't feel you're trying to build it trying to find a reason for it our big rival stinks right now so you know I NC didn't even worse. All right let's look at it from the clubs in perspective. Why the hell would a Clemson fan poll for any other school eligible for largest state now. Especially when it comes to basketball. Because deep do you remember you be back in the day certain. ACC commissioner. By the name. Or skis me in North Carolina athletic director he becomes ACC commissioner by the Wright and Johnson offered. Who led the charge for your own conference to screw you one more year when he came to penalties in football than the actual NCA AL did. I'd be stick in my middle finger up at the ACC from this point moving forward now basketball wise. You know why. We didn't North Carolina some of these team Rio clubs since that Constance A football school right. I Dag I'm sure you Aggie I can bet your bottom dollar constantly in North Carolina football fans not pulling for you to win a national championship why should you pull from North Carolina to win one of basket. Then this may be an SEC only. Discussion bright and and you can actually justify especially in college basketball some of these mid major conferences. Does it benefit firm and if Wofford beach North Carolina potentially at us over time if you wanna get the respect level and rise so I think really this is almost an SEC type discussion. It doesn't seem like there's a lot of ACC fans out there trumpeting the cause of either football or basketball right. But on the SEC's cited definitely well again if I'm glad I appreciate ACC because what four years ago five years something like that. I'm cruising down the road and all the sudden it breaks clumps and Florida state West Virginians somebody there'll believe and go to the big twelve right. Guess whose conference is now on the chopping block probably the big twelve exactly gets what I know it stinks. Oklahoma and Texas yet they called I gained the Red River Rivalry. That's a hard sell a New York British star don't need it need it wherever she doubt it just makes it a whole lot easier. But they play that game every fall in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas neutral site if you will but that still and more about in game in my opinion for Texas. Does two schools as rivals meet each other to be successful right now. Because they need to keep the big twelve going. Until we figure there's going to be another reorganization. In college athletics right that would sought to be at Oklahoma fans know we don't have a crap I mean Texas to be good what are your rivals sheet that game went on when you were in the big eight and they were in the southwest conference. That would that would just make me have to throw up in the inside in my mouth what. I don't think you can do it I don't think I can do it but there's a lot of folks out there and again with the money I come back to the money again. If these if all these conferences benefit it you know the SEC benefited this year by having two teams in the playoffs they got the more money and so I can understand I'd I guess maybe some justification in my program it's more money. But if your program's gonna go eight before again the next year does it really matter well here's the deal days the age ACC figured out how to change is staying. Is I'll tell you what Constance prerogative was I'll tell you what they tried to do back in the day when it came to bowl game money it and it was made sure that they would much left there were to go give to the conference will continue this. This talked 844 GS PE SP and don't forget fights when he. David Glenn from the David Garland show in North Carolina joins us slides. I would imagine on this Friday would taunt him would you pull for your conference because I won't. I will never do you what you just told me disturbs the hell out of me more Childress joining us in studio you can follow him on Twitter at Childress more. You said you actually had friends that were Georgia fans contempt for the loss of the national title game. Because it was too Alabama yes we we lost it but our conference still want brotherhood family all the stuff to completely blew my mind. Get the Southern Conference here you mentioned am I wanna circle back around. How did it benefit Furman and Wofford goes upping gets one more win in Clemson ever has in Chapel Hill and basketball back in December. Well it ended up on sports center is Wofford in the Southern Copper Wright goes into ACC thoroughbred. Chapel Hill and gets away its debt helps the Southern Conference every time they get that mention. Moves the needle forum yet. The I disagree I don't see how that helps I think that helps only the school the one because you know you're pretty well. But. No I think this autumn is anybody's AO now wanna go Southern Conference school known as no longer Wofford now eat IC had Tay you've got to get that you have to open up the door you know something gets he signed his finishing up this year Mercer. Darryl Strawberry. Interest and in how did he become cognizant of Mercer back in the day I don't know but the point me I think when it does help. The southern cut but I get where you're going at them and didn't. The majority the benefit goes to Wofford but any time trust me John I Marino over in the Spartanburg office. Any time he came here so con. Or Southern Conference mentioned on national television that's a little teaching for him I think the basketball's a little bit different because if you can in basketball move from a one bid conference to consistently to bidder three Mitt. Conference for the NCAA tournament that can be a financial windfall that really moves the needle for the entire conference so. Maybe it's a long term uptick diesel instead of the short term game so it's going to be interest. Oh you're also talking about somebody who's that. Head of the league not from the school perspective out yet yeah he's looking a big picture. Vs what you're asking about before is do you a an alarm from a specific school. Cheer for other schools to do well you can't tell me that somebody eight UNC Greensboro didn't giggle out loud when offered dues in the Chapel Hill. In knocks off. Yeah he does what it's been bored you know hatred for the tar heel Roddy but that day you know what way the coaches is UNC agreeing to her. He's a former tar heel basketball players so west's moon Miller and yet whatever says. Anyway I it just means you can't tell me I'll kinda southern 'cause sip. Yeah there's a little bit a little bit of that beginning comes back to you well now. You've made one offer can find another player out of this you know and right listen when it comes to basketball I think the Southern Conference is pretty even. But when it comes to or when it comes to football I think it's pretty even when it comes to basketball ansari East Tennessee State doesn't it managed. That Wofford firm in Sanford. Vs citadel Mercer was Chattanooga is excuse. I will wait. I got that complete and got the budget and they got nothing in basketball or football beat me now they've always sucked in football and I mean while they bury our media and public institutions in the conference and they still suck but they've had a heck of Iran and basketball elegy King of Pop. Came into will way to weigh their coach I think one or two other players sued Bayern your number one of a new coach they were got a couple years ago but. Again I mean that is. Chattanooga has been one of the better so come basketball programs historically our yeah her did what Gerald Wilkins played their. Back in the day dominate soul brother the rain on the house. In Chattanooga so you so anyway it just makes for an interesting argument again I'm not me you know. I'm real quick the texting congratulate but that doesn't mean I got to pull for payment. So I mean to me that kind of gets light. If you know my dad's favorite site job on the golf course growing up was. What does that four foot par putt he bought by being kind of gotten payment knock close. That's a a never make it never made not yet close knock legalized is that do we can have the whole move on its. I tell you what I was upset this year because Arkansas they believe was Arkansas State out of the Sunbelt was the only Sunbelt team to lose. Their bowl game had they won that bowl game. The sun belt would have won the Capital One Bowl challenge. Instead. We we win four out of 503 out of four of our bowl games and the Big Ten is able to come in and how monster borrow season. And take a one game lead. I don't know if there's money distributed for Capital One Bowl cup I'm not sure but still to be listed at the top of that list with a great. Are you are pulling for your conference and that entry in that situation absolutely I think it's old guy don't have a hatred for the other teams in the school aid teams in the conference because we don't have any mystery right. Then they can root for a state if another team is in a championship or something I'll publicity for the state seems insane to me. Would depend because I'm. Feeling I'm in South Carolina South Carolina coastal Carolina to win the baseball and how did you know I bet a bunch of war because that was a really cool story however I don't think they were in South Carolina fans pulling for constant. In a national championship game and I don't think there are any Clemson fans pulling for South Carolina in back to back trips to you by the national championship in in college based. I'll look at it like this is is the other is another team in the conference winning something going to adversely affect us. Is it going to make them more attractive for recruits. In that situation of a college football or college basketball. Let's say. The wild story coastal Carolina goes on insane run wins the NCAA basketball tournament desolate Clemson, South Carolina are not. Competing against coastal for a cruise doesn't matter enough baseball's little different baseball we all know is. There's so much more parity in college based mall because it's. Basically which school can give me the biggest portion of a scholarship right so. If concert they they might be going against same they might ignore against each other for the same recruits because. Maybe South Carolina can only offer. Three tenths of a scholarship to Roma and coastal Carolina cannot get to give my half scholarship a year so that money might actually affect that kid's decision he may still go to South Carolina because he wants to play at a quote unquote better baseball school. And David march ranks my former intern I hope he doesn't mind me share in this spent you know he grew up in a family of Wisconsin fans and Jack Leggett thought a name we got this kid out of moments of the low balled him is Mike. Twenty or 30% scholarship op offer. So at one point he was going to the citadel and then he meets Landon Powell somewhere and South Carolina comes up with enough scholarship money guess what he goes on pitches three years for the gamecocks in including his junior year becomes SEC pitcher of the year. Before he's drafted dad to the majors so yes there's a wide trust me there's no bigger game cock out there right admitted that I know love. Then that David march banks and guess what that's because he wore USC. Across his chest will come back we'll continue don't forget we'll talk ACC basketball. NA a little bit of the Super Bowl with our buddy David Glenn from the data going joke in North Carolina that's coming up at 520.