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Is I am happy to report jury duty services now over light camera earned a normal I mixed all the problems in the court system here agreeable can only. Made all the decisions that need to be made in light is better off. In your back stuck with me these I don't anybody. How you do based energy. And I expect they're scrambling mark Childress is with this years smoke on the water we're gonna take you up. Till 630 mark. Knew that that area back in the day he did some things with the audio or the end. What affirming grad not they're last night Timmons arena which. You know did not end well for Bob Ritchie in the paladins and a thirteen point loss to us second place UNC Greensboro but that. Welcome and thanks for bringing it to get at whether the media basically second deal well I'm still trying to dry out thought out yesterday morning and all my way into jury duty had a choice and gotta park you've won garage walker crosses that you always have major intersection in failed to agree or if you decide to stay in there for five minutes in the rain nothing you can do about weight the low. If it's just. Bill like this afternoon Arabia finally done all that don't shake it off and everything is. Educated there and you realize masks must sobs are way much cheese or what I have slowed at about the oh and by the way we've got eight AC running about 69 degrees warriors set. The one thing yet they passed out all the work this missiles that he will today early. People that needed it. They may be handing out some fluke dismissals next week after wet and it undercuts yeah. Yes I totally with everybody you know but to honor our guys diesel. You've got the you'd better keep your fingers crossed here you go week you are one of the things will be on the issue is we make a lot of money to RA could. Number two. We would like to say we put the fun in this functional when it comes to namely year between aren't listening audience that we take include. 21 of our listeners his family's been in the hospital from smoke on the water book there aren't we done about two different things well people that no one at the my biggest thing but oldest sons not these. My only daughter it is let's see Brooke is going to the doctor for 30 in I am nervous I eons shaking in my boots is allison's looking at me why. The Childs made at this sport to upgrade and never missed a day of school on you got scholarship money at stake. Please please please give herself then let her be back east side high school so far as it easily that's been thinking about LB it's never been the darker for really anything but it Ted gut says while she called earlier today it's that bomb on need to get the doctors and that's where that we have 430 sick keep us dollar and tigers Pryor's. All right coming up on the show today mark in the next segment for twenty we're gonna talk with our buddy Don months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers will give way. To the clubs and sports network at 630 it is the tigers boosting the pit Thursday night. In clips and just looking to number one Getty twentieth win on the season. Save and it's a winless ACC team and it is a big game tonight we're discussing. So much damage could be done with a loss to win he beat to win was the team and ACC play. It is Ohio State it's another big win last night. Help harassment yeah yeah Florida's looking like they have failed their legs a little bit the Southeastern Conference clubs and as a neutral site wins a even at the tigers to number sixteen in the polls they're number four in the RPI if that's gonna have a smut to say about their seating in the NC department but. The schedules for giving this point you come home for a lot of this last month that the season. It even with the shorter bits would not take it to be an Al mark. They don't play again until next Wednesday. So they get six nights are a factor today today I mean your really. You had a nice all week come and off of this past weekend not playing till Thursday in the end not on the court til next Wednesday. Did you really get a team to get its legs fresh for this final months Ron as well maybe that makes up for a couple of these Sunday night Tuesday night games that they had you know a couple of times this year so they get on the accept now last time this is a classic trap game if it was on the road. You know what is Brownell doing to keep everybody focused businesses that tied the game that historically Clemson struggled with the times I think this team's different this year this should be interesting to watch attitude and the thing that I like about this particular clips of basketball team and Europe basketball guys the fact that when you get late into the season in YouTube in that department play you'd better have good guards. That's what's leading the tigers right now with that trio Shelton Mitchell mark he's read in a courses we were talking yesterday gate to was finally playing like Hewitt spec it with a parade all American now. The years of that was the fact it was because he sort attache and stuff come out and from North Carolina but now he is that acting like you want. From a senior leader when it comes to guard play that to me is what makes clips in a little bit dangerous diving board especially. Without Doug grant them and their their unflappable down Estrich. What does change with this team from last year to this year is also some that I wanna ask Don about right is there is there a moment was at that went against Florida this year. Is it something that's going on with the team does this team closes just about as good as anybody in basketball now so it's it's going to be on the watch a night should be a bit when I think it's a comment makes it that in. That comfort factor. Yeah about this this is the only this the first frightening gate of those career clumps and which played in the same arena for a home game went back to back seasons you're right. Yeah they had the old little Johnny at the hopeless year where they came out angry and will they had that view little job since this is just the first time this senior class. Said any regulator to you if you will. When it comes to preparing for a basketball game much less AC so. That's there's a lot except they trigger point that statehood with that great every time you load up on that bus to drive nearly an hour appeared it's not repeat there's nothing. Routine about it but speaking up routine. Last night you know. Wofford that's getting 9279. Win oversee hampered there and it that you Richardson indoor arena. Wofford now is in third place in the Southern Conference by themselves at seventeen and NATO overall. Eight and four on the year. Furman as we mentioned they'd lose the UNC Greensboro. They're now sixteen in 975. And so com play in fourth place a better start being careful why else for some teams like the citadel. That they've gotten high eighties few others but. What this does is it sets up 8430 matchup Timmons Serena. On the campus apartment on Saturday between whopper informant. Listen to me. You have. A public school race for number one and that's East Tennessee State in the year the only team that re nobody sketch in the U heavy public school race for number the that's Wes Miller in UNC greens were right there now eighteen and six now nine in the southern comfort. It that you have a private school race for third place that's a good way to look at it this is that yet that's what's different. Because at maintain. I really like that sports East Tennessee State is a great interview but he gets to view things in East Tennessee State. The you can do it department you can write to Wofford much less Mercer. Much less. You know is Albert that's that are though you name it says they're really playing with that operators especially when it comes to basketball. So I think that Furman team if taken right I think it he once that they'll explain the loss last night rebounds 3817. And papered UNC Greensboro which is one of those nights the ball wasn't bounce in the right way. They banked in 23 winners I think of their first six shots I UNC banked in two threes and they didn't call it house close to the court and in Europe. So a tough one for Furman but they can right the ship against Wofford they really need to get that win out of state and that top four that's going to be all right it's gained because listen whopper last year they probably are brought about a thousand fans on the Timmons arena on the other side of the court over there. That also has the permit student section right that says. That we're expecting rain here on Saturday and Sunday in the upstate the boy that would if you wanna get out see. In energetic. Mid major basketball game on Saturday Furman and Wofford Timmons arena would be good when did the soup but he can add up to the Hodges that are tonight. It's homecoming week for the up state spartans not a good year for them signaled its when he. Over overall when any Atlantic sun but they it's Stetson tonight. At that 7 PM and then they come back very Saturday contest against the city Florida gulf those guys at 4 PM cet. Here's the thing Martin like this that we can Thurston curve balls and year we will do that throughout the show but diesel can you name the place kicker. From Stetson University back in the day in one great. No I've got to. Spain is ray Finkel. Come on. Rate fecal make all right north wrinkle tonight in order remember. He hit the first debts in the universe LB in the movie says he did can you that it all can you name the mascot for Stetson. Which by the way all our guy she comes back. To an old clips and basketball game one of these like. That is in the November do you remember when they played it a permanent back in the day we just here and it's like an eight at this debts it matters it matters. I was right on the tip of my top executives at all. Notice that I attacking go with some stupid trivia knowledge. Whitaker and as a sports no doubt but yes all that that Stetson to data every time I don't think about that Paterson pick a race fecal. And decorate maybe. Back in the day all right so some things were getting it into obviously Martin's college basketball. With constant pit that's 630 tip off at Littlejohn Coliseum. Tonight Clemson nineteen and four three but it isn't. It that's great but that's at three gain separation between the tigers in Virginia they listen that Virginia get that nice comeback win last night right like they were dead in the water at one point there. In the first half. If they just kept fight him fight at Florida State's one of those teams it's a little bit bi polar you don't know which are getting yeah exactly from game to gain but let me take yet. I like Virginia level that he and it's doing I still have worries and is she's ego come up short offensively one Agassi's game and that might catch or maybe that's in the ACC tournament its balance in my mind that double bye for Clemson at NC state was and again last night. It is another gaps there is there there's Clemson and duke it's three losses you got Miami for losses now. So affirming cadet are Clemson could afford to drop another game and still stay in that double by the ACC turnout which for this team I think would be huge it's a well tonight the I think you'd be huge for some audiences well I ask everybody trap but this is about going on out there and and look at that we recall that they. Clubs so one and done when it comes to the ACC part of it. Guys are you know I know it that's what I've by the Internet. And I get ten days of basketball before it's 11 AM it's seasonally back in the day when its nine teams in the ACC mark yup. We called the clips and invitational help console would be out on Thursday night but yeah some of the teams would show up for the after an accident incident on Friday set. I can still make maybe making that trip the Brooklyn no evidently segment Judy has righteous Brooklyn this year while ain't going nowhere near we're going to be up at the southern comfort tournament arrogance that's all right Soo here's the deal when we come back we'll talk with dot butts in the voice of the Clemson Tigers a lot of basketball these guess what. Clubs and picks up to the final recruits yesterday. Once a four star wide receivers he's what's a four star defensive back. Oklahoma believe it is the others up by star wide receiver out of east Alabama. Which he you don't know that that's Auburn country to begin with innovative Auburn leads Alabama that back once he gets by star wide receiver. From Alabama at this point to show you how big that very first time a number lion player in the state of Alabama has not gone to Alabama seven years and Clinton got him absolutely it will top with Don months and that will be opened the lines at our buddy Ayers has lock up spots Carolina. At the top of the IPO of our member will give way to the constant sports network. 630 its coverage of the pit papers at the Clemson Tigers. All right welcome back here into smoke on the water don't forget we give way the club's sports network at 630 it's that tiger's in pit as a matter fact we have the voice of the clubs and tigers dot butts in with this dot. I hope you do well today. I'm against hers I trap me on. Well let's you've got appreciate you work with me explain when all the other night. It's solved all the problems this year which India agreeable county court systems like it's better for atlas and that's a win his team tonight at the tigers faced number one they're back. After a long couple weeks on the road Don number two. At its Ito because allotted payments could be done it start looking for six days or to state. Oh no doubt that you know he used to get caught looking ahead of that and because that is six state of Florida State and I'll that's going to be a problem it's not like it's. It's like it's on Saturday or something like that so. I think this is this is a good a good game at this point in the season you needed. You take care business certainly here tonight yes he'd win one again you got that would like twenty missed you'd like a win by twenty that you don't need to get me to win by one. Get that twentieth win of the season moved to 93 in the ACC and then what the last seven games and try to try to take your business. Dot you know it's we taught the couple weeks ago just coming up Donte' green captains injury you know where this next few weeks would beat each and listen road wins you keep talking them up your number four in the RPI group. Just talk to a mark Childress who sit in with us today one of the things I like about this clumps of basketball team is the guard play. If you know which you get deepened February and especially into the post season guard play becomes each. On no doubt you know I particularly put it reminds me a little bit of that lethal weapon three Q did George check. And they're back in the day now they don't have a one of those guys who had been its stock was succeed or 69. But they remind me a little but of that because all regards and certainly lighted up for a for twenty points in any given game and anyway right now that that all three of armor playing it's it's our conference local. Particularly gay group brokerages make and it seems like everything he throws stuff and I mean it's not just Indians. Albin a practiced unilateral basis every shot that he shoots digits or stroke with such confidence. So hopefully that will will continue to receive. They Don is has become gate of those team now what what's the leadership from Donte' is he passed the torture they doing it together. Just curious how that how that elements been handled. Or I don't I think it probably is dunked eighteen right now you know even though RC be gauged team right now. Don't they had surgery opposite last week didn't make the trip with them to win Salem so the first time he had been on the bench you're. It for years. So I I think that it that it probably is revolving although dot think like they hear me either the practice is keep his voice is certainly Kirk. In practices like it I can tell you that you'll be on the bench obviously policy tonight's so loved. Is spin he's gonna he's got to figure out as Israel has now changed how he'd be can become most effective. Four produced basketball team and I think that he is triggered an old way here a way to do that but now I'm irritated there's this is pretty much steadier posting right now. Yes I tell you Donte' on the bench hey you're broadcasting the games obviously see defeat probably a little bit. But I love his body language he's talking to players coming off of work he's got his arms around the players all the time. I think he still got the leadership qualities. The asserted so well on the court off the court so I've been super press's attitude now we scandal. Yeah I think there's good there's a certain connectivity among this team that that we just haven't seen here in the in the last couple years I don't know you know what is where it's from all. In the coaching staff attribute a lot of that to the August trip to Spain. And you know in a strange way. The idea of the terror event that they went through right up front of their hotel that they even pull them together even more is that I think you need to realize. Just how much they appreciate everyone because we're about. About a ten or fifteen minutes standing here that not everybody knew there but he was okay. And when all of a sudden you know how it is and failing colts you know you get a phone call or something happens in. You know your mind starts racing and you find out that that loved one of yours is it spotted dated beards there's a way that it increases the bond and I think it. I think that happened. As we continue with the voice of the Clinton tigers' Don months in a little bit more basketball because that's just not it. You know when you look at Donte' going down in that which you're you're Pitt stars history teach you get closer to the season clubs and actually trying to get a few more players on the court but. The schedule makers you know you read a couple of weeks ago. Did have some dis service would quit Sunday AT state are rails on the team manager weight through it now. You candidates' schedule which is manageable here over the next few weeks because you're not playing three games in a week as a matter of fact after tonight. Six days off before he faced duke on February 18 which happens to be a Sunday. There have been that you go look at that week of February 18 blinked at the Buick city paper's Sunday 1 o'clock game against duke they were on the road. Wednesday night at Virginia Tech and come back home in place Saturday distorted checks are. You gotta stand at three games in in a period of six and a half days so they really don't do as a whole lot of papers you look at it that we appear in the in the eighteenth but that's part of me just part play in Italy. That does not all actually I don't blame the league for force schedule I'm its its television. That is telling believes everybody not just be it ACC could telling everybody. This is when you're gonna play this is who's gonna play well and edits without gonna be done if not you know. And it's a wreath there were pretty you all these millions of dollars in debt that's just that's just facts measures the rigors. So done night I saw the the races that all the assistant coach has got on the football team today am assuming that carried over for you was well. I that happened. And network that would be no solar. I that would be here that would be note sir Alicia I wish it an editor at least not that I am aware of Milosevic becomes well you can give your very pleasant surprise but. The other guys that are. Those guys are our work. Every dime as you know sometimes you hear people complain about via amount of mopping it's. It's going out to to head coaches and now even assistant coaches but I. I keep telling people I think are salespeople. And it you don't think that they are. Bringing in money to treat your school guinier discreet you know one of the reasons that they continent such a hot ticket amongst. People who you know amongst high school. Boys and girls who want to come to college it because they want to come to a school that wins it they want to come to a school that has a great environment. You know are all the academics and all the majors are all excited at that time you're a majority of it. Because of the picture in the waning the consummate football has put out they're. Did that brand is selling across the country is one of the reasons they're brick 42000 student right now. Habit within fortify the ears were going to be 26000. Our students and all the sudden 4000 times 30000 dollars or whatever it costs a year. Sick of your to Clemson and that that the 120 million dollar more per year. So bully me that's that's that's part of them the root cause of all. Ayers sun's race money right that Leo yeah absolutely diapers a year to eight years that the plane in this right hold in the college football playoffs and beat titles off. You want another trip back a lesser rate sir I they are not going to be written in the mirror irritate oh. I will fight for you but let's sit two other quick things baseball bowl for the ACC comes out this week. Clubs have picked third in the Atlantic Florida State looks to be according to the act coaches the runaway leader heading into the season but. I kind of look at it that mores that case people don't know about Clemson in the pitching staff that what they're going to be able to do so. That third place pick in the Atlantic Division can be tempered real quick with some quality outings distort the year. You know it's it's funny to say that because I have. Podcasts that today on our our school website on some tiger dot com with the pitching coach. Intercity. Have you normal little bit more about arms and pitching and how it all or work out that there's a good fourteen minute conversation they're gonna that I have been injured. I think he's pretty excited but you know there is there's a blog know I mean a sports people really aren't sure that it not just some of the orbiter a lot of unknown. Because when you lose what you lost probably kill not only on the weekend but also in the mid week starts. Read it to retain its oil off one midweek game the last two years you got to figure out waiter to continue that trend. And and it doesn't midweek games as we all have an. Become accustomed to and it found out of those mid week games that's what separates you from hosting regionals and potent super regional you'd better windows midweek games and do well. And then you're trying to win two out of three Euro on each and every weekend. All right final question before we let together is again yellow start at 630 tonight you are temporary on the entire clubs and sports network. Only two siamese yesterday but hate the rich get richer the app for the first time ever somebody gets the number one player out of the state of Alabama. A five star wide receiver in do you back it up with the defense it back or stars. Out of Oklahoma sue it by a very quiet he says to speak. But just he'd been adding talent to that roster. I don't know I caught a quiet day go just because a crew on serve blade it and certainly declines in the name of the club and brand were forefront. It would all the copper that was going on that you've been met what channel you turned it to deliver on a a constant constant coverage and of course a lot of that had to do with who came back. And the from you know so it's you know quote some though. You know that there is this train is is moving right down the tracks and you know coach streaky try to tell everybody made the best seat is yet they common look at a day like yesterday he go back to what they did in December. You know what he's exactly right the best is yet to come and I think that should scare a lot of people I should also make a lot of of groups and fateful. Very very happy because this this run is gonna be 800 fund from you are not started thinking about the gold last night. You know renfro Kagan over ten. Constant. Chase howl. But he noted figuring it now with Kendrick can. I draw since I don't forget that some some other wide receivers that are that are out there on the football team that take that alone. It just gonna make calling on some of ball games they console I mean just eight on a that you figured out they got coming back on the beat to decide what's gonna back on the opera supplying. Now that this team is going to be pretty salty in their regularly get a bigger to make another run bike back to the play also an opportunity get better national championship game. Right there with you on that one will listen Don great have a great called at night thanks for they spurred him this week packet he it. The jury duty is over right might eating out of state this much died yet I've had some very realistic conversations about items not sports related all the year. It community really good time for me it's not the whole lot better about this country having served on acute injury. Was really fine people here this week it's something I'll miss you. Yeah. From time to turn her at. I did not that I you can edit he can nursebot. That eleven dollars and fifty cents today is gonna cover many bills but you have like it's that they'll better. I do I really did though little bit better about things. They in my voice deep so there and people talk great. Jim was done basal diesel. That he did he tell you what he did to me the other night because it'll be like at 1045 Republicans you know it felt like I was like 1800 psychiatrists are. Like. Hey you know what actors are on the video on the trial for the biggest indoor grow operation. Look at the history. I was covering my bases trying to get out worked down from last didn't but Richard disturb people don't know where you're. At a stretch of America and apparently a pointless it doesn't have a great all night thanks for your time is always get a boy at Port Arthur. Says its identity. On Twitter. Tweet that eleventh parties and immediately was up again as the number two. I was explained it to. I just got on the jury that the biggest grow operate in this day he steal the biggest in operation is on gunning Google it up and update. It is still number one. A slide you know mark it disappeared early not because he's got to wait for eight is twelve has maybe disappeared. At that it's it's an actor catch that went up. Boy you better here for the rest of the week you know the case that's leveled at here jets locker buddy pots. Carolina by exiles on the with but the other night or maybe it helped me out distinct paths when I mean that's why they hear beat. Here people tree well site eats away at the break will open up the like eight or sports ESP ESPN. Guess what the state of South Carolina football I'll things as I knew when I beat you about that as well. Eight down months in Vietnam with this bark Sturgis mark Childress weird. Emit smoke on the water we will have opened violence for the Todd till the top of the hour that it's here and says Lockhart buddy we're a little bit behind. So we'll get into some of this stuff later but the BH trade deadline I guess is now officially passed it 3 PM. I thought one of the best quotes that I've seen on Twitter was me in the Cleveland Cavaliers in B eight. It's just absolutely holding their. Do they have they got they don't have the plate tonight is the cavaliers with they'd really be able to fill the past even if they did it well I saw I think it takes like 48 hours to clear medical and everything so they're gonna call up a couple of two way players that are playing down in Atlanta tomorrow night I think Alex seven guys on the roster that did not get treated today right that'll be interesting yes it Nokia I mean no privately with nine her in the bar night because not everybody pretty rate get so witnesses say. Cleveland Cavaliers picked up Isaiah rider's somebody else that the lakers when guys apologize sorry did not get Mike or my computer back to about a okay Alcatel are up. So I know Ali meets Jeter was part of the trade variety Thomas Thomas Channing Frye to the lakers in return for Jordan Clarkson Hitler image right that was number one. How likely days G yes our our member. We were taught in the other day one EEU port open your team on who was the greatest high school football players that we've ever seen. Yeah I mean yeah mine was going back if it is the first video I saw Herschel Walker coming at a wail I wail scale outscored Georgia. You hipper younger guys they used eighty Clay County blow it up so people and I finally Stephen Davis right partner Heidi yes Spartanburg Abby Erica actually think it's the Fuller remember when he committed the I've ever more for us the worries that actual. Memories itself brackets of randomized that help workers for the university torture but. Speaking of high school basketball players. Obama is legal. But speak at a high school basketball players what the worst I ever saw the got to college scholarship coming out of high school was late at saint year of he can about it but Duffy high school with that high school doesn't even sound anymore it's now well apart at the west oak high school over there. Were the a state like. He stood on the bitch eight stated that for either lied his freshman year moralist the ball against the backboard and the Q how far he team buys senior younger. When I think he had about thirty board and in ninety loss to temple. But ladies Jeter nice player played at Wyoming under late Shia that's important iced its well but. Mean this is nothing but the Cleveland Cavaliers saint LeBron a right to your roster right which he wanted the will let you in this short phrase this pure black board leaving port it's out of your way I haven't studied much and just saying. Is this was breaking on my way over here yeah I spoke awhile I've tried to grasp it this delicate desperation they've by the cavaliers have LeBron stay here it built the team I. Play well it's one of two things it's that desperation news that you just mentioned which I think it is or LeBron himself as having his hand and I would like these kind of players are these particular players to be broad and I think it's Cleveland Colin column bronze blah I think its leadership saying we're gonna give you the roster you need. How bad they can play in the last couple weeks Ron itself as well detached kind of felt like you might have been. Trying to make the point that he needed it different roster to make a run so excuse is gone now. The process horses he can ride into the post season I think we would probably going to be favored against the east in a weird or not that's crazy yet I hear they're not done it low we'll see where that goes from the air but it's amazing it last second jumper from about the 33 line last night the winner out of Atlanta beat that always take that she hits it the entire half your team traded away less than 24 hours away. I would love that what you know LeBron grating in the locker room right now RC a little bit pouting but this much we. They're still will be a playoff contention. CT race between Boston and Watson all things are said and done and just it just for completion Robbie hood in George Hill and some three team trees with the jazz and the kings are common over the cavs. And the cavs have unloaded a month Shumpert. Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose and and they let Dwyane Wade returned home to the Miami Heat late in the day. In return for traffic so again it is complete. I don't know if professional sports I've ever seen this much or roster this many but. A chorus of trades at one point at any at any time well I think it's because nobody really news that EPA. You know I've maintained that I don't like the business model for the league right now which is. It looks like you get six or seven super teams together yes to make a run. Which you know what that's 243 other teams in the league this urges more or less that we have their team's winning you know it is some point. The Eagles start making their business decisions based on that attitude as well. Absolutely and you look at the college game and the parity especially this year. When you've got duke is down this year North Carolina is down this year Kansas struggling a little bit. You're seeing all these mid majors rising all the street parity in college basketball dump an internment at the end here in the NBA. You could probably get a napkin you an irate here at script out the playoffs come pretty darn close to get it all right. Now all right what will we come back at the NBA and college football may have a little bit of a similar drop surf the sport but those thoughts and urged remember Rick Adelman the lump I of course two with the Portland. Trailblazers in a few others in his son was killed in a car crashed Saturday. A hit and run in Houston so our thoughts and prayers with the Edelman faintly RT Edelman. Was killed that he hit and run tragedies that straight it was allergic or fort GSP. ESP yet. Are welcome back and we lied here's smoke on the water mark Childress. Will be the way at 630 will give way to clips and it it is basketball. Dot months and Emery on the call the game 7 PM at all. Tiger's looking for their twentieth win. So far we were sitting there talking widgets at. Well the the entire break about this subject content that you know. Looking at the NBA in the positioning for super she'd I heard GMAC earlier. A about weigh in what was it that. Given updates on Kemba Walker with the hornets and if he got trader so. That's. Best surrogate to us those are warriors were cap yeah. So it's really packet for I have no expectations for the order it. Except maybe make the first round and lose that's what they're level us. I would say the same things about that happening college football if we're not careful. Name five teams right there on the pitch you know for album out thinking for the college football playoff again this year. It is saying. Usual cast of suspect while you're gonna pencil and Clemson right hander got a pencil and Alabama. I'm probably got a pencil in Ohio State I every other year seems to be there their routine in Georgia. And Oklahoma overcome some of the losses and personnel to get there but that those would be the other two logical candidates. Pac twelve doesn't seem competitive at all. You're right it's becoming a super team Lee notes connector Clemson fan you know it's great because you're Alabama fan it's great if you're a member of this that might have ways to win this Kansas State in in the midwest I don't wanna see this crap anymore exactly so. Anyway it will get in that Jimmy was talk about later news G here AIG that your advocate entered. And where smoke on the water the sun's out managerial duties is who. But I actually want to talk about dead. Your target by an employee that got the high school. Yeah stands now Amanda want to have an increase college athlete when you and I really stick slipped Lebanon villainy. This first year Clint they're not they figured about six and fake blood and Ali there are highly touted player command Ifill and it's Alec income expand by a what they don't seem with Billy Williams it put the same with Billy Williams yes it was eight. They had John this camp bullets that are here dilate it's an hearts why did it Ford Billy Williams it guarded body Conrad at point guard. Our local Billy waiting in every nation at the big banks or you're really yeah. It is everywhere. Yeah he was bullets and yeah and to China they that they would that they age is seen. Or does lead you all our breaking dawn got Utley a walk in the elite eight. What happened is state meet the right they beat the 88. Rail at six. It in the rail that thirty to do that they really C was at that at low bar. 4 o'clock AM before he was Oklahoma back. They lost it with the elite eight which UCLA with Billy about it if they had a guard by the name hot rod Foster. If they win they went on. Clips lead eight made it on to the final four. Well I didn't memory but I didn't burn remember them as you still in the early days. Yeah yeah but that does not remember that you're wiry very independent. Yeah that was at BM railed at 32 bit that was actually out improve those bosses they were actually playing Brigham young. If Brigham young it's more or less they own game out there bright. Well kinda long I'm gonna take place at the plate that we that we and 81 a looked up on the Internet. Yeah it says our gate yacht called let it out the good thing if I remember right you're looking loose. An extensive. It if you remember you know clubs and they I love going down memory lane a little bit too heavy. Clubs and at eight backup point guard by the name of Chris Dodd it transferred in from Davidson. It was like so there are player of the year that backed up Bobby Conrad that year it. Minutes in the they had eighty I hate to say it this way wait a white Ford from belzer South Carolina by the name of Fred Gil. It he was they are great opportunity. Yet. Says Gary and there. Let yeah can you split down he felt that he. And the Anderson area of the big bad clintons grow old. Economic game got it and that you know wouldn't doubt it or not break that's been all there and I'm learning how big tree Rollins saying they don't like it and he wasn't real. Real gift they could block a shot and she got such ya. Yeah and adolescent Jimmie thanks for listening thanks for the boat called my favorite tree Rollins story is this is the jury. You know they created a fake but for dirty back in 1973. Eight's lock to you know that's the model. Lieutenants record to know these OK after take slot two was clips and then went on to Indiana State. Sedate brigade tree Rollins from Rome Georgia yeah this is like the biggest in college recruit you at little times that he knew more about three years old at that point right which by the way. How upset some clips that means including Mike mainly how the hell can you have that good of an architectural school. It's some might put the plans for the original Littlejohn Coliseum on the drawing board if they get a point that's a good idea so that's one of the most shameful things which they fixed it by steel plate. There was only so much lipstick that you could put on a pig before they had to give that exit. But I've always laugh that it unique architecture school going to whom they feel that this callously. But you know it is a lot of fun back in the day yet now's a great team if you remember. It's like that's it right he'll need his role he was Els of South Carolina race the kid on the week 68. Didn't do much but sit there and that was a year that you ACC. Had the three point line that was a little bit inside the top of the key there upper 2.0 sat out there mentally. I'll play a bad thing but I love going down that road with some of the days which is. That's what we do speaking we're gonna talk with that your test Lockett pots Carolina. When we come back about a variety of things including Clemson basketball. Furman and Wofford on Saturday in the ti cats the five names that are going to be the newest inductees into the South Carolina football all the things are different. David quieter they're not habits of Michael Foster now. It's not a bad guy right now you have a pact class is currently about six years and do it right that this came out earlier today here are the fight. Newest inductees or they'll be in doubt the later inducted later on John Avery and that the incident from South Carolina very nice like Clark the wide receiver corps university. Paul Maguire the rest in peace heavily upon acquired played at the citadel you remember right at the bass pro football and males as we ever and a horse quite MacKey senior. At her latest book all sorts techniques from South Carolina I've read tightly huddled up in Richard Seymour that the incident from probably ever Seneca. They went on to play. At the University of Georgia days a year by humans to already we come back here.