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Welcome back in buy our it's getting dark out there is he he's he gets a little chilly here and you. Bill that ice out there to make sure you give yourself a little bit more separation. From the person in front of you in the card fraud and abuse again we'll take you up till 7 o'clock that. You go up finishing up with the early entrants into the NFL draft. Yeah one other ACC team these it was hit pretty hard nets Virginia Tech which is. Days yeah I don't think I don't think. To remain Edwards the linebacker. Virginia tech's decision to leave Blacksburg early was very surprising as a matter of fact it's understandable because he's going to be at the top program drag it probably a first Oreo. Draft pick but his brother's safety Darrell Edmonds followed suit up this thought that was a terrible. A decision on his part. But also. Yet that can settle at two years of eligibility left on the table at three register twelve and amp tackles for loss and four sacks in his one year. As each starter sit defensively Virginia Tech was hit pretty hard as well. Now somewhere in the middle all right so winners GO course we've got Clemson we have West Virginia we have Missouri. Steeper with price loves return and I sure we've mentioned Washington Vick is. You know quarterback Jake ramming his back like a fifty year and of course miles Gascon. Is going to be back with them as well so Washington definitely a winner but in the middle and it's because of one position diesel what is the most. Dynamic what is he most important position in in all of football that quite frankly all wins and losses come. Do that one position the center. Technically that is technically you know what. That is C one person that touches the ball on every offensive play that you can be here he says that it's a theory imported but right behind in the quarter. It's somewhere in the middle when it comes to this stuff I would put all burned in NC state. BK is up Auburn lost to duke he running backs were hearing on Johnson in camera Pettway but they were able to the heat they're a quarterback. Tears that of the Baylor trains birds coming back for seniors see seasons of that it's big you know and here's what we know from Auburn historically. They'll find a running back to work in there also open Raleigh. NC state got a big decision for Bryant Finley to come back quarterback. In that hampers. Some of their losses this think about it he Etsy career completion percentage of sixty point 4% in did not throw. An interception this year until late October 2. You know you get some running backs. Oh with nineteen trying to back it into statements and things of that nature set. Auburn in each state who are two teams that pumps and yeah keeps an eye on. They've they've they were caught in the middle they lost big players but the one good thing using managed to keep their quarterback so. A lot of different winners and losers but again just right on the road he met the Mets because. You know what that does diesel it's it's a pretty fascinating NASA marine gain if you have any quarterback coming back to the tigers in Kelly Bryant. You also at the number one quarterback in the country into proper warrants coming back with a one that you have. Is alleging to a college football playoff semifinal but guess what you gonna CA heck of a battle here. There in the swearing in I think this too liberal arts in the long term may wanna send a little weak and it to put the cap. Who it Alabama because I don't think there's a head coach out there that what's deceit. It doesn't wanna see what they're highly regarded freshman quarterback. Might be able to do. But you know the biggest one of the biggest moves in the off season. It was Tim both measured Texas seen him. You go be honest with you Texas a and in zeroed in on him. They had the money to operatives seventy bite me in ever what in years that seven point five mean a year. It's Jim both Fisher gating and did I don't blame them. Let's look at the head coaching record real quickly Jim both Fisher in you to help me if this allows them to. You know that in year 75 million dollar contract now number one if this offered you're able to take it but let's just seat. If Texas natives it's crazy money. When it comes to getting Jim beneficiary in this coaching players so his first years at go to Florida State. He was put it in four. They finished first in the Atlantic Division in the one that the label. His second year they'd digress that night in four they dropped a five and three in the ACC. In the finish second Atlantic Division they went to sports bowl. They finished in both polls that year 23 his first year diesel they've netted sixteen and seventeen. All right in 2002 well they get it up to 1227. It warned they win the orange ball they finished number eight number again. In the coaches and eight peoples the following year with team as Winston. They get their national title they do they go fourteen and of course they did they win the the BCS in the finish. Out this year winning. Winning it all that next year they drop back at thirteen and one in the lose in the Rose Bowl. All right here's where racquet concern once Janus once that was gone he took advantage of fourteen and when thirteen and one. But they drop off the and in three and in three and five and six this year that second near division third in their division and six in their division. They lose a peach bowl. They win an Orange Bowl in the in the wind Independence Bowl but remember. Jim both mr. did not pitch that game which got him six and six did not coach the bowl games and that's why he's packed with five and six. That's 83 in 23 overall in your career. That's not bad but remember diesel he really made hey with two years at Janus Winston. Is Jim Fisher worked eighteen years at me I mean dollar contract in college football right mail in your opinion. Why do you answer that question in my in my running down who's declining list of accomplishments season by season. Yeah it first of all. Do you realize the number of assistant coaches that ran away from that program in the last three or four years at Florida State I mean look at. Look at Tennessee's new head coach. Yet Jeremy Pruitt he was the offensive coordinator Florida State he ended up developing Eminem he's Eckert Tennessee. You know not a lot of people were while ago followed him all the way out the Texas in and Jim. He's had some issues you know his wife cheated on what they. Former Florida Gator in the course they have a child that that has some medical issues but. We're not judge them off the field. You know on the bill it has been since team as Winston was there. Of course you got to give him credit he took it in AG Reggie was Winston all the way to the national championship. Bow to Satan and interest held up that is held offices held off a little bit and I'll watch in this Ecstasy it and situation with one eye open listen. You know constant basis of the second game of the season out there at Texas in them but this is a rebuilt for Jim both mr. He had to do that with the Florida State remember. The last year Bobby Bowden there in Tallahassee heavily they went six and six of them themselves in the Gator Bowl. Which is better than they should've but court Bobby Bowden should go out the ball game in the state of Florida so. I question I mean listen I. I realized you know there's only a few head coaches right now that walk aside mining college football the national championship. Jim both measures one Davos Sweeney's one makes statements one urban Meyer's one I mean they're they're few and far between but anyway that's. You texting and M had the money to arm away. That I wanna see what he does is he's gonna have to give enemy held a quarterback to be successful or. Clearly Texas. Texas and it was desperate to get a big name. And that's all they went after they went after big name letting go after performance on the field. Com. I I by. I that partially. Think they didn't they looked at his upside. When he had team it's Winston that was in the united they're a lot of people that what's your station. If you're a member of the game that he was suspended against clubs and it shows up out there warm ups and on the field. It more or less showed Jim both Fisher up. Oh how seriously was he taken that says. Listen I liked him I think he's got to get but I still say. That's a lot of my tenure seventy bite me Ecstasy and dance school can pull it off we told you. Kokomo whopping four phone calls the race the first fifteen Meehan. Are there they're the first base and Spain today it was all to the polling gas industry right now the right out that the Texas does that. You wide you know that there's one thing to him but ministers gonna have to deal with the Texas in year in year out a lot of people said. He got tired you know what that is winning in clumps in the last few years will cast what. Nick Saban and Alabama are still sit in the SEC west in Tuscaloosa and guess what Jim both issues gonna have to face it year in year out. It's going to be interest in going to be interest in absolutely. And now all right. Couple other things that. Let me ask you this. College football playoff committee. That you like it. Diesel yield like that we have. Some people that we think highly of in the game of football all getting together every weekend in making decisions on who the top four. Teams are in the raking them out there like number. Yet and or whatever we do is this a component of college football it we're now four years anti that you grown accustomed. Yeah I'm a problem committee I mean we've we've shown that the committee gets it right they don't mess they may not necessarily rank it the same way that the computers will. But they've got good teams right every single time so. I eat you know I think. It's it's one of those no one's ever gonna be happy. It you're always gonna want it the other way so it's entirely computer based will say oh we need humans out there given the I'd test and then we win when it shifts a little more towards. The human element the I just follow any different kids it all depends always ever system. Has a better chance of putting your team in there this year. That's all people want they want they want their team a year earlier this year and if it does the computers that keep them out they want people if it's the people that keep our mouth. They want computers. The and so what argument our that we now have to check this out this is where the stupidity. Of the college football playoff committee. Comes in we have three new members of the college football playoff committee include. Former Arkansas clips and in rice head coach Ken Hatfield. Former Notre Dame and Stanford head coach Ty Willingham. If former southern cal in and it now is specifically San Francisco 49ers safety Ronnie Lott. All right so it's all three games that we recognize correct would. Check out what the hell has that happened when Ty Willingham is in the room. He has a daughter that it ends Duke University. If he comes up in the discussion. Ty Willingham has still leave the room because he has eight rooting interest in Duke University because his daughter goes to school there. All right you can stay here and I urge you trusting that they can be impartial. All right I'm with you on that went. But has Ronnie Lott who played safety southern now it is one they're greatest players ever. He could stay in the room and discuss southern cal I would have the opposite. I would have us Ronnie Lott be left out of the room when southern cal comes up it'll leak tight Willingham in the race and win didn't come so. I mean I think they got it backwards when it comes to that that really high williams' daughter. Has that much impact on the college football playoff committee that if god forbid duke ever comes up in the conversation. They have the excuse I willing him from the that's a little silly. I think that is not silly that is borderline it's deeply and that's what my only issue is when we get the human element in it. Is we're doing things like that it satisfy the public. Vs necessarily get to the bottom. Of what the situation. Should be so again Ty Willingham have in the leave the room when he comes up but Ronnie Lott can stay in the air when it's alma mater southern cal comes up. Yeah that is about as nutty as I've seen it but I guess what this is why we have the human element involved with our right when we come back listen. We lost that iconic broadcaster were gonna give me. Give them a little attributed if you will open. To sit at the literally one of my favorites I mean win you'd have had. Comedian's on stage it entertainers. To bribe to try to. You if you will try to. Year yet imitate you you are one of the pesky Jackson won the pace is one of the voices of college football has this weekend. Will give a tribute to him. Now we can finally play the game. Says there are some clips of the great Keith Jackson and in his more than forty years of broadcasting. But you know what. Let's people they can eat Jackson is some iconic football broadcaster diesel with. You know what he was the Jack of all trades during his career besides football. Jackson also announced Major League Baseball games in BA basketball. Boxing. Auto racing. He detoured off he was the voice of the USFL. As well as he broadcasts with big gains in the Al sedate college basketball as well. I mean that's it Jack of all trade that passed away for four days ago 89 years old now we lost debate one. We way to eat great heat Jackson out there because I mean you know people a lot of people don't keep him right. They go way out they remember them from like when I was growing up and I get the fact I'm a little bit older you. He he and former Arkansas head coach. We're the oh worth the voice of ABC. In a lot of people he's Keith Jackson just being in a Southeastern Conference guy because of that as you know back in the day there might be only one game on. Per day and a lot of times it might be. You know in SEC game could not have been further from the tricky Jackson was a graduate of Washington State University he was so far. I mean I'm not sure there may be only two or three other schools in this country that are not named Alaska and Hawaii. That may be further away from the Southeastern Conference when when when they went to college. Then in Washington State he has compared to the SEC it. Yet wicked. Keith Jackson ranks. In my top two broadcasters of all time. You know it goes back and forth with one other guy by the name of Vin Scully. Who again just gave it up this year's the longtime voice of the of the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as a bunch of other things he has done in his career. But racket literally lead my list right there. In the could flip it back and forth between Keith Jackson in Vince Scully diesel when you think of a couple of great broadcasters in your lifetime. Anything particular come in the mine. What you gotta think if Jim Ross from the WWB. I mean you know everybody and trust me you'll hunt Jim Ross. That guy is is pure entertainment I mean you watch somebody choke slam on a goes all. My god I just told slammed her stride done well yeah I mean. He's got a family. They eat out the big guys hated such a good paints such a picture. In wrestling it's IE EU loan that you love them for it you know again as the subject matter is silly it's goofy but you love them for it. And I you know I've always been a fan of of guys like. Wealth and how did you not love Marv Albert they guys also a little bit of a loose cannon but you know Chris Berman a love Chris Berman a love Brad must burger. If Vern Lundqvist all great broadcasters. All right for number three on my list of greatest broadcasters is like us that you can do it either way and not offend me but my thought they were Vince Scully. In key Jackson for the third spot. I'd have to go long and hard and debate between Bob Costas and taken our. And but our right. Take notes the great broadcasters that we lead off this list right now I can't. Not being sexist here lesson I realized we got holly road does great job aside my report. Michelle Tafoya is really act created a role for her in the industry we now have women Colin men's gains on play by play. But it's just coming into the focused think about we mentioned those needs but here are some that we left out. Do you believe in miracles who was that. Al Michaels in the 1980 Olympics when the US upset the Russians Al Michaels on the list. What are the that's what is the most iconic voices and all of broadcasting history runny and most of the time he only had about a third of voice yet. We mention all of these things we don't we we at least it worked itself. Yeah he was probably. Not only one of the most iconic broadcasters of all all I use one of the biggest lightning rods of all when it comes to broadcast. Or how about Pat Summerall I mean did it wasn't a big NFL game growing up. If Pat Summerall and John Mann were broadcasting in the game. All right who got hammered. In a copy in this scene at the seventh inning stretch every game and in Chicago. Hairy care. That may be a little bit old for you diesel side expect you not to remain. I mean I didn't I never watched Harry Kerry calling gamer ever listen to Harry Carey college game I mean everybody knows. Will Ferrell as Harry Carrey from Saturday night live's. We'll see I would come home when I was in middle school and of course Debbie Gian you know that point in time. Wrigley Field had no lights. So you always had the cubs on when he got home especially if they were home in Chicago. Annie I grew up a lot of times watching Harry Carrey and Steve Stone in some of those guys on the WGM broadcast that. All I had Marv Albert on my list. You mentioned him. This one may this is one of the bigger names out there now diesel when I get that you're younger me. But do you remember the voice of this week in baseball. In the voice of baseball for a long long time Mel Allen. Thanks as a group. And T you probably don't remember Kirk I'll either be. Vaguely. Basically our race it. Because some of the names that are on this list you know Brad that's slower spring calling American football you Barbara Merlin Olsen back in the day. He was a legendary NFL player a commentator as well as an actor remember he did it on Little House on the Prairie. With Michael and in back in the day. I mean it's unbelievable. You start thinking about how Frank Gifford you know we do you know most people talk about his why look at the glee. But frank passed away two years ago he was an absolutely fantastic broadcasters a but anyway you know the fortunate thing is is were set up for some good times the comic is. You know the younger of the young guns if you will public has sooner or later all these guys are gonna have to be replaced. Then he he he thinks at the top of their game right now when it comes to say maybe been younger than 45. Bursa it was a broadcast. One to me that really states. I have to check his age because I'm not certain but I've always enjoyed Joe Buck. When he calls baseball especially when he calls College Baseball I love him I think he's great but I don't know that he's under 45 or not heed these rights aired that. He he be right there a case who would get the keys less than fifty but who are talking about right now it's got them help with the Caspian. Loves god against Scott they Appel is absolutely fantastic says he's going to be one of these but do you realize we still hadn't gotten around a guy like Jim Nantz. Knew him a couple of days so we have really really been. So fortunate in our time to grow up and of course you know units in Joba. Well guess what is his is dead Jack but did a good job given him those genes but it. You know. Think we might mention. Of course I think we did Brit must burger but what about Chris Fowler in this way so. You know we're really fortunate that we had some great you're great what a mess you left off Kirk herb street. But I liked Irvin but you know way. I promise you at times I swear and I may be wrong and nick at bowling springs police yup on Twitter correct me. To some type stuff bill like Kirk herb street eight state like. It's like are you glad he's a bad guys. Yet. He's got his flag waving at all times and it's not. It's off putting to other fan bases. I think they're Smart and it is sneaky it's really really old years. You know it's battles for a I'd say sometimes I don't think he realized she'd do it Bettina what. Yeah it's one of those things you were talking about Joe Buck I'll look it up 47 years old so we will let them will play and stay in this list but that. He had just taken you know if it was a big football mean in college football. Keith Jackson was on the called. You know like it says what was Auburn others he's in Arkansas at for so long interest rate for struck me nuts. That was his long time split. Yeah I remember windy gave him the in the ST does Fiesta Bowl when Tennessee knocked off Florida State that year believe 1998. That was supposed to be his last gain. In if you remember in the press bugs into the game they took it Gatorade. Container in had like white confetti and in the it over the top problem but in the thing was. They aired melting team at that point wasn't as good. They were requesting him back were West Coast games next year that's how irreplaceable Keith Jackson wasn't. At he would just was what about favor calls it was don't know the game. He says he fits like time at its finest. History. And oh always always remember that call. All right you can get it what does this open funds for the rest of the ship. What are your paper broadcasters you can let us know eight port four GS PE SP and also we've got some NFL football this week and we better take a look ahead. This is straight it was stars. High horse moment here anywhere everywhere are right. First of all I'd these I want. Good. Give me this story and wanna ask if I'm part of the problem but the worst call in my opinion. In the post season in college football bowl games took place in the Music City Bowl in Nashville went pac twelve rubbery congress Kuwait. He objected the act Kentucky running back big east now. For making contact with him in the second quarter when he kind of shoved off want to be picked up owning the key realized that was the official. But it was after bees and on about ten yards behind the line. In everything else seems frustrated in this guy Chris Kuwait it jets Kentucky's best player for no reason whatsoever. I saw everybody else saw it it was ridiculous it was crazy it was bad officiating. Furthermore what really upset me is someone that we know was the pool reporter that is sit in there to talk to Chris Kuwait after the game. Chris Kuwait lied through his teeth about what took place on the bill. That I am a 100% positive about. I have no asset did she never rap and other major football game. UP eight got to blow that call in the year and go to the pool reporter in lie about it afterwards nail. Did I take that too far because again. You know it is what it is the one that one call ended up but that the the outcome of that bowl. No I don't think so. Well that'd. Kentucky and some of duplicate a little too bars. They been calling it sell an office instantly mean threatening messages. Along with a number per commercial real estate association he belongs to. The messages finally be candid guy dale last week but in a letter criticizing coy. From the Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart the pac twelve vice president officials David Goldman. Was made public in the calls kick back up again. People listen I am as big sports Meehan is anybody else it's all right. But that day that you go in call somebody yours and to me now. Calling for their life for her physical harm or anything like that is that date you need to quit watching sports because. All sports is. It's is it is something begin our minds off the that is the end. Yeah the trials and tribulations of everyday life it is a peacemaker in our mine it is something that we'd love to do but you don't. I have the right no matter how back at your peak your expense screw it might be out the obvious. Did no threaten somebody's a come on grow the hell up. Oh man like I said I won't maintain I don't think this guy should ever go to her ever wrap the big game again why print the commitment handle. In this situation it wasn't that he made a bad call that was one day. Number two once he threw out a cute is he got the upper. Chris coy if you remember. Reach scale to pick up any smell of any svelte weight demo. And that's what he called making contact with the official. Now if you watch the play before they don't blow the whistle it's now it's about ten yards by in the line of scrimmage. If he was frustrated that there never was eight penalty call. For a late hit or anything outs. But that as a unit against the right to go look up somebody's phone number in threaten their life for their job or anything else you know way. What you just thought was wrong he just took it in magnified by a hundred times its sport. It's something that we care about but it's not light for death quit making threatening. Calls and messages over the outcome of the game and guess what. I bet you're going to be a lot happier now that will all be a lot happier it was a terrible call. But diesel no call no call it blessed that my country. My country. Moving forward in my gonna get so upset is to get threaten somebody's life. The people take it entirely too seriously eat you know and I I get its aid passionate. Thing people are passionate about and I love that people are passionate about it. But we've gotten we've entered into an era where it's. These people are accessible referees coaches players. Anybody and everybody is accessible via social media and used to being. There was that giant barrier of I don't know how to reach out to these guys. To tell them exactly what I think other than going to a game buying a ticket in the first fifteen rows and yelling at them that's all they had or maybe waiting outside the arena. But now it's easy to see you do that you you go to the arena you go to the game you put yourself at personal risk. Because you're acting like an a hole in front of in public. Anybody has some arrested is going to be people around June who who will smack you down if you stand up. And insane. And there are people outside of marine if the players walking out there will be people around him to protect him other players security whoever. But the Internet offers the anonymity and the safety of sitting behind a keyboard. Your 100% correct on that one listen. The greatest. Skill that I have ever seen government official was maybe eight or nine years ago when I was sheet and clubs and football games for the green bull Durham back in the day. Aid and highlight issued on the other sideline looking back at the clips and sidelined because number one you'd have to put up with this many photographers from the opposing sideline. In number two. Can move around a little bit more pre. Once it was like in. One of the directional Michigan's schools western Michigan central Michigan wanna you know and I mean in. At the score that make it be about 77. It was a bad football. But of course a couple and I guess maybe high here. Hired donors will decide the it was central Michigan will that won't go away now apologize to all. You know pick sideline passes. In about 33. Minutes into the game and these guys are back yellen at the sideline official. Yeah and the front of me with my camera. In this officials stops there in the timeout. Are derailed and looks at their passes and said he why. Keep this up these passes are on the you can go sit in the stands that yell at me all you want your do it from the sidelines. In that was the most seminal moment there if you will that an official. Things in control right in the air this guy Steve saying he thinks the rest of the day that was mayor from the missiles perspective. You wanna go sit in the stands. You can yell and call me anything you want to but if you go beat him on this built with the credential you go shut up and watch it let me do my job in you know what. Those guys never said in other words the entire day now. That help the game kept the map in map and I guess one. I I really appreciated that official that day. Owning his job I'm supposed to be there on the field and get paid for your not in I really appreciated. That day are right when we come back will close up shop including eight Jacksonville bakery. If you don't throw somebody you might as well troll a pretty good this is straight up with sturtze. And of course will be popping pizza tomorrow Woodruff road. For a light remote don't forget it. Are you welcome back in final segment let's give me an update. Here in the county's number one if you're private school in Greenville county in your child goes against what they will not be going to mark because. Passing by on that is scroll or all of the private schools agreeable and I've yet to see one open mail. When it comes to Spartanburg district seven I can tell you guys in public school you or closed tomorrow. We're still wait non some words from the other districts and all but. Right now with the ad temperature 24 degrees. In it's now dark so anything that may have melted is now re freezing and now they're saying we're gonna get another dusting. I suspect we might have been other day off from the school system the morbid just double check. In make sure by. Basically they're running through private schools right now the easel and I've yet to see one that's gonna be open Morant typically. Public schools will follow in that passion that his attention to the new user pay attention to our sister station WO lord the is they will be on top of it. Fall. So what diesel. You know one of the biggest upsets. I have seen her. Come across in a while this past week and I thought Jacksonville had no chance whatsoever. The knock off Pittsburgh in the do all the road in Pittsburgh. But they win forty by forty to do in for the it is the first team to go in the Pittsburgh and win twice in one year. Every big did it 39 earlier this year well this past week in Pittsburgh. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had two turnovers he had a fumble. As well as an interception. Earlier this season. In at thirty to nine win at Pittsburgh Jacksonville intercepted big in five different times so it didn't gains in Pittsburgh and now India. 2017. I season. This last week was typically. This book policy at 70%. Give some credit markets and credit to a good throw. Ayers Ayers a bakery in Jacksonville Florida. They said. Roethlisberger. Be out pots with seven turnovers. A combination of apple blueberry and cheers. To celebrate what they called the sex and bill win. Said Natalie did utilities in that role Buddha. A pretty good stuff that I got pastry about it you know. Make fun of me if you give me mate but chip cookies and Elian DeLia turnaround and give those to his linemen for not protecting him. Exactly are walking with the boss beard a modest pace next year it. The name of the bakeries that Nazis. It help me here SC. And Lou EP I us via. Some bodies or not he's probably. Yet it's not easy make minorities somebody's abilities and I closed end says it's an Moody's bakery in Jacksonville. That's who did listen if you troll somebody. I still do have some fun doing it. That's pretty and that tell you I told somebody you don't tweet them. Every two and a half hours for is for weeks on end telling them that they're awful human beings and an eye out of the way our counts that's not controlling. Truck that is what what somebody's bakery did that strolling. Then what you're describing dash is being insulting and you're giving your opinion. This was Smart. In it was a good time you get turn over. Saddest part Larry. Says that it's a good putt there was some thought put into it says. On this cold day where we were out the food various locations to get the showdown today which includes me in my living. I sit daddy's with a win that's what will college as a matter of fact that might find out if they have a Twitter Cahill. And see if we can get some chipped up because it they're really good. The NT and they deserve some and they deserve some business. For being that good. Having you know where I failed those on MS and so they get instant publicity. That Charles Curtis Loko and taken out in essence for the win. That's where they kind of put a lot of these stories and I feel like it. Every box of turnovers now should come with a free troll doll inside it's likely that your athletic what was the thing that you put on the top you're so you know and he rubbed it between your hands and make that role player up on the a course that penciled covers the column Pentecost. Yet maybe says I've I get it when you're young you know had video games week in video games when I was growing up we still entertain ourselves in the areas screeners. So again great to roll there don't forget this weekend's matchups it's a three of my kick off is there's Jacksonville Jaguars. They're New England in the and that's that's three of five in the AFC championship game the NFC championship game is at 640. That's Minnesota at Philadelphia so. A couple of big games and listen. I think you're probably cut it. The cut like that scene New England in Minnesota. With Minnesota playing. Yeah. The greatest franchise in NFL history I'm sorry Pittsburgh steeler fans but the jets yeah the New England Patriots I don't. With heated up a little bit but it's in his sights that. This is built like a week in the week to see. Turned out our ears. In Jacksonville. In Philadelphia way it went away and let him. Anyways so often on this show you cautioned. Against labeling something the goat because it just happened. And you've adjusted that I'm not saying I don't I'm not saying that the patriots are not terrorists yes I'm not saying that they're not an excellent franchise. But they've been excellent over the past decade. Whereas the Steelers have been excellent from multiple decades. I would say that the patriots have been. Better than it's just that last decade because remember they also made it to a Super Bowl back in the day under Steve Grogan. In which they dig it drove by the Chicago mayors that they have had success there. Before in New England. I think the reason I think new England's championship runs are better than Pittsburgh it's just simply. Dealing with things like salary cap and all other the all the other issues that the NFL is put in the air. To try to maintain some balance you know what I mean and that's why I think this run that we've seen by the New England Patriots is the greatest in my lifetime. But again that's just my opinion is wells. Alright don't forget tomorrow where it'd be over it bottom being pizza that's 1860 Woodruff road. I mean that day if you win you're coming out Woodruff road it's going to be on the right. If you win about a mile past that you run into the intersection highway fourteen in Woodruff president right there where. Uh oh the grocery stores and but other things are real and I will listen it is the best New York style pizza here in the upstate new doubt about it in order in the air from four years. Don't have to have them as a advertise on this show this bowels of virtues about it being because of an order form from a long guy. Before they ever picked up in the advertising on this show come out see as Streisand's slices. Remember they got cheese stakes in grinder since subs diesel and I promise you I'm gonna bring you some they've backed by the studio excellent right in front of a new legal on wood different. Yet they get right by the new legal will be there from 47 a mark. Makes you get to check this out there have a blessed evening be safe out there and enjoy what's left of the snow.