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Straight absurd for Baxter's have some technical difficult disease broadcasting. On the other side of Greeneville. We knew ahead and get right to our guest Eric. Do you think it Stearns could have actually gotten out of his neighborhood or do you think he's playing hooky from the station. Play the way it looks right here in Spartanburg where you know we're a little bit more important you guys there and see who would it looks great out there Cecil but. Among my neighbor has got to plow through it that I got out sporting Arenas baron got out about I see cars going down the main road so I. You know he may be you know regard to a little bit with via the actual truth there. Play was he was saying that he was completely unable to get out but I think it was honestly because he was trying to dodge all the kids. Who are out there doing some sledding or he was trying to do some sledding was only nice to talk about how hurt his neck his. But I don't think it's as hard as bad as badly. As as as he tries to let on but he says that you wore in Chapel Hill last night at the Dean Smith senator. I've got to give us a rundown of what use soft from the Clemson Tigers as they fell yet again. To the Tar Heels. We know these sort of went with Gartner inexperienced team this year in the target being re supporting a bigger bigger aren't starters to seniors region at all by an average double figures. This scene in the ATP year which it would North Carolina you know have lost whopper. Arctic definitely whopper upper recovered a lot to walker homer this year and not really quite. Intranet trying to fire power at least right away that would just recognize and tar heel. Seems like it it was a chance. That soccer's I'll agree that opened the gate guarded of that thing which are never won in Chapel Hill real though that this might be. He's the year although it is wanting these report out there's only two tigers gave ON dot doctor grant them that actually played the dean dome because Clinton does feature. A number of transfers are. In the regular rotation right up that he's sable table I mean they were they were down ten quickly they were turning the ball over it was just stop wilder couldn't pick my coach Brock now the Scott. We actually had a ya and I elation came on he had just speaks to aspiration and pleading with his players your crucial turning his back at times. China could discuss what he was seen with a lot of sloppy early turnovers. In and out by the time we get in the first into the second half court and that they're opening greedy. North Carolina hit it an eighteen point lead and I think look across quote what okay what's right up bought lot number 59. The strange thing happened diesel the type that it. Keen consecutive shock. After missing that opening three. 77. Straight of those three point range. And topping that whole side they never took the lead against it fifty consecutive shots. Three times bigger the game within a one possession game although they never had a one possession game or football. They got it down the two were recruited for times north Carolina at the ball expend it in or not. Rescues with about six minutes little over six to go pick up within two. And it looked like OK they've got the momentum and and even though they just North Carolina shooting it you know pretty darn well also. Maybe maybe this does it mean maybe this is the team did a great spell. They should couldn't get over the hump easily pick you know they they get it to six that would go to eight or nine Clemson would get it down to 65 or ten. And they should just couldn't get enough stops and then they went a little Cole in the opting lives. Constantin Stafford fifteen of sixteen from the field start the second half. North Carolina actually ended up shooting articulate it about 65%. After the break. It is startling that shooting almost 62 course are sort of accept the stretch. It just didn't have a different attic that you could trigger on the stretcher got. What then sable table like assert that the nine straight losses are now. And guys that wrote this morning it's all a little later frustration figured you make fifteen out of fifteen shots. And you still can't get it done this place is kind of a horse these guys. As Robert Eric. Three days of my question did did you see anything from the North Carolina fans. It does it does the streak really mattered to them are they taunting Clemson players and fans in any way or is it just kind of a ho hum it's business as usual it's what we do in Chapel Hill. I think it's so hard business as usual I get to keep it greatly in. One funny thing we sit there by a bit wait the first task list during the term outlaw this huge war. Just go do what took place there is deemed Olympic oracle which read. The announced attendance was 1000 plus a chunk of bill and that's part of the top park visitors to commit their thinking as. In the technology caught up the tradition of Michael Jordan's number in the banner. Anger and the raptors that the chief national championship banners saying they're. Just sheer scope of the building blocks the plate and going bonkers or cuddled like what's going on. And there's just explore this section as court closed course. We kind of looked at somebody and expect. All men look at the scoreboard just not class triple triple. I sure like most the crowd the Kroger pick was that the cable huge secondary they were they were Victor player later that I. Other bigger payoff but now that what a lot of hunting you would think that they were chant. You know fifteen demonstrator you know he's certainly would probably get pedicure and forward to just down the road. But yet they're not ought to mention you know like you get were working at the student section here and talk about stopping and not a lot of the release that are on the street. And I'm not a lot of talk like Roy Williams. What really interest in talking about it and so we we shall corporate sweeten up to it. And one of their guards Kenny Williams did saying that the only thing that Roy Williams release that the that was sent us the screen is gonna end at some point. But let's just put it up another year that's an Olympic recent Reuters that the that what's. Go one of these years one of the team's one that you guys play the beyond the one that. Because of finally beast but what you don't have a beat up what was the capital over the next there's so they have a separate they kind of made a little light and it. Did they are aware of it but it wasn't really focal point and tighten your really thought the Koreans. Brady you don't really naked thing into the we will make a bigger deal like that you taunting her or chaining maybe they receive not bought into the sport so typical father. To mention. Well as interest I would have expected the opposite out of respect the duke fans to be the classy ones and the North Carolina fans not to be so thank you. I had inside coming out of Chapel Hill. And as we have stirred a free out of trying to reconnect from home autopsies may his bunker his undisclosed location on the east side. Greeneville. He was say that you're wanna get into Clemson football and the return of all of the deal of a lot of the defense of starters it's really gonna set Clemson football up to be a powerhouse again next year I mean you have to consider them. Not maybe not necessarily a lock but pretty close to get into the college football playoff again what's the latest that you're getting out of Clemson football. Yes it's just it's it's just mind boggling peace so all these guys came back I mean everybody expected Dion came years ago I think. A lot of people me included were a little surprised that what receive career out and say you bench bit. A couple of guys would best serve probably scripts you know Hitler later. Round addicts and they don't really know those guys are loaded at wide receiver but all the sudden talking Lee. All liquor can defensive linemen three of the best in the game importantly by foreign he's seen prevent the nation in Cleveland Cheryl Bryant. And Christian Wilkens and you've figured I'd total rework it would no brainer and it helped to Campbell turned a lot of jokes appear op. There are up thirteen always used to linebacker backed he's just kind of got a lot of shock or peace. Three other superstar. And the fact is there anyone that you get it may be quickly and there'll be one guy says it's really just my parents want to get this degree more than anything. I'm coming back. The other side has armed ago Chris welcome Ted green Doherty is gradually. You know he's he's an all American. Projected to probably definitely be somewhere late. The first round at worst even though the rumor is all these guys could circuit outrage from the NFL draft by its board. That's part of the reason why they came back but you know I just did get the Serbs he's got a really really try it your sense of unfinished business there was. You'll ever sent to law in the locker room at the national championship. A game or season and late but I just so I think a lot of people agree a lot of rep media members it was a different feeling in this locker room. After the slot Alabama than there was two years ago they lost them or three years on their lot the national championship game. Dalembert mine shut blossoms look to god we couldn't not work editor of the NFL and I didn't get a sense that Michael no regard to come back. But it wasn't just just as we are sentient I think that these guys get along well you only get one time this last week played together and I think they just collects the money still that we did they get insurance policies. It's a risk. But they probably you know a couple of other guys get their degrees along with Wilkins in the get a chance to play the other little stern and sometimes. I guess porting to more important money but it it is a shocker at church and that sent shockwaves across the entire country the Clinton got. What already was big arguably the best be augmentation. Adults and come back leave town which is crazy to think about it. Eric can you see anywhere that this city it is is that this is one of the best problems you can possibly have I think as a football program to have your experience all coming back. Looking into their depth chart and you know the depth chart better than I do do you see anywhere. That might actually cause some problems and may even cause of the several of the underclassmen who are really opening get on the field next year maybe look outside of Clemson. And only in the Jones that is somewhat in. Orange alert Al hunt is. And it was a shrine bowl and and one of the top guys and he just seemed like one of these guys and show dog too while the contribute to be leaked. He didn't have a position really for the first couple years he was very important to welcome. And you really only started kind of without a sack specialist one year came back worst year. And Augusta and number eight pick in the draft that Clinton took a shot into convincing. The lower guys looked sharp look at what we've done welcome Kevin doll play one should really starter. There's the regular contributor and he was the first circuit around so. Expert at the Albert hunt in several experience out of the main one that are going to be disappointed. Chris register front. There there's a couple of guys so I don't know what I'm sure they're sitting here in the state shocked as well or me and I really thought I was could have my chance. And now I can tell. I'm gonna be sit the bench for another year and maybe even my final year. But the good news papering and eggs savior Thomas were cooking class. These are consensus. Number one beat them today and in the nation and another guy JJ Henry. Who's I guess pretty much the top five while recruiting services and another a couple of guys to look a name cannot put the that are coming in that ringing in an unbelievable. Amount of talent along the defense supply and you guys are all freshman. To instead of earth that they probably bigger these other superstars Raleigh even die quickly Xavier Thomas would be. What lines are starting role but now I'm not so sure that you've got to be so disappointed that there had to learn from Korea the press guide the country take little slower and all that and the starting lineup that was plot or so I don't know that it's gonna be much in the way of dissension Arctic because of the huge amount of talent they've got coming in in this oncoming Clara. These guys like Dick step backwards say. While you're really gonna have a chance to play more right away but again by the same token they're gonna play on the scene it's probably going to be the no worse to work Greek Olympic country next year. Achieve low long holes or learn learn the ropes and and they'll be the good know they'll be the repair shop he's Lagarde critical. Raila certainly puts you in a rarefied air puts you in that Alabama territory those teams that just. You may only get one or two years to play but your chances of winning a national championship for extremely good you just have to ask these guys. Would you rather play more games or would you rather get more rings. That's exactly right and he's got to set up guy and I'll mention this will actually be somewhat scheduled just got released. A couple of hours ago. And it really sets up. Amazingly favorable for Clemson I mean for there are no close a lot of time that they haven't like sheer amount of Thursday and Friday night gain without the last couple years. Are they got tripped up on Friday last year at Syracuse. For the first time in about a five years. They have openers extraordinary gains they have all Saturday it's their bye week comes. Smacked exactly in the middle of the season two weeks or advocates are scary speed up their bye week. And hit six more games. They get big play or southern grew to triple option team the week before they play Georgia Tech a triple option two weeks at home you're gonna. And next week practiced not. It brokered a completely overlooked tour southern. But not for Georgia Tech. But they get ticket North Carolina are you need to get up force state. You know later in the season on Saturday you know and all Saturday games. They play alternating getting all the way for the first time in ever until the final been to be here when they can do international USC so. Just the way the whole schedule. Doubt about scores a long road trip Thursday game with a bye week Jews they would fully yacht. You know they've got to be over surely it's happened to her news at your letter that. I'm sure that that that joy is due to you today around the opposite but they're clumps with the release schedule it really does set up very nicely this. Most certainly does Eric. I'd just mainly right now what kind of what we're really look or two years Lulu on the schedule electors sure that the course beat him sure is Saturday. Night 8 o'clock here Spartanburg based school the world not just dust but the world are or violent Williams. It's gonna go to school go lakers on Saturday at eight. There and you know Clemson doctoral honorable right they are in the running if you are hoping he's been very tightlipped about it. But if you believe. The national recruiting guys the guys. Through this 24/7 for a living it seemed like typical week or two ago that you are fairly lean towards Clemson. And then with South Carolina assigning fire are controversial art star Ryan Bowen. Last week it got little legal controversy bigger Rick Pitino fired. You know in the FBI investigating trying to be underbelly of college recruiting. Owens well look out of place weigh in South Carolina there's not a particularly particular onboard and can be unified starch you consensus top twenty. Recruit lecture class a lot of people that might be just conjecture a lot of people in that. Oprah factories shut that you call dial in and had a long conversation were so muted effect that they've got another fire story itself. Silent and be in part of that. That these two superstars are could possibly turn South Carolina completely around and sound you're after all huddle or last year but it really reach speed difference makers all the sudden that English would they have a two week battle. But never in between Clemson and South Carolina but again you never know he league school wouldn't exactly know what I'm really better duke North Carolina Raleigh expert so. But that that the major thing not only in Spartanburg are he around the state all sides are going to be uncle idling Saturday night here in Spartanburg. Must Annie looking bars for that information look at sort of talking unions and thanks Eric. So what are they. Are not. With all due to exert. All right we're gonna Johnny's start back on he is every connecting I think we have them back welcome back in the next segment. I Leone espionage state aid for Ford GS PE SPN on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Are welcome back in a Tay away. Diesel it's a strange day no doubt about his strange things are afoot here at the circle K this contracts which that's what week. People don't know what teacher broke quick Wii's at conference unit to connect back to the studio. Sit me a couple of messages that in five years I've never seen before. So but I think we had like four people back there in the studio and we got to all work outs it will continue to be report I appreciate you handling. Our interview with target for a year pointman in the you know one of the questions you're telling me right there within you've got in there when you're talking about clumps of football. Is willow with these announcements of these guys come back and you have eight the bits of starters that that are returning for next year's football team. Might we see a couple of guys. Maybe I don't wanna wait in line anymore I think that's something that will find out more alas after spring practice our right. Because. You know yeah I was pretty scary. Surprised to see what. Guarantees on if it's. It Tennessee go ahead and LC he was transferring out because he was giving given be given a shot to win the quarterback job there Tennessee 5050 with the who quit in Normandy. And guy Doris is now I'm now. He and EEE one of the reasons is now he can probably get this next school and get ending beat would be eligible yeah quicker. But I tell you what I'd have to see some things and how it played out see the the depth chart at this spring practice. That's when you really get an idea. If you're gonna be playing. So it's going to be interesting but you know you look across this and what's. Go to dale on this road real quickly because just like anything else in life diesel they are winners and losers and everything. In the when it comes to the early entrants. And winners get to put clumps and in the I mean let's think about this for a moment. They weren't going to be fine across the defense of lying next year even if they lost pretty much every one that they were going to. Yet that was thinking about going why because. They been recruiting at an absolute breakneck speed. If that's the magic of also having won at the best defense of linemen that we've seen in a long long time. In Dexter Lawrence already in the polls that you were already gonna have him and Albert Huggins. In the air it's. It there on the defensive line plus the year's NC onions and Richard year and come back between you get. You know Cleveland payroll Austin Bryant you'd get Christian Wilkens all the say they're coming back in the and you get the ACC Jacobs blocking award winner. Who's gonna be a senior. It left tackle there admits I coming back. Yes he lost because at wide receiver Lori hall and talent at wide receiver. The nineteen meats and great places clips of the guess what he also make some plays hurt this program. And they re right McLeod you love. You know what he brought to the table he had some trouble at times holding onto the ball. I would tell you that collapsing in bigger much move on from those two losses with they all wide receiver. By the name it T Higgins from Knoxville Tennessee that we saw come along as the year went on. It also you'll see ray ray of a clouds. Role be felt filled them Mary well. By Marty Rogers who was already in the air in game action this year so I will use their no worse off for what they loss at wide receiver. With those two but there are a thousand times better off. With Kindle jealous of coming back Austin Bryant about Cleveland mayor and the eight starters now return. In your pocket about it deepen its diesel that finished in the top four in the nation. In roughly every meaningful statistical category last year. That Timmy has to be one of the biggest upsets in college football we saw this year is clips in keeping all those statements of players minus. Big place say the B Ian Smith win win for the clubs and tiger's new report. Also. Couple other winners as we mentioned yesterday prices right on top of the ebitda West Virginia because. Anytime you can keep your best quarterback in your best wide receiver in the mix that's exactly what West Virginia was able to do will Greer. You know at. I would love to see what his numbers would have been hitting he now broke in the middle finger on his throwing hand back in the mid November loss to Texas. But Yost said David sales. Yeah and he finished the year as season diesel with eighteen putts tailed cat is still lead the nation remember David sills a lot of people. Most notably they give ms. oh is that the guy that actually committed to a plea quarterback like southern cal actors seventh great year. In nicely at receiver West Virginia from Maurice Ron. But still that's gonna give the West Virginia Mountaineers and off bits. It's very very capable of making noise in the big twelve in guess what. Baker may build the Heisman Trophy winners go on from Oklahoma they've got some rebuilding to do a yet Mason Rudolph from Rock Hill South Carolina north western high school. In issel brother's addicted the incident clubs and that was redshirt due to injury this past year. He's moving on to this up now so oh yes indeed the thrill hill. It TCU. East now gone so I'm telling you from upside potential West Virginia. Big time big I moved there couple other winners when it comes to. You know. An early and sales boosted NFL. Every. It be hard to argue that Missouri is one of those winners because listen drew law really race is. His draft ability if you will. In a run Ito from the in the September 2 in the November when he led them from 15 start to a 75 win. Winning season but he's coming back is drew Lockett you're gonna get some used ticket. When you are a loss at quarterback the lights at Josh Rosen in in Josh Josh Allen in this year's class guess what. That's big for Missouri and it's big in the SEC east which is why Georgia rain through there this year. Remember George it's got to replace 31. Players thirty went seniors this year which includes both their running back since so many minutes ago. In nick jobs a list of Missouri I think has proven that they're going to be able to put points on the board I mean my god through a lot through for the 44 touchdown passes this year. So the one the got to be careful Bork when it comes to Missouri's just the fact that. Giving you stood you up it's a coordinator Josh hi pool was hired by the University of Central Florida. The replace Scott frost. Easel Missouri replaced him with the air delete. Now we know how his career Tennessee did not work out. We know that he yet he's only been able to find what a wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys that he was fired at Tennessee. The only person can hold true lock in the Missouri offense back next year. Is there Billy often so Courtney I'm convinced them. But they would have hired him if you wasn't a good coach. And it's nudged. I don't know I don't think it's. Just. It's not sure I would move from the upside of Josh people to a week questionable hired there delete. This is the one I mean maybe. It's closure I say your prayers and has pleased the colts quarterback please don't screw up a quarterback. Because there Billy's track record in the past is. Spin of leaving people. With a big question mark there that I mean anybody can. Let's I have no fashion. Woody Allen mogul was some might it's really in effect out of fashion expert diesel you are when it comes to being younger and cool kid. Indeed I can tell. Why golf shirt with Tennessee arms and long pants with rail issues. It's not a sideline rep report that you ever catch you you're definitely knows jock can be mug shot that's for shape again. Two in the no ideas that is. I had no clue but it sailed it really offs that was will Farrell's character from the movie Zoolander who was a fashion mogul. The inventor of the piano key neck tie. What. What was the other comedians it here and it's been stellar. And still so what I just Snow White shirt orange pants brown sees that don't work in unique color scheme. I don't need that. I don't need the cores into a bullet from the movie the blind side only that's not in the color will issues members. This equally stated Tennessee orange was not hurt color well and she was not gonna Wear that color. All right Daria we ever seen that movie so I don't know. In two guys are saying about it. It's pretty good rate Catholic all right when we come back glad to be back on the air here. After some stress there. A few more winners we also have some losers when it comes to that early signing here including two schools in the ACC. In this a couple of in the middle as well. Plus you can give us a call 84 ports ESP ESP and try to hook up with Adrian branch here. In a little bit as well this is straight up with start where life not studio today. But where life. And. All right welcome back in on this. Who need. Weekly college eighty cold and chilly and light winds the afternoon again expecting some more. Galleries and stuff overnight and they're saying John Sezer it is expect black ice all over the upstate tomorrow morning so to speak here boy out there and I would suspect that means that. Our schools are gonna start week a couple of hours late but let that rather than. Make the official announcement for Eagle County. You know we've been talking about paperwork and what is that that's the paperwork that's done it. You can in sales that you're gonna give up your college career. In you're gonna go ahead and go to the NFL which teams won when it comes to obvious clubs and was one. With all the people it's the players coming back West Virginia was and other with their quarterback and top wide receiver. Coming back Missouri withdrew lot coming back. It's we mentioned yesterday what about Steve for that price loved coming back will worsen while he had to. He he's got that right he's got the scene issue in my opinion. Did. It. The left tackle constant as it is simply putting on some weight right now and keep it on. Price lob a 190. Pounds that he played at this year it I hit the let that go clips and somewhere in the 285 level. That's gonna cut the pro levels of both of those guys are sort of in the same spot right mail. In which they got to find a way to put on some weight in keep that weight on on them. But price La he's gonna come back yet runner up finish for the Heisman Trophy led the he led the nation in rushing yards in got his degree in the process so. Not a bad news for price club also not a bad admitted when he got AB on the other line. Eight B. How you doing buddy is that you what we're broadcasting from that do a segment that is the complex acted out. Yeah you're probably somewhere where you're getting some more snow right now you're checked in in the Nashville. Yeah it's colder tagged red so code that's in a politician would abandon at all pockets. This can't know her long. So Adrian let's get to do it some things never end in that right now is club since losing streak in Chapel Hill, North Carolina re armed that night scenes it. Yeah that's not disgusted and it's got that we're. We may dabble in the battle our governments have been culled it barred them all matters. It's appropriate code. Yet did you ever have either in high school word yet but sites may be an older brother that just on year in just what what she wit a haven't Evey body growing up maybe. Or playing it was just sort of near incite your head because I think we sought again last night clubs and comes out slow. The good thing about this clumps and teen years past they acquit laws about 35. They ducked back into it they hit it in consecutive shots in the second half but still failed built themselves a loser in Chapel Hill last night. Yet they they have put themselves in the position to win basketball games that adds it up first question but come Miller's. Thank developed where the rich kids that live in the might wanna turn out there we're right they're right crop would be to look like Bob. I'd talk to bump. It that we could never get the suckers they have the Burgundy and gold uniforms that would that preceded camp. An eighth grade meanwhile liquid could advocates think a military Margaret. Very rarely be Greg comella spotlights it melt at that before you vote a. That's what but it was it a little bit in your head because she at Clemson has been playing pretty good basketball but for whatever reason right off the last night. Four unforced turnovers you know get dale fifty points but. Reverend Al was not cut them any slack for fight back and cut it to a two point lead. He just simply said this team at this age because it is a it is not a youthful team it is a veteran team. They got a handle these situations that are. What I Duca that you look at the games specifically both patriotic extremely well North Carolina shot 51%. Which is very good event Clinton a picture 48%. And there that don't traditionally about hybrid civic spirit approach everything. They got nearly 50%. It's still lost by heartbreaker but they've got to tighten up boarded the pills are rebounding. North Carolina though probably pretty strong without competitive when it hit that 18. And I mean that they missed a lot of shots. It's paying attention to date now I'm not surprised if Clinton gives them what Carolina comes equipped and I'm expecting that. The big jug and that is when they go Warner road that was a winnable day. Yeah it was in again they got right back they're at it but you gotta give Luke Mason credit he hit a couple of big shots after taking one right open underneath died from one of his teammate so if you don't look down the road. Lesson that was a well played. And I got again you know in this day and age where we'd love to rail on officiating I thought it was a cleanly called game in Chapel Hill Adrian. What took place in Colombia. And that objective is to win a game. But something to the tune of fifty sultan Al shots and sixty bowels. All they just hope they don't let teams it was just it was un watchable basketball and it started with the officiating. Yeah yeah yeah. We're not coming to receive the official word that we're coming this eight point two rebounds dunks blocked shots and or commit you to coaches which strategy. So when their outrage with that you're right guys are gonna make contact. Would you have. Kentucky's huge rock I'd either gonna watch each other. And then you've got the post player or South Carolina that had a huge night I was really proud of the leadership. I think pick either government contacts third got to let simply produce stop mats don't major in the miners are totally agree with that statement. I'm with you on that went our right couple more before we let ago right now walking away the it looks like by even though an ACC sixteen and one with an RPI at number three is the Virginia Cavaliers Adrian. I know like we've seen this before in the regular season. The next and I don't need to see at a tiny bit at the cavaliers is the ability to hit some shots in the NCAA tournament or they'll be out in the round of 32 again this year. That's fair that's fair what you're saying. We've seen that just like we're used to date. You'd go Atlanta Falcons are me Atlanta Hawks were to number one team when they have four all stars Kyle Korver and nobody would believe in that. So we've seen that their guard regular season team. Peyton Manning remembered football for many years what lighted up in the regular season and then he won't watch out. So I I think you can have that odd that beef with Virginia that represent themselves well. They are play a brand that hit them they look like if you don't mind even more but they are comfortable is like a wrestler. You know would you rather make that dog won't back sat on your back Russell park on your back or the top up and I like guys I'm about backdrop not terribly over let me. They can't play to their old Bryan and Tony Bennett. They've been born with that but I put you on that one that is not that I'm not Picasso Bob Baugh. All right speaking of Picasso a lot of as a coach you get beat column the bar night Rick bird head coach of the Belmont Bruins. When does somebody get it that you witnessed somebody get a comment it's scoop them up we artist named product in the coaching carousel last year. All the Bruins have done is make seven years is in the NCAA division one men's basketball part of it in the air career. Either they hadn't been around for that wall. What you know and its interest bearing that should not be the big rival because Murray State and Belmont have worn out that they've been fully expect one to thirteen. Ghosts who have been built West Coast version of good baca. And they married the championship runs through Graham an old BAC. Interface paying spunky I don't know. With that point in your career where you got 700 wherein. Are you got his spam what are you establish. I don't know if you really want. Make a moon. I'd be surprised it may have been the hot name and it should be but it's just like mark Q mark you went to the NCAA tournament. They were talking about that you went in the small market a bit at mark you do that. And it's and it's a comparable statements of Rick bird they both they're the same thing. Or a small at a small school but. Our Mark Few said that. Think that I'd probably give out Fabregas it's. This is smaller bits spoke at Watson at about why what we're up the back and all of not what are your program it could not be so you can win in the small market. I think Rick bird let immediately saw hall of fame coach. It establish their fundamental player they've got what are remembered by 8 AM opera under the name Wallach just so glad I play it wouldn't. You wore Olympic we've won a championship with the Golden State Warriors. So Ian Clark in court with regard that came on out. It's the heat turned up problems he I think that's. I don't know he's gonna boost urging. Well you know better than I do listen glad you're down there on the ground like I said we've. We we've gotten a little bit of weather here in the area we're gonna get some more and then it got to be like ideas. Erica Nelson and yogurt or are they are angry at my way in it but here's the thing it's no and it's not nice that guess what we all have our power on. In we deport him usually we get ice storms in not snowstorms in this was actually. A very nice note listen we'll watch you on that called Belmont tomorrow night thank Saipaia appreciated you as is one of these days when you're scrambling around trying to do trying to get things done. You're also go make it's now a joke and make me laugh at. Yeah yet there's I can make this note that it might not be an Angel how are writing he thought he would actually cricket by bloated Meredith. You take care. Are right will week of that will continue 844 GS TE SP yet. One of the things we hadn't thought about this week we're gonna get to in the last hour is the passing of the legend Keith Jackson. I. Yeah one of the cool things diesel grow quickly as we just got a few minutes till the top of that hour. Is when he did the show in your dinner I mean you actually every TV on out there you can give people listen if it's a private school. In its inquiry Baltimore schools closed. Tammy talk conceit Jews were talking although yeah he's Spartanburg date school as we know that Saturday and salesman design on Williamson. Coming had not heard on the public school system that basically. Yet sages. Justice Catholic in agreeable to order all of those private schools here agreeable it is watching across right now. That school will not be on tomorrow so another vacation day. Here are some pain police in the ups. All right again we're gonna take yet till 7 o'clock is we've been talking winners and losers with the terrorists and also we're gonna give some respect one. It if not one of maybe the best announcers of all time Keith Jackson here in the final hour with some of the others it's. You know these I was really fortunate for a list out. In person at all it's a sexist list I'll be honest with you because it's like twelve medals. But you know for the longest times that mr. smells called bath you know cult sporting events and some women like Michelle the boy and some others have made themselves. Into the ranks but it is when he got through some of these names in. You think of how iconic Keith Jackson was in you take these others and well who's bigger or. It's screen Ian universe. All right a couple of the losers of course that we were talking about this and finish it up. Here after the hour. When it comes to the early entrance is first of all Texas. Anyway I have some. Texas is one of the biggest dysfunction. Schools going on right now Tom Herman. What exactly impressed with him and his rookie season there. But the longhorns are gonna lose the re highly regarded defenders and guess what that's about all they had on their team linebacker bully Jefferson. The nets that backs Holton hill in this John Elliott as well as their left tackle Connor Williams. In the air potter of all things it was actually the MVP of their bowl game win it all the players for the drafts two. We're gonna find out real quickly how Tom arming can recruit Texas. In infielders points also look no further than Florida State. Every you talk about their when Jane's departure that was a surprise he'd Ari minutes' time but the bars baton. The range he quarterback. That image and the incident and Josh well that's going to be equally as big losses for Florida State this next year atlas and it's just gonna put the onus on the head coach Willie Taggart. To really get things done mass. They got to they got to get back in the Florida State level because Iwuh. You take away. Take awaiting his what's that success at Florida State. In these I want you to think about this in the last hour exactly how good was two and a pitcher's career or at stake. Idle hours straight starts coming up here on the other side is that we're lied and Sturgis living in.