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Who's gonna. All right welcome back to. The guys are happening that he never river we're gonna give way to the Clemson tiger sports network here 630 is what it is that North Carolina that price. Port to be true rivalry it or don't. That have to be a competitive situation where both teams are actually winning against each other verses one team about it dominating the other much yet. Well that I'm gonna go in college you better be careful because they're all I'll start out as before they Karl into the fetal position. The Golden State Cleveland is no longer right. Golden State has now won six of seven vs the Cleveland Cavaliers in wind and equivalents arena and thought. Right between the ice last night again. The way out see Oliver Twitter and everywhere else even the cavaliers are questioning themselves that they have achieved that win each year's NBA title. You better figure a way it is at one win against Golden State right now MacKenzie it'd take four out of seven played against the team like this. Yeah about how often do we get to this that you what it had seen here's to mean bloom mark late ability compete with the warriors while always happens. Come back up a bag of pot one on to say and they. We that we go down this road. All the time with the Cleveland Cavaliers knicks but there is a difference this year. There is no car or your witnesses say then retiree Irvin is why they came back he won that last title against the Golden State Warriors. Not last year with your war with the way he played the in the vikings seven which was incredible it was his title he won them. Why decide probably get a more holy cow you're actually talking NBA basketball and it's not geez you know kind of comment for you because. Again listen. Heavy they tried to try it it was pretty relieving game there at the end of the third quarter natives they like and score to start before they took a lot of baskets he baskets in the first six minutes of the fourth quarter. Got that point in time they were dale thirteen in the game was over. I I eat curry largely with a lot of the players in the locker room that are now saying you know we get we need to make some changes and it in this they'd make some changes because. They don't have tiring and they've lost eight of their last. I don't necessarily think that's completely exposed them you still got Kevin Love these guys have a great season obviously we know how good broad as it would not even though they're. But you don't have Tyree and Isiah Thomas common off the you know that type of injuries that Mimi in major hip surgery. He's far from it as best he can play any defense now know carries out the best defender in the world he's a lot more serviceable and Isiah thomas' so if you look you have a lot of role players on the team and I still think Isiah thomas'. You know it. Is the answer because he still tried to get back you need to explore the trade go but you know it. Tyreke Evans you know it pays more some a couple things that have been Boehner around. About maybe trying to bring to bring in her statement mainland read it down a story he wrote earlier on about just simply need some work to wait players said at least. You know role players who were like Kyle Korver right now Isiah Thomas are just simply scores you guys can play boatmen's. Well. Let me ask you it first of all. I personally believe that LeBron James is the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers I've seen a couple times in the huddle this week. Well last mine yet saw again last night but earlier this week return a timeout they were dale. He questioned their manhood and got their faces and they went on to about a 33 point went. So but it. That does it feel like at this point maybe LeBron it's. Bite off more than he can chew. It's farce just his main goal should be leading his team to having a team still win in it be eight title but right now it feels like he's played a little blue the role ahead coach a little bit of the roll it GM a little bit at the role of cheerleader and everything else. In during the course of an eighteen game regular season in then those you know those best. Four out of seven's can in that way or him dale before we get. To the fire which made is because he's trying to do a little bit of everything him and he stranded you know when things are going right you see the panic button hit. And they get all Cadillac you know. But again start this is a microcosm in the 'cause it's LeBron James it kind of explodes in our face. With this is what pro players have all the leverage and they're the ones that are making the killer salaries it's not the GM it's not the coaches. It's the players their one command salaries and they are the ones coming in the leverage so. You know that's. Did you see it a lot of times you don't see it on camera but you see it plain as day especially global. Re bracelet bronze still tightly like got this is called a blazer and time now. And you literally see it with your own eyes and like how we know who's right in this team. But he's also doing it behind the scenes but it was happening I think that's one reason why he gets and looked out last year is when they get rid of when they got rid of they're GM and that was really kind of out of that caught him out of by surprise. That was one of those things where you know he knows he usually has a pulse on everything that's going on. I can't as well the reason like David blatt shipment or Tyrone Lue was shown you know was shown them mute keys to the car. All right the other thing the number. Member were talking in BA here's another thing that caught my attention last night it's in the last steele's job hole like in the last Golden State Cleveland right now he'd be more Houston Rockets LA clippers. Date may end up having what is the best brawls at the jets and sharks back in the day. On Broadway tickets. Yeah I heard our Chris Paul over Bertie I guess he he dropped a couple of questionable words it applies game interview. All fired up. If he said tally I guess I'm gonna hear from my mom about how this point he would meet it in half by now when I wake up this morning that's not where it stopped. It's hard out that Chris Paul had two others. Oh the fairway into the LA clippers' locker go after like that it one other Austin rivers in Austin rivers some light. You'd be bored this giving more because so many types of watch CN BA. And it's get these guys to hear it was still feel like it here but boy there's bad there's blood it is TT well. It's clear that Chris Paul still loses layer on the Staples Center knew that actually in the locker room is usable ones took a couple of rockets you know in their to confront Griffin and now Austin rivers does. You saw Blake Griffin clip. You know might in Tony and coach of the the rockets that's what was ultimately why he was awesome of the game. Would you talk about bad bloody ice go into another forget that no hot water last night. That the warriors did have a view after that it's it's totally his says that rockets hit this spot 208 of the Euro is direct. That doesn't happen brother and they found the secret entrance in there that obviously Chris Paul. Before security figures out what's going on in the herpes before a real brawl yet so let me ask you at this depth is and it's your. Adams over the commission BA patrols. It's one thing for this to continue off the court it's another thing for three players from one organization. Trying to get to eight and other organization its locker went up not. They they tried to the fact that they did right in the and that's fine that's what I agree I'm not you know run them you know of mine tossed people out over react everything but the fact that they elderly got into their locker. To me that's open should be Bible that you've got to sustain it after a loss of chart and you know to another team's locker room workers say commode new list them here in the parking lot at least ended up the parking lot don't that's district it. You got the portable well you know they sneak out of the the party by India that kind of thing in the because it takes its sincerest form of flattery it happens in that one. It happens somewhere else but. I guess what I'm saying. Is for once I love to see a little patch when it comes to the NBA maybe got the right out of passion but it's passion nonetheless the other thing is I don't like to coach it's you know it. Alike seem like ripping come down just because the European Tonys out there coaches team. He takes some cheap shot that was a cheap shot at a later Griffin Meehan at all well I'd have I'd never have really been either not in the thing is Mike in Tony Meehan and full disclosure either. But that being said you looked at the the way to play it. They test like gripping eagle a player does go down ticket cheap shot at rap career coach. Or not innocent they end it just happened to be out there sharpen adamant on the map but at the wrong. Ya might building their face that you cannot lose your cool in the role she shot you more heat players you cannot do. All right you want before we get out will come close shop will give way at 630 clips and North Carolina basketball remember that we Don months and temporary on the call but price. You know have a perspective moment we're talking about the chaos with a it's happens that possibly that I did yours that is their body you know. This one gets put the solemn but they and I go go go to look ABC on Twitter at ABC. It's got media. A teachers and students at school at Puerto Rico jumping up and dale for Juliette the school got its electricity back for the first night. In hunter in twelve days it's thirteen Korea's draw. I. That opens way for months but they have geez it's amazing you know something we ate Mercury you know here they haven't had. Yeah it's still warm dale that part of the world. It here they have an electricity promise for months if you watch is the idiot ABC east weeded. Don't know we make you smile a little bit because it's. Sometimes we need to revive the reminded the simplest things in light beats the most important. I dislike these incidents at these habits these sports properties are out there. All right we're gonna come back close up shot we can take one quick fun quality or four GS PE SPN. And so price weights AG rather remake to try to. Bill Lowe warm. Are low coal warm our right 29 days until the Braves pitchers and catchers report the Florida. That makes me feel cold. Why. Buckeyes are going to be at Florida we're sitting here at the rich are addresses them sit here we moderates you rooted earlier from the Twin Cities. Where it's really frozen but it is not warm here we think about. Went down to Florida it was the Cole when I was down there last week laid it right here that only Atlanta Braves that the yes you want world of sports Disney complex. It was chilly but it was a lot warmer than it is here buddy I. The other the act he gets you excited for Jesus saw your eyebrows is raisers there at the break it's where one day closer to the winner Olympics for people don't understand. Yeah prices this connection work early I think Olympic fans first artistic side I've. I've been a 100% support of everything you've we've USA curling its net Payer yes thank you audience I am thankful that you're not going to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. IE. Can tell you I kind of feel that way that's a long way to go a long way to go there's still some uncertainty but tell people what you have to do. If you're going to be off the show for two weeks because you're going to have to live on what time well. There. We're still working some things now but Dominic tried beyond South Korea time but it's like to hand. For a lot of the lot curl stuff did some work come but I still finalizing mayor outlines the upland. Yeah I mean it's. It's. Not easy to look at 10 o'clock well Assad when white light it up I'm going to be full disclosure I. Going to be able to successfully do I mean I've got a 57 girl that got basketball practices to get them to cheerleading and I've cattle kindness that. To fully do that and actually. You know be awake in the mill at night when they're going at it that she's not going to equally epic yes I won't burn my body into the ground tried to keep up. It will be difficult yes it also is theory so we're like what less than a month for the that were at the end all right so we're. Inside a month out it. Guess just the week goes like they haven't sleep little bit more. Because as I've told Teresa you with this net dale when I'm when I'm asleep and I'm not knee pain you know what I mean I'm not done more sleeping in yeah. So delicate seem like a lot of cheap chips or stuff leading up to it right now you know it means he always had that mayor in Gypsy decide this and other. Now we've seen or stuff but it's arrogant and Tanya Harding from eighteen years ago. That we see that you know it may have a little to do we argues that image NHL players in the in the hockey this year. It's seems like it's been quiet. Leading up to the the sixty days of cop there South Korea welding the Olympic trials involving taking place in price to needles you don't watch you you know NBC sports has had. You on the weekends all kinds. Walt Walt Olympic trials and different kind of qualifying you know uncovered certainly like the figure skating stuff that is up one mutiny in BC but. You know BC sports analog they have a lot of Alpine skiing this past and I in the hedge on why they make the Olympic team on his final runs scored a perfect 100. He's about his sport the Olympics though you know it's it's going oddly that are not you know. My involvement at. Elop or that you do like the bobsled teams were still got it out right or you know beret and a former NFL player on the millions couple before main teams lol look Jones. You know the former track athlete she does not make. Alice saw her in New York City that what are fashions one athlete that was featured courts are a lot of athletes here. They were featured to a fortunately to ABC player who we've had on she did not make it either but. We'll look Jones does not make it is one of the you know pushers from optional but there are a lot of those things that are on going right now I see this thing up looking more like Lou should I like bobsled ally. I'm sorry I'm not watching triathlon I'll have a lot of stuff in the Winter Olympics it the only watch what's every four years yeah. Yeah like pollution. That bond is one of those them and I mean there's some of the sport that I just physically I just it's that there watched his. I can watch almost all but there's a couple but it did I just interest. Wanes after awhile like rowing in the summer gained after a watch it for a while I'm okay I I I need to move on but. Are there some like the you know down bills year reached he's like on this here right now that doesn't seem you know she's been a darling of genius a last year the Olympic girl get your kids go on fell again did she ever she'll be back she's completely yen but shepherd it's just like nobody beater right now. All right so it. Honor of the snow would get that we're having here in the next twelve to 24 hours and it has now they're saying rain will earn this sometime after midnight. We may get as much as an interview I think it be fun because. The last couple types I've been here we at bat whether it's been ice ice it's not that much fun. But what was these are what you had on this one as well. Let's say we get the focus that you asserted yeah where is the that we love it what sport argue outside. From the Winter Olympics trying to recreate the bar a couple of weeks ahead of the openings there. Login issued a plastic and I'll do my best to to a skeleton race somewhere behind a building I'll find hill. The question is which is more terrifying the luge or the skeleton. Now the skeleton the magical place for us first up. I I got it it was skeleton is that why it's very little margin for here if you get. Ups that are you know it means that. Any week I wouldn't consider yourself to be that much more protected when you're going feet first. I'd say this but there's a little bit better chance of not being able to say your neighbors of fort if you hit the wall with your caddie her eyes with your noggin. Yep boy you go up five happy years at university I'll have paid say your dictionary. Well. What you watt the question is which you would YouTube watch it went well I absolutely I love the winner when it's a lot more than the summit saying years saint here. I've never forget. Course at that moment that will never forget the 1980s house too well. That was which when you really just to get into it I remember when the closing ceremonies and Lake Placid where ought. Odds opposite years so what do it do it that at this everyday. In their course next what was it what Syria or Yugoslavia which like eight hour time efforts after we just added in our minds. So yeah I would say there's Ortiz that I watch once every four years in the Winter Olympics purses. And I can watch basketball or track any time when it upset that the likes them or. Off the board stuff when it comes to the summer. I am excited ones other sports several exciting to watch this year's the speedskating short track because in the short track speed skating the Koreans to. You know what that dot in the long you know track. The Koreans are wanna be if not the flagship country along with the United States and they really you know this the last couple years it is that showed no emotion and well Apollo Ohno retired stills he's not you know he's not as good so we've and we were gonna have a chain it but it took us so bang bang you could click this escape the hour. Like me your Olympic dream to be done that. The meat that's one of the best mode once our two votes beacon of Olympics ticket got how many have taken place it's called city North Carolina started playing basketball at Chapel Hill. Fifty of them. It gives Clinton a mapping no chance tonight price but do you think they have a chance my gut tells me at all happy that they have a six point lead but you know what. He played each suckers long enough sooner or later they're gonna pull out a win there just might not be in our lifetime. Yeah. I don't think it happens tonight I think I think it's a close game heading north talent into winning by 78 points. But I did the clouds and is gonna go in the iron. It take it into the second half with a shot a winner but no I don't think they'll win the one that team and I do think that wins tonight will be South Carolina. He Columbia outing they're going to be Kentucky is Kentucky is only got 787. Scholarship players right now. I still think that kind of figure out who they are. South Carolina the way they like to play a not gonna have not been demean frank Martin's teams they play physical casino like that you know it's just that they do the little things but. They do like that that they will they will how physical Kentucky is of all the freshman but I don't have the middle toughness I think South Carolina on the way to. I think there's a reason right now that's out at Kentucky sports in three and 41 in SEC play in this is that the this is a healthier if they get some more experience at the letters a year is on. And the it was a hell of a win making cuts in Athens on Saturday at seven point win. I'm sorry I'm going Kentucky tonight. What North Carolina Kentucky pills like blue blood he says it here it. Vanderbilt plays tonight for Kentucky for the first time all season I don't think he will. I think that will really help Kentucky's it will that it had played this game all year that would help the from a depth stand point they will do foul trouble tonight PT Washington the one guy. Asked to stay on the floor for Kentucky are right I'll see you back here smoke all the water on Thursday tomorrow weather permitting. In less than it is legitimate with the weather permitting if they might be a chance to initiative from the house the barbecues. Our neighborhood is a bowl if we license a chances are we're not now. So we'll just figure out tomorrow as it comes were supposed to be years local water with enrichment Weaver but again if it gets more a couple of inches. You know we're not get out of our neighborhood price there's a lot of treatment statement. Wright Ayers is just be prepared for whatever happens tomorrow but it's missed the bird river after midnight tonight. Just be careful out there and of course that it's our kids won't be in school so we'll figure out some way to get this thing done to Bartlett. In the meantime everybody enjoyed this have a great night clubs in North Carolina basketball coming up next on ESPN upstate.