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So price if you've grown up in upstate you've heard about this streak that could be extended that I or that it probably come to an end who knows it. Clubs are way over that the eight Chapel Hill all time played basketball at its unique thing close. It in our lights only thing that got it remembers I went into research and stuff yesterday. Was back when. I guess sells about bicycle clips and beaten Virginians footballs or less. 34 consecutive ties they were 34. Now that's changed. But Hooper hit the ivy. If there's it to execute come dale and I but man. I got my hopes up this see this one in before just haven't been back in your face what are your thoughts. On clubs that Chapel Hill tonight because courts at fifteen to form one in the ACC. That you look at Chapel Hill you know that your fourteen import the orient him an ACC. Closest got some athletes that you look at Luke may who's kind of lead North Carolina ice big boxes out but not the greatest actually. Yeah I miss true but it's still North Carolina is it'll have the kind of that they had in the past but. What we do see is we see clips and with the most experience rotation in the entire ACC. And we say we see paid dividends especially the way it's a little bit differently coach Brad Bryant now has played in the past or four out one in analyze it Thomas really being alone anchor. Inside in. You know as far as a matchup tonight. This really is the first time I can remember in several years that it looked today North Carolina clothes match especially of they year. Say. That it looks at what it's like no no on eight kids I'll always have com gives him a 32% chance to win and that's by about right one out of their territory. But in terms of the match the way clips in matches up with this edition of the North Carolina memorial basketball team he is a lot better 'cause. North Carolina is not is beat not these physically. A imposing law on the front lines as they have been in the past I say it is on. You know they've lost a lot of other guys the last 23 years that aren't they are now without all that being said they still lead the AC CB in rebounding margin. By ID there plus twelve right now. Now that's what 3218. The other day yeah but they is not. He's a big strong player but he's not the IC Sheila made type guys that he likes the pace up the likes to shoot it. He likes to drop the from the perimeter a lot more but think about its clips just eased or that the buzzer that is being inside. It really penalized Thomas you're asked him material whole Lotta work it's not refer clubs but the wake you can spread you out. A marquee free to put the ball protecting it shoot it he scored off but now you know eight to obviously can shoot the ball greet them is not a honestly. It updated from the personnel. Grouping riled him in the style the clips displaying this year it it's as opposed to the last couple years they just. It just the wake was playing in. Ethnic is more effective has it cheats to upset at how volatile that it happened I think. Or it to happen the things that months mini apt to happen at number one needs you were saying you know light at Thomas. He's got to stay on the floors at a foul problems out that the on question right most imported paper clip tonight. Besides hitting some shots that much on defense yet Carolina makes the Ares say a staple of North Carolina basketball. It out into street station they re now that ball in the it will for guys all of the week. Outlook the basketball team Clinton is to do that but again. Clubs and has a lot more athletic plea deal with a lot more guys turned to the back court. But they do have to hit some shots that they go up they're just click on from one all right what was. That is that one of the first conference games they got by. And there were one of the team from three point land there in the first half before they came back and won by. That's the thing about this team you know he go look at that one loss in the ACC and sustain this free throw from goal in overtime so. You know they tend to play tough right now but. Price had just come back around team. This streak you know paying server constant like a black cloud I'll never forget the year who sings over a lot of experience and experience. Because it's on what the second time in five years do the schedule rallies at corpses gonna have a chance to go up there. It played great mystery probably reverend Al players here and that we would have made it around right. But. The what I hear in her millions and every yet is it players Abby 58 chart tries yet 11 split. I just keep coming back it is I think gives theaters this junior year when they had about ten point lead they're coming down the stretch and gutsy and it go away the overtime epic by eleven when North Carolina. He was wanted forty CC LA. Going into the game the clips that led by double digits in the second half point elusive but double overtime. He'll Roy Williams that he got the Carolina his beaten Clinton double digits every single time they play temple. Yeah the as you can get back to think about that you. Yeah what's has yet to have 47 points and an ACC tournament win. Up there in Greensboro. But yeah it's going to be it's going to be fighting uphill geoghan to be playing five on eighties you typically aren't Chapel Hill when it comes though officials and everything else. In letting you know and yours and fortunately. It's a pretty experience clubs and team going up there but. So yesterday I'll sit there. I was gonna say you know when you say you know more experience. You know like I sleep really well for what is marked and all the initiative transformers hit double figures the last two games he's really been kind of a nice addition. You know the last couple games off the Pittsburgh for clubs and David Starr who's slowly kind of played his way Ian the other about poetry or he's the best on ball defender they got in so. With the transfers with these guys are starting image that it should not. Theory long because you're reliant and your sins here in AJ Oliver you reliable lot of young freshman. Those guys in particular the two traits vs current and all that really coming. Good job all right so. We get a sit there and yesterday. Kittens yet enjoy the day off daughters around and everything and Aston. It's pretty weird streak since. Let's go through some of the other freaky streak since sport retton yes. Do you ever haven Moses now. You know what 1984. Won the 400 meter hurdles in the Olympics and a year Edwin Moses. He guessed that haven Moses San Moses was that Denver Broncos wide receiver guy that is Sports Illustrated that Edwin Moses. You realize that he won a 122. Consecutive 400 meter hurdle races the street. It stretched for eight decades later. And eats he stood atop the winner's spot for what you would have presidential campaigns. All right how about this one. Never knew what he did he turns out he believed turns out Cleveland back in the day actually had a pretty good pro football team. And so it's hard for us that fathom coming up who would succeed as possible out of that thick of this. Policy quarterback otter agree and streaked up in straight TP chip gains with the Cleveland Browns now. Right these are way before the dates of Super Bowls aren't so NFL. And consecutive. Years at the Cleveland Browns made to the NFL TP to gain we can you imagine. Forget Super Bowls could you imagine that buffalo made it ten consecutive AFC team and yet I don't gains nail we thought it was incredible when they made it before and lost. So Otto Graham ten consecutive aren't. Not everything can be yet has yet if you're having a six year Major League Baseball career got to be pretty good feeling right. You're never former pitcher in the young. Never did finish with better than a 500 season. His overall record ended up being fifteen and 48. With a three point 89 ERA. Stop and think about that 1% it three point 890 our race not air or any never had a winning ever had a its overall record ended up fifteen and 48. But he had to have the worst lot of any pitcher in Major League Baseball history it for the young. Lost 27. Consecutive decisions from may 1990. To till like 1993. If he actually had 23 straight scoreless innings during that stretch. Outlook losers hide. All right what about the same scene Diego a secret Cisco 49ers in the late 198. He consecutive NFL road games from 1988 in 1990 spreading may. That that's incredible I and it's so hard to do. That it further you know for example buys why how they were so why they were so dominant. All right what about the it included two Super Bowls and it straighter as well. All right on the bad side at least you remember the great New Jersey net Chris Dudley incentive disk clerk. Seeing consecutive free brazen it's NBA career ever TT males one up there one at a thirteen he was horrible idea and he was horrible. Lost every single game from 1996. To 2007. That was extra edge 207. Consecutive losses. Or let's get back a few board. The broad street bullies. Who were at a price. Think about it the raw us history river where we just were not too long ago. Or is known for that. Poehler were we Charlotte. Four and a well flying back from. Philadelphia so the brought our owners are right in the last month anniversary Ari in 1979. The 1980 season with Philadelphia Flyers had 830 fight game on the street in the NA TO. Now there were some ties in the air their 25 wins in ten ties with Italy's. For 35 consecutive games or how about the USA men's basketball team. 63. Consecutive wins in the Olympics before they gets paraded Munich Germany. In 1972. To the Soviets awesome. Lot of but they LaSalle. In California Cobb hunter is 51 consecutive high school football games they won from 1990. To 2004. In and finally you've got to yell look to accuse me of being in a LeBron James Spader correct. LeBron James Miami Heat team won 27. Consecutive games at one point in the 20112012. Since. Here's a question for you and your mr. street history. The longest streak in basketball. Home winning streak before this you know who was right. Before this clips in North Carolina hat for you tonight racers I had to be content here are some wrong 52 straight. Princeton one homo for brown right today. How when the world is especially when I Beazer for your lead. Fear early even when it comes to talent because so a lot of limitations. How is it that around it ever get one game the heat be straight at ports to me that. Hillary is even yep Niekro was there I mean it was you know again there were a lot of great teams missile at different. In North Carolina where you're recruiting. The best of the best year ever a lot of similar tight light years. At the two schools and there's no way you could find 152. Games to meet that streak is even more credible. The clubs and in the end the futility of the jobless you know it to stake in how cool it will be. If they ever do you break this or god forbid they are not god forbid if you think about if they do it tonight gee don't tell a price you. You had a sister. I was the youngest of four boys are right but the two oldest Brothers are twins are eight years older me they went off to college when I went at it Corey. All right then my brother passed away it was six years older me he went off to college 1000 like seven the rate Corey. And I played church league basketball and everything up. I will never forget the first time maverick for ever beat Scott basketball. I mean I don't think you could surgically remove the at all not pay per about the gates do you think clips and fame will be that way when they finally get the win. Or were they to shake this one off again glad that's finally over and I do exactly what you just said because it's a football school that they don't care about basketball obviously we know that baseball's much bigger more popular on campus. Then basketball but at the same time I think he'll be looked as like you know what glad we finally put that would of that let's keep moving on baseball season is another date closer. That's exactly what that thing well when we come back it and then there are four left in the NFL will switch back to basketball. In the final segment with dairy this hour 545. With Tony that Telus from college you snooze but that. When we come back guess what we've got our games set for this weekend they're both on Sunday. We'll let you know about that plus get him with the city for fourteen ESP ESP at. Was that crazy streaky ever dealt well. I welcome back it is where it lied here it's called the water will get into it and then there were four here a few minutes but real quickly. Update alma. It in the weather disasters movement yet before we get back that that might not like him. To slap. Because mountains snow showers this seat in upstate rain will hurt Everett is now who after midnight the highest male a male in the eastern upstate. But be prepared for black ice. On now Wednesday and Thursday. So that is what it is just to hear what the future used to bring god gave you we were talking about streaks in great streaks bad streaks in a way. What's good for one is always not necessarily good for the other league wants to get him with this Lee welcome and hope you have a good afternoon. I birdied every writer Erica. Without the publicly current story. Going to go out candy like studying it and it felt so it'll be ready for the straight dope hurting attainment and out. It a super good at shutting eighteen now. God you meet we have we had a Super Bowl shut out. You're pretty well on out there had been no out of her promoted. Yeah is that the one that was taken right out to top the head was it Chicago mayor's overdoing it but remember New England Steve Grogan and up at a garbage Scottsdale. Kabila. Life can vote. Look at the told Doug battle it's typical flu you know money immediately ordered but really anybody out there remember now seeing around in her rebuttal when I. Italy on that would I can promise you I was probably just stay twinkle in my dad's I in 1968 but nothing more all right there. Are critically hurt a quick. Look at that the proposal to. Lie at all. Hebron that is Jack it you know about but it with the moon. Are right thank you very much appreciate that that call you know especially good one. These dead then talk about strings. And not Tom mug BJ not talk about old school frank tagged him. I always wanted to go what was gonna go on in the gymnasium when all this strikers ended up there this eight point time you know what I mean by that. If you think about it. Yet if the 53 gains a 106 teams I guess is what it is 51. When we were out covered the Panthers right so this is the key barrier that you know we were different if the weak yen since the X write whatever I say this is that the 306. Opportunities between teams and nobody's been shut out in any. Innate but you know what you gotta have something to be able to get to the Super Bowl right out so that you just think that they were being shut out. Oh my god memory you know the first team gets that collar put around of his got to feel pretty much like the first team at North Carolina. As to go back for basketball stuff for the future ago he help or the first of its lost the clubs need to be there will be some grief give it out there at some point but. Yes I mean. I was start again they get really really worried because the only thing that I remember from Super Bowl one as the great photos at halftime of O was again used the NFL they've idea. That HBO Dawson went dolls that. Spoke at his cigarettes or can press get appetite for the the first Super Bowl that's the funniest part is that the cigarette is the fresco wife for a draft in the fact he's stricken Prescott now like at C not one not even a couple coffee. Nebraska. So you know it's gonna be at your statement is well first though we know that Matt Bryant will not be there. Smoking a cigarette drinking eight breasts get in Minneapolis and a few weeks in a neat nick pulls. He can't really argue with what he did he was 23 of thirty on Saturday for 246. Yards. In the end everybody griped about the play called that. You know it it. Sorties Ian ray. Lesson yet that he still win the game in the ball with that your best receivers eons Julio Jones you think it most nineteen makes that play. I was just dumb failed at their Atlanta with all of his weapons could put more on the post cold in Philadelphia and its dome team playing an up north. But we thought that they were trying to get hot mid price. Ten points out there in Philadelphia they look completely out mean. She may have inserted especially 'cause they were up here in one Atlanta looked into nothing in the game and that just simply all dried up I. Philadelphia Eagles eight to meet this comes right to defense comes back to the Philadelphia Eagles there's. Defense does it when you TP chips right in the office win two championships. But the defense helped she get there in the defense what they did do wing and a to me it's just they're better they were just a more balanced team up off in the falcons. And defensively in the second half brother won the football. I'm with you are right now you know the ESPN. Tragedy creates and my chaos in New England lastly now wit not warmer relaxed now. Did you have Robert Kraft he can't get along with bill ballot techies upset with that Tom Brady in all this it's that all. 35 to fourteen and they were up 35 to seven where the New England Patriots on the Tennessee Titans and listen. Goodyear by the titans. You know I guess what Malarkey was Al 44 hours later but it today. You went a step further sort of a little bit questioning why they got. Rid of Malarkey because they want to gain further number two eager quarterback it's got a little bit better each year markets area that he was that your tree. You. Drop back NFL quarterback. Eddie. Spat are going up there in this game. The kids now the patriots it made it speaking of streaks. At their seventh straight up for steeped in chip. Detects that herd up prices especially in this state aid to win you know. At the all the good draft picks Christmas to go to the bad teams you know all this cut seven straight comforts GP chip gains this weekend for the New England patriot. It's about him and know at Gillette. In the playoffs against AFC south teams under bella checked in Brady's direction in you know had not lost. To an AFC south team in the playoffs. Since that two beast joint forces all right. So. Yep way that would be Clinton on a hold back on that when the shocker of the weekend not that Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh when I looked at as a sit with that would be the one advocates yet to go back and we look it we number fight. With the jaguars absolutely hammered Pittsburgh thirty to nine but that was a long time ago. But it was that way in which they did it putting 45 points on the board. You that we were just talking a week ago Blake border rules can be your leading rusher you're leading passer with 88 yards throwing at 87 running. Oh boy he what. Eleven tea letter Burnett is proving it maybe there's a reason to have a good running back in your back billed as well and it it doesn't hurt especially. You know their five and one this year when he runs for over a hundred yards and so. Mean that's really more a testament to their inability to throw the football you know don't you think in terms of morals then you know wide receiving court you simply. She stopped a year having. You just don't have the weapons and you got to rely on for net and I think the offensive line play to me and he went out Rolex is brawl is often applied for recently there's guys heat they earn those Rolex this year. Those guys went out. Battle this year are right when we come back will take a look ahead to the TV chip gains this weekend. He and I you can give him with the city for port TSB ES PM remember where at a here at 630 at night. We give way to the clubs and sports network dot months and cabaret. On the collar the game it is that Clemson Tigers that North Carolina with a chance to break that that streak. 7 PM tipoff right here on ESPN upstate. Speak at his streak at rice that they. Both the hard Telesis hit the ground with diesel there the break was talking about the West Virginia Kansas game. Last night now West Virginia blue what do fifteen point lead but. He's six he don't know whom I know who we know that he went it went up into the flow that the department. Which by the way. A that we weren't on the here yes I gotta stop step back government. YA gave we saw Saturday night up Dmitry Richardson indoor read decorated unit nine point went about whopper. But you know permit they'd fought back taken a couple of point lead there with about five minutes left that whopper just hit the jets. It of course lecture McKie gets a couple of big baskets in the heavy diesel I mean first so UConn basketball game in January. That was followed Saturday night appeared Spartanburg. All that arena's absolutely fantastic and they they spared no expense they made it a beautiful arena I think it's appropriately sized for who they are made Wofford basketball. We all know doesn't have the biggest fan base however they're passionate fan base so you you build our Arenas that's the right size. 3500. Which is perfect for what they need and that place is gonna be packed it's going to be a tough ticket to get. In the years that Wofford is good and I'm telling you diary is just phenomenal. Yet had a lot of fun as a matter of fact you my daughter what are her friends rode up with this and we go with the the beacon before handed. Both up Pate we wanna go about their whopper basketball game and you know of course we've been a lot Furman because it's a lot closer but. I mean he really enjoyed it that you're it diesel bring it out West Virginia. Kansas speaking at what are the craziest or one of the more impressive streaks in college basketball. It's units in price Kansas in their thirteen consecutive big twelve regular season tie him. Incredible that you think about the team in a row for instance and yet you have blue bullets that are out there like that but. You know even in some years the bloody heel team from Oklahoma could knock them off you had a couple really good will Iowa State teams thrown in there or hurt Oklahoma State had a couple nice nice teams in the end you still nobody could knock up they backed finances. Just think one year you might take a step back and struggle. Currently the jayhawks just continue to do it in struggles what they did in that first game against Texas Tech where they lost wired they were losing wire to wire. At Allen fieldhouse is Texas Tech went into the sparking got a big win double digit win. It will like Kansas might be on the ropes a streak could come to Indian. Last night they go to Morgantown and they get a massive win on the road. Against a West Virginia team now that is lost to a road losing in Lubbock over to Texas Tech on Saturday. And they come home drop a year acting last night the kids in which they inexplicably. Shot 27. Threes last night in the game they led by thirteen halftime. I don't know what happened to the mountaineers to actually melt down in the second half but just a huge win for the jayhawks in right now. Kansas all by themselves atop the big twelve and. Before we get out here just a second is we're gonna come back to close out this hour with patty that tell us from college hoops needs. Here's what's left her clubs and its South Carolina this week. After tonight's action on Saturday clubs and those Notre Dame. They're thirteen and five on the year their three into an ACC play in next week's pretty big price. There at Virginia who is of course by then though and sixty they want. Right number two or three in the country depending on you look at. That's these days seven year in and make due to Georgia Tech who by the way what's ACC play. It started just past the jackets have failed some success. It's the Georgia Tech now sit three frequently play. And it seven overall so to lessen the area and the next more on the road he can go 500 Meehan. You wanna go better than 500. Worst case an area of 503. The next four on the road the nice thing to schedule slips back in their favor the home heavy on the back. It while it's gonna say that I look at the next six games four of the next six or on the road if you can go to the re in three. Somehow find a way to steal one on the road Virginia's going to be tough Georgia Tech is winnable although they are playing very well wake forces winnable there. Of course you get North Carolina in Notre Dame to really good teams at Notre Dame. Mike parade with what he's doing again in south and it they had North Carolina right where they wanted him on Saturday. And that was without Bonzi Colston went out Matt Ferrell. And they almost pulled that off. You know if they're not sell it just came up just short its North Carolina it's a big basket at the in front. Just what a phenomenal job the way Mike Brey has got this team just stayed together. He was questioned whether his team can even go 99 in the ACC without barrel. He Colson and boy he's he's just. Think it's just it just is a testament to how what a fantastic basketball coach Mike in the coolest coaching college I'll see him. Pretty in our South Carolina again they has Kentucky tonight at 9 PM the cats are fourteen and three worn one in their back on Saturday at 6 PM. That seagate but to improve Tennessee basketball team. With Brit boards that votes next week the game concert at Florida on Wednesday night before they come comfort at a conference matchup with Texas Tech that must be the SEC big twelve. Weekend at noon tipoff it colonial life apartment. Thirteen it by Soka on the year for one and so on play. They host East Tennessee State also. At the top with the yes other comforts it's a big contests seven. PM Thursday night up here on campus apartment Saturday they host savored it for thirty before they go to the UNC Greensboro next Wednesday. In big comeback. With that since the western Carolina next week. On Saturday January 27 the four incidents that big tickets for permanent make a move. At thirteen him by 41 with three of the sport at home Wofford hot all of that went over apartment they're twelve and fight Korean won and so on play. They're at savored this Thursday posted Chattanooga. They're edgy Richardson indoor arena on Saturday at 7 PM next week at the MI before they as the East Tennessee State. Next Saturday all right when we come back or continue the college basketball talk with our print any but tell us. Of the college who sneezed it straight that was started to remember we can't wait to clubs in north Carolina at 630. Are you welcome back again we're live here at smoke all the water. Hope everybody's having a good day in that he's on sorry do we have. You reopening. Not yet all right he's met their connecting with that any Telus from college who needs and I will find out his thoughts on. This clubs and have a chance to. Do you knock off North Carolina for the first time in Chapel Hill but real quickly one of market are with ticket for its price and supply we admire greatly. Departed the national sports media association hall of fame induction that will be this summer it is Dick hoops Weiss and I'm telling you there's not maybe people out there. That do you college basketball batters in Dick hoops Weiss know. Got a he's not talking that are not in the press barks before kickoff and S championship game last week Atlanta. Scramble quite corner and we talk basketball for about fifteen minutes and Dotson told about like that to people in this press by surprise what the sport or you die it's. It's you would I that's exactly what we're talking not football we're talking basketball year. At the team should she be just gave Atlanta just a huge honor for a slice just a great guy smiled looked spent time when. All right let's go to the gag guess cited steady at Ellis you can follow him on Twitter at college who you study. A period doing that day and we saw on your Twitter Cahill much like us. Wishing that Dick hoops Weiss and great congratulations. For a well deserved honor. Absolutely you know Dick is one of one of the good guys in the business he's been very helpful to me through the years and he's very approachable and always been a friendly guy always sided in their pocket he he'd. Willis in lot of talk up here today. History that maintain itself that night. Was it closer to North Carolina typically are evenly matched with a tiger to make a road trip to Capitol Hill and it ended that way what beat the eight consecutive times with losses. Your thoughts tonight this may be club's best shot while in what's won the crazier streets and sports. You know Clinton is maybe the biggest surprise in college basketball this year you know many including myself but it maybe even finish near the bottom he he fee but. Yet they have stick to the top decoder top seven guys earned their short circuit your college it was a very experienced basketball team. Haven't actually got court we have three guys they can go to and read Devoe and Mitchell that can really do some damage so. It for the big opportunity to die for our clients and could kind of show while. Show people that they can hang with what the best team in the country. North Carolina seeing that kind of fallen back a little bit but I don't think is a very good club as long as there. Foreign court continues to improve those young guys like garrison Brooks and Carl manly. I think this team will be Darren and that the main thing for me as an actor is rebounding you know twenty of the top when he. Team on both ends of the poor offense and defense or rebounding content not a very quickly dunking so. You know the tigers can stay on the black I think they've got a pretty good shot but at ease that. They've lost 58 times heroes so this is not going to be easy but I definitely think Clinton will be in the game tonight it'll be pretty competitive. Tony is price tag Samie great to have you on here personally take some time they'd tell some colleges want. A couple big games around here come out of state but he has stated Chapel Hill with one or Korea. We were talking earlier market guy to meet his club's team is constructed. Feel like a lot different than maybe some the other Brad Brownell teams where he really wanted to try to pound it inside more and get a lot of baskets at the rim in the paint. It certainly play a little bit more for out want him with the way the personnel dictates. North Carolina not as big as they typically have been yet still Gil and teams on the glass at plus twelve. Rebounding margin. Still the clips make up this year seems to say the personnel. Matches up really well North Carolina what you think. I think so I think it definitely. You know compared to last year it it that definitely matches up better I opening cons and as a guard at eighteen you know what the guy they mentioned earlier in the don't call in and Shelton Mitchell that they've all played really well this year but you know like a comet. That kind of been the unsung hero in my opinion this team you know he's averaging twelve almost twelve point team any rebound you can have a peek. You're gonna have to step up tonight and be a factor in the and start you can happen you know matchup but those guys like Brooklyn and Ian Johnson and got sterling manly so. Like I said it is Quentin can stay on the boards. If Thomas can meaty gladiator can rebound I think Clinton will certainly had a chance to win tonight. As we continue with Tony the Telus follow him on Twitter college who needs delving Columbia lesson. You go South Carolina gets a nice road win. Georgia this past Saturday Kentucky what fourteen at the Oreo overall Ford won it. Here's that they. This that even on. January 16 this will not beat the saint Kentucky team that we see in March come tournament time your thoughts on price mart in the game cuts vs the wildcats tonight. Well you know this is a big opportunity personal airline they really could use a. Equality when you know I know you mentioned he'd beat Georgia was probably up borderline NCAA tourney team now shall Carolina out to all that they continue to. To be solid this year I'm so they grab a quality win but. They needed to to get the conversation. Where toward anti public servant for this great huge opportunity for South Carolina as we know so far that resonate is great. You know if it hit a couple of guys like Cornwell PGA notre going noticed so that kind of up to overcome. They just don't have art this year you know and that's what you need to that be successful especially in the upper in the grand garden market teams are always going to be bit differently but. It in a big struggle apparently this year you know they're 200 the importance or not and they do not shoot the three point ball very well they're 200 immediate so. They're gonna happen to your dad and I to you know keep up with that Kentucky's team who. Again is is very young a lot younger than usual on it but they're getting slowly getting better. I'm I think the turnover margin gonna be a big factor and I I think it South Carolina in Portland turn over quite well on off and than they might have a lot of you know the South Carolina needs more from guys like coats are guys like graphics they get don't have enough consistent scoring out by the current Obama. So some of those other guys can step up tonight maybe South Carolina can pick and another big win but I'm not sure and. Tony stayed out of touch yeah I got through a long debate argument made is better way to column with one of my. You know fellow classmates from Lexington over the weekend. You know and I know it's a little bit premature to go down this road but I went down with him because you got I think the ceiling could be could be a three seed maybe even as bad as in C. Maybe even not even make that part of it dependable way things break for Kentucky because I still think the jury's out on really what this team is it. I told him I thought this was may be the weakest team cal Perry's at Kentucky. Yes even weaker than that in hockey team does that in at T team went out of it in ninety journalist wealthy get hurt. They got more talent than that team did. I just don't think this team has ED I did it the at all. You know I kind of agree with you although it is still early you member of their starting five freshman so they're gonna he's getting better and better but. I don't think fifteen had been a key player you know they have a lot of very good player token you're wrong Kevin Parker really getting an MB I'll look really good. But you know they don't have a car pounder and yet he gave it can be like that they can you know definitely count up by connect that they usually out on the laughter. I'm so there is there is more to gain here but you know I opened the pool or weaker and their jury still out on how good they can beat. But from what the look of it lately I think they're they are getting better. But again I don't think it a little early and I'm still not care about this you know I kind of go back and sport. You know are are they are they good enough to Linear feet you know they could not be a attic at attic he brought in the NCAA tournament. The experience factor Arabic he put me because he never remember last year you're still young but they had commie cock as they act Garrett Willis had Isiah Briscoe. This year they have nobody like you know winning people played sparingly last year but I don't really look at him as a veteran felt. You know it is a voluntary young eighteen year old is in their quite incredible Albert there's a long way to go in and waiting game on the road they went and I on the growth. In a cup and buyer may not I can help a little bit better about. Tony I wanna ask you about Auburn yet they're Bordeaux and SEC on sixteen and one overall they have an RPI rate could no six yet in the U look in the coaches poll there twentieth in the eight either seventy. That obviously means that people are kind of looking wheel one eye open it's. These are some of the stuff that went on during the season why is it Auburn a little bit higher rate with what they'd pull offs of four. You know I'm not really sure it's actually a really good question because I really Pete and and to the opera in the last few weeks. Street art. It is an excellent basketball team and nicotine note picked ninth creek beaten and yet he's free. They're playing without arguably their two best players in often wiley and and you are like if you're probably they are thinking and one I would assume note to Jack are on the court broke for the fact that they're doing it without those two players. Is really impressive and the fact they're like these that the FBI probe kind of hanging over the program. They really haven't it seemed like it really hasn't affected them. And it is they're gonna go much better on defense this year they're one of the best rebounding team in the country. And the hurt feelings for the commute and I was kind of hesitant to fail paper local real people real but you the last few weeks look at the wind picked picked up the beat Arkansas. Maybe ten or creed and beat a really good middle at a piece patent so I'm really start believing it meaning you can't really have an argument right now that there are the best senior state. All right Tony before we let you go to wanna say in the SEC mark asked you about you wanna surprises to me one of the biggest surprise may be honestly more so the one Roberts doing. Is Texas say they have right now got picked to win the SEC who was right top five in the country as they finish that now copper exports in the schedule. We know that it's some suspensions and injuries but oh win five they had everybody back and still lost by double digits to Tennessee. Now literally owe it to five point you have to scrap and claw just to make the NCAA tournament. What in the world is going on College Station. Or I think you know you kind of you ski kind of better right there you know look at Africa expansion UGO mystery Hinckley had GG Caldwell early that he commit crime. And at Von Gilder had at that bad knee injury so I think now that everybody's back. I think we're gonna see if they they can turn things around this week I think this is a huge do we prevent their next or I mean they got to turn this thing around. He get back in the I think they're still NCAA Kermit right now is that he can end of the day but they have a lot of work. I mean O Ivan the FCC a really good that he's going to be tough to overcome. But I think now that everybody back. You know Gilbert is immediate is the X-Factor for them I think he's their best overall player he kind of he got to the straw that stirs the drink. Without it you back in the lineup I think. You've seen improved technically and he but noted that pitino had to really play together you know because there's been so many different lineup changes without the what the issue so now that everybody back and everybody in in their sent box I think we can maybe even scheme take off I think they end. You know what when everybody on the floor there there and T you know they have some of the best talent. In all of college basketball so. They gotta win that week I create three or for the next five games to a you'll feel good about you know the structure. What Teddy we put a wake up on our Twitter account the year college BP's podcast tell our listeners what you got coming dale because. Yeah where at that point where things again that he just a bad day college basketball. Yes sure you know you guys can follow me obviously on Twitter app called Q news I do weekly recap we recap the week college hoops every Sunday night right on your QB can check it out. I felt secure periscope every Wednesday. At 9 PM eastern time in. You guys can come in and asking any questions you want anything regarding college basketball so I'm I'm always around a lot of talking on Twitter guys haven't quite. All right final question you're in Boston correct or we got to see a another visit by the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl practice Jacksonville's Gotti punters chance this weekend. I definitely think people are underestimating the jags I think that the parent is pretty darn good and an airplane that book or out so I can't even come and appear. And beating the patriots and it's going to be a tough ask but. Wolf CI I think the patrons will be back in the Super Bowl. All right Melissa and we'll catch up with you here before the tournament starts that you have a great week. You're cute remark. And I noticed tape that Ellis Disco followed up on Twitter Twitter. Act college who these he does a hole but aren't we got these shorter segments will we come back why can we give way to clubs in North Carolina basketball. At 636 did it with this 844. GS PE SP and it's straight up with starch relied on the road at smoke on the water.